Zutano Giveaway

Zutano is one of our favorite companies at TLB headquarters (aka Jessica’s living room) and when we have some shopping to do for our girls and nieces and nephews we love to head over to their website for some great options.  With fun prints, jazzy stripes, and family friendly policies Zutano stands out as a company that makes shopping fun and meaningful.  In keeping with their values of fun and family friendly support, they  are offering a $100 Holiday Shopping spree to Zutano.com to one lucky Leaky.   Visit Zutano.com from 12-10 until 12-14 for a Week of Winter Whimsy — each day will feature amazing holiday offers!  Click the banner at the top of theleakyboob.com and enjoy a 15% off discount code.  It’s the company that keeps on giving!


TLB:  What should TLB readers know about Zutano?

Uli:  Zutano holds a special place in the world of children’s fashion.  We are known for our one-of-a kind colorful patterns prints and stylish design.  We have a strong commitment to high quality and a mix-and-match approach that allows moms to create an extraordinarily versatile wardrobe with a smaller number of colorful, modern pieces.  Our inspiration is babies and our signature style is mood-lifting colors that complement each baby’s distinctive personality.

TLB:  Tell us about the name, what was the inspiration behind it?

Uli:  Zutano means “so and so” in Spanish.  A common expression, if you can’t recall someone’s name you might say…”Zutano, fulano, mengano y perengano….”  It is the last word in the Spanish dictionary and it just seemed like a very fun, positive sound.  However, the inspiration behind the brand is and will always be: babies!

Michael and I, my husband and co-founder of Zutano, had babies on the brain long before we had our first daughter, Sofia Pia.  Our history as a company was guided by the limitations we noticed in apparel being offered to new parents.  It just did not reflect the excitement, curiosity and adventure that we expected we would experience as new parents.  I would ask Michael, “would you dress our baby in this?” and the answer was always the same.  So we decided to take matters into our own hands, just before the birth of our first child, and started Zutano in the comfort of our studio apartment in NYC in 1988.

To this day, as both of our daughters are now adults, it remains babies: the simple, pure curiosity, the freshness and excitement in a baby’s eyes that continually ignites a world of color and characters for me.  The Zutano headquarters in Cabot, VT is not only where the line is designed, but also another source of inspiration, a place where natural beauty meets babies and Zutano’s dedication to the belief that every child’s individuality is celebrated.

TLB:  When it comes to selecting gifts of toys and clothes for children, what are your favorite tips?

Uli:  Today’s young families are searching for modern looks that convey the sophistication and unique qualities of their style and baby.  Zutano is a perfect choice, as we offer a vivid approach that captures the attention of anyone looking to add color and positive imagery to their gift selection.  My tip would be to look for something contemporary and fun, yet also practical.  A mix and match approach really magnifies the value of a gift, because it presents the parent with so many options for use.  Parents love Zutano’s whimsical styles and patterns in clothing, socks and children’s bedding.  We guarantee that if you give someone the gift of Zutano, it will never be forgotten!

We advise our friends and family to always feel good about the company that you are buying the gift from, as it does reflect your values.  Always support companies that believe that business has a responsibility to appropriately manage and protect the environment and community through respectful holistic practices locally as well as globally.

At Zutano, we support Educational enrichment programs for children, reproductive rights of women, ending childhood hunger, better healthcare programs, regional scholarship funds, breast feeding education programs, clothing drives and many other non-profit programs locally and abroad.

TLB:  The holiday season can be overwhelming for all of us, even as adults, how can families keep this time of year special without overwhelming small children?

Uli:  Spend time together and enjoy the simple pleasures of the holidays.  For us, this includes sharing meals with family and friends, making some gifts instead of just purchasing them and taking the time to be thoughtful of the needs of others.  This year our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  We’ve earmarked a percentage of our online sales to go directly to Habitat for Humanity, to help those who have lost homes and property regain the joy of spending the holidays at their own hearth.


Uli is giving away a $100 gift card to shop at Zutano.com to one lucky Leakie.  Retail value $100.00



To experience the whole rainbow of bright baby and kids clothes, please visit the Zutano website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered, and check out zutano.com to check out their full range of colorful kids clothing.  The giveaway is open from December 11, 2012 through December 18, 2012.  A big thanks to Uli Belenky and Zutano for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women, please be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter  (@Zutano on Twitter), check them out on Pinterest and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. and Canadian residents only.

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  1. Great giveaway! Good luck to all!

  2. This company sounds amazing and it would be an honor to be chosen for this giveaway! I love that they support so many amazing causes! Keep up the amazing work Zutano!

  3. These are my FAVORITE Zutano item – The amazingly wonderful booties! I’ve had 4 pairs over the years and still could use a few more for our newest baby… http://pinterest.com/pin/226728162461781245/

  4. Julianne Matus says

    We always get new jammies for the whole family to wear on Christmas morning… Its our tradition and this year we have a new member of the family to buy jammies for… 🙂

  5. Those multi-colored striped tights are just too cute.

  6. Ps I absolutely adore the Periwinkle Terry Overalls! I’m expecting my third, a boy, and I think I might just have to buy these forhim!

  7. Sarah Langley-Sopchak says

    This is a great give-away. I’m going to help you make a selection… those foxes are by far my favorite! http://zutano.com/product/foxy-long-sleeve-baby-screen-tee/ love the foxes! I made my baby girl a foxy blanket for Christmas after I saw those cuties from Zutano!
    Good Luck everyone!

  8. Bethany Eskro says
  9. While I LOVE just about everything Zutano makes, if I had to post specific links for gift ideas, they would be:

    For Sugarbaby: http://zutano.com/product/sugar-bramble-baby-wrap-dress/ (Since it has sugar in the name and all). I loved their wrap dresses paired with leggings when my little was beginning to be mobile.

    For any other littles on your shopping list, any of the reversible hoodies (like this one: http://zutano.com/product/pool-multi-stripe-reversible-baby-hoodie/) would be so great and versatile. It’s like 2 articles of clothing in one!

  10. http://zutano.com/product/owls-baby-footie/

    I love this owl print, and I love footie pajamas for all day wear to keep little feet warm so this is perfect!

  11. Sometimes I struggle to find fun and colorful “boy clothes” for my baby. I love this reversible hoodie; colorful and two hoodies in one! http://zutano.com/product/pool-multi-stripe-reversible-baby-hoodie/

  12. I can’t afford Zutano, butI love their prints. My baby and I would be very happy if wewon this!

  13. Jessica Fiumara says

    I love hats with ears. http://zutano.com/giftideas/52

  14. Jessica Fiumara says

    And you can’t go wrong with owls. I love them! http://pinterest.com/pin/106116134941685719/

  15. I say get them accessories like hats and socks/tights!

  16. Natalie Bryan says
  17. If she wears hats, they are darling. My kids do not recognize how much I want them to wear cute hats!

  18. I’ve seen how colorful you dress Sugarbaby so I’m sure this is right up your alley


  19. Mary Happymommy says

    I love this peacock print–http://zutano.com/product/peacock-peasant-baby-top/

  20. We love love love the Zutano booties. They are the only booties that we have found to stay on our Siriatma’s little feet! Thank you for you practical and CUTE designs!

  21. These two sets are simply adorable. 🙂
    Nice and colorful one boy and one girl.

  22. Lessie LeBlanc says

    It’s all so cute! 🙂

  23. I think every little girl needs this! It is ADORABLE! http://zutano.com/product/peacock-toddler-pleat-dress/

  24. I think this Apple Cozy Baby Elf Onesie is the best! You can check it out here: http://zutano.com/product/apple-cozie-baby-elf-onesie/

  25. Owls!!!!!’

  26. http://zutano.com/product/penny-lane-baby-dress/

    This would be so cute on sugar baby!

  27. I think these little elf onsies are adorable 🙂 http://zutano.com/product/chocolate-cozie-newborn-elf-onesie/

  28. The booties are great and a nice size for a gift! Love zutano!

  29. I like the colors of the owl collection.

  30. Ohhh the hats are so cute but I haven’t gotten to explore the options much yet!!

  31. Ohhh the hats are adorable!!

  32. adorable products!

  33. I love the dinos stuff! I’d love the dinos footie for my litttle guy. Its hard to find good footie sets that are cotton rather than fleece.

  34. Elizabeth Almeraz says

    I personally have Sophie for my baby and she has loved it! Loved it as a baby and still at 18 months. I think it’s a great gift! I love the little elf hats & jackets too.


  35. Elizabeth Almeraz says
  36. Jeri Thurber says

    Love Zutano! This one is great for outdoor play: Fuchsia Stripe Cozie Toddler Hooded Coat

  37. I’m in love with the Kitty Kat coverall!


  38. cozie hooded coat or swing jacket!! http://pinterest.com/pin/432486370435655325/

  39. Christine Thompson says
  40. One of the elf all in ones in the color of your choice, but I prefer the brown with orange trim.

  41. Trisha Schuetz says

    Zutano accessories! Can’t go wrong with those.

  42. I <3 Zutano!

  43. Because you probably already have a lot of practical items like onesies or sleepers, this adorable baby elf hat would be such a fun gift! http://zutano.com/product/chocolate-5-stripe-baby-elf-hat/

  44. I love Zutano!

  45. Gina Demaree says

    I don’t know how old the nieces/nephews are, but this little giraffe is absolutely adorable! http://zutano.com/product/sophie-the-giraffe-vulli/

  46. Awesome giveaway!!!!

  47. I LOVE everything I zutano….It is where I got my daugthers owl bedding 🙂

    I think SugarBaby would love a pair of these fuzzy legging. Perfect for keeping warm all while looking super adorable! http://zutano.com/product/super-stripe-fuzzy-footless-tights/

    This tie would have your nephews looking dapper in no time!! http://zutano.com/product/o-reilly-check-bow-tie/

    These socks are pure genius and your nieces would love them!! They really thought of everything, they are super cute, have grips on the bottom, and the easy pull loops at the top for those tiny fingers 🙂 We all know kids love dressing themselves so I think these socks would be perfect for your nieces! http://zutano.com/product/super-stripe-ez-socks-2pr/

  48. Gina Demaree says

    Here is my pin. A cardboard Xmas tree for kids to decorate indoors, how cool is that?

  49. Kristin Welch says
  50. Thanks for sharing this company with us! I love the prints!!! Their booties and beanies are very cute too. My fave so far is a long sleeve onesie that has a variety of colors. http://zutano.com/product/penny-lane-long-sleeve-baby-onesie/ happy holidays!!

  51. Sara DeVito says
  52. Love, love, LOVE Zutano colors ands prints – hope we win!

  53. Holly Profitt says

    What adorable clothes! I would love for my little guy to have some!

  54. I’m a fan of elephants, so I’ll suggest this adorable dress – http://zutano.com/product/elephants-baby-dress/

  55. I will also go with the booties – heard great things about them and hoping to find a pair under the Christmas tree this year!


  56. Brittanie Pierce says

    I LOVE this stuff!

  57. Love hats with ears 🙂 http://zutano.com/product/cream-cozie-baby-hat/
    Loss-proof mittens are a must-have http://zutano.com/product/navy-cozie-baby-mittens/
    Oh my gosh – elf onesie!! http://zutano.com/product/apple-cozie-baby-elf-onesie/

    Ok, I’m going to make Jessica spend all her money on the LOs. 😀

  58. ADORABLE! They sound like such a caring company love it!

  59. Love the Sugar Bramble and Garden Snail prints! Anything with those!

  60. Joanna Garcia says
  61. My favorite Zutano print was one with airplanes I can’t find it on the site anymore, but here is something similar that I really liked.


  62. Madison DeShong says

    I am an owl fanatic, so I have to go with this!



  63. I adore the sleeveless rompers and the striped booties.

  64. Love them! Everything is so unique and adorable!

  65. I love the booties!

  66. The reversible dino toddler hoodie is awesome! http://zutano.com/product/dinos-reversible-toddler-hoodie/

  67. love anything with owls on it!

  68. I would give all of them these adorable reversible hoodies! Thanks!

  69. A great gift idea would be these cozy jackets for all of them! They look so soft. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  70. I adore their blankets and my favorite is the Penny Lane: http://zutano.com/product/penny-lane-baby-blanket/

  71. Blanca Wilson says

    Great giveaway! Good luck to all

  72. I would get this for my little guy or any other hip toddler! http://zutano.com/product/motorway-reversible-toddler-hoodie/

  73. I adore their booties, so much better than socks.

  74. I love the cozie hats I think that is the perfect gift

  75. Amanda Reyes says

    I am a Zutano junkie. Nothing holds up better to wear and tear and multiple washings.

  76. I love that their prints are whimsical w/o being the typical floufy princess stuff you so often see for girls clothing.

  77. Sugar Bramble Reversible Baby Hoodie http://zutano.com/giftideas/55

  78. I’d love this gift card to buy some adorable Zutano clothes for my kiddos!

  79. bonnye sensenig says
  80. We love Zutano!

  81. The Penny Lane Baby Blanket!

  82. We love the Fuchsia Cozie Shaggy Hat here!

  83. Nicole Biddle says
  84. From someone who lives near and LOVES Zutano…. get the booties. They are the best!


  85. Jeri Thurber says

    Love Zutano! This one is great for outdoor play: Toddler Hooded Coat http://zutano.com/product/pagoda-stripe-reversible-toddler-hoodie/

  86. Jeri Thurber says
  87. Why, an elf onesie like this one:


    So adorable! Makes me wish my adorable one hadn’t outgrown the onesies stage. Heck, I’d buy one now, if I knew when #2 was coming (we’re working on it, but thus far no luck).

  88. I LOVE the booties….http://zutano.com/shop/category/newborn-and-baby-booties/. They’re a baby essential!

  89. Crystal Famania says
  90. You cant go wrong with Zutano dresses with leggings . Thats my favorite here

  91. I am currently obsessed with this Dino outfit! LOVE the bow tie and cute stripes!

  92. I love love love Zutano!

  93. How about a Cozie Elf Onesie for any babies? http://zutano.com/giftideas/57

  94. I pinned my favorite outfit from Zutano!! http://pinterest.com/pin/140806210100537/

  95. Kelsey Olsen says

    Zutanos booties are the best! I’m wishin for an apple pair for my little man myself.

  96. Michelle Fournier says

    Awesome giveaway!! I love Zutano

  97. The shag hats are so adorable! Love this look!

  98. I really want my baby to get this for Christmas: http://zutano.com/product/elephants-sleeveless-romper/
    Or this–I love that it’s mostly cotton, not poly!: http://zutano.com/product/apple-cozie-baby-elf-onesie/

  99. Zutano shaggy hat and the booties! We love the booties 🙂

  100. Veronica Rinker says

    Great Clothes, Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. Love this kitty kat top http://zutano.com/product/kitty-kat-long-sleeve-viola-top/ with pool leggings! Zutano is one of my absolute favorite brands for my little girls. So fashionable yet appropriate and comfy.

  102. Crystal Wilder says

    I would go with anything, but my favorites are the cute pocket dresses! So adorable. Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. http://zutano.com/product/peacock-toddler-flounce-skirt/

    Love the peacock line! Thanks for the chance!

  104. Mayla Moore says

    Dinos Reversible Toddler Hoodie is my favorite! http://zutano.com/product/dinos-reversible-toddler-hoodie/

  105. We do pj’s every year and books! Love this giveaway!

  106. Anything in the stripe pattern!

  107. These would be a great gift for nieces or little ones in your clan.


  108. The adorable hats would make great gifts http://zutano.com/shop/category/winter-hats/

  109. Carmen Van Deursen says

    I love the cozy hoodie in any color http://zutano.com/product/pool-cozie-toddler-hoodie/

  110. five stripe chocolate elf hat! lovin it!

  111. I recommend the striped tights

  112. Anna Davidson says

    So much good stuff!! But I love love love the Elf Onesie!

  113. teresa herrera-honores says
  114. Catherine Bedford Wilke says
  115. I absolutely adore this bow tie!!! http://zutano.com/product/peacock-bow-tie/

  116. I absolutely adore this bow tie! http://zutano.com/product/peacock-bow-tie/

  117. I think the Pool Cozie Baby Elf Onesie is so cute! http://zutano.com/product/pool-cozie-baby-elf-onesie/

  118. Julia Miller says

    What to get is a tricky one to answer without knowing the kids, but I have to say, their little cloth rattle toys are simply adorable. The Tangerine Lion and Periwinkle Puppy are especially striking. I’d personally lean towards the Periwinkle Puppy as a gift, because its shape is more distinct: http://zutano.com/product/periwinkle-puppy-zutanomal-plush-rattle/ *laugh* Though if she responds to the patterns you usually put her in, Sugarbaby might get a kick out of the Hip Hoppy bunny noted as “boy” because of the bold pattern. http://zutano.com/product/boy-hip-hoppy/ I know most of the babies I’ve been around would love to chew those ears!

  119. I really like Pagoda Baby Button Shirt and the Motorway Baby Pants

  120. brittany k. says

    love love love these clothes!

  121. I love this toddler dress:



  122. Miranda Welle says
  123. Miranda Welle says
  124. I am so in love with these and think that they would make great gifts: http://zutano.com/product/black-stripe-cozie-baby-booties/

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  125. I think Sugarbaby definitely needs those chocolate striped baby booties! http://zutano.com/product/chocolate-candy-stripe-baby-booties/

  126. Um. Everything? heh. But specifically this jacket: http://zutano.com/product/pagoda-terry-toddler-bodice-jacket/

  127. Such cute stuff!

  128. Ok, here’s my story about my love affair with Zutano:

    When we found out our first baby was a girl, we bought her an outfit. Zutano, of course.
    When our second baby revealed his gender, we didn’t have any money at the time, so we bought him a Zutano hat. On super sale. But it was a hat with planets on it. We ended up naming him Marsden – Mars – so the hat was quite befitting!
    And, in keeping tradition, when we found out our third was a girl, we bought her several Zutano outfits despite still not having money at the time, because it is our favorite children’s clothing brand out there.

    We love Zutano!

  129. Great giveaway!! I love this stuff.

  130. I think this cute little owl dress would be a great gift!

  131. I am so in love with all of the peacock prints!
    <3 Sugar Baby would look darling in these!

  132. I think Sugarbaby NEEDS these booties. My Evangeline needs them 😉 http://zutano.com/product/orange-candy-stripe-baby-booties/

  133. The dino outfit and the booties are the best. I have been gazing longingly at the website wanting to shop for my 4 month old!

  134. Desiree Tatro says

    Chocolate Polka Stripe Tights. Adorable!!

  135. rebecca williams says

    The Penny Lane Wrap Baby Dress is so cute!

  136. Heather @ It's Twinsanity! says

    Sugarbaby needs this: http://zutano.com/product/owls-baby-dress/

    That’s what I want for my new little girl (born 2 weeks ago.)