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“BabyComfyNose is thrilled to offer a giveaway on The Leaky Boob.  Our company is such a great fit with this community!  There are those who say “YUCK, I would never use that!” and then there are those who say “YES! FINALLY!  It makes so much sense to use your own suction to clear out my baby’s mucus. (as long as I don’t get it in my mouth)”  I’m certain that the Leaky Boob constituency will appreciate a chance to win the best-designed, most effective aspirator on the market today.” ~ Peter, BabyComfyNose owner.

Jessica meets Peter

In the following interview, Peter tells us about his company and product, BabyComfyNose, and offers his perspective on how to deal with baby sniffles.  Below the interview, you’ll find your chance to win one of these remarkable products.


TLB:  What sets BabyComfyNose apart from other infant nasal aspirators?

Peter:  The BabyComfyNose nasal aspirator uses your own suction power, which makes it stronger than bulb and battery-powered aspirators.  A lot stronger.  Lab testing has shown that it can generate about 10 times as much suction as bulb or battery aspirators (depending on your suction strength) and it produces more sustained suction, so it really gets out the deep mucus that conventional aspirators can’t touch.

Also, the BabyComfyNose is designed specifically to use standard tissue as a filter.  There are other self-suctioning type aspirators that use plastic foam rubber filters. But there are several advantages to the tissue system.  Household tissue is an inherently absorbent material with small pore size, whereas the foam rubber has large pores and does not actually absorb liquid. This makes tissue a better filter material. And of course, tissue is free and always available.


TLB:  What motivated you to create this product and start your company?

Peter:  When my son was about a year old he developed RSV and was constantly congested and miserable.  We realized that conventional aspirators did not work very well because they don’t have the suction power to effectively remove deep nasal mucus.  So I went down to my shop, got some tubing and some duct tape and fashioned a snot sucker.  I was amazed at how much mucus I got out of his little nose using a tube and my own suction.  But I had to design it so that snot could not get up the tube and into the mouth.   The result was an egg-shaped receptacle that, because of the larger volume in the middle, slowed the velocity of the air, preventing snot from getting up the tube.

TLB:  Have you had the chance to use your snot sucker on your own kids?

Peter:  This past weekend, my 6 year old daughter Uma had a bit of a cold and she requested the BabyComfyNose.  I was happy to oblige.  I still feel tremendous satisfaction seeing great globs of mucus  being pulled out of the nose and into the aspirator.

TLB:  Ok, the question that’s on everybody’s mind that first hears of your product: Are you actually sucking your baby’s snot through a tube connecting their nose to your mouth?  That sounds gross.

Peter:  There’s really no way to get snot in your mouth using the BabyComfyNose.  As I mentioned above, because of the larger volume of the middle of the aspirator, the air velocity slows down so that it just can’t suck liquid up to the tube.  That’s kind of a principle of fluid dynamics.  And if you put a lightly wadded tissue in the body, it’s a guarantee that mucus gets trapped.

TLB:  Other than using a Baby Comfy Nose, what other tips do you have for helping make small children comfortable when dealing with an upper respiratory infection?

Peter:  Our son Benjamin often had croup when he was a little baby and it’s scary.  The respiration rate goes up and they sound like struggling little seal pups when they cough.  The Dr. Sears Bible suggests, and we found to be very helpful, to put them in a lot of steam, like a hot steamy bath or even better: a steam shower, and then bundle them up and take them outside. The temperature change has the effect of opening up the airways.  And we found that it really works.  But if respiration gets too labored, you might have to take a trip to the ER for oxygen and steroids.  Yuck, avoid that if you can.



Peter is giving away a full set of BabyComfyNoses (Blue, Magenta & Crystal) WITH additional nose tip and mouth piece to one lucky Leakie. If you can’t use them all yourself, give them away at your next baby shower!   Retail value: over $50.00


Leakies can find videos on how to use the BabyComfyNose and discount coupon codes at


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from February 21, 2013 through February 27, 2013.  A big thanks to Peter and BabyComfyNose for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on twitter (@babycomfynose) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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  1. We prefer reading over movies but my 2 year old has recently discovered Veggie Tales and we definitely used that to keep him still for a bit when we were all sick recently. Usually we don’t watch much TV though.

  2. We like to watch sesame street when he feels under the weather.

  3. finding nemo is her one and only movie love so far. luckily, i don’t find it annoying!

  4. Wow! Id love to try one on my little booger monster!!!!

  5. My little guy is only 6 months, so too young to have a favorite movie. Luckily, he hasn’t been sick yet either!

  6. tiffany campbell says

    With my son, we love to watch any Disney movie. His favorites are Toy Story, Cars, and Tangled 🙂

  7. We don’t really have a movie to watch when my 3 year old is not feeling well. He usually likes to watch Max and Ruby on Demand over and over again.

  8. My little one is only 5 months so he doesnt have a favourite movie, but when we are under the weather we enjoy watching pride and prejudice although this will most likely change as he gets older.

  9. My son is too young for movies, but my personal favorite is Love Actually (not exactly kid friendly, though!)

  10. My child’s favorite sick movie is Cinderella. We are sick right now and I’ve been wanting a baby comfy nose but can’t find one in a store!

  11. joanna garcia says

    My girls love Peter Pan!

  12. teresa herrera-honores says

    Despicalble me they always get a laugh out of it and Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

  13. What an awesome and innovative design!!

  14. What an awesome and innovative design!!

  15. What an awesome and innovative design!!

  16. What an awesome and innovative design!!

  17. What an awesome and innovative design!!

  18. What an awesome and innovative design!!

  19. What an awesome and innovative design!!

  20. What an awesome and innovative design!!

  21. What an awesome and innovative design!!

  22. My little one is only 8 months, so not much tv yet. Right now he just wants cuddle time when he’s sick.

  23. Veggie Tales!

  24. Last time my son was really sick-when he was 2.5- I think we watched Cars 2 more than 7 times in one weekend! Of course, he slept through a lot of those showings. We aren’t a big tv watching family, but it sure helped keep him snuggling on the couch instead of wildly running around(which seems to be his instinct, even when puking hourly)

  25. No movies yet, but they like Dora la Exploradora

  26. Alyssa Laughlin says

    Motorized madness. I’m not sure what it is about that DVD, but all the kids just become a quiet zoned in bunch! Seriously it’s amazing!

  27. Amanda Konkle says

    Finding Nemo – “Keep swimming, keep swimming!”

  28. My son likes to watch Tom n Jerry or Scooby Doo.

  29. The Heffalump Movie is always a winner in this house!

  30. My son is 6 months old, so no TV yet. But I’m hoping he likes Finding Nemo or Ice Age. 🙂

  31. LO doesn’t watch movies yet, but I like any comedy/romance movie.

  32. My LO is only 4 weeks old, so I would say for me it’s any love stories. 🙂

  33. Sara Swanson says

    I like Harry Potter movies when I’m down or sick

  34. Baby is only 2 mo, so I’ll speak for myself…my favorites are “While You Were Sleeping” and “Pride & Prejudice”. Depends on my mood!

  35. It’s hard to pick just one! My favorite sickie movies are Hitch, the old Dr. Dolittle, Willy Wonka, Once, and Stardust

  36. We watch Super Why or Dinosaur Train on Netflix.

  37. Bob the Builder and Cars 2 always do the trick!

  38. Princess Bride!

  39. I am preggo with my first so I don’t know yet. But I personally love Nemo, WallE, Ratatouille & Up & already own them. So they will definitely be watched 🙂

  40. Sherice Groff says

    My baby girl is to little for “sickie” movies, or any other movies but she really enjoys the baby channel. She is currently going through her first cold at 9 months. I’m lucky to have been able to go this long but is it ever miserable. By far the hardest thing we have had to deal with so far. I could have used one of these this week. 🙂

  41. Monster Inc

  42. Jennifer Kinnebrew says

    Reading Llama Llama books are his favorite thing to do when all he wants to do is snuggle!

  43. My daughter loves Sleeping Beauty.

  44. We don’t have a favorite sick movie, but my daughter’s favorite things to watch are PBS Kids shows and Dora.

  45. My baby boy is too little for movies yet, but any of the Shrek movies or Despicable Me are my go-to movies for sure.

  46. We don’t have a favorite movie as long as we are snuggled up and resting on the couch my boys are good.

  47. any disney movie.

  48. Ever after!

  49. aladdin!

  50. We watch white Christmas.

  51. For my kids, we always watch Cars or Cars 2 when they’re sick… but for me, I prefer comedy tv. I watch reruns of Big Bang Theory or Friends.

  52. Any old musical! 7 Brides for 7 Brothers.

  53. We watch RENT 🙂

  54. Sesame Street is always a favorite in our house. Lately Barney and Thomas the Train has been added to the list =)

  55. Megan Grant says

    Veggie Tales and Mickey Mouse Club House are my toddlers favorites, and baby brother just watches whatever big brother is watching 🙂

  56. My lo’s favorite is The Polar Express or anything Thomas related

  57. Dumbo 🙂

  58. I’m a huge Jane Austen fan, so whenever I’m sick it’s a JA movie marathon for me. I also loved Fern Gully as a kid, and occasionally pull out that fav. My son is only 6 months old so maybe once he’s bigger, he’ll like it too! Might be a bit too much to hope that he likes Jane Austen movies…

  59. For me, it’s the movie The Blues Brothers. So far, my 8 month old is a big fan of old school Muppet Babies or Cinderella – both calm her down when she’s being overly fussy.

  60. Lately I would say Tangled. She will watch that movie over and over and over.

  61. My daughter is too young for movies, but my favorite is The Big Lebowski!

  62. My daughter is too young to really sit still for movies, but when she does want to watch something it is usually Elmo! She will point to the TV and I know that means she wants to watch the tapes we have of “Elmo’s World.”

  63. Christina Howell says

    I have to be honest. My little boy doesn’t watch any TV/movies. We just snuggle and read books. I don’t want him watching the TV until he is over 2.

  64. Nicole Bear says

    My little one is only 3.5 months old, and thankfully hasn’t been sick yet. When I am sick I like to watch Dirty Dancing, and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights!

  65. My son is a fan of all the Cars movies. 🙂

  66. wizard of oz

  67. I like watching Little Women and You’ve Got Mail when I’m sick.

  68. While this definitely sounds strange, I would be willing to try it! We don’t really have a favorite yet. My little one is only six months old. We do enjoy our VeggieTales though!

  69. I like watching Moulin Rouge when I’m feeling icky.

  70. netflix. depends on who, but a netflix marathon fixes all 😉

  71. Bridget Palkow says

    My daughter is only 4 months old so no tv yet.

  72. Our favorite sickie movie is Rescuers Down Under.

  73. Fave sickie movie for my kiddos has always been Disney Incredibles.

  74. Winnie the Pooh!!!

  75. My dd loves Cars!

  76. We watch Hercules and little mermaid on our sick days.

  77. Amanda Lockner says

    Despicable Me. Love this idea!

  78. When my daughter is sick, she snuggles up and watches Toy Story 2 with me.

  79. Erica Bradley says

    We usually choose between the Madagascar, Toy Story, or Shrek movies.

  80. You’ve got Mail. Love watching it when I am feeling sick.

  81. Maggie Martin says

    We don’t really have a favorite. I pretty much just put in whatever he requests it’s never the same movie.

  82. Perfect timing! My baby has a cold, and I would love to be able to clear her nose. I hate those bulb syringes too. I got three different ones as gifts before she was born and none of them work.

  83. My daughter is too young to have a favorite movie for sick days, but earlier this week when I had a fever, I watched Pride and Prejudice and I actually felt a little better after!

  84. Erika Bengry says

    My daughter likes to watch Curious George. We would love to have one of these! Twins are on the way.

  85. We watch whatever show she wants to watch, but she particularly enjoys The Aristocats and The Nightmare before Christmas.

  86. Finding nemo

  87. Rachel Christenson says

    Scooby doo

  88. I like watching Princess Bride when I’m sick.

  89. We dont have a TV in our house, just play some really relaxing music and cuddle a whole bunch when the kids are sick.

  90. My dd loves the movie Rio

  91. Lo is only 9 months & we do not watch tv yet 🙂 hoping he will enjoy Disney movies as much as I did. (Ok still do!) I’ve seen these for sale and have been very curious! Definitely worth a try if it can give baby relief during a cold! Fingers crossed.

  92. Crystal Smith Zschokke says

    My kids favorite movies to watch when sick are –
    Cinderella – My little girls LOVE this movie so much!
    The Incredibles – My little boys are crazy about super heroes 😀

  93. I have never used it before, but I want to!!

  94. When Harry Met Sally

  95. This thing is brilliant!

  96. my son loves the curious george movie…it’s the only one he can sit all the way through!

  97. My daughter loves to watch videos called “The Giggle Bellies” when she is sick or well- they are her favorite. I, however, like to watch “Beauty and The Beast with her when we are both feeling under the weather together. In fact, we are both battling a cold right now and her bulb syringe just doesn’t cut it- we’ve been snuggling and watching a lot of good movies lately.

  98. My son us too young to have a favorite show! We just cuddle on the living room floor and watch whatever is on pbs !

  99. We love Doctor Who. He is a great pick me up!

  100. We cuddle up in my bed and watch scooby doo!!!

  101. My boys like Robin Hood.

  102. Anything with a princess…gotta love little girls!

  103. My DD is a Dora and Diego fanatic. She’s also currently got a VERY snotty nose 🙁

  104. I have a 6 month old. He doesn’t have a favorite movie yet, but he does like to watch Baby Signing Time.

  105. Anything with princesses

  106. Nicole Birrueta says

    The Little mermaid is our fave!:)

  107. Bronx (my 4 month old) and I like to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. He loves the music, bright colors, and the singing.

  108. My daughter could really use this right now! Thank you 🙂

  109. My son is only 11 weeks old so I cant tell for sure yet but he watching Finding Nemo. its so cute to see him interact and so focused when he watches movies and shows like Mickey mouse.

  110. Me and my baby Zoey like to watch Harry Potter when she’s not feeling well! This is a very cool alternative!

  111. My little one is only 3 months…I’m hoping I will be able to rotate through some Veggie Tales during sick days 🙂

  112. Home alone 2 lol. Daughter Just started school this year so she’s been sick quite a bit!

  113. Best “sickie movie” – Singing in the Rain. A fun mood-picker-upper!

  114. For awhile my LO preferred Winnie the Pooh, but lately it’s anything Disney!

  115. Jaquinta Nickle says

    My son isn’t quite yet 6 months old and hasn’t been sick once at all; hoping it stays that way for a good while as I breastfeed. He does however have a thing for this strange show called Ebee Baby, for some reason he totally loves it while I just find it strange. I think it’s the theme song that he likes best.

  116. Rocky and Bullwinkle!

  117. Mickey Mouse she has allot of them and will sit and watch Mickey all day.

  118. I have a special place in my heart for “Cinderella,” which is what my mom and I used to watch together when either of us were sick.

  119. We will allow a PBS cartoon on Demand while they lay on the couch to rest & feel better.

  120. I love Singles and Monsters Inc.

  121. Julie Siewert says

    My 2 year old doesn’t watch tv yet, but my favorite sicky movie is whatever is on Lifetime.

  122. My DD is only 8 months so I don’t let her watch tv but for me any Disney movie will work.

  123. I’d love one if these for my son. I’d definitely give the others away as gifts. He’s 2 months old and has such tiny nasal passages and always sounds stuffy, this would be great for him (and me)!

  124. PMy baby is too little for movies, but I love the BBC Pride and Predjudice when I’m to grumpy to get off the couch.

  125. My son doesn’t watch tv or movies either. He is just not into it.

  126. My son LOVES the old school Horton Hears A Who. I just wish it was longer lol

  127. My baby has not been sick yet and is too young for movies, but the sickie movie in my family tradition is Harvey. Nothing like Jimmy Stewart and a giant invisible rabbit to make you feel better!

  128. karie Suchocki says

    Our most recent favorite movie is Tangled! I would love to try this product, thanks for the opportunity!

  129. Naomi Holton says

    My little was sick this week & all he wanted was cuddles with mama & Elmo videos…

  130. My LO loves finding nemo 🙂

  131. Baby is too young for a favorite movie right now and has yet to get sick- yay for breastfeeding!

  132. Elmo!

  133. The Polar Express

  134. My little one is still to little for movies and has yet to get sick. I’d love to be prepared with a baby comfy nose when the big boogers invade!

  135. Randie Owens says

    She is still too young to have a favorite sickie movie, nor has she been sick yet, but her favorite movie in general is definitely Mary Poppins!

  136. despicable me and monsters inc are my chunky monkeys favorite to watch, lots of colors!!

  137. No favorite movies here just yet – for now its extra cuddles and rest.

  138. Winnie the Pooh or Thomas

  139. My dd is only 6months old so no movies but we cuddle and relax together.

  140. We like to watch various shows on Netflix and cuddle on a big blanket and pillow pallet in the floor.

  141. My kids love Cars, The Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc, Despicable Me and many others

  142. Angela Worley says

    Sesame Songs ~ Rock n’ Roll Request Show 🙂

  143. Mickey Mouse Club house has always been an attention getter in my house. We will all sit down and watch it!

  144. Daughter One’s favorite currently is Mary Poppins
    Daughter Two’s favorite is either Peter Pan or Tangled
    and Daughter Three is only 10 weeks, so no movies yet!

  145. Our kiddo hasn’t watched movies yet (only 5 months old) and when I’m sick I just like to watch silly tv shows on netflix or hulu. 🙂

  146. Elizabeth C says

    Our 2 year old has only been kind of sick about 4 times and all he wants is to be held and to sleep. But he does enjoy Winnie the Pooh, Spiderman, and Donald Duck on occasion.

  147. Katie Pitcher says

    My favorite sick movie is the Sound of Music. Cheers me up every time!

  148. Lynn Nadeau says

    No fave movie yet for our 9 mo old son, but I am a sucker for Disney movies!

  149. Kristi Hooke says

    He’s 6 months old so no movie yet… but I always love a sad movie when I’m feeling sick!

  150. Mandy Clymans says

    Thomas the Train 🙂

  151. Toy story 2

  152. I love watching comedy movies when sick like Bridesmaids. No sad movies for me. I will get more stuffy and LO is too young to have a fave movie! lol

  153. My son loves to watch Cars or Ratatouille.

  154. Ashley Garrett says

    We cuddle on the couch and watch Disney junior cartoons.

  155. My daughter likes Nemo and Lalaloopsy.

  156. You know what really sucks? I couldn’t get the giveaway widget to work the first three times I tried, and then I couldn’t find the article yesterday. 🙁 Kind of unfair that it wasn’t working correctly. I didn’t even have a chance to try! 🙁