Fairhaven Health Nursing Blend Giveaway

Today we have a giveaway from Fairhaven Health.  Read on for details on this opportunity and an interview with the company including their favorite breastfeeding tip.  Kelly was happy to answer my questions about the company and the why and how they got into breastfeeding related products.  Fairhaven has chosen to sponsor TLB because of their commitment to healthy families.

TLB:  What should TLB readers know about Fairhaven Health?

Fairhaven Health:  Our mission at Fairhaven Health is to help couples create and maintain healthy families. From preconception through pregnancy and nursing, Fairhaven Health is there – every step of the way – to provide clinically-proven products designed to safely and naturally promote fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding wellness. As a trusted leader in this field, our products are cooperatively developed and formulated by a diverse panel of medical experts – including doctors, ObGyns, nutritionists, and naturopaths.

What motivates each of us here at Fairhaven Health to roll out of bed each morning and come to work is the amazing feedback we hear from our customers. Nothing starts a day better (with the exception of a large cup of coffee) than hearing from a new mom that she is now breastfeeding successfully after struggling to get her milk flowing. Click here to hear what some of our customers are saying about Fairhaven Health’s Nursing Blend.

Watch Chianta’s video review of Nursing Blend! 

TLB:  How did Fairhaven Health get started and what led to expanding to breastfeeding related products?

Fairhaven Health:  Fairhaven Health was started in 2003 to provide natural alternatives to couples struggling with fertility issues. The expansion into pregnancy and breastfeeding related products happened quite naturally, actually. As couples successfully conceived using our fertility related products, they began asking us to develop products for pregnancy and breastfeeding wellness, knowing that we could be trusted to provide high-quality options.

To build our line of breastfeeding products, we teamed up with internationally recognized lactation expert and breastfeeding advocate, Dr. Kathleen Marinelli. Dr. Marinelli is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, and is a neonatologist and Director of Lactation Support Services at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, CT. In her role as a neonatologist, she has worked tirelessly to make sure that all babies in her NICU receive human milk, and is a staunch supporter of breast milk donor banks. At Fairhaven Health, we continue to be inspired by Dr. Marinelli’s commitment to making sure all babies receive human milk.

TLB:  What is your favorite breastfeeding tip?

Fairhaven Health:  Seek out the support you need! Just because breastfeeding is the normal way to feed our children, does not necessarily mean that it is always easy. With formula companies lurking around every corner waiting to pounce on discouraged moms, breastfeeding women need support from family, friends, health care professionals, and (perhaps most importantly) other nursing women, especially when the inevitable struggles arise . . . latch issues, supply problems, fussy/colicky babies, mastitis, etc. At Fairhaven Health, we believe that all of these “struggles” can be overcome, and we are heartbroken to hear when a nursing mom stops nursing before she is really ready to stop, simply because she doesn’t know where to turn for help and information. There is a community of breastfeeding love out there (props to The Leaky Boob), so don’t be shy about jumping in!

This giveaway is for a 3 month supply of Nursing Blend for two lucky winners, which represents a retail value of $53.95 each.   Nursing Blend was formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of nursing mothers and their babies and to aid in milk production. In addition to comprehensive vitamin and mineral support, Nursing Blend contains a blend of herbal galactogogues, including fenugreek and fennel seed, that promote the production of breast milk. Nursing Blend is the ideal dietary supplement for nursing women who are experiencing breast milk supply issues.


This giveaway is closed.

To be entered, please leave a comment on this post.  This entry is REQUIRED in order to be entered for a chance at the giveaway.  Please be sure head over to the Fairhaven Health Facebook page  and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.


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That’s it – two simple tasks and you’re entered twice for a chance at a great giveaway.  Thanks to Fairhaven Health for their generous giveaway and sponsorship of The Leaky Boob, providing support for breastfeeding moms everywhere.  This giveaway will remain open through December 30, 2011 and is open to USA entries only.  Good luck and have fun!



The winners have been randomly selected, congratulations to…


“I would love to try your product, thanks for the giveaway!”



“I would love to try this out. Working full time and being a busy single mom of two boys sometimes takes a toll on my supply and my eating habits. This would be wonderful for me!”

Congratulations to you both!  Thank you Fairhaven Health for this opportunity and your support of TLB.  Those of you that didn’t win but are hoping to try their product, follow the links in this post or the image button in the sidebar for Fairhaven Health and order yours today.


  1. Deana Noesner says

    These sound awesome and I could definitely use some! I would like to win the chocolate chip flavor! Thanks and good luck everyone.

  2. Melissa Rybolt says

    Chocolate Chip! I’m sold on Fairhaven Health, I will forever credit FertilAid for assisting in the conception of our son!

  3. This would be wonderful! Chocolate chip sounds great!

  4. I would love the oatmeal raisin flavor! I’m pumping daily for my return to school in January, and sometimes I need a boost!

  5. Id LOVE oatmeal rasin!!! Thanks for making a wonderful product!

  6. Melissa Rybolt says
  7. I would like to win the chocolate chip 🙂

  8. I would really like to win these in the chocolate chip flavor!!! Thank you!!!

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  10. Ashley Perlera says

    I would really like to win these in the chocolate chip flavor!!! Thank you!!!

  11. there are flavors?? lol! I’ll go with Oatmeal Raisin 🙂

  12. I would love to win the Oatmeal Raisin! I am currently breastfeeding my second child, and I have done so longer than with my first. My goal is to make it past a year old (two months to go!), but I have lost so much weight, My husband is wanting me to stop now. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I know whoever wins it will love it!

  13. Mmmm oatmeal raisin sounds like a yummy way to get all those benefits for breastfeeding. Thanks for the giveaway Fairhaven!

  14. https://twitter.com/#!/NatttNicole/status/149921401661440000

    Just so all my pregnant and bfing friends can see and enter!

  15. not sure what url to use, but here is my fb wall where I shared it: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1127287325 – does that count?

  16. I’d love a 3-month supply of Nursing Blend! Thanks Fairhaven!

  17. I tweeted about it, too! http://twitter.com/#!/jess_boc

  18. My hubby and I have 2 kids and would love more. It took us 18+ months for our 2nd. I’m currently nursing one also and would love to get pregnant again soon 🙂 this would be a huge blessing to win! I liked your Facebook page and shared you on my personal page link:

  19. I would love to win this! I have been concerned about my supply lately!

  20. Merian de la Gardelle says

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Katelyn McKim says

    I would love to win this ( : The choclate chip cookies look so yummy! ( : I’m going to share right now ( :

  22. Katelyn McKim says

    I’d love this! I’ve never been able to find this at the store’s fingers crossed!

  23. Morgan Mayes says

    Excited to try it out!

  24. I would love these! I don’t think they come in different flavors, though! Haha.

  25. Katelyn McKim says
  26. Rachelle Martin says

    What? Flavors?? I would love the Chocolate Chip flavor! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!!

  27. I would love to try this out. Working full time and being a busy single mom of two boys sometimes takes a toll on my supply and my eating habits. This would be wonderful for me!

  28. Kristy Walder says

    would love this 🙂

  29. Excited to try this out… I’m due with my first baby jan 25th… I know this doesnt mean i will have supply issues but i still get worried that only a month away from my due date i have no sign of milk and my breast have not enlarged in size.

  30. Anything to help out with supply is wonderful in my eyes. I’m heading back to work in 2 weeks, and I’m terrified to see what will happen with my supply. I’m preparing myself for issues…

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    I’m not sure how to post the link to my status on facebook to show i shared this… So i just copied the status and posted the link to my page. I hope this works!

  32. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Rachelle Martin says
  34. Fairhaven Health Nursing Blend Giveaway

    Wow, this sounds great! Ive been loading up on 12 pills of fenugreek a day and would love to try this to help my supply for my 9 month old daughter!!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  35. I had endless problems breastfeeding my daughter and at 7 months had to stop. I’m hoping this time around won’t be as difficult and I’m able to BF longer! This product would be a great aid.

  36. I would love to try this. I have supply issues with my first and I am trying to be better prepared for the second one.

  37. Who doesn’t need a bit more support when breastfeeding?

  38. Chocolate chip flavor please!

  39. Awesome product. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Chocolate chip sounds wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  42. Angel Montana says

    Would love to try the nursing blend!!!

  43. I work full-time, bf my 9 mo, donate as much milk as possible to local babies in need…any and all help with that is awesome! Looks like some great products 🙂

  44. Wow! That would be so awesome! What a great giveaway!

  45. jessica mortimer says

    i would love this!! if not where can i buy it??

  46. Nicole Pearson says

    Chocolate Chip flavor would be delightful! Thank you ever so much for the giveaway! =]

  47. Cassie Garcia says

    I would love to try this nursing blend. I so need so comfort cookies Oatmeal Chocolate Chip to help with my milk supply!!! Thanks<3

  48. Jill Potter says

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  49. i would love to try your product! Thanks for the give away!

  50. Emily Fluharty says

    I would LOVE to triy these. I’m in desperate need of new prenatals. I can’t find good prenatals that I can afford. These look great!

  51. Lilia Ocampo says

    I would like to enter the giveaway for the Nursing blend supplement. I have a 9 week old baby boy and Breastfeeding and supplementing with formula due to low supply.

  52. Anne E. Perry says

    I would love to win prenatals!! I am breastfeeding my 17 month old.
    Liked and thanked on fb.

  53. I would LOVE to win some!!!! I am working and breastfeeding and I would love to have some to help with my supply 🙂

  54. Anne E. Perry says
  55. I’m nursing my 5 month old and my 2 year old. Since I’m back to work, I’m pumping which is never as efficient as nursing. Any help with supply would great. This sounds like a great product. And it’s awesome that they’re supporting TLB!

  56. Thank you, I would love to try this product!

  57. not sure where the flavors are coming from, these are pills. My supply has been good, but that may change. Also, my sister is pregnant with twins and it would be good to have these as backup.

    • She had a cookie giveaway- looks like responses to that, but idk why they are here, lol. Probably a blog glitch…

    • not a glitch – originally, the instructions said to leave a comment on this page and say which flavor we’d like. You’ll notice several people were surprised by that, by their comments… but, now it looks like it’s been corrected. 🙂

  58. I can’t figure out how to get the address for my tweet, but I did: https://twitter.com/#!/Giggly_Kerri

  59. Would love help making enough milk… Seeing as how I’m buying supplements, three free months would be a God send.

  60. Jessica Myres says

    Oh thank you so much for this giveaway. I would like to try the chocolate chip flavor.

  61. Jessica Myres says

    shared on facebook but I could not figure out how to find the link to where I shared it. Here is the link to my profile where it shows that I shared it. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1606526542

  62. I would love to win!

  63. shavonne lowe says

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  70. I would love to see it this could help my supply. I feel like it’s gone down a little since going back to work. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  71. carly glover says

    id love to win this and could deffintly use it with my two nurslings 🙂

  72. carly glover says
  73. I’d love to win this!

  74. I could really use this. I just started having problem with my supply. Thank you.

  75. Nicole Kedzie says

    I would love to win this as I suffer from IGT and anything to help boost what little supply I have is helpful!

  76. Chocolate Chips sounds awesome :))

  77. I’m currently battling a low supply and could really use this!

  78. Would love to win. 🙂

  79. Alice Alderman says

    This product sounds awesome and I could definitely use some! I would like to win the chocolate chip flavor! Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  80. Would love to try this product.. Low supply for 5mo! ;-(

  81. I sure could use this! Pregnant with #2 and first baby had so much trouble nursing my supply was low… breast feeding is no longer free when you have to spend so much on supplements!

  82. This sounds like a great product, I would love to try it!

  83. currently breastfeeding my 2nd child.and having HUGE problems losing thebaby weight from both babys. it is seeming impossible.i have a combined total from both kids of 80 extra lbs of fat on my body and it hurts but cant find anything sAfe to take to help. (dieting oes not work and i excercise hard 5 days a week) would love to try this and pray that it could help me!!!!

  84. I would love this!

  85. i would love to win the choc. chip! 🙂

  86. i would love the choc. chip!

  87. I would love to try your product! Due to low supply issues, I have to supplement and I’m trying a lot of different ways to increase my supply.

  88. I could use something like this!! I have had a completely different experience breastfeeding my second child – he is a frequent night feeder and I have not had much luck with pumping this time around! Increasing my supply would be a blessing which could lead to a nights sleep!!!
    Chocolate chip sounds wonderful!

  89. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/profile.php?id=1626466413

    I am totally thankful that there are nursing products out and available! I sure hope I get a chance to try out your product! I’ve tried just about everything and it’s hard to find something that really works! I’m nursing my 19 month old and will naturally nurse my newborn when he/she is born! Thank you for supporting nursing moms! <3

  90. Crystal Simmons says

    Would LOVE to give these a try!

  91. lexis Taylor says

    I had major issues pumping last time I am now willing to try anything. Even if I don’t win a supply I will still look into this. Thank you

  92. I’m a struggling nursing mom and am trying new things to boost production! Awesome giveaway!

  93. Crystal Kennedy says

    I am trying anything to keep up my supply with DD demand and would love to win this.

  94. Valarie LaFosse says

    Supply is always a constant struggle for me. I would love to try this.

  95. Would love to win this my supply is going downhill at the moment 🙁

  96. As I am currently breastfeeding 18 month old twins, and am 5 months pregnant with my next child, I am VERY interested in trying your product. I also facilitate a Mom’s group, and on many occations get asked about products like this… I will be sharing your site:)

  97. Would love to try it!

  98. Elizabeth Smith says

    I have a 2 month old that I am struggling to breastfeed and have to return to school in January. I’m afraid she is going to be feed formula while at part time daycare so this would be wonderful to win! Thanks for such a great product and the giveaway!

  99. I would love to win this tooo!

  100. This sounds great! And I shared it on my facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=615406373

  101. So happy to find this giveaway. Currently expecting number 2 and had a lot of difficulty with establishing breastfeeding with number one especially production(yay for being able to do it for over 2 years once we did). Hoping this product will help. Also went and thanked Fairhaven on FB 😉

  102. I would love to win the product having so much trouble with my supply.Good luck to all the mommy

  103. Wicked sweet!

  104. I would love to win this! I don’t eat as well as I should being a working mom to two kiddos. My 8-month-old son is still nursing strong, so I’d love to know that he is getting the best possible nutrition from me. 🙂

  105. thalla-Marie says

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  106. Oh how I wish I had heard of this sooner!! I am nursing my second child and he is almost a year old. Recently I have noticed a dip in my supply (possibly brought on by stress caused by dealing with my husband being away). Good luck everyone!

  107. chocolate chip sounds wonderful!

  108. Riley Alexander says

    Had a lot of supply issues with my first son so I didn’t get to breast feed as long as I wanted. Pregnant with baby number 2 and would love to breastfeed the first year. This sounds wonderful

  109. Joy Chapman says

    Would lo love to win this, still nursing my lo at 10 months but I have noticed a lower supply and would try anything! I am so not ready to stop anytime soon!! =)

  110. I would love to win these. I’ve been looking for a supplement that would promote healthy breastfeeding. I am nursing DS #2 and have recently returned to work. I need something to help with lactation since I am now pumping part of the time.

  111. Danielle Alvarez says

    I exclusively pump milk for my 4 month old daughter. I fear that my supply is dropping. I was not able to breastfeed my son cause of milk supply issues which had a lot to do with stress of dealing with a previous stillbirth. I am determined more than ever to last a year pumping. Your product sounds like it would help me out. Thanks for providing us moms a chance to win this giveaway

  112. Roxanne Bejma says

    I’d love a 3-month supply of Nursing Blend! I could really use the help the vitamins could give. Thanks Fairhaven!

  113. i would love this! As a first time mom, you take all the help you can get!

  114. Lyndsay brooks says

    I swear by this!!! I’m so addicted and just ran out:/ it’s amazing n works wonders!!

  115. Victoria M. says

    I would love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway.

  116. Nicole Domuczicz says

    I would love to try this we have had issues since he was about 2 months because I am so skinny and can’t keep up with him and me but we still are at 14 months

  117. Would love to try!

  118. Always a big fan of chocolate, and I’m afraid at only 4 months my supply is already starting to talk a toll. 🙁

  119. Love the chocolate chip. My supply is so low my 4 month old lost weight.

  120. I would love a chance to try Nursing Blend since I am worried about my supply. Thanks for the chance to try to win.

  121. Wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

  122. Breanna armijo says

    I would be so excited to try this supplement, my daughter is thirteen months and I am really striving to breast feed until she is at least two! Thank you so much for this opportunity:)

  123. Chelsea Moriarty says

    I would love to win the Nursing Blend! Thank you for the opportunity.

  124. I shared the link on my facebook page but am unsure how to get the url as I am using my phone and not my computer 🙁

  125. Krysta Nicole Hughes says

    Share on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/buttonsandhooks

    I would really like to win these as I haven’t been able to produce more than 1/4 of an ounce in about 4 months. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to leave my baby with her Grandma in Feb.

  126. Amy Schuttler says

    I shared the link on my page, but I don’t think you can see it because my profile is private. Here’s the link anyway:


    I would LOVE to win this – in any flavor! Thank you for the opportunity.

  127. I would love to win! Unfortunately I am back at work and pumping is taking a toll on my supply! Baby boy is 11 weeks old and only has mommy’s milk!

  128. I would love to win this! I can only make just enough to feed my 5 month old dd. she refuses formula out of a bottle, being able to make more to pump would be a big help.

  129. This would be very helpful in my next bfing adventures. Little one number 2 due in April. Chocolate chip sounds a lot tastier the just fennelgreek on it’s own. Thanks

  130. Shannan Robinett says

    I would love to use this product! Thanks for the chance

  131. Jessica McNeil says

    Sounds like a great product!

  132. Trying to keep up nursing twins and supply is always an issue. I love healthy ways to bump supply instead of supplementing. 🙂 🙂 Thanks!

  133. Tori Leonard says

    I am due in March. This is baby no. 2 and I know how it is to get low on milkso this would be great. Thanks for the sediment giveaway, any flavor is good for me

  134. Hi! I’m nursing a 3 month old, working full time and still nursing my almost 4 year old… I could definitely try this 🙂

  135. nursing our christmas baby. would love to win this!!

  136. Sherry Poirier says

    I would love to win!