Through the eyes of a child

For World Breastfeeding Week I was excited to host “Perspectives: Breastfeeding through Children’s Eyes Art Prject.” The original plan was to take submissions for a week and then select one to be printed on note cards, a collaboration with Paper Mama, the sales of which would go to benefit Best For Babes Foundation. We were and are all super excited. But we want more submissions.

In an effort to get more submissions, we’re going to extend the contest deadline to September 15th. We have some great submissions so far and love seeing how your little ones view breastfeeding. We are looking forward to even more. Spread the word and ask your little ones to share their artistic expressions of their perspective of breastfeeding!

To submit, send a scanned copy of a high quality photograph of your child’s piece to theleakyboob @ by September 15th with your child’s first name, age and anything they had to say about breastfeeding and their submission. You may submit as many as you’d like.

We are looking forward to all of the submissions and hope to help a good cause and I’d love to show that children seeing breastfeeding is not a sexually perverted act and is in fact a positive in not only the lives of the mothers and babies but the children exposed to such beautiful nurturing as well.


  1. Bummer. My daughter wanted to submit, but I didn't get her a canvas in time and we thought it was over.