Nursing Bra Express Giveaway

I’m delighted to bring you a giveaway from a new TLB sponsor Nursing Bra Express. With a wide range of styles and products, Nursing Bra Express has something for everyone, fitting from A-M cups.  I hope you enjoy this interview with founder and owner Dara Davignon.  She shares about her business, family and commitment to breastfeeding her favorite bra fitting tip.

TLB: What should my readers know about Nursing Bra Express and about you and your family?

Dara: Nursing Bra Express is not only an online store, but also a place where moms can come to get breastfeeding support. 50% of Nursing Bra Express.com dedicated to breastfeeding support and the other 50% is for the sale of bras, clothing and breastfeeding accessories.  All the breastfeeding support is written by Veronica Tingzon, IBCLC of Oceanside, CA and she also hosts my blog and is active on my Facebook page.  I am located in Holyoke, MA and in addition to my website I also do home bra fittings for pregnant and nursing moms in surrounding towns.

TLB: How did you come to start Nursing Bra Express?

Dara: Kind of an uncommon story!  I graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising in 2005.  I was a buyer at a high end clothing store for 2 years and then the store closed.  I was out of a job and looking for something fashion related and here in Western Massachusetts, there’s not a whole lot of it here in the sticks!  I saw an ad for a nursing bra buyer for a local breastfeeding apparel company.  I was 24 years old and thought “a nursing bra buyer?? No way! I know nothing about breastfeeding!” however it was the only job I could find that had something to do with my background in clothing and merchandising, without moving hours away.  Never did I think as a college student in fashion, that I’d end up as a nursing bra buyer! I applied, got the job, and learned to LOVE every aspect of it! I loved helping moms find bras to make their nursing experience a great one, and loved all the lactation consultants and mommy-bloggers that I met through my job.  I worked as the nursing bra buyer for 6 years and really got to know a ton about breastfeeding, how important it is for a mom to nurse and to encourage every mom to stick with it.  I loved my job but did not enjoy the corporate environment that came with it.

After 6 years of working behind a desk, Nursing Bra Express began with a purpose of me being able to work for myself and to go out into the community to actually measure and fit moms for nursing bras, in the comfort of their own homes, and even at local WIC clinics. I had several friends tell me how much they would love a personal maternity/nursing bra fitter and I am very much a people person and love meeting new moms! In addition to personal bra fittings, came my website where I can sell to moms all over the US and Canada, and also provide an abundance of breastfeeding information there for them.

TLB: How do you balance family and running a business?

Dara: Another uncommon story!  I am only 31 years old, my only family is my partner and his 3 children, I don’t have any of my own children yet, but plan to someday soon (I am keeping my fingers crossed!) Owning my own business will allow me to have a flexible schedule when I am a nursing mother!

TLB: What is your favorite tip for picking out nursing and maternity bras?

Dara: Comfort is key!  It doesn’t matter how pretty the bra looks, if it doesn’t fit or if you are not comfortable in it, nursing your little one will be a challenge.  Breasts full of milk need to “breathe” and moms must wear nursing bras they can feel relaxed in, so they can enjoy this most precious time with baby – pain free!


Just for The Leaky Boob readers, Dara is giving away an Easy Bra by Majamas in the winner’s choice of size and either black or toffee.  This USA made bra is super comfortable and any woman can wear it.  Pregnant, nursing or neither!  The Easy Bra is a favorite of Dara’s and you can find more information on it in her store.

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That’s it – three simple tasks and you’re entered three times for a chance at a great giveaway.  Thanks to Dara for her generous giveaway and sponsorship of The Leaky Boob, providing support for breastfeeding moms everywhere.  This giveaway will remain open through November 17, 2011 and is open to USA and Canada entries only.  Good luck and have fun!


Congratulations to Gizella, randomly selected winner who left this comment:

That bra looks like she is wearing air! I love it!!