World Breastfeeding Week- Perspectives: Breastfeeding from Every Angle

So it turns out, World Breastfeeding Week is a family affair in our house. It’s kind of funny, really, we go from a vague “oh, it’s world breastfeeding week” last year to “let’s host a blog carnival and all get involved” this year. Strange and fun. The Piano Man is working on the new website trying to learn code, design and all sorts of new things on the techie side of things. I’m reading and reviewing submissions for the “Perspectives: Breastfeeding from Every Angle” blog carnival and squeezing in time to write my own as well as content for the website, Earth Baby is at the archaic PC writing a guest post for TLB carnival, The Storyteller has ducked behind the piano creating her first every comic strip just for World Breastfeeding Week, Lolie is filling pages and pages with her colorful perspective on breastfeeding, Squiggle Bug settled in for an early bed time and Smunchie has had her [email protected]@bie snacks a couple of times over. I looked up from NAKing (nursing at the keyboard-ing) to see my family all engrossed in preparations for World Breastfeeding Week, filled with an unexpected contentment that they all so willingly embrace the mission of The Leaky [email protected]@b.

And it gave me a great idea. A great, wonderful, delightful idea.

The Leaky [email protected]@b blog carnival is “Perspectives: Breastfeeding from Every Angle” and I’m delighted to say that we have some fascinating perspectives to share with you this week. Everything from personal stories to professional education, historical attitudes and feminist opinions, the delightfully easy experience to the challenging heartbreak of disappointment. And then some. I’m breathless with excitement about the treasures in store this next week which will go very well with my current sleepless state.

To add to all that though is my great, wonderful, delightful, best-ever World Breastfeeding Week idea.

I asked Earth Baby, The Storyteller and Lolie if they’d like to contribute anything for World Breastfeeding Week. They surprised me by enthusiastically diving in to their various projects. Lolie asked me for some ideas and guidance in creating pages of rainbow drenched depections of breastfeeding. After giving her a few pointers and creating one of my own I sat back as she filled page after page. I had to cut her off to send her to bed but I love the radiant images she made.

Inspired by Lolie, we are adding at the last minute a new component to our celebrations of World Breastfeeding Week:

Perspectives: Breastfeeding through Children’s Eyes Art Project.

Anything pretty much goes. With as little guidance as possible, invite your child to create something about breastfeeding, take a picture or scan the original and send it to us at [email protected] We will feature each and every single submission we receive as part of our celebration for WBW. Experiment with different mediums, paint, crayons, pencils, clay, playdough, sticks, bee’s wax, you name it. Please let it be your child’s work, if you’d like to send something of your own creation in, I welcome that too but not for the Children’s Art Project. When sending in a submission for the Perspectives: Breastfeeding through Children’s Eyes Art Project, please include the child’s first name (last is not required), age and the medium as well as a title if there is one. Any and all submissions may be used on The Leaky [email protected]@b blog and website at any time, all rights released.

I can’t wait to see the creations we get. After all, of all the perspectives out there we breastfeed for our children, it is their perspective that may just be the most important.

ETA: Paper Mama is going to partner with us to pick one selection from the submissions to create note cards with a set going to the creator of the original artwork. Further sets will be available for purchase to benefit Best For Babes!



  1. Cute… I wish mine was old enough to participate. She's just getting lines and circles down though lol.

  2. rachel... says

    Oh, I've got a budding 10 year old artist who might love to have something of her displayed…

  3. Dionna @ Code Name: Mama says

    Sounds like me and your kids were all sharing some brain waves today 🙂
    Looking forward to being a part of the Carnival!