World Breastfeeding Week- It’s Monday and we’ve got more!

This beautiful photo was sent in by Xena.

Yesterday was fun, lots of great things going on all over for World Breastfeeding Week and we’ve had our own fair share of good things here.

I’m probably most excited about our children’s art project with the theme “Perspectives: Breastfeeding Through Children’s Eyes.” I’d be thrilled to post each and every submission we receive from kid artists on the theme of breastfeeding. Of all the perspectives and voices out there, our kids are the ones I care about the most and are poised for the greatest impact of raising breastfeeding support and awareness. I can’t wait to see what your kids send in. You can find details for submitting here.

Also exciting are the give-aways. There are more give-aways coming through out this week but if you haven’t already entered the Paper Mama Give Away for a Mom/Baby t-shirt set, go enter now and join in the fun. You only have until 1.30pm CST.

Continuing our “Perspectives: Breastfeeding From Every Angle” blog carnival we’re setting our scope wide yet again engaging our mind and heart as we consider breastfeeding through the lenses of others.

Breastfeeding as an Environmental Movement– Thorough, researched and well written, Abbie, Farmer’s Daughter, uses her background in science to explore the potential global impact of breastfeeding. She is a wife, mom, teacher and environmentalist who was raised on her family’s farm. She cooks from scratch, garden, craft, read and writes in her spare time.

The Guilty Nursing Mom
– Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions when breastfeeding our babies and even when they are they are the right ones we may struggle with guilt. Blogging mom Navine Acevedo is the owner of Natural Pure Essentials.

How Can We Increase the Breastfeeding Age to Two?– The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for a minimum of 2 years yet on average the breastfeeding rates in the states are below 20% by 6 months. We’re invited to discuss ways to improve those statistics on was cofounded by Dionna of Code Name: Mama and Paige of Baby Dust Diaries. is dedicated to normalizing breastfeeding and advocating for breastfeeding rights. Please follow on its Facebook page to connect with other mamas who are passionate about breastfeeding advocacy..

A Nurses Perspective of Breast Feeding Promotion– Gentle lactivist, wife, mom of 4, and OB nurse, Jackie writes at State of Grace and highlights some of the benefits of breastfeeding with a focus on how health care professionals can encourage, support and educate the public in a well presented paper that addresses practices related to the promotion of breastfeeding. And when you’re done reading that, get a giggle with some Soon-to-be and New Dads Comments and be encouraged by the BFing friendly policies at her new hospital in What a Week.

Worth Learning For
– She was told “You do not TRY to nurse a baby. You either do or you do not” and her world was changed forever. Sarah Christensen writes candidly and humorously about her experiences mothering (and breastfeeding!) her one-year-old nursling at

We have two guest posts today sharing very different experiences with breastfeeding and how our culture and past can come into play. In Broken for You, Karen bravely opens up about how past abuse impacted her emotionally and the impact that hurt had on her breastfeeding her daughters. Mexican-American cultures dance together in Martha’s story and she tells how she figured out who and what she really is through breastfeeding.

And there’s more coming! Check back often, here, on FaceBook and on our forums to see what we’ve added to the week-long party. Happy Leaking!



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