Are Children Who Pretend To Breastfeed Their Toys in Danger?

The Breast Milk Baby (which has a Facebook page if you’re wondering) has people talking up a storm.  My own family had a lot to say about the doll too and I interviewed them to get their thoughts on the matter. Public opinion is widely varied, while some think it’s a great idea and would love to get their little tyke one, others are concerned that it’s the start of a new sexual revolution of youngsters.  They muse that perhaps the doll oversexualizes our daughters and may encourage teen pregnancy.  But what I find myself asking is, isn’t children copying what they see their parents do normal?  Isn’t breastfeeding the biologically normal way to feed a baby?  Does this mean that all kids that pretend to breastfeed are doomed?  And, if they are, how could it possibly be any worse than when I used to pretend Barbie and Ken had sex?  More importantly, are we really so ignorant as a society on the biological function and distinctions between breastfeeding and sex that we can somehow equate the two?

Oh my word… what kind of message are we sending our little girls with this?!

Maybe that breastfeeding is how mommies feed their babies?

Perhaps we should evaluate the potential dangers of children pretending to breastfeed their toys. Surely with some careful study we’ll be able to determine the legitimacy of the over-sexualizing and teen pregnancy concern surrounding The Breast Milk Baby.  I asked the Leakies on Facebook to send me pictures of their little ones copying their moms by pretending to “breastfeed” their “babies” to see if I could get a better grasp on the concern about children pretending to breastfeed.  Looking through these photos I’m hoping to understand what could be so unhealthy, dangerous and abnormal about this type of pretend.  We should ask these kids if breastfeeding “babies” is normal.  I wonder if their parents are concerned, I mean, with pretending to breastfeed their toys is it possible they are being over-sexualized?

Hmmmmmm… I’m not seeing it here.  Maybe the next one…

Well, she’s completely adorable but I don’t see anything that screams “teen pregnancy waiting to happen!”  Maybe one of these?

Yeah, still not seeing it.  Have to dig a little harder, I’m sure there’s something…

Oh, there!  See, there’s trouble there!  A BANDAID!  You can tell she’s up to no good… feeding that teddy bear… so cute…

Look at these smiles, clearly they are enjoying this WAY too much, they’re going to want to get pregnant just as soon as they start ovulating in about 12 years!  And after this I’m sure no education from their parents could counter that desire!

And these two?!  Tandem nursing?  WOAH!  They think breasts are for feeding babies?  They are going to be so sexually confused!

Ok, I’m just not getting it, they’re all cute but I’m not seeing anything to be concerned about.  Maybe these will help me understand the hoopla.

BOYS pretending to breastfeed dolls and stuffed animals?  Could you imagine if it was that Breast Milk Doll?  These poor boys might actually think breastfeeding is normal and not mind “sharing” their partners breasts with their children some day.  Heaven forbid!

Funny, all these little ones “breastfeeding” their dolls and toys don’t seem to be on the cusp of dangerous over-sexualization.  They look like happy, normal children, children that see happy, normal mommies breastfeeding.  Seeing as they are all quite a long way from their teen years I’m not seeing teen pregnancy rates threatening to climb to an all time high either.  And I’m willing to bet by their teen years they will have developed other interests and won’t be in too much of a hurry to breastfeed their own children right away.  If anything, all these kids pretending to breastfeed their toys really do make breastfeeding seem normal.  Certainly nothing we should be scared of as a society.

Now how is that a bad thing?


Does or did your little one(s) pretend to breastfeed their babies?  Does it bother you at all to see children pretend that way?