Mother’s Day Wishes- Mother’s Milk Tea Giveaway

Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk has long been a trusted option for moms looking to boost their breastmilk supply.  I had the chance to ask Dannelle Jenkins, marketing coordinator for Traditional Medicinals, some questions about the company, how they are celebrating moms this year, and what their Mother’s Day wish is for all moms.

TLB:  What should TLB readers know about Traditional Medicinals?

Dannelle:  We love breastfeeding moms and support you all the way! We know that breastfeeding can be a wonderful, challenging, rewarding and sometimes awkward journey and we hope to provide you a little moment of peace and comfort with our Mother’s Milk(r) tea, used for centuries by women to help them breastfeed.*


TLB:  How did Traditional Medicinals come to be?

Dannelle:  In early 1974, three young friends started Traditional Medicinals(r) in the back store room of a small herb shop along the Russian River in Northern California. For nearly forty years, we’ve been passionate about connecting people with plants and passing along the centuries-old wisdom of how to use them. After all these years, our aspirations remain the same: help you use plants to be healthy. We are devoted stewards of traditional herbal medicine, practitioners of sustainable sourcing, meticulous judges of highest quality herbs, caring members of our communities, proud employee-owners of our independent company, herb nerds, and plant people who, without meaning to sound too hippie about it, feel like the plants are talking to us. We hope you will enjoy the fruits (or flowers, roots and leaves) of our labor. With over 50 herbal teas created by herbalists for your health and wellness, we invite you to explore the wonderful world of plants. In good health!


TLB:  How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

Dannelle:  This Mother’s Day, we created a slideshow of our employees and all the reasons they love their moms. Check out our Facebook page to see what we have to say to our own moms this year.


TLB:  What do you wish for all mothers this mother’s day?

Dannelle:  We hope all you mothers are able to enjoy and embrace the wonderful (sometimes messy!) experience of being a mom. It’s one of the greatest things to do and to be and we love you for it. We hope you love yourselves too.


Three lucky winners will be randomly selected to win a case (each case has 6 cartons!) of Organic Mother’s Milk Tea, a retail value of $32.94 each.

From the Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Tea website:

Promotes Healthy Lactation*
Herbal Dietary Supplement

Organic Mother’s Milk® promotes healthy lactation* and is traditionally used to increase breast milk production.* This traditional combination of anise, fennel and coriander has been used for centuries by European women, often recommended by lactation counselors and medical herbalists. Organic Mother’s Milk® is a pleasantly aromatic balance of sweet, spicy and slightly bitter tastes.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered and be sure to visit Organic Mother’s Milk tea Facebook page to get to know this company that makes it a priority to support breastfeeding moms through their sponsorship of TLB and thank them for this opportunity.  This giveaway is open from May 11, 2012 through May 18, 2012.

This giveaway is only open to residents in the USA, thank you.

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  1. Love this stuff~!

  2. Kristin V says

    I have a history of low supply and have used this tea as a go to drink while nursing, I’d love to win!

  3. When I nursed my first kiddo I wasn’t able to keep up with her. After 4 weeks we had to stop nursing and supplement with formula. I wanted to nurse for a year or more and I was unable to. This would be a huge help to me with my 2nd LO being due in June. I want to nurse until baby is a minimum of a year old.

  4. Desiree T says

    I loved this stuff. It helped both times I breastfed, and I will be doing it again as I am currently pregnant.

  5. Christina Saunders says

    Mothers Milk tea saved me when I went back to work and started pumping! I was able to sustain my lo through a year of pumping. He is still going strong at 13 months! I love the taste too! 🙂

  6. I have to go back to work in 4 weeks. I would love this to help make sure my supply doesn’t drop as I start pumping.

  7. Would love to have this on hand after I have my little boy in June

  8. would love to have this on hand after our little boy makes his arrival.

  9. I have always wanted to try this stuff! Never had the funds! I want to keep pumping for my donor baby!

  10. I’ll e pumping to donate soon and am going to need the supply boost…:)

  11. Erica Kotabish says

    Drink this great tea everyday!!!

  12. I used when I had a baby two years ago and loved it. I am having another baby in about two weeks and can’t wait to drink it again.

  13. leslie c says

    i have been trying really hard not to dry up and my 2 mth old dont like form

  14. This tea was a godsend to me after the birth of my daughter. I’d love to win this giveaway to give it to my awesome friend Jenn that just had a little boy.

  15. Jennifer L says

    LOVE this tea! I’ve been drinking it for a few months now and it is very effective. I’d love to be chosen but will surely keep sipping away every day even if I don’t! Good stuff, thanks! 🙂

  16. jennifer says


  17. E Malcik says

    Love this stuff. Struggled with low supply from the beginning and this tea helps me to at least help maintain what I have.

  18. I’m using Mother’s Milk tea to keep my supply up for my growing toddler. With the help of this tea I hope to keep lactating until my partner gives birth to our second child so I can co-feed the new little one!

  19. Tamara Ramos says

    I plan on breastfeeding and this would be great!

  20. Anne Perry says

    I would love to win because I consume this tea daily & have now for 21 months!!

  21. LOVE Mother’s Milk Tea!

  22. Elizabeth Ferrel says

    I love this it is always a pick me up when supply needs a boost. Especially during growth spurts

  23. I would love to win. working full time and lots of travel to get to work i dont get a lot of time with my baby and i have noticed my supply has gone down and planed on picking some up on my way home tonight. I would love to win.

  24. Marie Ewart says

    Drank tons of this when nursing my DS!

  25. amy lee rife says

    Really like this tea. Very glad its in my supermarket.

  26. I love this tea!

  27. I love this tea! I’ve had many a cups. I do everything possible to increase supply since I pump during the day and not only does this work but I enjoy the taste too!

  28. I would love this! My baby girl is two weeks old today.I have used mothers milk in the past and it really helps promote lactation.I love the taste too!

  29. Adrianna S says

    Love this tea!!

  30. I’m nursing a 67 month old and always looking for ways to up my supply!

  31. Tracy Rox says

    This would be great as my toddler is trying to nurse everytime the baby does!!! I’m getting worn out and every little bit helps!

  32. I’d love it to give to a friend struggling with supply.

  33. Amy Phillips says

    I love this tea. Super tasty too (if you like anise, which I do)!

  34. I Love this tea and would like to have it because i pump extra milk to Donate it. This tea helps mey supply and I would love to keep donating!

  35. Gizella DiVenere says

    I have been ebf my DD for almost 10 months now and plan to let her self-wean. Some days it just feels like I struggle a little bit…I’ve tried lacation cookies, but something *gasp* I don’t want to eat a cookie…but I LOVE tea. I drink it all the time. I wished a local store of mine carried this!

  36. I would love to win this tea – my supervisor is breastfeeding her son and running low due to a lack of supply when it comes to pumping.

  37. Kayla Kahre says

    My son will have to have surgery on his lip, which means exclusively pumping for a few weeks. This would help!!

  38. I’d love to try this tea!

  39. Francesca McCaffrey says

    As a first time soon-to-be nursing mom, I want to stack the deck and do everything I can to improve my chances of being a successful breastfeeder! It’s the most natural thing I can provide for my little one and the only thing in this pregnancy I am dead set on!

  40. works well!!

  41. Heather D says

    This tea has worked for me!!

  42. Samantha says

    This is the ONLY thing that seems to increase my chronic low supply! I go through 2-3 boxes a week! I would LOVE to have the tea!!

  43. I have heard of this product but have never tried it! I’ve heard great things about it when it comes to increasing supply, I have to start pumping soon and would hate to start running low on my supply!

  44. Jolene Smith says

    This stuff is great- and this statement comes from a skeptic.

  45. Amanda Iden Howell says

    I love this stuff. I used it to get my milk going when I had trouble getting my daughter to nurse through billirubin issues.

  46. idalia parrett says

    I’d like to try the tea. I used capsules when nursing my last child.

  47. jennifer says

    I’d like to try this tea as I hear it helps increase breast milk production.

  48. Addison Kat says

    I’d like to have the tea because I’m due in June and I’d like all the help I can get

  49. Ive had their pregnancy tea. Its really good. Would love to win this for when this little one makes his/her debut!

  50. I would love to have the tea, to help out with low supply. My little boy is starting to act like he doesn’t get enough when he nurses.

  51. Sarah Fuhrmann says

    To keep my supply up for when I have to get back to work

  52. Jessica Bailey says

    Getting ready for our little bundle this winter and I can’t wait to try this to help with ebf!

  53. Katelynn Chaisson says

    I’d love to have it increase my supply so I can pump more 🙂

  54. Always looking for options to keep my milk supply up & the tea works for me. 🙂

  55. Kiertekles says

    Help lactation

  56. Love this!

  57. to pump extra milk for my toddler (nursing my 1 month old bu t my toddler weaned 2 months ago)

  58. I’d love to try this tea! I will be once again be exclusively pumping after the birth of my next (third) surrogate baby. Anything to help my supply to help produce for not only him but others! 🙂


  59. I’m currently bf’ing baby #4, and I’m hoping to do extended bf’ing this time.

  60. Holly Profitt says

    I need some of this now that I’m back at work!

  61. I love this stuff! I drink it all the time and go through a ton of it.

  62. Kari Bh. says

    Had some with DS and if I recall correctly it was yummy & did help quite alot. Bummer is it’s a but expensive. Have been thinking I need to pick some up next time I’m at grocery store to start building up milk supply for when I go back to work in only 6 more weeks. Last timei didn’t prepare enough BEFORE going back to work and pretty much always ran low on milk when I was at work, had to give a bit of formula to make it to 1 year then had to give at least some cow’s milk most days I worked despite continuing to nurse.

  63. Great article on the mothers milk tea. I really love this product and it would be a pleasure to participate in a promo. Thanks!

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