Need Some Support? A Mother’s Boutique Giveaway!

I had the opportunity to interview Judy Masucci, the owner of A Mother’s Boutique and a sponsor of The Leaky Boob.  Her heart for all mothers, particularly breastfeeding mothers and her wisdom and experience is something I’m so happy to share with my readers.

TLB: What made you decide to start your business?

Judy: The short story is “I had a baby and it changed my life.” I was a corporate executive before having my son. After he was born, I went back to work and worked and pumped for 15 months before deciding to leave my corporate job to do something that would enable to me help other new moms be successful breastfeeding – and enable me to spend more time with my son. I had a very difficult time getting started with breastfeeding and I wanted to help other new moms like me. My son was also an AVID nurser and literally nursed every hour for the first year of his life. So no matter where we went, we nursed in public because by the time we got there, it was time for him to nurse again. I started by business with great nursingwear. I lived in nursing tops when my son was a baby and they were hard to find – none of the local stores carried them and the selection on the web was small and difficult to navigate through. I wanted to develop a place where moms could find everything needed in one convenient location and I wanted it to be easy for them to figure out what they wanted without having to go to 10 different websites to find everything. So I started with clothing, then added nursing bras, breast pumps, slings, nursing pads, hands-free pumping accessories and maternity items. I started my business in April of 2007 and just opened a retail store (in addition to my online store) in April of 2010. I also blog, facebook and tweet – all to connect with moms and provide support for them in any way that I can.

TLB: How do you balance work and family?

Judy: One of the greatest things about owning your own business is that you choose how, when, where and how much you work. For the first 3 years, I operated my business out of my home. So I could literally choose when I worked – and much of it was done late at night after my son went to sleep. Now that I have a retail store, my schedule is a little bit more rigid, but my son is also in school – so that makes it easier to have a regular work schedule. I still do a lot of work at night after my son goes to bed and even during the day when he is playing quietly (I just negotiated 15 minutes of time with him to let me finish this interview- we set a timer and when it goes off, I will stop “working” and go play with him). I probably work harder now than I did in my corporate job – but I work for myself, and when, where and how I want to – and I love every minute (well – almost – there are a few things I could live without LOL).

TLB: What’s your favorite breastfeeding memory?

Judy: I nursed for a VERY long time. Longer than I ever dreamed I would and longer than many moms do – one of favorite memories is actually when my son was older. One he was in a toddler bed (approximately age 2 – 2.5), he would wake up in the morning and come into my bed to nurse. We would nurse, snuggle and both fall back to sleep. It was my absolute favorite time of the day. It was loving, warm and there’s nothing better than falling asleep with a little babe in your arms. Ironically, as he got a bit older and started dropping nursing sessions – this was one of the first to go. I always thought it would be the last – but he would wake up and want to go play with his toys – sometime he wouldn’t even come get me, I would wake up and he would already be downstairs playing. I missed that nursing session most of all.

TLB: How would you encourage someone preparing to breastfeed for the first time?

Judy: I think the things I would say to the mom would differ based on if she was eager to breastfeed or if she was on the fence. I always encourage moms to read books on breastfeeding and to take a class – and most of all – to stick with it. If you get through the first 2 weeks or so (which for some of us can be a difficult two weeks), the rest of it is “easy sailing” and you will be so glad that you stuck with it. I think it is important for moms to know that it “might be hard” at first – because that way they know what to expect and they can prepare themselves and make it through. So many moms who don’t know what to expect think that they must have been doing something wrong and give up – all because no one told them that it might be hard at first. So I wouldn’t say anything to scare them away, but I also don’t hide the truth. One of my favorite articles to give to new moms is by Diane Wiessinger, and it’s called “What if I Want to Wean My Baby?” It walks you thorugh all of the benefits your baby (and you) get from breastfeeding – no matter how short or how long you do it for. I have given this article to moms who were on the fence and didn’t know if they wanted to breastfeed – and it helped them to give it a try – and I have given this article to moms had to stop breastfeeding sooner than they wanted to – and it helped them to see what a wonderful gift they have given their baby – even if they didn’t breastfeed for as long as they would have liked. I think it is an article that every mom and mom-to-be should read.

Nursing bras: ever wonder what size nursing bra should I wear? Judy’s here to help you find out and win one too!

Did you know that 70% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? And I bet that percentage is even higher amongst nursing moms. When you get pregnant and have a baby your body changes in ways that you could never have imagined. And for many of us – one of the biggest changes (besides the little life form growing in our bellies) is the changes that happen to our breasts! On average, most women will go up 1-2 cup sizes from their pre-pregnancy size to their breastfeeding size. But this is an average and the spectrum ranges from no changes to WOWZA – I didn’t know bras came that large! I have a friend who started out as a 34C and ended up a 34J – yes, that is “J” as in JUGS! She was a size small but had to wear size large shirts just to accommodate her bust.

Luckily, most of us won’t change that much – but any changes mean a new bra is needed. And since most of us started out wearing a bra that probably wasn’t the correct size, figuring out what our new size should be can be very challenging. Lucky for us, there are moms our there who want to help.  Judy from A Mother’s Boutique is one of those moms.  She specializes in helping moms find great bras and you can see from all of the testimonials on her website -that she does a great job at it. Whether you meet her in person or virtually via phone or email – Judy will be able to find you a great bra
that is perfect for YOU.

First things first – in order to get a great bra, you need to know your measurements. If you can get a professional bra fitting – that is ideal -but if you aren’t nearby a place that can properly measure you, just follow these simple instructions from Judy’s blog, Mommy News and Views, and you will be ready to go.

Now that you know what size you are, you need to pick out a bra that is right for you. And the difficulty here is that every bra runs differently -so even though you have measured yourself and know your size, you need to know something about the bras you are interested in to know if you need to go larger or smaller based on how it runs. For instance – some bras are sized S,M,L,XL instead of particular cups sizes – so you need to look at the sizing chart to see what size you will need. Other bras may “say” they are a 36D, but they really fit someone who is a 38D. Then there are the bras that have European sizing instead of US sizing – for those, you need a translator, because while a DD cup in European sizing is the same as a DD cup in US-sizing, an H in European is really a K in US – so having a conversion key to lead you through is crucial.

So once you figure out your size and find some bras that you like, you now need to know how bra sizing works – because it isn’t always as straight forward as one might think (or hope). A 34C and a 36B have the same “cup size” even though they have different letters – this can be very confusing when trying to get a bra that fits. If you try one one bra and it is too snug in the band, but fits in the cup, most women will just get the next band size up and keep the cup the same. But now this bra will fit in the band, but cup will be too large. If your 34C is too snug, but fits in the cup – you need to get the 36B, not the 36C. If only bra sizing were simpler – moms wouldn’t have so much trouble finding a bra that fits.  When you are shopping online – this is key because you don’t want to spend all of your time and money shipping things back and forth.

Believe it or not – it is possible to get a great fitting nursing bra even if you don’t live close to a shop that sells them. And Judy, from A Mother’s Boutique is here today to help out FIVE lucky moms!! Of course, she’ll help all of you if need or want help – but FIVE of you will get a personalized bra fitting and free bra* of your choice!
Winner #1 will get a free nursing bra (up to a $55 value)
Winner #2 will get a free nursing bra (up to a $30 value)
Winner #3 will get a free nursing bra (up to a $25 value)
Winner #4 will get a $15 gift certificate to be redeemed toward any nursing bra of your choice
Winner #5 will get a $15 gift certificate to be redeemed toward any nursing bra of your choice.

A Mother’s Boutique carries nursing bras ranging in size from 32-48 A-K and ranging in price from $14 up to $55. So there is something for every mom and something for every budget.

To enter to win one of these bras, please leave a comment below telling us why you need a new bra and which one you think would choose from A Mother’s Boutique if you win. This entry is REQUIRED in order to be chosen for a prize.

You can get a 2nd chance to win by stopping by and visiting A Mother’s Boutique on facebook. Her facebook pages is great source of interactive information and she has even hired a Certified Lactation Counselor to post information and answer questions from moms – so stop by, like her page and say “hi” – then be sure to come back here and leave a 2nd comment telling us that you did it. This entry is optional and will give you an EXTRA chance to win one of these great nursing bras.

That’s it – two simple tasks and FIVE lucky mamas are on their way to winning a great nursing bra along with a customized fitting!  Thanks to Judy for her generous giveaway, providing support for breastfeeding moms everywhere.  With 5 prizes, be sure to share this giveaway, an easy way for you to support other breastfeeding moms as well.  This giveaway will remain open until March 7th, 2010.  Good luck and have fun!


This giveaway is now closed.  Good luck to everyone that entered, winners will be drawn through a random drawing using

Congratulations to our lucky winners!

Prize 1: comment 457 Larissa Brunken
Prize 2: comment 116 RaShes
Prize 3: comment 311 Katie Langan
Prize 4: comment 182 Rachel T
Prize 5: comment 68 Pocklock

Thank you Judy for this wonderful opportunity!




  1. I would love to have a bra that actually fits! It’s hard to get out to a fitting with two wee ones in tow and on a tight budget.

  2. I’m 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I gained less weight this pregnancy and would love a nursing bra that fits since all of mine from baby 1 are too big!

  3. I would love to win the soft cup t shirt nursing bra. The only nursing bras I can afford are the 15 dollar walmart one, and they suck! I need a good nursing bra!

  4. Molded Cup Nursing Bra
    I am new to breastfeeding. I need a new bra because they are hard to find around here.I would love to try one and than possibly buy a few more if I like it 🙂

  5. I would love to get a new nursing bra! I had my baby 5 weeks ago, and unfortunately, I only have 2 nursing bras, and most of the time, they are dirty, and I have to go without wearing one at all. Then, I leak through my shirts, and end up changing a million times a day. This giveaway is wonderful. Thank you for the chance.

  6. I liked a mothers boutique on fb 🙂

  7. BEAUTIFUL, I absolutely love the flont snap, soft cup nursing bra! I have been having such a problem keeping my nursing bra’s from brakeing. My bigest issue is the strap elastic fray’s horribly, and the cups get stretched out. All the ones I have stap at the top, and in pulling them down to nurse they don’t relax enough to let easy access for my LJ. Its been 5 mo and I have had to retire 3 (yes 3 brandnew!) bras.

  8. I “liked” A Mother’s Boutique FB page, and said hello.

  9. Hi! I’m nursing my third baby. I got two new nursing bras, but I still seem to be sagging 🙁 Def. need help finding the right bra.

  10. I would love to win the LLLI Vanessa Padded Nursing Bra in nude. I need a nursing bra because I am currently pregnant with my second child and the nursing bras that I had for my first are worn out and stretched out and I need something with a little padding to be more dicrete. Thank you!

  11. I really need to win a nursing bra. Being low income everything is hard. I am trying to stay home and finish college while my husband works. This baby was an accident and we plan on breastfeeding him at least until he is a year which works perfectly because I will finish college at that time too. I really need a good nursing bra because I cannot afford any good ones.

    • Jennifer Tabery says

      I feel certain that I am wearing the wrong size! I neeeed new bras, as I have 3 decent nursing bras. Who has the time to do laundry that often?lol

  12. Arriane Preston says

    I think I need a new Nursing Bra as I’m due to give birth any day now (actually overdue, siiigh!) and so far have only managed to find one bra that fits properly, and I think I might need a different size once my milk comes in… whenever that may be!

  13. i am on the hunt for a new bra! i have the madela bra, and really dislike it. i can’t wait to win a bra!

  14. I deffinatly “Liked” her facebook page!!! even if there was no give away!

  15. Hi I liked A mothers boutique on facebook and left a comment saying hi!
    My facebook name is Jen Iwanchun

  16. I need a new nursing bra as my breasts have changed their size with every child I’ve had. I’m on number 3 and now have a collection of used bras that are all too small.

  17. Hi there!
    I need a new bra because I am a FTM due in June and I’ve never had to buy a nursing bra before! I wore a 36G before I got pregnant, am currently a 38H, and I am guessing I’ll be even bigger by the end – it’s sooo hard to find bras for big breasts in stores.
    I would choose the Sublime nursing bra because it comes in large cup sizes, looks comfortable AND pretty, and has a low enough front center that I could wear lower-cut tops/tank tops with it and not have my bra showing.
    Thank you!

  18. I need a new bra! I started with 5… and now I am down to 1! 1 ugly, misshapen, diy job that doesn’t fit very comfortably.

  19. Wow, I wish I knew about this site earlier!
    After a year of nursing, I definatley need a few new nursing bras. I think I’ll be purchasing a few regardless of winning or not 🙂
    I really like the Veronica Brassiere.

  20. I “liked” the FB page and posted this:
    Hi there! I love your website and that you carry larger cup sizes for nursing bras! Thank you for running the contest through the Leaky [email protected]@B!

  21. I need a new bra because I wasn’t able to nurse my first child so I don’t even have any nursing bras. I think I’d try the bamboo nursing bra.

  22. I liked a Mother’s Boutique on Facebook.

  23. Elle Nursing Bra
    I definitely need this bra lol! I love to nurse but I also am a working mom. I mainly wear the nursing tank tops because I can’t find any bras that I like and are comfortable yet still sexy. I have yet to find a pretty nursing bra that doesn’t show in a tank top! Just because I am a nursing mom is no reason to not feel and look sexy in my opinion. Most nursing bras are for support but what about those nights we want to look fabulous for our hunnies?

  24. liked her! i’m off to browse!!

  25. I need a new bra because nothing fits except the old lady ones that make my breasts look deformed. Help!

  26. I’m a FB fan now 🙂

  27. Arriane Preston says

    Doh, should probably add that the Womama Bamboo Bra is my favourite on there, mainly because it’s so eco friendly!

  28. I posted on her page 🙂

  29. I am in such need of a new nursing bra for two very good reasons. For the past year I have been going back and forth between two bras. They are not looking so great anymore. To make matters worse these two bras that I got from target down fit me right. They sad bellow my breast. It’s a bit embarrassing to change my bra in front of my SO. I have to wear a tight shirt over my bra so it doesn’t look like my breast are sagging. I should probably take a picture and put it in “How bra’s are not supposed to fit”. I think if I was able to pick any bra at A Mothers Boutique it would probably be “Vanessa Padded Nursing Bra”. I am in need of padding these days! All the bra’s there look beautiful though!

  30. As a new mom, I’m still not 100% sure what I’m supposed to be looking for in a nursing bra! All I know is that the ones that are available in my area are pretty terrible (no support, limited cup sizes available… which makes it hard since I’m wearing a DD/E size!), or running upwards of $60 for a half-decent one (not something I’m able to afford)! :s

    I’d love to try a Lamaze Lace Underwire, or an Allure Underwire!

  31. I really love the T-shirt Soft Cup Nursing Bra. It looks so comfortable!!

    I need a nursing bra because I’m expecting my first baby (A boy!) in late May. All the nursing bras I can find around here are either ridiculously expensive ($70 and above) or look like medieval torture devices. NOT what I want to wear for the next 6-12 months! Plus, I really don’t know at all how to fit myself for a nursing bra, or when to try to buy one!

  32. I also liked Mother’s Boutique on FB. 🙂

  33. Jenny Patridge says

    My daughter is 2 months and breastfeedin is finally gettin easier. I spend 24/7 in a bra…I’m definately not feeling great about my body right now but do love my increased bust size…would love to try one of your bras. Nursing my little monkey is the greatest experience of my life and I really would like to be fully supported and comfortable in one of your bras.

  34. Hi! Was glad to learn of this opportunity on The Leaky Boob’s Facebook page. I have been nursing for almost 15 months and have NOT found a single nursing bra that is comfortable and supportive. I would love the opportunity to have a new bra that hopefully will work for me. I think the most likely one that would fit is the Sublime Nursing Bra Item# 131 as it comes in a 32 band size and GREAT range of cups!

  35. I also added her to facebook 🙂

  36. I would love a new bra!! Money is tight because I chose not to go back to work, so I could stay home and be with my baby. The nursing bras that I did get were all second hand, they work but it would be nice to have a new bra of my very own 🙂

  37. I’ve been to your Facebook page, “liked” it and left a comment as my 2nd entry to win a free nursing bra. Thanks so much! 🙂

  38. I breastfed my daughter for 15months. She weaned a week before her brother was born. My son and I have now been nursing for 1month and I love it, I plan on letting him self-wean.
    During my pregnancy and nursing my daughter my boobs went from a 32C to a 38C. With my son I am now a 32D. I have been having trouble finding a good nursing bra that works for us that I can afford. Right now I am just using a regular bra which makes nursing difficult sometimes. It’s also not working so well to keep them up. Having a new bra would greatly help our breastfeeding journey. Right now for us money is extremely tight, having two small ones and I was on bedrest during my pregnancy with my son so I haven’t been able to work. This would greatly help us. Looking at her site, a bra like “Molded Cup Nursing Bra” would work wonders for us.
    Thanks for doing such an amazing give away.

  39. Also, ‘liked’ the page, and said hi! 🙂

  40. Danelle Rayner says

    This is a great giveaway! I need a new bra because well I don’t have one that fits. With my last two babies I never wore a bra because the ones I had would give me plugged ducts. If I won I would choose the original Bravado bra or the Tank. I have heard good stuff about both

  41. If I won-which would be amazing!!!! I would LOVE the Bamboo Nursing Bra (item #BBBB) to help with much, much needed support and the bamboo would feel great since everything that touches my skin tends to feel itchy, also the wicking properties and eco-friendly fabric would make me feel great while wearing it. I have one bra right now that just barely does the trick for support but nothing else and I am wearing it out very quickly!

  42. Oh, and I just went onto Mother’s Boutique Facebook page and said hi and that you sent us that way.

  43. Jessica Buxton says

    I would love to have a bra that fits. I am bigger chested and it takes a toll on my back not having the support I need. I would like to have the molded cup nursing bra.

  44. Danelle Rayner says

    “Liked” on FB

  45. Hello. I would love one of these beautiful nursing bras! I only own 1 nursing bra and it is falling apart because I have to wash it so much. I tried squeezing into one of my old bras but it was too awkward to lift over my breast to feed. I love how easy the nursing bras are and I have looked to buy another but they are very expensive and it is so hard for me to find one that goes beyond DD in any of the stores and boutiques around my area.

  46. Jessica Buxton says

    I liked you on Facebook too!

  47. Bryony Gluch says

    Wow!.. the reasons I need a bra!.. Well, I have been exclusively pumping for 17 months and that has involved so much heartache given the amount of work I have to do to produce similar amounts of milk that my baby would have had if we were successful at the breast. I have forced over supply over the time owing to the stress of trying to keep up with my daughter. I donated milk over this time to exclusively feed another baby on my milk for 10 months and still donate.. as a result my cup size has fluctuated so dramatically that I am lost with sizing bras. I am small across the back but have boomed out from a B cup to a DD at the biggest. This has left bra fitters stumped and so I have walked out of shops so disheartened; a couple of times leaving with a bra that I know won’t fit but I have to wear so there’s at least some support! Bras have been such a heavy subject for me that they have almost forced me to quit pumping nearly being the straw that broke the camel’s back!…
    I have to pump regularly so I can’t wear ‘normal’ bras over a nursing bra .. Being caught in the middle of neither a ‘bottle feeder’ nor a traditional ‘breastfeeding mother’ there has been struggles on all accords and I would LOVE to finally have the chance to wear a supporting bra that can encourage me to continue pumping for my daughter!

    I absolutely love the sound of the bamboo bra – the organic lining, the comfort, the look of the bra, the ‘normal’ looking straps, the breast coverage.. ! I actually love the sound of a few bras, so if I find the right fitting bra I would be ecstatic and have to buy a couple more!

    Thank you for your consideration! .. thank you also for the work you are doing to support nursing mothers!

    Lots of love,

  48. I visited and “liked” A Mother’s Boutique FB page as well.

  49. Just “liked” and left a message on A Mother’s Boutique Facebook page! Thank you!

  50. ashley garrett says

    i would love a glorious contour nursing bra. i’d like it because it looks cute and so comfortable. i need bras, but it’s hard to set aside money for something that oftentimes ends up being discouraging and expensive. right now, i only have two, and one seems to be too big and one too small. i end up in the too-big one most of the time because it’s (slightly) more comfortable. winning this contest would make my day!

  51. I have no bras that fit me right. I gave up on trying to find them and I just wear sports bras most of the time. I have terrible back pain and I’m sure thats why. I would LOVE this opportunity to finally have some coaching and find what works for me.

    I’m interested in the bamboo and organic nursing bras.

  52. I would absolutely LOVE to win one of these! I’ve always had trouble finding the right bra size, and it seems like the guesswork is being taken out of this equation! I also went to the Facebook page and left a comment! Yay for second entries!

  53. ashley garrett says

    i liked a mother’s boutique on facebook!

  54. Just wanted to post a second comment saying that I went to the Facebook page and said hello! 🙂

  55. I would love to win a new nursing bra. We have 7 kids youngest is 3 months, I EBF all mine to at least 18 months and would love the sport nursing bra!

  56. *liked you on facebook also*

  57. I would love to have one of these nursing bras. My little man is an avid nurser and having a comfortable and supportive nursing bra is the just the gift I need for myself!

  58. Bryony Gluch says

    Hi again,
    I also joined the Mother’s Boutique Facebook group.
    Thank you 🙂

  59. I need a new bra because I’m so sick of beige nursing bras and Keira shows no interest in being done anytime soon, so I will FOR SURE be using it for awhile, lol.

    I love the Lamaze lace bras. Cute cute.

  60. Allyson Mantle says

    I am wearing the same bras I wore with my first child 6 1/2 years ago and they aren’t fitting right. Hubby is unemployed and unfortunately new nursing bras are not in our budget right now 🙁

  61. Hi! I “like” A Mother’s Boutique on facebook!

  62. I liked her page on FB too

  63. I only have one regular nursing bra and one sleeper one… that’s all I can afford right now. I’ve been successfully breastfeeding my daughter since October and I really could use another one! I’d love something like the Mama’s Best Bamboo Nursing Bra, the LLLI Vanessa Padded Nursing Bra or Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup Nursing Bra. Shoot, really any of them would be fantastic! I just hate having to constantly wash, dry and wear the one everyday bra I own!

  64. I visited and LIKED “A Mother’s Boutique” on Facebook too.

  65. I liked the page! 🙂

  66. Hi, I liked her page, and poked around on the webpage as well. I need a new bra badly. I have bought FOUR nursing bras just recently, and over the course of 3 pregnancies/babies.. I have not found any that fit well and are comfortable. I have tons of lines from some, a lot rub too much.. Some of them are just made weird and my boobs seem to fall out when I’m laying down LOL. I would be open to suggestions on which one would be best for me, especially for night time feeding (the falling out issue)

  67. I liked on facebook for second entry. Thanks!

  68. I like the sublime nursing bra – but I will really need to figure out what will work for this time around. It has been 5 years since I stopped nursing my last babe. I know that my body and many bra styles have changed. I live in a small AZ city with no place to actually try on bras (nursing or otherwise) I would LOVE to win and be able to get some advice on what size and style I will need after my baby arrives in June.

  69. I could really use some new nursing bra’s. I am still using the same ones with my 6month old LO that I used with my oldest son who is now 3. I also have a hard time spending money on myself since my oldest is on the Autism Spectrum, we spend most money on him & for the things he needs, so I can’t even justify a new nursing bra..that’s just the mother in me!! But I LOVE A mother’s boutique!!

  70. Nikki Hauser says

    I have two nursing bras that barely fit. I make it work, because I put all money I make (I nanny pt) towards my kids. I am also a student. I am tandum nursing my 2yo son and 6mo daughter.

    I am having self image issues, and I know my chest contributes heavily towards this. I would love to have a bra fit right!

  71. I have a 9 month old and have not been able to find a nursing bra that even comes close to fitting.

  72. I’m a fulltime working mama to my EBF 7 month old. I visit the baby at lunch and pump twice a day – I never have enough clean nursing clothes, especially bras! And most everything you find in person is not well made.

  73. Allyson Mantle says

    I am now a FB Fan 🙂

  74. Nikki Hauser says

    I have two nursing bras that barely fit. I make it work, because I put all money I make (I nanny pt) towards my kids. I am also a student. I am tandum nursing my 2yo son and 6mo daughter.

    I am having self image issues, and I know my chest contributes heavily towards this. I would love to have a bra fit right!

    Thank you for your presence on FB, as well! I liked your page to read the info 🙂

  75. I would get the Lamaze Lace Bra. I have a large chest and the nursing bras I currently wear offer no support at all. That one is pretty, comes in different colors, and appears to be much more supportive than the ones I currently wear.

  76. It’d be great to have a bra that fits!

  77. I have large breasts and could really use a nursing bra that actually has good support. My current ones just aren’t cutting it.

    I would either get the Comfort Zone or the Smoothing Nursing bras because I like the ones that don’t let your boob come entirely out of the cup when nursing.

  78. I just liked on FB!

  79. I’d have to say the Cassandra Lace Cup Brassiere because I’ve been eyeing them for a while and am so tempted by having a nursing bra that is pretty. They have great colors and lace… would make me feel not just like a rockstar mommy but a woman as well. I’m using all my worn out (with holes) bras from my first child currently with my second one. So it would be a real treat to win something 🙂

  80. Morghan Eckenfels says

    I would love a new nursing bra. The only ones I can afford are the cheap walmart ones and they suck! 😉 I would love to have a nursing bra that was comfortable AND pretty! I like the Veronica Brassiere.

  81. I cut holes in my sports bras so that I can nurse easily. Unfortunately for me they are before I had my daughter and I am sure they are too small since they leave marks everywhere.

  82. Tiffany Ibarra says

    Love what you are doing here and I would love to win one of these bras!!! I am especially impressed with the hands free bra for pumping and with the Vanessa padded bra (great for when I am singing on stage and don’t want to take the chance of having anything showing)! I have just quit my job to stay at home with my 3 1/2 month old son so winning a new bra would be wonderful but if not, this will be at the top of my list of things to buy if there is ever any “extra money” floating around in my bank account…(insert laughs here)!

  83. Morghan Eckenfels says

    I visited and liked her page on facebook! 🙂

  84. I’ve just discovered I’m pregnant with our fourth child (surprise!). I’m only eight weeks and already my boobs are mad at me for stuffing them into an ill-fitting bra. I’d LOVE to have a nursing bra that actually fits me!! It would be nice to know my actual size too. 😉

  85. I love you page, your story and your bras! I have been nursing for the past 6 years of my life, cannot afford a nice bra, and the selection, fit, feel, and shape of the one I have is awful. I am a mama….so I can make do 😉 ….but oit would be such a blessing to win one of your comfy beauties! Thanks 🙂

  86. I liked it on FB too. 🙂

  87. Liked your faceBook page, and just measured myself at a 38h.

  88. I am pregnant with my 2nd child and need to purchase some nursing bras. Beautiful Soft-Cup Nursing Bra is my choice.

  89. I NEED a new nursing bra! I’m nursing my 3rd little lady under 3 and training for a triathlon, so I’d definitely get the high impact sport nursing bra!

  90. Visited and liked mother’s boutique on FB!

  91. jessi robin says

    I could use a new one with comfort AND support for yoga!

  92. I need a new nursing bra because the one I have is over a year old that I purchased for $15 at a well known ‘mart’. It was the only one in my area that was closest to fitting me. I went ahead and purchased it even though it is not very comfortable or supportive. I also use a nursing tank but it does not support well and is constantly sagging and drooping and is embarrassing to wear in public. It is difficult for me to find a nursing bra that fits because I am large chested and its especially hard to find one I can afford on a fixed income. If I was to be one of the lucky winners I would choose either the Original Nursing Bra Plus Style or The Soft Cup Tshirt Nursing Bra. Both look very comfortable and supportive for breastfeeding moms like me who are “busty” and who need the comfort and support and also to feel confident while in public.

  93. jessi robin says

    I liked on Facebook too!

  94. I would love one that points my girls in the right direction while making it easy to pump/nurse! I need some support! 🙂

  95. I liked Mother’s Boutique on Facebook and will be visiting her site soon!

  96. Kelly Kalweit says

    I was looking at A Mother’s Boutique the other day for nursing bras… I’m 31 weeks pregnant right now, and I’ve already gone up about 4 bra sizes… starting at a 38DD and now at a 42/44H-ish (that’s my best guess anyway). Finding the right bra to nurse in would be so amazing. Right now I’m stuck in a size F bra because that’s the only one I have that fits half way decently. The size H I ordered hasn’t come in yet, and I’m still growing. 🙁
    The “smoothing nursing bra” by Elomi looks nice (… that’s what I would get if I won. Having a bra that fits would make such a difference.

  97. I gave thanks and “liked” Mother’s Boutique on facebook 🙂

  98. Holly Middleton says

    I am a mother of a newborn with very large breasts. I have been searching for a nursing bra, but have had no luck. The maturity stores that I have gone to don’t carry my size. I am afraid to buy bras online because I fear I will get the wrong size/fit and have to pay more money to send it back and have another one shipped to me. I think I would like to try the “Bliss Nursing Bra”, it looks supportive and comes in larger sizes.

  99. rebekah beck says

    I would LOVE a nursing bra that fits. I think I would choose the soft cup tshirt bra. The bras I currently wear are way to small. My breast are smooshed! And I also now have back rolls which I didnt have before! Honestly I hate wearing the ones I have so much that we stay home so I can just wear my sleep bras.

  100. I would love the Lacey Easy Bra, because I need all the help I can get in feeling sexy, and it looks great for a sleeping/nursing first thing in the morning bra. 🙂

  101. I am in need of new nursing bras, none of the three I have fit well. I think I would get a molded cup or lightly padded bra. I’ve had trouble finding the correct fit, told two completely different sizes at two stores in the same day. Frustrating. So assistance in this department would be much appreciated.

    I think I would get a molded bra or lightly padded.

  102. Holly Middleton says

    I just stopped by A Mother’s Boutique and “liked” it on facebook. Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. I liked A Mother’s Boutique on facebook. =]

  104. I am pregnant with son #2, and would love to replace some of my worn out nursing bras! I love the Sublime nursing bra–so much prettier than any I have!

  105. I just liked A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook.

  106. I need a nursing bra badly! After baby #4 weaned I gave away all my nursing bras, thinking we were done. Now that baby #5 is on the way I need to start my collection all over again! I’d love something pretty like the Sumblime!

    I liked you on facebook as well!

  107. I would love the Lacey Easy bra, because it looks ultra-comfy, and good to sleep in. Also, I need all the help I can with feeling sexy, and it is remarkably pretty. 🙂

  108. Liked A Mother’s Boutique on facebook 🙂

  109. I would be ecstatic if I had a bra that was the right size. At this point in pregnancy (39 weeks 5 days) I have no clue what size I am or what size I will be once my milk comes in. It is all so confusing!!! I am sick of being uncomfortable 🙁

  110. I liked Mother’s boutique on facebook as well 🙂

  111. I need a new bra, pregnancy and nursing has changed my size, and I’m looking for a new job to be able to spend more time with my baby then my current job allows. I’d like to look my best on interviews to boost my confidence. I would buy from A Mother’s Boutique because with a 4 month old i don’t have the ability to go out and shop, plus the selection is great!

  112. Larissa Brunken says

    I would pick the lamaze lace underwire bra. Our any of the nursing tops. As a mom of 3 I dont have the money to buy new bras. I still have the same bra from several years back, nursing ones are too costly and too hard to find.

  113. Hannah Hirshfield says

    I so need a new nursing bra! I only have one that I like…the bravado bliss bra 32 F/G. I would love more bras so I can do less laundry:) It’s very difficult to find a nursing bra in my size even at stores that carry nursing bras. I also can’t go in to target for example and purchase one for under $20 because they don’t carry larger than a DD. If I win I would either get another bliss bra this time in black or the allure underwire bra and it even comes with free boyshorts! I love that the bliss is very smooth under anything that I wear and very supportive.

  114. Larissa Brunken says

    like on facebook like on facebook

  115. I’ve just started nursing again, our son is two weeks old. I bought my nursing bras before he was born, but I think I am larger this time around! He is a very avid nurser, so that may be part of the reason. Anyways, I would love a properly sized, quality bra!

  116. First, let me say thanks for the giveaway; what a great service to nursing moms!! I would LOVE to have a new bra b/c I’m wearing the one I had after my first baby, now 5 years ago and it so does not fit!! I am near a 34/36 I and these are not easy to find, never a large selectionto choose from and generally not really that cute!! If I win I think I would be first inclined to choose the smoothing bra by Elomi b/c I’m used to wearing and underwire and think I would like that best and I like the smoothing cups. My second choice might be the sublime nursing bra b/c it is kind of pretty and although it is a soft cup, I understand that some soft cup bras offer just as much support as an underwire, if fitted appropriately!! Good luck to everyone!! Thanks again!!

  117. I’d love a new nursing bra – a GOOD one! I only have two bras that I found on clearance at a big box store, and after nursing for 8 months now, the cups are all crumpled from being folded down – it’s frustrating and definitely isn’t flattering under shirts. Also, I’ve lost so much weight thanks to breastfeeding that I know they don’t fit correctly anymore (if they ever really did).

    I really want to try the Bravado Bliss bra – I’ve heard fantastic things about it!

  118. Hannah Hirshfield says

    I’m now a FB fan:)

  119. I would love a nursing bra that didn’t make my boobs feel like they are in my stomach or cone-shaped. The “Supreme Nursing Bra” looks fab!

  120. i currently have 2 nursing tanks that don’t fit well and one nursing bra all are from when my first nursling was little, he’s nearly 3 now. I’d love to win a nursing bra or tank that fits comfortably.

  121. Stephanie Wilson says

    I “liked” A Mother’s Boutique FB page, and said hello.

  122. I would love a bra that fits me! I ended up losing weight with the pregnancy but stil can’t find anything in stores that fit me 🙁

  123. I would love to win a new nursing bra, my current one is in bad need of a replacement. I think we might be close to weaning and with me working out, my size is changing. I’ve been meaning to actually order a new one very soon, so this would be a bonus. 😉 I currently have a Bliss and it’s my favorite that I’ve found, the only one I found to fit actually and give me support that’s what I’d order 🙂
    Thanks! Jenny

  124. Liked her page on FB and left a message 🙂

  125. Judi Whitacre says

    I would love to win this- I am an EBFing mommy and “woman of size” as far as retail stores are concerned. I cannot fit any of the mass-marketed nursing bras and the best I can do is try to get by with the largest size nursing tank-tops available- which provide absolutely NO support for my girls and have a design feature my sister calls “the Boob Thong” which is not at all aesthetically pleasing. My actual size is between a 44F and G depending on style and when the biggest size available in most retailers is a 42DD-DDD, they just don’t cut it. My poor breasts are in need of some serious help, lol.

  126. Judi Whitacre says

    Oh, and I would probably choose one of the bamboo bras- sound SUPER comfy 🙂

  127. Judi Whitacre says

    …and I “liked” on FB, too 🙂

  128. I’m expecting my second child in two months and the idea of using nursing bras again has me cringing! I don’t use underwire while nursing so that pretty much leaves me with no options as far as support goes. 🙁 I’m thinking the microfiber soft cup but would love some expert advice!

  129. Was more than happy to “like” on FB as well!

  130. I am nursing my third LO on four years!!! Needlesstosay, these “tube socks with tennis balls at the end” need some help!!! I would love the soft cup tee shirt bra or the high impact sports bc I am training for a tri.

  131. Kai Recchia says

    I would love to win a bra. I am petite by heigh (5’0) but with a generous bust (40E) and it has been so tough to find good nursing bras. I exclusively pumped for a year with my first son and have been lucky to successfully nurse my second son. With all of the pumping and nursing I would like to FINALLY find a bra that is comfortable. The girls need support, and I think the Allure underwire just might do the trick.

  132. I could use one more nursing bra. I would choose the Goddess 2050 b/c I have two that I love.

  133. Liked the FB page and said ‘Hi’!

  134. Oh, man, do I ever need a new nursing bra! I’ve been a hard girl to size even before I was pregnant…small ribcage, big breasts led to all sorts of confused fitters and discarded bras. Now that I’m nursing, I’m up to a 34 H or I, but make do with bad fitting regular bras and nursing bras with ZERO support. I’d love to get the smoothing nursing bra. In fact, perhaps I will order one if I don’t win anyway! 🙂

  135. Thank you for the chance to win a bra or a gift certificate. I need new nursing bras because the ones I have are either lumpy, offer no support, or the two that actually fit and I wear all the time smell like sweat and sour milk. The comfort zone nursing bra sounds like it is right up my alley. It is big enough for my girls, and comfort, oh so important!

  136. I stopped by and said hi on FB too! 🙂

  137. Hi, I checked out the link to A Mother’s Boutique because I am in need of a new nursing bra. I have never seen such a selection. I also like that they carry organic options… I particularly like the bamboo nursing bra. I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and still nursing my 2 1/2 year old and interestingly colostrum has come in and is changing my bra size already… of course it will be changing even more pretty soon when the baby and the milk arrive and I will be busy tandem nursing. Thanks for the interview and the opportunity. 🙂

  138. I need this! I nursed my first son for 15 months and am currently nursing my second son who is 4 months old and desperately need a new bra. Funds are tight and I need more support! Who knew that one of the little pleasures in life was having a good bra?
    I would like to try the Bliss nursing bra if I win!

  139. I need a new nursing because I only one that fits right now, and with two nurslings at the breast it gets dirty and smelly quick!!

  140. Amy Messick says

    I love nursing tanks; i only have 4 and wear them EVERY day, so i’m constantly having to make sure they get washed daily 🙂

  141. Elissa Lees says

    I need a new nursing bra, because all the ones I own started at me (12 years ago), went through 3 pregnancies & nursings, got ‘hand-me-downed’ to my sister, where they went through 2 pregnancies & nursings. Then they got ‘hand-me-upped’ again, back to me! They have been through my forth child & are now hanging in there (barely) with baby number 5. I daydream of a Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

  142. If I won, I would like the Lamaze padded underwire. I am in desperate need of a new nursing bra. My favorite one is hanging on by a thread (Only has one hook left in the back! ;))

  143. I also “liked” her FB page and left her a little message! 🙂

  144. Grace Nakamoto says

    I would like to win a new bra because I’ve been nursing for 3.5 years (cumulatively) and I have only 2 bras that fit. 😛

  145. I have had the same 2 nursing bras for the last two years, they’ve been re sewn like a gazillion times to keep them alive. I need a new one! I think my fav is the bamboo one.

  146. I am in desperate need of a nursing bra!! I’m currently between 38 and 40 DDD, and am 29 weeks pregnant. I cannot find a bra that fits to save my life. I’m looking at having to order online – but they’re all so ridiculously expensive… I’ve literally cried in the bra store TWICE since I’ve been pregnant. I miss my pre-pregnancy 34D size 🙁

  147. I just had my second baby and am wearing the nursing bras from my first that are obviously too small! I really need new nursing bras 🙂

  148. We just found out that we’re expecting our second baby! I nursed my first for two years and I never had a cute nursing bra. I would love to have a cute nursing bra this time around. I like the Sublime Nursing Bra. I might also go for more of a soft cup nursing bra for comfort.

  149. I liked A Mother’s Boutique and said hello as well. 🙂

  150. I have been nursing DD for over a year now and we are still going, I am also trying to have another baby which of course means MORE nursing! I would love the Lamaze lace underwire nursing bra because I am big chested and I can never find pretty bras in my size, especially nursing bras!
    Right now I pretty much live in nursing tanks, which tend to squish and don’t give good support and have shrunk from being washed so much, but my husband is in the United States Air Force and I am a stay at home mom, so we don’t have a lot of money to spend on bras and such for me.

  151. Margaret Molenda says

    I need a new nursing bra because mine are ripping!

  152. Denise Charboneau-Eickhoff says

    My babe is now 10 months old. I own some comfy nursing bras that handle the stretch, but I want something pretty. I love the Belle nursing bra!

  153. I would LOVE to have a bra that actually fits. At the moment, I have one that “fits” and a couple others that I make do with but that are WAY too small.

  154. I also liked her facebook!

    Thank you!

  155. Sonja Stone says

    I need a new nursing bra, and so does my partner – we “liked” A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook…now we need to win!!

  156. Sonja Stone says

    (we actually don’t have any nursing bras – so obviously we’re in desperate need!)

  157. I would looooove to win a new bra! When I measure it says I need a 36 H…but the biggest bra I can find locally is a F cup! I have ordered a couple of bras online, but had to return them as they were different than the description. 🙁

  158. I would like a nursing bra that actually fits and works well with the clothes I wear. I’ve bought many nursing bras some from Wal*Mart and some from other places and they all are just so different in their designs that I don’t feel comfortable in them and it makes nursing in public a hassle rather than a breeze. I am really interested in the Bliss Nursing Bra, it looks like just what I need!

  159. This store has a great selection! I have two nursing bras and one regular, but they are very painful to wear (even with back extenders), so I usually go without. I would love to win one of these!

    crass.trash.class at gmail dot com
    FB- Amber C L R
    GFC- Jynxx

  160. I also “Like”d her FB page and left her a comment.

  161. Mary Hirose says

    I’m nursing my third baby in 3 years (18 days old today) and have had the same 2 nursing bras. I suffer from the “quad-boob” all the time. You know, where you’ve got boob spillage because the bra is too small? They fit when I bought them, but they seem to have shrunk. That, or my boobs have gotten bigger with each baby. ROFL Heaven help me. Anyways, there aren’t ANY good stores in Hawaii for nursing bras (seriously, Target and Motherhood are our only stores that carry nursing bras) So I’m desperate for some SEXY bras! I’d probably either get the Lamaze Lace or the Ocean Dreams, or the Sublime, and I DEFINATELY NEED the high impact pull over sport bra for Stroller Strides!!

  162. I’m expecting #6 anyday now and have *grown* out of my current bras….again. I’d love one that fits better than the ones i’ve had in the past

  163. Liked her FB page. Cant wait to start shopping 😀

  164. Lynnette Adams says

    Being a working mother of 2 and a 1/2 time college student I am not only strapped for time, but also money. I am constantly doing laundry to make sure one of my 3 awful nursing bras (two of which the underwires are poking through) are clean as we have been battling AWFUL thrush for months now! I am trying my hardest to exclusively nurse my son who is now 14 weeks old as I did my daughter. A new bra would be just the ‘lift’ i need, not only for my unsupported breasts, but also my spirit. I am sure many moms feel like they give there all to their children, I am there, I have not purchased something nice for myself in years…. a new quality bra would be like diamonds to me right now!

  165. I like their fb, and told them you sent me!

    crass.trash.class at gmail dot com
    FB- Amber C L R
    GFC- Jynxx

  166. I have been nursing and/or pregnant for the past 5 years, and I am still using the same nursing bras from my first pregnancy. I seriously hate to admit that. They are gray, frayed, and worn through to almost being see-through. I am hard to fit, so it is difficult for me to find a good bra. I LOVE the sublime nursing bra from the site, and I really think that along with being my only good fitting bra if I were to win, it would help with some of my body image issues as well, since it is funtional and attractive! This is a wonderful giveaway! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  167. I NEED new nursing bras! I have a 5 months old little girl who LOVES to nurse….I wear a nursing tank most of the time, but would LOVE a LLLI hands free pumping bra so that I can stop stretching out the straps when I try to pump and drive.
    Thank you for supporting nursing mothers!

  168. Mary Hirose says

    p.s. I also really like the nursettes. I need some of those too.

    pps I posted on Mother’s Botique’s Facebook wall 😉

  169. Stephanie Raphael says

    I have a bravado body silk bra but after 19 months of nursing my baby turned toddler its falling apart! I would love to get a new one 🙂 Thanks!

  170. Also liked the FB page and showed some leaky love!

  171. Stephanie Raphael says

    I “liked” A Mother’s Boutique on facebook. and Hi again!!!

  172. Lynnette Adams says

    I liked your page – not only for facebook and the contest – but I really LIKE it! =]

  173. I need a new bra because I’m definitely not wearing the right size and I would chose either the Bliss or Smoothing nursing bras

  174. I’m a fan on FB

  175. Katie Annarella says

    I would love to have a nursing bra that fits. I am nursing my second child and have always struggled with finding a nice nursing bra that fits correctly.

  176. I would love to win a nursing bra. I had a preemie at 33 weeks and pumped forever while she was in the NICU. I never bought a nursing bra. My baby is 6 months and we are still going strong. I plan to let her self ween and she loves BF so I am hoping that will be awhile.

  177. Catherine Mackechney says

    I really like the Bamboo Nursing Bra! My DD is almost 10 months old, and I have been living, day and night, in the same two bras for the past 10 months. They are getting stretched out, and since they are “sport bra” style, I can’t wear them with everything (especially now that summer is coming which equals tank tops!). I need a new nursing bra!

  178. Shannyn Petersen says

    I like the Body Tank Sports as well as the Sleep Bra. I like comfort & those look really comfortable.

  179. Catherine Mackechney says

    And I just “liked” A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook!

  180. Why do I need a new nursing bra? I desparetely need a new nursing bra because the underwire from my current nursing bra has poked out of the bra and now stabs me when I move! I am currently working full time as a 7th grade teacher and finishing my last semester of graduate school, while nursing my 5 month old and pumping when I am away. Needless to say, I have no time or money to buy a new bra. The Allure Underwire Nursing Bra looks great! I am going to “like” her facebook page now! 🙂

  181. Shannyn Petersen says

    Just liked her FB page & left a comment 🙂

  182. Tammy Dovichak says

    I would LOVE a new nursing bra. I have only two at the moment and neither fits very well. I always have pain between my shoulder blades. I just don’t think I’m getting the support I need.

    If I win, I would most likely pick the LLLI Lined Molded Cup Nursing Bra with Lace… It looks like it has a lot of cozy support to offer 😉

  183. Jennifer Fierro says

    I am coming up on the 1 year mark and I have not had a new bra since he was born. I would love the Majama Easy Bra.

  184. Jennifer Fierro says

    I am a fan on Facebook!

  185. Tammy Dovichak says

    I just liked her Facebook page.

  186. Jennifer Callahan says

    I would love to win this contest because not only do I have the hardest time finding a regular bra but now that I have grown again I have no idea what size to buy. This is my fourth pregnancy (and will be fourth child) but have really struggled to overcome what had to be latch issues with my other children. I am surrounding myself with books and local breastfeeding groups to help me be a success story this time. If I won I would love to have any of the bras but especially the Lamaze Lace Underwire Nursing Bra!

  187. Mallory Bulmer says

    I am currently expecting our third child (due April 12), and have 2 nursing bras, one of which is going to need replaced VERY soon…that is why I could use a new nursing bra 🙂
    I would either choose the Ocean dreams organic nursing bra, the organic nursing bra or one of the Bravado! bras..I have bought the bravado bras in the past and they are amazing, but the organiz bras look very comfy and functional for a SAHM such as myself. The Organic ocean dreams bra also has a hint of sexy…something neither of my current nursing bras have 😉 Lets face it, nursing or not, every woman wants to feel sexy sometimes! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  188. The only downside to my plan to continue nursing my son until he self-weans is the fact that I’ll have to keep wearing a nursing bra. I am rather large-busted and have had trouble finding comfortable, well-fitting nursing bras at reasonable prices. Winning one of AMB’s nursing bras would lift “my girls” and my spirits while I do what’s best for my growing son. 🙂

  189. Terri Parkinson says

    I would love to have a new, well fitted nursing bra. I am working off of 3 Meijer nursing bras right now that I know don’t fit right, but we can’t afford anything else since I decided not to go back to work after my son was born, and my husband was laid off from his job a week before Christmas. I wear my bras 24/7 because I need the support. Keeping all of my fingers crossed!!

  190. Karla Korkodilos says

    Thanks for your cool bras! I would love to win the Smoothing Nursing Bra! =)

  191. I’m a FB fan! <3

  192. I need a new nursing bra because all mine are out of size (either too big in the band, or the cup), stretched out and worn out. I believe I’m a 38DD, but I might be a 38D…I think..sigh…Part of the reason for this is that my li’l miss is 17 months old and still going strong. My first two nursed until almost 3yo and this one looks like she might nurse longer if her frequency at the point is any judge…she’s still waking me up lots at night, needing a lot of suckling. What I’m surprised at is that my breasts haven’t gone anywhere near shrinking! My ribs are 37″, but the breasts are at 43″…I can’t find any site that shows how that’s suppose to work.

    I would love the #2115, Tee Shirt Soft Cup Nursing bra. Wires are a pain and cut in to me, but I need a bit more support than the average non-wired bra.

  193. Mallory Bulmer says

    I “Like” A Mother Boutique on facebook 🙂

  194. Karla Korkodilos says

    I liked you on FB! Thanks!

  195. Jennifer Callahan says

    Just liked her FB page and left a comment!

  196. ashley long says

    as of baby number 2, my breasts have become 40DD with stretch armstrong consistency and do not stay put. i lean over, they fall out, i lean to the side, i get uniboob. my precious heather grey walmart nursing bra, although the only comfortable one i have found in my pricerange, doesnt do the job. i am thrilled at the prospect of something that might harness their awesome power without an underwire and without making me feel frumpy. the tshirt soft cup bra looks excellent!
    great website! its nice to see some reasonably priced nursing bras.

  197. I like the Bliss nursing bra or the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra the best. I’m in dire need of a new bra.

  198. ashley long says

    left a comment on the facebook page 🙂

  199. I’d love to win a new bra! I am nursing a 7 month old. In the past year or so I have probably bought 10 bras. I have been fitted twice by professionals and still do not fit in any of my bras! I’d choose the bamboo nursing bra – item# BBBB. Please help!

  200. Just commented on FB.

  201. I have been nursing for 2 1/2 years and still have just the ones I got at Motherhood when I first gave birth. I have 6 different sizes and none fit! I love the Sublime bra! Something a little sexy!

  202. Gricela Shelton says

    I could REALLY use some new bras, according to your measurement technique I’ve gone up 3 cup sizes. I’m pregnant and am due in 8 weeks.

  203. I am currently nursing using a sports bra that I just cut holes in the front of, lol. I can’t even afford diapers (thank god for prefolds, and a baby who sleeps while I wash them) (and breatmilk poo, haha) so I couldn’t think about the extravagance of an actual nursing bra…but if I won one, it would be awesome! Thanks, Joan Allen

  204. I “Like” A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook!

  205. Gricela Shelton says

    I’ve gone into your FB page, liked and left a hello. Thank you.

  206. I also liked the fb page and left a message on the wall!

  207. Kristen Saldarriaga says

    Wow…just looked at the selection – and I don’t know which one I would pick!!! Anything with an underwire that would help support me while helping me to feed my lil man. I have resorted to just regular bras (and I pull them up or down) because I can’t find a good nursing bra that fits.

  208. Kristen Saldarriaga says

    Also, I stopped by their FB page, liked it, and told them ya sent me 🙂 Thanks!!

  209. Peggy Morgan says

    I would have to go with the Bliss nursing bra from bravado or the bamboo nursing bra to start at least. I need one badly. I only have one nursing bra right now. I’m pregnant and nursing and with my breast changing i’m starting to spill out of it 🙁

  210. Peggy Morgan says

    Just left a comment on Mother’s boutique nursing page

  211. Oh lord, where to begin. My name is Charlotte, and I need a new nursing bra because:

    I currently have 1 bra that kind of fits me. It is 2 years old, and the nursing bra I bought when I was pregnant with my first child. I am now 26 weeks pregnant with my second child, and I still wear it. I am new to the town I live in, as well as the US, so I’m still trying to figure out where the heck one buys nursing bras. (or other maternity clothing for that matter)

    The one bra is worn every day. It doesn’t fit me properly, as the straps slide off my shoulders, I have a huge gap between the bra and my chest, and my “girls” are really squished into it. Oh, and it chafes. But that could be my growing belly. Also, one of the hook loops fell off the other day and all the elastic in it is starting to rip.

    So, there, that is why I need a new bra.

  212. And I also liked you and left a comment on Facebook :o)

  213. I would love a comfortable nursing bra. I only have 2 that are decent, and am always washing them as my LO is a spitter and dribbler! It is very hard for me to find a comfortable bra because my skin is very fair and sensitive and most bras rub my skin raw!! Help!

  214. Ruth Falcon says

    I would like to win a nursing bra because I have been successfully breastfeeding for three months and it would be a nice reward after all of the struggles my baby and I have been through. This is my second and last baby and our goal is 18 months.
    If I was selected I think I would choose any of the LLLI bras. I especially like the lightly padded contour bra.

  215. Jennifer K. says

    I would love the chance to win one of these nursing bras since I have never had one with my 2 boys and now when I have finally bought some they have all broken already on me. I would love the chance to try the LLLI Patented Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra since I work from home, have a toddler as well as and 8yr old. It would be nice to have more hands!

  216. karissa wolfe says

    What a great giveaway! I would LOVE the Allure Underwire Bra. I have been breastfeeding exclusively since giving birth to my daughter this past November. I feel so blessed to be able to breastfeed my daughter. We tried to conceive for 3.5 years before becoming pregnant with her and I am so happy to see her growing into such a healthy little baby girl! I only have 2 nursing bras and I don’t think they are the right fit, besides the fact that they are Target cheapies. Money is a factor because I now am a SAHM.

  217. Jennifer K. says

    Stopped by your fb site to say hi

  218. I would like a new bra that fits and isn’t falling apart. My husband lost his job and we cannot afford another bra that costs $75. I only have one bra and my baby is going on 7 months. I plan on continuing to breastfeed for as long as I can!

  219. I have been praying about where I’m going to be able to get a bra for nursing. I’m 37 wks pregnant tomorrow and my husband was laid off from his job 2 weeks ago. This has been the most bizarre time of my life. I’m anxious about him finding a job, but at the same time, have a peace about the situation that things are going to work out the way they need to.
    We have a little boy turning 3 on Sunday and money is super tight right now. I’ve been contemplating how I’m going to make all of this work, thinking about using my old tanks with the shelf bras until our tax refund comes in and I can afford to buy a nursing bra.
    Thanks for this opportunity to score a bra that I desperately need! 🙂

  220. karissa wolfe says

    I also stopped by your fb page and liked it and said hello for my second entry!

  221. I just ‘liked’ you on facebook also. Thanks again for the opportunity! I’ve got my fingers crossed! 🙂

  222. The sports bra please!!!! I’m training for a half marathon now, and my old sports bras don’t fit. And if course they’re not nursing bras either (little one us 6 months today). I also chose a different one from the website that I liked, and thought that I copied it correctly, but it didn’t seem to cone thru when I pasted it.
    it was an allure bra, and it looked wonderful for everyday wear. I need something other than what I can get at Target (the only place I know around here that carries nursing bras).

  223. Melissa Cowley says

    I’m currently pumping exclusively due to latching problems. My little guy is 3 weeks old. I have 2 nursing bras that don’t lend the best support and have already been washed several times (1 bra is from when I was nursing my now 6 year old!) I bought both while I was pregnant and guessed on the size. Big mistake. So I would love to have a new nursing bra, especially since I will be returning to work in a few weeks. Allure underwire nursing bra looks so comfortable and supportive!

  224. Melissa Cowley says

    Liked her FB page.

  225. Wow, I seriously love their stuff. Thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to that site! Even if I don’t win, I’m really tempted to buy a few different bras. I’ve got a breast condition which makes them oddly shaped (whee) and finding supportive bras is difficult. A lot of these are a great shape and totally affordable.
    I really like the “Macy Nursing Bra” and the “Lacey Easy Bra” looks right up my alley.

  226. Oh, and I liked her Facebook page and left her some love. <3

  227. I need a new nursing bra because I only have 2 and have been using them for 2 years, plus I wear them day and night. They have holes in them, are stained and a little stretched out from so much use. I have no plans to wean anytime soon and would really love a new pretty nursing bra. It’s hard to find bras that fit me well since I’m plus size and large chested. I would choose the Bravado Designs Supreme Nursing Bra Item# 111. It looks super comfy and the support I need. I have 8 kids and don’t usually spend money on myself. But if I won then I wouldn’t feel guilty getting myself something nice. 🙂

  228. I need new nursing bras because I am still nursing my almost-two year old and I’m 12 weeks pregnant! I would totally love the Tee-Shirt Underwire Nursing Bra in a 42F!

  229. I “like” A Mother’s Boutique on facebook and commented on the page.

  230. I bought a few nursing bras towards the end of my pregnancy, but at 12 weeks after having my baby my body is obviously very different, and to make it even worse most of those bras cost way too much and are hand wash/hang dry only which is just not very manageable with 3 little ones to care for. I’d love to get either the mama’s best bamboo nursing bra or the tee-shirt soft-cup nursing bra since they look comfortable and simple

  231. liked her FB and sent her some love too

  232. Georgi Bulow says

    I would LOVE the Supreme! I’m fuller chested and in my area the only places that sell nursing bras are JC Penny’s & Motherhood and none of those are very supportive!I blame flimsy nursing bras for the sad state of my “girls”! I’m expecting my second baby in May and it would be great to actually have a bra that fits this time around!

  233. I would get the Tee-shirt soft cup nursing bra!

    I need nursing bras that actually fit! With my first child, I made do with various nursing bras that never really fit well and weren’t attractive – I had to finally give up and just deal with what I had because it was costing too much. I’d even try them on and not find any that really fit WELL, so I just got whatever was the best of the lot. 🙁 This time around, I’m really hoping to pamper myself with good nursing bras and apparel so I can feed easily anytime, anywhere. 🙂

  234. I ‘liked’ and commented on facebook!

  235. Hmmm….I’d love the Body Bra and a properly fitted nursing bra. I’m nursing our 6 month old twin girls and would be really interested to learn the difference between a properly fitted bra and what I am wearing now! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  236. I liked your page on facebook too and would love the chance to win a new nursing bra. Most of my bras were bought second hand.

  237. Kristy Velesko says

    I really like the Bamboo nursing bra or the organic one (pink w polka dots, so cute). I need a new bra cause the two I have are from my first pregnancy and I dont think my boobs are the same size they were then 🙂

  238. I could use a new nursing bra because I am currently rotating between 2 and favor one of them so I mostly wear that one and it is getting worn out.

  239. Wendy Barberic says

    I could use a nursing bra that actually fits properly, I have purchased about 5 and only 1 fits right, it is so hard to find a good nursing bra that fits. I think I would pick the sublime nursing bra, I think it is sexy and I hate the plain jane ones, so sick of them, need something to spice up my life!

  240. I like and said hi at A Mothers Boutique on FB

  241. My babe is 16 months old and I have been wearing the same two ill fitting bras since her birth. I have bought at least 20 bras over the internet and paid to return every one. After a while I just stopped trying. It makes me sad. I know I would be more comfortable and look better if I had a well fitting bra but it’s so frustrating!
    I would like to try the Sublime Nursing Bra.

  242. Lori Fischer says

    I need a new bra so bad. I only have one that fits just barely and I am due in May 11 and nursing my 2yr old.

  243. Lori Fischer says

    I just “liked” you on Facebook. But I don’t like you=== I love you

  244. I now like A Mother’s Boutique on FB and left a message.
    Thanks for the give-a-way.

  245. My Boobs grew when I was 12 weeks pregnant and was measured as a 40K. My Daughter us now over 2 1/2 and I still have the same 2 bras and still feeding. My poor bras are getting rather tatty

  246. Lynnette Adams says

    To add to my original post I would love the sublime nursing bra but I don’t think it comes in my size (although I’m working on re-sizing myself with all your great sizing tips!). I also like the pumping and nursing bra… that would be great for when I am in my nursing classes ( I hope to work OB and become a LLC!) The smooth cup sound intriguing… I never knew how many choices we had for bras….

  247. decaturmamaof2 says

    I need a new nursing bra because I’ve lost all the baby weight and puffiness and now the bras I bought when 9 mo pregnant are too big around. I’d get the purple lamaze underwire nursing bra! I have another Lamaze bra and love it! Thanks

  248. kim d'angelo says

    Nursing baby number 2. Wearing nusing bras from baby number 1. Several of them didn’t properly fit after a few months of nursing the first, 3 months into the second and I’m swimming in them!
    Boy, could I use a new bra! 🙂

  249. I am in desperate need for a new bra. My bust changed SO much when I was pregnant. I got fitted at a Lane Bryant (& I weight 145 pounds) for a 36DDD (after my last pregnancy)…. but now… Ugh… it doesn’t fit my bust now that I am nursing again. It hurts so bad to wear it & sends twinging pain through my breasts- but seriously- I cant go without a bra & every nursing bra that I have ever tried just doesn’t seem to support, feel comfortable or fit right. 🙁

    I would LOVE to find a good nursing bra- but they are either so terrible uncomfortable or they are so unbelievably expensive. 🙁

    Thank you for doing this great give-away. Whoever wins this is one lucky woman!


  250. decaturmamaof2 says

    Liked you on FB and said “hi” (Dagmar Ebaugh)

  251. Just liked your face book site and looking at your web page Not a lot of choice for a girl with 40K sized boobs the Comfort Zone Nursing Bra would be the only one to fit but it does look comfy and does come in colours other than white x

  252. Left a post on Mother’s Boutique. Really hope to win!

  253. I would love a new nursing bra because I bought all mine BEFORE I started to nurse…big mistake! And I think the sizing is allll wrong, would really appreciate some help!
    I would most likely choose the ‘molded cup nursing bra’; I wear t-shirt bras most often, but a new style like the ‘LLLI padded nursing bra’ wouldn’t be a bad thing either!

  254. I need a new bra because baby had thrush and honestly I feel yucky using these same bras I did while he was sick. I would get the front snap bra.

  255. Liked on fb and left a comment 🙂

  256. Katie Langan says

    I absolutely need a nursing bra, because I only have one, and that was for my older daughter when I was breastfeeding her, she is now 3! So my boobs are a way bigger size. And where I live, there are no stores that sell them. I really need a new one, you have NO IDEA!

  257. I need a new one because I’m tired of my saggy nursing boobs!

  258. Ilene Haerle says

    I would love to have a sexy nursing bra! My LO is 6 mo and we’re already trying for baby #2. It’s hard to feel sexy when I have a plain ol’ bra in different colors that never comes off for the fear of leaking everywhere. The Cassandra lace cup bra is something I’ve been looking for but unable to find. A sexy bra like that would definitely surprise my DH!

  259. I would love to find a nursing bra that fits and actually supports. I’m tired of the cheap ones that are sold in mall stores.

  260. Liked you guys on facebook and said Hi !

  261. Ilene Haerle says

    I liked the page! Whoohoo!

  262. I liked on FB!

  263. Amber Taylor says

    I would love to find a nursing bra that fits properly. I have 2 right now they’re the same size but my boobs seem to spill out the top of one and look like cones in the other. I would choose the Cassandra Smooth cup brassiere. I would like something comfortable and supportive.

  264. My nursing bras are currently just the “sleep bra” style that cross over in front. Pretty much no support-but comfy and easy to use. I’d love to find something that fits & has some support for days when I make it out of my sweats! I love the organic & bamboo options.

  265. I heard about you from the leaky boob. I would love to be entered into your contest.
    I bought nursing bras based on my last pregnancy, not knowing I’d be even bigger this time! The only comfortable bra I have is the majama organic easy bra, but it’s not enough support and protection (pads show through) to wear during the day at work. I already sent an email asking for help, but I really need at least one well fitted bra. I love the Womama bamboo nursing bra, but also like the sexy look of the LLLI lightly padded contoured nursing bra.

  266. I would love a new bra. I haven’t had a new nursing bra in ….7 years.

  267. lucy birch says

    After 9 years of breastfeeding 5 children, the last 2 being twins (now 3) , my boobs would love some new bras! Especially as i’ve been exercising more in the past year, and they have changed shape and size.

  268. Kendra Garcia says

    Hi I would love to win a bra in what style I do not know I would need help in deciding this. I have a really hard time finding bra’s some say I am a 34 DD and some say I am a 34 D so I variate with different bras. I have a one year old who nurses about every 1-2 hours and I BF in public all the time, but I do not own a nursing bra I an leary of ordering online and there are no stores in my area that carry my size 🙁 I have been wearing normal bras and folding the cups over in order to nurse my LO I would love for it to be easier. Well this is my reason for wanting to win Thank you for any consideration one way or the other you are doing a good dead 🙂

  269. Kelly Kalweit says

    I liked Mother’s Boutique on facebook & commented on the wall 🙂 Yay for a place that caters to what moms need 🙂

  270. Nicole Ward says

    I thought I had already entered, but I don’t see my comment. I would love to be entered. I just found out my bras are all completely the wrong size (38D vs the 40E I should have!) So I could really use one. I love the bamboo nursing bra. Money is tight these days with 2 kids at home, preschool for the oldest and I’m the only working parent, so spending money on myself is hard.

    Thank you!

  271. thanks for this interview with judy! she has helped me more than once with ordering the right nursing bra! i really could use a new nursing bra right about now actually – something a little less utilitarian and sexier. i would pick the new bravado sublime bc bravado bras are always great and that one looks pretty hot!

  272. Priscilla Villegas says

    I love nursing bras…since I am on BF’ing my 4 month old its so easy to unsnap and feed him…I love love love BF’ing…I think every mother should do it :O)

  273. Priscilla Villegas says

    I’ve also like on FB….live the site too

  274. I would love a good nursing bra! The tee shirt soft cup nursing bra would be perfect! Im smaller chested and do not have a great fitting nursing bra!

  275. i also liked a mother’s boutique on facebook 🙂

  276. I’d like a nursing bra since my baby girl is due to be born at the end of the month. I think the Elomi smoothing nursing bra has high potential for me: I like smooth cups, I have a pretty small bandwidth, and a huge cup size (that’s only going to grow, I hear!). I’ve also heard good things about the Anita nursing bra, but I’m not sure whether you carry that one.

  277. I liked on facebook!

  278. Taryn Petro says

    I am a first time mom. My baby girl is One month and three days old. I purchased underwire bras at the local maternity store and the underwire is already coming out of the casing. It jabs me while I’m nursing making the idea of going out of the house and having to nurse even more uncomfortable for me. I have only been wearing them for 2 -3 weeks. I need a good supportive nursing bra, the Elomi Smoothing Nursing Bra looks like it would be perfect for me.

  279. Taryn Petro says

    Liked on facebook and posted on the page.

  280. I would love a new bra, because I need another color! With Judy’s help I already found the perfect bra for me– Bravado seamless silk.

  281. Amanda Smith says

    Great site! I would love to get the LLLI Lightly Padded Contour Nursing Bra!

  282. I was already a fan of A Mother’s Boutique on facebook, but left a message saying hi.

  283. Amanda Smith says

    I Liked the shop on Facebook!

  284. I would love to have a new nursing bra because I’ve lost so much weight since my daughter was born that my bra is loose and not nearly as supportive. Plus, I’d love to have the Sublime bra because it comes in a beautiful black cherry color and because it’d be nice to have a pretty bra instead of an “old lady” one. Thanks so much!

  285. I “liked” the Facebook page and showed some love! : )

  286. Grace Nakamoto says

    I would love to win because I have only two nursing bras that fit. I would get the Allure Underwire if I won. 🙂

  287. I would love a bra fitting and new bras! My son is 4.5 months old and I feel like by bra size is still changing, even after a fitting a few weeks after he was born. Not to mention I do enough laundry for my son, so being able to do a load or two less for me would make life easier!! Plus I love A Mother’s Boutique!!

  288. I said hello on A Mother’s Boutique fb page!

  289. Grace Nakamoto says

    I liked AMB on Facebook, and posted a comment! Pick me, pick me! 😉

  290. I need one since I am now pregnant with number 2 and the polka dot underwire nursing one looks so nice and comfy!

  291. because I have quad-boob in my current cheap-o nursing bra. How embarrassing.

  292. because I have quad-boob in my current cheap-o nursing bra. How embarrassing. And I like the bamboo nursing bra.

  293. I’d love to win this giveaway because I don’t have any nursing bras, and I am nursing my fifth baby! I have never found a nursing bra that fits my size at a retail store, so I just wear regular bras and pull them down. I’d love a well-fitted bra meant for nursing. I’ve been pregnant and/or nursing for the past 9+ years.

    I guess what I would choose is a style that would fit well! I’m on the small size. I like a bra with some padding to hide nipples showing. I would love your advice to know what to try. The Cassandra Lace Cup Brassiere looks really pretty.

  294. Melissa Johnston says

    I am nursing #3 right now… he’s 17m old and probably our last baby. I haven’t had a decent bra in 4.5 years… time for mama to help the things that helped so many.

  295. I need a new bra desperately because they’re such giant milkers that I have a uni-boob-stomach thing going on! LOL. I’ve been using the Gilligan O’Malley nursing tops, which are awesome but.. in need of a real bra.

  296. Heather Lodge says

    Why do I need a new nursing bra? Because I’m pregnant with #3 and am still wearing the nursing bras I acquired with #1…in 2003. I think they’re well past their intended lifespan, LOL!

  297. Melissa Johnston says

    I said hi on her FB page. So loving that these places exist!!! 🙂

  298. & Just added on fb, thanks!

  299. Thalla-Marie Choxi says

    I liked on FB! The Bamboo bra looks amazingly comfortable! I would love it, i currently only have two nursing bras, one which is waaayyyy to tiny!

  300. Heather Lodge says

    And you better believe I just “liked” on Facebook. Yay–you’re within driving distance of me. Go Pittsburgh businesses! 🙂

  301. I have been a mom for almost 19 years and in that time, I’ve gone from a 32B all the way up to a 44F and now I’m back down to a 36C. I’ve been ‘hanging out’ in a cami with shelf for a few months now because it’s functional for breastfeeding and I can not find a bra that fits. I have breastfed (so far) a total of 59 months with 5 nurslings and my youngest is 17 months and still going strong! Thank you for the advice! When I do go out to get a new bra, at least I’ll know how to fit myself properly!

  302. I only have one bra…a barely fitting sport-style nursing bra. Due to a large cup size, its very hard for me to find bra that fits me properly even when I’m not nursing…now its impossible! I like the look of the Sublime Nursing Bra that goes up to size K! Its even pretty and its been a long time since I had a pretty looking bra. If I don’t win, I’m going to buy it anyway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  303. Bras are so hard to find in general and now that I am pregnant and even more busty, I haven’t found one that actually fits. My number is fairly small but my cup size is pretty large. No one makes bras for people like me! I can’t go to a plus size store because my number is too small, but I can’t go to a regular store because my proportions aren’t “normal.” This site seems to have a few styles that could actually work, though still a lot of them don’t look like they have straps that will actually support a big bust. I would love to try these! They are affordable, especially compared to the bras I normally have to pay for. I’m not due for another couple of months, but my search for nursing bras has already started because it is nearly impossible to find anything that fits a woman who doesn’t have typical proportions. One of these would be great to try! Thanks.

    I would get the Smoothing Nursing Bra if I win.

  304. Jennifer says

    I would love a new nursing bra! Especially one that fits properly!

  305. Erin french says

    If I won, I would probably choose the sublime nursing bra. I desperately need a new bra, but I simply cannot afford a good one.

  306. Erin french says

    I liked them on facebook and left a comment 🙂

  307. I would actually want to win this for a client. There is a mama I am working with pro bono that could really use a good fitting nursing bra to help make her breastfeeding successful. She has limited resources, she and her husband are a young couple, baby has a high palette and, as such, she has been having a painful latch off and on again – BUT she is tenacious. Right now, she is nursing with regular, every day bras, and I would love to gift her a bra. 🙂

  308. Danielle S says

    I would love to get a nursing bra that actually fits. I have spent a god awful amount on trying different nursing bras and cannot find one that is just right. Unfortunately that has led to my spouse not allowing me to buy anymore.. and I really need one that fits. I have had some that fit ok and end up rubbing my breast raw on the side and i have had some too tight that ended up cutting off circulation. I dont know if I am weird or what but I need a good nursing bra! Would love to win!

  309. vanessa reyes says

    Liked the page and posted a comment. Very excited about this give away since I just found out I’m expecting number two. I’m looking forward to have a long nursing relationship with this baby as I did with my first at 17. Hopefully working, running after a 3 year old and finishing up my senior year of college won’t interfere. Wish me luck!

  310. Danielle S says

    Also Liked and posted on A Mother’s Boutique facebook wall for 2nd entry!

  311. I am now a friend of her’s on FB too. 🙂

  312. I need a new bra because I only have one! It would be nice to have another bra so I could rotate between the two. If I won, I’d choose either the Sublime or the Smoothing nursing bras. Thank you!

  313. Hi! I haven’t ever commented on a giveaway before, but nursing bras are fantastic to have, and I’ve given mine away! I left a comment on the website saying “HI!”
    If I could win, I’d love to have the The Glorious Contour Nursing Bra, because it looks super comfy and wonderful! I’m an odd size, I measure at 32/43. I calculated that online to mean a 36 DDD, and they fit okay. But they aren’t comfortable at all. And my back is so small my husband and I have talked about getting a breast reduction, but I love to nurse. I nursed my first son until 18 months. (became pregnant with son 2) nursed him until recently, at 15 months (pregnant with 3) & now I’m on the hunt for a perfect nursing bra! Anyhow! good luck everyone 🙂

  314. Knocked Up and Nursing says

    I like the organic nursing bra in rose (it’s out of stock).
    I need a new nursing bra b/c I’ve never had a bra that fit correctly ever! Also, I’ve been pregnant and/or nursing fir the past 5 years (with 3 kiddos!) and I deserve a good fitting nursing bra since thats all i’ve been on solid for the past 2.5 years!
    knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

  315. “Liked” AMB on Facebook!

  316. I would love a new Allure Underwire nursing bra. The nursing bras I have right now are starting to wear out as we are in our second year of bf’ing. I’ve found as we move farther along in this relationship the shape and size of my breasts has changed yet again and my nursing bras, while doing a competent job, aren’t really enhancing my silhouette anymore.

  317. vanessa reyes says

    Forgot to add that I think the organic nursing bra would be great for me. its cute and looks super comfortable.

  318. Samantha Kienlen says

    Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup Nursing Bra, I love this bra! I’ve been wearing nursing camis from Wal-Mart. I love them, but they don’t have the type of support that I need. They kinda just squish my boobies. I’d like to wear a bra that fit good, is comfortable, but still makes my boobs look normal! I’ve been breast feeding my son for 7 months, our goal is 12 months.. but we will go longer! 🙂 I’d love one of these during our breast feeding journey! 🙂

  319. I wish I didn’t need to go back to work so soon, but it’s looming on the horizon and my daughter isn’t 3 months old yet. I plan to pump at home and at work. The hands free bustier would really help me be comfortable with pumping and help me keep her breastfed longer.

  320. April Price says

    I love the Elle nursing bra!

  321. Knocked Up and Nursing says

    i like A Mothers Boutique on fb
    sarah brown
    knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

  322. Heidi Foster says

    I’m currently expecting our 6th child and after having had a breast reduction several years before having kids, I was told I only had a 50/50 chance of breastfeeding. I ended up nursing my first 4 children for only a few months each. With my 5th, I decided that there was no excuse and he nursed for 16 months. I never expected to go that long, so I never invested in a good nursing bra. I have larger breasts & I was never comfortable. If we went out in public, I’d change my bra since I had no support. This time around, I’m certain breastfeeding will go well and I am longing for a good supportive bra that I can wear out & about and not be self-conscious!! I really like the look & sound of the LLLI Heidi Underwire Nursing Bra. Thank you for introducing me to a great selection!! 🙂

  323. I need help with a bra! I have been nursing for 2+ years straight, through pregnancy- currently tandem nursing 27 month old + 7 month old…my size has increased since first starting to nurse, and I’m so uncomfortable in the bra I have now! I even need help selecting the style.

    Please help! I LIVE in nursing bras!! :p

  324. Heidi Foster says

    I like A Mother’s Boutique on facebook & left her a thank you note!! 🙂

  325. April Price says

    I like AMB on FB! 🙂

  326. Elizabeth Boothe says

    I could really use a nursing bra that fits, i can never find a comfortable bra that fits well and gives good support, my cup size is ever changing, when im not engorged im a 36D and when im full of mommy milk, i am either a 38E or 38DD, i have been told different sizes from different people, i was measured at victoria secrets a few weeks ago and then again at motherhood maternity, but since they each gave me different sizes i had to get different bras and none of the bras fit comfortably. its just really stressful and a bit embarrassing when im wearing the wrong size and i go out and i either have half empty cups or even worse double muffin tops! een if i dont win i would still like a good fitting and be told the correct size!

    • Elizabeth Boothe says

      oh i forgot to mention the bra i owuld like the most
      Body silk seemless nursing bra
      or the
      The Glorious contour nursing bra

  327. After each pregnancy my breasts have changed so much my bras just do not fit correctly anymore & I need a new stash 🙂

  328. I liked The Leaky Boob on FB and left a comment!

  329. Amanda Ibrahim says

    I would love a hands free pumping bra. I’m nursing my LO and have a very active toddler. Pumping is still very new to me as I never got comfortable doing it after my first DS. It would definitely make it a little easier if I could multi-task while pumping.

  330. Lisa Turner says

    I could use a new nursing bra because I’m still BF my 15 month old DD and am 13 weeks pregnant with #2, and I don’t have a proper nursing bra. I use Hanes cami’s, which are sometimes bulky under my work tops.

  331. Lisa Turner says

    I *liked* A Mother’s Boutique on facebook and posted on their wall to thank them for sponsoring this giveaway.

  332. I would love to win a bra! I’m expecting my 3rd child any day… I’ve nursed the other two, (still nursing the 2nd) and have NEVER had a nursing bra because I can’t stand the target/walmart ones.

  333. “Liked” the facebook page and left a comment!

  334. I am currently over due with our 5th child. I have lost a whole cup size during this pregnancy and so I have no idea what size I wear anymore at all. I am still wearing the old nursing bras I bought when our youngest was born 4 years ago! I would LOVE a chance to have a new bra that fits well and gives the right support that my current bras don’t. I will definitely need one when the new little one arrives since I usually nurse our kids until they are at least 3 yrs. 🙂

  335. I said “hi” and liked on FB! 🙂

  336. Sonja Gee says

    I need a new bra because I only have one, and it was given to me by a friend who apparently hadn’t gotten as large breasted as me, so it is very uncomfortable. Unfortunately I cannot afford to buy a new one right now, and would really appreciate one more than you could imagine.

  337. Sonja Gee says

    I “liked” A Mother’s Boutique on FB 🙂

  338. I would love to win one of these options! I have a 7 week old, and no idea what size I am (somewhere around a 38/40 G or H maybe?), or what to wear. I’ve tried one from Motherhood but it doesn’t fit, and I’m forced into some tank bras that give me a uniboob and I hate going out in public in them.

    I think I would choose the Elomi Smoothing or the LLLI Heidi. I’d love something with underwire to “lift and separate” my uniboob 🙂

  339. I also “liked” AMB on Facebook and posted a comment on the wall.

    What a great giveaway!

  340. Liked her page and said hi. Wahoo!

  341. Heather Bates says

    I liked her page she has some great products

  342. Hi! I would love to own a new nursing bra. My son is only 3weeks old, but I am almost on my second nursing bra. I have a bigger cup size, but smaller band size and stores just don’t make the correct size for me! I have two children, and am currently in a separation from my husband. Unfortunately, I am on my own financially. Being in this situation, and also being on maternity leave for a month (so my son doesnt get nipple confusion) makes it extremely hard for me to buy the things for myself that I need. I always make sure the kids have what they need, and if anything is left, I get what I need, which isn’t very often. I went to A Mothers Boutique website and took a look at all of the fantastic choices of nursing bras! There are a few that caught my eye, allthough I have no idea if they are the correct kind I would actually need. (Would love some help chosing one!) The couple that caught my eye were the Bliss Nursing Bra, The Smoothing Nursing Bra, and the Allure Underwire Nursing Bra. It would be such a blessing to be chosen to win a nursing bra! Thank you so much for the information on how to fit, and also for this oppertunity to win a bra! Weather I win or not, I’m sure I will be purchasing my next nursing bra from this site!

  343. Heather Bates says

    I used only sports bras with my last child and my new baby is 2 weeks old and would love to have a good fitted nursing bra. I also pump so would love to try one of LLLI Patented Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra thanks

  344. I soooo need a decent nursing bra!! My 2 standby cotton ones have been through 2 babies already and are just plain ole yucky as well as poorly fitting. On my budget, the best I could do for a new one was from Walmart and the strap already broke and had to be sewn back together 🙁 All of the bras at A Mother’s Boutique look wonderful and it is nice to see that so many are so affordable. If I could have any one that I wanted though, I would have to say that I’d pick either the Sublime nursing bra or the Lamaze Lace Underwire. It would be so nice to be able to feel feminine and sexy and still give my lil princess the best!!!

  345. Also liked on FB!!!

  346. I totally need this bra and fitting, for sure. I have double bubble boobie going on! Its hard to tuck these suckers into my bras when they are full. I have to pump just to get some relief and fit almost back into my bras now. I know I should just bite the bullet and buy a new nursing bra.

  347. Wow, what an amazing offer! I NEED a new bra because my nursing bras are hand-me-downs and I’m positive they are not the right size, but it’s what I could get so it’s what I use. There’s a store a few hours away that has a decent selection & does fittings, but the cost of travel and then cost of new bras isn’t something I can afford with a new baby…
    I have a few choices that are my favorites:
    The LLI Pull-over sleep bra
    The organic Easy Bra
    The orignial nursing bra
    The bamboo nursing bra
    … how do you choose, lol… I want one of each 😛

  348. Danielle P. says

    I’ve had the same bras for 3 years or so and need a new look. I plan on nursing DS for a bit longer and nursing future babies. Thanks for the contest!

  349. Danielle P. says

    I also liked you and commented on FB. 🙂

  350. Connected on FB, told them I found them from TLB! Username: Whomping Willow

  351. Valerie S. says

    I could SO use a great nursing bra, just haven’t been able to find “the one”. There are so many to choose from, but the Lifestyle Microfiber Nursing Bra catches my eye 🙂

  352. Valerie S. says

    I “liked” A Mother’s Boutique on FB and left her a comment for another chance to win!

  353. Hi,

    I DESPERATELY need a good nursing bra! I gained a few inches in my rib cage during pregnancy, so now I’m at least a 38…..I wear a bra strap extender, but most times I STILL don’t fit bras properly.

    My son Noah is 2 months old, and he had massive medical problems at birth which resulted in the prognosis that he wasn’t supposed to live to see 2011. When he did, and once we got him home, I tried everything I could to bring my milk supply back up (I had completely dried up), and a month later, WE DID IT. Noah finally nursed, and now he is pretty consistent about doing so, even though we still have to supplement with formula and donated breast milk 🙁 But we’re working on it!

    A nice nursing bra would be a great way to remind me of how far we’ve come!

    – Olivia

    • As for what kind, there are so many to choose from! I need a bra that comes in a B and is at least a 40, I’m not that picky 🙂

  354. I need and would like a new nursing bra for more then one reason! I wear them DAY and NIGHT! I used the same one for the first 5 months months. Needless to say, it no longer helped support me as I am big busted. I just got 2 more and they are HORRIBLE! The bras on are amazing and actually have style. If I had my choice I woulf either choose the pull over nighttime nursing bra or the strapless bra since summer is right around the corner!

  355. I “liked” the facebook page! And said hello! Thanks again!

  356. I would love the Mama’s Best bamboo nursing bra. My DD is 11 weeks old an I have nursing tanks, but no bra yet! I have also liked “a mother’s boutique” on FB. Cheers!

  357. Megan Freed says

    Honestly, I can’t say that I’ve ever had a bra that fit me correctly. Before being pregnant I would go to Victoria’s Secret to get measured & what they would recommend never fit correctly, so I just gave up & would wear sports bras b/c they at least fit & supplied enough support that I needed- I was on the smaller side.

    When I was pregnant with my 1st & I was shopping for nursing bras I went to Motherhood for assistance. After having my son I learned that the assistance wasn’t of any help & the bras I purchased were completely off in size.

    I’ve tried to do sizing myself, but as I have recently learned now that my milk came in with my 2nd, who’s 5 days old, I learned that I too was unsuccessful. I wish I would have learned of this info sooner. This is why I would immensely appreciate a new nursing bra as the 5 I currently have are all the wrong sizes. If selected I would love one of the organic nursing bras or perhaps the Cassandra Lace Cup Brassiere. I love your selection! I’ve just always been so hesitant to order online before based off of my in person shopping experiences.

    Thank you for your advice! 🙂

  358. Megan Freed says

    I, too, liked you on Facebook & will be leaving a comment there in a moment! 🙂

  359. Mollie Ayala says

    I would love to try a nursing bra. I just can’t seem to want to spend the extra money to try it out. I am the kind of person who hasn’t gotten one because of the price and I am was sure that it wouldn’t make a difference. I just use my old bras. I would love to try it out though.

  360. Hey, I liked A Mother’s Boutique on facebook and left a comment on their page.

  361. I would get the LLLI seamless strapless bra. Nice selection of nursing bras.

  362. I’m on baby #3 and my bras are SO worn out and losing support. my budget is tight so I keep wearing these same sad bras 🙁 I need a bra that fits my narrow rib cage and ridonkulously larger than normal breasts so it needs support and comfort and it would be great if it didn’t show up under all my clothes. I think the Lifestyle Microfiber Nursing Bra fits that bill 🙂

  363. Ashley Rowley says

    I need a new bra because ever since having my 2nd child I havent found a nursing bra that is comfortable and supportive that doesn’t add to my back pain. I’ve been sized severl times but after wearing a bra for a fea hour my back starts to hurt. 🙁 Maybe you can help. 🙂

  364. I already like her page 🙂

  365. Ashley Rowley says

    “liked” on Facebook and left some <3

  366. I liked and left a comment on Mothers Boutique FB page

  367. Erin Mitchell-Waltman says

    I’d love to wear a bra again! None fit me well, and I’ve been wearing nursing tanktops (bought on eBay, since retail is too pricey for a family with only one adult working) for about a year!

  368. I would LOVE to have a nursing bra that fit well, was comfortable (VERY important), but that I also still felt sexy taking off my shirt in. Hubs is supportive, and I’d like to be able to show him some appreciation.

  369. Shelly Darcy says

    Hi there! I sure could use a new bra. I’ve been using the same 3 nursing tanks (thats all I have) since breastfeeding my son 3 years ago. I just quit my job to be a stay at home mom. I was working and pumping for 5 months and now I get to spend all day and actually nurse my daughter. Needless to say, by quitting my job money is tight and every extra penny goes to the kids. I know there are many people in need out there and I wish you best of luck on selecting your winners. Thank you for this opportunity!

  370. Jennifer Bryant says

    I liked on FB!

  371. I am nursing my 3rd child and have noticed that I have no idea what size bra I need and there isn’t anyone that seems to be able to help. My son is now 10 months old and nurses like he’s a baby lion. I am having spasms in between my shoulders as well as general uncomfortableness due to insufficient support from my bra. I need help before my poor nourishing breasts drop down to my knees. 🙂

  372. Shelly Darcy says

    liked your FB page as well

  373. After wearing my nursing bra’s for 18 months they have been thrown out as they pretty much deteriated. The “Bliss” one looks so pretty, soft and comfortable!

  374. MelissaT says

    Oh, I would love a new nursing bra! I’m expecting my second and was only able to find three nursing tanks with my first. Two were always in the wash and the third was already way dirty by that time!

  375. I’ve had so much trouble with finding nursing bras that fit. The ones I bought before the birth don’t fit, that’s for sure. I’ve ended up wearing two sports bras day in and day out that I can pull aside to nurse. With one side engorged and the other about 2 cup sizes smaller (argh), finding a good fit is hard.
    I would pick the Front-Snap Soft-Cup Nursing Bra because it looks comfortable and I think the way the cup comes back makes more sense than a pull-down one.

  376. I liked on FB and left a comment on The Mother’s Boutique wall!

  377. Bri Adkins says

    I’d love to have the bravado sublime. My measurements make it incredibly difficult to find correctly sized nursing bras that actually provide support in local stores at affordable prices (hubby unemployed and going to school)

  378. So many great bras items here. I’m so glad I found this website! I would definitely get the LLLI Strapless Control Cami. I’m getting married in a few months and will still be nursing my daughter at the time. I’ve been going crazy trying to find a good bra that I can wear with my dress.

  379. Jessica Kibert says

    well we had an “oops” pregnancy after we had planned on being done having children and after we got rid of all our baby stuff so I do not have any nursing bras anymore. I would choose the LLLI Lightly Padded Contour Nursing Bra if I won the contest. Thanks for doing this.

  380. After my first daughter was born, my coworker gave me her hand-me-down nursing bras, which fit “ok” but definitely not right. I’m due in June and it’d be so great to have a well fitting bra this time around because it really does make a huge difference!!!

  381. Boy oh BOY do I need a new nursing bra! My daughter is 14 months old and we are still nursing. I have been back at work for 10 months… and still wearing the same nursing bra that I wore on day 1. I have a second, back-up bra, but it is so misshapen that my boobs barely stay in the cups! I have bought 1 or 2 more bras from Target, but they have yet to fit right. If I were to win this drawing, I think I would go with the Carla Nusing bra. It sure is cute! Or, I might do some more research and see if there is another bra that would be a better fit for me.

  382. My third is due in two weeks and the two bras left over from the last two are pretty sorry. I could use some serious support!! I’m an odd size, but have heard wonderful things about the bliss, so I’d probably go for that.

  383. I would love a nursing bra! I have such a hard time finding ones that fit, I’ve just been wearing nursing tanks and suffering from uniboob. 🙂 I think all the Mother’s Boutique styles are lovely and I would be grateful to have any of them!

  384. With my first, I basically lived in tank top nursing bras. Since then I finally regained my sense of style and want an actual nursing bra to give me the confidence to go out more. I think I would try the comfort nursing bra.

  385. I’d pick LLL Heidi or the t-shirt underwire. My reason is that it’s hard to find cute and comfortable nursing bras. I’ve committed to extended brestfeeding and sometimes you want to feel pretty too!

  386. Julie A. says

    I would love to win one of your great bras to replace my poor fitting nursing bra. 🙂

  387. Julie A. says

    I also liked your on FB and left a comment!

  388. I’m still using nursing bras that I used from my 1st born, 4.5 years ago. I never dreamed I’d be still nursing my newest little guy at 7 months (made it to 7 weeks & almost 2 months with my girls), and never invested in much needed new bras. I have also never been sized, so I guess that would help get a better idea of my real bra size! I’d get the Bliss Nursing Bra!

  389. already a fb fan, but said hi again!

  390. I’m 35 weeks preggo with boy #3 and about a 38 – 40 J!!! Would LOVE a good nursing bra that might actually fit and be supportive… crazy thought, I know – but a girl can dream, right?

  391. love the bamboo bra. it looks super comfy and cute. i am joyfully carrying our 5th child and 1st girl! i’m so excited to get to nurse and bond with a new lil’ one.

  392. was already a fan, but stopped in to say hi on FB!

  393. Jennifer Ruby says

    consider yourself liked. I cannot find a nursing bra in a store that has decent support and will def be ordering!

  394. I’m nursing my 4th baby boy (almost 10 weeks old!) and still own dingy bras from the first almost 7 years ago. I would love to own a pretty nursing bra that made me smile every time I saw it. The bummer is, I actually bought myself a new bra for this time around and there is a stiff piece on the sides that dig into my ribs. Of course, I didn’t realize this until after wearing it for a few hours. I didn’t have the heart to return a used bra!

  395. Hello, I would love the LLLI hands-free pumping and nursing bra. I just started back to work and it’s tight trying to fit in a good pumping session into my 15 minute break!

  396. I also liked on Facebook!

  397. I am 38w3d today and I have yet to get a nursing bra. I am always apprehensive about buying bras online because of the sizing issues. And at my size (38J prepregnancy) it is very hard for me to find bras that fit. I live in an itsy-bitsy town and have to drive almost 3 hours to my nearest bra shop that carries my size in stock (Thank you Ann’s Bra Shop!)

    A new nursing bra would be a godsend right now!

    • Forgot to say that the one I would get would be the one that fit the best! I’m not picky about looks and sizing/fit is most important to me.

      I also “like”d Mother’s Boutique on Facebook.

  398. I totally need a new bra as I know that I have uh hum…grown in size since our adoption (and I’m adoptive nursing). I think I’d love the Allure underwire nursing bra!

  399. Ann Marie says

    I need some new nursing bras because I’ve worn out some of my old ones! I like the look of the Cassandra Lace Cup Brassiere, so I think I’d get that one.

  400. Ann Marie says

    I’ve “Liked” A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook and left a comment too. Thanks!

  401. NEED? Let me tell you about NEED! I cannot find a decent nursing bra in my size anywhere! I wear a 44 F and currently stuff myself into a bra that is really way too small. I had a reduction twelve years before my daughter was born (I was a triple I then) and we’ve struggled to breastfeed. I currently take nearly fifty pills a day, pump and feed on demand and we still use about six ounces of donor milk per day to make sure she gets everything she needs. I would pick a Supreme Nursing Bra, because the girls are just that…supreme!!

  402. Oh, I liked her (would have LOVED her, had I that option) and left her a note! Thanks!

  403. Been nursing my baby for 5 months and I think I need a fitting and something new to wear! this would be great!

  404. I’d pick the Veronica because it is just so pretty and mine are all so… functional… 🙂

  405. I am using the same nursing bras I used when I had my daughter over 3 years ago. They are bot the best quality and are starting to fall apart. I like organic nursing bras. are

  406. I need a new bra so bad – I’m breastfeeding my third and my bras are in tatters! I’ve had trouble finding new ones because i am small and i prefer front closure bras. your company had a lot of selection and i would choose the front snap, soft cup bra in white!

  407. Oh man a nursing tank bra would be great! I don’t have any of those!

  408. Brittany Blankenship says

    I’m a proud mother of 3 and the youngest is now 10 days old 🙂 I’m almost ashamed to say that I’m wearing my nursing bra’s from when my 4 yr old was born :/ I guess I’m always afraid my size will change and it won’t be worth the money to buy a NICE nursing bra. But I really do need some new ones. I just checked out your site and REALLY like some of yours! I think I’ll be back shopping soon 🙂

  409. I need a new nursing bra badly, mine have 4 months of use put into them so far and I plan on making it to at least 2 years 😉

  410. Amy Bauman says

    I need a new bra but can never find one that fits! I am not sure which one i would choose because i never have luck finding an actual fitting bra! for six years i have been trying to. I was professionally fitted and told I am a 34E but never can find any and was told i would have to special order…talk about pricy. before children i was a 32B so its quite the change. right now i settle for a DD bc it is the closest i can find but then i have trouble finding one with a small enough band. please help me 🙂

  411. Patty Blaney says

    I really need a bra that fits correctly, supports me well and keeps my clothes looking professional.

  412. Amy Bauman says

    I liked her FB page too!

  413. Patty Blaney says

    I stopped by the facebook page and said hi!

  414. Elizabeth Goldsberry says

    I don’t currently own a nursing bra, so my normal bra is just getting ruined – lol. We’re a bit tight on cash, so I just never get a chance to go out and get one. I would LOVE a nursing bra, if I could afford one I would totally buy one.

  415. Elizabeth Goldsberry says

    Bamboo Nursing Bra — Looks FABULOUS, that’s my favorite!!! If I could get that one I would in a heartbeat!!!
    *sizes 32-40 C-F*

  416. I NEED another nursing bra! I have ONE that I like for daytime use…ONE!! It gets worn a lot and doesn’t get washed a lot. I would like another Bravado bra.

  417. Kristin M. says

    I would love to win a nursing bra! We have our third baby on the way. My two nursing bras (yes, I only have two) have been through my first two babies, so it would be nice to have another one.

  418. I need a new nursing bra, because I only have one that fits semi-well, and this one is getting old quickly! I think I would choose the Bliss Nursing Bra if I won 🙂

  419. I liked her page and said hi.

  420. This is perfect timing. My son is 2 wks yesterday and I have been researching nursing bras all day. I could certainly use one as I will be BFing for the long haul.

  421. I “Liked” A Mother’s Boutique and said hi on facebook! 🙂

  422. Kristin M. says

    I stopped by the fb page and “liked” and commented!

  423. I need a new nursing bra because I’ve been wearing the same 2 that I bought off of eBay everyday for the past sixteen months. My boobs are embarrassing.

  424. Wow, great website. I have 5 kids and haven’t bought a new nursing bra since #3. My littlest is 20 months old and I mainly nurse him at nap time and night time. For that reason I would probably want to get a night nursing bra or a nursing tank.

  425. Went and liked your page on fb! and I do like it 🙂 actually I love it, such a great way for new moms to get help and support!!!

  426. Stephanie Carroll says

    I would love, love, LOVE to have a nice fitting PRETTY nursing bra! SO hard to find, since I am a 40/42 DD and all the bigger sizes are never pretty that I have found. I want my hubby to look at me like Va Va Voom again….instead of looking at that ole granny white nursing bra…

    I also liked the FB page and said hey 🙂 (It’s under Stephanie Ann)

  427. I definately need a nursing bra. Currently running off of 2 way-too-small ones I bought before the little guy was born because they were on sale at Zellers :\ The lamaze lace underwire is cute, functional is good but between the feeding and the pumping…sometimes a little cute helps you forget achey nipples 😉

  428. The black Organic Easy bra looks lovely. Since having 2 babies and currently nursing one, my boobs have changed so much! Unfortunately I haven’t taken the time to shop for a good bra since.

  429. Rachelle Martin says

    I need a new nursing bra because the one I got when I was pregnant wore out in month 4 of nursing. That was the only one I could find that fit (which didn’t even fit correctly) and since then I haven’t been able to find a single bra (let alone a nursing bra) below $50.
    I’m a full time student and mom, and the only reason I have any functioning bras at all is because that was my birthday present from my mom.
    I would REALLY love to win a new bra.

  430. Rachelle Martin says

    I like A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook, and said Hi.

  431. I am currently tandem nursing and only have one nursing bra that fits!! Figure should have at least as many nursing bras as I do nurslings!! Lol!

  432. Trish Lacy says

    I liked her page too!! Would LOVE to win a bra!! Welcoming my 2nd nursling in June!!

  433. I’ve only got $15 Target nursing bras that are quite worn. I want a good bra with support.. I’d like to try thet-shirt nusing bra.

  434. Oh what a relief it would be to not have escaped underwires impaling me everyday!

  435. i’m tandem nursing children #2 and #3, but am still wearing the bras (ill-fitting ones at that) from nursling #1. help me give my hard working tata’s some comfort 🙂

  436. I liked the FB page and drooled over the comfortable looking bras on the website!

  437. Michelle Ramos says

    I would love a new nursing bra as I am currently nursing my third baby. I have spent a total of four years of my life nursing and am into my third month here with baby #3!

  438. Stephanie Carroll says

    I forgot to add to my first comment that I would love to try to Lamaze Lace or Organic Cotton Nursing Bra. Both are super cute and could induce the Va Va Voom I need to boost my self confidence!

  439. I’m a year into BFing now and my poor boobies have changed sizes so much!!! I’d really like some supportive nursing tanks for the hot humid summer which I know is coming up….or maybe finally a bra that looks cute 🙂

  440. I liked MB on faccebook!

  441. I am still wearing the same nursing bra I wore with my son-and he’s 2! This bra is 2.5 years old and hitting the end of it’s life (if it hasn’t already lol)

  442. Wow there are so many comments!!! I need a new nursing bra because my post pregnancy breasts have put a damper on my self esteem and I really have been wanting a good and safe nursing bra that fits, lifts and is a healthy (bamboo, or organic) option for me and my sweet little girl. I’d love to find one with your business and purchase more with my next baby!

  443. I have a 3 year old who self weaned at 11 months and I am currently ebf my 5 month old and will continue to until she decides otherwise! I need to win a new bra because I am still wearing my old ones because I can’t find anything pretty in my size and reseonably priced! Thanks so much! Oh and I liked her. Fb page already!

  444. I only have two nursing bras that fit comfortably, so I desperately need to get more. I really don’t know what I would choose though. I need to try them on. 🙂

  445. I alreadly liked her site. 🙂

  446. I would love a new nursing bra. I’m pregnant with my third baby, and have lost a lot of weight since I was last pregnant, and my breast size has changed a lot between that and the new pregnancy. None of my old bras fit! So I’m assuming none of my old, beaten up nursing bras will fit either. In fact, I’ve never had a nursing bra that really fit well. Help!

  447. Oh, and I think the LLLI Bamboo nursing bra looks really comfy! I’d love to try that!

  448. And I just liked the FB page.

  449. I only have 2 nursing bras- one for at night & one during the day, so I need another for sure. I would probably choose the Elomi Smoothing Underwire bra- it looks nice!

  450. I “liked” their FB page & left a comment on the wall.

  451. I like and said “hi” on A Mother’s Boutique FB page.

  452. Shelby Dasher says

    I LOVE your site. It is amazing I love that you have nursing activewear. I am going to the gym with my hubby to help regain a post baby belly and I hate going because it is so hard to find something that both fits and isn’t to revealing to the men. I didn’t even know it was out there. I have been nursing my daughter for 12mnths on March 7th and holding on strong.

    • Shelby Dasher says

      I would love to win that body tank original it looks sooooo nice. Great classy shirt to have to go out with my hubby, Look nice and still be able to nurse. It’s a win win.

  453. The Jacobsen Family says

    I would love to have a nursing bra that fits properly. The ones I have were the perfect size right after my baby was born, but now that he’s almost 6 months old I am a different size and they dont fit as well. I love the Cassandra Lace Cup Brassiere and the Macy Nursing Bra!

  454. The Jacobsen Family says

    FB fan of A Mother’s Boutique (Alesha Y Jacobsen)

  455. Hayley Mosteller says

    Hi, so nice of you to have this giveaway.

    I need a new nursing bra because my old ones are wearing out! I’m expecting baby no. 3 in the fall and I have two that fit OK and have some life left in them, and 4 that are threadbare and unsupportive (needless to say they are now my night bras!). Also, the two that I could still wear are very practical and basic. It would be nice to have one that is *pretty*. This is why I was looking at perhaps your “Macy” nursing bra, because it does look like it has padded straps (?) which I need, but it’s also a little lacy and not quite so frumpy as the ones I wear now.

    I’ve already “liked” you on Facebook. Do I get an extra entry for that, or do I need to go and “unlike” and “like” again?

    Thanks again.

  456. Tiffany Slocumb says

    Hi! I am currently nursing my *almost* three month old (9 more months minimum to go!), and breastfeeding has been going great! I would love a nice nursing bra that actually fits. I have one, but never wear it as it is very tight and uncomfortable! I always wear my nursing tanks under my shirts, which is comfortable, but really leaves the girls “hanging” if you know what I mean haha! A new nursing bra would really be much needed and appreciated over this way!

  457. Tiffany Slocumb says

    Liked the fb page and left a comment as well! Oh, and I almost forgot. I would likely purchase a Supreme Nursing Bra – it looks very supportive.

  458. Monica Paul says

    Am on vacation in India and came here with just three nursing bras. One of them has wrinkled out of shape – apparently due to weather and wrong washing detergent! Besides it is almost impossible to get a perfect fitting bra here in India! Certainly a free gift would be welcome, but am not sure if you can ship to India? Although I don’t mind paying for shipping?

  459. Mariel Forgione says

    I have been wearing a tank top with a built in bra for the last 14 months. Don’t worry, I have more than one! My point is I’m sick of it. None of the bras I wore pre-pregnancy fit anymore, I have no idea what size I am, and I barely have time to shower, let alone go bra shopping! 😛 I could so use a new bra that fits and that feels comfortable. If I were chosen to win, I would choose either the bamboo bra (the black one) because it looks so comfy, or the polka dot one because it’s cute! It’s funny because the day before I saw the post for this giveaway on facebook, I had just asked some friends for suggestions of brands they like. I’m not a fan of places like Victoria’s Secret, so I have no idea where to even go for a good bra.




    i liked a mothers boutique and left a message on their page! i would love to win. its great to see a place where nursing and preg. mommies can get nursing info and great products.

  462. I am in desperate need of a new nursing bra. This has lots of cute ones to choose from. I think I would pick LLLI Snap Front Cotton & Lace Nursing Bra. Most of mine are white and need to be replaced badly.

  463. Would love to have “The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra”…

  464. I would love to have the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. I have been breastfeeding my second child for 7 weeks and have huge craters in my nipples (cracked since day one), had mastitis twice and thrush. My bras are all from my previous child and are either too small or not supportive. It would be great to have something more comfortable while I am trying to heal.

  465. i need a new bra because mine seem to be falling apart and never fit me right. i like the polka dot one.

  466. i liked the fb pge also!

  467. I have a hard time finding a bra that fits right, and is comfortable. I’m currently a DD and it’s hard to find support and comfort all in one…that I can wear with ANY type of shirt.

    If I won a bra, I would want the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. It looks really comfy 🙂 Hope I win! I’m due in 17 weeks 🙂

  468. I would pick the Cassandra Lace Cup Brassiere if I won. I’d love to win! I am still nursing my 18 month old and I have a new baby on the way in just 7 months.

  469. Liked them on facebook and left a comment for them. Great site.

  470. kreeeestamama says

    Oh! How I desperately need a new nursing bra!! I’m continuing to bf my 3yo son and would love one in my correct size of 34DD! Can’t find that size in any store. I’ve ordered online before and after numerous returns (and one $60 refund refusal!) I finally found 2 that worked. Well, after 2yrs those were completely worn out, not to mention they were no longer the correct size for me due to “deflation.” 🙂 I then heard that Victoria’s Secret had come out with 2 styles of nursing bras. So I ordered one of each. I was disappointed that they didn’t come in my new 34DD size as some of their other bras do, but I was desperate so I ordered them in 36D. Well, I wasn’t surprised that the no-wire style didn’t work for me, they never seem to fit right, feel like they always give me the uniboob look. But was also very disappointed in the underwire style as well. There is white edging on both the black and nude colors (!?!) and the edging is kind of scratchy feeling. I kept it anyways because I was desperate for something more supportive than my 2yo ones. And waddaya know, 3 months later it’s falling apart. I’m a newly single, financially struggling mother and could really use a pick me up – pun intended! 😉

    Okay, did I ramble enough ya think?? lol

    Well, I’d love to try the Allure Underwire Nursing Bra if I am fortunate enough to win one!

  471. kreeeestamama says

    And I Liked and left a comment on A Mother’s Boutique’s Facebook page!

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

  472. I am definitely in need of a new nursing bra – baby #3 is due in June & my old ones have seen better days! I would probably opt for the LLLI High Impact Pull-over Sport Nursing Bra since I’m hoping to take up running after I get back into the swing of things!

  473. Shelby Bucklew says

    I would love a well fitting nursing bra! I haven’t been able to find one that is comfortable, so I live in tanks. They give me no shape though but are convenient and easy. I would love to try the Bliss Nursing Bra. It looks really nice! They all
    Do! 🙂

  474. Shelby Bucklew says

    I liked The Mother’s Boutique and left a comment.
    Thank you so much! <3

  475. Amber Wheeler says

    Id pick any of the padded bras, I’m currently an entire cup size “lop sided” which is really hard to fit properly. I’ve had mastitis and its probably from an ill fitting bra. I have no clue how to properly size myself for the lop sidedness. I assume id go with the bigger breast but id love to have something that fit right and kept mastitis from happening again!!

  476. Hi! I am in need of a bra fitting and a new bra because I am currently living in Brazil and they do not have great bras here. I have tried finding my correct size online and ordering them but they always fit wrong. I would love it if I could be taught how to correctly find my bra size and get a new bra. I would like the tee-shirt soft cup bra.

  477. I liked Mother’s boutique on facebook!

  478. Sarah Tenney says

    I am expecting my 4 daughter around june. So this would help tremendously!

  479. Sarah Tenney says

    I like your facebook page and said hi! 🙂 Thanks again for the chance to be apart of the contest.

  480. I could use a new nursing bra. I went from a 32G pre-pregnancy to a (supposed) 36G once my milk came in, so bras are always hard for me to find. I’ve been nursing my son and pumping at work since he was born 14 months ago, so I am in desperate need of new nursing bras. I don’t like one of the two that I have, so I tend to wear the other which is now well-worn and could use replacement.

    If I were to win, I would choose the “Bliss” nursing bra, in either of the colors (chai or black). It looks really comfortable but supportive, which is key to a working, nursing mom!

  481. And I just did the Facebook entry as well! Really hoping to win! 🙂

  482. Ugh. All my nursing bras are worn out, fit weirdly, and I’m in real need of an upgrade! The comfort bras look really nice, and I love the pink polka dot one!

  483. Melissa Lang Lytle says

    I need a new bra, only one breast “works” and I’ve only used tanks from Target. I nurse a lot. Two babies, and maybe a third…but waiting until my 2nd actually gets to a year…oh and I’m 40!

  484. i would love to win one of your bras, i have never had one that fits just right, *fingers crossed*

  485. Jessica Arndt says

    I would love to try the Front-snap nursing bra!!! My little one is 5 months old and it seems like my size has changed AGAIN! Its hard to know what is the right size and just how much support you need! I hope that I win!

    I also liked the FB page as well!

  486. Linda Souza says

    I am so happy that I found this post on Facebook. It’s been so hard for me to find a good nursing bra, especially in my area. I’m constantly looking for ways to make breastfeeding easier since I’m still pretty new at it. My son is 7 weeks old now and nurses ALL.THE.TIME. lol. Also, anything that makes my life easier with breastfeeding him and chasing after a 2 and a half year is great in my book.

    If I won I would love to try the Organic Nursing bra in Rose print. It looks stylish and comfortable.

  487. Linda Souza says

    I liked and commented MB on Facebook.

  488. I don’t even own a nursing bra. I’ve been wearing the nursing tank tops for five months. Not a great look with a dress! I’d love a real bra!

  489. Stopped by on Facebook and said ‘hi’.

  490. I would probably choose something pretty like the Carla bra. My size is rapidly changing as I’ve graduated from pumping at work and now only nurse my kiddo in the morning and at night. So, need new bras!

  491. i have been living in nursing tanks since my son was born because I have not found a nursing bra that fits. A friend recommended the body silk bra by Bravado to me, but it is out of my price range. If I win, I think that is the bra that I will choose. Thank you for this giveaway!

  492. Nicole Domuczicz says

    I would love to win, my son is almost 5 months old and I am still using my 2 regular bras I got when I first got pregnant that are a size to small It works but he gets frustrated and I get frustrated because its just hard for him to get at it to eat. It is no way in our budget to spend money on nursing bras I usually just walk around the house braless. I would be interested in the lamaze padded bra.

  493. My daughter just turned 19 months old and is showing no signs of slowing down where breastfeeding is concerned. I had no idea I’d be nursing this long. I have made do between two nursing bras, (same style, two different sizes) throughout this whole journey. It is so difficult to find something comfortable…. fashion wasn’t even an issue. I love your collection; especially the Cassandra.

  494. I had already “Liked” A Mother’s Boutique on facebook. That is how I was reminded to enter today! 🙂

  495. The Tee-Shirt Soft-Cup Nursing Bra or the High Impact Pull-over Sport Nursing Bra look like great ones to have. The soft cup bra just looks comfortable and the sports bra could come in handy for me while being comfortable also. I’m an Army medic working for a flight medevac unit and when I return from maternity leave, I’m going to have to pump at work in between flying missions and having the support bra that fits and works well would definately make it easier for me.

  496. Said hi and liked her facebook page!

  497. There always seems to be another need more pressing, my little guy is 4 months old and I have yet to get a nursing bra. I’ve been making do with cheap target bra’s, desperately jealous of my fellow mommies when out and about.
    I was told to wait to buy anything for the baby until after my baby shower, but when my baby shower rolled around and I literally only got two small gifts ( and spent the afternoon crying)I realized that I would be running around like mad trying to get needs covered. So far this means anything for me has been pushed to the back of the ever growing list.

    • I would love any bra at this point but really like the look of
      the The Glorious Contour Nursing Bra and the Sublime Nursing Bra. Either would be amazing 🙂

  498. Just posted on facebook too. Thank you my fingers are crossed!

  499. I have been praying about where I’m going to be able to get a bra for nursing. I’m a stay at home mom with a 3 year old and I’m 38 wks pregnant tomorrow. My husband was laid off from his job 3 weeks ago. This has been the most bizarre time of my life…I’m anxious about him finding a job, but at the same time, have a peace about the situation that things are going to work out the way they need to.
    Needless to say, money is super tight right now. I’ve been contemplating how I’m going to make all of this work, thinking about using my old tanks with the shelf bras until our tax refund comes in and I can afford to buy a nursing bra.
    I breastfed my son and can’t wait to breastfeed our little girl. I love the selection of bras you have and if I don’t win, it’s good to see that they are quite affordable 🙂
    Thanks for this opportunity to score a bra that I desperately need!

  500. Savanah Lynch says

    I desperately need a new nursing bra! I bought three when I was pregnant, and none of them fit. My LO is 9 mo and I have been living in cheap nursing tank tops (which are now stained/faded) and can’t afford to buy another nursing bra. I followed the instructions on measuring and would need a 34D. I really like the Melinda G Tee-Shirt Soft Cup nursing bra, or the Womama Bamboo Nursing bra. Thanks so much! I would appreciate the support :0)

  501. I would choose the Lamaze underwire because it’s stunning and sexy! None of my nursing bras are in any way attractive and I would love to feel sexy again:)

  502. I really like the Tshirt soft cup and bamboo nursing bra. Our nursling is 11wks old and I’m still wearing the bras I got fitted for during pregnancy. I hoped they would work while nursing but the only one that’s comfortable enough to wear all the time is a “night time” bra which offers no support and gets stretched out. The few I picked up from Target since it was difficult to find my size aren’t soft enough even after a few washings and is too constricting. I really need to find something that is comfortable enough to wear all the time and easy to nurse anywhere!

  503. Wow, I have no idea what I would choose… I’m overwhelmed at the options!! The tee-shirt underwire bra looks super comfy, but would be able to give me the support I need. So many choices!!

    I would love to win one of these prizes because I do not own any nursing bras; only tanks. My son, 4 weeks old, was conceived in Kenya while we were on the mission field. We had to return to the States earlier than we had planned because I was so sick with him during the pregnancy. I thought all was well after his very fast, med-free delivery… but he ended up being hospitalized not once, but twice, for very severe jaundice. We had a very rough couple of weeks with that, and breastfeeding was a huge challenge for us. I think we are finally getting the hang of it now; it has been very hard; but it was a fight that I was not willing to back down on!! Winning a bra, or a certificate to go towards a bra, would really lift my spirits after a rough first month of watching my baby endure much, and an *extremely* trying pregnancy.

    Here’s my precious lil’ peanut:

    Thank you SO much for the opportunity!! 🙂

  504. I also “liked” MB on FB and said hello!! It’s one of my favorite pages to frequent. And The Leaky [email protected]@b, of course. 😉

  505. I would love to have a nursing bra that fits and is not falling to pieces! I only have 1 comfortable nursing bra that I’ve used most of the time for the last 2 kiddos. I like the LLLI bamboo nursing bra and the comfort zone nursing bra. Being one of those large busted women also makes it hard for me to find something I like and that fits within our budget.

  506. Wow, do I ever need a new nursing bra! The local maternity/mom store does not have a plus selection, and the one I “settled” on from Target ripped in half after wearing it 5 times. Frankly, sports bras or sleep bras aren’t going to cut it in the corporate world. I patched the bra together, praying I could find a good replacement, but haven’t yet. When you pick me *ahem* I am going to pick up one or the other of:
    * Original Nursing Bra Plus Style (butterscotch sounds dreamy!)
    * Supreme Nursing Bra (ah, the key hole is cute!)

  507. Here’s my Facebook post on “A Mother’s Boutique”‘s wall:
    Found you thanks to TLB! I am so happy to see such a vast selection…and now I need to win her contest or shell up. 🙂 ?

  508. Savanah Lynch says

    I liked the fb page! 🙂

  509. Robin Thornhill says

    I love the black bamboo nursing bra. I have 4 weeks until my first baby arrives and I have been going crazy trying to find a nursing bra that fits. I live in a really rural area and there are no places to be fitted or to buy nice nursing bras. I would love to win this and get some help to figure this out before baby! I am facebook fan of A Mothers Boutique and in fact have purchased a great maternity/nursing shirt that I love!

  510. As a young (20yro) SAHM our budget is very tight as we rely soley on my husband’s income. Currently I am using sports bras because they are so cheap and comfy, but not exactly flattering or supportive. I can’t even tell you how much I would *love* and how much more confident I would feel a proper fitting bra. I like the surpreme nursing bra, or The Glorious Contour bra! Thanks for this wonderful oppertunity. 🙂

  511. I “like” you on FB!

  512. Angie Coleman says

    I’m nursing my 3rd baby in 4 years and still wearing my original nursing bras. I’d love to try the nursing/pumping bra now that I finally have a double pump.

  513. Nicole Negron says

    My husband recently lost his job and I can no longer afford the nursing bras that I would need, especially since my bra size is never in stock. I would really love to win one of these!

  514. I liked your page and could really use a new bra.

  515. I need a new nursing bra because I have been breastfeeding for 6 months now!!! (yay!!!) And in the 6 months since my son has been born I have lost weight (another yay!) from not only the breastfeeding but also from having Gallbladder issues and surgery! So now all of my nursing bras no longer fit! And we love anything Organic, and being from a small town in Texas you wound’t believe how hard that is to find here!! But if I won my baby and I would be so super happy!!!

  516. I would love the strapless bra. I am going to be in a wedding in September, and it will be perfect!

  517. I would Love The Essential Nursing Bra Tank. I have an 8 week old and a 3 year old so I am always on the go. Another nursing tank that has a built in Bra would be so nice to have! Thanks 🙂

  518. Dede Lewis says

    I need a new nursing bra so badly! I have such a hard time finding a good nursing bra that is comfortable, fits properly, and gives me good support. My back constantly hurts and I feel like it’s my bras that are to blame. I like the bamboo bra, although there are many wonderful products and I’m not sure if that would be my final decision!

  519. Dede Lewis says

    Liked her Facebook page!! 🙂

  520. I ‘like’ A Mother’s Boutique on facebook 🙂

  521. I would choose the “organic nursing bra” because it is adorable and I could use something cute and comfy for around the house days! Going to like on fb right now!

  522. Fb page liked!

  523. I could use a real nursing bra, since all that I have gotten myself in 6 months of nursing are sports bras. I really miss my beautiful, sexy V.S. bras and am sad that they don’t sell nursing bras =( I have no idea what size I am anymore and really could use some help and a beautiful new bra like the Lamaze Lace Underwire Nursing Bra.

  524. Morgan Nahanee says

    I would love to win a new nursing bra. I keep nursing longer and longer but can justify the cost of yet another nursing bra. I’m tough to fit and have spent hundreds on ill fitting bras. I’d love it if I could try one for free or at a reduced cost!

  525. I just “liked” A Mother’s Boutique FB page and commented 😉 Thanks for the extra entry!

  526. And I just “liked” and commented on their page 🙂

  527. I wear a 36DD when I’m not nursing, and I have a hard time finding bras that fit me properly in my town, so finding a nursing bra that fits my 36E (or bigger) milk makers is nearly impossible! I have to drive 2 hours away just to find a store that carries them, and with 2 kids at home (5weeks and 2yrs) it’s hard to did time to travel to go bra shopping!

    I would love a Bravado Sublime bra… It would be great to find a bra that isn’t white or black, after all, variety is the spice of life 🙂

    I’ve also liked the Facebook page!

  528. Why I need a new bra? Well, I have been nursing for 28 months (and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!) and still have yet to find a decent nursing bra, or at least one worth purchasing!! I plan on having another one soon here, so winning a bra now would be so nice 🙂 Since all bras fit different and more or less comfortably, I can’t say exactly which bra I’d choose.. I do not care about the look of it but comfort is key! And one that would help them perk up like they did pre-pregnancy!! 😉 Thanks for considering me!

  529. Great giveaway! Seems like I am one of many nursing moms here that need a good bra!! I have a 4 weekk old baby and have 2 nursing bras from years ago that I wore for my 28 months of breastfeeding …probably the wrong sizes .. I like you on FBook =)

  530. Wow! First off- awesome selection & thank you for this offer! I am a first semester nursing student with a 3.5 year old and an almost 2 year old nursling. I love my current elila softcup but I need something that allows me to wear a V neck now that the weather is getting nice (finally)! Also, I’ve got a permanent indention on my breasts from where one layer has been digging in to my breasts- fun! I love the look of the LLLI Heidi bra! I can’t believe that after over 3.5 years of consecutive BFing- I am still looking for a sexy nursing bra for a 36 H! This one looks like it might be a good choice!

  531. Well, my current “nursing” bras are my sports bras and they just aren’t working for me! My 9 day old son is a healthy eater and my supply is going well. I think I would probably choose the comfort nursing bra.

    I’m planning to enter via the second chance as well. Thanks!

    • I liked the FB page and left a comment. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great nursing bra!

  532. Our oldest is 6, and fourth will be 7 months old on Thursday, and I’ve never had a good nursing bra. Of course, I was booby trapped this time around and am exclusively pumping now, so I don’t really need a *nursing* bra. 😉 But then I also don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $20 on any single piece of clothing for myself either. (Probably why I’ve never had a good nursing bra, huh?) I would probably get either one of the hands-free pumping bras or a corsierre.

  533. And just posted on the fan page…

  534. I really like Ocean Dreams Organic Nursing Bra, but it’s out of stock =0( Polka Dot Under-wire Nursing Bra looks comfy! And I also like Belle Nursing Bra, need something a little more sexy! ;0)

  535. Like on FB!

  536. Jessica Seage says

    I could really use a bra that has some support and the strapless ones are amazing they would make wearing tank tops in the summer so much easier

  537. Laura Cox says

    Hello!!!!! I a new mom of a beautiful 5 month old baby boy, and like Judy…he nurses allll the time. What can I say, he is a boob man. So, just like all these wonderful mommas, I am in desperate need of support. I am a die hard leakie….in more ways than one….and noticed yet another form of support from the leakie page. I, like others I am sure, find it so hard to justify spending $50 on a nursing bra when there are so many other bills that are more pressing. So, it would be great to be one of the five mommas that win a new bra. I am sure the best boobs will win and thanks for the shot. I’ve got big boobs for ya!!!!!

  538. I would absolutely love to have a quality nursing bra that fits well! I’ve been so desperate that I have hacked up some of my favorite bras and turned them into nursing bras! If I were to win I would probably chose the Allure Underwire Nursing Bra because it looks most like the non-nursing bras that I love.

  539. Laura Cox says

    I just liked the Mothers Boutique page!!! Cheers!!!!

  540. Well I am pregnant with my fifth child and have been tandem nursing for 18 months. I would LOVE to win a new nursing bra because in all of my years of breast feeding, I have only owned 3 nursing bras and ALL of them were hand me downs that did not fit properly. I would love to have one nursing experience that lifts me up and it is just not in our meager budget at this time. I imagine that I will be tandem nursing for another year or two and it would be great not to have to take my bra off in order to be comfy while nursing. I went to a mother’s boutique and out of all the bras, the smoothing nursing bra looked like what I would be most interested in. I loved the article regardless, thanks for the great info!

  541. Laura wagner says

    i’m nursing my third child and i usually wear a 36dd i think… and i have bought 4 different nursing bras and none fit rignt, either tooo tight or tooo loose, cannot go braless its too painful. 🙁 i would love to check out your organic easy bra, and i’m sure i need a fitting from someone who acually know’s what their doing!!! thank you sooo much for what you do!!!!! <3<3 😀

  542. I desperately need a new bra. I have a 2 month old that I am nursing and have been living in nursing tanks bc none of the bras I have fit.
    I think I would like to try one of the bamboo nursing bras.

  543. I would love to try one of the hands free nursing bras. I’m a working mama of a 4 month old, and anything to make the challenge of pumping at work easier would be awesome. Love the bras!

  544. I like the page and left a comment

  545. I stopped by and liked her fb page. Thanks!

  546. Amy Paine Hudson says

    Hi there!
    I am a new mommy EBF my 3.5 month DD. I have had a disastrous time finding nursing bras that fit well w/o being constricting and that are attractive. Feeling like I have not been able to give my ladies the proper support and, believe me, they deserve props! 🙂 Even if I don’t win a new bra, I think it’s terrific that you are doing this giveaway. All BF mommies need support in every way, so thank you!

    P.S. I liked your FB page and said hi, too!

  547. I would LOVE to win a bra (or even a gift certificate towards one). I just celebrated two years of breastfeeding my daughter and I seriously need some new bras. If I won, I would order a Bravado Original Nursing Bra, Plus Style. Thank you for the opportunity & the insight into a great business!

  548. I liked the AMB Facebook page & said hi.

  549. d'Arcy Montague says

    I am a first time mom of two beautiful twin boys who are 4 months old! They are exclusively breastfed! I produce a ton of milk and have dealt with plugged ducts quite a few times in the last 4 months due to wearing bras that did not fit right. My boobs go from big to ginormous and engorged during the night in between nursing sessions, or when we go on outings during the day and I don’t have an appropriate bra to wear. It’s difficult to deal with a plugged duct while taking care of twins by myself!!! I really want to find a bra solution that will allow me to go out on daytrips with my boys where I can dress the way I want to and not worry about getting “plugged up” 😉 I have not found the time since giving birth to get a real fitting. If I won, I would choose the Bamboo Nursing Bra in Black. It looks so comfy and soft!!! I’m so excited you’re holding this contest and I hope you choose me!!!

  550. While pregnant, I went from a size 34C to (depending on brand) a 36E-G. Do you know how difficult it is to find bra that fits, let alone a nursing bra?! I have an iffy, un-supportive nursing bra from a chain maternity store which shall not be named. I really would love the chance to have a fitting and a great bra specifically for me. I’m afraid that if I don’t get a good bra soon, i’m going to have a big saggy back problem. 🙁
    My point ends up being: I grew too big too fast, and these puppies need to be taken care of so I can nurse #2, and beyond!

    If you have any advice on the subject, i’d be more than willing to hear your suggestions!

  551. Liked on FB!

  552. Cathrine says

    I would love a nursing bra that fits! I’ve been nursing my second for a year and I know my bra is too big (wishful thinking when the milk came in!) I didn’t have the right size for the full 2 1/2 years I nursed my first either. Never knew you could get fitted for a nursing bra. Just thought you had to deal until you weaned. Thanks for the info!

  553. Roxanna Flood says

    I’m a nursing mom & need some “support” 🙂

  554. Heather Ross says

    I am in desperate need of a new bra… all of mine are falling apart. Really. Either the lining is coming out the sides, or the wires are busting out or the lining in the cups are not so smooth. I have a 16 month old daughter and have been exclusively breastfeeding her, well what I mean is no bottles, food of course. And I tend to take the easy convenient route of breastfeeding, wear low tank tops under all my shirts, or low cut shirts, and I simply pull the shirt, tank and bra down for her to go to town. I would really love the organic pink rose print nursing bra. I need something that will make me feel sexy, but it looks comfortable and convenient also. And as for me using the bra for a long time, yes I will. I’m going to need to make my boobs appealing to my husband, because I know they will never look like they did before my breastfeeding frenzy, and I’m okay with that.



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