Bamboobies Multipack Giveaway for Leakies

As part of our LIVE Facebook chat this week with TLB sponsor Bamboobies, Kerry Gilmartin has generously offered 3 prizes just for The Leaky Boob readers.  I love Bamboobies, of all the breast pads I’ve used, these are my favorites.  You can read my, uh… “experienced” review of them here.

For this giveaway there are 2 winners each of 1 multipack of Bamboobies including Bamboobies Regulars and Bamboobies Overnights.

All you have to do to be entered is to comment on this post and if you feel like it, share how you are most comfortable breastfeeding in public and your favorite tip for making it easier.  For a second entry, go like Bamboobies on Facebook, let them know TLB sent you and come back and leave a second comment letting me know you did so.  If you already like Bamboobies on Facebook, share them with your friends and leave a second comment letting me know.

That’s it!  Two easy ways to be entered.  This giveaway is open just for the next 24 hours as part of today’s chat.  The giveaway is open to international entries.


This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to our winners Katie and Janae!  The winners have been notified via email.  Thank you everyone for participating!


As always, Kerry has also generously offered an ordering code for Leakies as part of Bamboobies regular support of TLB.  Use TLB20 for 20% off at  This code is always available for Leakies, use it this week and thank her for the informative and helpful chat!


  1. Rachel LaPointe says

    I just whip it out in public! Well, not really, but I don’t cover anymore.

  2. I’m comfortable breastfeeding in public, but I prefer to be covered up. It’s not because I don’t want people to know what I’m doing, it’s because I literally have to expose my entire breast to breastfeed! If you don’t have to cover up…DON’T!! 🙂

  3. I breastfed my first for 15 months and now I am due with my 2nd next month. I hope to go even longer this time. I always use a cover when NIP as I am shy. My tip is that breastfeeding gets much easier after the first 6 weeks….those are the toughest.

    • I agree! The beginning is the hardest since you’re still learning and so is your little one. After that though, you get more confident about the whole thing 🙂 Congrats on your new addition!

  4. I already like Bamboobies on facebook…I shared with my friends.

  5. I love the trendy heart shaped pads <3 So sweet! As for breastfeeding in public, I usually nurse my little man in the car where it's comfortable and air conditioned. If I'm not near the car, I have a nursing cover which is almost useless as he likes to tug on it and peek out to see what's going on hehe.

  6. I am most comfortable breastfeeding in public wearing a nursing cover or a muslin blanket tied around my neck. If I am around friends and family, I just nurse him but he prefers a blankie next to his face <3

  7. I already like Bamboobies on facebook…I shared with my friends. Katrina Troy

  8. Jessica Kasaback says

    Dress appropriately in easy-access clothing… no one want to make a fool of themselves trying to get their boobies out!

  9. I like you on facebook!

  10. It took me a couple months to become completely comfortable with NIP. I used to use a cover every time, but now my 9 month old DD and I NIP cover-less (and discretely) anywhere. Nursing tanks make it most comfortable for me, and when she pops off to see what’s going on, I just cover up with my shirt – no biggie.

  11. I Liked Bamboobies on Facebook 🙂

  12. I’d LOVE Bamboobies! I have yet to try them but everyone tells me how amazing they are!!! My son will be 6 months old this sunsay and has been exclusively breastfed. I see no end in sight and I love it! We have built a beautiful bond together that only him and I share. Its so special 🙂 When I first started NIP I sued a cover but now more and more I have stopped using it. I think it has started to bother him so I just have one of his blankets very close to me in case he just pops off, which he does a lot 🙂
    Thanks for all that you do and all the breastfeding advocating and support!

  13. I like to use a cover, but I will do it just about anywhere these days (except my daughter’s preschool class…I drew the line there!).

  14. I have been breastfeeding in public since my daughter was born. She is now 3 months old. I use a cover due to my belief about modesty.

  15. I like Bamboobies on Facebook.

  16. Like Bamboobies on facebook!

  17. I use a cover in public though, to be honest, I generally try to avoid nursing in public. My son HATES the cover and I think it makes it much harder to nurse.

  18. I liked Bamboobies on FB

  19. My daughter has hip dysplasia and wears a brace (making her a little awkward to position) so a cover is a must for me. I do bf in public with a cover all the time though.

  20. While I (and each kid) was getting the hang of NIPing, I used a cover because it made me feel more comfortable. But, we got it, I stopped covering for lots of reasons: Neither kid wanted to be covered, it’s hot, and carrying around a cover or blanket can be inconvenient (one more thing to remember to pack before leaving the house)… I can get my nursling on and nursing in less than a second and then I pull down my top to cover everything. Unless you’re trying to see something, you won’t.

  21. I’m gonna be a first time Mommy in 6ish weeks! Excited to breastfeed and hoping it all goes as smoothly as possible! I’m lucky enough to have a midwife & a friend who is a doula to help with the journey <3

  22. To NIP you must have easy access clothing!!! Others seeing me feed never made me feel self conscious, it was clothing. I’m smaller chested, and usually forgo a bra at home. So when I’m out and wearing a nursing bra, I find it awkward to get my son and my hands positioned properly. I usually wear a cape, although my son is getting too nosy now to really NIP. Wants to watch the world go by.

  23. Liked Bamboobies on FB!

  24. Jenny Rogers says

    I have only NIP a few times. Once at the park when my older kiddos were playing, once at a VA hospital when I had to take my husband there after a motorcycle wreck, and once at the creek. The first time I used a blanket and it was a pain in the booty to keep on and then I figured out how to make my own cover. It’s not the greatest because I’m not the best at using a sewing machine. But it gets the job done. I’ve noticed that you can’t let nerves get the best of you when NIP you just have to go for it and be confident about it (or appear confident even if your not). It get’s easier.

    *Also I liked Bamboobies facebook page*

  25. Amber Gueary says

    I like Bamboobies on FB

  26. I’m comfortable when I’m somewhere somewhat secluded but not shoved into a bathroom. Unfortunately I am not comfortable when my husband is around because he is VERY uncomfortable with my breastfeeding in public. 🙁 So I get stressed out. And then baby gets stressed out. Ugh.

  27. Talena Krull says

    I am comfortable nursing in public anywhere. Although I try to be discreet, I don’t use a cover. I find I can hide things better without it!

  28. Like Bamboobies on FB!

  29. Amber Gueary says

    I find that wearing a tank top under a shirt makes it easy for me to be covered while breastfeeding. don’t like to show a lot of skin.

  30. Talena Krull says

    I liked bamboobies on fb and commented on their wall.

  31. I feel comfortable breastfeeding in public! My best advice is to know your rights and the laws that support what you’re doing- not to justify it to others but just as reaffirmation that you are doing a great thing which no one can legitimately have a problem with.

  32. I liked Bamboobies on Facebook and said that you sent me!

  33. I usually wear a nursing tank under a shirt with a nursing bra.. unclip the bra, lift up the shirt and pull down the tank.

  34. I’ve gotten nothing but supportive looks while breastfeeding in public. It was just overcoming the fear in my head, thankfully my husband is a great support!

  35. Arriane Preston says

    I’m most comfortable when I’m with someone, I always feel a bit vulnerable when I’m on my own, so I’ll high-tail it to my sisters work and feed there if I’m on my lonesome!

  36. Arriane Preston says

    Posted on Bamboobies wall too 🙂

  37. I am toatally comfy feeding in public. i do use a cover for my sake. i also like to use my wrap beacause my LO stays up and on hands free!

  38. kelly foyster says

    After having two children and being put off breast feeding I am determined to have a sucessful journey with my 3rd and last without caring what others think!!! These pads would be a greasy asset in my quest for this!!!

    I have also liked your facebook page and said you sent me!!!

    Thanks for your great giveaways to help people!!!

  39. I used to use a cover when my son was smaller but now that he is bigger its just more of a hassle to cover him up. I dont really care about just whipping it out anymore either. If he’s hungry he needs to eat. I dont worry about negative comments cause I have an arsenal of breastfeeding facts and benfits to tell anyone who would have the nerve to sy something.

  40. I usually nip in the car.

  41. Sandra Bujak says

    Id love these!! Im one leaky lady!!

  42. I always plan my wardrobe ahead of time- I wear a stretchy tank top under a loose-fitting shirt. When my son needs a snack, the tank top neck pulls down, the shirt pulls up, and no cover is needed. I feel like I manage this pretty modestly, and have no problem nursing in restaurants, church, or anywhere else.

  43. sandra bujak says

    shared you!!!

  44. i used to cover like i was pitching a tent! haha, but now i wear layers so that i can lift up the top layer and pull down the bottom layer and bra for my lo, she’s 13 months, so trying to keep her on task and under a cover is just ridiculous! 🙂

  45. i already like bb on fb, and i thanked them for the giveaway!

  46. Shannon Hayes says

    I just use a blanket and cover up my lo’s face and let her have at it, only problem is when we are in a noisy place she tends not to want to eat , but to check everything out. So my advice is to not choose the noisiest place that u can be at, and for those who like to cover, cover up, those who dont, be free and let it be. 🙂

  47. I have NIP several occasions but am very modest and would DIE if the grls popped out for others to see. LOL

  48. I covered up all the time with my first…I don’t plan on doing that this go around. I do like to dress in layers…like the tummy to stay covered 😉

  49. My little one is only a month old, and I have yet to nurse in public. But I plan on reading the comments to get all the advice I can!

  50. gotta love good nursing pads:)

  51. I am very modest when it comes to breastfeeding around people other than my hubby and kids. I have advanced from using a receiving blanket with the first to using a nursing cover. Nursing clothing or clothing that is nursing friendly is an important part of my wardrobe now.

  52. I like to have a cover because my little one has latch issues. I am actually really comfortable niping at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. I can always find a nice shady spot overlooking some animal or group of animals.

  53. I just nurse…I need my breastpads and burprag so that we don’t get soaked (I have a crazy let down). The burprag can also cover me quickly if my baby lets go 🙂

  54. I tagged you on the Bamboobie page! 🙂 THANKS!

  55. Heather Peters says

    I nurse baby wherever baby gets hungry. Not worried about “bothering” others, yet I don’t “put it in their faces” either. baby is hungry=baby eats. Try layering tank under shirt is my #1 tip.

  56. Heather Peters says

    I “like” you on FB….

  57. I’ve only really NIPed a couple times. Once was when I had to go to see my midwife, and the other when I had to take a final for school.

    Nobody said anything negative, but a male teacher I knew avoided seeing the baby because I was nursing him.

  58. Already liked Bamboobies.. = ) It took me a few months to get comfortable with NIP and like someone else posted, I am shy and use a cover. Although my almost one year old in not liking the cover and tends to try and remove it, so I am working on getting comfortable without one just in case we get to that point. = )

  59. As for breastfeeding in public, I usually nurse in the car where it’s comfortable and air conditioned and there are less distractions for my daughter. She’s very curious and won’t eat if there is too much going.

  60. I feel most comfortable when i use my nursing ocver in public, but if i don’t have it or i feel like i’m in a private place, i don’t mind not using my cover. I am comfortable with nursing anywhere and anyhow now that i am on Baby #4! 😀 My tip is if you don’t have a cover, you can shield yourself with a blanket if you would like or just descreetly pop your nursing bra and latch baby on. Your shirt covers most of your boob anyways and if they look, they look! So what?! You have every God given right to feed your baby! :)13

  61. I haven’t actually started breastfeeding in public yet, baby is due in December! I have started planning for it though. I refuse to put my life on hold because the people around me can’t ‘deal with it.’ So far it looks as though I will have to drop all of my current friends due to their intentional ignorance on the topic. They absolutely refuse to let me explain anything to them and revel in their lack of knowledge. I look forward to meeting new people through Mom groups and my local LLL group!

  62. I was not able to get past 2 weeks with my son but I am absolutely determined to breastfeed this one that’s due in January!!!!

  63. I admit I feel more comfortable with a cover-up unless I am at a mommy-baby group.

  64. I already LIKE Bamboobies on FB so I Shared them with my friends!

  65. Liz Goldsberry says

    To be comfortable I just find a quieter, not too “in your face” kind of a spot to where people would have to really be trying to get offended (if they were inclined to that).

  66. I was really hesitant to NIP w/ my 1st, by the second, I was more comfortable, and this time around I’m hoping it’s a breeze! I have a great amount of admiration for women that can do so uncovered, however, I’m very shy and modest and so prefer to cover up- just due to my own confidence. I love to see women that can do it w/o , and try to offer encouragement when I do.

  67. Liked, and left comment 🙂

  68. I’m about to deliver my first babe (in 8 weeks or so) and so don’t have any actual experience with nursing in public, myself… but I’ve hung out with lots of nursing Mom’s and babies, and hope that I am as confident and brave as I’ve seen them be to nurse in whenever and wherever the time is right! I “liked” Bamboobies” on FB last week for the first time, but I’ll head over there and give a shout out for “The Leaky B@@b” today anyhow!

  69. Jet Black is my fave… Nursing in public is great, don’t have a particular story but peoples smiles warm my heart <3

  70. I have a hard time NIP without overexposing myself. I hate trying to coordinate a cover so I like to find a nice secluded area like an obscure park bench.

  71. Jessica Pero says

    I am most comfortable wearing a nursing tank under my shirt, so my belly is covered. I’m a little self-conscious about my belly 🙂 I also use a cover depending on where I am, out of respect for others, especially if I’m going to be out in the open. If I’m in a more private area, or just around friends, then I don’t worry about it too much!

  72. I NIP every chance I get! And I only cover if I am feeling particularly self conscious about showing my tummy that day so I never cover baby’s head… My DD prefers to look around when she eats (don’t we all?!). LOVE Bamboobies and TLB!!

  73. Rachel Malone says

    when nursing in public I use my babybond nursing cover, it covers my breast but not my son 🙂 i love it!

  74. Rachel Malone says

    I already like Bamboobies on Facebook 🙂

  75. Jessica Pero says

    Left a comment @ Bamboobies facebook page! 🙂

  76. If Im in a restaurant I will ask for a booth. I also like to use a cover.

  77. I just use a cover when breastfeeding in public. I think Nursing is a beautiful and natural thing, but a lot of other people don’t and I try to be respectful to them. I tend not to nurse so much in public though since my little one likes a calm, quiet place to eat (we had a lot of trouble nursing in the beginning!)

  78. I am most comfortable NIP with a blanket over baby and I. But I usually wear nursing tanks, so my tummy and that are covered.

  79. looks cute!

  80. if I can’t pump him a bottle beforehand, I just find a restroom and feed him. I just make sure me and my baby are comfortable and I cover him with a receiving blanket. If it falls off I don’t sweat it.

  81. Never thought we’d make it this far. LO is almost 9 months old . I’d love to ditch the disposable pads for something greener and by all accounts, truly lovely.

  82. I love Bamboobies and The Leaky Boob!

  83. I do layers but sill use the cover just in case. My daughter likes to see whats going on if not covered. I would be embarrassed if i had a nip slip.

  84. Lauren Jager says

    I nurse whenever and wherever I need to.

  85. I LOVE The Leaky B@@b and Bamboobies on facebook and I have commented on both pages today. I Love having a community of supportive mothers that have been through the things I’ve been through or are going through the same things. Thank You all so much.

  86. I liked Bamboobies and said that you sent me!

  87. I recommended these to a few of my girlfriends who nurse and Bamboobies have been on my wishlist for awhile now. I’ve been using Lansinoh disposables but they just get too wrinkly and shift during wear. Soooo annoying! But ill try anything bc bfing is so worth it!

  88. Liz Wittrock says

    still trying to figure out the best way(s) to nip

  89. I love the style of the heart shaped pads, they looks so comfortable!!! BFing is something I always wanted and knew I would do. My DD loves it and I find it is a great bonding experience. When NIP I have to cover up my DD likes to look around too much, and I am very modest.

  90. Liz Wittrock says

    i “liked” bamboobies on fb

  91. M'lissa Wetherell-Moore says

    I think this is a terrific product!! I am delivering next month and plan on NIP – nothing to be ashamed of here!

  92. Depends on where we are… Sometimes I use am cover,other times nothing, and sometimes we just head to the car. Not because I don’t want to nurse in public but because at her size it’s the most comfortable spot for us

  93. These sound wonderful! #2 is due in 4 weeks and I plan to NIP more due to the fact I will have a toddler along too and finding a quiet place that keeps her contained will be difficult, plus I don’t care as much this time around!

  94. Jessica Clarke says

    I have no problem NIP! I just nursed at a company picnic twice, without a cover : )

  95. Kathy Banuelos says

    Already a fan of Bamboobies!

  96. Ashley Prado says

    It’s only a boob, and frankly not really even mine right now. I have a cover but I generally don’t use it because the baby wants to eat. RIGHT NOW, and it’s always on the bottom of the diaper bag. So I just whip it out. 🙂

  97. Jessica Clarke says

    Just left a comment on bamboobies’ FB page too!

  98. Susan Wright says

    If I am in a high-traffic area, I cover up because my little miss loves to pull off and look at the world while leaving my boobie hanging out. If I am somewhere with just women, I don’t cover.

  99. My little girl always wants to nurse while we’re out and about, so I like to nurse her while she’s in my Ergo carrier or a sling. But I also find that “proper” attire helps too. Nursing shirts make it much easier for me.

  100. I have always felt comfortable breastfeeding in public. I have 3 boys and have breastfed all 3 of them. My 7 1/2 month old I am breastfeeding. I have always used a breastfeeding cover while out in public.

  101. I like Bamboobies on facebook and wrote on their facebook wall 🙂

  102. I am more comfortable wearing a nursing tank under my shirt, so my tummy is covered. I’m a little self-conscious about it I also use a cover, out of respect for others, especially if I’m going to be out in the open. If I’m in a more private place, or around friends, I don’t worry about it!

  103. I have a ppb swaddler that I LOVE for public feedings. Its stretchy, opaque, breathable and cute! I’ve gotten over my shyness. I don’t care what people think – my kid needs to eat!

  104. My little one is now 11 months old. I am due with my 3rd on April Fools Day! I have the confidence and attitude now thanks to the Leaky B@@b and Bamboobies to nurse her in public with out a cover. my thought is if you don’t want to see it than don’t look! My little one needs to eat and its to hot and distracting to cover up. Way to go Mommy’s!!!

  105. I haven’t started nursing yet–I’m due next week! I’ve heard great things about Bamboobies from a number of friends and I’m looking forward to NIP rather than carrying around a bunch of bottles!

  106. I like Bamboobies and the Leaky B@@b!!! keep up the great work lady’s!!!

  107. I’m still getting comfortable nursing in public,
    but I do what I have to in order to feed my son. 🙂

  108. I “like” Bamboobies on Facebook, and shared them with my friends! 🙂

  109. I have read a lot of posts about being shy or modest. With breastfeeding I feel it is not about me, but ALL about baby. I have nursed in almost every place imaginable (or so it seems) with my two boys. I live in nursing tanks – a wise investment for convenience and discretion, if necessary. Nursing a baby is a beautiful, natural thing and we should be PROUD of our bodies!
    Would LOVE to try Bamboobies! I feel like I have been covered in milk since our second son was born 3 months ago. I have tried cotton with no success, and really despise the ‘waste’ of the disposables.

  110. I have one pair that I can’t wait to use when baby arrives in less then a couple of weeks! I want more, they are so soft!

  111. ‘Like’ and shared with friends on FB!

  112. I already like Bamboobies, and shared them with my friends on my facebook wall!

  113. Waiting til pay day so I can order some of your products. I haven’t used a cover when we NIP…just use her head and mouth and the shirt I’m wearing as cover.

  114. Shared this link with my friends =)

  115. rachel risinger says

    I completely NEED these so over the crappy ones I use

  116. Natalie Dawson says

    I breastfeed my 5 month old in public all the time. Depending on where I am I will use my breast cover but he now doesnt like to be covered so most of the time I will feed him while he is in my sleepy wrap or my ergo. He is my 4th baby that I have breastfed and love it and I am sad it is my last!

    I love the babmboobies! It is the best product and I buy them for new mommys all the time now for showers because once you use them you are sold on never buying the yucky disposable ones again!

  117. The idea of Bamboobies really appeals to me as an alternative to disposable pads.

  118. I’ve also liked bamboobies on facebook.

  119. I cover up just ’cause I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable ’cause I am.
    And also ’cause I think my husband doesn’t like people checking out my boobs when all I’m doing is feeding my child and not being part of girls gone wild. I agree with him too. People tend to see much more than what you are actually doing.

  120. I Love Bamboobies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. I would love to try these, My baby can look at me and I can start to leak.

  122. I love bamboobies! They are SO much better than any disposable I have tried! I tell all my mommy friends about them 🙂

  123. My favorite tip is to wear confidence. Being comfortable makes letdown easier, baby happier, and not as many people pay attention if you act like nothing is wrong.

  124. I generally use a cover when I nip, but I always wear a tank/tee so either way I’m covered.

  125. I like Bamboobies on FB 🙂

  126. I “like” Bamboobies on fb!

  127. Once I gave up trying to cover my wiggly babies & became proficient at nursing uncovered, I found that NIP was so much more enjoyable. I am less stressed & baby (not surprisingly) is less wiggly.

  128. amanda sanchez says

    I use a cover to make people feel more comfortable when they’re with me but baby hates it so I’m thinking about ditching the cover. I feel more comfortable nursing in public when there are a few people with me b/c I don’t feel like everyone is staring at me.

  129. I am very comfortable nursing in public. I will even carry and nurse as sometimes when more than one kid I don’t have time to sit and nurse. In the summer I had a moby wrap and would just throw it on with a sports bra so we weren’t to hot and I could nurse and go! <3 the boobie :]

  130. Monica Catherine Larson says

    I feed my baby whenever my baby is hungry! When eer we ar out baby in in a wrap or the ergo and I feed him in that!

  131. Monica Catherine Larson says

    I shared on facebook!

  132. Angela Johnston says

    I used to use a small cover to put above my babes mouth and across my breast so it would cover me and not my babe. But now I just feed my baby. I do feel a little self conscious sometimes but I focus on my babe and their need and I try to care a lot less about the on lookers or whisperers. Plus my husband is so supportive the only people that matter are cheering me on. Even my 2 year old tells me, “feed him mommy, give him milk!” I wish she was around when I was feeding her…lol 🙂 I love my cheerleaders 🙂

  133. Angela Johnston says

    I am now a proud liker of Bamboobies on facebook. Very interested in their unique design too

  134. I’ve been a fan of both for a while now. I’m most comfortable nursing in public when my mom is with me. I know she’s got my back if I can’t manage to get my own.

  135. Sarah Causey says

    Love bamboobies!!

    My favorite thing about them is they don’t leave lint behind the way disposables and the other cloth brands do.

    I breastfeed in public, with a cover!

  136. I was very shy about nursing my first in public, and didn’t even attempt it until she was nearly 9 months old. We were at a baseball game, and I decided to go for it in our bleacher seats- with my cover. It was so much easier than I expected! I continued to nurse her until she self-weaned at 15-months old. With my newborn, I hope to be a lot less self-conscious about NIP, though I will likely always use my cover. I’m hoping to win some Bamboobies because they are adorable and get great reviews!

  137. I’m most comfortable NIP with my baby in a sling and nursing friendly clothing. Most people don’t notice and those who do tend to offer encouragement. 🙂

  138. I usually wear a cover which while somewhat comfortable gets kind of warm.

  139. Shauna Temple says

    I’ve gotten comfortable by knowing that my baby needs to eat and we don’t hide it when WE eat! I just keep telling myself that and smile with eye contact when people look at me. It’s pretty hard to frown at a beaming mom ain’t it? 🙂

  140. Shauna Temple says

    I’ve gotten comfortable by knowing that my baby needs to eat and we don’t hide it when WE eat! I just keep telling myself that and smile with eye contact when people look at me. It’s pretty hard to frown at a beaming mom ain’t it? 🙂

  141. Shauna Temple says

    I also liked it on FB 🙂

  142. i know i left a previous comment, but i really like the light blue one… thank you! i also liked it on facebook!

  143. I’d love to try these and get rid of the disposable ones!

  144. Jennifer Manhart says

    I have heard wonders about these.

  145. carly glover says

    it took me awhile to get comfortable nursing in public but after a few months ditched the cover and breastfed happilly anywhere. going to be tandem nursing in the next few weeks so i am excited to start this new breastfeeding adventure!

  146. I love using my Undercover Mama to feel more comfortable and covered in public!

  147. I like Bamboobies on FB!

  148. carly glover says

    i already am a fan of bamboobies on fb so i shared with my friends!

  149. I would love to win these!!

  150. Liked Bamboobies on FB!!

  151. I have no issues BFing in public… I just wear a tank that can be pulled down and a shirt that can be pulled up and usually no one is any the wiser. I’d love to win these for my twins on the way!! 🙂

  152. Samantha de Naray says

    I just pop it out and feed my baby! At first I tried to cover up but we both were so uncomfortable I just decided I don’t care. I’ve never had any issues with anyone. I’ve nursed in restaurants, the library, and concerts (even at Red Rock Amp. seeing My Morning Jacket).

  153. I liked you on FB and commented there! 🙂

  154. I’ve been BF for 6 months now w/ my first dd and it has become like second nature. even w 2 bouts of mastitis i wouldn’t trade it for anything

  155. I would love to win these.. I’ve only bf in public once so far.. my son is 8 weeks old.. and it was out at the park.. I used a cover from uddercovers

  156. I am already a fan and I’ve told my friends about it

  157. Tomorrow will be 6 months of breastfeeding!!! I have nursed in public but cover up unless it is just females.

  158. Now with baby #3 I have no problem nursing when and where we need to. I do however cover up out of respect for other people. We are often with other young 20’s and teenage guys who would feel uncomfortable if I were exposed. I have yet to experience any negative words or looks while nursing.

  159. We’re most comfortable breastfeeding without a cover. It’s hot here in Florida and my daughter is a big fan of instant gratification. I always thought I’d BF a year and then stop, but you’ve really inspired me to go at least two, so long as my daughter is willing.

  160. I liked bamboobies on FB and told them you sent me =)

  161. i need these, i overproduce because i feed while at home and pump so baby has plenty of my milk instead of formula when i go back to school

  162. I use a nursing cover when im around ppl
    thanks for the opportunity to win these!!

  163. I NIP with a cover. I wish I had the nerve to nurse without it.. but I am getting better in front of good friends and family! My little tidbit of info about NIP.. don’t be afraid. Even if it is your first try, you will find your own pace!

  164. My best tip for NIP is to wear nursing tops or tanks. Makes it soooo much easier!

  165. I would love to win those!! 🙂
    I’m new at NIP but I have done it with a nursing cover. I love that my family supports me and let’s me a hand with my 3 other kids. :). A tip? Well I say NIP if you are really comfortable. I am more comfortable now than the 1st time I did it.

  166. shared Bamboobies page on FB

  167. I have no shyness about nursing in public, I just can’t get comfortable with my big b@@bs and a good latch. Unless I have tons of pillows and a big comfy couch or bed. :p

  168. Stefanie Kratz says

    I hear bamboobies are awesome, I’d love to win them!

  169. Shanna Carden says

    I Love bamboobies…my tip would have to be, yes breastfeeding is natural, but it is often difficult at first because both you and babe have to LEARN what you are doing. The first latch is almost always the hardest to get, but each latch after is gets easier and easier. As for breastfeeding in public, i just do it. Depending on what I am wearing depends if I cover up or not 🙂

  170. crystal obrien says

    I have NIP! It was great! My 8 month old does not like to have a cove!

  171. I liked bamboobies on Facebook! 😉

  172. I feel most comfortable NIP when I wear a nursing tank under my shirt.

  173. I shared the Bamboobies FB page with my friends on my profile.

  174. I’m a whip ’em out kinda gal. I wasn’t at first though. I tried using a blanket but it became evident pretty quickly that my boy doesn’t like being covered while he dines. Now I’m an old pro at it. I call it the Lift-Lay-Latch 🙂

  175. Stefanie Kratz says

    I became a bamboobies fan!

  176. Lissa Szweda says

    One day she was hungry and we were a long ways from getting home. it was hot, and I wasn’t in the mood to be shunned to the bathroom again I just whipped it out and let her eat. Three were a bunch of guys my age (early 30’s) and figured hell, if they haven’t, seen a boob before then oh well, they finally would. They lookedlike they didn’t care, so neither did I. Not that you can see much between the shirt and my daughter’s head.

  177. Jessica reagan says

    I love my bamboobies nursing pads, so much that I just received more yesterday! I also NIP by doing the pull up pull down method! That makes it easy and no cover necessary!

  178. I nip when we need to. I prefer to be covered.

    I also liked bamboobies on fb and commented. 🙂

  179. crystal obrien says

    I just liked bamboobies on facebook!

  180. Jessica reagan says

    I also like bamboobies FB page!

  181. jessica kasaback says

    I went and “liked” bamboobies and told them you sent me 🙂 I totally want some of these!!

  182. Sarah el guerrab says

    I nurse in public all the time. I do use a cover most of the time. But I have not used it as well. For me layering is the key. I wear a camisol under my shirt, and I pull the strap off one side, and my shirt up. So not much of my breast and stomach are out. I do love the bamboobies, as does my 4 year old. She runs away with the cute little hearts!

  183. NIP has gotten easier with practice. I am nursing my 5th little one, so I’ve had lots and lots of practice! I try to act confident even if I don’t feel it. 🙂

  184. I always wear a nursing tank, I have never found a “real” nursing bra that I like! Plus the tank keeps
    Me covered and warm 🙂 I do use a cover because there are too many weirdos out there for me 🙂

  185. Katie Fisher says

    Nursing in public is easier for me if I am in a pull down top, I prefer V-necks. I also love the Medela Sports Bra type bras because my baby is not patient and does not enjoy waiting for me to un-snap my bra. LOL I also LOVE nursing in my Ergo. Another thing is that I have no problem nursing in public and don’t cover up because it makes it way to difficult for me. My baby does not enjoy being covered. The only problem that I have is my guy gets distracted. Using the ergo cover is great until he gets “ZONED” then, I remove it.

  186. I “liked” Bamboobies on FB and told them you sent me. I just had my 5th baby a couple of weeks ago, so I could totally use some of these!

  187. I just like bamboobies on fb!!

  188. I am perfectly comfortable nursing in public and don’t hesitate to whip out the boob! No cover… that’s what they’re for.

  189. We nurse wherever, whenever. My son is almost two and quite the boob fiend. We don’t do nursing clothes or bras anymore because, well, they’re pricey and the selection is bleak. Normal clothes work just as well. 🙂

  190. I usually just feed my baby with out a cover when we are in public. However, there have been times that there were people that seemed a little weird and in that case I would use a cover.

  191. I once tried the Medela ones, leaked in public, then was mortified! I’d really like to try some good reusable ones. And I was always VERY uncomfortable to breastfeed in public . . . until recently. I was traveling a long distance, just me, and my three kids including my 5 month old. I needed to stop and feed the little man, so I parked with the car facing the back of a restaurant. As I was raising my shirt, a guy came out the back door to take his break. As I sat in horror as 3-4 more men came out for various reasons, each catching a glimpse of the lady in the Durango with her shirt up and wondering what the baby was doing there, I realized that I didn’t care. I wasn’t about to stop my son’s nourishment to move the car or because some guys were curious. My son needed to eat. That’s it.

  192. Usually I drape a muslin square between my heart and baby’s cheek – when he pulls away the muslin comes down – quick and easy cover-up 🙂

  193. …and I ‘liked’ bamboobies on facebook <3 <3

  194. I became a fan of Bamboobies on Facebook!!!

  195. I just feed him where ever when ever…. I’m most comfortable though when i’m in a group or at least with another person that isn’t going to look at me like i’m crazy

  196. I love feeding my little girl in public and I don’t cover at all. In the summer I liked to find an air conditioned or shaded area because I get really hot while nursing, and now that it’s getting colder I might cover just to keep warm.

  197. I also just shared Bamboobies on Facebook!

  198. Aimee Aleene says

    I love Bamboobies- once I tried them I never went back to the scratchy disposable ones! I am an EP – and NIP might be one thing, but pumping in public is a little different I think. I have pumped on a plane! DH was on one side and LO on the other…it was a long trip and I got brave. I did use a cover. Something about all the tubes….

  199. Just need a baby!!

  200. I first used a cover, but after a while it got too warm for both of us and I was comfortable enough to go without it. Now I just feed my baby wherever, I have a stash of nursing bras and wear either nursing shirts or shirts with lower necklines. I think practice is key!

  201. I just liked them on FB 🙂

  202. I just bought a nursing cover, even though im in my fifth year (not consecutively) and third child BFing. I normally dont do anything special except eliminate difficult clothing from my wardrobe!

  203. I usually don’t cover up–I just don’t think about it anymore. but when I feel like covering, the gauze blankets they sell for swaddling work wonders because they breathe so well.

  204. With my son I used a blanket… This time around I have a hooted hider, but hoping to learn the technique of the two shirts…;)

  205. I just liked them on FB!

  206. Liked on facebook

  207. I feel most comfortable nursing in public when I have my husband or a friend with me – it makes me feel more normal. My son just turned 2 and only nurses down for naps and to sleep at night – but we have another little one on the way – and I see lots of NIP in our near future!

  208. I feed my sweet baby whenever and wherever she needs it. Knowing that I am doing the best I can for her is all I need to BF happily in public 🙂

  209. I liked Bamboobies on FB 🙂

  210. Elizabeth Davis says

    I use an “udder cover” when in most public places. I’m at the point that I don’t really care if it offends anyone that I nurse my baby anymore. I don’t tell them that I’m offended by bottle feeding when they do it, so I don’t expect to hear them say they are offended by the way I feed my child, because I’m liable to tell them that! LOL

  211. Elizabeth Davis says

    I’m a fan of you both on FB!

  212. I don’t really mind feeding in public, the best place I’ve fip is on some rocks while the family were rockpooling on holiday. My Lo usually covers my tummy so I dont need to worry. But I’m not shy, fed him out and about at 2days old!

  213. So excited to hear about these! A lilttle trick I was taught was to wear a cami under my shirt! Pull the shirt up and the top of the cami down, leaving very little exposed!!

  214. The cover was too hot and uncomfortable. Ditched it after about 2 weeks, bought 4 nursing tanks and wear them under t-shirts to keep myself completely covered! (although it’s hard sometimes in this humid 110*F weather here in South Texas!

  215. Thanks for bringing Bamboobies to our attention! Just liked them on FB!

  216. I love Bamboobies! Especially the overnights, they’re so soft! NIP is something that gets easier with practice. A good nursing tank and a cover if you need it and you’re good to go. 🙂

  217. Liked on Facebook and told them you sent me!

  218. I wear an Undercover Mama (check them out on FB). My baby likes to sit-up straddling my lap when she feeds, so I discreetly undo my nursing bra, lift my shirt and she latches on. I use my nursing pad to cover the side of my breast. No one notices I’m feeding her…It just looks like we’re cuddling.

  219. I like Bamboobies on FB!

  220. I nurse in public all the time. With my first, I used a little receiving blanket, mainly to wrap around her and keep her cozy and warm. I did try and put it over my shoulder but it rarely worked. Now I don’t cover at all, I just keep it discreet and cozy. I love being able to nurse my babies wherever I am… on the grass at an outdoor concert, in restaurants, in church, wherever!

  221. noura silvis says

    My favorite way to nip is with a big smile. Showing people how naturally happy am to nurse wherever my son is /whenever he is hungry is where we nurse. My tip is to just relax. I am a huge 36K boob but wearing a tank under your shirt with a bra or a built in type and a shirt over, you can pull boob up thru top of tank, position baby, lift shirt & attach discreetly without a cover. It takes a Lil practice, but once you get the hang of it, its a piece of cake.(.Y.) oh ya TLB sent me.

  222. I feel best nursing in public when I have planned ahead to avoid flashing the crowds!

  223. Already like Bamboobies!

  224. nursing tanks so my belly was not exposed 🙂

  225. I always carry around a cute nursing cover so I feel pretty stylish feeding my son wherever we go 🙂

  226. After a grueling five days in the hospital, we finally came home. The very next day, my son and I accompanied my mother on an outing. It was wonderful, just to be out, to transfer from five days in the confines of a hospital room to the world again. I had always been a girl until I began to breastfeed. It was an art, something that I simply decided we were going to do and that was that. We went in public and I breastfed him as casually as enjoying ice cream or sharing a laugh with a good friend. And I have gotten a few good laughs.. such as when, in the very beginning, I wasn’t wearing any nursing pads. We had guests over, and as it was in the first week, I didn’t know any better. I breastfed my son only to discover I had leaked all over my shirt due to the letdown on my left side. Ah, the joys of discovery!

  227. When NIP I usually use a cover/blanket. If I dont happen to have a cover I’ll NIP without it, no bid deal. More then showing of my boobies I’m worried about showing of my tummy, so I alway’s wear a homemade nursing tank (any tank top with horizontal slits cut just below the bust) every where I go.

  228. I liked Bamboobies on FB

  229. enter me please!!!

  230. FB like both!!!

  231. I use an Uddercover. I don’t have a problem nursing in public as long as I’m covered. And my ds (4 months) is getting more distracted lately so it helps to block out the surroundings!

  232. I liked Bamboobies on FB 🙂 (I actually placed an order with them recently (after reading your review!) but forgot to like them on FB then…)

  233. noura silvis says

    I also liked bamboobies on fb!

  234. i dont cover up and i just try to expose as little as is way to hot here to try and cover up. i tried it with my first and all we did was get soaked with sweat and the little one would just yank at the cover and get angry. then i thought about it and realized i wouldnt want a cover on me whenever i ate or needed a drink. so i gave up on covering up

  235. i dont cover up and i just try to expose as little as is way to hot here to try and cover up. i tried it with my first and all we did was get soaked with sweat and the little one would just yank at the cover and get angry. then i thought about it and realized i wouldnt want a cover on me whenever i ate or needed a drink. so i gave up on covering up

  236. liked bamboobies on FB And let them know you sent me

  237. Ariana Brown says

    I am comfortable nursing in public wherever and whenever, even with my toddler. I always wear a camisole so I can do the pull up/pull down method to nurse. And I remind myself when my daughter helps me flash a little- it’s just boob! I am doing what I need to do to comfort, feed and nurture my baby.

  238. Soaring Butterfly says

    I nursed my first son to 20 months when my milk dried up during pregnancy. I nursed my second son to almost 16 months when I again lost my milk due to pregnancy. My third son is due Jan 31 and I plan on nursing him until we both decide to wean. I love nursing my babies. I leak like crazy all throughout nursing so I’d love to try these. I’ve had no luck with other re-usables and find disposables show through tshirts. I’ve always nursed in public, wherever and whenever my boys need it. It helps to have a supportive partner/friend/family and just focus on your babe.

  239. Ariana Brown says

    Also, I liked Bamboobies on FB.

  240. Soaring Butterfly says

    I liked Bamboobies on FB!! 🙂

  241. Karlie Fisher says

    I’m on my second nursling, he’s now 3 months old and I’m much more comfortable NIP this time around. I think it’s because I’m so happy to be breastfeeding again, and I want it to be seen as normal. With my last baby I had a cover but didn’t always use it, mostly in summer when it was too hot to layer shirts. This time I haven’t bothered though it’s still winter here. I think the right clothes definitely help you feel more comfortable. The nursing tanks I’m using this time around have a hidden layer with a split under the clip down cup part, so when I unclip I don’t feel like my whole breast is showing. You can’t even tell what I’m doing unless you were looking down over my shoulder:)

  242. Karlie Fisher says

    I like Bamboobies on FB <3

  243. if my baby is hungry, i will whip it out wherever! not shy here! 🙂

  244. i liked bamboobies on fb!!!! 🙂

  245. I usually nurse in public without a cover, my shirts are loose enough they generally hide everything. I’m actually more uncomfortable nursing around the male members of my husband’s family than I am with NIP.

  246. I don’t do anything special to NIP, but I have figured out how to nurse in my Moby and that makes NIP a lot easier. I can’t do it hands free (36 H), but one handed NIP on the move is awesome.

  247. I already like Bamboobies in FB, I shared the link to their FB page. Right now I only have one set, but I love them

  248. I’m fairly modest, so I just wear a tank top I can pull down under my t-shirt and then lift the top layer. Very little gets exposed, so even I feel comfortable nursing wherever I need to.

  249. I’m already a fan of bamboobies on fb. 🙂

  250. I would love to win a black wrap! I am planning on buying one soon if I don’t win it, it’s just too cute! I don’t cover, but mostly because my kids hate covers. 🙂

  251. i’m trying to be less self-conscious when i NIP- i’m just feeding my kid, after all! 🙂

  252. The best way to be comfortable while BIP is having the right clothes

  253. We nurse in public, but I like to wear a tank top (usually the “long & lean juniors” style from Target…lightweight and with cute prints too!) under my shirt so my belly is not exposed. I also wear Target’s nursing bras. It took us a bit to figure it out, but we’ve got a good system now! 🙂

  254. Breastfeeding in public is an amazingly empowering feeling! I don’t cover because I think it helps to normalize. It’s easy when you wear a stretchy tank under your top…pull tank down and pull top up and that way you don’t expose your post baby belly and not to much b@@b:)

  255. Just do it! With each child, heck with each time, it was easier. Now I’ll pretty much nurse anywhere, anytime w/o a cover.

  256. I liked Bamboobies on FB.

  257. I love nursing in my Beco Gemini carrier. It’s easy and hands free. 🙂

  258. marci manglitz says

    i want these pads so badly! i am a freaky leaky mama, pregnant with baby number 2, due in february.
    i nurse in public except for around the 6 month old look-around-while-mama-sprays-milk-everywhere phase.

  259. I am most comfortable if I have two shirts, one under my boob, one over. I feel completely covered without drawing attention to myself. Sometimes the one under is a nursing tank, sometimes it’s just a tank over a nursing bra. As I am now nursing my 5th, I think I’ve got the NIP down pretty well! 🙂

  260. I shared bamboobies on FB!

  261. Liked on Facebook too.

  262. I still cover, for my comfort and others. Love the black, would be great
    With new baby coming in 6 wks!!!!!!

  263. marci manglitz says

    i just liked bamboobies on facebook and commented too. i really really need these! thanks for the chance to win ’em!

  264. i am most comfortable nursing in public when hubby is with me. i talk to him to keep my mind off of the nervousness and can tell him who i feel is staring at me. he will either make me laugh by saying silly things like “they are just jealous becuase THEY are not at your boob” or tell me how he is so proud of me for giving the best to our son (and soon to be daughter) and that i am strong for over coming the fear of NIP. He is my everything and if it wasnt for his support and encouragement i dont know what i’d be doing. 🙂

  265. i “like” bamboobies on facebook!

  266. i love bamboobies, especially the overnights! i don’t have a problem with nip, but find it easiest with a sling. that way, if i feel like i need to cover, i just use the tail of the sling.

  267. nicole nielsen says

    when my daughter was younger i always carried reciving blanketsburp cloths and i would hold it by her face. Now i just feed her. If anyone said anything my husband would go nuts. Lol.

  268. I breastfeed where ever, when ever. Lol I saw that some where & love it! I want a bumper sticker that says that. I am nursing my 3rd son currently. I am completely comfortable with nursing in public. I get in a momma/baby zone & just focus on his sounds, needs. I tune the outside world out as much as I can. I cover sometimes depending on who is around me. I am so blessed that one of my birth rights is to nurse!

  269. I nurse in public whenever, where ever without a cover (and I thank the support of the leaky boob Moms for that!) I am most comfortable though if I can find a quiet spot as my 15 month old always wants to see what’s going on if we are right in the action!
    (also after being up all night with a teething toddler, the easy math security question is surprisingly hard LOL)

  270. I always layer clothing to make NIP easiest.

  271. I liked bamboobies on Facebook!

  272. I’m most comfortable nursing in public using my shirt to cover my own skin. I don’t like covering the baby.

  273. I like Bamboobies on facebook 🙂

  274. I would LOVE to have these!!!

  275. Hi I am a mommy of a 1 week old baby and a BF! Finally at day 5 my milk came in YAY~~~ =) Let’s just say I finally put on a shirt yesterday … LOL

  276. Oh and I would love a PURPLE wrap for when I finally debut my BF ways!!

  277. Oh, The Stone Blue would look great on my daughter. She’s due in 4 weeks!

  278. I would love to try these nursing pads are very needed as I’m nursing again for the 3rd time! It seems weired to be nursing again, my 2 older children are 5 and 4 and now I have a 1 month old. I usually will go to the car or somewhere kinda hidden to nurse him or I’ll use a blanket… Never have had a cover so I’m not sure what they’re like.

  279. Shared bamboobies on facebook!

  280. I have always wanted to try bamboobies heard good things about them, and cannot stand the disposable pads. would love to win to give it a try!!!

  281. I like Bamboobies on facebook!

  282. Hot purple 😀

  283. I prefer to be covered depending on the situation. Sometimes I don’t use my cover and just nurse without it.

  284. Bfing in public is fine. I use a cover cause even with DH support I know the stares botherer him

  285. breastfeeding is between me and my baby, so i just pay all my attention to her no matter where we are. if people stare or gawk or give me dirty looks, we don’t even notice them!

  286. I have only nursed in public once. I was at the drive in with my family and just sat in the back of the jeep. The times we have been out I have brought breastmilk so my husband or family can feed him. This gives them bonding time and also gives me time to participate in the activity.

  287. I liked Bamboobies on Facebook. Want to win! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  288. Christine van lake says

    Freinded on Facebook, love a blue one

  289. I’m 26 weeks along w/ baby #5 & would love to win Bamboobies.

    I find nursing in public easiest in a ring sling or Ergo. It seems to go more smoothly once my babies are a few months old and have better head control and we have the latch downpat.

  290. I “like” Bamboobies on Facebook. Thanks for the extra entry. <3