A Little Let-down.

Alright Boobies, we’ve got to have a talk.

First of all, let me start off by saying you are awesome. Totally amazing. I’m impressed and really consider myself super blessed that, though you are of modest proportions, you can totally provide all the food Smunchie needs right now. Not to mention the 4 babies before her. And it’s not just any food. It’s super food! The acai berry thing advertised all over the place doesn’t hold a candle to the goodness you provide. Plus there will be no “it’s not as great as we thought” scandal happening about your goods. Nope, you are the real thing. You rock! No really, sometimes you are a pair of rocks. But figuratively, you rock too.

However, there are few aspects of your awesomeness that we need to work on.

  • Not all babies are your babies. It is sweet really, that you want to be sure every baby you come into contact with isn’t going to go hungry, really it is. But other babies have mommies and I’m sure they are feeding them. So it’s not your job. No need to be “all systems go!” upon spotting a little person under the age of one year old. You need to calm down.


  • Crying does not need to be an automatic on switch! I get it. It is a design thing. Baby cries and you start leaking, an instant response to the call for food. I wish chocolate would dispense like that for me but alas, that would probably be a bad thing. Coffee probably should do that for me. You don’t have to do this. Not all crying means “feed me!” And not all cries come from your baby. For real. This can stop. Our baby has gotten quite good at getting the milk out of you now, you don’t have to go soaking through my shirt in an attempt to silence all cries.


  • You are highly suggestible. Words like “leak,” “leaky,” “breastmilk,” “nursing,” etc. do not mean “faucet. on. now.” Aaaaaaaaaaaand, somebody looking at you is not another signal for you to get to work. I know, I know, sometimes people look even when you’re covered and put away and while I find it a little confusing myself, it is most likely just curiosity. Though I have to admit your size is significantly more noticeable in your current lactating state than we normally have. But not everyone who checks you out is looking for a free instant meal! In fact, most would be rather grossed out if I offered. So please stop that.


  • This last one is a little, well, intimate. I’m thrilled that you still enjoy the whole “other side” of your potential. That you can understand being both a feeding machine and sex goddess is really awesome. Thank you for still being willing to have fun. There’s just one request I have regarding that. If I’m going to get to have sex without a bra on you have got to stop spraying all over the place just when it gets really good! Oh my gosh! Girlfriends, that is… so… freaking… annoying. I understand your excitement, good grief I’m excited too but in that time and place, in that exact moment, your contribution is really to just be there, feel good and look pretty. Showering your contents all over actually puts a damper on the moment. I don’t let it slow me down but I notice and it does distract me. Fortunately, for you and me, The Piano Man and I don’t let you rain on our parade and we still have, er, fun. Though I guess you do… rain on our parade. Maybe it would be better to say we let the parade go on anyway.

Overall, I think you’re great. In fact, you have taught me a lot and far exceeded my expectations. I’m proud of you. You can do amazing things like feed babies, have fun, shoot milk across the room, and more. There are just a few things that if you could work on, I’d really appreciate. Thanks for listening and being so awesome. We’re all good. So, yeah, thanks for everything. Love ya babes.



  1. Hahahah! You have my boobs leaking just by how hard I am cracking up right now!!! Great post!

  2. That was great!!!

  3. Confessions of a Girl says:

    That was Awesome, great post!!

  4. Nicole Montgomery says:

    awesome post! I will never forget the 1st time DH and I DTD After DS2 was born, one minute everything is great the next, he tells me I'm drowning him. I had no clue!

  5. Gotta love how sticky it makes everything too, hahaha!

  6. Heather Binkley says:

    This was a fabulous post. I read it to my husband and we were both nearly crying from laughing. Been there, done that. Nursing is a wonderful experience – for the most part. Keep up the good work!

  7. Heather, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Anyone that has had leaky boobs has had to laugh a few times for these very situations and knows what I'm talking about for sure.

  8. Too funny and sooo true!

    Happy Sits sharefest!

  9. dianeswords says:

    Oh my what memories this brings back! You'd think that the 4th time around (for me) and 5 for you you'd get this leaking/spraying thing under control but doesn't seem to work that way. What a delightful post. Such an intimate post handled is such a delightful manner. You have a gift! Happy Saturday Sharefest–and hmmm….feast too!!

  10. scarredbutlucky says:

    Even DH thought that was funny! What a great post!

  11. newincs says:

    Love it! I (for whatever reason) am not having the extreme let downs at all times and for all reasons anymore… LOL… I rarely let down that Aiden is not trying to eat but it happens occasionally and I know how you feel. The first time it happened during DTD I had NO clue why LOL 🙂

  12. chaosftw says:

    lol – I cracked up! The first time after DD 1 was born DH and I were getting busy and I had no idea what happened. I seriously thought he was drooling or something – then he told me – I was mortified. He laughed.

    Also After DD 2 was born I returned to work – in a nursery – when she was 6 weeks old. Now 28 babies and 8 hours meant a lot of crying. I practically had to put over night diapers in my bra to keep things contained. Embarrassing. lol

    Great post.

  13. sarahslette says:

    5 stars!!!

  14. LOL! Hilarious-loved the last point!

  15. lol!! I love it!!.. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing something by not having leaky boobs, after reading this I think I’m kinda lucky.

  16. hehehe. yes yes and yes!!! :}

  17. I nursed my girls for 10 months and 17 months and never leaked at all. This is a great post.