A Mark of My Own

I have a bunch of reviews to do and I’m excited to start with one from a Leaky I’ve known for years.  I knew Lizabeth before she ever leaked a drop.  Now though, she’s a veteran breastfeeding mom running her business, A Mark of My Own, and caring for her 3 year old daughter.  She also makes awesome apple pineapple cider and is a good friend.

This past week, in the middle of preparing for Thanksgiving (she had 3 turkeys in a cooler and baking to do!), Lizabeth had our family over to glaze some of her beautiful unfinished ornaments and to drink some of that delicious cider of hers.  She had a dazzling selection of bisque laid out for us and we all selected our favorites.  Amazingly, even with all the hubbub and little ones afoot, not a single ornament was broken and no paint ended up on the carpet or walls.  While I consider avoiding disaster a success in an of itself, the beauty of the ornaments we get to bring home is even better.  We painted well over a dozen of her designs and are excited to have some beautiful handmade ornaments not only for our own tree but to give as well.

Through A Mark of My Own Lizabeth creates handmade works of art that are beautiful left plain just as they are or as a canvas for customers to unleash their own creative flare.  As gifts, gift tags on packages, family memory keepsakes or to create the perfect designer touch for your tree, A Mark of My Own helps you bring a unique artistic touch to your holidays.  Lizabeth fired the ornaments we glazed in her kiln but customers that order through her can either glaze and fire their own (pottery studios will make kilns available for a small fee usually) or use other art supplies that don’t require firing in a kiln.

The bisque ornaments- I want a basket of these sitting on my table as decoration:

The artists at work:

Of course I breastfed while painting, Smunchie got hungry!

I swear, this was totally unintentional, I didn’t even realize it until Lizabeth pointed out that it looked like a b@@b.
Considered writing “The Leaky B@@b” on it but stuck with the rainbow plan.

 The finished product after firing:

In case you’re not sure, here is a little information about what these ornaments are.

Q: What is “bisque” or “bisqueware”?

A: Let’s first start with “greenware”. It is simply air-dried clay, an unfired clay form that can be destroyed by water.

Once the greenware has been fired it is called “bisqueware,” fired ware that resists MOST water, but is beyond the point of being able to be destroyed by normal means. At this point it may be decorated with paint, such as acrylics, colored with a permanent marker, decoupaged, etc.

Bisqueware is also the point where most potters will apply glaze. “Glaze ware” (or finished ware) are ceramic forms that have been bisque fired and then glazed (creates a shiny surface as well as adds protection to the piece). The forms are fired one last time after a glaze is applied, this causes the glaze to adhere and usually pushes the piece to full vitrification (accepts NO water). 

Lizabeth is a delightful WAHM to work with, be sure to check out her shop and let her know I sent you.  Tomorrow she is having a sale for CyberMonday that you won’t want to miss.  I’m already planning my next ornament, I’m thinking beeswax block crayons or oil pastels with marker… The possibilities are endless!

Squiggle Bug and Lizabeth’s daughter Zuzu enjoy homemade tomato basil soup and cheese together after painting.


  1. I love these! We paint or otherwise create an ornement each every year. I have a tree full of ornements my teens made as little kids. It is awesome. We even have a duct tape one my dh made one year. LOL
    These are really beautiful . I will have to look into which ones I light like to have.

  2. Devan @ Accustomed Chaos says

    The ornaments are gorgeous!! Looks like the kids had a lot of fun making them!

    {ps LOVE the boob one – too cute!}

  3. Kelley Mc Entegart says

    Great job on the onaments – they are beautiful! Love the candid shots of everyone working. The boob is hysterical! ?

  4. The Piano Man and Lizabeth made so much fun of me, they gave me a pretty hard time about the boob one. I don't think they believed me that I was planning a rainbow all along, haha!