Support that comes with a Heart and a Giveaway!

I’m so excited to announce that the company that wrapped my boobs in love and silky soft absorbency are now wrapping The Leaky Boob in super support as TLB sponsors!  Welcome Bamboobies, thanks for your support!  It’s an honor to help connect my readers with this fabulous company created by  Kerry Gilmartin. Kerry knows what it’s like to be a little leaky and has developed products that moms need with design moms will love.  I am confident that Kerry and my readers will benefit from this partnership and I know that in coming together we all experience quality support.  Read all about what I think of Bamboobies in my review.

As a TLB sponsor, Bamboobies is offering up a generous gift code enough for 2 pair of Bamboobies to one reader!  All you have to do to be entered is to comment here on this post with your email address.  Additional entry opportunities are listed below.  Please create a separate comment for each different entry.

  • For one additional entry go “like” Bamboobies on Facebook (and let them know TLB sent you!)
  • One additional entry for tweeting or sharing this giveaway on Facebook, please include a link.

The giveaway is closed, the winner is Sarah!  Don’t forget you can get shopping right away using the 20% off exclusive discount code for The Leaky Boob: LBA20

Good luck and happy shopping!



  1. Kristine Keller says

    Would love to try a pair of these!

  2. Caitlin Scalfaro says

    Would love to learn all I can about BamBoobies!

  3. Please enter my for the Bamboobies!!!

  4. Everything one could ask for in a nursing pad! Eco-sensible, soft, and even kinda cute.

  5. I ‘liked’ Bamboobies on Facebook and told them TLB sent me!!!

  6. Bree Cassidy says

    I’ve never heard of these! They sound absolutely lovely!! I’ll definitely pass along the word to my MOMSClub group. 🙂

  7. Caitlin Scalfaro says

    Also I “liked’ shared and commented!

  8. Caitlin Scalfaro says

    Also I “liked’ shared and commented!

  9. Ok, Now I’m signed in. I repeat what I said above, and am happy to support any company that supports breastfeeding, and breastfeeders.

  10. woohoo!

  11. Would love to win a pair of bamboobies!!! They sound fantastic and would be a great addition to my collection of reusable breast pads, especially for those days when I’m feeling a little tender.

  12. would love to win!!
    missanneperry at gmail dot com

  13. Regina Fritchey says

    I think these are awsome, I can’t wait to buy some for my sister who is due VERY soon!

  14. I like bamboobie on fb/left message
    Anne E. Perry
    missanneperry at gmail dot com

  15. Jennifer Kolcz says

    Wow, love the review for these and I hope to get my hands on some before my next nursling is born!!

  16. shared on twitter
    missanneperry at gmaildot com

  17. Jennifer Gunter says

    I would love this! 🙂

  18. oooo who’s got two thumbs and likes give aways????? this girl !!!!

    and I “liked” Bamboobies on Facebook AND told them that the leaky [email protected]@b sent me 🙂

  19. I would love to try these. I’ve heard good things!

  20. I’d love to win these!

    a proud Leakie for 11 months as of Feb 1st!

  21. Loving the fact that they are heart shaped and reusable!

  22. I “liked” Bamboobies on FB and let them know that TLB sent me!

  23. Leaving a comment and I “liked” on Facebook!

  24. Shared the giveaway on my FB profile with a public post!

  25. Kristen Saldarriaga says

    I would love a pair of these!!

  26. I “liked” bamboobies!

  27. I commented on bamboobies and tagged TLB!

  28. Kristen Saldarriaga says

    I liked Bamboobies on FB and told them that TLB sent me 🙂

    <3 (o) (o) <3

  29. [email protected]!

    I sprink leaks every where and can’t stand feeling like I have a diaper in my bra!

  30. Amy Messick says

    This is awesome!

  31. Kristen Saldarriaga says

    I shared a link to TLB and Bamboobies on my FB

  32. I was just thinking the other night that I would love to try out a pair of these!

  33. Would love to win!!! Yay!!!!

  34. And I liked the bamboobies facebook page!

  35. Like Bamboobies on FB!!!!!

  36. Jessica Schultz says

    I’m due in 4 weeks and have been looking for something just like this! Yay and thanks for posting!

  37. Did my own review of these little gems! LOVE LOVE LOVE, and would love me some more!

  38. Missie Baldwin says

    I want to win some bamboobies! [email protected]

  39. Missie Baldwin says

    I ‘liked’ the FB page for antry #2 🙂

  40. Missie Baldwin says

    I shared this link for entry #3 !!

  41. I would love to try some bamboobies!

  42. I liked bamboobies on Facebook.

  43. I want to try these!

  44. Angie Coleman says

    These sound awesome.

  45. kim d'angelo says

    LOVE these. Boy, could I use a pair….being back at work part time, I NEED some good pads! 🙂

  46. I would LOVE these! We are planning for #2 and these are definitely on my list 😀

  47. Liked Bamboobies on FB and posted you sent me 🙂

  48. I would absolutely LOVE to try these! I am due any day now (well more like a week and a half ago). I bought some cloth pads before I knew about bamboobies and now I really want to try them!

  49. I hope I win Bamboobies look awsome!

  50. Jessica Jacobs says

    I would love to have some of these!

  51. Jessica Jacobs says
  52. Would love to try it 🙂

  53. I could use a pair of these…I’m pretty leaky!

  54. Should be leaking any day now!

  55. I just ‘liked’ them on Facebook!

  56. jessi robin says

    I am buying some weather I win or not!

  57. I hope I win!

  58. I liked them on facebook

  59. Janna McCain says

    Sign me up!!
    chretienne16 at hotmail dot com

  60. Yes please!

  61. stephanie strt says

    LOL- I had an arts and crafts session the other day b/c I left my boob pads at home!

    Enter me!!!

  62. Would definitely love to win these! 🙂

  63. oh! i want some! 😀

  64. I “liked” Bamboobies on Facebook and let them know TLB sent me!

  65. so i liked them on FB.

  66. and i also shared on FB as well!!/missbossy18

  67. I have been checking out their webpage a lot recently since I read your other review of them – I would love to try these!

  68. I liked them on FB too.

  69. Brandy Baltier says

    myrahh *at*

    And I posted on Bamboobies fan page, too! =D

  70. Ashley Buckner says

    I would love to win 🙂

  71. Valerie S. says

    I love Bamboobies! And could sure use a couple more 🙂

  72. Would love to share these with a friend nursing her first, almost 4 weeks old 🙂

  73. Would love to try these out!

  74. Would love a pair of these

  75. Courtney G. says

    I need these! Before my nursing was born, I had no idea just how much leaking would be involved in breastfeeding!

  76. Carrie Bryant says

    Would love to win! I imagine I’ll be really leaky, this time around, nursing twins!

  77. Joined and commented on FB page, I SO need to try these, nothing works for me.

  78. Would love to win these! (Especially after reading your review!)

  79. Jennifer Rojo says

    Sounds great, “liked” you on FB too 🙂

  80. I so need to try a pair of these. With a toddler and newborn nursing I need lots of breast pads, lol.

  81. I would love to try these!! I’m a big time leaker LoL

  82. I would love to try these! Your review had me laughing out loud!

  83. Anyone TLB is friends with is a friend in my book!!

  84. I “liked” Bamboobies on FB

  85. Shannyn Petersen says

    Would love to try a pair! 🙂

  86. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  87. I liked Bamboobies and commented on FB!

  88. Would love some for my slightly leaky feeding boobies!

    blondcutie_4_life at yahoo dot com

  89. Liked Bamboobies on Facebook saying TLB sent me!

  90. Danielle P. says

    Liked the page and commented on FB! 🙂

  91. I’d love to win these. 11 months in, and I’m still using nursing pads. These look much nicer!

  92. Danielle P. says
  93. I am a fan of Bamboobies on FB.

  94. Danielle P. says

    I’m sorry… the FB link didn’t work…

    Shared the giveaway!

  95. WOW this would be great to win. [email protected]

    I would love to have something besides spousies.

  96. I have liked their FB page as well.
    [email protected]

  97. How exciting! I would love to try these.

  98. Pick me! Pick me! these are great!

  99. I shared on FB!

  100. AND I liked Bamboobies and told the TLB sent me!

  101. I love that they don’t create lines, there is nothing less flattering than those LARGE circles that make you feel like your nipples are 8 inches wide….go bamboobies!

  102. Christie D. says

    would LOVE to try these!!!!

  103. Christie D. says

    like on facebook 🙂

  104. I start back at work in two weeks and I’m terrifed for my sweaters! I definitely need to try Bamboobies.

  105. posted on facebook

  106. I would love to try a pair of these out!

  107. Would love to win!

  108. I liked Bamboobies on FB, too!

  109. Baby #3 will be here in about 6 weeks. I’m usually more than a little leaky and would love to give these a try!

  110. Yay, would love to win these. I’ll be starting a full time job in two weeks and these would be perfect. Also liked Bamboobies on FB!

  111. [email protected]

    I’d loooove to try bamboobies!!!

  112. I would love to win some Bamboobies!!

  113. I’d love to try these. I have a few different kinds of round ones and they always show under clothes! The heart shape is so different and such a good idea.

  114. Have these on my baby registry because they sound so amazing! I love that the company is supporting TLB!

  115. Would love love love to try these I’m all natural with this babe (my 2nd) cloth diapers EBFing cloth wipes glass born free bottles etc etc so these would be a great addition to keeping my baby n I green as can be!!

  116. I have really been wanting to try these out!

  117. i liked them on FB (maya brown-zimmerman)

  118. I’d love to try these next time! I didn’t really know about any reusable pads the first time, and while I’m still nursing (17 months) its been a while since I’ve leaked!

  119. Would love a pair of these! We have nursed for a year now and are going strong! Thanks TLB and Bamboobies for your support of nursing Mamas everywhere!

  120. Would love to win!! I’m due 02/16 and will be breastfeeding. I would love to use the Bamboobies!

  121. I like Bamboobies on facebook 🙂

  122. Danielle S. says

    Yeah! I’d love to try out a pair (or two)! 🙂

    [email protected]

  123. I follow The Leaky Boob on Twitter and Bamboobies. Also tweeted about the contest. @MamHatch

  124. Danielle S. says

    I follow Bamboobies on FB (Danielle Scorziello)

    [email protected]

  125. Oh…I would love to win some of these. I’ve been dreaming of them for months.

  126. I like Bamboobies on Facebook.

  127. please enter me and I already like them on facebook!

  128. Knocked Up and Nursing says

    Thanks for the chance.
    knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

  129. Knocked Up and Nursing says

    I like Bamboobies on FB and commented
    sarah brown
    knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

  130. Melissa O. says

    I would love a pair of Bamboobies! I’ve been breastfeeding for three years and through an an entire pregnancy. My boobs need pampering!

  131. Melissa O. says

    I actually found out about this giveaway on Bamboobies Facebook page because I like them already!

  132. Fredda Quintero says

    I would love to try these! They seem to be just what I need.

  133. I would love to try these, I’ve heard so many good things!

  134. I already liked Bamboobies on FB, but I posted on their wall 🙂!/

  135. Posted link on my FB page 🙂 I want these soooo bad!!/

  136. Jessica Ahlquist says
  137. would love to try!

  138. Angela Ledger says

    Please enter me! These look fabulous!

  139. My girls need to be bamboobied.

  140. Liked on fb! I’d love to try these!!

  141. I would like to enter not for myself but for my cousin who is a expectant Mom due in a few days and she will be BF. I can’t wait to help her out and this would be a great gift for her from one cousin to another.

  142. I would love to have these to share with my doula clients.

  143. I would love to try these! I’m expecting my second child this spring and had thought about switching to cloth nursing pads!

  144. I’m not ‘quite’ a leakie yet, I’m not due for another few weeks, but these appeal to me! Haven’t even bought any breast pads yet :S

  145. Soaring Butterfly says

    I would love to try these, my current reusables are a huge fail and I don’t like using disposables all the time.

  146. I would love to try these!

  147. Priscilla Edson says

    I’d love a chance to win some bamboobies!
    Pricy_1 at yahoo dot com

  148. I like bamboobies on FB

  149. I’d love to try these!
    Crass.trash.class -at- gmail -dot’ com

  150. great giveaway! [email protected]

  151. I would love to try these!!! =)

  152. Catherine Mackechney says

    I would love to try these out! I’m tired of using disposable nursing pads.

  153. Catherine Mackechney says

    “Liked” Bamboobies on Facebook!

  154. Catherine Mackechney says

    And also twitted about the giveaway at

  155. Catherine Mackechney says

    Wow, can’t believe I typed “twitted.” I meant “TWEETED”!!

  156. Here is my first entry! I’d love to try these products out.

  157. Shared via Facebook!

  158. I read your review & really need these!:)

  159. Liked and commented on Bamboobies Facebook page!

  160. Kristin Overbey says

    Please enter me!! Id love to try them!!

  161. I would like to try these – I have read great reviews!

  162. I currently tandem nurse my 2 yr old son and my 3 mo old daughter, and would love to have these.

  163. Lindsey Essary says

    Bamboobies sound heavenly!

  164. I just gave birth less than two weeks ago. What great timing for this giveaway!!!

  165. Kat Johnson says

    i am so leaky! would love to win (and i’m BFing right now!)

  166. Would love to be entered!

    whompingwillow9.3.4 (at)

  167. I “like” Bamboobies on FB, username Whomping Willow

  168. I would love to try Bamboobies 🙂

  169. Patty Blaney says

    Would love to try these.

  170. Bamboobies!!

  171. Tweeted the giveaway on my profile here:!/WhompinWillow
    at 10:40 am west coast time 1/31/11

  172. Vanessa Izworski says

    Sign me up! I’ll try anything at this point, less laundry!

  173. Amanda Ibrahim says

    Would love to be a little greener by wearing non-disposable boobie pads. Thanks for the opportunity to try them.

  174. Judith migues says

    I would love to try these!

  175. oops…[email protected]…now i’m entered!

  176. liked on FB!

  177. shared on FB!


  179. Liked Bamboobies!

  180. Please enter me for the Bamboobies!!!

  181. I would love these!!!! [email protected]

  182. Michele Almeida says

    Love these!

  183. Amanda McMichael says

    Having a 3 week old I was super excited to hear about these. I will be sure to “like” them on FB!

  184. yes please 🙂

  185. These look great!!! Hope to win:)

  186. Carole Douglas says

    I’d like to try these!

  187. Soooo glad these exist!!! It’s hard to find nursing pads that keep up with us!

  188. Would love to try these out!!

  189. I am always on the lookout for washable breast pads for my very leaky boobs, so I’d love to try Bamboobies!

  190. I liked Bamboobies on Facebook

  191. Since I’m gonna be nursing again come April, and I wasn’t thrilled with the generic reusable nursing pads I used the first time, I’d love the opportunity to try Bamboobies. 🙂 Thanks!

    blondredhead at mac dot com

  192. tweeted:!/LilMamaK77/status/32295458365775872

    blondredhead at mac dot com

  193. I’d love to try these!

  194. Shared on FB and entered email here

  195. Rebecca Jaros says

    I would love a chance to try Bamboobies! I have yet to find a good reusable and washable nursing pad that like and is comfortable to wear.

  196. “Liked” you over on Facebook

  197. What an awesome product!

  198. jennifer weaver says

    would love to try these 🙂

  199. I would love to win them! I’m pregnant with twins and I’m planning to BF!!! Wish me luck!

  200. Would love to get these!!

  201. Need these 🙂

  202. laura cameron says

    Fab product! x

  203. I would <3 to win me some Bamboobies!

  204. DeRae Matuszek says

    I “liked” Bamboobies on Facebook, and commented here! 🙂 I just had my daughter a week ago. These would definitely come in handy!

  205. Debra Haas says

    Would love these!

  206. Tarah Thomas says

    I need these so bad!

  207. Lacey Finley says

    I want these!!! [email protected]

  208. Id love a pair! And I also posted on my fb

  209. Sounds like a great product! Would love to try it for sure. 🙂

  210. Amber Brady says

    I hope I win! This is my first entry!

  211. Amber Brady says

    I like bamboobies of FB!

  212. Amber Brady says

    Shared this giveaway on my FB wall.

  213. Nice review!!!! I liked Bamboobies on FB and told them that you sent me! :0) Would love to try these. Proud leaky for 16 years!!!!

    [email protected]

  214. I would love to win a pair

    erin dot koza at gmail dot com

  215. I likes bamboobies on fb
    erin dot koza at gmail dot com

  216. I sooo want to try these!

    oh_froggit @ yahoo . com

  217. i shared this link!/profile.php?id=100000275310446

    oh_froggit @ yahoo . com

  218. i “like” bamboobies on fb

    oh_froggit @ yahoo . com

  219. Carly Henderson says

    I just saw these for the 1st time. Looks great. 20 days into being a first time mom and starting to see the need for Bamboobies…

  220. Nicole Kingsley says

    I liked bamboobies on facebook and let them know I was sent by TLb! 🙂

  221. these sound WONDERFUL!!!!

  222. Tiffany ibarra says

    Saw this on TLB and need some!

  223. I would love a set of these. They sound fabulously comfy. 🙂

  224. Cheyenne Martin says

    Would love to try these!

  225. Would love these. Liking and commenting.

  226. amanda wood says

    I’d like to win these 🙂

  227. I so want to try these!!! mlindsaym

  228. Larissa Brunken says

    Lots of entries hope to win

  229. Also liked on FB… just starting out w/BFing, could really use these!

  230. Like Bamboobies on FB!!!!! BF for the first time to a 8 week old

  231. Yay for boobie bamboo pads! I would love to try these out!

  232. These look amazing! Let’s moms remember that they’re still sexy and not just the ‘lunch truck’ ; )

  233. Jessica Pero says

    OOOH I would LOVE to try these out! 🙂

    [email protected]

  234. Jessica Pero says

    I <3 Bamboobies on Facebook, and told them TLB sent me! 🙂

  235. Marsa Klinski says

    Please enter me, I am in need of these!!!!
    [email protected]

  236. I wanna win some bamboobies!
    [email protected]

  237. have a wonderful day!

  238. Commenting to enter =)

  239. Also “liked” and commented on Bamboobies Facebook wall

  240. Chelsea Thurman Artisan says

    Liked bamboobies on facebook.
    C’mon random winner generator, mama’s got some majorly leaky boobs!

  241. Would love these!!

  242. I want to try these so bad!! They sound amazing! Enter me please 🙂

  243. Just shared on Facebook :D… with a link to TLB

  244. AND… Just “liked” and posted on Bamboobies FB page 🙂 I told them TLB sent me!

  245. Sorry… I’ve never entered a give away before and I noticed some of the ladies are giving link to show their wall with the give away link posted there so here mine is incase you need it as well as my e-mail 🙂!/profile.php?id=517628114

    [email protected]

  246. Melissa White says

    Thanks for giving me the chance to win!

  247. ME please! These would come in handy after I have my next surrogate baby. <3 Thanks.

  248. Great giveaway! Id love these!

  249. Yaay! Ibbabies AT gmail (.) com

  250. Would love to be entered to win a pair of these. Thank you!
    [email protected]

  251. Liked/posted on their FB wall!

  252. I liked Bamboobies on facebook and let them know the leaky boob sent me!

  253. Just found out I’m going from a veteran to an active Leakie again. Bet I’ll be needing some Bamboobies!!

  254. I these are new to me! May have to get me a pair!

  255. I liked Bamboobies and told them TLB sent me

  256. decaturmamaof2 says

    I would love these – they are such a great idea, esp now that I have to return to work. thanks! (dagmar67 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  257. Mary Hirose says

    Having a baby this week. Would LOVE to try these!

  258. Andrea Hertz says

    If I win, I am passing them on to my leaky daughter who is nursing her 3 month old baby boy! she’s a teen mom! 😀

  259. Andrea Hertz says

    I liked bamboobies on facebook! (lactivist mamabear)

  260. decaturmamaof2 says

    I liked you on FB too! And posted on your FB wall!/Bamboobies/posts/500287487739

  261. Andrea Hertz says

    posted a link on my page!!/
    Lactivist Mamabear

  262. commenting to enter 🙂

  263. I would love to win! 🙂

    [email protected]

  264. “liked” Bamboobies on fb

  265. Karissa Mitchell says

    Would love to try these, have trouble with my leakers, FB fan too

  266. As a perpetual leaker, I would love to try these!!

  267. [email protected]

    Would love to be entered!! 🙂

  268. [email protected]

    I “liked” Bamboobies on FB and told them TLB sent me! 🙂

  269. Kealy Dees says

    I’ve been dying to try bamboobies kealy (at) lessthan3 (dot) net

  270. Kealy Dees says

    long time fan of bamboobies

  271. Me needs Bamboo on my boobies!!! 🙂

  272. These sound amazing! I love the feel of bamboo!

  273. Wendy Breiding says

    Sounds great! I would love these.

  274. Jessica Crye says

    Would love to win!

  275. These boobies could use some Bamboobi love with two little babies attached at all hours!!

  276. My boobies would love some Bamboobies 🙂

  277. Pick me, pick me!

  278. Also liked and commented on the Bamboobies FB page!

  279. Also shared giveaway link on our FB page!

  280. I would love these!!

  281. extra entry for liking on FB

  282. Oh! I’d love to try these! A friend of mine used to wear bamboo fabric bras and she keeps raving about them!

  283. I would love to try these!

  284. Also liked their FB page and posted there 🙂

  285. love love love this website! just found it tonight via a lady i met at a LLL meeting. looking forward to making it a favorite!

  286. Judi Whitacre says

    bamboobies sound awesome!

  287. Expecting #4, wish I had these for the first 3!

  288. Kelly Kalweit says

    I’d love to have some bamboobies, it sounds like a great product! 🙂

  289. Also, I liked it on facebook 😉

  290. Also, I liked it on facebook 😉

  291. I would love to try em!

  292. Shelby Dasher says

    I would LOVE to try these. I have always had a problem while nursing that the other gets jealous and decides to leak. I am so unhappy with the breast pads I have they are soo unconfortable and show the lines through my bra. 🙁

    [email protected]

  293. Jennifer Ruby says

    I would LOVE these!!! 🙂

  294. Thanks for the great giveaway, I’d love to give these to my friend who just had her baby girl a month ago 🙂

    withinkingston at gmail dot com

  295. I fanned Bamboobies on fb – Vanessa Corazon 🙂

    withinkingston at gmail dot com

  296. Liked on FB.. I <3 [email protected]@b support!!

    malachitesekhmet at msn dot com

  297. Would love to win!


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