If I Don’t Remember It, It Didn’t Happen, Right?

The Piano Man responds to my post about night #3 of night weaning where I shared that we think he fell asleep on the toilet.

So, being the genius parents we are, did we go to bed before midnight last night? No. We pushed the envelope even further, staying up past 1:00 am. When I say “we” I really mean Jessica, as I was dozing on the couch from about 11:45 on. And when I mean “dozing”, Jessica informed me this morning that I was snoring with my half a glass of red wine in one hand and the book I was valiantly trying to read in the other.

Jessica here: In defense of my stupidity, I was having a work Skype conversation with the other coast, I wasn’t just being a rebellious kid staying up late.  Mostly not anyway.  Sorry, back to The Piano Man.

With a crick in my neck and realizing it was 1:20 or so, I decided not to fight sleep anymore and go to bed without Jessica. This is unusual for us, romantic saps that we are; usually we synchronize our bed time. But every once in a while we break the pattern out of necessity. Much to my surprise, by the time I was ready to climb into bed, Jessica was right there with me.

Apparently, last night marked the point where I crossed over from our zombie state (awake but extremely tired) to something I don’t have a name for: mostly asleep with moments awake. Apparently you can’t dance just above the sleep line forever. I was pulled under.

The consequence: when Jessica wanted to review the details of last night, I couldn’t remember much of anything. It may well be that I fell asleep on the toilet. Terribly embarrassing, but at least I can honestly claim that I don’t remember. And this isn’t like “the Hangover” movie. This was honest-to-goodness fatigue-induced stupor. Usually I get embarrassed just at dozing on the couch, because it reminds me of how my Dad’s sleep switch would click over every night at 9:00, even if we were watching a captivating movie. But I have no recollection of spending countless minutes on the potty, so I don’t think it really happened. Whatever helps me sleep at night, right?