Naked Nursing Tank Giveaway

“Don’t go into business with friends.”  This is a generally accepted adage, but every once and a while you run into an example of friends working together that exemplify just the opposite.  Close friends – best friends – can sometimes be the exact chemistry required for a business to thrive.  This is certainly the case for Jessica and I (The Piano Man writing here); best friends AND married, we  love nothing better than to work together and we are continually bemoaning how little time we have to do so.  Jen and Carrie, the women behind new TLB sponsor NakedNursingTank, appear to be in the same boat.  In the following interview, we catch a glimpse into their busy mom/work/best friend lives.  They love The Leaky Boob community and are thrilled to offer our Leakies a giveaway of their unique tanks.  What is a Naked Nursing Tank, you may ask?  Here is their take on it:

“Vital to every nursing mother’s wardrobe, the Canadian made, NakedNursing Tank Fits EVERY body type providing coverage for your midsection during nursing. Our Luxury Bamboo Naked Tank line covers below the pregnant belly and can be worn during pregnancy as a layering piece, and it retains its original shape after washing so you can wear it with your shrinking figure for the perfect midsection cover-up while you nurse your baby. The Classic Cotton and Luxury Bamboo Naked Tanks are extra long in length and were invented by two nursing Moms who designed its unique low scoop beneath-the-bust shape, allowing women to select their supportive bra of choice without infringing on necklines or having to be limited to the one-size-fits-all shelf bras. Slipping on your Naked Tank underneath your outfit transforms every regular shirt in your wardrobe into a nursing shirt, saving you money while providing a stylish choice. No other nursing blankets or cover-ups necessary…Easy. Efficient. Effortless.”

14. Jen & Carrie profession photo for NT

TLB:  What inspired you to start your company, “Naked Nursing Tank”?

Jen:  I was nursing at the gym one day and was extremely frustrated with the nursing tank that I had on because it did not allow me any access to my sports bra.  At that moment I immediately ran to find Carrie, who happened to be in the bathroom, and I told her that I had come up with a great invention 🙂  We had NO idea what we were getting into that day in the bathroom 😉

TLB:  Could you tell us a bit about your nursing tanks, and how the “naked” piece fits in?

Jen: Our tanks are designed to keep the breast area open for easy access, and your midsection covered.  We knew that the easiest way to nurse was when your top half was essentially ‘naked’.  We needed to be half naked and yet half covered all at the same time, which is how we coined the phrase, “When you need to be Naked, we’ve got you covered!” …and voilà, the Naked Nursing Tank name was born.

7. BEFORE shot -with sour face -no caption8. AFTER -with caption
TLB:  How long have you and Carrie known each other?  In what way has this business venture changed your relationship?

Jen:  We have known eachother since we played Varsity Rugby at The University of Guelph, which was in *gulp* 1996…wow, a seriously long time!! The business venture hasn’t really changed our relationship at all.  We are together all of the time because we have 2 small children each who are the same ages, and we are best friends.  I think we have an enormous amount of trust in one another from our days playing on such an intense team together and we compliment each other because we really are polar opposites, which fits amazingly well into our business plan.  I am the ‘let’s get running & leap off this cliff and see how we land’ person, and Carrie is the one who has the parachute making sure all the details are taken care of. It’s a great fit for the both of us!

TLB:  Running your own business and having a family is tricky; how do you balance work and family?

Jen:  Haha, I am not sure if ‘balance’ is the proper word to use right now.  We have an enormous amount of passion for the Naked Tank and helping women to feel more comfortable while nursing, so we dedicate as much time as possible to running the business.  With that being said, we are also very passionate about the time that we spend with our families.  A lot of the time that is dedicated to the business are stolen hours at the gym while the kids are in the playroom and then also the time right after they go to bed…and the occasional 20 minute intervals strung together during the day 😉

TLB:  What is your favorite breastfeeding tip?

Jen:  Breastfeed on demand, your baby is the only judge of when he or she is hungry. And enjoy the precious time you get to bond with your baby…this was our favorite part!

9. Jen Coffee Shop

The Girls at the Naked Nursing Tank are giving away 2 different prizes to 2 lucky Leakies.  

The prizes are:

1.  A Luxury Bamboo Naked Nursing Tank.  Our luxurious blended Bamboo fabric in your choice of Midnight Black or Lily White.  Retail Value: $39.99

4. Both Bamboo Tanks Together2. Black Tank Rear View No Straps- rear view 06-19-2012_noBra

2.  A Classic Cotton Naked Nursing Tank.  Our super soft blend of Cotton/Lycra fabric in your choice of Charcoal Grey or Light Platinum Grey  Retail Value: $29.99

6. Charcoal Grey Mauve Bra5. Platinum Grey

Currently Leakies can find these and other breastfeeding items on the Naked Tank website,


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from April 5, 2013 through April 11, 2013.  A big thanks to Jen and Carrie and The Naked Nursing Tank for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter at @nakedtank and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway open to international entries.

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  1. taking walks with our baby out in nature. I’m also really excited about pool time this summer.

  2. Scout places for phoography.

  3. Photography!

  4. I absolutely love them! I am breastfeeding my son, and I can see how this is so helpful!!!!!! Best thing ever for breastfeeding mamas, seriously.

  5. Great looking tops – perfect for feeding on a spring picnic with my little girl!

  6. taking baby girl to the park!

  7. Krissy Shively says

    These are super cute!! Always looking for cute nursing tops!!

  8. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up enough to play with the little one outside in our yard.

  9. We have already been enjoying some spring weather here. Playing outside with big brother is what we’ve been enjoying so far. I’m really looking forward to getting our garden going too. Need to get started on that this weekend! 😉

  10. We are looking forward to finally getting outside, walking lots, and getting dirty in the garden.

  11. I’m looking forward to taking my little to the park and having tons of fun OUTSIDE!

  12. Kristi Hooke says

    I’m looking forward to many days spent at the park!

  13. Jacqueline Smith says

    just being outside more! Playing at the playground, hiking, taking walks downtown

  14. We are looking forward to getting outside to play! The kids are desperate to be outdoors again.

  15. gsoraparu says

    Being outdoors with my twins!

  16. Today is our first pretty day in over a week, so I’m looking forward to taking my baby to the park!

  17. Mylinda F says

    We’re enjoying trips to the Zoo, until little man #2 arrives this week, that is!

  18. Kimberly M says

    I would just love spring weather to show up – it’s snowing here right now!

  19. Looking forward to getting outside with my 3 mo LO and pooch! We have been getting out a little but the warm weather will make it SO much easier!!!

  20. It would be nice to try this out.

  21. I would love to try one of these nursing tanks!

  22. Naomi Scott says

    Awesome idea!

  23. Looking forward to warmer weather! We’ve had winter since October!

  24. Melissa R says

    I’m looking forward to the beautiful weather! Taking walks!

  25. rachel v. says

    I am looking forward to yard clean up; which means planting in the garden it not too far away!

  26. Now that it’s springtime, I’m looking forward to spending more time outside and taking more walks with my son.

  27. I want one! This being my 4th breastfed chunk of love, a nursing tank would be greatly appreciated!

  28. Bridget Palkow says

    Ill admit it, im looking forward to cleanng the entire house.

  29. Courtney Schreiner says

    We are so excited for spring so we can plant flowers and just be outside playing!

  30. Swim classes with The Toddler while the weather heats up-so that my growing belly can stay cool out here in the desert!

  31. Amanda Boucher says

    Awesome product!!

  32. great idea!

  33. Amanda Boucher says

    I’m looking forward to longer walks outside now the weathr is nicer, and to building my new deck.

  34. We’re excited to go on walks, play in the yard, and go to the park.

  35. Gardening!

  36. shanmari says

    I’m ready to dig my fingers into the soil and watch the plants grow!

  37. Anna Raikes says

    Can’t wait for picnics with my little man!

  38. Rebekah Schraut says

    Would love one of these. Nursing a 22 month old is challenging enough without worrying about my tummy sticking out! Lol

  39. I love hiking, and can’t wait to start again! Still a little too cold here in CO 🙂

  40. Michele R. says

    Oh my wish I had known about these with my first child! I’m due with my second in September, so they will come in handy! Great idea!

    It’s springtime here in Oregon and we are having gorgeous weather! We’ve been outside playing and biking, planting flowers, hitting the parks!

  41. I’m looking forward to gardening!

  42. I am always in search of good nursing tops. First child nursed for 3.9yrs and the second is at 16mnths, so I still have lots of nursing days/weeks/months and years ahead of me!

  43. Stefanie S. says

    I’m really looking forward to spending time at the playground with my 8 month old son this spring!

  44. Spring means getting outside of the house for me! Anything outside of the house is enjoyable.

  45. Andrea R says

    Looking forward to spending some time outdoors with baby girl before I go back to work. Also, maybe this is the year we tear up the back deck and create the yard we want.

  46. Just going out for walks and starting to get some plants in the ground. Oh I love spring

  47. I just started digging things up and planting in the garden with the kiddos. We are also redoing some furniture. Love spring

  48. katherine d says

    looking forward to outdoor pilates

  49. Great idea! Would definitely love one of these for when the weather gets nicer!

  50. Love going for walks and just being outside

  51. Victoria W says

    I’m excited to get outside again, doc has me as a fall risk until the ice goes away

  52. What a great idea. I use the regular tank under my shirt, but this stretches the neck on all my tank tops.The naked nursing tank is a wonderful solution.

  53. Wish i had one of these with my son. It would have made my life so much easier!

  54. opps I didn’t answer the question right. I’m lovin’ spring out here in Cali! We’ve planted flowers, tomatoes and gone for many walks. But my favorite is when we head down to the Farmers Market!

  55. I have been looking for something like this!!

  56. kitsunedeathdancer says

    Taking walks and riding bikes 🙂

  57. Walking outside and going to the park!

  58. Emily M. says

    I’m looking forward to walks outside finally!

  59. Andrea Varnado says

    Bbq’s and suntanning!!

  60. Katherine says

    I’m looking forward to planting our veggie garden!

  61. We’ve been doing a lot of walks to the park and sitting at coffee shops to people watch 🙂

  62. Catherine says

    ANYthing outside! 🙂

  63. Christina says

    Walks to the park with my 4-year-old.

  64. spring is here! already enjoying lots of time at the playground.

  65. We are looking forward to going to the park.

  66. walking in the “not” rainy weather………

  67. Lindsay H says

    I’m really looking forward to going for lots of long walks with our sons!

  68. Going for walks in the park

  69. Michele B says

    I’ve been looking forward to playing outside at the playground and family walks. And this tank looks absolutely perfect. I hate how most tanks have clips you have to undo and then undo your bra. It just doesn’t work for me. But I need that belly coverage.

  70. Shayna Dimmick says

    Puddle-jumping with the littles!

  71. Lots of cleaning and preparing for baby #4 due in July!

  72. Amanda cox says

    I plan to start taking my daughter to the park more

  73. Lacey Wisdom Morrison says

    I am looking forward to spring and being able to take my kids to the park and play.
    Play in the yard and have outside play dates. Not to mention getting back into shape from
    Having my daughter 5 weeks! I loved taking my 22 month old on walks or runs with me
    last year.

  74. Monique L. S. says

    So happy to be able to take my daughter out for walks again. Great to be able to get out of the house!

  75. Looking forward to walks and the park.

  76. Trips to the park!!!!

  77. Unfortunately, I live in the Arctic and spring wont be here until June. I look forward to when the snow melts enough that I can take my kids to the park! I will watch my daughter play while I sit and nurse my son.

  78. just getting out of the house easier!

  79. Alyssa Laughlin says

    Just enjoying finally being able to get out of the house and family cookouts!!

  80. Jennifer says

    I really want to start my garden–I should have a month ago!

  81. Ashley Leonard says

    I can’t wait to get out and take some pictures! Also birth this baby next month

  82. Courtney says

    I am looking forward to finally getting my 6 month old out in the sunshine and taking him on jogs with me.

  83. With a 2 1/2 year old nursling and one on the way, I need an entire drawer full of these tops!

  84. sherry moore says

    I cant wait to take my daughter to the park : )

  85. Park days and picnics

  86. Looking forward to taking some walks before the weather gets too hot. Hanging clothes outside is also a nice option.

  87. Elizabeth says

    Nice tops that they look like they are comfortable for summer.

  88. Going to pretty walks outside!

  89. Walks with my kids

  90. Crystal H says

    Long walks with my triple stroller and ergo
    And my 4 babies

  91. I’m looking forward to swinging on our playset & having dinner outside.

  92. Jenny Travis says

    I’m itching to take the boy hiking. The snow has finally melted and the weather is warming up. I’ve missed enjoying the outdoors this winter!

  93. Lindsay Wilson says

    Springtime = hanging my laundry outside to dry. With two kids already, and one due in a couple of weeks, there’s lots of laundry to keep on top of. I love spring!

  94. Long walks around our little town, but we’ve got s bit longer before we don’t need to bundle up first!

  95. We can’t wait to get downtown and walk around out in the sun!

  96. Christina Howell says

    I love going on walks with my son and taking him to the park. I also am looking forward to planting a garden.

  97. I’m looking forward to gardening!

  98. Still a bit chilly here. Waiting for some warmer weather before taking my newborn out and about. Right now my 2yr old, the babe and I are enjoying trips to the aquarium and science center.

  99. Enjoying playing outside with my son

  100. Going to the park!

  101. We’ve already started taking more walks outside!

  102. I am definitley looking forward to getting into my gardens & just spending time outside

  103. Love love love walking with the little ones.

  104. Enjoying the outdoors before it gets to the sweltering temps of summer!

  105. I’m already taking the boys out for long walks in the sunshine, and I’m looking forward to letting them play in the yard while I garden.

  106. Ashley B. says

    Gardening with babe in a back carry! Lots of walks and trips to the arboretum

  107. Alaka Frolick says

    I’m looking forward to so many things!!!! Long walks outside with the stroller or with my son in just the Ergo, hiking, trips to the dog park to let our Chocolate Lab swim, wearing skirts and dresses and sandals again… and seeing how my son loves his first spring! <3

  108. looking forward to hanging more laundry out on the clothesline! Especially diapers! And looking forward to just playing outside with my crazy three year old boy!

  109. amy green says

    taking walks with our dog !

  110. Kate George says

    I am already loving taking my 8 month old to the park, and I can’t wait for the local waterpark to open!!

  111. Anne Perry says

    farmers markets and planting flowers

  112. Looking forward to swimming in our pool, and going to the Farmer’s Markets!!

  113. I’m looking forward to hiking with my little one!

  114. I’m looking forward to getting outside and eating fresh strawberries!

  115. I love planting new flowers in my backyard.

  116. I am ready to be able to take the kids outside and play!

  117. Shannon Williams says

    looking forward to getting outside for walks with the little ones.

  118. I can’t wait to start taking my little guy on hikes and to the zoo now that the weather is warmer!

  119. Michelle Heasley says

    Going to the park and the zoo

  120. Andrea M says

    We just got a zoo membership, looking forward to using it for all it’s worth!

  121. definitely the park!

  122. I love being outside with my kids & going to the park together.

  123. Kari Harris says

    We’re looking forward to getting back out to the fun playgrounds!!

  124. I’m looking forward to taking the kids to the playground. We went the other day, but it was too cold to stay for very long. My oldest loves to run around and my little one is finally big enough to climb around.

  125. picnics

  126. Nicole O'Hare says

    Looking forward to going to the park and the beach.

  127. Christine Bailey says

    Getting our vegetable garden started!!

  128. Rachel williams says

    I like to fish

  129. Hanging out at the zoo!

  130. Ready to take my daughter, niece, & nephews fishing & swimming!

  131. Lindsay Leisner says

    Excited to explore the outdoors with my twin boys this spring!

  132. Shakeeta W says

    I’m excited about being able to play outside with my babies and wearing flip-flops (I hate regular shoes lol).

  133. I’m looking forward to being in my garden. I’ve already started indoor plants, and some have sprouted. It makes me so happy! I can’t wait for some warm weather.

  134. Paula Nagengast says

    Teaching my preschooler to ride a bike 🙂

  135. Sara Allen says

    I usually plant a big garden, but with a newborn I’m looking forward to just planting a couple of cherry tomato plants in pots. 🙂

  136. domestic diva says

    I’m looking forward to planting my garden.

  137. I am looking forward to taking my kids outside and I am very much looking forward to the dogwoods blooming.

  138. Walks w/my 9 month old in my moby wrap!

  139. We are waiting for our Spring baby (#4) to arrive. Giving birth is what I am most looking forward to this spring, LOl!

  140. Claire Rheinheimer says

    I can’t take to take walks and just let my son play outside!

  141. My daughter is begging to go too the playground, but the ground is still covered in snow here 🙁 Soon!

  142. planting our garden.

  143. Michelle Bills says

    These are a great idea! Love that they help keep you modest while you feed your lovey.

  144. Taking walks and my son to the park to ride in the swing for the first time 🙂

  145. Sierra eskra says

    I want one!!

  146. It’s just starting to get nice in Nebraska. We’ve gone on walks and I’ve line dried my diapers this week.

  147. Angela Yeremenko says

    Taking daily walks with my 2 daughters.

  148. Spring break, it just started!

  149. I’m definitely looking forward to family hikes, ice cream stops and more playground time for my little guy! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  150. melissa p says

    I’m looking forward to hiking and gardening with my family.

  151. Spring is already in Texas – we’re enjoying walks, the outdoor mall, and time in the yard!

  152. Taking walks with my new kinderpack!

  153. We went for a walk down by the Capitol building today and took pictures and it was so beautiful outside! Hoping to do more walks with my little 10 weeker now that the weather is getting better. I nursed him at the botanical gardens today and this would have really come in handy! 🙂

  154. April means my kids’ birthdays, so we’re excited to celebrate at the end of the month!

  155. Hannah Haws says

    Can’t wait for all of the fresh produce to explode at our local farmers’ markets … =)

  156. Catie Avis says

    finishing up another semester

  157. meli55a2001 says

    Playing at the park.

  158. Jenna Grossarth says

    Taking walks, “discovering” spring.

  159. Miss_Elles says

    We’ve still got lots of snow here in Manitoba (there are big, fat flakes falling right now actually!) so I’m just looking forward to all of the snow melting & being able to sit outside & feel the warm sunshine on my face again. My 17 month old has had such a long winter, she likely can’t even remember what grass is!

  160. We already have brought out the bounce house once and gone to the park twice. looking forward to more trips with baby girl until her brother gets here.

  161. Love taking walks with my baby girl! would love a tank 🙂

  162. Courtney says

    We are looking forward to getting more active in the warm weather!

  163. Walking to parks! 🙂 and just spending time outdoors.

  164. Sarah E. says

    Great idea!

  165. Any public place I go with dd! My regular camis are tight and tricky to maneuvers around my nursing bra.

  166. Taking my little one to the park! This would be so helpful!!

  167. Pregnant with #6, breastfed all my babies! Always looking for new discrete nursing options 😉

  168. I want to get out and walk!!

  169. Megan Rodenburg says

    Looking forward to more time outside and meeting my new baby in May!

  170. May nurse in public with one

  171. Ashley Burrer says

    Letting the kids run around outside!

  172. Looking forward to eating outside, and so is my baby!

  173. This looks like a great product I would love to try out.

  174. Melissa G. says

    Playing in the park

  175. Trisha Schuetz says

    The zoo, going fishing, playgrounds, walks, and so much more!

  176. Kateri Rodgers says

    Love it! I have to get my hands on this one… 😀

  177. Antoinette says

    Going for walks!

  178. Looking forward to breaking out my warm weather clothes. I hate jacket weather haha.

  179. taking walks with my family at the park

  180. We love going for walks… especially when we end up at the playground!

  181. I can’t wait to get our garden started this year!

  182. Outside!

  183. I would love one of these!

  184. Trips to the park with my husband, 4 amazing kiddos and our 2 pups 🙂

  185. Kristin W. says

    I love this! Would love to win!

  186. Laura Culpeper says

    I am looking foward to just being outside with my little twins and spending good momma baby time! These tanks would be great for breast feeding and after breast feeding!

  187. Piper Nard says

    I’m in Oklahoma & I’m ready for the big thunderstorms we have. It’s a chance to teach my kids to respect weather without being scared. They’re educated 🙂

  188. Daniela W. says

    We have been going to the park a lot 🙂

  189. Jessica w says

    Laying out in the sun/shade with my 7 month old and nursing 🙂

  190. Jacinta W says

    Looking forward to walks to the park and beach with my three little ones.:)

  191. Jolie N. says

    Love that we spend more time in the backyard!

  192. Tricia Wyatt says

    They look amazing i always wear a singlet under neath my clothes to feed my 6mth old boy but to have a singlet where i dont have to pull down the traps to feed him would be great 🙂

  193. After a really late winter, I’m really looking forward to taking my 1yo to the beach, daily afternoon walks with him on his new red flyer trike with parent handlebars, and baseball games. These tanks are brilliant. I live in nursing tanks, but they just aren’t very flattering. I’m looking forward to a better bra.

  194. Stephanie says

    Those look great! I’m currently pregnant and definitely plan on nursing using layering tanks. Didn’t like my belly pre baby and I’m sure I won’t post-baby. Definitely want to hide it while nursing without a cover!

  195. I can’t wait to take my baby to the park and not have to peel of 7 layers of sweaters every time I need to nurse lol.

  196. This is a great design!

  197. Elizabeth says

    I want one they look wonderful

  198. Alicia Taylor says

    Love being outside with my little one! We went to the park today and she got to while we were there too 🙂

  199. Emily Baker says

    Taking long walks outside after work with our baby boy!

  200. Danielle says

    These are great! Especially while trying to nurse one, and wrangle another…minimal exposure!

  201. We love spring! We spend a lot of time blowing bubbles, goin to the zoo, and playing at playgrounds.

  202. Looking forward to enjoying our newly landscaped yard!

  203. Bike rides and walks!

  204. Spring time will be much easier to breast feed during. No fighting your giant winter coat lol

  205. Oh, and to answer the question, I’m looking forward to swimming! I can’t wait to see how my almost 1 year old reacts to being in a pool.

  206. Marie Bishop says

    2 babies and gastric bypass… this is exactly what I am looking for!

  207. Jenny mcAdams says

    We love wagon rides to the park and coloring outside on our deck. The weather is getting perfect for it!

  208. Amie Ocanas says

    I’m looking forward to warmer weather, lots of sunshine, and walks at the park with my baby girl!

  209. I would love these! I’ve started stretching out my non-nursing tank tops at the neck line these would be awesome for our family outings and baby girl’s first Disneyland trip.

  210. Love these beautiful days we’ve been able to enjoy! My love bug and I love listening to her older sibling play while we swing.

  211. victoria says

    Yay just entered. i am expecting my second this june. I hope i can win this. 🙂

  212. What I’m looking forward to doing more of this Spring is – being outdoors with my little one & pups…We love family parks & enjoying the sunshine & blue skies! The weekend mornings start with hot air balloons that float right over our house! We wave & talk to the people in the basket & take pix 🙂 our pups just bark…Lol…

    • ps I would love one of these tanks because I don’t care if anyone sees my breast when I’m nursing, but I’m more uncomfortable showing my midsection while I’m nursing. Is that weird or what?! Hahaha…I’m more or less pretty close to my pre-pregnancy shape so it’s not that…it’s just that I don’t want to have to hold my core while I’m feeding my son – LOL! Thanks for having the giveaway…

  213. these look so useful!

  214. This is such a great idea!! Ill have to order some even if i win:) they will be perfect when i take my boys to the park to keep me from feeling exposed!

  215. Enjoying this wonderful weather, taking all my boys to the playground!

  216. Would love to win! How fantastic!

  217. Enjoying Spring and taking my boys to the playground.

  218. I love Spring! Today my oldest and I played hopscotch outside while her little 6 month old brother sat and giggled at us. Can’t wait to do more fun activities outside – garden, hike, and swim!

  219. Tricia Y. says

    Getting outside! And preparing for my new squishie due at the start of June!

  220. Walks and playground time!

  221. Jennifer says

    I’m looking forward to long walks in the sunshine. My little guy was born in July so he hasn’t met spring yet – excited to introduce him to it!

  222. Nicole O'Brien says

    we plant a garden, letting my son choose some plants!

  223. I’m looking forward to camping!!

  224. Megan Ihm says

    Love taking my boys and newborn baby girl to the park. We all enjoy the sunshine and fresh air 🙂

  225. Nice

  226. Andrea Mcmonagle says

    Looking forward to teaching my 2 year old son to swim. I just ordered my maternity bathing suit and it’ll be here this week..yay!

  227. Jennifer says

    I can’t wait to get out of the house with my girls. They’ve been cooped up all winter and we’re all getting cabin fever.

  228. Jessica Pero says

    Walks outside, Open windows, and maybe a bit of de-cluttering and re-organization! And baby number 4 will be here in August, so I have LOTS of organization to do!!! We’re selling our house and trying to move before it all happens 🙂

  229. Going for walks with baby & the dog!

  230. Marla Arnold says

    I love it!!! I WANT one!!! Would be awesome to win!! 🙂

  231. What a great idea! I’ll definitely be getting one of these for when my baby boy is born 🙂

  232. Kerrie-Anne says

    Outside play, lots of games, parks, gardening, beach, swimming, climbing, picnics – Family fun

  233. kids bike riding and walks

  234. Alisha D says

    I am so looking forward to getting out with my boys! Sunshine and LONG walks!

  235. Jennifer F. says

    We went for a hike today!

  236. We love picnics, the zoo, kite flying, going to the playground. Spring seems to have just eventually sprung this week here in Ireland 😀

  237. Looking forward to just spending more time bonding with my 2…. Love looking at new things in the world with them.

  238. Scarlet L. says

    This April we get to meet some friends that we’ve gamed with for four years but never met in person. We’re incredibly excited about it. We’re also getting to see our 3rd baby via ultrasound in just a few days! We’ll probably be doing some gardening at my parent’s house as well as a beach/pool trip soon.

  239. Andrea mcmonagle says

    Looking forward to teaching my 2 year old son to swim ..maternity suit is ordered and on its way..yay!

  240. We live where it’s already HOT so playing outside in our tub of water is what we love! 🙂

  241. Going on walks with my little one. 🙂

  242. I’m looking forward to waking my daughter for long walks in the fresh air!

  243. Anastasia says

    Have a few friends that are expecting, and these would be perfect gifts for them.

  244. Julia Miller says

    We already go on long walks, but looking forward to when I have time to take him to the park, and the nice walking park down the road as well.

  245. I love taking my little one outside so he can practice using his walker.

  246. Hanging clothes out on the line after a long cold snowy winter! Yea for warmer weather!

  247. Jacquelyn says

    I’m looking forward to going on walks and maybe playing at the parks.

  248. This looks great!

  249. I’m just looking forward to spending days at the park with my 3 year old.

  250. Meghan B says

    Gardening! We have 5 large garden beds and we spend most of April getting the beds ready and seeds planted for a large (hopefully) summer harvest.

  251. I love taking walks and spending time outside with my girls in the spring- the weather is perfect- not too hot but not cold anymore either.

  252. Lizz Gee says

    We are enjoying backyard picnics in the sunshine and walks to the park.

  253. We are already grilling out, looking forward to going fishing and taking walks with our baby girl!

  254. Our favorite spring time activities are riding bikes, going to the park, and visiting the zoo!

  255. Andra Morel says

    I can’t wait for the nice weather, to take my baby out and get some exercise, get nice outdoor photos…. see him in cute spring clothes haha 🙂 It will be his first Spring!

  256. Erin Rodriguez says

    Looking forward to all the beautiful flowers blooming

  257. Amy Michela says

    Adventures with my two littles! Everywhere and anywhere!

  258. can’t wait till its warm enough to go to the beach!

  259. Victoria says

    Picnics, Lakes, bubbles, chalk, hikes etc with my 3 & 1 year old daughters.

  260. Sara Golden says

    I live in Okinawa, Japan and it gets very hot and humid here. Covering up while nursing is a recipe for a hot baby and hot momma. The naked tank is a great idea! This spring/summer we want to take advantage of the rest of our time here, seeing the sights, eating the food, shopping and feeling lucky we got to live here for a while!

  261. A great idea!!

  262. Melissa Russell says

    Ready to get back outside to exercise and play! Plus, check out all of the family friendly festivals and events in our area.

  263. Amy Michela says

    Adventures with my littles! Everywhere and anywhere!!

  264. I’m looking forward to picnics in the park and playing ball with my almost 3 year old.

  265. Kristan A says

    Lots of playground time here! These are awesome!

  266. Neat idea 🙂

  267. Lindsay hamilton says

    Now that it is spring, and my little girl arrived three weeks ago, anything with her is what I’m looking forward to doing. Walks, zoo, staring at her… Haha

  268. I love these…will have to purchase when #2 comes around.

  269. I want to splash in mud puddles with my older kids and have the baby take more naps outside while we sit on the sunshine!

  270. Kimberly says

    I’m expecting twins so I see lots and lots of use for these, even nursing at home with all the help and visitors we’ll have.

  271. Leslie Dixon says

    Going in early morning walks! I great way to start the day!

  272. This looks awesome! Its hot here in texas and I would so love to be covered but without tons of fabric!

  273. Marie Kennedy says

    Stroller walks in the neighborhood while my 6 yr old rides her bike! Live these walks after dinner!

  274. Great tank tops! Perfect to wear when enjoying the wonderful spring weather outside!

  275. Kristi k says

    It’s springtime in Texas! Looking forward to taking my kids for bluebonnet pictures this week!

  276. Lucinda Avis says

    I’m waiting for it to be warm enough to go for walls with my preemie! On a side note, I think it’s really lame you didn’t use a real baby for the photos 🙁

  277. Gardening and bbqs

  278. Kayla Morris says

    Ah! Just what I need! I had such a hard time when I chose to breastfeed my baby, then on top I that I was TERRIFIED to NIP! This would come in handy when nursing in public!

  279. The swimming pool is open again 😉

  280. bellylovemama says

    There’s still a ton of snow where I am, but I can’t wait to go splash in puddles with my (still nursing) toddler!

  281. Michelle Schwartz says

    Spring time means going to the farmers market, going to fly kites, and spending more time out side. Nursing my 25 month old along the way.

  282. Looking forward to being comfortable this summer 🙂

  283. Looking forward to my youngest’s first time playing outside! Shes only had the tiniest taste of it and loves it already!

  284. Michelle Schwartz says

    Springtime means going to the farmers market , spending time outside , all while nursing my 25-month-old

  285. Brianne S. says


  286. Park time with my boys!

  287. Taking day trips locally with all of my kiddos 🙂

  288. Looking forward to my littlest ones first time playing outside!

  289. Spring cleaning. 🙂

  290. Would live to try these would be perfect for at the bf at the market

  291. just enjoying the wonderful sunshine watching the kids run through nature.

  292. Looking forward to getting outside and hanging with the family.

  293. Catherine says

    I’m looking forward to spending as much time as possible outside!

  294. These things are awesome

  295. Anna Pagano says

    The Zoo!

  296. Genna-Jo Parker says

    I love this idea! I have been looking for something like this! I like wearing my supportive nursing bra but want my tummy covered too. This will be perfect when we are out on the golf course!

  297. Ellen Nicole Schwarz says

    This tank looks so cool! I would love to try one!

  298. Michelle Mong says

    This is AMAZING! I have clip down nursing tanks but there are some days I need to wear my nursing bra for more support. I take my daughter to work with me and have the luxury of nursing her during the day, this would make doing so a lot more comfortable.

  299. My kids love riding bikes and blowing bubbles! We are currently vacationing in Florida and the beach time is amazing! 2 inches of snow just fell a few days ago back home in Wisconsin, so I can’t wait for spring to arrive! 🙂

  300. Sarah Fangsrud says

    Great idea!

  301. Michelle Y says

    Well it’s not coming into Spring here it is Autumn/Fall and with the cooler weather on the way we can start to enjoy walking to the park, cooking all day long and maybe some playtime in the rain. It’s been a long hot summer here.

  302. Walks with my ds who is 4 and my dd who is 4 months… this would be awsome for all our outside the house adventures

  303. Go for a walk

  304. Marci Barton says

    This is brilliant! Great idea.

  305. Looking forward to getting out of the house, picnics, playing at the park, and getting on the boat!

  306. I’m looking forward to taking my 6 month old twins on walks! We just got a jogger and the weather is starting to get a a little nicer, so I can’t wait!

  307. We just moved into a new house and are taking advantage of the spring time to whip the yard into shape!

  308. I’m looking forward to taking my 6 month old twins on walks! We just got a jogger and the weather is starting to get warmer, so I’m excited!

  309. I’ve been looking for something like this for so long! Thanks!

  310. Kim Smith says

    My first baby is due in May! I am looking forward to her arrival!

  311. Shellie Givens says

    Just hanging out watching big bro and sis play in the sun with my newest addition 🙂

  312. Jessie Whitfield says

    Taking my son to the park! He loves to swing!

  313. Paige Hyder says

    Wish I had know about these sooner! Can’t wait to try one!

  314. These are awesome, what a great idea…

  315. We’ve been working on our garden and taking our kids to the park! Feels good to be able to get outside!

  316. kelsey Majewski-Jensen says

    Taking my 5 month old for lots of walks so mama can work off some of this baby weight!

  317. I can’t wait to be able to take regular walks with my boys. We went the other day and it was windy, but the fresh air was so nice.

  318. Kelly Cruser says

    This is great! I hate NIP and allowing my midsection to show!

  319. These look awesome. I just wish I had thought of it myself 😉
    Winning one would make nursing in public much more comfortable!

  320. Parks, zoos, parks, museums, parks, family reunions…….did I say parks 😉

  321. Alainna bell says

    I’m excited to get back to walking and taking kids to the park

  322. My favorite thing to do in the spring is just lingering outside as long as possible, whether playing with sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles or flying kites, spending time with the little ones is what I like to do the most.

  323. Jennifer says

    Being outside in the backyard or trips to the playground to burn off pent up winter energy!!

  324. Kaydee Holderness says

    Playing outside, watching my 5 year old play baseball, and jumping in puddles when it’s raining and NOT freezing outside 🙂

  325. Taking walks through the neighborhood

  326. Rachel M says

    In the Springtime, we are enjoying going to the park without sweating profusely here in Houston!

  327. brilliant! i do this with my tank top!

  328. Walking the zoo with my kiddos.

  329. Michelle scieneaux says

    I just got done planting our garden!

  330. Amy Whelan says


  331. Playing outside on our new pergola!

  332. I would love to use one of these at the zoo!!!

  333. Spring is here and I love being outside with my kids

  334. Anything outside. This winter doesn’t seem to want to end in northern Virginia.

  335. Getting back in shape after pregnancy…walking/running in the park. AND taking my son out in about. I hope he loves the water as much as I do!

  336. Looking forward to start running again with my newborn in a stroller this spring!

  337. Zoo trips with my girls!

  338. we love to go to the park or museum, and I so hate those nursing tanks that give you a uni-boob! but nothing else works so well (or so I thought!) to cover my tum. This is brilliant!!!

  339. Amy Short says

    Can’t wait to let my little ones out to play, get dirty, and just enjoy the sunshine!

  340. Spring is officially here and the family has been enjoying all the time outside playing! Our oldest (just turned 7) learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels!!

  341. I love taking walks to the Park with my little ones. My 5 y/o loves the park & she can stay there for hours, and my 6 mo. old in his baby carrier just loves the walk over there-he enjoys the sunny weather with a cool breeze it gets him so excited! 🙂

  342. We’ve already been out hiking a lot before it gets too hot!

  343. Love these! It would be so awesome to have while we are out exploring Korea after the baby comes!

  344. Anything that is not indoors! It’s been a long, hard winter here in Michigan!

  345. Maureen M says

    ohh lots and lots of walks!!! YAY!

  346. What a great idea. Wish I knew about them with my first. Would definitely love to have with my second due in August!!

  347. Anything that is NOT indoors!! It’s been a long, long, long winter here in Michigan!

  348. Lindsay Richards says


  349. T ball!!

  350. I am looking forward to nursing my baby girl this spring and watching her get milk drunk.

    It is amazing how big (and well fed) my kids get with only breastmilk! 🙂

    Thank you for offering this fabulous contest! 🙂

  351. Carrie Bryant says

    Sending kids out to play in back yard w/o coats!

  352. Rebecca MacLary says

    I’m looking forward to long walks in the sunshine!

  353. Long walks outside!

  354. It’s April! What kinds of Springtime activities are you looking forward to, or already doing?

    I am usually just home making cloth diapers LOL, and taking care of my 3 year old daughter and 8m old son. I am enjoying the warmer weather, but I live in Texas so our AC has already been on for about a month! 😉 Thanks for the giveaway, I’d love to wear something other than my 4 nursing tanks over and over and over and over…

  355. I love warmer weather and playing outside with my boys <3

  356. My husband and I just started hiking with the kids in carriers. Loving the beautiful spring weather.

  357. outdoor fairs

  358. Oooh, I love the look of these tanks! Regular nursing tanks don’t give the support I need. Those other tanks that attach to my bra don’t always stay in place. I’d love to try this style.

  359. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Would make me feel so much more confident when nursing in front of others. I look forward to taking walks with my baby girl this spring!

  360. Yay!

  361. Love going for walks in this lovely weather and taking my little ones to the park!

  362. Karly E. says

    So smart!!

  363. Janiri c says

    Looking forward to taking my little one out for walks in the park.

  364. Melanie Myers says

    We go for long walks! I love seeing the world through my son’s eyes. It reminds me how beautiful everything really is.

  365. Love working in the garden!

  366. Love this idea!

  367. We are looking forward to plenty if time in the sun and hanging out with family and friends

  368. Mia-Carla Maclure says

    We just moved & our new house is just minutes away from a lovely shaded play park, so lots of walks & running around for us!! We love springtime 🙂

  369. bridget d says

    This tank idea is awesome! I am always tugging my tanks down to nurse, this is genius!

  370. Olivia frame says

    Oh this would be awesome for spring/summer

  371. I can’t wait for that summer weather and bringing the baby pool out!

  372. Kayla Sperling says

    What a great idea – I am getting so tired of wearing my ugly, baggy nursing tank every day!! These look slimming, and WAY SEXIER than my current tanks! 🙂

  373. Jessica bailey says

    Working in the garden and planting new flowers! My 3 year old loves to help and dig on the dirt! My newborn hangs out in his bouncy.

  374. Heather C. says

    Looking forward to walks at the park with the kids a a new baby coming in just a couple more months! This would be perfect for easy summer nursing 🙂

  375. I would live this tank top for when I go to the park with my son, my back won’t get cold. 🙂

  376. Going on hikes, parks, starting our garden

  377. looking forward to being outside of the house and nicer weather!

  378. korie angela booher says

    I am looking forward to nature walks with my family and exploring our new city!

  379. What a cool idea for a nursing tank! Would love to try this out just about any where!

  380. Looking forward to lots of walks with my daughter and the dog, doing crafts outside, heading to the beach here in Florida, and swimming at the pool. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. What a great product idea!

  381. Rebecca Weiss says

    I am looking forward to more outside time in the sun!

  382. Hanging out by the lake or anywhere outside as long as its sunny and warm- finally!

  383. Britni Bradford says

    Looking forward to swimming lessons with the baby!

  384. Cleo Barlow says

    What a wonderful idea! Love moms that create things like this to make nursing more pleasant!

  385. Blowing bubbles and playing with sidewalk chalk!

  386. Sarah Black says

    What a great idea!

  387. I have never seen these! This would be so perfect. Hope I’m a lucky one.

  388. I love this design!

  389. I am looking forward to the birth of our new baby, and going for family walks and park outings together enjoying the sunshine!!

  390. Melanie Nicklin says

    We take walks before it gets too hot. I am looking forward to some backyard bbq and pool parties soon though.

  391. Vivian Sun says

    Looking forward to the pool

  392. Adrienne says

    Cant wait to head across the street to the park with my boys! These tanks are exactly what Ive been looking for!!

  393. Danielle says

    Jogging at the local state park with baby!!

  394. Spring is here! I’m enjoying some trail running with my baby in the jogger!:)

  395. I’m looking forward for Spring to finally arrive here! We keep getting snow. I want to be able to start planting our garden 🙂
    Would love one of these tanks btw, have a little one coming in the summer!

  396. Mary Anne says

    Riding my bike!

  397. Kristine says

    I’ve seen this tank before and want to try it!! So glad to know that they’re Canadian too!!

  398. Megan Angus says

    Awesome idea! We are excited to open our pool!

  399. Just spending time outside with my 4 kids.

  400. I love taking my kids places like the park and nursing my youngest one whenever he needs it while we are there this tank top would be great for that

  401. I plan to take lots of walks with my baby, so he can learn about nature and I can get back into shape!

  402. I’m so excited to start my twice-weekly mountain hikes again!

  403. Waiting on these twins to arrive! Spring has arrived, now to just get these babies to full term. 😀

  404. Babies being born!! Our Little Miss is due May 4 and I have a few friends who are also due this spring. Plus all of the baby animals and the whole world blooming around us!

  405. Rebecca Wayland says

    I am looking foreword to hunting & fishing & havering my little ones in tow with baby wearing 😉

  406. Looking forward to taking a nice long bike ride with my boys!

  407. Just getting outside!

  408. I can’t wait for the warmer weather to finally get here! We want to spend LOTS of time outdoors, at playgrounds & the zoo!

  409. I live getting my son and dogs out to play outside.

  410. Getting my very active toddler outside!

  411. ginger g. says


  412. ginger g. says


  413. Gina Schaefer says

    The Zoo and the park!

  414. Just spending more time outdoors! Hiking and taking walks.

  415. Can’t WAIT to get in the garden. My kids love it and I do too!

  416. I love dancing in the rain with my daughter!

  417. I don’t see the “widget below” so hope this comment will work to get me entered into the drawing. Soon enough I’ll be nursing twins and would love anything that could make that easier!

  418. These are cute and look like they work super well!

  419. These look super cute! We are having our first in October and I’m wanting to get some of these tops.

  420. Cheryl C says

    I can take the girls to the park everyday down the street.

  421. Nicole stevenson says

    Anywhere and everywhere!!!

  422. Kathy Kolodzinski says

    Looking forward to getting outside with the kids more!

  423. Katelyn McKim says

    Spring is here! Getting ready to start gardening 🙂

  424. These look so amazing! I want to get a few! I’m thinking about buying some to place in my postpartum gift basket to give to my clients.

  425. Michelle J says

    I’m looking forward to lots of long walks to get my baby weight off.

  426. Katie Fender says

    We love taking morning walks together. We’re also looking forward to playing at the splash pad during the warm weather!

  427. Looking forward to having my little girl dedicated at church this month…spring is just the perfect season!

  428. Picincs at the Park

  429. Love your product!

  430. We have been spending time in our vegetable garden. The kids love it 🙂

  431. Katie Pitcher says

    I love going to the zoo!

  432. I’m due to have baby number 2 this June, one of these would be great for covering all those stretch marks. My daughter and I have been trying to do some yard work and going to the park and swimming this spring so far.

  433. this look great, I love it

  434. Cassandra Bryner says

    SWIMMING!!! Andv sitting on the front porch and planting a garden with MIL

  435. Amanda Konkle says

    We’re taking lots of walks!

  436. Parks and playgrounds here we come!

  437. I would wear this during the summer for easy breastfeeding sessions in the park!

  438. We’re looking forward to gardening! And long walks! And playing in creeks 🙂 These are so awesome – I could definitely use one this fall when our new little one arrives.

  439. Jessica M says

    I could stop stretching the tops of my tank tops!!

  440. Swimming, and just being outside in the sun 🙂

  441. Running around outside blowing bubbles, so much fun with a little one!

  442. Taking walks with my son and trying to get back in shape!

  443. I am looking forward to picnics, and playground playdates, but mostly the joy on my children’s faces as they watch the world turn green again and learn all about how things grow 🙂

  444. Breanna Armijo says

    I cannot wait to be able to go to the park, and also taking a trip soon so my daughter can see the ocean!

  445. Grace White says

    I’m looking forward to picnics in the park!

  446. I’m looking forward to anything outdoors! Picnics, walks, parks, etc etc.

  447. Aubree Faunce says

    going out for walks with the little ones and going to the park

  448. Excited to take my son out to play in the sunshine!

  449. Julie Leighton says

    taking walks with my son and enjoying the sun (whenever it decides to come out)

  450. Kara Smith says

    So excited that we live in Phoenix now so the “spring” weather has been here for awhile. (Just moved from WI where it is going to snow this week!) We are enjoying parks and the Phoenix Zoo. We LOVE the Zoo!

  451. Being outside, gardening, school break

  452. Hiking! We’ve already gone on a couple trails this season:)

  453. This spring I am looking forward to having our second kid. Due May 11 and know I would love to use this.

  454. Heather Y says


  455. Elizabeth Thai says

    going the park and more playdates

  456. Lauren Gaughan says

    I am looking forward to swimming and the beach.

  457. Hiking with the baby!

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