Your chance to attend the Natural Living Conference for FREE!

Calling Activist Mamas!

Holistic Moms Network has generously agreed to give a free ticket to their upcoming Natural Living Conference (October 1st in Irvine, CA) to a Leakie. Leave a comment below telling us how you advocate for breastfeeding and why going to the conference would help you. Holistic Moms and I will pick a winner using a random number generator on September 15th.  You have until midnight on the 14th to enter the drawing.

If you don’t already know about the conference, check out the speaker roster here. Robyn O’Brien, the author of The Unhealthy Truth and advocate for healthier food from the top down, and Mayim Bialik, actress, author and holistic mom are the keynote speakers. Other speakers include Dr. Lauren Feder, Trudy Scott, Jennifer Taggart and Jennifer Waldburger. There are also lots of holistic companies exhibiting and networking around every corner. The gift bags always are spectacular at these conferences, I’m looking forward to checking out what’s in them this year (it’s my first year to attend, but I’ve heard stories).



  1. I advocate for breastfeeding every day! This week I’m helping to bring Dr. Jack Newman to Atlanta to give a lecture in honor of La Leche League. Proceeds will go to LLL of Ga.

  2. Victoria Cera says

    Next to the ability to carry and birth a child, breast feeding is the most awesome gift a woman’s body is graced with. I voice my feeling to those who are lucky enough to be in earshot when the need arises. I encourage new moms to share this wonderful bind with their little one. I also advocate for breast feeding by never having a bottle with me. When my baby is hungry I will feed him when and where the need arises.

  3. I’d love to learn how to be a better holistic Mama!

  4. I EBF my daughter when she was an infantand still breast feed my toddler and am very vocal with supporting other moms who also choose to breastfeed. I am active in LLL and API as well as a local parenting/breastfeeding group of military spouses.

  5. Megan Monroe says

    I currently breastfeed my 1 year old daughter. I am very open with others about the importance of breastfeeding especially with my expecting friends. I also am active in many groups that help spread the word about breastfeeding. This conference would greatly inhance my knowledge about breastfeeding so I could reach out to those having problems with it and help them understand the pros and cons and challenges.

  6. I advocate for breatsfeeding on my blog and in my e-mail list at I also advocate for breastfeeding by breastfeeding my 6 month old in public. Going to the conference would help my network with other “like-minded” moms to help build my natural parenting site.

  7. Annie MacGregor says

    I advocate for breastfeeding every day when I breastfeed my daughter when and where she needs it, regardless of the stares or comments made, when I help other moms who are having difficulties, when I educate people about the benefits for mom and baby, when I support and encourage moms who are breastfeeding, and when I promote babywearing which makes breastfeeding easier. I follow Mayim Bialik’s FB page and would love to meet her and would love to network with other moms and get tips and tricks from the experts. I would also love to bring that information back to the LLL meetings that I attend and the other moms groups that I go to.

  8. I tandem nurse my 3.5 year old & 11 month old. I let others mamas know that I am always willing to help answer questions & act as a sounding board regarding breadtfeeding. I think attending the conference would put me in touch with even more resources that I can in turn share with others. Plus I would LOVE to hear Mayim Bialik speak & meeting her would be amazing. 😉

  9. I would love to go to the conference! I breastfed my two oldest, and I’m currently tandem nursing my two youngest, ages almost 3 and 7m. I am a resource amongst my friends and have had many women recommended to speak to me because of my years of experience. I am so happy to help other women create and maintain nursing relationships with their children! I am a new doula to my area and I’m working with my OB/midwife practice to engender a more natural community for pregnancy, childbirth, and our children. Going to the conference would be amazing!

  10. I’ve been helping moms breastfeed for a few years “on the side” and finally decided to go for IBCLC certification! I would LOVE to attend this conference. . . I just joined HMN last month but haven’t had much chance to connect yet.

  11. I live in irvine and would love to go but can’t afford it. I support breastfeeding by listening from the heart when my friends need to talk about their struggles/joys

  12. Anne E. Perry says

    I thank other breastfeeding mama’s when I see them. Today I spoke with a lady while looking at nursing tops in target. She had a 4 month old. She was thinking of stopping. She asked me if I was still breastfeeding my now 13 month old and I replied oh Yes!! I plan to breastfeed until at LEAST 2 years of age. I told her that the W.H.O. reccomends breastfeeding until 2. I explained the benefits of continuing for both Mother and Baby.

    I would love to attend this conference. I am enrolled in my local community college and I am working twords gaining my R.N. I would love to become a lactation consultant and help Mama’s help their babies.

  13. i am known locally as a passionate lactivist. my husband and i are photographers and did a series on “nursing is normal” culminating in a art opening and video. (wanna see? )

  14. I run a breasfeeding support group on facebook called Mother Knows Breast to help women who are struggling or have questions about it. This woul help me be better informed to help these lovely women. I am also a breastfeeding mom myself so I would be better informed for my own baby girls.

  15. I advocate for breastfeeding everytime I feed my son, wherever he needs it. I would love to attend this conference!

  16. I help moms both online and in real time by supporting them, giving them access to information, answering questions, and sharing my personal triumphs and hardships with nursing my own 5 kids! In October, I’ll get to help my own daughter nurse her newborn son! When my youngest (2) is older, I hope to return to school and get a nursing degree and become a lactation consultant so that I can teach women ‘for real’ instead of ‘just’ getting online and helping them. I also advocate full-term nursing and have helped quite a few people learn more about why it’s important to nurse a baby until she/he is ready to stop!

  17. Erin McMahon says

    I advocate for breastfeeding by leading by example. I also want to advocate for breastfeeding by helping to educate women, support mothers, and support breastfeeing mamas as a LC. The conference would be a huge help to me indeveloping my skills and learning about resources for LCs (and doulas)! 🙂

  18. After a rough start with the breastfeeding relationship with my son, I have helped many mamas with their journey a they were on the verge of quitting and would love to receive the tools to keep helping.

  19. Decolonization starts at the breast!

  20. I am a CLEC with a new breastfeeding focused Blog site that aims to translate recent scientific studies and research, along with answering the most important question for moms – “What does this mean for us?” As an Attached Parent myself, my views are naturally skewed toward the Holistic Vantage, views that are expressed in my blog posts. Attending this conference would enable me to see how other mothers view breastfeeding and parenting, allowing me to see which studies would be most beneficial to reivew. I have a feeling that this conference would supply me with a years worth of material, as well as enriching my relationship with my own LO via education and activities.

  21. I love breastfeeding! I heave helped encourage some of my friends and a few strangers to stick with it theough times of trouble. I talk about it with random people if I get the chance to hop in a convo. I would love to go to the conference to learn about how to be more holistic!

  22. I created a blog just to for breastfeeding- I’m enjoying sharing my experiences, finding resources to share, and hearing from others. I love the internet! 🙂

    I love conferences too, and I’m into holistic living, so it would be a lot of fun!

    Breastfed: A breastfeeding blog for the modern mama.

  23. We have had a very generous company step up and offer some seats for breastfeeding advocates. Instead of just one seat to give away we have several. Please email (scholarship seats are limited) and reserve yours. We want everyone who entered this contest to have the opportunity to attend!