Why Would Wear Your Toddler or Preschooler When They Can Walk?

Tweet by Jessica Martin-Weber This post made possible by the generous sponsorship of Beco Baby Carriers. Once upon a time I found the whole idea of wearing a child who could walk completely… ridiculous. Seriously, how is that helping them? They can walk, you’re just trying to keep them little longer and probably inhibiting their development. […]

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Party Like a Leaky to Celebrate 5 Years of TLB, Part 3!

Tweet  The Leaky Boob is turning 5 years old and we’re celebrating ALL MONTH LONG! To celebrate we’re collecting and sharing your stories along with collecting some of our favorite maternity, breastfeeding, and baby products to give as gifts to YOU Leakies. Each week our celebration includes a different birthday bash bundle of prizes from […]

Bundle #3

F-cup, As In Frick, Those Are Some Big Boobs- Breastfeeding and Large Breasts

Tweet by Joni Edelman  this post made possible by the generous sponsorship of Rumina Nursingwear.     Let me just start this off right by saying, YAY. All caps YAY. Jessica asked me to write this guest post my and first thought was, naturally, “Who? Me? Are you SURE? But I’m not worthy.” It was […]

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Rumina’s Full Figure Bra Ambassador and Model Search

Tweet by Amanda Hall We’re searching for a woman comfortable with talking about her breasts and being photographed in her bra. We’re searching for a full figure bra ambassador and model. Why are we doing this? Simple. Because there are not enough garment options for pumping and nursing moms. We don’t mean garments that moms […]

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In Search of Answers on Breastfeeding

Tweet by Elizabeth Grattan I found the Leaky Boob after a long while of going it alone in my nursing journey. I lurked silently for months. I watched women come for support. I listened and I learned. And I am so thankful and grateful for the resource. We are three plus years and going strong, my lad […]

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