Clek giveaway and child passenger safety chat archive

Want information on child passenger safety?  What are other families doing and how are they making their decisions?  What do child passenger safety experts recommend?  Check out our chat on the wall with clek and Vera Fullaway, CPST for an interactive exchange about keeping our children safe in vehicles.  This chat was sponsored by clek.


Talking about booster seats

How to go about selecting a seat, what Leakies would do differently now

About buying used, using a damaged seat, and expiration on seats

Rear-facing and when to move forward

Infant seat, convertible, booster, etc. talking about different kinds of seats

clek’s oober and olli seats

cost associated with car seats and navigating the overwhelming world of child passenger safety

chest clips

Leaky questions

Talking to others about car seat safety


Clek is generously giving away 2 different seats, the oobr and the olli as part of our chat on The Leaky B@@b Facebook page.

To be entered to win one of these seats, use the widget below.  This giveaway for is open to Canadian and USA entries only.

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  1. Tasha Purington says

    More confirmation that I’m doing right by ERF my 28mo son, even though soooo many people are shocked to see/ hear he’s still RF.

  2. I hope I win!

  3. I learned how best to talk to others about car seat safety without being overly confrontational.


    I pinned this to my Pinterest.

  5. Theresa Wuebbels says

    I didn’t realize the chest clip was so darn important. I’m glad I learned now.

  6. Elizabeth Gee says

    I had no idea about booster seats. Very cool!

  7. Shellie Givens says

    I learned exactly when a child is safe without a booster of any kind.

  8. I learned how to tell when your child is ready to move from a booster seat to a vehicle seat. It is something I have been wondering about since my oldest is almost 8 and getting a lot bigger. Thank you!

  9. Thanks for the great info!

  10. I learned a ton about booster seats. We haven’t arrived at that phase yet, so it’s very good to know! Thanks!

  11. Would love one of these!

  12. I like that the Oobr is like a mini “big seat”! And that it has the latch system.

  13. I enjoyed the tips on addressing car seat safety with other people.

  14. Jennifer Sloter says

    I’d love to win!

  15. I learned lots more about the benefits of ERF(extended rear facing) and extended harnessing.. Thanks so much for hosting this and all the wonderful information!!!

  16. The webinar reinforced my decision to rear face my DD as long as possible even when ppl look at me like I have 4 heads when I explain why we are doing this.

  17. My son is outgrowing his harnessed seat and this would be great to have!!!

  18. Veronica Darling says

    Rear facing is safest!

  19. These look really neat! Thanks for the opportunity to win one 🙂

  20. Thanks to the conversation on Facebook, I”m turning my soon to be 3 year old back to RF. We’d just turned him around, but he’s going back.

  21. Jessica Wiese says

    I learned more about extended rear-facing and about extended harnessing.

  22. My almost three year old is still rear facing and I get comments about it sometimes.

  23. I sort of knew the guidelines for when they can move out of a booster, but the 5-point checklist was good to see. We have quite a while to worry about it, though!

  24. Amanda Watts says

    These look great! WIll definitely keep in mind when we look for boosters.

  25. Jessica Wiese says

    I pinned my favorite Clek product:

  26. I had no idea how narrow the Foonf was! Looks like there are lots of options for 3 across in a small car, so that’s great. I’m a CPST and I’ve yet to install one of their seats but can’t wait to try one.

  27. Love the info about boosters and proper belt position.

  28. I love the look of these seats just as much as the seat specs!!

  29. I absolutely love child passenger safety and that you guys took time to highlight this very important week!

  30. Never heard of or seen a booster seat until I had my first baby, lots of information to go through and lots of decisions to make.

  31. Thanks for all the great info!

  32. I would so love to win one of these!!

  33. Krista Barber says

    Never knew booster seats could use latch. I had always heard that seat belts and latch couldn’t be used together.

  34. Just more confirmation that I’m doing what’s best when it comes to my kids safety!!

  35. We need a booster and these look good.

  36. glad to share the word on safety!

  37. Chest clips matter!

  38. Definitely how to talk to others about car seat safety. Great words!

  39. I learned about LATCH weight limits, which I actually hadn’t given ANY thought to before. Thanks so much!

  40. mary schweitzer says

    I got some good tips on talking about car seat safety with other parents.

  41. Mine is front facing now, I did as much research as I could about it.

  42. I love that they LATCH into the car! I would love to win the high back one. I liked the tips on how to talk to others on carseat safety.

  43. I learned more about latch, overall very good information

  44. Paulina Ward says

    Kids are so susceptible to injury in a crash. I am glad that there are companies that take my children’s safety seriously!

  45. Hope I win! These look like great seats…never heard of them before!

  46. I learned that carseats/boosters do have expiration dates & that the plastic degrades & becomes brittle over time.

  47. The clek seats look awesome and I like how the oobr has such a high rear facing weight limit.

  48. Rear facing is something I’ve really got to get the hubs to agree to. We have a tiny Honda civic, and a ginormous, bulky car seat. I have to sit with my knees around my ears in the front seat. But small sacrifice for a safe kiddo.

  49. Amber Golackson says

    I don’t have anything that I learned but, as a CPST, I hope I was able to make an impression on at least one person with my comments throughout the day =)

  50. The tips on talking to others about car seat safety!!

  51. Would love to have one for when my baby transitions car seats!

  52. I really liked the thread about talking about carseat safety

  53. Unfortunately I missed the chat, but I have been reading through the information and it just confirms to me that rear facing is so important as well as latching boosters and higher weight harness seats.

  54. Thank you for all of the information. As a first time mom, this whole car seat thing is a mystery to me.

  55. Nicole Pearson says

    Rear facing is safest, which I already knew. But I love the tips on how to handle confrontation. This just confirms that I’m doing what’s best for my child, and makes me feel a lot more confident when explaining that RF is best. <3

  56. I love that the clek seats latch in to the car! Also, I did not know the middle clip should be armpit level. I’ve always made sure it was at least mid chest level, but not that high, good to know!

  57. Lauren Schultz says

    I loved all the information about carseats, it is really going to help me take better care of putting my son in his seat correctly!

  58. I learned that both these seats use LATCH and that the Oobr has a metal substructure! Thanks! Blondredhead at Mac dot com

  59. Danielle Irwin says

    Thank you for giving me the words to back our family decision to keep our son rearfacing. We would love the highback booster for the later years.

  60. I learned that used seats are not safe because straps get worn down from being tightened and loosened over and over and wiped down when dirty. 🙂 This is a wonderful giveaway!

  61. I’d so love to win! Sounds great!

  62. That booster seat is beautiful!!!

  63. Rear facing recommendations.

  64. I pinned this to my pinterest!

  65. Rear facing information

  66. Love this could really use this right now. Hope I win! Prob not though I never win anything:( but worth a try!

  67. My son is going to need a booster soon and the high back would be great.

  68. I learned that there are far more people out in the world that need help when it comes to child passenger safety then those that know how to properly restrain their children. I hope that many TLB members learned something valuable in the chat session today and will put it into practice with their own children. This is the one area in our children’s lives that can literally mean life or death if we don’t get it right.

  69. Thanks for the entry! 🙂

  70. I learned that the oobr reclines and has the same metal bars that the seat in the car has! I knew it was a good seat, now I know WHY! 🙂

  71. Liked the 5 point checklist, helpful.

  72. I didn’t learn much as a technician (and diehard Clek fan), but I’m so glad you had the chat. so useful!

  73. I still have my 9 year old in a booster seat even though all his friends aren’t. He hates it due to peer pressure, but it’s safest for him and he’ll remain that way. These seats look great.

  74. Danielle Irwin says
  75. I learned that the clek is one of the boosters with LATCH. We probably won’t be using a booster until next year, but I definitely want one with LATCH.

  76. Would be a blessing to win this as I’m positive I don’t have a good seat for my 4 yr old and we have an extremely limited income!

  77. Made the right decision to ERF to age 2 long before the AAP changed their recommendations.

  78. I learned just how important safety is. Rear facing is best, even though it’s not whats most convenient.

  79. There can’t be enough information on car seat/booster safety. Thank you for this.

  80. Reasons to keep rear facing… Even after 2 even when the rest of your friends turn their kiddos around.

  81. I learned that clek is giving away some fabulous products!!

  82. The 5 point checklist is such a handy tool. I wish pediatricians handed it out!!

  83. I knew absolutely nothing about boosters til today… Store that info away for a few years when little one is older!

  84. I’m so happy to learn that your booster seats have latch system!! that’s exactly what I was looking for!

  85. Thanks for the great info!

  86. I learned that I need to keep my 8 year old in a booster a lot longer than I thought!

  87. I appreciated the reinforcement of rear-facing past the minimum age/weight for safety and that it was a safe environment to talk about how it’s important to install/use things correctly.

  88. charell schluchter says

    these look like amazing carseats just now heard of this brand hoping to win

  89. The fact that the boosters use the latch system is awesome

  90. Chavi Eisenberg says

    Looks great. I keep my 3 year old Rear-facing still and my 7 year-old will be a booster for a long time!!!

  91. Lauren Frede says

    Thanks for posting on such an important topic.

  92. Shelly Jones says

    Don’t be in a hurry to move to the next step! (Rear to forward facing, Harness to booster, booster to seat belt)

  93. Shelly Jones says

    I pinned the Foonf to Pinterest!

  94. Hannah Horne says

    I learned how to approach others about keeping their kids safe and fixing their kid’s seats.

  95. Clek is the best- I’d love to win a booster! 🙂

  96. I didn’t realist car seats should not be checked on a plane because they get thrown around so much and could get damaged.

  97. I learned more about boosters

  98. I learned that rear facing longer is better!

  99. Rear facing is safest.. would love to have this!

  100. I learned that there are many families who do leave their children rear-facing past one year old. I don’t meet many in real life!

  101. I learned to never submerge carseat straps in water!

  102. Just in time! We need a booster seat for our 3rd!

  103. I learned that NO aftermarket products are supposed to be used with any carseat, because they are not crash tested, will void your warranty and in case of an accident your insurance company can deny coverage of your baby’s injuries because the seat it no longer being used as directed.

  104. I have been coveting Clek seats for years, especially the Oobr!

  105. It would be a huge blessing to win a booster seat for my litte darling! Especially one of these! Thanks for the opportunity:)

  106. heather clark says

    I learned how best to talk to others about car seat safety without being overly confrontational.

  107. I reaffirmed my belief in extended rear facing and harness use.

  108. I loved the info about rear-facing. Makes me feel good in my choice to continue rear-facing!

  109. My cousin calls me a carseat nazi, this is just more confirmation that I am doing the best thing to keep my kids safe.

  110. I learned when it is okay to let a child ride without a booster seat. My 9 yr old has been rolling her eyes at me a lot lately when her friends don’t have to use one.

  111. Make sure a seat is installed correctly & have a CPS tech who is CURRENT verify installation.

  112. I truly appreciate this blog. Cool.

  113. christelle melin rodas says

    I am going to keep my little one rear facing longer

  114. My granddaughter and grandson would love to be out of booster seats and now I have facts for them so they can see the importance of it.Besides just me saying you still have to.Thanks

  115. Danyal Kniesly says

    Would love to win one! We love clek. Remember to read your seat’s manual!!!!

  116. shared on Fb and Tweeted Thanks

  117. I learned about extended rear facing… Something I ha done with both daughters and hope to practice with my new son as well. Never knew there was a term for it and hadn’t read much to back up my gut instinct prior.

  118. I learned about rearfacing – am going to try to keep LO rearfacing as long as possible!

  119. Michelle Heasley says

    I learned more about the five step test and more information about boostering kids and how long they need to be in them. I love the rigid LATCH on the CLEK boosters.

  120. I learned lots about moving out of a booster to a regular seat belt–and how far my kiddo is from that step! Thanks for the info!

  121. I’ve learned that most kids aren’t ready for a booster until 5 or 6. My 5 year old is still harnessed, but I’m starting to become a bit interested in boosters as an option for emergency pick ups from school (since grandma lives with us).

  122. Learned the importance of the chest clip

  123. I love the Oobr. It seems more like a long-lasting big-kid seat than many boosters out there.

  124. Mary Beth Krampitz says

    I would love to win!

  125. Michelle Heasley says
  126. Linnea Lucas says

    I learned more about booster seats!

  127. Cassandra Eastman says

    I learned it’s important to keep your child in a booster or carseat for as long as possible (as long as they do not exceed the limits) !!!

  128. Jennifer Soto says

    The importance of waiting as long as possible when it comes to rear facing.

  129. Kristen Gienger says

    I learned about the latch system and how important it is on the booster

  130. I learn when is a good time to change your child from a booster seat to a vehicle seat.

  131. Linnea Lucas says
  132. The high back booster will be awesome when it is time!

  133. I learned when a child can move to a booster.

  134. Karissa Luna says

    Learned that extended rearfacing is best.

  135. Courtney Smith says

    Lots of great info about booster seats, thanks!

  136. about erf

  137. The info about the Clek Oobr being able to recline was helpful!

  138. I learned that the Oobr is one of the only high-back booster that reclines!! I hope I win!

  139. I love the style and design behind Clek! I hope I win I would LOVE to have these for my littles!

  140. Learned a bit about boosters, which I haven’t considered yet but know it will happen eventually for my 6 yr old who is still harnessed in a recaro prosport 🙂 We have about 2 inches of torso room left until the transition and it is good to start preparing.

  141. i learned that the chest clip position is so important – i constantly see my son’s in the wrong place when my hubby puts him in his seat. drives me nuts !

  142. I learnt many different things about safe straps, clips,heights.

  143. I love Clek! I really hope I win 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. I pinned Clek on Pinterest:

  145. I love the clek design and learned to talk to others!

  146. the benefits of extended rear facing and that my twins arent ready for boosters until 5 or 6

  147. I learned about rear facing safety advantages.

  148. I learned a lot about booster seats. My daughter is at the upper threshold of her convertible seat so it would be great to win a booster; I love Clek!

  149. I learned how to properly fit a booster seat for each child!

  150. I learned about car seat safety and how to properly restrain my kids.

  151. How important extended rear facing is, and to keep with it as long as possible. Also, booster seats, didn’t know anything about them!

  152. I let another Mom at daycare know about proper strap positioning – it was so hard since it was unsolicited advice and I’m not a CPST. All the more reason to do the training.

  153. How to discuss car seat safety with other parents 🙂

  154. I learned about booster vs harness safety and I think I need to switch my 5 1/2 back to a harness – he frequently falls asleep on long drives!!!

  155. I learned when its the correct time to transition to a booster and a vehicle seat

  156. Thanks for the great giveaway. so many great tips. I learned more about extended rear-facing and extended harnessing. I will have to turn my daughter back around now 🙂

  157. Bessie Ostrander says

    The keeping them rearfacing longer is great advice!

  158. Rear facing is safer for longer than just a year.

  159. to make sure the chest clip was always in the right place.

  160. serena adkins says

    What caught my attention on the clek live chat was the boosters and proper belt position.

  161. The way to talk to others about proper/safe carseat use. It is a touchy subject with some people – especially those that want to turn their kids foward facing because it is more convenient. I would love to have my kid forward facing but I know it’s safer to keep her rear facing.

  162. Hope this isn’t a duplicate post – not sure if my first went through…but it’s great to hear how to discuss safetly with others. It’s a touchy subject to talk about rear facing vs. forward facing with those that feel convenience outways safety.

  163. I learned about the importance of extended rear facing and the proper use of chest clips!

  164. I had a conversation with another mom about chest clip location…we were both wrong! Thanks for the very valuable info!

  165. I was about to buy a used car seat for our third car that rarely gets used but after reading the comments I realize that you just don’t know if there really ever had been any “invisible damage” done to the seats. Not with the risks! I didn’t know it was so dangerous…

  166. joanna garcia says

    confirmation that im doing everything right even though others like to ff early i let mines rf until the manufactures says they cant

  167. Molly Bussler says

    What I learned was exactly where on my baby that the chest clip was suppose to be.

  168. Molly Bussler says
  169. I’m so interested in getting my hands on a Clek. I’ve been admiring virtually for some time.

  170. I learned ideas to talk to others about car seat safety.

  171. Didn’t know booster have the latch system!!

  172. extended rear facing vs forward facing

  173. Scary to think that so many carseats are used incorrectly. But great to know that there are safe options out there for us to use. This is a great giveaway, thanks!