Freja Toys Giveaway

If you aren’t familiar with Freja Toys, drop everything and go check them out here!ย  We are long-time fans of their charming Ukrainian crocheted toys, and would have their complete collection if we could. ย Freja Toys has been a sponsor of The Leaky Boob for quite a while, and we’re excited to bring you this opportunity to get to know them a bit better, and offer you a chance to win some adorable toys too!


TLB: We were thrilled to have Freja Toys join The Leaky Boob community as a sponsor earlier this year! We own a couple of your dolls already, and just love all the precious toys you make. What is the main thing that you would like our Leakies to know about Freja Toys?ย 

Tanya: Our toys are very popular among kids and adults. All our products are unique and full of warmth and love. They are made from natural materials and are absolutely safe for your kid’s health! And our main goal is to give joy to kids and their moms and to make the world around happier and kinder! We often receive words of gratitude from our customers. They are a great source of our inspiration!
IMG_0362_08b18ae1-ecd7-4964-8cab-e72d670d2307_1024x1024TLB: What is the inspiration behind your name?ย 

Tanya: My great-grandmother’s name was Freyja Amundsen. She was originally from Scandinavia. She was a marvelous needlewoman and had a talent in knitting! I’m sure I inherited a great deal of her genes in this respect. I took a great interest in knitting since I was 7 years old. And this passion still hasn’t passed! So I decided to name my brand in honor of my great-grandmother ๐Ÿ™‚

TLB: Could you tell us a bit about how your toys are made?ย 

Tanya: Primarily we produce a stockinet (machine knit) of wool yarn and cotton thread. Thus we get a base of our dolls. Then we make the dolls’ body and clothes. The dolls’ body is knitted with the multicolored stripes which imitate a t-shirt, lingerie and shoes. The dolls’ skirt, dress or pants are removable. ย The dolls’ hair of cotton thread is completely handmade and each doll’s face is embroidered by hand. Handwork is our key distinction and advantage, particularly at the stage of the toy’s design and decoration.
Our nursing jewelry, teething toys and crochet baby rattles are also made completely by hand.

TLB: Since this is The Leaky Boob after all, do you have a favorite breastfeeding tip you could share with us?

Tanya: Trust your baby! Don’t look for answers outside, just listen to your little one.ย 

TLB: One more question: if someone in the U.S. wanted to order some toys for Christmas, how soon would they need to put an order in for it to arrive on time? ๐Ÿ™‚

Tanya: Last date for Christmas orders is Dec 5th. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that your package will come on time for holidays if you place your order after that date. The shipping time to US takes 2 – 3 weeks.
Tanyaย is giving away 3ย Babywearing Dolls and 3 nursingย necklaces to 3 lucky Leakies. Every winner will getย a babywearing mommy/daddy doll with a baby dollย of their own choosingย and one of the petite nursingย necklaces (our bestseller!)
Retail Value:ย Dollsย $42.00ย – $45.00, Nursing Necklaces $20.
Currently Leakies can find these and other knitted dolls and nursing/breastfeeding necklaces FrejaToys items in the website.

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Good luck to everyone! ย Please use the widget below to be entered. ย The giveaway is open from December 3, 2013 through December 10, 2013. ย A big thanks to Tanya and FrejaToys for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit them onย Facebookย and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity. ย You can also find them on Pinterest!
This giveaway is open to international entries.

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  1. Dawn Umemoto says:

    These are wonderful!

  2. Gena Weishar says:

    LOVE the rainbow mommy baby wearing doll. My 2.5 year old would love her! I am also impressed there are some daddy dolls baby wearing ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I really love the Babywearing Mommy Doll with a Baby Doll, African American.

  4. Michelle Fournier says:

    I love the rainbow haired babywearing doll!

  5. They are all lovely but this one is my favourite!

    I’m sure my 2 year old would LOVE her as well as they both have yellow hair ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Lindsay S says:

    I love the blue eyed mommy doll with baby doll!

  7. Amy Gallagher says:

    The babywearing dolls are so cute, all of them! I love the hair on the rainbow doll.

  8. This is my first time seeing these beautiful products! I am in love. They would make lovely little gifts this Christmas they are on my list!

  9. Kashia Clopper says:

    Love the Daddy dolls! Especially the one with the green shirt. But, too bad they dont have lighter hair. Can you custom order?

  10. I love these dolls! Hope I win!

  11. Those dolls are so sweet! I love that there is a mommy doll wearing her baby!

  12. I love your products! My daughter would love the dolls.

  13. Michelle V says:
  14. Kristin S. says:

    I love the baby wearing daddy!

  15. The rainbow doll is super cute.

  16. I love these!

  17. I love the Rainbow Mommy Doll with a Baby Doll. Holy cuteness!

  18. Rainbow Mama & baby! โค๏ธ

  19. Love the Rainbow Mommy with Baby set.

  20. *LOVE* the Rainbow Mommy Doll with a Baby Doll combo. My son is obsessed with dolls right now (he is 14 months old), he would spaz over this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Ashleigh W. says:

    All of the dolls are beautiful, I don’t think I can choose a favorite!

  22. Ashley Welch says:

    Love these dolls!

  23. These are so beautiful! My 15 month old would be head over heels for this sweet pair.

  24. So cute!

  25. Cornelia Geary says:

    Great dolls. I have a two and a half year old who would love them.

  26. I love the rainbow doll!!!

  27. Brandy Luangrath says:

    I love all of them! I have two baby boys but they love dolls too and one is currently nursing.

  28. Darcy Itoney says:

    I love the baby wearing

  29. Nancy Edwards says:

    I love these dolls and necklaces! I would love to win:)

  30. The Rainbow Mommy doll is adorable.

  31. Alicia Junk says:

    I love the dolls, my girls are obsessed with theirs. they like to wear their babies also ๐Ÿ™‚ abs the necklace is cute. I have one similar, and my youngest loves chewing it. I love that I don’t have to worry about what she’s chewing on.

  32. I think the African mama and baby are so sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Love these! Hope I win ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Wonderful design, i want one myself abd another for my son!!

  35. Jenny McAdams says:

    These are awesome! My daughter would love them!

  36. My little girl (just 2) has been brining me her “babies” to have bibby since she was about 18-19 months old, so adorable!

  37. Lindsay Sachleben Haupt says:

    I love these dolls especially the babywearing momma!

  38. I love the Rainbow Mommy/Baby and the Fairy dolls.

  39. Stephanie W says:

    I have been wanting to buy nursing necklaces from them for a couple months now and need to get on it! My daughter loves to pinch me!

  40. I’d love for my son to have one those dolls!

  41. The Babywearing Daddy is awesome!! My LO would love it! And so would her daddy ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Bethany Banning says:

    Love the African Mommy and Baby dolls!

  43. I like the rainbow hair doll and Alice.

  44. Kimberly Buller says:

    What an adorable product! I am in love with babywearing! So is my daughter, who will be 3 in Feb. Anytime she see’s a carrier she wants up on mama’s back. Is has been such a special relationship between us, that was only strengthened by babywearing. This would be such a special gift for her birthday! And she will be a BIG sister in March! <3

  45. I love the rainbow mommy doll!

  46. I love all of these!! My baby girl would love these dolls!

  47. Deanna Hercik says:

    Love the blond doll. So cute! My 4 month old is teething like crazy and would love the necklaces!

  48. Tiffany H. says:

    I LOVE the Babywearing Daddy Doll and Baby! They are SO cute and would be perfect for my little men (yes, they love dolls)!!!

  49. sarah hamer says:

    love the rainbow wearing doll!

  50. Misty Costello says:

    I think the Sweet Dreams one is my fav!!!

  51. Jenny McAdams says:

    The rainbow doll is my favorite!

  52. Sheilah K says:

    My son would love a set of the mother/baby dolls.

  53. Alicia B. says:

    The Rainbow Mommy doll is my favorite! Funky moms FTW.

  54. I absolutely adore that little Alice doll. My daughter has red hair and she would just LOVE that doll!

  55. Anna Cole says:


  56. These are all beautiful

  57. Love the rainbow!!

  58. The dolls are beautiful

  59. I love the mommy and baby doll! Just wish they had a brunette one!

  60. So beautiful!

  61. I really can’t choose a favourite. They’re beautiful dolls and such a nice idea! If I was to win I’d go with one of The babywearing mommy dolls with baby doll. I absolutely LOVE that there’s babywearing daddy’s! ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. The African momma is my favourite!

  63. Shakeeta W says:

    I love the AA and Rainbow Mommy dolls ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. These are so adorable! I’m expecting my second soon and these would be great!

  65. These are really cute! I love the nursing necklaces, too!

  66. Whatva great big brother gift this would be for my first birn when baby number 2 arrives in march! Ive always wanted to try a nursing necklace too!

  67. Rachel Allen says:

    I love the Rainbow Mommy doll!

  68. They are all so adorable but I know my daughter would just love Berry!

  69. Rainbow! So cute!

  70. stephanie l says:

    i love the rainbow mommy doll

  71. The dolls are adorable and that tiny ring sling is to die for!

  72. I love that the mama doll is wearing a nursing necklace!

  73. Judith Martinez says:
  74. Aubry Smith says:

    How sweet is the baby wearing doll set!?

  75. Love the Rainbow Mommy with baby ๐Ÿ™‚ So precious!

  76. My favorite is the rainbow mommy with baby.

  77. Amanda Montgomery says:

    I like the red haired doll! Looks like me! Now, if she had dreads, that would be perfect!

  78. Mallory Moore says:

    The nursing necklaces look great!

  79. Love the rainbow doll:)

  80. Clarissa Hicks says:

    I love the Rainbow mommy and baby dolls! So adorable!

  81. I love everything about this giveaway!

  82. Stephanie says:

    I love those babywearing dolls! I love the Mommy Doll (blonde or rainbow haired) with a Baby Doll, baby wearing. Such a cute idea!

  83. Cassidy Carow says:

    I love the little rainbow mom and baby.

  84. Id probably get the yellow-haired mommy because she looks the most like me, but I also really like the “dark-skinned” mommy and baby.

  85. I love the rainbow mommy and baby doll. Adorableness!

  86. Nicole Melton says:

    I love the doll with yellow hair!! Who am I kidding I love them all!! So cute !!

  87. Suzann Clarke says:

    Beautiful, adorable products!

  88. Laurel H. says:

    These dolls are adorable!

  89. I would like the babywearing daddy doll with the green striped sling for my son.

  90. I actually adore the baby bunny dolls! The baby wearing dolls are all so cute, but the little bunny is just so perfect.

  91. I love the Rainbow Mommy Doll with Baby. ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Omg I love her babywearing dolls I have been drooling over them on etsy forever! I would live to win for my daughter and son

  93. Corinne Boyer says:

    Love them all especially rainbow babywearing doll!

  94. I love the rainbow doll! The daddy baby wearing dolls are great to see too!

  95. What sweet little dolls!

  96. The babywearing daddy dolls are amazing! I would love one of those for my son!

  97. Great contest! The dolls and necklaces are beautiful!

  98. Carrie Miller says:

    This are adorable!

  99. rainbow mommy doll w/ baby

  100. Jennifer Ivy says:

    I love the rainbow haired doll, but they are all beautiful!

  101. Definitely the rainbow haired pair. These dolls are so sweet. My baby girl would love one.

  102. I love the name of these. My grandmother taught me how to needle point and I haven’t taken The time to make anything for LO yet.


  103. I love all of the dolls, but my favorite is the one with the rainbow hair.

  104. Adorable dolls!M

  105. These are so cute! I love the Rainbow mommy!

  106. Laurie Snow says:

    Love the Rainbow Mommy Doll with a Baby Doll

  107. Rainbow!

  108. I love these! Beautiful

  109. Heather Mihalovits says:

    I love the rainbow mommy!

  110. Meg Crocker says:

    Such an awesome giveaway! Thank you!

  111. I actually like the red headed mom and baby dolls pictured on this page! These dolls and necklaces are just too cute!

  112. My daughter would love the rainbow set!

  113. I love the Rainbow Mommy and baby! So beautiful.

  114. Amanda murphy hayes says:

    I like the blonde mommy/ baby set. So sweet!

  115. These dolls are adorable! I would LOVE to win the rainbow mommy doll and baby for my daughters first Christmas. She loves dolls and carries them around everywhere with her giving them hugs and kisses at 10 months.

  116. amanda granica says:

    These are sooo cute! How come I havent heard of this adorable company before? Would love many of these products.

  117. Jennifer Hanrahan says:

    My dd has just started pinching and scratching while nursing. This mama needs a nursing necklace and would settle for any of the beautiful colors! These dolls are gorgeous too!

  118. Adorable! Love the kitty and the rainbow doll. My daughter loves hugging her dolls and feeding them play food.

  119. amanda granica says:

    Thank you Leaky for shareing this company

  120. Michelle Mong says:

    I LOVE the Rainbow mommy doll!

  121. Dorothy B says:

    The daddy doll is so fun

  122. Would love to win one of these dollies for my daughter!

  123. Rainbow baby is so sweet.

  124. I like the rainbow mommy with baby. they’re all cute.

  125. Ruth Herrera-Guelcher says:

    Love them!

  126. I love the Rainbow Mommy doll!

  127. Tyasia Carpenter says:

    Babywearing Mommy Doll witha Baby Doll – knitted play dolls- African, eco-friendly, maternity,waldorf,eco toys-FrejaToys

    But while I’m African American I would want the baby doll to be Caucasian with blue eyes, because although she is mixed she is very light and I’d want the doll to look like her ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. Jessica Rae says:

    I love all the dolls!!! They are all beautiful and the necklaces are gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to share your etsy page on my Facebook as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. So cute!! My daughter and sin would love these!

  130. The baby wearing daddy dolls!

  131. The dolls are beautiful!

  132. I love the Rainbow mommy doll with Baby Doll. So cute!

  133. Beth Rees says:

    I love the babywearing daddy

  134. I love the items you make, never even knew you could get such lovely things before seeing them on TLB! The dolls are wonderful and though they are all cute my favourite is (though would have liked to have seen a mama and baby with brown hair so they can be likened to my daughter and I :-D). Keep up the good work! X

  135. These are fantastic! And I love that they are handmade!

  136. Kacey landry Szczepaniak says:

    I love the rainbow mommy and baby dolls!!!

  137. Lauren Heimann says:

    I love the rainbow mommy doll!

  138. Amy Gregoire says:

    I love love love the rainbow mama!

  139. Love all of these dolls — even if I win one I’ll have to buy a second one so each of my daughters will have one, and also a necklace for me! Just love them!

  140. Joelynn Kaufhold says:

    They look like really good quality!

  141. I am dying to get my hands on a teething necklace like this, and the dolls are adorable!

  142. Love the rainbow mommy and baby dolls!!

  143. Cassie VanBuskirk says:

    My favorite is the one pictured in this post, she doesn’t have a listing for it in the Etsy shop.

  144. Oh my gosh, we love her stuff. I like the babywearing dada….

  145. I like the blond one but wish there was a brunette one to match me and my little girl. We’re expecting our second in March and am excited to watch her grow and learn as she sees mommy with new baby.

  146. Shannon Wheeler says:

    I love the African Baby wearing Mommy Doll ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. sandtsmama says:

    Love the mama & baby one but any would be great!

  148. Amy Wakeman says:

    Oh my goodness! I am in love with the mama-baby dolls AND the nursing necklaces!

  149. sabrina bargas says:

    So cute!!! Love these dolls

  150. These are beautiful! <3 them and so would my DD

  151. Angel Dimick says:

    Love all of them!! But my favorite is the rainbow mommy doll ๐Ÿ™‚

  152. Brittany Povey says:

    I love these!!! So darn creative….

  153. Heather Brelsford says:

    love the Rainbow Mommy Doll with a Baby Doll! I have 2 dolls already and they are adorable and high quality!

  154. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    Rainbow Mommy Doll

  155. Michelle Hall says:

    I think this one is my favourite. Although I love them all. The babywearing daddies were a very close 2nd.

  156. Rainbow mommy is my fav!

  157. Julie Keyworth says:

    I like the Rainbow baby-wearing set the most! ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. Christina T says:

    I’ve just been browsing the Etsy shop – such cute things for both my 3 year old and 6 month old – thanks for featuring these!

  159. Dawn L.G.M. says:

    I love the rainbow babywearing doll. So pretty!

  160. Dolls and necklaces are SO cute!!

  161. Love the rainbow haired mommy set!

  162. While I love all the beautiful dolls, I LOVE that they have daddy dolls too! I would be so happy to win any of these beautiful products.

  163. Tabitha Cagle says:

    I love the rainbow mommy/ baby combo! These are adorable!

  164. Sarah Mahar says:

    Love the Rainbow Mommy! Those babywearing daddies are darn cute too. Wish there was a redheaded daddy & baby pair to match my guys.

  165. I have three sons and I think they would be delighted by the daddy doll!

  166. Love the Babywearing Daddy doll!!

  167. stacy hancock says:

    i love the daddy dolls!!

  168. I love the Daddy doll. DD went through a phase where she’d only nap with Daddy in her carrier.

  169. I love the African mama, and the dad with the green striped shirt. I can’t choose between those 2! (I also love the rainbow mom, but I think I like the other 2 better…)

  170. (((((HUGS))))) sandi says:

    I love the African dolls and the Daddy doll with the baby that has sparse hair. ๐Ÿ™‚

  171. These are so great and so adorable! I would to have these as an alternative to the more common plastic bab dolls that my kids have never really been into.

  172. I love the babywearing daddy doll! That’s awesome, totally a great role modelling toy for the littles.

  173. This is a great give a way!

  174. These are SO beautiful!!!

  175. Danielle White says:

    These are so cute! Im making a ring sling for my daughter to wear her elmo and other dolls, but a doll woth a sling is so cute!

  176. keri bailey says:

    I love that there a re baby wearing daddy dolls! It s hard to find boy babies for my guys!

  177. Amber Evans says:

    My DD would love these as I wear her baby brother all the time and she pretends to do the same. Lol

  178. I personally love the rainbow mommy doll but I really like that they have babywearing daddies too!

  179. Jessica Basol says:

    I will be ordering a doll for my daughter ASAP! These are awesome!

  180. My daughter already “breastfeeds” her dolls, she would love the baby wearing! Nursing beads would be great too, I am expecting again ๐Ÿ™‚

  181. Such cute dolls and my little teething lion would love that necklace!

  182. I so want my little 11 month old to start noticing dollies . . . so far she hasn’t shown too much interest. Maybe a sweet babywearing doll would entice her?

  183. I think the daddy doll with the green shirt is most excellent.

  184. Amanda McGrath says:

    Definitely the rainbow mama and baby. So adorable!

  185. Such brilliant and practical items, they are all so beautiful! My favorite has to be the Daddy/Baby combo, definitely need more dolls like these in the world!!!

  186. Danielle K. says:

    The rainbow mommy/baby! So cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  187. I like the blue eyed mommy doll with baby doll!

  188. These are just the cutest dolls!

  189. Love these products & I’m sure my children would too!

  190. Cheryl Rerick says:

    Love the rainbow doll’

  191. I also love the Mummy’s and Daddy’s wearing the babies. I especially like the equal representation, not just the dark skinned doll, but also the rainbow haired doll.

  192. I adore the curly-haired papa babywearing doll! ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. Love the rainbow hair set!

  194. Frances Funston says:

    These are awesome!!!! I would love to win these!!!!

  195. These are so sweet! I love them all! And I didn’t know she was from Ukraine!! I spent a summer there back in the day ๐Ÿ™‚

  196. Marie McCumber says:

    These dolls are so sweet! Thanks for the feature. Favoriting them in Etsy!

  197. I love these! They are so cute!!! I know my daughter would love one!

  198. I’ve never heard of Freja Toys before and am so thankful that you shared the info on these sweet products. I’d love to win one for my sweet baby who is just a month younger than Sugarbaby. Thanks for the chance!

  199. I think that one is my favorite but it’s soo hard to decide!!

  200. Brittany LeRoy says:

    My 2 year old daughter would love one of these mommy/baby doll sets!

  201. Brittany LeRoy says:

    (I accidentally posted my other comment before I was ready, lol)
    The rainbow set is my favorite!

  202. Love the rainbow mum and baby as I often have different coloured hair!! Although it’s pink right now….would be great to have one with pink hair!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  203. These dolls are adorable!! My daughter would love them.

  204. Love the rainbow Mummy!

  205. I love the African mommy wearing her baby! Would love to win that one x

  206. I’ve always wanted a nursing necklace!!!

  207. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, what beautiful items. Our 2yo son will become a big brother soon so the mama/papa baby wearing dolls would be a wonderful way for him to role play along us and his new sibling! Thanks for the chance to win! X

  208. Helen Harield says:

    I love them all but if I have to choose a favourite i think it’s between the sweet dreams fairy OR the daddy and baby wearing doll! Don’t think I can wait for the competition to end, may just have to order one now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  209. Patti Daniel says:

    These are adorable. My Baby Girl would love them.

  210. These are beautiful. I would love to win any of them.

  211. Love these! (And I wish that I could knit so that I could make my own really great stuff!)

  212. Jennifer Wilusz says:

    I would love to win the daddy dolls and nursing necklaces! Beautiful workmanship!

  213. macaklinka says:

    I really like the rainbow mommy, but would also like to seee a redhaired one ๐Ÿ™‚ love the flower hairclip detail on one of the other dolls!

  214. They are all too cute! I’d get the daddy doll first.

  215. Monica Marinelli says:

    These are so cute!

  216. Christina Crenshaw says:

    I love the rainbow doll, & that they have daddy dolls as well.

  217. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I like the Rainbow Mommy Doll with a Baby Doll. These are darling!

  218. The rainbow mommy and baby is ADORABLE! My daughter (and I) would love this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  219. I love these dolls. Cutest things ever. Best of all they are imaginative without requiring batteries!

  220. Oh my word. What a beautiful giveaway!! My son would absolutely love the babywearing doll!!! Thank you for the chance! X x

  221. Samantha Linke says:

    I love the baby wearing dad dolls and the mama baby ones!

  222. Yay! I would love these for my son! ๐Ÿ™‚ What cool toys!

  223. Would love this doll for my little boy to help him prep for his new baby brother or sister

  224. Elizabeth says:

    Love these! So sweet! I have seen synthetic nursing necklaces – but this looks so much more comfy and safe!

  225. Grace White says:

    The rainbow doll!

  226. anastasia b says:

    love the plain mommy doll with a baby doll

  227. Jeri Thurber says:

    I love the Rainbow Mommy with Baby and the Mommy with baby – very sweet!

  228. The rainbow mommy and baby doll are adorable!

  229. Nicole M. says:

    We’ve been eyeing these on Etsy for quite some time now. I love the Rainbow Mommy Doll with a baby doll. I know my daughter would fall in love with one of these cute dolls.

  230. The rainbow one although the Daddy one is pretty cute too!

  231. Elizabeth Gee says:

    These are so lovely. Totally the place to buy my son a doll when he gets a bit older. Wonderful products!

  232. Emily Miller says:

    I love the babywearing daddy doll in the green sweater.

  233. I love these!! My youngest is 2.5 years and is still going strong when it comes to nursing. She would adore these dolls ๐Ÿ™‚

  234. I like the mama and baby set best, but I’d really love a brunette mama and baby since that’s what we are!

  235. I love the momma baby wearing! So cute and my daughter would LOVE it!

  236. I love the baby wearing daddies!

  237. This Etsy shop is so cute. I want to buy a nursing necklace!

  238. Carmen Van Deursen says:

    I have boy girl twins and my son likes to play with dolls the Babywearing Daddy Doll with a Baby Doll – knitted play dolls – eco-friendly, waldorf, babywearing, attachment parenting would be perfect for him. Cute, cute, cute!

  239. I love the redhead mommy doll modeling the doll teething necklace!

  240. Wow, you must’ve sold out of some. I only see two daddys and an afro mommy. They’re cute, but I’d prefer to have something more reflective of me and my daughter, and we’re both very pale. I’m curious about the rainbow one everyone seems so have loved. I can’t see it. Must be sold out!

  241. I love the daddy/baby set. Who doesn’t love a baby wearing daddy?

  242. Everyone is mentioning rainbow hair and blonde hair, but I can only see the daddy dolls and one dark skin doll. I love the dolls that I’ve seen, but before I pick one to be my favorite, I’d like to see more! Can these dolls be custom made? Or are there only a few that are for sale at one time?

    Anyway, I love them all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  243. I love the african baby wearing doll! SO SO SO adorable!!!

  244. Love the baby-wearing daddy in the black & white striped shirt! Such a great giveaway!

  245. I love the daddy dolls–we are expecting our second in January, and this would be a perfect gift for my 3-year-old son, a doll that looks like him carrying a baby!

  246. I would like the Baby Wearing daddy

  247. There used to be a mother with brown hair and baby with black hair on Etsy. I loved that one!

  248. Marya Mann says:
  249. I love the Babywearing Daddy Doll!

  250. Love the daddy wearing baby dolls!

  251. Erica Townsend says:

    I absolutely Love the dolls and the necklace’s. I would be so thrilled If I won one. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  252. Jenny Mercieca says:

    The baby wearing daddy doll is so sweet!

  253. Super cute toys!!

  254. Super cute dolls! I love them all and I know my 2 year old nursling would love it as well!

  255. We have a nursing necklace from her and LOVE IT! I’d love me little guy to get a doll!

  256. Melissa A. says:

    I think the baby wearing dad is the BEST!

  257. Amber McCormick says:

    I LOVE these dolls! Ive been looking for a good quality, affordable waldorf style doll for my little girl for months! my favorite that ive seen is the one pictured here, the redish-brown haired mommy with blue eyes, and I ADORE the pale floral ring sling but I don’t see it in the etsy shop so my favorite there is the black mommy and baby <33

  258. Diana Cote says:

    I really like the pink haired mommy doll set.

  259. Angela Cannon says:

    I think they’re all adorable…i do like the African mommy doll a lot!

  260. OMG, the dollies are soooo cute! I’d love to get one for my friend who is expecting anytime now.

  261. there arent many to choose from, Id guess from the recent shopping weekend but I love the mommy carrying a baby! They all are so cute!

  262. i love the rainbow mommy and baby set

  263. I love the daddy baby wearing doll! It looks just like my husband and son. He loves to wear my son when we are out and about! They are all so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  264. I love the babywearing daddy! I always encourage daddies to wear their babies too!!

  265. Love them all they are great!

  266. Leeanna H. says:

    I love the rainbow mommy and baby. So cute!

  267. I love the babywearing daddy toy!!! But my husband never wears our babies, so my kids probably wouldn’t understand it!

  268. Rainbow Mommy Doll

  269. Wow, I really like lots of them! I think I like the older one with red hair the best. Her braids are cute and I prefer those dress colors. I wonder if she does custom. They would be so fun to customize!

  270. I love these! My daughter would love one of these!

  271. My favorite is the dark skinned mama baby combo ๐Ÿ™‚

  272. Maureen O says:

    I love the rainbow doll!

  273. I love the rainbow one!

  274. Katie Gilmore says:

    I want the babywearing daddy with baby doll, the one that has the dad with a green shirt. My son would love this.

  275. I love the mother & baby doll <3

  276. Michelle L. says:

    These must be popular as there aren’t many left! I think they are all great and would like the daddy/baby or mommy/baby dolls.

  277. I love these, we are getting one for our niece for Xmas and our daughter for her first birthday (the dolls)

  278. Awww, I love the daddy doll wearing the boy baby. I would love this for my 17 month old son!!!!

  279. Jennifer S says:

    Love the daddy babywearing doll!

  280. I’d love to win this. I have a little boy, but my husband and I agree dolls and playing house toys are good to teach nurturing to little boy as well. Our daughters are older, so there aren’t anymore dolls in the house, this would be perfect! And he’s teething now too.

  281. I love the dolls! The necklaces are beautiful!

  282. I love the rainbow mommy!

  283. Baby. Wearing. Doll. OMG!

  284. I love the babywearing daddy!! How cool!

  285. Love these sweet dolls! Especially the baby wearing daddy in the black and white stripes. Perfect for my little guy.

  286. I like the babywearing daddy doll

  287. I love the mommy AND daddy baby wearing dolls, as well as the crocheted fruit rattles!

  288. Loooove the baby wearing momma and the daddy omg

  289. Soooo cute!

  290. These are so beautiful! Would love one for my daughter ๐Ÿ™‚

  291. theses are adorable. any of them would be gladly received and played with!

  292. Jessica Hughes says:

    I love the Rainbow and Alice dolls! Everything in her shop is just spectacular!

  293. I love the baby wearing daddy dolls! These are so unique I would love to have one!

  294. So cute! Love the rainbow pair.

  295. I like the dad baby wearing doll!

  296. Babywearing Daddy Doll with a Baby Doll – knitted play dolls, eco-friendly, waldorf dolls, attachment parenting – FrejaToys

  297. Cheryl Dueck says:

    My favourite is this one but I would also order this one at the same time so we could have a babywearing family – just like ours ๐Ÿ™‚

  298. Brittany F says:

    I absolutely LOVE these dolls! My favorite if the AFrican momma and baby. But, the daddies are pretty awesome too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  299. I love the babywearing dad doll! It shows dads can babywear, too!

  300. These are so neat!

  301. Christina Howell says:

    I think the babywearing daddy doll with baby is adorable. I like how the dads are being represented.

  302. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says:
  303. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    The baby wearing daddy doll, how unique and sweet!! Would make a great gift for a couple friends of mine!!

  304. Laura Frazier says:

    I love the Rainbow Mommy Doll!

  305. Catalina Vindas says:

    These pretty dolls drive me crazy ๐Ÿ™‚ My little boy and nice would be so happy with them ! and me too LOL wink wink ๐Ÿ˜‰

  306. These are absolutely adorable.

  307. Adorable! I have been nursing my 2 year old’s babies and monkies lately. Fun times.

  308. Gina Hiskes says:

    I just sat and looked through with my 2 year old, and she pointed out the Babywearing Daddy Doll!

  309. LOVE, LOVE, love, love these dolls!!! We will definitely be buying one for the holidays (if we don’t win ๐Ÿ™‚

  310. JonAnne Walters says:

    I love the babywearing mommy doll with a baby doll -African. It’s so cute that you can pick out the fabric print for the ring sling too! These are so great!

  311. Hayley Elliott says:

    My favorite would be the Babywearing DaddyDoll and Baby. With blue eyes and a ginger haired baby because my little one has red hair. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also with the green stripe ring sling.

  312. The rainbow babywearing doll is beautiful!!

  313. My son (18mos) has been wanting to take care of baby dolls lately. The baby wearing daddy would be awesome!

  314. I love the babywearing daddy doll. I love that it shows that babywearing is for daddy’s too! Very cute!

  315. Ashley Barrett says:

    Rainbow mommy doll with baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  316. My daughter would love these dolls! And I would love a nursing necklace for my wiggly baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  317. These dolls are fantastic. I wish I could knit my own! I love the fact that they come with a sling so mama can wear baby. My daughter will adore these!

  318. I love the Babywearing Daddy Doll with the blue-striped ring sling! So cute!

  319. I love all the dolls, but the babywearing dad dolls are so unique. Your whole etsy shop is beautifully made.

  320. Jennifer Stone says:

    I love the babywearing doll with rainbow hair-so cute!

  321. Carri Story says:

    My daughter loves her crocheted babies and would love a knitted set!

  322. Esther Hoffman says:

    I love this! They are beautiful!

  323. I love the African doll with lilac!

  324. Rebecca Gibson says:

    I love these dolls and necklaces soooo very adorable!

  325. rainbow hairs or dads…. so hard to choose!

  326. Absolutely adorable!!!

  327. I like the babywearing daddy doll with baby doll.

  328. Leah Bowen says:

    Nursing jewelry is awesome, I loved using it with my oldest daughter!

  329. I only see two dolls in that category, and like them both, but I love the idea of the babywearing dad doll. My partner wears our daughter, and she loves it, but since he’s at work most of the day, I obviously end up wearing her more often. She’d get such a kick out of playing with the dada doll, I’d bet ๐Ÿ™‚

  330. Kimberley Craig says:

    What beautiful toys! I love the nursing necklaces, so subtle and yet, still kid-friendly

  331. I love the baby wearing daddy doll. My son loves dolls and this would show him what’s really normal ๐Ÿ™‚

  332. Jessica O says:

    The Babywearing Daddy Doll is awesome!

  333. Wow, beautiful products! I want them all!

  334. It looks like the only one left is one of the Daddy babywearing dolls, it’s super cute!

  335. I’m a fan of the rainbow babywearing mama and babe. So cute!

  336. Sarah Simmons says:

    awesome dolls!! I love them

  337. Beautiful handcrafted toys! I love the pink-haired baby wearing mamma!

  338. Christina F. says:

    baby wearing daddy doll with a baby doll–all of my daughter’s dolls are girls. it would be nice to have a boy! plus her dad wore her all the time when she was an infant.

  339. What adorable dolls! I love the necklaces too. I’m sure my daughter would like the babywearing doll as she loves to imitate me!

  340. I love the Rainbow Mama!

  341. The BabyWearing Dad doll!

  342. My favourite is the mama baby wearing doll with rainbow hair. Those blues and green are my favourite colour. We’re expecting our second daughter in a couple months and this would be an awesome toy for our toddler.

  343. Trisha V. says:

    I really like the babyweariny daddy dolls. I have been eyeing one for my son because he is going to be a big brother soon!

  344. My favourite is the mama baby wearing doll with rainbow hair. Those blues and green are my favourite colour.

  345. Angelique Grantham says:


  346. Anne Perry says:

    I like the Mari and rainbow dolls.

  347. stephanie says:

    my daughter would LOVE. the pink haired mommy with stripe socks. i like reddish brown haired mommy with flower accents. in love with the leafy teething rings too!

  348. I like the brown hair mom with baby in a sling

  349. All of the dolls are cute. I love the rainbow mommy doll. I also like the mommy babywearing doll with brown hair, and I think that the daddy babywearing dolls are really sweet.

  350. Monica Fernando says:

    All of your items are so adorable! I just ordered the Baby Bunny and can’t wait to give it to my little one!

  351. Chani-Claire says:

    Would love a sweet little dolly for my baby girl!

  352. The rainbow babywearing mama is great, but my heart melted over the babywearing daddy!

  353. I like the baby wearing doll with brown hair but they are all adorable!

  354. The rainbow baby wearing mommy is so cute!

  355. Lauren Jimenez says:

    I love the brown haired mommy babywearing doll.

  356. love the Rainbow Mommy doll!

  357. Elizabeth T says:

    I love the babywearing doll with dad

  358. Oh, they are all so cute! I especially love the brown haired mama and baby.

  359. Babywearing Daddy Doll with a Baby Doll

  360. I like the mother baby doll with the pink hair but truth be told the doll with the orange hair. She is adorable!

  361. Marissa J. says:

    They’re all so wonderful! My favorite is the baby-wearing mama with auburn hair.

  362. Amber Seat says:

    I love these!!! Makes me want to go out and have another baby so that i can use the teething necklaces. i have tons of friends having babies who i think would adore these. i wish i had found them just a couple years earlier!!!

  363. these are so awesome! saw them when i ordered my nursing necklace (which we love!) and i’ve wished for one ever since!! xo

  364. Sonya Morris says:
  365. I love the daddy babywearing dolls

  366. I really like the Mommy with pink hair but they are all adorable.

  367. Sandee Hill says:

    I love the brown haired Mommy with baby doll, and I love the Ronnie doll…so cute!

  368. The Rainbow Mommy and Baby Dolls. Very cute! Thank you!
    Amie Olson

  369. Such gorgeous toys! Thank you for introducing us to this lovely company!

  370. Jennifer Sebby says:

    I love the baby wearing mommy doll with the pink hair! My daughter loves dolls as well as baby wearing and both nursing and having bringing her dolls to me to nurse. She would go crazy over this.

  371. I love all of them, especially the rainbow doll! Gorgeous!

  372. I like the brown haired one with the cute flowers in her hair wearing her baby. Love love love!

  373. Jo Meijer says:
  374. I love love love the little fruit rattles!

  375. I absolutely love this:

    I’m not blond but the carrier is sooo nice, something I would love for myself!

  376. Kendra Marks says:

    I have fallen head over heels with the Alice doll! She is so cute and looks like she would enjoy a trip to London to meet my little girl xxx

  377. Jena Carr says:

    Babywearing Mommy Doll with a Baby Doll(with the red hair and flowers) – knitted play dolls, attachment parenting, maternity, waldorf, eco toys – FrejaToys

  378. Love the mommy and baby with the pink striped hair! Not sure if it has a certain name ๐Ÿ™‚ love these!!!

  379. Violeta Vasquez says:

    These dolls are beautiful. I would love the mommy & babywearing doll for my daughter!

  380. I adore the mommy and baby babywearing doll with the blonde hair. Looks like me!

  381. I love the Berry doll, but they’re all so beautiful!!

  382. Katrina B says:

    The baby wearing daddy is my favorite, I just ordered it for my son for the holidays.

  383. My daughters favorite color is PINK so I would choose the pink haired Babywearing Mommy Doll with a Baby Doll

  384. Bethanie H says:

    My toddler LOVES to wear her dolls. I’d love to have the pink haired babywearing doll for her!

  385. nicole griffin says:

    How wonderful! These are just too cute and original. Way to go!

  386. Lucinda. Avis says:

    Love these! Gorgeous toys for sure!

  387. Erin Ritter says:

    I love the Mommy and Baby set with pink haired mommy and the pink and blue striped ring sling!!

  388. Melissa H says:

    These are so pretty! Love the colors. ๐Ÿ™‚

  389. Cassandra Clark says:

    The daddy doll with the dirty blond hair is adorable!

  390. Rebecca Peters says:

    Ekk! These are so precious! My fav doll is the brunette with flowers in her hair. ๐Ÿ˜€

  391. Christina says:

    I really like the Babywearing Mommy Doll with a Baby Doll – knitted play doll with Pink hair- I’ve always wanted to dye my hair pink or purple, so this one is perfect! Very cute and amazing stuff at FrejaToys!

  392. I love them all! But the momma and baby with rainbow hair are especially cute!

  393. I really like this one a lot ~ Rainbow Mommy Doll with a Baby Doll – knitted play dolls, babywearing, maternity, eco-friendly, Christmas gift – FrejaToys

    Our girls LOVE anything Rainbow! I know my little girlie would LOVE to have this! I really LOVE the teething necklace as well! I Love knitted toys, it brings back memories from me as a kid and my grandparents giving them to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the great giveaway!

  394. Anna Stallcup says:

    I like the Rainbow haired babywearing mommy!

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