Sweet Sunday Slurp- Dear Auntie

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Today’s Sunday Slurp is a beautiful submission by Smantha and is a touching story of cross nursing three infants between relatives.

Well I ended up having the absolute pleasure of breast feeding twin girls. Long nights of football holds and tiredness. Mind you it was a very fun experience especially when I got to share breast feeding. My little nephew was born two weeks before my girls were so for an idea, my sister-in-law and I both were breast feeding at the time and decided to help each other out. When ever she needed a nap I would take over his feeding times and feed my girls at the same time! When I needed to do something or go for a nap or just relax she would take over my girls feedings as well. It was some experience that I will never forget and always appreciate, as I’m sure my sis in law would to. Hope to hear back from others who have co-breast fed before!!

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  1. That is awesome! My Sister-in-Law co-fed her youngest daughter and her first grandbaby. I think it's awesome! Did it mess with your supply when you did that? Twins +1= you are a BF Commando!

  2. JUst curious because I don't know any thing about this but isn't it unsafe to breastfeed other children because Breast mile is a body fluid and you can transmit hepatitis and other harmful things? Correct me if I am wrong, that is just what I heard on the news?

  3. Kathryn, that is an excellent question.

    Actually, if you know the source of the breastmilk, know the health of the woman you are getting the breast milk from, it can be safe. There are also a lot of questions regarding the transmission of diseases as a lot isn't understood. The World Health Organization actually recommends breastmilk from a donor before formula. I'll get some info. to share here. You are right though, what we hear on the news and elsewhere tells us how dangerous it is but that really isn't the case.

  4. Kim Knoblock says:

    Depends on each mom's feeling on the subject. I would, however, want my baby to have another mom's milk over formula. Check out this very touching story on the subject: http://www.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/12/01/marquette.moms.nursing.moses/index.html

    I have many breastfeeding friends and they all know that I would want them to nurse my baby if something were to happen to me. My DH knows the same and would seek out donor milk before giving my nursling formula.

  5. Here is a study about the concerns you bring up Kathryn. http://fn.bmj.com/content/95/2/F118.short?rss=1

    Based on the findings of that study (and common sense), I'd say you have to be very careful and I would personally choose to know actual test results before accepting donor milk or allowing cross-nursing. However, if there are no prohibitive indications once test results are negative then I would be willing to participate. In fact, I have donated my breastmilk to 3 babies that were not my own. I was tested and willing to provide those test results to the parents.

  6. transplanted tia says:

    I was fortunate enough to have a breast-feeding sister in town when I had my son 9 weeks prematurely. I had a terrible time with the pump and with letting down while he was being fed by NG in the NICU so my sister was kind enough to offer to let me feed her son (having nursed before it was comforting to me to feed a baby at that time). She also volunteered to help supply milk if it became necessary which relieved me of a lot of pressure. As one of five sisters I have actually, at this point, fed several of my nephews and so have two of my other sisters.