Finding Quality Support- A Mother’s Boutique Giveaway

As part of our LIVE Facebook chat this week on Thursday, 06.23 at 10pm EST about bras and boobies with TLB sponsor A Mother’s Boutique, Judy Masucci has generously offered a giveaway of one free breastfeeding bra of the winners choice just for The Leaky Boob readers.

TLB: What drew you to working in this area and in particular to helping moms with breastfeeding related bras, clothing and products?

Judy: My son and I had a very difficult time getting started with breastfeeding. This made me want to help other moms – so that they didn’t have the same difficulties that I did.  This is why I include helpful tips articles with every order that comes into my store.  I want to help moms succeed with breastfeeding.  I remember my mom telling me that “If anyone would have been justified in ‘giving up’ it would have been me” because we had such a hard time.  But I stuck with it and it got SOOOO easy after that.  That is why I founded my company and that is what drives me to help other mothers through blogging, facebook, twitter and my business.  For the products, I was inspired again my own experiences.  Once my son and I got good at breastfeeding – he literally nursed every 1 hour for the first year of his life.  So if I wanted to go anywhere – I had to nurse in public – because by the time I got there, it was time for him to nurse.  I LIVED in nursing tops.  For me, I wasn’t as concerned about someone seeing my breast while I was feeding my child – but I really didn’t want them looking at my belly hanging out when I lifted my shirt to nurse.  There weren’t any local stores that carried nursing items, so I had to shop online and it was difficult to find good items and know how they fit.  I started my store and I always try to give fit recommendations.  I also try on most items in my store so that I know how they fit and give recommendations to moms when they need help finding the right size.  I started with breastfeeding clothing and gradually expanded the buisness to includng nursing bras, breastpumps, maternity items and just about any accessory that you can think of related to breastfeeding.

TLB: What is the most common mistake you see women make with their bras?

Judy: The most common mistake is that women are wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly.  Usually it is too small – but in some cases it might be too big too.  When we are pregnant and breastfeeding, our bodies change shape and size – and many women “guess” at their new size rather than getting a proper fitting.  Or they go to a store that doesn’t carry their proper size and they end up leaving with a bra that is “close enough” – which usually ISN’T close enough.  There is nothing worse than having an ill-fitting bra.  I get calls and emails from women all the time telling me how happy they are with their new bras.  Having a properly fitting bra can literally be “life changing.”

TLB: What do you think are the 3 most useful clothing items for breastfeeding?  If a mom had a budget of $150 for bras and breastfeeding friendly clothing, how would you recommend she spend it?

Judy: A good nursing bra is #1.  Without this, nothing else matters.  Depending on the mom’s size, bras can range in price from $14 to $72 – although most are $55 or below.  Not everyone can afford nursing clothing, so I always recommend a nursing t-shirt or belly band (that can convert any shirt into a nursing shirt. These items range in price from $15 to $70, with most being $30 or less.  This allows a mom to expand her current wardrobe into a breastfeeding friendly wardrobe for a very low price.  And if she would prefer a regular nursing top to an undershirt or belly band, then I would recommend one top that will flatter her figure and be versatile enough to wear with jeans or a skirt. Our best selling top this season is the Emily Blouse. It is $69, which is a little pricy, but is made from super soft eco-friendly bamboo fabrics which make it so comfy, moms will wear this top long after their nursing days are over.  And it is very flattering on every figure.  It is loose fitting and hangs nice – no matter what a moms shape or size.  It can also easily be paired with jeans for every day use or with a cute skirt for a night out or family gathering.  It also comes in sizes XS-3X, so there is one to fit just about every mom.

All you have to do to be entered in this giveaway for a nursing bra of your choice is to comment on this post and if you feel like it, share your favorite bra or breastfeeding in public tip.  For a second entry, go like A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook, let them know TLB sent you and come back and leave a second comment letting me know you did so.  If you already like A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook, share them with your friends and leave a second comment letting me know.

In addition to the giveaway, you can get your virtual fitting started with Judy right away by reading and commenting on this post by Judy.  Be sure you get yours going so you can find a comfortable fit and quality support.

That’s it!  Two easy ways to be entered.  This giveaway is open just for the next 24 hours as part of today’s chat.  The giveaway is open to international entries though Canadian entries will have to wait for the mail strike to be over to receive their winnings.

Judy also has generously offered a standing ordering code for TLB readers and chat participants.  Use “TLB” for $5 off at your purchase at A Mother’s Boutique online.

Thanks to Judy for her support of TLB and making this week’s LIVE chat possible!



  1. Rebecca R. says

    I would so love to get a new nursing bra! I loathe the one I have!!

  2. Rebecca R. says

    I “liked” A Mother’s Boutique on FB =)

  3. christine kangas says

    I had to buy a “close enough” bra when I had my LO because the store didn’t sell anything that fit me. The closest I could come was special ordering a normal bra from Victoria’s Secret and then having to deal with the inconvenience of wiggling out of the whole cup to nurse. Many stores don’t cater to the small band-sized female that gets rather engorged after birth! I was a 32 F after my LO was born! I am now back to a 32 C, but that doesn’t mean I’ve found a good nursing bra. Any bra that supposedly fits me in the cup is way too big in the band. I finally settled for a 36C (when I was still larger) and now I’m swimming in it!

  4. christine kangas says

    I “like” Mother’s Boutique on FB and let them know TLB sent me!

  5. Finding a well fitting nursing bra (or any bra for that matter) has been the bane of my existance. I am due in September and would love a new nursing bra! 🙂

    As for a NIP tip, acting confident, even if you don’t feel so confident, can go a long way! I faked being confident NIP for a long time. But practice makes perfect and now I am confident (after nursing 4 LO’s for at least 12 months each, how’s that for practice?) 🙂

  6. I “liked” the Mothers Boutique FB page and left a comment saying you sent me. 🙂

  7. WELL. I guess this is my entry? Here’s to nothing- since I don’t have any nursing specific stuff to begin with! I love the selection that “A Mother’s Boutique” has, and that they offer feminine, but comfortable-seeming options for a Mom who may want to still feel good about her physical appearance while nursing. =)

  8. I also “like” A Mother’s Boutique on FB, and posted to say TLB sent me!

  9. I NEED a new nursing bra! What a wonderful give away.

  10. brittany martin says

    My bras are not nursing bras. I have yet to find a good one. I HATE the thin bras where you can see if it’s *cold* lol. I like a bit of support underneath and I have only been able to find that in regular bras. As for fit I use to work for Victoria’s Secret so I know how to measure etc

  11. Liked the boutique’s FB page.

  12. stacy wilson says

    i’m never happy with my nursing bra, two kids, onto 3 maybe, and still, never happy, lol

  13. Doesn’t look like my comment posted….I liked the Boutique on FB!

  14. Cheyenne says

    i would LOVE to have a nursing bra!

    As far as a breastfeeding tip, I’m not going to be much help, I just had my first babygirl 13 days ago, and let’s just say our breastfeeding experience hasn’t been ideal, sore nipples, sore boobs, boobs growing 2 sizes, breast infection, baby preferring one side over the other resulting in very lop sided breast, and I’m only 17 so lopsided breast were not exactly want I wanted, well anyways…

    My advice: no matter how hard or how un-ideal or how inconvenient breastfeeding may be, don’t give up, don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice, and just know breastfeeding is the BESTfeeding for your baby!

    And to whomever wins, congrats momma!!!

  15. stacy wilson says

    ps…i just liked Mother’s Boutique on FB, and let them know leaky [email protected]@b sent me 🙂

  16. Cheyenne says

    i also “liked” a mothers boutique, and my phone wouldn’t let me write on your wall.

  17. Janece Molinuevo says

    I have a microfiber, wireless from target (gillian omalley) that i love. other than that, i have yet to figure out my right size.

  18. Janece Molinuevo says

    I liked the FB boutique page 🙂

  19. Janece Molinuevo says

    And as for a tip for NIP (lol)- the best garment you can wear is CONFIDENCE. Acting like it’s no big deal usually gets you less attention than being shy about it 🙂

  20. Marina A says

    I need a new bra!!!!! I left a comment on Judy’s post. So hopefully I’ll get my fitting soon!!! YAY!!
    I agree with you Janece Molinuevo, CONFIDENCE!

  21. Would love a new nursing bra for the upcoming babe!

  22. Liked you on Facebook also! Checked out your
    website and love your selection.

  23. Melissa Chausse says

    been nursing for more then 15 months now and would love a new bra!
    My NIP tip – if you are shy, a good cover , like udder covers, and keep your back to the wall. Also, padded nursing bras are harder to maneuver then unpadded, in my experience.

  24. I wear layers and pull one shirt up and my belly is covered by the bottom layer. Nothing is really exposed…I don’t want anyone looking at my DD’s. It really limits my clothing choices, though. I’ve always been self conscious about my large-for-my-frame chest and breastfeeding has made the girls even bigger. I am a little jealous of mamas with small boobs…I think that it would be much easier to nurse in public.

  25. bras can seem pricy but if you look at cost per use of a bra that feels good it is worth every penny. Getting one free would rock!

  26. Liked A Mother’s Boutique on FB and wrote on the wall!

  27. My favorite bra is one I got at A Mother’s Boutique, recommended by Judy. The Elomi Smoothing bra. I have a large cup and small band size and its perfect 🙂

  28. I would love a new bra! I’m in one that is “close enough” even afte being fitted.

  29. Shared A Mother’s Boutique on FB

  30. i would love a bra that fits right! haha. still looking for miss right bra…!

  31. i liked mother’s boutique on fb

  32. Isabella says

    I’m pretty full busted, and the soft cup nursing bra I have just doesn’t provide enough support! I wind up wearing regular bras out (which are no longer comfortable) and nursing/soft cup bras at home. I need bras, lol!

  33. Andrea Ginsberg says

    I like velvet delight.

  34. Isabella says

    Liked on FB!

  35. I would LOVE a new nursing bra. I bought one at my local Walmart and the largest cup they had was a d which was too small but I was so desperate I bought it. I live in a small community with very limited options. Shortly after I was able to order one online. I was excited bc it was my “size” well its my size in standard edition but makes my chest look terrible. Now to top it all off, one of the clasps just broke a few days ago, so I have it rigged with a hair clip!!!! So Yeah I would love a new one that fit and wasn’t broke lol!

  36. Liked You on fb with message tlb sent me!

  37. i bought 2 nursing bras at walmart. They are horrible uncomfortable and very unattractive. I would love a new nursing bra!

  38. Ashley Halpin says

    I would love to win a nursing bra that is comfortable, supportive, makes me look good, and is pretty! Gotta love pretty underthings 🙂

  39. I liked the mothers boutique on Facebook!

  40. Theola O says

    I desperately need a supportive nursing bra, but as a plus-size full busted mom in a remote, rural area I have to rely on the “maybe this one will work” method. And it never does. I’m expecting my 5th child and as excited as I am for the new arrival, I’m dreading another year in unflattering nursing bras. I soooo don’t like to walk around with my breasts either forming a giant mono-boob or hanging half-way to my waist.

  41. Brittany Kaminskis says

    I would love a nursing bra..I have yet to find one that I like. And I don’t think the one I have fits right.

  42. Brittany Kaminskis says

    I like A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook

  43. I still have yet to find a nursing bra that fits properly and we are nearly a year in to this journey. I would love to win a quality nursing bra.

  44. I would love to win a great nursing bra. I’ve been wearing primarily nursing tank tops which don’t always give the required amount of support. Great for keeping covered, though!

  45. I liked Mother’s Boutique on FB!

  46. I’ve been fortunate enough to have lost more weight PP than I gained for my entire pregnancy…and thus the bras that I purchased early are too big and no longer supportive. (Thanks, Judy, for the virtual bra fitting! I’ll be following your suggestions very soon!)

    As for breastfeeding, I’ve found that relaxing and enjoying your baby helps immensely. With DD#1, I let the stress of doing it “right” and the worries of others (“is she getting anything??”) consume me and it doomed our BF journey to failure. With DD#2 (9 yrs later), I didn’t put so much pressure on myself. I figured if it worked, great. If not, I was still going to be a good mom. And you know what? DD#2 is a champion nurser!

  47. “Liked” on FB.

  48. Danielle Randall says

    OH ME ME ME ME.. I am larger busted (36DDD) and a GREAT bra is SOOOOOO HARD to find. PICK ME AND MY BOOBIES!!!!

  49. My favorite nursing bra is the Bravado Bliss 🙂

  50. Me please! I don’t have a fitting nursing bra or any other kind of bra.

  51. I entered my details for the virtual sizing.

  52. Would love to get a new nursing bra!

  53. sally duren says

    I really need a great nursing bra. With my son, I bought a couple cheapies that stretched.out and were ruined within weeks. After that, I tried to get away with normal bras and sports bras. I was uncomfortable and miserable. I think a great nursing bra is a must! I’m currently pregnant with my second and hope to have a much better experience.

  54. I like A Mother’s Boutique on FB!

  55. By full boobies are even fuller now that I am a breastfeeding mama! Why are SO many nursing bras unsupportive??? Help! I’d LOVE to win a bra that works – and I’d LOVE to blog about it on! ~ Hugs!

  56. Needing some good nursing bras. I know the ones I have are too small, and they have almost zero support. 🙁 I’d love a new one!

  57. sally duren says

    Friended them and let them know you sent me!

  58. The Leaky [email protected]@b sent me 🙂 I have nursed for the past 6.5 years, between 3 children, and have never had a ‘nursing bra’. The bras I have are old, worn out, and never fit or feel good. Thanks for a chance to win! <3

  59. I am in desperate need of a new nursing bra. Also, for nursing in public, I would never go anywhere without my Undercover Mama!

  60. Erin Hale says

    I really need a new bra 😉

  61. Samantha says

    My tip is to wear a stretchy tank top under a normal shirt so you can lift your shirt up and pull the tank down. It makes me feel more secure.

    Btw I liked the page as well 🙂

  62. Miranda H says

    I woulld love a new Nursing Bra! I have a 4 month old son that I will be nursing until he is 12 months and the Nursing Bras I have now are old because they are my old ones from Nursing my 2 other sons. Awesome giveaway 🙂

  63. Trish Lacy says

    I would love to have a new holster for my girls!! Yay!! And I liked A Mother’s Boutique on facebook!!

  64. I “liked” A Mother’s Boutique on fb, too!

  65. Shared the page with my friends because I’ve been a fan for almost 5 months now!

  66. I would love a great fitting nursing bra!! Thank you for the chance!

  67. Tiffany Holtzinger says

    I would love to have another great nursing bra. Breastfeeding has been such a rollercoaster ride for myself and my 11 week old little guy, so far. We have challenge after challenge it seems : ( But no matter what it is, we keep moving forward. I could definitely use another nursing bra. I do have two in my drawers that I am fortunate enough to have come across due to sales- HotMilk and my favorite– Cake Lingerie– though neither one I was fitted for : (

  68. I have yet to even find a bra that is both comfortable or fits me properly! and for nursing, no way. when I NIP, i really just pop out my boob and do it. I don’t (or rarely) cover up. I just think, if I can eat here, so can my baby. I usually just wear 2 shirts (a tank top and a t-shirt, so its a LITTLE discreet. and besides, lil one does not like ‘missing out’

  69. Miranda H says

    Like “A Mother’s Boutique” on facebook. Wrote on their wall and tagged TLB and A Mother’s Boutique.

  70. Liked your page! 🙂 Thanks!

  71. Tiffany Holtzinger says

    Wrote comment on your wall that TLB sent me : ) Yay!!!!!!!! Thanks for offering this terrific giveaway to us BF mamas : )

  72. Jessica K. says

    The best tip for NIP is to just do it. Dont’ hem and haw, don’t second guess yourself. Just feed your baby and don’t worry about what other people think. If you forgot your cover then do the best you can to make yourself feel comfortable but what’s most important is feeding your baby. No matter how miffed someone *might* get if they notice you’re breastfeeding, I can guarantee everyone will notice your screaming baby. lol.

  73. Jacqueline says

    I can definitely use another nursing bra! I lost more weight than I anticipated and have trouble finding bras in most stores since they usually start with 34.

  74. Jacqueline says

    I also liked A Mother’s Boutique on FB!

  75. i would love a new nursing bra!

  76. Liked you on Fb!

  77. Sandra C says

    I would love a chance to possibly win a new bra – i have yet to find a bra that actually fits me.

  78. Karyn crittenden says

    Hay I am in love with your bra’s! Xx

  79. Sandra C says

    I also “liked” you on FB 🙂

  80. I live in nursing tanks, but they don’t provide enough support. I would love to win a bra!

  81. Kathy tran says

    When NIP, always remember a nursing necklace! Works wonders!

  82. I liked your page and commented and now im commenting here :/ im confused now lol

  83. Jenny F. says

    I “liked” A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook.
    I’m a new mommy who is using my old stand by bra.
    I would love a good bra for bf

  84. Kathy tran says

    Liked A Mothers Boutique on FB!!

  85. Alison S. says

    my favorite nursing bra is the leading lady leisure bra- though i could really use a real nursing bra that provides more support.

  86. Molly Rissmiller says

    i have noever had a proper fitting nursing bra.. and im on my third child… it would be great to have one that actually fit,, and wasnt on the clearance rack!

  87. Alison S. says

    “liked” a mother’s boutique on FB 🙂

  88. April Perez says

    I would love to win a really good fitting nursing bra… I have NEVER had one before, and I’m 18 wks preg w/ #5. I also want to ask Kathy Tran what a nursing necklace is… I’ve never heard of one. Finding ANY bra to fit is next to impossible out here in the boonie where I live, and I hate ordering online because I never know how it is going to fit, so I usually settle for “close enough” which never is, because my breasts are two different sizes. Very frustrating!

  89. Rebecca Carter says

    I would love to win a new nursing bra! All mine make me feel frumpy! I need some good support!! 🙂

  90. I would love a sexier, girlier nursing bra. I have 2 Bravado Body Silk bras, which I LOVE, but sometimes I would like something with a little more pizzazz!

  91. April Perez says

    Oh, and I “liked” and commented on A Mother’s Boutique’s page. 🙂

  92. Rebecca Carter says

    I liked your page too!

  93. I liked A Mother’s Boutique on FB. Thanks for the chat tonight.

  94. I liked you on FB!

  95. I’m so glad TLB sent me to A Mother’s Boutique- what a great place for mama’s + such cute nursing clothes! I “liked”on FB 🙂

    I would love to win a nursing bra. Like Judy, breastfeeding has been challenging and my 6 month old boy nurses every hour. I invested in a few bras but some are too big now as I lost 55 lbs some are too small which is no bueno for my plugged duct prone [email protected]@bs. It would be amazing to have a well fitting, comfy bra!

    Thank you for the $5 off coupon. I will definitely be using it!

  96. Jessica F says

    I don’t really have choices of nursing bras in my area and it would be awesome to win one!

  97. Jessica F says

    “Liked” A Mother’s Boutique on FB!

  98. I liked Mother’s Boutique on FB and let them know you sent me 🙂

  99. Having breasts that are two different sizes postpartum makes it really difficult to find a good fit! These bras are beautiful. I cannot tell a lie: I would definitely love to have one!

  100. It was always hard to find a great nursing bra.

    I’m so glad that TLB sent me to a Mother’s Boutique…it’s a hidden treasure for breastfeeding moms!! 🙂

  101. I would love to win a nice quality nursing bra , as I currently wear one of three that I have from Wally world (!) as that’s all my budget allows, but going in 7 months, it’d be nice for a change!!! 🙂

  102. My favorite bras are by Bravado. I lived in their nursing tops the first few weeks, and am still wearing the nursing bras I bought 15 months ago every day. I could use a new one though. Mine are holding up well, but I can tell they’re starting to get a little bit old. 🙂

  103. I also liked A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook. 🙂

  104. I just ” liked” A Mother’s Boutique!!! Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity!!! 🙂

  105. Mary Tyree says

    I sooooo need a god nursing bra. I don’t even have one, just wearing nursing camis 🙁 They give me not the best support or silhouette

  106. i would love a new nursing bra!

  107. Thanks for the chance to be entered in this contest! What a great chat tonight I learned so much!

  108. I “liked” A Mother’s Boutique 🙂 My advice for nursing in public is to make sure you have a good fitting bra or tank and that whatever you wear you feel comfortable in. Other than that…just do it!! It gets better with time and practice. Dont’ worry what anyone else thinks 🙂

  109. Mary Tyree says

    Just “liked” A Mother’s Boutique

  110. I liked you on fb for my second entry. Tysm!

  111. I have tragically ignored my need for a new bra for 18 months now so I cannot give any bra advice. As for nursing in public; be confident in your right to nurse your child, whatever their age. It’s also very important to build a support system.

  112. I would love a second nursing bra. And u agree w the comment above about acting confident while nip. Sometimes it is difficult but it helps.

  113. I shared Mother’s Boutique will my facebook friends.

  114. I liked a mothers boutique on FB.

  115. I would love a new nursing bra…I think that I’ve gotten a little smaller since my babe was born!

  116. I liked A Mother’s Boutique on FB!

  117. I liked A Mother’s boutique on facebook!

  118. I would love a new nursing bra. Glad I know about your website now!

  119. Oh & I liked A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook!

  120. Liked and commented

  121. I “liked” a mother’s boutique on FB and I let them know the Leaky Boob sent me!

  122. angie coleman says

    I find the more casual you are about nursing in public, the less people notice. I get more looks when I’m struggling with a blanket or cover than when I simply snuggle my baby close and lift up my shirt behind her.

  123. angie coleman says

    I like a mother’s boutique on facebook

  124. Sarah Sakofske says

    I think my fave bra right now i found at Target!

  125. jeannette weinbrenner says

    I have never and I mean never had a good bra 🙁 I wear camis and sports bras no because everything is so uncomfortable and I feel suffocated. I would love to win a quality bra. I have found that camis with a shelf bra is great they are fairly affordable and can be used as a nursing tank.

  126. Sarah Sakofske says

    I like a mother’s boutique on facebook and told them TLB sent me!

  127. I’ve been miserable in my bras lately. I totally need a fitting and new bra like nobody’s business. My best breastfeeding in public tip is simple: DO IT!!!

  128. Liked it!

  129. I totally agree with the nursing tanks!
    I prefer them as well so people aren’t looking at my belly in public. I would have to say my tip for breastfeeding in public is to be confident and focus on your precious baby. I find it’s too much work to fight with a cover, so I just zone into my baby and ignore everyone else around me.

  130. I liked A Mother’s Boutique on fb!

  131. Best tip? Layers, layers, layers! <3

  132. I hate wearing a bra now that I’ve started nursing. Right now, I live in my one nursing nightie because nothing else is comfortable enough for me right now. Then again, I feel as though I never got an accurate bra fitting before. Everyone’s always given me such different sizes!

  133. Oh, and by the way, I just “liked” your Facebook page! 🙂

  134. PS – Also following you on twitter! =)

  135. Anella Russo says

    My last nursing bra cost $114.00 and it is like a mid evil torture device. But options are soooo limited in my cup size; J.

  136. Adrienne G. says

    I’m pregnant with my first child and have no clue where to start on researching the best nursing bra–I’d love to win one!

  137. Adrienne G. says

    I liked A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook.

  138. I’ve yet to find a good-fitting nursing bra- I’d love to try this one! Thanks for the giveaway!

  139. I was surprised how much I grew while pregnant and then at the beginning of breastfeeding. I purchased nursing bras that seemed to fit great until about a month in, when I dropped a bunch of weight and the band size was just too big… I have been saying for the past 8 months now that I need to get a couple new bras- I have been just using regular or sports bras that are too small but that at least give me more support…
    I “liked” Mother’s Boutique on FB 🙂

  140. decaturmamaof2 says

    am so so frustrated by my many ‘ill-fitting’ nursing bras (they fit when I get them, now they don’t). Am still searching for the ‘perfect’ fit! Would love a chance at this give-away.

  141. decaturmamaof2 says

    I’ve liked “A Mother’s Boutique” (on FB and otherwise) for a while now, but would love a chance for a 2nd entry to contest! Thanks

  142. My fave NIP tip – don’t bother with a cover. It makes you MORE noticeable.

    My fave nursing bra (so far) the Bliss bra from Bravado. I’m a 40 DD and have trouble finding a bra with the right support and decent straps to hold up the girls -it’s awesome.

  143. My favorite nursing bra would be one that fit…lol..and the ones with the hooks instead of the slide-type closures. I like to be able to do it one-handed!
    I agree with some of the other ladies on here that said NOT to use a cover. It does draw more attention, plus, the baby is more likely to expose you…you feel more secure underneath it so you might be more exposed than you would be if you didn’t have the cover…and then the baby pulls the cover off or to the side and there you are, for all the world to see!

  144. I also “liked” you on FB! 😀

  145. I ‘liked’ A Mother’s Boutique on FB. Would love a new nursing bra that actually fits!

  146. I dont have a favortie nursing bra, i generally wear sports bras or nursing tanks, i havent found anyone who could measure me and find a bra that fits properly. They tell me im a D but i can tell you that im not lol

    for NIP i say be confidant, if your uncomfortable other people will notice and think your doing something wrong, not something natural and amazing.

  147. i told her you sent me on fb

  148. Barbara Davis says

    I would love a good quality nursing bra that is somewhat attractive as well as functional!

  149. Barbara Davis says

    I “liked” you on Facebook too!

  150. Nikki Glutz says

    I have a close enough fitting bra because the store didn’t have the right size for me and now with my new LO i have not been measured and just use my previsou nursing bras. WHen NIP do what you are comfortable with and ignore any one who is looking at you or giving you mean looks.

  151. Nikki Glutz says

    I just liked A mothers boutique on FB!!

  152. Elizabeth Hayes says

    These are some great tips….thanks!!

  153. Elizabeth Hayes says

    Also “liked” Mother’s Boutique FB page!

  154. I am dying for a new nursing bra! Even the bra I wore during my pregnancy last summer is WAY too small, and I can’t wear any of my summer dresses 🙁 However, I love breast feeding my Bub, and it is all worth it 🙂

  155. Jessica Campbell says

    I would love to win a nursing bra! My son was just born this father’s day (how perfect right?) and I haven’t had the chance to buy a nursing bra yet. I was a 38 F before getting pregnant so I’m anticipating issues acquiring a properly fitted bra – nursing or otherwise

  156. Jessica Campbell says

    Also “Like”ed you on facebook!

  157. I have difficulty finding nursing wear that works. Hope you have something supportive in a 32G. I’d love a nursing bra that fits!! 🙂

  158. Would love a great nursing bra instead of a good enough one.

  159. Also liked AMB on FB.

  160. Tamara Pair says

    I’m 28 weeks pregnant with my second and I’m dreading the search for a good nurseing bra. Finding a regular bra that fits me well is hard enough. Winning this would be a big help. I’m going to be doing a virtual fitting to but not until after my milk comes in.

  161. Tamara Pair says

    Also I “liked” A Mother’s Boutique on facebook.

  162. Nicole Lane says

    Would definitely love to get a new nursing bra!

  163. Nicole Lane says

    “Liked” Mother’s Boutique on FB!

  164. I need a great nursing bra that provides support during the day. The sleep bra that I have for – well – sleeping is awesome, but I need support throughout the day. My milk already weighs down the boobages enough, I don’t need help from the BRA that I’m wearing. LOL! I like MB on Facebook too!

  165. I would love a new nursing bra!! I can never find one that fits properly 🙁 although I would rather have a bra without a cup and nice shoulder straps for support I have yet to find a decent one!!

  166. Liked on FB!!! 🙂

  167. Without a padded cup***

  168. .:karen:. says

    I don’t have a favorite nursing bra, but I DO love my nursing tanks. I have found that they have made my nursing experience the second time around so much easier. I can use my shirt to cover the top part of my breast, not hidden by my baby and the tank covers the rest. It’s made nursing in public and in front of family/friends much easier. Then, when I’m at home, I just live in the tanks alone.

  169. .:karen:. says

    Liked them on fb (karen l)

    blondredhead at mac dot com

  170. Ashley Halpin says

    “Liked” Mother’s Boutique !

  171. Abby Hollinhead says

    I would LOVE a new nursing bra! Right now, I’m using a Victoria’s Secret one because it’s smushy enough to move down.

  172. Abby Hollinhead says

    I liked on facebook!

  173. I would love to be entered 🙂

  174. Jennifer says

    I’d LOVE a new nursing bra. Mine are all old & awful.

  175. Melissa Shafer says

    I need to find great nursing bra before I can recommend one! I need help!

  176. Melissa Shafer says

    I liked “A Mother’s Boutique” on FB!

  177. I would so love a sexy nursing bra….

  178. I would love to win this bra. I only have one nursing bra and it is awful . My tip for NIP is to wear layers so you can always pull one layer up and the other one down

  179. Liked A Mother’s Boutique on FB

  180. I would love to win a new nursing bra – my favorite one is getting worn out, and I think my size has changed since I had my son 8.5 months ago!

  181. Julie Wannamaker says

    I know that when not nursing a nice, good fit to a bra makes a world of difference. I have found it to be SO hard to find a good nursing bra. Wearing a 36DDD while nursing has not made my life easy. 🙁 Would love a really good nursing bra. 🙂


  182. Mary Dellinger says

    I know that I am wearing ill fitting nursing bras…but the budget just doesn’t allow for any new bras…would really, really, really love to win this!

  183. Mary Dellinger says

    I “liked” A Mother’s Boutique.

  184. I have an Elle MacPherson nursing bra that is pretty. I hate all of my other ones though so I would love to win a new one.

  185. I also liked A Mother’s Boutique on FB. 😀

  186. Autumn B. says

    I just hit one year of breastfeeding with my youngest son (I nursed my older one for 2 years) and I NIP all the time. I have a hooter hider that I used when he was littler that made NIP a breeze, now however, he yanks it off his head – he refuses to nurse without being seen =)

    autumn398 @

  187. I’m going to start breastfeeding for the first time come this September. I’ve heard that a nursing bra makes all the difference. There is so much I’m learning right now from breastfeeding to important herbals to laboring techniques. Having a good nursing bra checked off my list would be phenomenal.

  188. And I just went to FB to like A Mother’s Boutique. I told them TLB sent me!

  189. I already liked A Mother’s Boutique. 🙂

  190. I LOVE A Mother’s Boutique! A like button just isn’t enough (even though I like them on Facebook too) LOL

  191. Amy Bauman says

    hope to win! my tip would be just get confident and do it! feed your baby..dont worry about those who might notice bc they are probably the ones who could benefit from the lesson on how to and why bf baby! smile and continue on 🙂

  192. Amy Bauman says

    I went to a mothers botique who i already like and told her you sent me!!!

  193. My tip would be to try NIP both with and without a cover. Depending on you and your baby, it may actually be easier and feel more comfortable/normal/inconspicuous without one! And remember that babies’ habits and preferences change as they grow, so stay flexible. 🙂

  194. Megan Lunt says

    Would love to win this awesome bra.

  195. Nikki H. says

    With the size I have been measured at, it is SO hard to find a good bra that fits and is reasonably priced. I am going to take a look through and see what budget can handle, as with me heading into year three of nursing (I tandem nurse our 32 mo and 10mo; I’m at almost 4 years total nursing time between two kids!), I think I deserve some new things!

  196. Shanna Saleh says

    I’m very large chested – 38G. The only nursing bra I have is one from my previous pregnancy 4 years ago. I could really use a new one!

  197. Nikki H. says

    My tip got cut off…

    I double layer a tank that I can push down with an over-shirt I can push up. Neither of my kids like things over their heads. This has made it simple to NIP, as well as for me to see the child I am nursing.

  198. Shanna Saleh says

    I liked your page on FB. 🙂

  199. Katie Perkins says

    My nursing tip is if you can’t afford a nursing top buy a cheap camisole to wear under your regular shirt. Pull it down when you want to nurse and pull the regular shirt up! Tons of coverage with no side fat showing 😉

  200. Katie Perkins says

    liked a mother’s boutique on facebook!

  201. I would love a new bra… I have to wash mine constantly because I only have 3 that fit. I love Bravado bras! : )

  202. I also like A Mother’s Boutique on FB.

  203. Megan Lunt says

    I like Mother’s Boutique on facebook!!

  204. Nicole Ward says

    I have loved A Mother’s Boutique on facebook for a while now, I just can’t afford all the stuff I would buy from them if I could! I would love to have the Carla bra in Orchid or black.

  205. Nicole Ward says

    I love Judy at A Mother’s Boutique. She helped me get the first proper fitting bra I’ve had in years and I highly recommend the Bamboo nursing bra. It is SOOO soft and holds up really well to lots of washings and tugging on it by baby fingers.

    Nursing in public – just do it, I say! I think seeing women nursing in public is the only way it will be normalized for this society. There have been times when I have made extra effort to cover above and beyond the norm, but only when I have felt uncomfortable, never when I see that someone else might feel uncomfortable. I think it’s good for them!

  206. My nursing bra is not very supportive for my 32G(ish) boobs. It would be AMAZING to have one that I could go out in and not feel like my boobs are hanging down like granny boobs.
    As far as nursing in public, my recommendation is to have something like a nursing necklace so that baby can stay focused. Mine is always so curious, so his hands are always flailing around, which can make it awkward. When I have something for him to keep his hands busy, it makes it so much easier.

  207. I’ve been a fan of both TLB and A Mother’s Boutique on Facebook for some time now, but I just re-shared the page on my feed for my friends to see! 🙂

  208. I would love to win a bra! I have yet to find one…I am miserable!

  209. Already a fan of TLB and A Mother’s Boutique on FB but I shared this on my wall!

  210. Andria Moore says

    I would love a nursing bra that fits. I have an expensive one that I don’t use because it doesn’t fit correctly.

  211. Andria Moore says

    I liked A Mother’s Boutique on FB

  212. RaShea L. says

    The Mothers Boutique is my favorite bra store ever!

  213. RaShea L says


  214. Laurel Hart says

    I would love a new nursing bra!

  215. Autumn Goldin says

    I was given all my current nursing bras so you can only imagine how unfitted and unflattering they are…not cute 🙁

  216. Danielle Rayner says

    I would love to win a nursing bra!! I only have one that fits me well. My breastfeeding tip is a good nursing bra makes for easier nursing in public places.

  217. clementine diaz says

    i desperately need a good nursing bra that doesnt hurt

  218. would love a new bra!! i always keep a hand near my breast incase DS decides to pop off, i can cover my breast with that hand so no one sees my nipple 🙂

  219. shared a mother’s boutique on my facebook page!

  220. I liked mothers boutique on facebook

  221. Rebecca Ashkettle says

    I could really use a nursing bra that actually fits me. :o)

  222. I would love to win this! Breastfeeding does get easier after the first 6 weeks…promise!!!