Milk on Tap

Don’t mess with a girl and her mama milk.

Years ago I would never have imagined I’d wear a shirt that talked about or supported breastfeeding. The most words I ever wore on a shirt were band names and even then I only liked band t-shirts that weren’t obvious. Comfort, above all else, was what I liked, it was nice if it looked good too.

So you’d never guess what my new favorite shirt is.

A plain organic cotton t-shirt and all it has is words! Smunchie and I have a darling set from Paper Mama, mine says “Milk on Tap” and has, well, a tap. Smunchie’s says “I get mine straight from the tap” and also has a tap. Scrumptiously soft, Smunchie and I get to show our enthusiasm for breastfeeding and our sense of humor. It’s like a win-win.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, way too many pictures.

I love how she’s signing milk while she gets it straight from the tap.

Here at The Leaky [email protected]@b we’ve got fresh milk on tap. Smunchie gets it fresh from the source just like her shirt says. If you like our shirts and want some too or something like them, check out the Paper Mama online shop. In case you’re interested in the amber necklaces Smunchie and I are both wearing, you can find those at Paper Mama as well. Tucked into our package of shirts was a set of beautiful, high quality, glossy print “Thank you for nursing in public” cards as well. I immediately stuck several in my wallet, I haven’t gotten to hand any out yet but I can’t wait to. Thanks Jephtha, we love our shirts and the cards!



  1. Paper Mama says

    GREAT, GREAT, GREAT PICS!!!! So glad you are enjoying them and Smunchie is too! 🙂

    Paper Mama!

  2. You're welcome to use any of the photos you'd like!

  3. the grumbles says

    cute! love the shirts!

  4. Hee hee hee…I love the way she's totally staring at the camera in the 3rd pic…so funny. Too cute!