TLB Comic: Put Some Breastmilk On That

Tweet by Jennie Bernstein

Breastmilk for pink eye

Relief for Those Summer Itches

Tweet This time of year our kids can’t spend enough time outdoors. From hopping into their kiddie pool to playing house in Sugarbaby’s Cottage (it’s a playhouse perfect for her size), and checking on how ripe our strawberries are to helping with yard work and gardening, they are outside as often as they can. Not to […]

Kathryn, creator of Motherlove, making Green Salve in her kitchen.

Exploring Solids With Baby and Giveaway Codes!

Tweet       Dear Leakies,   I love this issue! Secret newsletter exclusive giveaway codes, tips on feeding, recipes, and a special word from our friends at Paxbaby. Go all the way down to the end to see it all! Feeding our babies is a big deal from the very beginning and oddly enough, causes […]


Stars and Stripes Forever Edition! (and a HUGE giveaway bundle!)

Tweet by Kileah McIlvain We’re gearing up for some HOT Independence Day celebrations this weekend here in the States! (Also, a shout-out to our Canadian Leakies today-July 1st! Happy Canada Day!) So much excitement going on around here that we decided to do a super patriotic #LeakyLooks theme as well as celebrate with Summer Magic […]

Patriotic Pool Party!

The CRAAP Detector—A Tool For Evaluating Information Resources

Tweet by Kari Swanson, illustration by Jennie Bernstein  This post doesn’t have anything to do with what’s in your baby’s diapers… unless you’re looking for valid information about what’s in your baby’s diapers, in which case it might be a very useful tool for you. The CRAAP test doesn’t have anything to do with crap […]

What is research