Sunday Sweeties? Sweet Sundays? Sunday special? Short and Sweet Sunday?

breastfeeding photo nursing baby
We’d like to start having a Sunday feature but we’re not sure what to call it. It would be just a short sweet story about boobie milk. Our readers would submit stories directly to us or through the FB page and we’d pick one each week to share here on the blog. Please help us pick a title for this weekly feature! Post your suggestions in the comments below. There are a few on the FB page right now but I don’t have permission from anyone to use them yet so I’ll start us off with one of my own.

My second daughter had trouble nursing. She vomited every time she got the tiniest amount of colostrum in her tummy and started to turn away when I’d put her to the breast and in the first 48 hours of her life we became very concerned. After having extracted the contents of her tiny tummy with a tube down her throat, the midwife (under the advice of the pediatrician) did a gravity feed of a bit of my colostrum. There was a collective sigh of relief when that didn’t come back up. We struggled for weeks after that with latch problems and just a general disinterest in the breast. The breastfeeding attempts usually left one or both of us in tears and often our then 2.5 year old would accompany us in our tearful ballad. Finally, after weeks of struggle we had a break-through. She latched without issue. The Piano Man (my Mr. Right) walked in and I looked up and smiled saying “She’s nursing!” Piano Man came over, looked down on our little triumph and said “And nobody’s crying! I knew you could do it!” And it totally wasn’t as patronizing as it sounds.



  1. Where do we post them on the FB page? I have my own blog where I keep a breastffeding journal. I have current stories and old memories on it. If you ever see anything there that will work on your blog let me know. I am enjoying The Leaky Boob!!

  2. Nummy Sunday?

  3. Jessica says:

    Thank you for the link Susan, I'll be checking it out, sounds really cool. As for stories, you can email yours to me at ochantelle @ (no spaces). Just put Leaky Boob submission in the subject line. Thanks!