1. Cindy Bennett says

    Hi, i guess i am just looking for advice on a few things as of right now i am so confused and frustrated.
    I have a 4 year old boy that i have breastfeed for 7 12 months and got my first period when he was 5 months old and they stayed regular. With my youngest who is 9 months old i have got my first period when she was 6 weeks old and have got them every 2 weeks up until 3 months ago, the first one was 35 days apart and the last one 28 days, but as of right now she has been weaned off the breast about 3 weeks ago and i still have not gotten another period?? If i were to count my period as 28 days apart then as of today i am 4-5 days late, i have taken a home pregnancy test and it was negative. I feel cramping everyday as if i should start but still nothing….is there something going on that i just dont know about? I am so confused.

    • Cindy, I missed my period and thought that my relactating has caused me to become non-fertile again. 7 days late, preg test negative. 10 days late, still negative. I just found out at SIXTEEN DAYS LATE that I am 4weeks preg 🙂 just be patient, you’re probably preg but it will take a while to show…