KIDS EAT FREE!- PumpEase Organic Giveaway

The beautiful Wendy of PumpEase is giving away a PumpEase Organic,  to a lucky Leaky this Halloween weekend. And Wendy is willing to ship anywhere, it’s a global giveaway!

PumpEase Organic is the world’s ONLY organic hands-free pumping bra.  Designed from a beautiful, unbleached and undyed knit fabric that was custom milled just for us from 90% certified organic cotton and 10% spandex, it has a wonderfully soft hand, making it a dream to wear!
Like our original hands-free pumping bra, PumpEase Organic features patent pending, ‘no-stitch’ horn openings, guaranteed to accommodate any breast pump on the market.
PumpEase Organic is as easy on the environment as breastfeeding is!™

  • To be entered into this give-away go to the PumpEase website and find your favorite product in her store, come back here after you’ve “liked” the PumpEase Facebook page saying “I like PumpEase” and let us know your favorite product Wendy carries in her store.

  • For an additional entry, share this give away on a social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter or a parenting board (Not TLB forums) and let us know how you shared it in another comment.

That’s it!  This giveaway is Runs from Thursday, October 28th to Monday, November 1st.

 No trick, just a treat for those that just can’t wait or are eyeing one of the other marvelous products on the PumpEase site, Wendy has given us an awesome and generous code for 15% off just for Leakies good through November 8th: LEAKIES15.  Happy shopping!

This Give-Away Is Now Closed!
Thanks to PumpEase and everyone that entered.
The winner is Randi K! PumpEase will need your shipping address could you e-mail me that information? Congrats and enjoy!
Don’t forget the 15% discount code available through the November 8th!
Thank you Wendy for your generous giveaway and support of TLB!


  1. I liked pumpease and my favorite product is the nursing mother goddess necklaces

  2. Melissa gee says

    I like pumpease and my favorite product is the tuxedo print

  3. chermonblie says

    I like PumpEase Forget Me Not!! 🙂

  4. Beth Mowrey says

    I LOVE my pump ease and I have a test print of the rad is super cool!!

  5. I like Pump Ease and my favorite product is the organic one!

  6. Beth Mowrey says

    I shared a link to this on my FB page!!

  7. kikster1218 says

    i like pumpease, and my fave product is the new organic support!

    pulchrabliss at hotmail dot com

  8. I like Pumpease!!
    My favorite product is the Tuxedo print!

  9. Cathrine A. says

    I love the nursing goddess necklace. It is my favorite Liked your page! A new organic support for my organic milk makers would be great!!

  10. I like Pumpease and I love the Rad Plaid!
    randidenise at

  11. linked to the giveaway on my FB page

  12. I like PumpEase! My favorite is the nursing goddess necklace. 😀

  13. Annndddd, I shared. 😀

  14. I like pumpease and my favorite is the "forget me not" pattern!

  15. I like PumpEase and mu favorite is the cherry!

  16. I like PumpEase and my favorite is the Tuxedo!!

  17. Erica Martinez says

    Love Love Love the Organic

  18. Mrs. Drummond says

    I love Pumpease! My favorite is the tuxedo!

  19. I like PumpEase and my favorite is the Very Cherry! : )

  20. I shared this link on my facebook page.

  21. I hope I'm not too late to enter. I love the Pumpease and my favourite is the 'forget me not'pattern. I would love to win this for my sister who's little boy is in PICU. She is struggling to express and this would really help her, and I chose forget me not for brave little boy who is fighting so hard

  22. I like Pumpease & am in LOVE ? with the pumpease petite in snowy leopard! 😀

  23. I also shared this link on my facebook page.

  24. I like PumpEase and my favorite is the Very Cherry. I also shared this on Twitter. (But I hope Chrissy wins this for her sister, so count this as an entry for her.)

  25. Love the Tuxedo style, but the nursing necklaces are pretty awesome too

  26. I like Pumpease and especially like the fact that the product can be used with large breasted women. My favorite hands free support is the forget me not pattern!

  27. Erin French says

    I like Pumpease and my fave product is…the Pumpease in snowy leopard!! Very sexy! And also, I love the fact that they accommodate us bigger gals 🙂

  28. I like PumpEase and my favorite product is also the PumpEase in snowy leopard!

    I've also shared this link with my facebook. 🙂

  29. I liked Pump Ease and my current fave are the nursing necklaces, particularly the Terra Cotta one,. 🙂

  30. I also shared on FB (:

  31. L.I. Tucker says

    I liked the Facebook page and I love the door hanger that says, "This Mama's Working OVERTIME" (Ive done it many times :-p)

  32. L.I. Tucker says

    I shared it on my facebook page as well (Laura Tucker Judge)

  33. Dustyne Bryant says

    I love the Snowy Leopard pump ease support! It looks spunky and comfortable! Boy I could really get some laundry or bottle washing done if I were able to support my Medela pumpers!

    I liked the pump ease face book… she is just gorgeous!

  34. Dustyne Bryant says

    Jessica, I posted "Attention my breastfeeding/pumping friends & mommas The Leaky [email protected]@b is having a give away sponsored by PumpEase™ hands-free pumping supports. This is an amazing give away I wanted to share with you all… so tell everyone you know who might be a "leaky" mommy" on my facebook profile! I hope I can win the pump ease support!

  35. I like the colorful patterns for the pumpease.

    [email protected]

  36. I like pumpease and my favorite product is the nursing goddess necklace.

  37. I love the nursing mother goddess necklace in turquoise… I also like pumpease on fb!

  38. I "LIKE" Pumpease and love the Nursing Mother Goddess Necklace in turquoise. Thanks for the giveaway and the extra day!

  39. I posted your giveaway on my FB. Again, thanks!

  40. Amy McCarty says

    I "like" Pumpease! I really like the tuxedo print 😀

  41. Amy McCarty says

    I posted the give away on facebook. 😀

  42. nicolenoel says

    I "like" pumpease and the very cherry print is my fav!

  43. nicolenoel says

    I tweeted it! nicolenoel228

  44. MidwifeToBe says

    I wish I would have had one of these about three years ago. This is the best product I have ever seen! Great for moms at home and moms who need to pump at work, and still get something done! I will be more than happy to let all of my busy nursing moms know about this product. P.S. I love the Nursing Mother Goddess necklace.

  45. princessbodani says

    I like PumpEase!
    And I love the nursing mother goddess necklace!
    I always buy/wear interesting necklaces because my 17 month old son loves to play with them while nursing!