Oh! The Places You Go! World Breastfeeding Week/World Breastfeeding Month 2014

Feed your baby way up high,
Or way down low?
In the sun
Or in the snow?
By the water
At the bay?
Feed your baby every day.
Show us the path you take
As your baby eats his steak*
What you see
Or what you do
On your journey
We support you.


TLB Reviews: Líllébaby All Seasons Carrier

Micah and Amy give us their perspective on the Líllébaby Complete All Seasons Carrier in Stone in this TLB Review.

photo (3)

Nurturing Life Giveaway – New Life

Nurturing your soul, your body, and spirit models the importance of self-care to your children, and puts you in a much healthier place to nurture those around you. Motherlove stresses the importance of the Nurturing Life, and invites you to participate in their latest giveaway on The Leaky Boob.

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TLB Reviews: Cezara Belly Support Panty

“This panty is a great option for those looking for belly and back support.” – Our TLB Review team give their take on Cezara, a postpartum support panty.

cezara drawing

Tattoo risk while breastfeeding

Should you wait before injecting dye under your skin if you’re a breastfeeding mom? What are the risks of getting a tattoo while breastfeeding? Why I did it and what I considered before doing so plus a Motherlove tattoo care giveaway AND a giveaway for a 2 hour tattoo session with Chroma Collective Tattoos Co.

delicate tree and birds tattoo and breastfeeding