Sadly Slothful Sweet Sunday Slurp

Ah yes, there is a reason I avoid alliterations.

There are some great posts coming up this week including a guest blogger.

I have a sick toddler that is in needs of loads of cuddles today with a raging fever so my blogging has been greatly hampered. Yesterday, Smunchie and I got to have a date with The Piano Man and ate at a local Spanish restaurant where we were all serenaded by a gentleman with a guitar. He sang a song just for Smunchie and she loved it. The food was great and Smunchie enjoyed her lunch as well. Nobody batted an eyelash at our NIP. The sickies set in just after we got home. It turned into one of “those” nights.

Pics from our date yesterday, courtesy of my iPhone and the new Hipstamatic App.

Spanish guitarSmunchie and the guitarist.

smiley baby guitarObviously, she’s got a thing for men that play and sing to her.

Hipstamatic app iPhoneWhat The Piano Man and I ate.

nursing babyWhat Smunchie ate.

After that excitment we came home and Squiggle Bug started acting like she didn’t feel well. I completely forgot about Sweet Sunday Slurp. I have a submission I intended to share but instead I think I’ll save it for next week and today put up a link to a mother’s breastfeeding journal. Susan works two jobs and her hubby stays home with their children. She is nursing and pumping for their 3 month old son, the youngest of 7 children. My absolute favorite post is Keeping Up With Annika where she looks back at the breastfeeding relationship she shared with her 4th child born at 28 weeks. You may want a tissue handy. I’m sure Susan would love for you to leave her a comment saying hi when you stop by if you get the chance.

Welcome to our new followers and fans, we’re thrilled you’ve join us. Pull up a chair, grab a pint, and enjoy. The crowd here will never ask you to “do that somewhere else,” cover, or give you nasty looks. We’re new and still developing, your ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Please take some time to look around and if you like what you see give us a vote to share with more moms by clicking the little banners on the side (you can vote once a day if you really love us). Oh yeah, and comments are absolutely loved, supportive, authentic words are the best. Thanks and welcome!

I leave you with this, The Piano Man and Smunchie at the chocolate shop we went to for dessert.

Hipstamatic iPhone appYummy.


  1. Thanks for the mention of "Keeping up with Annika"!!!! I can hardly keep up with all the kids. She is number 4 of 7!! Yeah, I loose track too!

  2. Oh dear, 7! I'll go fix that, thanks!