2018 Giving That Goes On Empowering

by Jeremy Martin-Weber

Information. Support. Community.

These are what The Leaky Boob is all about. The infant feeding journey can be an easy and beautiful experience, but it can also be overwhelming, confusing, and lonely. The Leaky Boob community is there to share all of it with you: your joys, your questions, and your frustrations.

And it’s all made possible thanks to sponsoring brands that desire to support you along with The Leaky Boob. These brands are carefully vetted and approved both for the quality of their products and their desire to help support families with the arrival of their new babies: from maternity to birth, and through postpartum.

These brands want to share their products with you because they created them for you — to make life easier and healthier for you and your baby.

Find chances to win free product from these trusted brands below. Please take a moment to like/follow them on social media. Leave them a comment for extra credit. And consider sharing information that you find interesting or helpful from The Leaky Boob too!

Good luck everyone! Please note that in participating in each of the following giveaways, you grant permission to The Leaky Boob to share your name and email address with the brand(s) sponsoring the corresponding giveaway(s). Keep it fun for everyone by being honest in your participation!


The Giveaways 

littlebeam, Snugabell, and Pebble – Kahiniwalla join together to sponsor the livestream series on TLB FB where we answer your breastfeeding questions, live! in “The Breast Questions. Check out the latest livestream here. 3 winners will each receive a littlebeam nursing pillow, a hands-free pumping bra from Snugabell, and some adorable hand-crocheted and fair trade plush from Pebble – Kahiniwalla: an ice cream cone rattle! Enter below.

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TLBgives 2018 brings together 25 of our most trusted brands for one major giveaway. 1 winner shares the prizes with 2 friends of their choosing, and a lucky non-profit that supports mothers and families wins alongside them. Details here.

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Rachel’s Remedy is offering a Full Set of their products. Catch them on Facebook here.

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Get one of the coolest carriers available, the Trek Evo hiking baby carrier, from Chimparoo. Check them out on Facebook!

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Another giveaway from Rachel’s Remedy is for 10 lucky winners! Your chance to get your hands on their Relief Packs. Follow them on Facebook!

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Our friends at Ameda sponsored this Facebook Livestream on “Overcoming Breastfeeding Difficulties,” and are offering a chance to for 10 winners to receive a Breast Care Pack that includes Comfort Gels, Lanolin, and Breast Pads. Give them some love on Facebook!

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In September, TLB hosted our first local social gathering of Leakies in the PNW. 17 brands came together in support of this fun event! 28 products are featured in this giveaway, each of them going to a separate winner, which means you have 1 in 28 chances to win! A huge thank you to Goddess Garden (3 full-size Baby Mineral Sunscreens), Pure Spoon ($100 gift card), Hotmilk Lingerie (1 Temptation Graphite nursing bra and matching brief), Milkies by Fairhaven Health (5 NEW Milk-Saver On-The-Go), Crane (1 Gray Drop Humidifier), Lillebaby (winner’s choice of baby carrier), Rachel’s Remedy (Breast Relief Packs and Antimicrobial Breast Pads), Kahiniwalla (1 Fair-Trade crocheted Large Swan), Ju-Ju-Be (1Be Pumped diaper bag), Ameda (Finesse breast pump, Lanolin, and breast pads), Charlie Banana (breast pads, feminine pads combo, new print pack of 3 Tuscany and Surf Rider), Poncho Baby (1 nursing cover), Snugabell (3 PumpEase hands-free pumping bras), My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear (1 Rainbow Keepsake Kit), Medela (1 Sonata Smart Breast Pump), Rhoost (3 baby grooming kits), and Pip and Grow (1 Smitten bassinet).

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4 Brands came together to sponsor one of TLB’s livestream series called “The Breast Questions.” A big thanks to Rachel’s Remedy, i play – Grow Healthy Baby, One Z Breastfeeding Pillow, and Snugabell (those are Facebook links, you should follow them!). One lucky winner will win a Nurse and Nourish Whole Grains for Nursing Mamas by Grow Healthy (i play), a Snugabell Support Tee and PumpEase hands-free pumping bra, Rachel’s Remedy Breast Relief Packs, and a Sleep Zzz Pillow and One Z Pillow for a total value of $200.

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Legendairy Milk is offering you a chance to win a $100 gift card to legendairymilk.com and 10 bottles of Organic Sunflower Lecithin — 11 winners! Curious about plugged ducts, blebs, or mastitis? Legendairy Milk sponsored a livestream on all of that on TLB. Follow Legendairy Milk on Facebook!

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Giving With Joy- TLBgives 2018

Everyone loves a good giveaway. They’re fun, enticing, and full of hopeful anticipation. Here at TLB we take delight in working with brands that care so much about quality, families, support, and seeing babies well fed. These companies not only see our community as a valuable resource, but each brand we work with is carefully vetted- selected for their commitment to supporting families. With them, TLB gets to regularly experience the joy of giving to families through our giveaways and community support.

Which is why this holiday season we are extending the reach of that giving. TLBgives brings together 25 brands that truly know the meaning of the joy of giving. With three different bundles (totaling over $3500), one lucky winner will have the chance to give as well by selecting two of their friends that could use a little holiday cheer, and they will each receive a bundle!

But that’s not all. Every item being given away in for TLBgives is also being donated to a nonprofit organization that supports families. And we need your help!  There are so many amazing nonprofits out there that we struggled to select just 4 of them for this opportunity, and it’s up to you to make the final selection. We are including a short description of each of the 4 organizations with a link to their website in case you would like to learn more about them. Once you’re ready, cast your vote for your favorite in the poll just under the descriptions! Our hope is that they will inspire us all to find new ways to give this season. Even a warm smile can lift a person’s spirits.


Happy Holidays, and good luck!


Everyday Miracles is built on the belief that every woman has a right to evidence-based prenatal care; that every woman should be empowered, supported and celebrated during pregnancy, birth and postpartum—regardless of age, race, or socioeconomic status. The work they do is inspired by the commitment, resilience and strength we see in the moms we serve every single day. Their mission is to improve birth outcomes and reduce health disparities by providing evidence-based education, compassionate and culturally competent support and a non-judgemental, caring community. Find them on Facebook.

The Midwife Center for Birth & Women’s Health is the largest freestanding birth center in the USA, caring for women of all ages by providing primary gynecological care, prenatal care, childbirth care, behavioral health and wellness, breastfeeding support and more. It focuses its efforts on communities who experience poor health outcomes in order to have a more significant impact on improving the health of people in their region. Find them on Facebook.

Pittsburgh Black Breastfeeding Circle (PBBC), aims to reduce racial disparities in breastfeeding by protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding as the cultural norm and optimal feeding method for mothers and babies of African Descent in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Their mission also includes providing culturally relevant breastfeeding, parenting, and nutrition education and information in a supportive group environment. The PBBC facilitates community learning with maternal child health and lactation specialists and experts; in addition to the development of peer leadership. Find them on Facebook.

ShareBaby believes that every child deserves the proper supplies and equipment for the best start in life. They collect diapers, clothing, and other basic goods and distributes these items to families in need through community based organizations. Find them on Facebook



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Every bundle includes (Total Value: $655):

i play. Family of Brands: Green sprouts® Snap & Go Silicone Food-Catcher Bib (3-In-1 Set)$20 value
New!! The Snap & Go™ Silicone Food-catcher Bib offers three convenient, interchangeable easy-wear tops that snap onto a silicone scoop to keep baby clean and dry at every meal. The contoured design moves with baby, and the food-safe, non-petroleum silicone scoop stays extended to easily catch spills and keep food from dropping to the floor. Perfect for on-the-go feeding—neatly rolls up and snaps to store utensils or small snacks in the pocket, and after use keeps messy utensils and bib contained. Your new favorite bib for everyday use!

Knocked-Up Fitness: Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal Membership, $234 value
The Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal Membership includes access to a variety of workout videos you can do in the comfort of your own home, plus educational tutorials teaching you how to safely and effectively strengthen your deep core during pregnancy to better prepare your body for pregnancy, birth and recovery postpartum, a daily pregnancy workout schedule + guide, recipes, email access to your prenatal coaches and much more!

Poppies Toys: Poppies (SMILEY the Star & RED the Rocket)$19 value
Poppies is a versatile toy that combines a playful shape, sensory textures & suction cups on multiple sides to stimulate development and soothe aching gums in teething babies. They are small enough for on-the-go travel & flexible enough for little hands to grip and hold.

Legendairy Milk: Tea-Tas and Lactivist$50 value
Tea-Tas is a wild crafted lactation tea made with a unique ingredient indigenous to Central America called Ixbut. Ixbut has a long history of use for lactation in ancient Mayan culture and has a light, delicious flavor. Lactivist is a wild crafted lactation tincture made with a plant called torbangun which has been used by the Bataknese women of Indonesia to encourage breastmilk production for centuries.

Kiinde: Kiinde Twist Gift Set$100 value
Complete breast milk storage systems; from direct pumping into our Twist Pouch, warming in our Kozii, to direct feeding with our bottle holder and nipple. It is the safest and most convenient way to store breastmilk.

jujube: a different combination of bags in each bundle
Details below in the different bundles.

Silverette USA: Silverette silver cups, $60 value
Silverette cups heal and prevent soreness, cracks, infections and thrush on your nursing nipples using the healing properties of silver.

Lunapads: Performa Lunapads, $16 value
Lunapads’ Performa are reusable pads that outperform disposables. Leakproof and zero waste, they are machine washable and replace 120 disposable pads.

Ameda: pumping product(s), value TBD
Experts in pumping products that support your infant feeding goals. 

Milkies, by Fairhaven Health: Milkies Milk-Saver, $28 value
Easy to use, Milk-Saver collects your leaking breast milk as you nurse – allowing you to store extra breast milk effortlessly with each feeding.

Babo Botanicals: EWG Verified Sensitive Baby Fragrance Free Newborn Gift Set$50 value
This Gift Set includes the first 3 essential items made with pure plants and botanical ingredients that are gentle and safe for babies with extra sensitive or eczema-prone skin. It comes in a natural and lightweight reusable cotton zipper bag — best baby shower gift idea and for moms on the go to store extra diapers, wipes, and more! 3 Piece Set Includes:
EWG Verified™ Newborn Foam Wash
: Gluten, Soy and Dairy Free – rich, fragrance free moisturizing foam to gently cleanse and protect the delicate skin of infants.
EWG Verified™ Sensitive Baby Daily Fragrance Free Hydra Lotion: Perfect for babies with dry, sensitive, irritated or eczema prone skin.
EWG Verified™ Diaper Cream: A Fragrance Free soothing diaper cream with a high content of 25% non-nano zinc oxide. Preservative Free.
Also includes 100% cotton Plush Babo Bunny

Sleep Zzz Pillow: Sleep Zzz Pillow, $50 value
The Sleep Zzz Pillow is the first of its kind sleep pillow that is designed specifically for children ages 3 and up! The Sleep Zzz Pillow was initially created for one of our own children with sensory issues. She had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep and we found that the Sleep Zzz Pillow provided her with the comfort she needed to fall asleep faster and most importantly STAY asleep! The Sleep Zzz Pillow is designed with a super soft cuddle fabric that allows the child to feel snuggly and safe while surrounded by their very own body pillow.

Pura Stainless: Your choice of one of our Stainless Steel Infant or Toddler Bottles, up to $30 value
Pura offers infant and toddler bottles that evolve as your child grows from an infant bottle to a sippy or straw bottle and, finally, into a Sport Mini bottle, perfect for school!


Prize bundle #1:


Prize Bundle #1 Total Value: $631

jujube: Everyday Tote – Noir Rose Gold, and Be Set – Knight Rose, $215 value
This sleek, refined tote bag is an elegant and timeless piece, roomy, with structure sides to keep it standing tall – even when it’s stuffed to the brim. The Be Set includes three mini bags that you can use to organize your tote bag or hang them from your stroller! Stylish and classy.

KangarooCare: 100% ORGANIC COTTON Nursing Necklace, $26 value
This totally natural necklace is a must-have for every breastfeeding & babywearing mommy or just for those who loves nature and everything natural. It is completely safe for your baby to touch and chew on, not to mention it is just beautiful to wear! 🙂 It is made with crochet covered beads and juniper wood beads, both handmade in Estonia, where I live. 

Rachel’s Remedy: Down There Relief Pack$15 value
The Down There Relief Pack provides soothing relief for hemorrhoids, postpartum pain, episiotomies, and any other pain associated with the perineum. It is a patented, contoured gel pack that fits those hard to reach places. Our Down There Relief Pack is so soothing, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. It won the 2018 Best New Product For Moms.

Snugabell: PumpEase hands-free pumping bra, $38 value
The award-winning PumpEase hands-free pumping bra holds your breast pump flanges securely in place so you can read, text, eat, email, care for your child, or just relax while you pump your breastmilk…hands-free! You don’t need to fuss with awkward straps or adjustments; PumpEase is easy to use and looks great for moms who aren’t willing to forgo fashion for function.

Britax Child Safety: Britax CoolFlow Collection car seat of winner’s choice $230-380 value
Making Safety Cool with Britax CoolFlow Collection
Cooling – mesh fabric improves air flow
Comfort – padded seat and head rest for a comfy ride
Safety – Britax safety that parents love and trust
Versatile – car seats for all ages and stages

Good Clean Love: BioNude Personal Lubricant and Rebalance™ Personal Moisturizing and Cleansing Wipes$19 value
BioNude is formulated to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication, and like all Good Clean Love products, does not contain any parabens and is made with all-natural ingredients. The patented Bio Match™ technology in BioNude may help protect the sensitive vaginal ecosystem while providing maximum natural glide that most closely mimics natural female moisture. Rebalance Personal Moisturizing and Cleansing Wipes help cleanse, refresh, eliminate odor, and they’re biodegradable. Individually wrapped, these pH-balance wipes will keep you feeling refreshed and cleansed wherever life finds you. They’re great for travel, post-workout, after an intimate moment, and everyday on-the-go cleansing.

Birds& Bees Teas: Family Immunity Tea$18 value
Our handcrafted herbal immunity tea blend is full of antioxidants and natural immunity booster herbs to keep everyone healthy—even during cold and flu season. Don’t get sick! Make your Own DIY Elderberry Syrup with this powerhouse blend and drink it daily to keep the Immune System Strong. Boost the whole family’s immunity easily & naturally with this delicious tea for colds & flus.


Prize bundle #2:


Prize Bundle #2 Total Value: $536

Rachel’s Remedy: Down There Relief Pack, $15 value
The Down There Relief Pack provides soothing relief for hemorrhoids, postpartum pain, episiotomies, and any other pain associated with the perineum.

jujube: Be Supplied – Prism Rose, and Be Equipped – Prism Rose, $175 value
This lightweight breast pump tote will carry you through your pumping days and beyond. Pumping on the go is easier with the Be Equipped set, which includes an organizer bag, a mini bottle cooler, and a wet bag.

littlebeam: littlebeam nursing pillow$40 value
littlebeam is a portable and versatile nursing pillow with a luxury memory foam interior. This pillow is meant to be supportive for breastfeeding and bottle feeding parents in any position!

Natracare: Organic Baby Wipes, $8 value
EWG Verified and MADE SAFE certified organic baby wipes that are safe and sustainable.

Sarah Wells Bags: Sarah Wells PumpEase hands-free pumping bra, $40 value
Like all my products, the PumpEase bra is both stylish and functional, because as a pumping mama you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other. This must-have pumping bra holds your flanges in place, leaving you two free hands to work, text, or (GASP!) even relax while pumping.

Charlie Banana: A pack of 4 Feminine Pads Combo Hot Pineapple, A pack 6 Nursing Pads White , A pack of 3 Diapers 6 Inserts Tuscany One Size Hybrid AIO, $108 value
Reusable feminine pads Combo pack includes 4 different size pads and one waterproof mini tote bag included. Our pads are easy to wash, unbelievably stain-free, and naturally super absorbent.
Nursing pads have a fleece lining that is soft and gentle against sensitive nipples. The absorbent inner layer and leak-proof outer layer will protect your favorite clothing. 6 breast pads come with a waterproof tote bag included.
Each reusable One Size Hybrid AIO Diaper comes with two DELUXE cloth inserts that are highly absorbent and soft, making them great for both day and overnight use. These Charlie Banana diapers are One-Size diapers, which grow together with a child – i.e. can be adjusted to fit the baby from birth to potty-training.

Latched Mama: A Diaper Bag filled with a Teether, Swaddle Blanket, Lightweight Hoodie, Nursing Tank, and Tee, $150 value
Play clothes for nursing moms! I aim to support new moms and to normalize affordable nursing wear. 


Prize bundle #3:

Prize Bundle #3 Total Value: $337

littlebeamlittlebeam nursing pillow$40 value
littlebeam is a portable and versatile nursing pillow with a luxury memory foam interior. This pillow is meant to be supportive for breastfeeding and bottle feeding parents in any position!

KangarooCare: 100% ORGANIC COTTON Nursing Necklace, $26 value
This totally natural necklace is made with crochet covered beads and juniper wood beads, handmade in Estonia.

jujube: Hobobe – surprise print, and Be Spendy – surprise print, $165 value
This classic hobo-style bag is sure to become a staple of your wardrobe, both while your baby is still in diapers and long after. The Be Spendy is outfitted with numerous pockets and card slots so you’re ready for any expenses while you’re out and about – or shopping online. 

SnugabellPumpEase hands-free pumping bra, $38 value
The award-winning PumpEase hands-free pumping bra holds your breast pump flanges securely in place so you can read, text, eat, email, care for your child, or just relax while you pump your breastmilk…hands-free!

Birds& Bees Teas: Family Immunity Tea, $18 value
Our handcrafted herbal immunity tea blend is full of antioxidants and natural immunity booster herbs to keep everyone healthy—even during cold and flu season. Don’t get sick!

Cake Maternity: Lotus Pumping Bra, $50 value
The Lotus Pumping bra is a contemporary in design for the new age of pregnant & nursing women. Developed for hands-free pumping this bra is ideal as an everyday nursing bra (pull aside) or as a low impact workout bra. The double cup design, with discreet opening allows for use with a breast pump.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be enter. The giveaway is open through December 27, 2018. A big thanks to all of the sponsors who generously demonstrated their support and care for people by participating in this giveaway. Their support of TLB, all breastfeeding people, and beyond, is invaluable; don’t hesitate to visit them on social media and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

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