It’s Happy Hour! Breastfeeding Advocacy Wear for Baby!

She’s just starting out with her little business and has the cutest little model. Sarah Campbell is giving away one of her vibrant Misfit Moms breastfeeding advocacy onesies for The Leaky [email protected]@bs Happy Hour give-away from 4-10pm CST today for World Breastfeeding Week. Your own adorable little model could boldly crawl around declaring his or her commitment to breastfeeding by wearing a fun, colorful onesie with the international breastfeeding symbol emblazoned on the chest.

It’s Happy Hour at The Leaky [email protected]@b. To be entered, head over to The Leaky [email protected]@b on FaceBook and look for the post on our wall saying “Comment here to win!” You don’t have to do anything else to be entered but I’d love it if you did “like” the Misfit Mama FaceBook Page. Please, please, pretty please with a cherry in your cocktail?



  1. Beautiful and perfect for a dedicated fleaky!