Finding Those Moments

The post with way too many pictures.

I’ve worked out a schedule of sorts for the blog, something to aim for but not live by.  Part of that is the Friday posts “This Moment” where I share a single photo without words of a moment from my week that I want to pause and remember.  My moments are usually about my kids because in this season of my life that’s what I want to be sure I take time to savor.  It’s easy to get buried in the business that goes with having and caring for children and I don’t want to miss those special moments in all the “organized chaos” of our lives.

I used to scrapbook.  I imagine I’d still enjoy it but time and space to spread out are seriously limited so my scrapbooking supplies sit mostly untouched.  Digital photography makes it easy, snap a picture and if you don’t like it, delete it, if you do like it, keep it.  As a result I have thousands of photos.  The problem is they are primarily from times I thought to bring the camera, mostly special events.  But I want to remember the daily, the simple, ordinary, extraordinary moments in our family.

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

The idea came from Soule Mama, the popular blog by Amanda Soule.  I started it on my personal blog some time ago and then moved the ritual over to here.  When I first started I really just liked the idea of having a simple photograph post every week and focusing on something I wanted to remember seemed so simple.  What I didn’t expect was how much it would tune me in to my family.  Thanks to this ritual I’m looking for moments.  Slowing down long enough to appreciate them happening, being grateful for the gift each moment brings.  The moments themselves may be fleeting but they leave a lasting effect in not only my memory but in the specialness of our daily lives as a family.  Because I’m looking for moments to photograph I am catching glimpses of love, connectedness, joy, playfulness, sweetness, happiness, tender expressions, creativity and so much more.  Moments that if I weren’t looking for them I may miss.  Worse, I’d probably take them for granted.

Now every week I look forward to finding those moments.  Collecting them like marbles to be pulled out and admired from time to time.  Each week knowing I have a “deadline” of sorts to share a moment I’m more aware of them unfolding around me.  But more than the pictures I’m collecting and sharing is the whole presence of being aware, of taking the time to look for and cherish such moments.  Noticing those moments has changed how I see our lives.  I am more aware, tuned in and grateful for so much that is precious and beautiful all around us, happening all the time.  I smile more too just because I notice more things to smile about.

I’d like to challenge you to look for moments in your week.  Keep your camera handy, doesn’t have to be a great camera, your phone camera is fine, and be on the look out for those special moments.  They may surprise you, there may be far more than you thought.  Pick one to share, which may prove to be difficult, and savor the moment.  Your moment.  Then share it with us here, comment on the thread of my weekly Friday “This Moment” with the link back to your own so we can share it with you.  You never know, you may help someone find the hidden moments they’ve been taking for granted in their lives too.

A few moments that I’ve loved but weren’t selected to share until now, and these are just a few.  The pictures aren’t quality photography, just what I happened to snap with my little Canon PowerShot or my iPhone (love the Hipstamatic app) and often in a hurry with someone pulling on my arm.  But they are special moments none the less.

How do you hold on to special moments?  What keeps you tuned in and aware of the beauty filling the ordinary? How will you find and remember moments?



  1. I love the “This moment” posts… they’ve also inspired me to savour the moments and take many snapshots (some in my head) to try and remember the special times we spend together. They grow up so fast, it’s easy to miss something…

  2. I LOVED the Nutcracker/ballet feet one! What a gorgeous Christmas photo 🙂 I hope you used it on a card 🙂
    While I was reading this, my 16-month-old DS finally crashed after 4 hours of fighting against naptime. I snapped a pic 🙂

  3. As a good friend/ facebook stalker, I have spent countless moments perusing M-W photos. They are always beautiful and filled with so much love and wonder! 🙂
    Perhaps the Storyteller likes to run from the camera, or prefers being behind it. The photo of you & her above at the cupcake place melted my heart – I absolutely love it! <3

    • Thank you Heather! Yes, The Storyteller is hard to capture on camera, she’s so busy! I practically have to pin her down to get a picture that captures more than a blur, LOL! I did sneak one behind the sewing machine though, grabbed that one too. <3

  4. Ya know… thanks for the reminder and inspiration. I think tomorrow, instead of cleaning the house like I had planned, I will spend the day outside watching my last two children play, knitting in lap, with my camera next to me. We will have a picnic and play in our backyard. While waiting on moments I intend to create memories <3

  5. Ohh big fan of This Moment here 😀 An I feel the same way. I have my camera with me at all times. I have almost 10000 photos since she’s born and I can’t stop..why would I?
    I too look for those extra special moments that make Friday’s post (although I sometimes have too many and have to decide).

    Looking forward to tomorrow. 🙂


  6. And I meant to say that the swing photos are FAB!


  7. Beautiful. I love capturing moments. Sometimes I’m too busy being in the moment to whip the camera out. My husband captured this one on Monday, while we were camping and I love it

    (last photo of the post)

  8. tracy ann cook says

    I too am a photo addict, I call it “making history” today we are making history, and how fabulous to be apart of it, I too have thousands of photographs, Most taken of my phone camera. I long to have a ‘real’ camera but sadly cannot afford one. Some photo’s have captions on them, and some like yours are ‘JUST THERE’ being fabulous , making history!

  9. I LOVE this moment posts. I agree that it makes me more purposeful during the week…being on the lookout for “this moment” makes me look at all those special moments in a different light. So many things I would normally miss or take for granted, are instead, lingered on. I love it! That photo with your little ballerina and the nutcracker is fantastic!

    Here is our moment from last week (don’t have one from this week because we lost the camera and it is being returned to us on Sunday!)

  10. I’ve been participating with SM’s this moment for a while now. I, too love the ritual of slowing down to soak up the little things – which are actually quite large, aren’t they? Here’s ours from this week: