Save My Nipples!

Krista, talented and super sweet WAHM behind Katie’s Closet, sent me one of her Nipple Savers to help a distracted Smunchie on the [email protected]@b and hopefully spare me some rubber-band-nipple experiences. Fun, bright and simple, we love our nipple saver and it quickly became more than just a nursing tool. Three bright ribbons attached to a little clip turn out to be one of Smunchie’s favorite toys. I try not to use it too often because I don’t want her to get bored with it but I clip it onto our carrier if she’s going to be in it for a long time to give her something to play with, I’ve clipped it to her little activity bar, and of course, my shirt when she’s eating. She loves it!

Ok, she really does love it but the only shots I got of her smiling and playing with it were blurry. I’m not so good at the one handed photography.

Now for the really cool news: Krista is offering a weekend blitz sale just for members of The Leaky [email protected]@b. She’s not going to be at her computer this weekend and is offering a 10% discount for any orders that come in between now and when she turns on her computer Monday morning. Great time to pick up a new Nipple Saver and don’t forget they make excellent inexpensive and fun but practical baby gift too. To get the discount, when you order be sure to say you’re from The Leaky [email protected]@b. Happy shopping!



  1. Thanks Jessica, you rock! I don't think anyone has ever described me as sweet before. I'm all blushy now.

    This discount applies to anything you want to buy from my Etsy store.

    Have a super weekend!