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Becoming a parent is an event that changes you, and life as you know it, in many expected and surprising ways – most everyone recognizes this.  Perhaps less recognized, is that having your second child is often just as, if not even more, full of surprises and changes than with your first.  You think you have this parenting thing figured out with one, and then realize that what worked for them isn’t going to cut it for the second.  There’s beauty in the reality that as your family grows and changes, you all change and grow together.  This is something that Jeemaa, jewelry maker and TLB sponsor, is experiencing right now!  She shares some of her thoughts in a brief interview below, and shares some of the creations that her new baby boy have inspired with The Leaky Boob community through a giveaway further down the page.  

TLB:  First of all, congratulations Jeemaa, on the arrival of your new baby!  How is everyone adjusting to this cute new family member?

Jeemaa:  Thank you so very much!  We are overjoyed to welcome our son Oliver.  He is adorable and we are all slowly adjusting to our new hectic life!  The first couple of weeks were rough for our two year old Zachary, but he has quickly turned into a loving and caring big brother.  It melts my heart when I see him bond with his little brother!

TLB:  Have you been able to enjoy some quality down time since the birth?

Jeemaa:  At the moment, it is hard to find time for myself, but my husband and I try to save Friday nights for DVR date night.  We really look forward to it!  Once we establish a good routine that works for everyone, I am sure I will be able to have some quality time for myself.

TLB:  Have you noticed anything different with your breastfeeding experience this time around, and has it changed any of your views on breastfeeding?

Jeemaa:  Breastfeeding did not come easy to me with my first.  The first few months were a blur and all I remember is a lot of pain, problems with latching, mastitis more than a few times and the list goes on.  I was pretty close to giving up but kept telling myself one more week.  I think Zachary was about five months when I could finally say “OK, I think I can do it!”   The second time around, it has been a lot easier!  Oliver latched on like a seasoned pro!  I still had a few of the same issues (e.g., mastitis, oversupply) that I had with my first, but I knew where to look for answers.  I think my views on breastfeeding are evolving and I am definitely more respectful and understanding of others’ decisions – whatever that might be.

TLB:  What is your favorite breastfeeding tip?

Jeemaa:  I have two. Have contact information for a good lactation consultant handy!  My life saver is Chris Harter in Columbus, Ohio.  She is an amazing woman full of knowledge and life time experience!  Also, take advantage of the breastfeeding help lines!

TLB:  How has your new baby affected your jewelry making business, and do you have any special plans for 2013?

Jeemaa:  A new baby means less time and I have to use my limited time wiser.  It also means new inspirations and new ideas!  Just starting from last week, Oliver started grabbing my necklace with his tiny hands.  I noticed that he loves grabbing the chunky textured wooden beads more and I thought I don’t have enough of those in my shop.  I love colors … especially the colors I find in semi precious stones.  Combining his favorite textured beads with my favorite semi precious stone beads, I created more Teething Ring Statement Necklaces.  I love the way they look and feel and would like to offer two of them for the TLB readers. I hope you will like them as much as Oliver and I do!


Jeemaa  is giving away two (2) different prizes to two (2) lucky Leakies – one prize each.  The prizes are:

  1. A Teething Ring Statement Necklace with Rose Quartz: Made of all natural maple ring, wooden beads and a coin shaped flat Rose Quartz stone. It is simple yet pretty! The textured beads and the movable wooden ring will keep the lil ones’ hands busy.  Retail Value: $16.00
  2. A Teething Ring Statement Necklace with Turquoise: Made of all natural maple ring,  wooden beads and a coin shaped flat Turquoise stone. It is simple yet pretty! The textured beads and the movable wooden ring will keep the lil ones’ hands busy.  Retail Value: $16.00


Currently Leakies can find these necklaces (and others!) in Jeemaa’s Etsy shop:


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from March 5, 2013 through March 11, 2013.  A big thanks to Jeemaa and Mommy Jewelry Sturdy and Purdy for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway open to international entries. 

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  1. Only one kiddo so far, but I definitely want a few more!

  2. I only have one and it’s definitely been a big transition, but I expect the second will (eventually) be bigger!

  3. Brittny says:

    I just had my first in September 2012. It has been an amazing experience! I love watching him grow and learn, everyday is a new adventure with him!

  4. I only have one so far, so no basis for comparison. It was definitely an adjustment going from no kids to life with a newborn, though!

  5. domestic diva says:

    I have one, so far. So I guess that’s the only transition we’ve made.

  6. Catherine says:

    I have 2 children, and both transitions were very hard.

  7. Christina says:

    One so far, with the next one coming in less than 3 months. I admit I’m counting on this upcoming transition being easier than the first!

  8. I have two, and it was definitely trickier adding a second. All the challenges of a baby, plus having a toddler to chase around, too. 🙂

  9. Jaime F says:

    We’ve just got one with plans for a second. He’s such a good baby, I’m almost afraid to have more!

  10. Lindsay Hamilton says:

    And day (or even hour now), waiting for our first to arrive!

  11. Tina T. says:

    I have 3 children with one on the way. My hardest transition was being a mom again with my second child after almost a 6 year gap. I felt like “a newbie with experience” if that makes sense? My 2nd child was very tempermatic as well, (my first hardly ever cried). Not to mention, it was the first time I was breastfeeding as well. Her poop would change ALOT!! She was attached to me 24/7, nursing and nursing and nursing… she got thrush and I had bleeding cracked nipples for the first time in my life! As much as i nursed and nursed she was still miserable.. Doctor said she had all of the common signs for a milk protein allergy and on top of it, they told me I had a fore milk/hind milk imbalance… It was a nightmare!!! I though the sibling transition was going to be more difficult however, it was not. My second child was a “high needs” colicky baby as the doctors like to put it. I could not go anywhere without her screaming. It was incredibly stressful. I’m finding out more and more now that she is 2, what might have benn causing this temperament. My 3rd child has been a breeze so far and I’m hoping the same for my 4th.. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  12. I have one 6 month old boy =)!

  13. Lindsay H says:

    I have two and second baby is harder so far, largely because my 4 year old seems to need less sleep than I do. I just laugh now when I read “sleep when the baby sleeps”, envisioning the havoc my preschooler could wreak if unattended while I did so!!

  14. Robyn R. says:

    I only have one right now (6 months), but have heard that the transition from one to two is hard!

  15. Jessica says:

    I only have one and it has been a bigger transition than I imagined. Who knew one could obsess about naps?!

  16. I have 3, the hardest transition was defi itely going from 1 to 2. Learning to balance everything between them did not come naturally. Lol

  17. ginger g. says:

    none….yet : )

  18. Caron B says:

    I only have 1 right now.

  19. Jessica says:

    We have two kiddos. The second is more laid back than the 1st but because our first is still high needs its been hard to give her all the attention (and patience) she needs!

  20. Natalie says:

    What a great idea! My LO is always pulling on my tank strap or worse….my skin!

  21. I have two children, ages 6 and 11 months. I would say it was definitely harder going from no kids to one. It’s been much easier going from 1 to 2.

  22. Veronica Gomez Whitney says:

    One and one in the way in three weeks!

  23. Amanda Konkle says:

    my first child is due today (3/6) – so far the hardest part is the waiting!

  24. Nicole Spensley says:

    Just one so far….wondering about the transition involved in having a second.

  25. I only have one right now but I have a feeling that going from 1 to 2 is going to be harder.

  26. Kristin says:

    Our third baby was born in December, and going from 2 to 3 was definitely the hardest transition. We have 10 years between our oldest and middle, and 2 1/2 years from middle to youngest.

  27. Only have one right now! But already thinking about number 2 🙂

  28. Nicole McKinney says:

    We only have 1. But, I’m in my late 30’s & my husband is in his early 40’s. So, going from none to 1 has been Really challenging!

  29. Andrea M says:

    I have two kiddos and one on the way, the hardest for me was two because not only did I have two but I was living 24 hours from all family and friends and was a stay-at-home mom for the first time. A whole lot in a short period of time.

  30. We have 3 kids, but I don’t think any of the transitions were really very hard. If I had to pick one, I guess it’d be #2, only because our 1st 2 kids are only 16 mos apart in age, so it was like having 2 babies at once. Our firstborn didn’t walk until his baby sister was 2 months old, so I had to carry a HUGE, 30+# toddler & a newborn around at the same time. (Thank you, babywearing!!)

  31. artangelsp says:

    We are about to have #3 which I think will be the most challenging; however, going to two was tricky because of coordinating both children’s schedules and wants/needs so maybe after all this practice #3 will be easier! Here’s hoping!

  32. The first was definitely the hardest transition. By the second we were much more relaxed and nothing came as a surprise.

  33. Amy Bell says:

    I have 7 children, and adding the second and then third were the hardest! The necklaces are beautiful!

  34. adina holwerda says:

    I have 3, none of the transitions were particularly hard

  35. I have three children, one 3 year old boy and two 3 month old twin boys! As far as adjustment, I think that the first one was hardest, it was all so new… Two at a time is tough at times, but I knew what I was getting myself in to! 😉

  36. I only have one, but I imagine the hardest transition will be from one to two (hopefully!) because I am so used to having all of my time and attention available to her rather than having to share.

  37. Vivian Sun says:

    I have a 4 month old and 3 year old. My first was more difficult because I was a first time mom

  38. Megan C says:

    I have three – two daughters, ages 8 and 5, and one son, five months old. This last little one has been the most difficult transition. Three is a tough number to juggle, it turns out … at least for me! And the fact he was a “surprise” baby AND my first boy were additional shockers. I’m loving it, though. Very happy family here. 🙂

  39. I have two kids and the transition to two was definitely harder!

  40. 3, and the first was hardest

  41. Jamie Urbanawiz says:

    We have two, and they were both though transitions for different reasons. I think going from one to two was harder, though.

  42. I have five kiddos and the first was the hardest, all the others kind of fell in line.

  43. currently have none but hoping to soon! I think probably going from 1 to 2 would be the hardest.

  44. Anne Perry says:

    I have two boys… 2.5 years old and 4 months. Having my 2nd son was the toughest. I wish someone would have told me how hard it is to transition from 1 to 2. I feel that I cannot give my full attention to my loving toddler. He has always been my baby… now I tell him to wait and be quiet 🙁

  45. Rachel Williams says:

    I have one child right now. I am due in 3 weeks with my second. I feel a lot more relaxed about this baby coming than the first one. It is really nice to (kind of) remember what to expect with the next one.

  46. I’ve had a harder time going from one to two. The four and a half year gap between them didn’t help. My oldest is absolutely in love with his baby brother and the baby smiles just hearing his brothers voice. I hope as they grow they continue to have a loving bond and that has made every struggle this time around worth it.

  47. I have 2 sons, 3 1/2 years and 10 months. It was definitely a lot more of a challenge going from 1 to 2. I still feel like I don’t have it dialed in. I was so much more relaxed for the birth and everything that comes along with a newborn but juggling time and energy for both can be very challenging.

  48. I have one son (7 months), he was definately hard to transition to, but I have a feeling adding a 2nd one will make it a lot harder to transition to.

  49. Lisa Fox says:

    Only one kid right now, so I’m going to go with having my first.

  50. Marcella says:

    We’ve got two boys, and baby #3 is on the way!

  51. Marcella says:

    We’ve got two boys, and baby #3 is on the way!

  52. Grace White says:

    One boy and another due march 13! So far having one baby has been a big adjustment

  53. Christina Howell says:

    I have 1 kiddo and one is one the way (due in July). I am worried about the transition from 1 to 2 kids because I don’t know what to expect. We will see how it goes 🙂

  54. Katrina says:

    Only 1 so far (6 months next week!). The 2nd month was the hardest for me so far.

  55. I have two kiddos: 4 months, 4 years. The second has such a calm, easy disposition, her big sister is great with her, and I feel like I know what I’m doing this time around, so second is easier!

  56. I have two kids: a thirteen year old step-son and an eleven month old daughter. My step-son was more of an adjustment because I went from being single to married with an insta-family. The transition adding our daughter has been smooth because the thirteen old is such a HUGE help!

  57. Leila S says:

    only 1 babe — but boy going from none to one was no cakewalk!

  58. I’m a first time mom, but doing it all over again is something that I think about a lot. DH thinks that the second one is automatically easier…”We’ll know what we’re doing!” but he’s not thinking about trying to keep firstborn happy and feeling loved while tending to a very needy newborn. I also worry about how I will possibly love the second as much as I love my first. As a second born myself, I know that there are usually less photos, less special trips, etc with the second, but I really don’t want that to happen to us!

  59. Maressa says:

    We have two girls and sadly just lost our little boy Nolan at 18 weeks. We planning on giving ourselves time to heal and then trying again for our third.

  60. I only have one little one right now. She is 4 months old. It has been quite a transition for us, but we can’t imagine life without her!!! I am curious about how the transition will be when we give her siblings!

  61. We have 2 and transitioning from 1 to 2 was tough!

  62. I’ve just got the one right now, and that transition was interesting, but wonderful 🙂

  63. Jillian says:

    Going from 1 to 2 was way easier than going from none to one!

  64. Amy Shrago says:

    One, 10 weeks old and no matter what people tell you nothing prepared me for the epic tiredness!

  65. Melissa says:

    I had my second child in August baby sister to a 5 year old at home. The transition actually was pretty seamless, big brother is such a helper and little sister thinks he hung the moon more and more as she gets bigger.

  66. i have one 🙂
    thank you foe this opportunity!
    The Blood Of Jesus!
    God bless!

  67. i have one 🙂
    thank you foe this opportunity!
    The Blood Of Jesus!
    God bless!

  68. I have 1, 20 months – it was a HUGE change but an amazing enrichment! Love her to bits 🙂

  69. Only one baby so far. Planning in TTC in the next couple of months and worried about the transition! But baby #1 will be such a good big sister!

  70. Christine Bailey says:

    I have two step sons that are 10 and 12, and they live with us full time. Just had our first baby girl together. It’s been a little bit of a transition, but not too bad!

  71. Laura Frazier says:

    I’ve only got one baby so far but I can’t wait to have more!!

  72. Chelsea Lyons says:

    3 kiddos. Hardest is the third only because its my first time breast feeding and everything is new to me. But its not hard just a change.

  73. We have 3 children, 2 surviving. Hardest of all was losing our second, but our other two are the lights of our lives and we cherish each and every moment we have together.

  74. I had my first May 30, 2012 and couldn’t imagine life without her. She is my world, I never realized I could love a tiny person so much. She makes every single moment brighter. 🙂

  75. So far have one! The transition was a little hard, but she makes my life so wonderful!

  76. Could sure use one of these. This new baby grabs at everything!

  77. The first was certainly more difficult.

  78. I have one beautiful baby, I haven’t had a chance to transition to a bigger family yet, but my hardest transition so far was finding a job I can bring my babe to.

  79. These necklaces are beautiful!

  80. I have one little boy who is 5 months. He was born six weeks early so having a preemie was a pretty big transition for us.

  81. Amanda M. says:

    I have one darling babe currently. I think the transition from one to two would be intense because you are learning how to juggle one baby while having a newborn.

  82. Rachael says:

    So far just the one, but whoa what a life changer!!

  83. I desperately need this! My 6 month old has started to try to pierce my lips with his fingers….save me with one of these gorgeous necklaces!!!!

  84. I have three kids and I think going from 1 to 2 was hardest. Three is busy but not as hard.

  85. Right now, the leap from 1 to 2 kids seems overwhelming, terrifying, and….wonderful! Congratulations!

  86. Jessica Lincoln says:

    U am currently pregnant with my third ad so far the one with the hardest transition was my second bc that is also when I became a stay at home mom

  87. Christina says:

    love these necklaces!!

  88. Mary Anne says:

    Just have one, so that was the biggest transition for us. Number two sounds like it might be tougher.

  89. Lynette says:

    I have six children. Each has had its challenges through the transition to a new family dynamic, but I don’t think any were much “harder” than the others. Lots of times people with two toddlers look at me in a frazzled way to think of having six children, because they are overwhelmed with all that toddler life demands. But having bigger kids together with the little ones is very different. They help me and each other out, play together, keep an eye on what’s happening.

  90. Sarah Day says:

    I only have one child for now. I want more but my husband does not 🙁

  91. I am a first time mom to a beautiful baby girl. So far she is the hardest/easiest. lol She really is a pretty good baby. I got lucky. She does tend to get distracted easy while eating so I have been looking into these necklaces. Would LOVE to have one!

  92. We have two kids, two years apart, one boy, one girl. I’d say both transitions were challenging in their own ways. Every kid is different and provides many growth opportunities as a parent! 😉

  93. we have a four month old, and honestly she makes me want a dozen more, although we’ll be lucky to get two or three.

  94. Just had my first child, a boy, 4 weeks ago – gotta say the transition has been tough but wonderful!!

  95. Crystal says:

    3 kids. The hardest was my 3rd. Lots of jealousy in the beginning.

  96. Jenny Travis says:

    I have just one baby whom I love more than I could have ever imagined! We’re hoping to have at least one more! We had quite a few challenges in the beginning. My son had to have surgery. In total we were in the hospital for 3 weeks. He’s incredible now and huge!

  97. I just had my first child, a beautiful baby girl January of this year. Being a mother, after being convinced i didn’t want children has been the biggest transition of my life, but I wouldn’t change anything.

  98. I would say the 2nd. When I had my first I could give him all my attention and he became a huge mamas boy! Now with this one I have to split my time and try to figure out how to keep a jealous 3 year old occupied while feeding his sister!!

  99. Katherine says:

    I have one son, 5 mos – and it has been a HUGE transition for me, but a wonderful one. We had issues with BFing for the first couple of months, mastitis 3 times and 3rd degree nipple wounds – but we fought through it and are still EBFing. I LOVE it and am so glad we have that connection and special time for just the two of us. It’s the best thing ever.

  100. Melody Rudenko says:

    Love finding baby proof functional beautiful jewelry. Very rare!

  101. Charity says:

    Boy do I need one of the necklaces. My baby boy is distracted at the breast these days. Must be all of that growing he is doing.

  102. I have 3, and the hardest transition was the first! I had no idea what I was doing, and it was so hard that first year. The second went so well, it was awesome. And this time around, with the third, well, I feel like I got this! I would love this necklace, my little girl loves to scratch and pinch me while she nurses and it hurts!

  103. One baby, and the transition to parenting was pretty smooth since he is the most wonderful baby in the world 🙂

  104. Breanna says:

    I definently need one if these, my DS grabs at anything and everything while nursing. This can be very painful if I haven’t trimmed his nails in a while. Lol. Very purdy!!

  105. We only have 1 and he has been perfect- something every adult who knew me as a baby says i was not. So perfect that everyone says either he is waiting a while to release the wrath or the rest to follow will be the challenge.

    Im just giving thanks we have gone this far (5 months) with no real challenges

  106. I have three children. Transition from one to two – easiest transition ever! My first has special needs, and I was amazed at how easy everything was with the second. She learned things so easily! It was awesome. Second to third… not so easy because now I have a special needs child, and a demanding, stubborn, independent 4-year old to deal with while also taking care of a baby. Thankfully my Buddha baby is pretty calm and happy 🙂

  107. This one is my first and I can’t imagine adding a second baby would be any easier. Sure, I would sort of know what I am doing, but it would be really hard to have to deal with a toddler and a newborn at the same time!

  108. Amie Reed says:

    I just had my first and it has been so great but not without challenges. It’s sometimes confusing not knowing what to do at times everything is new. I assume if I ever have another it will be easier knowing what to expect but still hard bc there’s 2!! :))

  109. Leighanne says:

    I have two little ones (2 year old and a 2 month old, both girls)

    I think because I am still in ‘baby mode’ the second was not as hard as I thought it would be mostly because my older Daughter is so loving to her little sister. I think my first was more difficult because there was such a big change and lots things going on in my life.

    The hardest part about having two, giving the new baby as much time and attention as possible w/o giving the older one any less attention than you were before the new baby was born; this is out every day challenge.

  110. I have 2 with the third due early in May. Going from 1 to 2 was a bit of a transition (not helped by an international move 3 months before baby was due!), but helped by a 5 year gap I think. I am more worried about the transition this time around as my 2 1/2 year old is very demanding compared to my first and I am not sure I can handle his attention needs and the needs of a newborn at the same time!

  111. I’ve just had my first little one. It has been an interesting but fairly easy transition. I hope to have many more 🙂

  112. I have 4 children. I think the second was the hardest to adjust to and after that it was just adding another mouth to the circle of mommy’s. Things to do lol

  113. I have two kids and for me the first was really the hardest transition. There was soooooo much I didn’t know about being a mama and so much I didn’t know about being a stay-at-home mama! I had a terrible bout of depression/anxiety for almost two years with no medical intervention since everyone I saw assured me that I was “just tired,” and maybe I was….but that is two years that I would love to go back and do-over if I could. By the time my second baby came I understood so much more about myself and was able to relax a LOT more; I was able to extend myself some grace and was able to better prepare my heart and spirit as I helped my firstborn get ready to be a big brother. My husband thinks the second was hardest, but that’s just because he finally had to do a lot more of the hands-on parenting for our first. ;D
    And can I just say….I have a hair twirler as a nursling right now (my hair, not her’s) and I could really use a twiddling necklace for her! LOL

  114. First baby is on te way and will b a big transition fr us!

  115. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t say….each transition has been rewarding and challenging in its own way. None to one was a total lifestyle change, one to two offered the challenge of having to divide your attention, and two to three has challenged me with being more on the go. You just can’t stay home when you have older children and their activities, so nursing and napping on the go are more important this time around. Each time it has been wonderful, though!

  116. Heather R. says:

    I just had my first. He’s been great!

  117. Only one so far!

  118. My first is my step-daughter, so #2 has been more of an adjustment since I’m doing the newborn thing this time around!

  119. Jillian S says:

    I have 3 kids and one on the way, my kids are 14, 5 and 14 months, I think the biggest transition will be from 3 to 4, especially with the little ones so close together