TLB History

I started The Leaky Boob blog on the blogger platform originally when I wrote a satire piece about society and breastfeeding on my little family blog.  The very first post received more attention than I ever anticipated and I launched a dedicated blog on blogger and a friend helped me start a Facebook page for The Leaky Boob in April, 2010.



  1. amanda says:

    breastfeeding is the most rewarding thing I could ever give my children your gifts would only help me continue to feed our youngest (5 weeks) in the best way possible!

  2. Nikki says:

    I would like to contact the owner of the Leaky Boob about using a picture in my classes. I would not be giving the picture away, except in a handout as a tiny black and white version. I would put it in a powerpoint slide for teaching purposes…and happily give credit to The Leaky Boob.

    I couldn’t find a place to contact anyone, so am sending this comment.

  3. Katie says:

    Thanks to Leaky Boob! I feel like I am a more empowered mommy and BF’er because I am armed with knowledge. Unfortunatly yesterday I was diagnosed with mastitis in my left breast. I had fever, headache, soreness and lethargy. It knocked me on my butt for 2 days and greatly depleted my supply, as my MIL had to watch DD. My doc told me to pump and dump from the infected breast for the next 48 hours. She put me on Cehpalexin 500mg, 3 times a day, and Acidophalis. I am worried I am pumping and dumping without needing to? Is my milk infected? Before diagnosis DD didnt have a problem with it and it seems like such a waste! Also, anything I can do to prevent getting it again?!!! Ive been looking on the ABM website but need more info

    • theleakyb@@b says:

      Hi Katie,

      Ugh, mastitis is horrible. I hate it with a passion. In my experience dumping and pumping is not necessary. Baby is so much more effective at draining the breast than a pump, she can actually help you get better faster. You can check with the Infant Risk Center or LactMed to be sure but I just checked the LactMed app and Cephalexin (Keflex) is considered safe for breastfeeding. The infection in your breast won’t be a problem for your little one either. I’m afraid your doctor gave you some unfortunate advice and strongly encourage you to check with a reputable source regarding human lactation such as one of the organizations I mentioned above or an IBCLC.

      As for preventing it, there are some things you can do such as being sure to empty the breast often and regularly (come on baby, that’s your job!), avoiding tight clothing around your breasts (supportive but not tight), and if needed, trying lecithin supplements. Those are first steps you can take to avoiding mastitis in the future.

      I wrote about my experience with mastitis here, there may be some tips and info you find helpful there as well:

      Get well soon!


  4. Maureen says:

    My daughter is 12 days old and this is my third bf baby. My nipples are very sore and cracked, especially the left one. I have been using Lanolin but it’s not really helping. it hurts a lot when she latches on and she seems to not be able to stay on and continuously have to try and get her back on. I have tried to get her to open bigger but it seems she can’t. I have tried other positions, she seems to do the best while we are laying down, but again she unlatches frequently and she seems to be getting frustrated. I contacted the LLL and they gave me some tips and mentioned maybe she was lip tied. I don’t want to jump right to her being lip tied, but I have not had these issues in the past. Any advice??

  5. Megan Lowe says:

    I am curious about what people are choosing for BC? I am currently BF my 3rd and last baby, he is 6 weeks old. I have previously used the mini pill but am considering an IUD/Mirena. I saw on FB a while ago there was a lot of people talking about IUD and pregnancy. My OB has suggested either would be fine for me and now I am trying to decide which way to go and what I need to be concerned with if I go with the IUD. Any advice?

  6. Desi Nelson says:

    I need some advice :) My 6 month old baby boy began tugging at his ears last week, on 2/28 we went to the doctor and he had a ‘mild right ear infection’ she gave us antibiotics. He is fully breastfed and has been very healthy I stay home with him and the most child interaction he gets is at church or when visiting the cousins. We do co sleep and he side nurses at night. Also, he is teething, he got his 2 front bottom teeth in at 3 1/2 months and now his right front is visible and his gums are very inflammed and look bruised. My questions are could somebody give me more light on the subject of ear infections cause I feel almost as if I have failed him thinking he would not get ear infections, although I know that that is not the case. Could teething have caused this ear infection? It has now been 8 days and he is still tugging at his right ear, should I be concerned? Any input will be appreciated, I am just a first time mom