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A directory of businesses that wish to change the world by naturalizing breastfeeding through education, information, personal stories and relationships.


Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet

Facilitates Breastfeeding in a safe environment

Sleep better.  Sleep Closer.  Sleep Safer.

The Co-Sleeper bassinet promotes bonding and enables parents and infant to sleep better.  It has all the benefits of co-sleeping but none of the danger of bed-sharing.  Recommended by sleep research expert James J. McKenna Ph. D. of the Mother-Child Sleep Laboratory at Notre Dame University and leading pediatrician and author Dr. William Sears.

Reach over and draw your baby close for feeding, or just plain loving.



Carseat Excellence

Clek designs smart, timeless, tested and safe travel vessels
for our little cowboys, divas, bookworms, rebels and soccer stars.
When they are happy and comfortable, we are relaxed and focused on the journey there.


Accessories for Breastfeeding

Bamboobies     Cloud-soft nursing pads, organic, fair trade, leak-proof, bamboo

KoalaKin          Hands-free nursing pouch, adjustable, comfortable

NakedNursingTank    Breastfeed in any top without showing your tummy!

PetiteBisou      Beautiful, natural and re-usable breast shells for sensitive nipples

TheDairyFairy   The only nursing bra that multitasks as much as you do


Blankets and Covers

BébéAuLait      Stylish nursing covers with an open neckline so mom can see baby

Swaddlekinz    Super soft, cuddly, breathable swaddle wraps, 100%muslin cotton

TaTaTents        Stylish nursing covers for lactating mothers



Ergobaby         State-of-the-art mobility products for mama and baby’s adventures

LílléBaby        The most COMPLETE baby carrier for stylish parents on-the-go

MobyWrap       Irresistibly comfortable baby carriers – a parenting essential

NüRoo             Help foster the bond between you + baby for every early advantage



Cezara             Belly support panty: pregnancy, postpartum, & after Cesarean

FormulaFree     Baby clothing and accessories promoting breastfeeding

MelindaG         Terrific nursing bras & camis – comfy support for you!

Momzelle         Breastfeeding clothing, maternity wear, nursing tops for hip moms

OneCreative Mama  Cute breastfeeding advocacy gear for babies – Preach it, baby!

UndercoverMama   Breastfeeding wardrobe solution! Stylish strapless camisole


Diaper/Breast Pump Bags

LuvMyBag        Diaper bags, carriers & wraps, Wubbanubs, teethers & soft toys

NursePurse      Stylish breast pump bag for all your essentials – laptop too!


Diapers & Baby Care

Sloomb            Merino knits and natural diapering for your little hipsters ♥

ThirstiesBaby   Quality cloth diapers and accessories.  Made in the USA.


Health & Well-Being

Episencial        Babytime! is #1 organic skincare for all ages, chosen by hospitals

Motherlove      Herbal care products, organic, earth-friendly, pregnancy, BF

ShowerHug       Therapeutic breast compress, organic, burp & wash cloths, soft



MyLilMarket     Custom jewelry, necklaces, beading, teethers, beauty in simplicity


Lactation Consultants

Kathleen Huggins  RN, MS, IBCLC, author of  ”The Nursing Mother’s Companion”

Amber McCann  IBCLC, connecting mothers, experts & advocates for social change


Nutrition & Supplements

NursingBlend     Supplements to boost the quality and quantity of your breastmilk

MrsPatel’s         All-natural treats and teas to help increase milk supply


Online Retailer

AMothersBoutique  Nursing bras, maternity/breastfeeding clothing & accessories

BasicBabyShop  Helping you along from Pregnancy to Potty Training

BoobieMilk       Nursing bras, sleep bras and nursing vests.  Free returns in the UK

LittleSpruceOrganics  Everything organic! diapers, baby & nursing apparel, toys

MatreaMercantile   Exquisite gifts and everyday essentials for Mama and Baby

NursingBraExpress   Nursing bras, nursingwear, baby slings, breastfeeding covers



ShowerHug      Therapeutic breast compress, organic, burp & wash cloths, soft



Hygeia             Eco-friendly breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories

PumpEase        Hands-free pumping supports, secure, comfortable, fabulous

Rumina           Comfortable, supportive, hands-free pumping bra in a nursing tank



WeanGreen     Baby food and breastmilk found a safe place to hide from chemicals


Toys & Teethers

FrejaToys        Eco-friendly knitted baby-wearing dolls, baby toys, bf necklaces

GoosieOrganics  Organic & eco-friendly jewelry for babywearing, teething, nursing

KangarooCare  Breastfeeding Mom necklaces & baby teething toys, natural, safe

TheVintageHoneyShop  Mamas rock & babies chomp! Teething/nursing necklaces.


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