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Started in April, 2010, The Leaky Boob (TLB) provides a framework
where an ever-expanding network of people come together
in support of breastfeeding families.

The Leaky Boob now comprises:

- a website with an active blog and resource pages: www.theleakyboob.com
- a very active Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TheLeakyB@@b

The website offers blog posts and resource pages that are informative, personal, and cover the breadth of breastfeeding and parenting related experiences.  Authors include Jessica Martin-Weber, the woman behind TLB, as well as professionals and guest posts from real people with real stories.

The Facebook page, with a community growing at about 500 people per week, provides a safe and easy way to get immediate answers to the numerous questions that pop up for breastfeeding families.  Based on values such as respect, gentleness and informed decision, TLB FB is a judgement-free environment where no question is too small, too obvious or too strange.

TLB Media Kit - raves

Sponsorship Details

There are several sponsorship levels to choose from, each with a variety of features and included services.  The following chart outlines the main differences between them, though Jessica retains the right to promote and reward her sponsors beyond what is outlined (such as sharing a sponsor’s information directly to a Leaky in need of their product):

TLB Media Kit - sponsorship chart


TLB Media Kit - A la carte

Guest posting
Additionally, all sponsors (Market-Place excepted) have the option to guest post on the TLB blog (subject to approval), with acknowledgement of the sponsor.
Non-sponsors interested in a Guest posting on TLB should submit their writing to content@theleakyboob.com

TLB Reviews

See your product featured in a review on The Leaky Boob!
reviews@theleakyboob.com for more information.

Sponsor Criteria
Sponsors are selected on a case by case basis.  Every potential sponsor is considered for fit; a commitment and care for women, babies, families and breastfeeding; and a business we can feel confident sharing with our readers.

Brand exclusivity
Please note that The Leaky Boob does not promise brand loyalty in promotions and will share other products as well when fitting, even if they are viewed as competition.  If you would like more information about brand exclusivity, please ask for more information.

 For all sponsorship related inquiries, please contact: jeremy@theleakyboob.com


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