PAXbaby Marley Wrap Conversion Ring Sling giveaway

October 11, 2012, in celebration of International Babywearing Week, TLB hosted a live chat with Jillian Davidsson and Paxmommies.  TLB sponsor is incredible babywearing resource with a variety of carriers, a wealth of knowledge, and ongoing support for babywearing families.  Stay in touch with via their websiteblog, and Facebook page.

As part of our live chat with I’m pleased to bring you this giveaway for a Marley Wrap Conversion Ring Sling  Use the widget below to enter for a chance at this beautiful wrap!

This giveaway is open International entries.  Winners outside of the USA will have to pay shipping.  Good luck!

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  1. I have 2 favorite carriers that I own; a bloo kangaroo mei tai and a posh papoose ring sling. They both are very comfortable for both baby and wearer and very supportive.

  2. I have an Ergo and I love it. I kind of want to try a ring sling or a mei tei with my third baby though, they seem a little less bulky and I seem to get overheated easily when carrying. 🙂

  3. Katie Shaffer says

    I’d love to try a RS!

  4. I love all my carriers. My Ergo is easy on the back. My RS is super quick for dashing in and out of the store. My wrap is sooooooooooooooo beautiful. They are all wonderful in their own ways.

  5. Melissa Dillow says

    This is a tough one but I’d say it’s a tie between Kozy Mei Tais or Wrapsody Bali Stretches for favorite carriers!

  6. Megan Baxter says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Beco BB2 and still wear my two year old in it. Our other carrier is a rs and was great for the stage when she constantly wanted up and then down to crawl and then up again. I’m looking forward to trying out breastfeeding in a ring sling with a newborn. We didn’t get our RS still baby #1 was over a year.

  7. Moby because it is so versatile!!

  8. Mary McKeever says

    I love my carriers. I use a linen ring sling right now with my 2 month old. He loves it, but I wish I had a wrap conversion, love wraps so much, but they are so long for my short arms.

  9. Right now I love my Ergo! Super easy to put on & take off and this is appreciated when going out with 2 kids!

  10. Keely Glass says

    I would LOVE to try an obimama. They are so gorgeous and look so comfy to use

  11. love this! wow

  12. Melissa Stanley says

    So far my favorite carrier has been the Boba, but I haven’t tried many carriers I would love to win this so I can try out ringslings, and I love this wrap!!! <3

  13. I have a fitted sling, that I love for my toddler. Can’t wait to use it with my newborn in February! Ring slings are great too!

  14. I want this one the most!!

  15. I think right now my favorite is my MeiTai, but I am trying to expand my horizons. I do love woven wraps. 🙂

  16. id really love a WCRS!! 🙂 ill need to watch some awesome jillian paxbaby youtube videos to try out all the things possible with a RS.

  17. I love my ergo and I am so blessed to have it!

  18. So far my favorite carrier is my woven wrap. Just ordered a kp so that may be the winner soon!

  19. Adore my Kinderpack. It’s just so easy and comfortable.

  20. would love a wrap/carrier! I love the wraps on your site! Would love to win one!

  21. Roni Cotton says

    I love my Ergo but, would LOVE to try a ring sling conversion like this one!

  22. Such a beautiful wrap! I would love to win one!

  23. heather massey says

    Love the carrier- keep up the great breastfeeding work- love the chat

  24. Love my Mae Tai- easy to use and wash. Looking for another for my hubby though!

  25. Amie Santana says

    I loved wrapping with the Moby but my ds is too heavy for it now but Im sure I would lo0ve it with a woven.

  26. Mary Frazier says

    Holy Marely! Would I ever love to win this! Swoon…

  27. My favorite right now is a wcmt but I would love to try an Obimama.

  28. The only experience I’ve had is with a Moby – which I love. But, I’m ready for something new and would love any of these giveaways!

  29. Boba 3g, quick and convenient!

  30. I love my ergo for when we go hiking with my 1.5 year old!

  31. i loooove my girasol donau!!! it was my first woven, i like the way girasols feel and i find it’s great during both summer and cold weather. i would like to try a earthy rainbow in a 4 one day 🙂 or a gira in a RS

  32. CharLee Christian says

    Love marley its so me! Thank you pax!

  33. Right now, I love my ergo…just throw ona n go. I do love my Moby too though.

  34. A carrier my husband would wear! I would love a Marley!

  35. Oh! Marley is my absolute favorite! I just adore the colours, and want one in every size and conversion imaginable!

  36. Brittnee Williams says

    I NEEEED this wrap! 🙂 My 3 month old’s name is Marley and I am super short on cash to buy a wrap and don’t have a nice wrap like this. I do have a Moby and a great ring sling, but I need a more sturdy wrap! 🙂

  37. Love wearing my babies!

  38. My all time favorite carrier is my linen Psling converted to a sleeping baby productions shoulder! I would never go out without it!

  39. I have an Oshkosh baby carrier that my chunky monkey is about to grow out of, and a Seven Slings carrier that barely fits us because I got it a bit too small. I love carting my munchkin around and have always envied the visible comfort of the Moby wraps 🙂

  40. I currently love my Ergo and my Girasol ring sling! Great for a 20 month old who’s constantly on the run!

  41. I am a wrap mamma and this one is beautiful! Can’t wait to see who the lucky winners are 🙂

  42. This is awesome!

  43. My WCMT’s

  44. Would love to try this beautiful wrap!

  45. right now my fave is my baby k’tan because it is so easy to get in and out of. 🙂

  46. Nicole O'Hare says

    My favorite right now is my k’tan. I would love to try a woven wrap and an ergo!

  47. My favorite is our Moby. I’ve never had the opportunity to try a ring sling though but I have wondered if they would be easier to breastfeed in…with large baby and large breasts its rather hard to nurse in the Moby!

  48. I love all my carriers! Baby wearing is a great thing for my family.. My Mai tie is great for my 2yr old and my wrap is a life saver with my 1month old. With out my carriers I’m pretty sure I would be lost!

  49. Charity Gordon says


  50. CharLee Christian says

    :Love marley!! its so me.
    Thanks Pax!

  51. I love carriers

  52. Cassandra Eastman says

    I love my Boba right now because it’s comfortable and easy to put on! Great for the zoo, grocery shopping and such! I would also love to try a wrap though!

  53. Either one of these would be amazing to own! Thanks so much for the chance :0)

  54. Roni Cotton says

    I love my Ergo but, would LOVE to try a ring sling conversion like this one.

  55. We love our Boba because it’s foolproof!

  56. I love my beco gemini its easy to use.

  57. Erynne Mitchell says

    I’ve wanted a woven wrap since I first found out they existed. I loved our stretchy wrap until my soon outgrew it by seven months. I missed having a wrap and mourned how pricey woven wraps were.

  58. I would love a marley!

  59. Right now I love my ring sling, but I am dying to try a Tula because everyone raves about how amazing they are!

  60. I’ve loved my Boba wrap, but need to get more comfy using it! Just when I think I have it down, I have a day of achy baby wearing!!!

  61. Jennifer Roemer says

    My Bboba 2g, best purchase ever! Great fit, easy on my back, and my baby girl loves being able to sit up and look out. I like the head covet to, especially in sunny days my baby girl wants to nap or feed when we are out!

  62. Marissa Connauton says

    Gorgeous wrap, love Marley!!

  63. Currently quite like my becco but I bought it when I was new to babywearing and really wantto try a wrap!!

  64. Jeannie Swanson says

    My favorite right now is my Beco Butterfly2. It’s so quick to put on while shopping. I am learning to wrap though:)

  65. I love love love my kinder pack. I can wear my 11 month old or 3 year old comfortably

  66. Jacqueline Griffin says

    A ring sling would be great to nurse my newest bub in when he gets here in march

  67. Krystal Soboleski says

    AHHHH I WANT THISS SOOOO BAD. my sling is falling apart!! these are soooooo gorgeoussssssss

  68. i would love love love to win this! i have wanted one of these for so long but we just dont have the mony to buy one.

  69. I have a ring sling but don’t like it. I want to try an ergo cause I feel like it would offer more back support.

  70. Lori L. - @Miss_Elles says

    I love the ease of my Ergo but I’ve got a feeling that once my new Didymos arrives, I’ll be hooked on wovens in the WORST way! I’ve never tried a ring sling. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway – BABYWEARING ROCKS!

  71. Kindra Keller says

    Love my ring sling!

  72. Tiffany Thomas says

    My favorite looking carrier is my earthy rainbow girasol. The one I’m most comfortable with right now is the Moby or ergo. But I’m hoping to become a pro with girasol. 🙂

  73. I love wraps!

  74. Elaine Becker says

    This would make me so happy!

  75. My absolute favorite carrier is a jersey knit wrap I made when my son was born in ’08… It is not the most stylish and its definitely not as nice as some of the wraps and carriers you sell, but it is cosy and brings back all my memories of my brand new snugly baby when I first brought him home.

  76. I love my Ergo!! But…I want to get comfortable with a variety of carriers because I know each has their advantages. 🙂

  77. My Obimama WCMT because it makes my toddler weightless!!

  78. I have only tried a Moby and it gets the job done but my dd is not a fan. I would love to try ANY other carrier. I would really like one that can be worn on the front or back and that you can breast feed in (obviously while on the front) 😉

  79. I have a Gemini on the way, so excited for it!

  80. I need wraps!!! Please lemme win! Lol

  81. Beautiful! I’d love to try this one. Thanks Jillian and TLB

  82. I really love my Ergo Sport Carrier! It’s easy to put on and is really comfortable for my back. My Moby is great for around the house, but it can be a little difficult to get situated sometimes. I would love to try a ring sling since it seems easy to put on and would make nursing while baby-wearing a bit easier.

  83. I LOVE my Pikkolo CatBirdBaby carrier.
    It’s super easy to use and I love carrying my one y.o. on my back!

  84. Stacy Privett says

    I love a woven wrap because they are so versatile – front carry, hip carry, back carry – all different types 🙂

  85. I have a Moby and a playtex sling that I use a lot.

  86. Sarah Damelio says

    Would love to win a new wrap!

  87. Micah Wagner-Eagle says

    I am just finding the ring sling love again, and Marley would be awesome!

  88. I own a BabyHawk and yes, I do like it…. BUT, there are a few reasons why I do not. First, it seems like I’m always having to re-tie the knots, the bottom rutches up, baby gets so sweaty in it, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to wear my kids on my back with this, and because it’s too hard to breastfeed in. I’d LOVE to try the wrap you (Jessica) has– the rainbow one! I not only love the colors, but the fabric looks amazing. I really want that one!!

  89. I just bought a baby k’tan for the newbie that is due in my family at the end of the year. I didn’t baby wear or breast feed with my first so this is all new territory to me but I am determined to make it happen if it is at all possible! 🙂

  90. My Ergo Original is by far my favorite but besides an infantion crotch dangler it is the only carrier I have tried. I don’t feel any weight on my back like I did with the infantino and my LO is super comfy!

  91. christi jones says

    My jade mild size 6 is my favorite wrap. Love babywearing

  92. It’s a toss up between my woven wrap and my ring sling – love them both for different reasons!

  93. I have a Moby and it has been a blessing to me.

  94. I am pregnant with baby number five and I am so excited to be a first time baby-wearer! I have learned so much in the last 4 years since I became a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor about extended nursing, attachment parenting, and baby wearing. I’m so excited to be given this chance to use what I’ve learned.

  95. Such an awesome ring sling! Thanks Paxbaby and Leakboob!

  96. One love!

  97. I like my bb2 duke, it gets the job done. The marley looks really awesome!

  98. Krystal Soboleski says

    AHHHH I WANT THIS SOOO BAD! my sling is a DIY that needs some help. these are GORGEOUS! watched all jillians videos on different carries in the sling. my favorite carrier so far is the slings bc their easy to BF in public. making grocery shoppin a lil easier 🙂

    i hope i win. i dont have the money to purchase it for myself

  99. Right now my favorite is my Beco Gemini. It is so easy and so comfortable for me! I miss having a smaller baby so I could wrap! I love me some wraps!

  100. I love ring slings and wraps for the early stages, but as my kids get bigger I really love my wrap conversion mei tais, half buckles, & soft structured carriers.

  101. Nicole Smith says

    these are all so wonderful!!

  102. Soaring Butterfly says

    I absolutely LOVE my Ergo!! I’d love to try a Mei Tei wrap.

  103. I’ve never tried a ring sling and am really interested to try breast feeding in one.

  104. i love my ring sling!! because it is so simple and fast! and my little one loves it!

  105. tosha burger says

    Loving my boba at the moment.

  106. stephanie shuman says

    I love my ergo! Only one so far that doesn’t cause me back pain!

  107. I would love a WCRS.

  108. Out of the two carriers I have, I love my sleepy wrap the most.

  109. heather kelly says

    Love a great carrier

  110. I love my ring sling and my Ergo, the RS for its convenience and the Ergo for it’s comfort! I’ve been dyinggg for a PAXbaby wrap though!!

  111. I don’t have a favorite yet. I like my Moby, but it gets too hot in the summer and sometimes the wrapping and unwrapping is a bit much. Once we all in though, I love the fit and feel of wearing my baby that securely. I don’t get the same feel from my mei tai style wrap.

  112. I loved my Moby but I’m excited to try my Mei Tei that should be here in a day or so 🙂

  113. Don’t have a carrier yet, but ready to start.

  114. I don’t have a favorite right now. My son is almost a year old and I don’t have money to invest in a good quality carrier. I would love to be able to wear him without my back being in so much pain and to go out without a stroller.

  115. I feel the need to add to my carrier stash 🙂

  116. I would love to try a Tula

  117. I have only had one carrier, a snugli. My baby is only 4 months old and 14lbs and my back, neck, and shoulders already hurt within minutes of putting it one. It was great, until the past week or so. 🙁 I would love to try a wrap.

  118. So far I love my gira but it’s not like I’ve tried that many haha I’m still learning carries. THanks for the giveaway!
    Katie Zuko

  119. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be my Glace Girasol Wrap Conversion Ring Sling. It is just perfect for taking my baby boy on long walks along the beach here in So Cal.

  120. Robin MacDonald says

    I love to use my mei tai, but have an ergo to try with my baby girl who is due to arrive this month. I really want to try a ring sling and/or a wrap, too!

  121. My favorite carrier is my Maya Wrap ring sling. It’s just so easy and comfortable and I get the most use out of it. Great for newborns AND toddlers!

  122. <3

  123. I only have an Ergo right now, which my husband does not mind using. I would love to try a RS for quick trips in/out of stores, around the house, etc!

  124. My favorite is a locally-made SaYa carrier. No messing around with rings or ties. It goes on both shoulders so the weight’s even. It’s comfy shirt-like fabric comes in pretty patterns too!

  125. Would love a quality sling

  126. Right now i have one of the older clip carriers, which works to carry only. i would love to have a nursing friendly carrier.

  127. At the moment I love my Boba 3G. It’s easy to use and ideal for multiple, car traveling errands around town.

  128. I dont have a favorite….yet. I’d love to try a woven, they’re so beautiful and versatile!

  129. Amanda Tillman says

    I love ring slings and soft structured carriers but I tend to chose my carrier based on how my son wants to be held that day. Right now our favorite is the Ergo but I am really wanting the Onya.

  130. I love my Beco B2, but I desperately want to try ring slings and wraps.

  131. Amie Santana says

    I loved my Moby but DS2 is too big for it now but Im sure I would love a woven jsut have to choose which one!

  132. Krystal Soboleski says

    plus my man loves those colors. i may actually get him to babywear!!!!!!!

  133. Krystal Soboleski says

    plus my man loves those colors. i may actually get him to babywear!!!!

  134. Kara Foster says

    Love my SBP ring sling 🙂

  135. I love my Ergo! I have been looking into getting a woven wrap and a ring sling but cannot make a decision because there are so many to choose from!

  136. Love the baby carriers.

  137. I love my ergo!! I would love to try a Mei tai! 🙂

  138. I really love our mei tai, but I’ve always wanted to try a ring sling. We had a Moby when DS was a newbie, and it took forever to get on whenever we got somewhere.

  139. I love the convienence of my ring sling! Easy on and off perfect for someone like myself that doesnt always have the time (or patience) to wrap up. Baby loves it too! 😀

  140. Lauren Pleasants says

    I really love my Girasol Northern Lights size 4. It’s fun to learn different back carries with it. I also have a ring sling that my friend made, and a Boba, which both work great for quick trips to the store or for a neighborhood walk. Thanks for doing this giveaway! Marley is my dream wrap!

  141. We live our bjorn. We used it with our first until she was a year old and now our second (2 months) is using it too!

  142. Ellen Finerd says

    I currently have a Mei tai, but am looking for other options because my lil gal does not seem to like it very well 🙁

  143. Love my ergo and SBP ring sling. So comfy & versatile.

  144. I would LOVE to try this Wrap!!!

  145. Kristi willis says

    Loving my peanut shell, but I need a RS!

  146. Girasol Snow Rainbow because it’s soft, quick and easy to use!

  147. Lauren E. Taylor says

    Marley is such a cool looking wrap! And of course, I love Sleeping Baby Productions!

  148. Emily Fluharty says

    Amazing! I love the conversion wraps! Multitasking is my best friend!

  149. Would love a ring sling. I currently use a stretchy wrap or Mei Tai. Both are great, but sometimes you just need a quick and easy solution!

  150. OOoooh Marley!!!

  151. I’d love to win this!!!!! New to the babywearing world and totally addicted to it!!!

  152. Claudia Simoneau Berg says

    I love my Beco Gemini for the first year!

  153. christina meyer says

    I love all my carriers, right now I go to my ring sling the most it seems. Its quick and easy

  154. I love my ring sling. It’s the only way I can wear my son, since he has sensitive skin and can’t handle other types of carriers.

  155. Ergo and K’Tan did us proud for the first year, but now we’re looking for more versatility for an active toddler!

  156. Lovely colors!

  157. my favorite carrier is my ring sling’ but I am dying to try a ssc since my baby is getting bigger!

  158. Christina Boyd says

    I need a ring sling!

  159. I love that my Ergo is comfy for me and my babe on days when he just needs to be next to me for than normal.

  160. PAXBaby and the Leaky Boob ROCK! Love you guys!

  161. I have a BabyHawk that I love, but I want to try a ring sling.

  162. I don’t have a favorite carrier because I haven’t tried one yet! I have a 3 week old and have been reading about the different ones trying to figure out which would be best. =)

  163. Love my ring sling

  164. I love my Ergo, so comfy!

  165. nikki vandiver says

    It would have to be woven wraps. I love the versatility of them

  166. I’ve only used a stretchy wrap so far but so far I love it. Hopefully get to try out some more are my local ”baby wearers” group 🙂

  167. Favorite carrier right now is the Ergo. Simple and quick!

  168. Baby wearing is so great

  169. Lily Greenwood says

    I absolutely love my folkbirds Tula carrier from PAXbaby. It’s so easy and comfortable. I also get so many compliments on it 🙂

  170. Jessica Lojacono says

    My favorite at the moment is the Moby. My Kozy Carrier is a close second. My little guy is four months and I haven’t quite reached the age of Ergo love yet. Usually that comes a bit later for me. I’d love to love the one here, though!!!

  171. We would love to try this sling!

  172. Girasol woven wrap. Fits any shape person

  173. angela brandon says

    right now i am using a homemade wrap my best friend made foe me 🙂 it is pretty comfy but would love to try others like the ring sling. My friend has one and loves it!

  174. Tanya Apodaca says

    Uppymama’s are my favorite but Marley is my favorite girasol <3

  175. Hallie Gibson says

    I had el-cheapo carriers with my daughter. I told my husband when I have number 2 I’m investing in a good sling that’s nursing friendly! I’d love a ring sling!

  176. So far, my favorite has been the simple sling carrier I just made a week ago…not a lot of long straps to untangle, tie, and untie (quickly when the baby gets angry she’s wrapped up in so much fabric!). I’d love to try one of the soft shell carriers with clips though.

  177. Belle Baby Carrier, so easy and comfy!

  178. Candice lagesse says

    Baby carriers are an addiction like cloth diapers! Once you get one you just want more! It started with an ergo, and then a pouch sling, a moby, a woven, ring sling. I just can’t get enough!

  179. My Maya wrap is comfy for my newbie or toddler. Would like to try a Moby or Mei Tei.

  180. Ergo. So easy

  181. I would love to win this !!! I have a old maya wrap sling and need one !!!!

  182. Im obsessed with rings slings!!!

  183. heather murphy says

    i have a moby type wrap sling i made myself and a jelly bean pouch sling both are great in there own ways. but i would love to be able to try a marley wrap!

  184. I’m having a hard time finding one that works. Would love to try this one.

  185. I have 2 favorites: bloo kangaroo mei tai and posh papoose ring sling. They are both very comfy and supportive for both baby and wearer.

  186. I would love to win a wrap! Don’t have one and would love to try it out!

  187. My favorite style of carrier is a wrap. They are versatile and comfortable.

  188. I was introduced to the moby when my LO was a newbie, loved wrapping but I never thought to look more into them. Learned about the Ergo, fell in love with how easy and versatile it was, and incredibly easy to nurse in. At 24 mo in 3 days my LO loves to be worn, often, with a growing belly (another girl due in feb) I’m looking for a new wrap. I’ve been drooling over rainbows and didymos Indio for a while and would love to own one, or both 😉 for the simple fact, I can wear while pregnant, and after I can use them on both kids 🙂

  189. Currently my favorite carrier in my stash is my size 7 girasol. I love how I have so many options for different carries with it, and it’s beautiful! I would love to eventually try a WCMT though 🙂

  190. I haven’t tried a lot but of the ones I have tried, I love the Ergo! I can use it for both my 5-month-old & 2.5-year-old with minimal adjustments and it has a hood for those extra-snuggly naps!

  191. Michelle Bongiovanni says

    I loved my k’tan when my son was tiny. Now at 8 months I have a mei tai and I love it! I wish I had invested in a ring sling earlier. Now that I know more about carriers I feel like it would have been easier to have for quick trips. My son is on the skinny side so once we get moved into our new house I might be getting one. It’d be nice to win one though ;p

  192. Veronica Sebrell says

    My favorite carrier is my Baby Hawk Mei Tai! i love being handsfree and having my LO fall asleep in the carrier.

  193. Jenn Beeler says

    Love, love the Moby but would like to try a back carrier, too. My husband would love that!

  194. Andrea Racine says

    I have a sakura bloom ring sling and a freehand mei tai and I love them both for different reasons. When my son was a newborn I would nurse him in the ring sling and it was so comfortable for both of us. The mei tai is great now that he’s a toddler. I put him on my back and get so much done. He loves it.

  195. stacy hancock says

    i love my ring sling. it’s tried and true, through two kids. just a beater, not super nice but it still works great. the color is also an amazing blue that looks fantastic in photos and makes my baby’s eyes super bright.

  196. Samantha Vermeulen says

    I love my Maya Wrap ring sling and would love to try this RS conversion!

  197. Michelle Frias-Rodriguez says

    I absolutely love my Rebozo because it is so versatile and it reminds me so much of my cultural traditions. I would love to add a Marley to my collection of carriers though. Its absolutely beautiful!!!!

  198. Erica Stindt says

    Right now my favorite is my 100% linen wrap, followed by my beco butterfly 2. I haven’t tried a ring sling yet but definitely want a WCRS soon!

  199. I would love to try a wrap sling because it looks like it could very versatile. I cant wait to use one!

  200. I have never used one, I woudl love to have one,my 3 month loves to be held all the time, but with low back pain its hard to do, do they help?

  201. I love wearing my baby boy!!

  202. I haven’t a favorite yet. Pregnant and looking forward to baby carrying <3

  203. I don’t yet have a favorite carrier, but I have a ring sling, and I love the simplicity of it. I would love to try a mei tei as well as a beco. I used to own two girasols in size 7 and they were WAY too long and complicated. I would prefer something like a sling, where I can grab it and go. I wouldn’t mind trying a shorter wrap though. Something I could turn into a sling with just a knot. 🙂 I am seriously in LOVE with this colorway though. My daughter’s name is Marlee. <3

  204. I am loving my BabyHawk for my 6 week old. So easy to put on and snug up, plus it has a pretty pattern 🙂 I have always wanted to try a wrap conversion though, and this one is SO pretty!

  205. Love it, thanks for the opportunity!

  206. I didn’t wear my first, and just got pregnant with my second! I want to try everything and see what works best for us =)

  207. My favorite wrap is probably my homemade wrap that I got from a friend. It’s green and made from stretchy fabric. Super comfy…

  208. I primarily use an Ergo, but would *love* to try a woven wrap someday!

  209. With my first daughter we were so new to babywearing and well, everything, that we really didn’t know what we didn’t know! We started out with a moby with her and moved on to a mei tai, which we still use.

    Pregnant again now though, I really want to get a great carrier stash together for both my first daughter and my new one to come. This looks like such a beautiful and supportive carrier!!

  210. Lisa Dutton says

    I would LOVE to be able to try out one of these!!

  211. My favorite carrier at the moment (it changes with each baby and at different ages) is a Toddler sized Tula! It’s great for quick ups and downs at this toddler age. 🙂

    My personal favorite is actually a wrap, but my toddler won’t let me do much wrapping now days!

  212. I love my earthy rainbow WCRS. It has been so easy and it’s beautiful!

  213. We love our infantino. Cheaper than bjorn but serves same purpose!

  214. nicole mandujano says

    my favorit would have to be the moby wrap because thats all I have ever tried. wouldnt mind trying another type though!

  215. Ethni Jamin says

    I love my Wrapsody by Bali, because it’s beautiful, so versatile, and comfortable!

  216. My favorite carrier is the Moby but i’m looking to get a ring sling for breastfeeding discreetly in public.

  217. I love my ring slings, they are my go to carrier

  218. My favorite for newborn to 6 months was the moby, but I think for a 12-36 month we need to move on to something a little quicker and easier to put on. Although I did love it for the newbie sleeping on your chest and easy feeding sessions!!

  219. Jaime Morgan says

    I have made all of my carriers and love different ones at different times. To me, every mama especially needs a good knit wrap during the newborn stage!

  220. My favorite carrier right now with our toddler is the Boba. It fits both me (5’3″) and my husband (6’4″) perfectly! When our child was a little bub, our favorite was a handmade mai tai. I never had the chance to try a woven wrap though, and would love to!

  221. I love my Beco Gemini and Babyhawk Meitei!

  222. My baby is due ANY DAY and I can’t wait to wear her! A friend has loaned me her Wallababy to try.

  223. Ashley Fenton says

    I would love to win one!

  224. I would love to win one!!

  225. Kelly Lins says

    I used an Ergo a bit with my son but when my daughter is born in a a week or so I’m looking forward to trying some carriers! I am hoping that I will love the Moby and RS for right away!

  226. I would love to win this. With my first we only had an Ergo. For our next baby, I want to have so many different carriers and would love to try this one!

  227. I’m not sure what my favorite carrier is, I had twins my first time around and I didn’t realize that twin carriers even existed until they were much too big to be in them. I’m expecting my third child next month and I’m excited to babywear, I feel a little like I “missed out” on something with my twins even though I carried them everywhere.

  228. I’d love to try a ring sling. It seems like they’re super easy to slip on and would be an quicker alternative to the soft shell carrier I’m using now. It can be a hassle to put my little lady in the carrier if we just need to run into a store for a minute.

  229. At the moment it’s a tie between the Hopediz Hop-Tye and Girasol Double Rainbow (Red Weft) Shorty wrap. Both are super soft and comfortable.

  230. My favorite carrier is my Boba Wrap. It’s light and comfortable, and easy to nurse in. I have chronic back pain and this carrier helps distribute the weight nicely across my entire back.

  231. This is amazing. I’d love to have a woven wrap. The fabric is gorgeous.

  232. I have no idea what my fave carrier is as I am only 6 months pregnant with our first. I’m willing to try any kinda of carrier at this point.

  233. I would love to win this! I am in search of a good baby wearing piece for my second coming in March! 🙂

  234. jessica M. says

    I would love to try a Beco Butterfly II and a wrap and a WCRS because they look amazing!

  235. I love my BabyHawk but I want a sling! Something easy to nurse in while chasing the older two!

  236. I have a moby, which I love, but I really want to branch out into some new carrier options with this new baby I’m having in March. I’ve read a lot of good things about ring slings and woven wraps and would love to try some out.

  237. This information is really helpful as we get ready for our own baby (due tomorrow).

  238. Katie Wilkinson says

    My favorite carriers atm are my stretchy wraps or my angelpack as it’s easy to put on. I’d love to try a ring sling, in fact there is a fantastic job going on to collect ring slings to allow women in an impoverished area to feed their babies whilst working, rather than leaving them to starve at home. So if I won I’d love to donate it here

  239. My favourite carrier is my FreeHand Mei Tai. – I love Mei Tai’s because they are a sort of halfway house between wanting the simplicity of a modern buckle carrier (like the lovely Ergo), and the traditionalilty of a woven wrap.
    Actually I find my FreeHand MT easier to get a baby onto my back with than the Ergo, because with the MT I find the weight better distributed during the hip scoot.

  240. My current favourite carrier is a wrap conversion full buckle because of its ease of use and softness and beauty of the wrap (Didymos Caribe fishes). I also like Oscha wraps and ring slings:)

  241. ashley hernandez says

    i would like to try the mia tie

  242. I love all my carriers! We started with a Moby wrap then had an Ergo then I got a ring sling. I have used this most of all so I would say that is my favourite. I would love to have a WC ring sling!!

  243. I love our Moby, enough that now I want to try every way of wearing my baby!

  244. I love my Moby but can’t wait to try some other brands

  245. Stephanie Robertson says

    I love my MyJaneTodd Mei Tai!!! It’s so beautiful and supportive and wonderfully made. Plus, it was a gift from a incredible friend! 🙂

  246. I love the Boba 3G. It’s so comfy, easy to put on, and my little guy enjoys it!

  247. My favorite carrier is my ring sling. I bought it on Etsy from a WAHM site called “Little Peeper’s Keepers.” It never fails to get comments wherever I go.

  248. Carly Journey says

    My favorite carrier is my Maya Wrap Ring Sling! It is so fast and easy to slip baby in and out of, and I love how cozy and snug it always keeps her! She is always very content being in our ring sling! 🙂

  249. I love my boba! My daughter has just started crawling and is always up and down and the boba makes it so easy to pop her in and out

  250. My all time favorite carrier is my WCRSs… I use them every day all day long!!! Love them!

  251. Tiffany Dustin says

    I’ve only had a Moby but
    i’d love to have a ergo, ring sling or k’tan!

  252. I love love love my Ergo. My husband loves it too.

  253. I love my stretch wraps, but would love to try something different for my chubba bubba!x

  254. My favorite carrier is a Boba 2G but I want to try this ringsling!

  255. Ergo because they are steardy

  256. Ergo because they are steardy

  257. i love a sling for newborns and a beco/ergo for older ones

  258. Jessica Swehosky says

    I ove my wrap and Ergo!

  259. My favorite carrier is a woven wrap.

  260. Jill Dowling says

    Picking one favourite is so hard! I love my Beco Butterfly II for longer outings, my Storch Ulli shortie in a Robbin’s hip carry for quick trips, and we are currently loving our Jade Aubergine in a FWCC or DH for around the house/yard. We don’t have any RS in our stash right now, as we love to churn and mistakenly passed all our ring slings along to another Mama.

  261. domestic diva says

    I love my moby wrap — so adjustable.

  262. I have a Comfey Joey ring sling. I love that it can be used with newborns and older babies.

  263. I have tried an infantino and the ring sling. I have trouble with my ring sling but i am starting to like it a lil more everytime i wear my LO. Its so much easier that way to get things done! I want to try a wrap of some sort.

  264. I love my woven wraps, especially my Storch Inka, love the colorway and the versatility of my woven for different carries with babies and toddlers of all sizes.

  265. Kristi griggs says

    Didy kaTja so versatile! And pretty!

  266. My favourite carrier is a mei tai I sewed (along with a friend who professionally sews and sells mei tais.) I used fabric that I bought in Brazzaville, Congo, when I was 16 yrs old. It is beautiful and unique, and I love having my baby close to me.

  267. I love my ring sling for around the house & my ergo for running errands!

  268. Brittney Gomez says

    I love my Girasol woven wrap! So comfy, colorful, and versatile!

  269. Randa Braun says

    I haven’t done much baby carrying, but I would love to try a beco gemini, and a good ring sling!

  270. I love my storch. It’s all broken in and cuddly. I love how many different carries I can do with it.

  271. My favorite so far is the Lillebaby but haven’t tried many others… didn’t like the Maya wrap as it was too hot here in FL.

  272. The only carrier I used with my 1st was Ergo. I definitely want to use a wrap with my next baby!

  273. I love out wcmt and our gira wrap .loved the moby when my lil guy was a newborn

  274. My favorite right now is my ring sling, but I would love to try a woven!

  275. I don’t have a carrier that I like just yet. I’ve been researching and the Mei Tai’s or a ring sling seem right up my alley!

  276. ergo, but would love to try this! thanks! baby #1 due in feb!

  277. Andrea Campbell says

    My Ergo is my favorite carrier since I can wear my 3.5 year old comfortably or my 2 year old. I want to try a ring sling since I’ve heard great things about them too.

  278. Currently loving my O&A and my woven wrap. Both bought from PAXBabay! 🙂

  279. Currently loving my O&A and my woven wrap. Both bought from PAXBabay! 🙂

  280. It’s a close call between my ring sling and ergo, but I’d have to say my ringsling because I use it all the time and it folds up so small.

  281. My favorite is Posh Papoose ring sling

  282. I like my Moby best if all but I have an Ergo I’m excited to use with my new baby. I’d love to try a ring sling because they seem so easy and comfy.

  283. I love my Hoppediz meitai!

  284. Would love to win and try it out! Thanks!

  285. Love my Nuzzleme Creations stay cool. Need a rs for those quick ups and downs of a toddler!

  286. Erin Houser says

    I LOVE my Ergo, but have always wanted something more newborn friendly, especially with #2 on it’s way!

  287. I’ve only ever used a moby wrap but have always wanted a ring sling. I love being able to have baby close when we are out and about. He sleeps better in his wrap then stroller

  288. Jennifer Miller says

    My favorite carrier is a toss up between the ring sling I borrowed from a friend and the Ergo I currently use. Love both of those!!

  289. What a generous giveaway!

  290. Oh I would LOVE to win this! I keep telling hubby we need another carrier! We have two kids that could easily be carried!

  291. Valerie Garcia says

    I love all the PAXbaby goodies. I am due in Feb with my third and my other two are both going to be 3 and 2 when she arrives. The wrap will be a GODSEND!!!!!

  292. Amanda Robles says

    I hope I win!

  293. I loved my moby when my twins were newborns. It worked great and they loved it.

  294. I’ve tried a couple different carriers and I’m looking for the right one!

  295. Love ring slings! Great for newborn into toddlerhood!

  296. I have a Tula and I love it. I have tried an Ergo and a Beco and the Tula is far superior when it comes to comfort for myself.

  297. I’m so excited to be welcoming my third baby and try out a ring sling! They seem so well designed and while I love my other carriers, this seems like such a great design for close kangroo care! Thank you for this opportunity!

  298. Melinda Johnso n says

    The only way I’ve been able to baby wear is with my sleepy wrap, and I love it. I’ve always had my eye on a ring sling though!

  299. I love using my ergo carrier… it has been my Go To carrier for baby #2. I have used a ring sling in the past but it is currently loaned out to a friend. I am hoping to win this for her… she has been practicing with mine since her little angel was born.

  300. I have an Ergo which I love for my 1yo, but loved my Moby when he was new. For my next I’d love to try a ring sling or a Mei Tai 🙂

  301. My fav carrier so far is my wc obimama!!

  302. I have a Girasol wrap which I love but would love to try a ring sling.

  303. I LOVE my Girasol wrap because it’s so versatile and the colors are amazing, but I also love my homemade RS because it was made with love by my mother-in-law!

  304. I would love a sling. I find my moby too complicated to wear everyday. It would be nice to have a sling that i can put on quickly, its hard to chase after a toddler try to put on the moby.

  305. L O V E it!

  306. I only own a Boba and Moby. Out of the two, the Moby was our favorite. Our son is a yr today and right at 30lbs so the Moby no longer works. We are ttc #5 and i would love to have a headstart on a stash that i cant afford yet

  307. Been looking at slings this week. What a perfect opportunity to try and win one.

  308. I love my Ergo!! I have tried a ton of carriers and it is the best by far. I am only 5 ft tall and only weight 97 lbs. So it has always been really hard to find a carrier that fit my tiny frame. So glad i got my Ergo!

  309. I have an ergo and liked it when we got out of the newborn stage. Now I NEED a ring along for baby #2!! 🙂

  310. Trisha Schuetz says

    I have always wanted to try and ring sling!

  311. I love my MOBY!!

  312. Tara-Lynne says

    I love my moby, but sometimes it’s hard to put on when your in public and baby is crying! I would love to have a ring sling for those occasions!

  313. Shandi Turknett says

    I love my Ergo, but looking for something easier than my Moby for the newborn stage.

  314. I love all my carriers! But especially my Bloo Kangaroo Kanga XT <3

  315. I’ve used a moby and an infantino carrier, and I’m looking for the right one for us 🙂

  316. Amanda Coers says

    I use a Sleepy Wear wrap 🙂 it’s very nice for carrying my twins individually

  317. Not sure what my favorite carrier is, but I’ve been wanting to try a ring sling for a long time! They seem so easy to use and can be so pretty!

  318. I LOVE my wraps, both girasol and natibaby, but I would love to revisit the ease of having a RS again. Dad loved using it too!!! Best to all you lovely ladies!

  319. My go to carrier is an ergo, but I would lve to finally have a ring sling to play with.

  320. I love my Marigold and Flamingo RSs, so soft and easy on and off. I would love to win this, I have a Marley bag from Pax and I love it!!

  321. I love the onbuhimo carrier. It is easy to wear in the front and fun to back carry with as well 🙂

  322. I have a baby bjorn but interested in trying others!!

  323. I love my girasol donau woven wrap, and I got it from Jillian at PaxBaby! It goes with nearly everything I wear 🙂

  324. karen McGrath says

    <3 this!

  325. I would love a good quality ring sling!

  326. Amanda wilt says

    I have never baby carriered. I tried one years ago but it was to big an bulky. I know things have changed since but there are to many choices an I have no idea where to start

  327. I love my Kozy! It’s a Mei Tei style, and it is SO nice! It’s very versatile and there are many styles to choose from. I was able to carry my DS as young as 1 week old, and he still loves it at 18 months old.

  328. would love a ring sling for the little man due in January

  329. Jenn Eggert says

    I have a maya wrap and after reading lots would love to try one of yours. they are beautiful and well made.

  330. Another one for Ergo. It’s just SO comfortable, and back carry is SO easy. Moby is a close second, though, for giving me two free hands and letting the baby sleep so cozily.

  331. Chelsea Nickels says

    I didn’t use a baby carrier with my first baby, but with my DS who is a month old, we have an Ergobaby that he’s still a bit small for, and also a Moby wrap! Right now I LOVE the Moby wrap because I can carry my son (and even breastfeed him) while being hands free and able to get things done around the house and play with my daughter.

  332. I love the design and fabric of PAXbaby slings. What a great product. I would be thrilled to try it out!

  333. This is beautiful!!!

  334. I love my Boba wrap… it’s been great so far! But I know it’ll only last so long… gotta get more comfortable with a ring sling.

  335. Ashley Williams says

    We’ve been carrying our LO in a moby since we brought him home. I’ve wanted so badly to invest in a different carrier. I browse carrier websites daily, but I don’t even know where to begin!

  336. I love baby carriers,I have a home made wrap that listed about a year since I can’t quite sew. I would love to have another one since I’m a mom of three under four and need the extra hand.

  337. That is gorgeous!

  338. This is such a beautiful ring sling! Love Paxbaby and TLB!

  339. Krissy Shively says

    I have only used pocket slings, but I am interested in the ring sling or wraps.

  340. Christina L. says

    My current favorite carrier is our Boba 3.0. My 15 month old daughter would live in there if I would let her!

  341. My absolute favorite carrier is my Girasol Earthy Rainbow Wrap Conversion Ring Sling. BEST.THING.EVER! It’s perfect for newborns, is still comfy at 23lbs and a year later, is quick and easy to put on, great for hip carries so babe can see what’s going on. All around, the best carrier ever created. EVER. (Can you tell I love my ring sling!?!)

  342. I have a Baby Bjorn for my daughter and while for the most part really like it, it doesn’t exactly work with my 2.5 month old daughter. I have been wanting one of these forever! Would love to win!

  343. Teresa Klemme says

    Love using my sling, but variety would be great for my next baby!

  344. I would love a carrier that is comfortable to wear!

  345. I have a ring sling that I made myself for my firstborn. It would be nice to try out a professionally made one for my baby due in February.

  346. I am wanting to get a woven wrap soon

  347. I only have a sling from seven slings, and I want to carry this baby a lot more, but I don’t want to buy several different kinds just to try since they can be pricey. I guess I’ll figure it out when he gets here. Winning on of these would be awesome!

  348. Tracy Gregory says

    I had the Moby wrap and loved it. I gave it to a girlfriend to use with her babe, and I don’t think she has even tried it 🙁 She doesn’t know what she’s missing!
    I would love to try the ring sling! It looks so easy peasy and comfy 🙂 xoxox

  349. Cassandra Haugen says

    I have never owned a baby carrier, but I would sure love to try one! This one looks beautiful, and I have also heard the Moby is a great one as well.

  350. I don’t really have a favorite I would just like to find one that works well with breastfeeding,I’ve heard the ergo is good with breast feeding but I’ve not had the chance to try it.

  351. Kara Porlier says

    I currently own a baby KTan but I would love to try the ring sling!!!

  352. Michelle Hall says

    I’m totally a woven wrap kinda girl, but I would love a ring sling for quick ups and downs 😀

  353. I’ve always wanted to try a ring sling but never knew where to start. Currently loving my Tula toddler carrier for my very tall 20 month old. Have previously used Ergo’s which are great too. Loved using my hug a bub wrap when my son was still little.

  354. One of my best friends got me a ring sling during my first pregnancy, and when the baby came we used it all the time! I <3 babywearing! 🙂

  355. i dont have a favorite,i love my MT for long walks, i use my RS for quick up an downs when dog walking, and I’m waiting for a madame googoo full buckle, so excited!!!

  356. I loved my Boba wrap when my guy was newborn. But I really would like to try an Ergo or a sling of some sort. He doesn’t care to be carried facing in, so I would love to try a side carry!!

  357. I love my Close carrier but would love a RS to move on to!

  358. Rachael Abedraboh says

    All i have is a moby wrap & a super old Baby Bjorn. I would like to use a Maya sling or some sort of ring-type one and/or an Ergo at some point!

  359. Sarah El Guerrab says

    I love my long PFAU woven wrap. I use it ALL the time!!

  360. Jenifer Mc says

    i LOVE my woven wraps!

  361. I don’t own a sling of.any kind and would love one for my 4 month old.

  362. love my hoppediz hop tye! i’ve been wanting the marley for my 2 year old because that’s his middle name! 🙂

  363. Sheena McMillian says

    I love my ergo!!

  364. I would love to win this! My baby is getting heavier and was looking to buy a ring sling but winning one would be great!!!

  365. Crystal Vick says

    I’d love to win a sling!

  366. pax baby + the leaky b@@b OMG it can’t get better than that 🙂 love it

  367. I have a ring sling and a mei tei both have great uses for our family. I’d love to try some different carriers though.

  368. I love all my carriers but right now I’m using my mei tai the most.

  369. anne perry says

    I have two Ergos…. Love them so much they are worn out & torn in spots. Would love to try a woven wrap

  370. Loved my maya wrap until 2 months when i got my moby , which was amazing until 5 months, then we got a beco gemini. Love it!!!!

  371. Jacqueline says

    I have an ergo and I was actually recommended to try a ring sling. Would love to win it.

  372. My Maya Rs is my favorite and can’t wait to use it again in December, but for my toddler right now I like my peanut shell

  373. I wanna win a sling!! 🙂

  374. My two current favs are my toddler Kinderpack for the quick up and downs with my impatient toddler who will hardly ever let me wrap her anymore, but my second pick would be my Ellevil Zara for it’s rock solid wrapping qualities. The Kinderpack is my serious love right now because it’s so supportive and comfy.

  375. I have never used a sling but always wanted to. I hope I can win so I use it with my 4 month old.

  376. I love my Beco Butterfly 2, but also have a lightweight ring sling that is nice for hot weather. PaxBaby has beautiful baby carriers!

  377. Kenzie Armbrust says

    My favorite carrier is a basic ring sling that we use while out and about running errands and such. We have two large dogs, so having my daughter ride on my back in our Ergo works best while we take walks.

  378. I love my TMD WCFB. It is gorgeous and comfy!

  379. Love my ergo and I borrowed a sleeping baby production rs a month ago and it was WONDERFUL for my toddler who likes to sit on my hip!

  380. I would absolutely LOVE a ring sling. I’ve always wanted to try one, but I’m not in a situation to purchase anything right now that is not a true necessity.

  381. Jennifer S. says

    I love my WCRS, and I’d love to have another!

  382. I would love a ring sling, because i think it would hep us while breastfeeding.

  383. I have an ergo I have used for a long time. I would love to have a ring sling!

  384. Laquonda F. says

    Would love to win! Keep up the good work 🙂

  385. Christina Balderaz says

    I would love to have a carrier to help me hold and nurse my baby in. 🙂

  386. I love to wear my baby! I have yet to get a ring sling though! I would like to try it out!

  387. Jennifer Blake says

    My current favorite is my Moby, but only because my baby is still a newborn. We are loving our ring sling but still practicing. We have a Girasol that I don’t like!

  388. Mykal Dunne says

    I am just getting comfortable using a ring sling and on my fourth kid! I would love this!!

  389. I love my Ergo for times when I need to wear baby for longer periods of time. My ring-sling, which is a beautiful hand-me-down, is perfect for running in and out of stores, and holding baby on my hip while I drop one of my older kids off at school. Unfortunately, my ring-sling is fraying from so much use, so we’ll be in the market for a new one, since we still have a lot of babywearing ahead of us! 🙂

  390. My favorite carrier is my dream carrier wrap transformation. Fits baby and me perfectly and there is nothing better than a well fitting carrier! I would loove to try an obi. Before our babywearing days are over!

  391. I would love to try a ring sling. I currently have a homemade stretchy wrap and Mei tai. Not sure which one I like more. It would be fun to try something new.

  392. I LOVE my beco butterfly II but I have had my eyes on a ring sling for quite some time now for quick trips and something easier to nurse in.

  393. melissa allen says

    I would love to try a ring sling period, I never have. I’ve tried a wrap and SSC. I’ve heard ring slings are easiest to nurse in!

  394. I have only ever made my own wraps and they are wonderful! Though I would love to try something new!!

  395. My favourite right now is my size 5 Mystic OS wrap, but I’d love to try a wrap ring sling!

  396. I have three kids and am pregnant with baby #4. I love sling carriers for infants, and I love my Ergo for my older kids. My 21- month- old loves going hiking in the Ergo, and now that he is 30 lbs, he is perfect for riding on my back!

  397. I would love to try a ring sling or any wrap really. Ive only ever used SSC

  398. I love my boba 3G as does my OH and our son!

  399. my favorite is my Olives and Applesauce

  400. Lisa Haines says

    D Would love to win this

  401. I’d love to try a sling!

  402. Cassie Bailey-Harig says

    My favorite carrier is a Kinderpack! They have a great range of sizes for baby and mommy (including petite, standard, and plus size). It is super comfortable and worth every penny.

  403. We love our Moby Wrap!

  404. Jessica Poulsen says

    I have an ergo but I really want to try a ring sling!

  405. Katie Pratt says

    Love Marley

  406. I’ve been dying for a rig ski and the marley is to die for!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  407. I would love this to add to my carrier collection! 🙂

  408. Would love to try a ring sling! I like the moby wrap.

  409. Ring slings are awesome for the new stage, but can’t go past my wovens! I LOVE Marley though.

  410. I don’t have a favorite yet — my first baby is due in a month. I’m researching options now so everyone’s comments are VERY helpful!

  411. I have very little financial resources and a (gifted) BJORN! (hate it won’t use it). We REALLY need this.

  412. Whitney N. says

    Love this! Thank you for a chance to win!

  413. I love my WCMT! So supportive and cushy even with my big toddler!

  414. My favorite carriers are by far our woven wraps! Super comfortable for both mom and baby for long periods of time, and beautiful to look at and touch as well! Sings are wonderful for quick trips to the store, or lots of up and down days!

  415. Lauren Gonzalez says

    I have used the Moby since my son was a couple weeks old but I am excited to learn about & try other carriers! 🙂

  416. I would love to own an earthy rainbow girasol, and an olives and applesauce structured carrier!

  417. I’m from the Philippines and sadly, we have limited choices for baby carriers here. I own 2 ring slings and my baby and I love it! I want to try out woven wraps and I spend hours researching for my first wrap (I don’t mind researching coz almost everything is drool-worthy ^_^). I am pretty close to ordering my first one. Yay! I currently cannot take my eyes off Girasol!

  418. Ann Shepich says

    I have a Moby and a one-piece sling and I really don’t use either of them too much. I just carried my babe. The ring slings look so comfy!

  419. I have a Moby wrap and a Baby Bjorn. Both are great, but the Moby is definitely more comfortable.

  420. The Moby wrap seems great, but I would most like to try this Marley wrap!

  421. I’m loving my baby k’tan with my 3 week old. easy on and easy off while chasing a toddler.

  422. My favorite carrier is my Comfy Joey Ring Sling because it’s so easy to use. It’s followed closely by my Onya Outback.

  423. I love my Girasol woven wrap for back carries!

  424. patty fristik says

    ring sling…easiest to use & feed baby in.

  425. I love my Beco Butterfly 2!

  426. Megan Grant says

    I love my ErgoBaby Organic carrier because it is so comfortable and can be used for my baby or my toddler, but I have always wanted to try a ring sling 🙂

  427. Love my Baby Bjorn!

  428. Want to win this for my wife! =)

  429. emily callahan says

    I lovee my moby for newborn. Ergo for 4months +

  430. I love my rainbow hand dyed osnaburg fabric wrap converted ring sling made by SBP with my fabric. its beautiful, personal, and comfortable. Would LOVE to try other wrap conversions with different fabric.

  431. I have been on a quest for the perfect wrap – expecting baby #2 in November so looking forward to trying my baby kt’an. I would love to check out a ring sling!

  432. Alissa McIvor says

    Love my Moby!!! Extra skin on skin time while still getting something done!

  433. Danielle T says

    I love my beco b2, but I really want to try a ring sling with baby #2 due any day!

  434. I would love to try a good quality ring sling to feed while carrying my 11 month old who never quite grew out of long duration/frequent bfing. Also, I just almost failed in proving that I am indeed a human, by not being able to correctly add 15 to 14. If I could get more done while breastfeeding, I could sleep more, and my simple math (and other) skills would return to normal.

  435. Valery Cabrera says

    I have not Tried babywearing yet but have just recently started to look into purchasing a sling. It is common in my country (Guatemala) to see the indigenous people babywear and I’ve always wanted to do it. Now to find the right product.

  436. My favorite carrier is my kangaroo wrap. We walk all over the city with it.

  437. My favorite all around newborn thru toddler carrier is my maya ring sling, just because its super easy to use for anything and comfortable for any length of time for me.

  438. Erin Stock says

    I have an Ergo, and while I love it, I’d love to try more, as I think there might be easier ones for inside the house?!

  439. Catherine Pawiak says

    I have 2 carriers. An ergo and a moby. I love them both but sometimes the moby is too much to deal with so I use my ergo. Id love to have a ring sling to try out because my hubby doesn’t want me to buy any more carriers for now. Haha!

  440. Love it! I’m currently using an awesome home made mei tei, couldn’t live without it!

  441. Love my custom UMC mei tai! Need a SBP ring sling to finish out my stash!

  442. Veronica Darling says

    I love my ergo because I feel like it supports my baby’s body better than the other structure carriers I’ve tried.

  443. I have a moby wrap, but my baby girl is getting bigger, I also have a couple of scarves that I’ve tied to make slings. I would love to have an actual ring sling and was looking at making one. I LOVE WEARING MY BABY!

  444. blair ward says

    i’d love to try a ring sling!

  445. I have a home made sling that I loved, but baby is too big and fluffy for it now. I would love to be able to wear her again!

  446. I have an ergo that I like but have always wanted to try a ring sling. This one is lovely!

  447. Stephanie Estep says

    My favorite is my moby wrap. It fits well and comfortably and had so many different holds.

  448. i love carrying my baby on me..i would love to have a new one.. the one i bought is older and i bought it from a resale shop

  449. Rebekah hogan says

    I hear pax ring slings are the best! I bf’ed in my moby for the first time at a waiting room today and it was ummmm, interesting! I think I will stick to uncovered if its with the moby 😉

  450. I do not own any type of baby carrier at the moment. Unfortunately the money is just not there right now. However I would love to win one!

  451. Elizabeth Gee says

    My fav carrier is my buckle off brand carrier I got as a gift. The RS my friend made me has too much fabric on the rings and is not usable. 🙁

  452. Tashina Kirk says

    I love my ergo carrier. Easy to use and even my husband will wear it.

  453. Jacqueline says

    I don’t have a favorite carrier but I currently have an Ergo. It isn’t easy for me to nurse in and I would love to try something different. I have always wanted to try or have the Girasol wrap.

  454. I have a caboose baby on the way and need to start all over with new everything! Of course a new wrap is at the top of that list.

  455. That is such a pretty sling! I’ve never tried a ring sling, only a wrap and a softsided carrier.

  456. I have a Boba and used to have an Ergo. Both my baby and I tend to get overheated in them though.

  457. My favorites are the Ergo and the Moby. Both my kids love both of them. And I can’t believe I can still carry my 2 year old in the Ergo. It makes grocery shopping a breeze!

  458. I love my Ergo! I’ve never tried a ring sling, though!

  459. I love my Ergo & Sleeping Baby Productions ring slings. I still use them with my 2 1/2-year-old!

  460. Love my light rainbow wrap!!!!

  461. I don’t have any yet. I’d love to try a ssc or a ring sling.

  462. I love all my carriers, but at the moment my Ergo is my favourite! So quick and easy.

  463. I got to try a ring sling at my local baby store and fell in love. I used to like my mei tai but the ring sling brings my little man so much closer!

  464. Jessica Squirrel says

    I don’t have any slings at the moment, but I have been doing my research on them. For everything that I have read, heard and seen, PAXbaby is one of the best brands out there. I would like to purchase one soon.. my DS is getting too big for the carrier I have now. Hope I win. 🙂 That would certainly help my pocketbook.

  465. Heather Garety says

    I have a Moby Wrap that my DD is just barely fits into so we haven’t had much baby wearing practice. Hubby has an Ergo but we don’t have the infant insert for it.

  466. I love my RS! It’s a BB Slen fruit cocktail. Marley is so pretty though.

  467. I have a Moby that I liked when my little one was younger, but it’s SO HOT!! And now that he’s a toddler, he hate’s the front carry. I have a basic sling from Seven Slings which works as something fast, but I wish I had something a bit more versatile 🙂

  468. I love my ergo but I have always wanted a ring sling!

  469. Stephanie M says

    I love my Ergo! But I’m sure I’d love a ring sling too 🙂

  470. I have a Moby, sling ring, homemade gauze wrap, and 2 homemade Mei Tais… but I love to try new wraps esp since I’m not completely in love with any that I already have, would love to try something else!!

  471. Serena Bynum says

    I love my ergo and my sling:)

  472. I just started baby wearing with a seven slings. now that I know how easy it is, I plan on baby-wearing my future babies too!!

  473. I have only used a moby, but would love to try a ring sling! Love the moby for the closeness with the baby as well as comfort for mom.

  474. I would love a WCRS. I’m not great at wrapping, but love our rs and our wcfb. This would be great in our Florida heat!

  475. Right now my favourite carrier is my Angel Pack, but I’d love to get into wrapping!

  476. I love different carriers for different situations. My Ergo is great for up and downs. I love how snuggly my woven wrap is. My ring sling is my most used carrier though, because it’s snuggly and quick. I would love to have a 2nd!

  477. Being a (soon to be) new mom, I don’t have a favorite carrier yet! The only one I’ve purchased is the Ergo, which I can’t wait to try, but I love how snuggly and close ring slings bring baby to their mama. I would love to give this one a try with my new little squish when he gets here (5 days past my DD and counting 😉

  478. I’d love to try one out!

  479. I would love to put this to good use (((((good vibes))))) Thanks for the opportunity!

  480. I would love to try out some other carriers, but we have only tried the Moby and the Infantino. Wasnt so much a fan of either of them. Really, really want a ring sling!

  481. I would love to try a ring sling! Right now I have a homemade wrap and a hand-me-down Kangaroo Korner sling, but baby still seems to small for it.

  482. Rosemarie Urquiaga says

    Love the Moby for newborn stage, Ergo for the bigger baby. Havn’t tried a ring sling- yet!

  483. I love my Ellaroo Mei Tai! It’s quick and easy around the house, and learning to back carry in it was a cinch!

  484. I have a woven and an ergo, but I really want to try a ring sling with my preemie.

  485. Sarah Marina says

    So far my favourite sling is a green flannel sooooo soft ring sling! I also like the Ergo and mei tais in general

  486. I REALLY want to try a wrap or a sling! Preferably a stretchy wrap. It sounds so cozy compared to any other carrier.

  487. Brianna L. says

    I have a Baby K’Tan and I really like it, but baby and I both get really sweaty, and I end up with drool running down my chest. I would love to try a ring sling, they look lighter and easier to nurse in.

  488. christy douglas says

    Yay, Marley wrap – how fitting because it’s all we played for our first little one while he was in utero.

  489. Olivia Frame says

    I love all my carriers. I would love to try a RS which I don’t have in my arsenal. My didy wrap is my fav.

  490. We would love this!

  491. We love our Ergo, but I REALLY want to try a ring sling…I cant’ figure out how to breastfeed in the Ergo!

  492. sarah mastenbrook says

    My current favorite is a Boba wrap, but I’ve got a Kozy Carrier mei tai on the way for when my little one isn’t quite as little!

  493. Love, love, love my boba wrap. I also have an Ergo that I’ll start using once my little guy gets bigger. We’ve tried a couple times but it just isn’t comfortable for either of us yet. However, the wrap has been amazing and I plan to use it as long as I can!

  494. Christina W. says

    Ive always wanted to try a ring sling. I really liked my moby wrap when my daughter was little. She slept really well against my chest.

  495. I love my mei tai best of all but it’s too big for my newborn 🙁 My stretchy wrap is awesome for him and he just falls asleep!

  496. Olivia Frame says

    My favorite wrap is my Didy NINO. I would love to try and use a RS for my son when he is born.

  497. Michelle V says

    My little girl loves to be held and carried and a carrier would help.

  498. I only have a BabyBjorn from our first baby, but I’d really like to try something else especially so I can attend to DD while still holding/snuggling/nursing baby boy!! 🙂

  499. I have a baby bjorn but really want a sling type carrier that I can nurse by daughter in. I am new to all the types of baby carriers and learning alot by everyone’s posts.

  500. I have a moby, a ring sling (the cheap balboa baby kind from babies R us), and an ergo. I love the moby for the little baby stage, but I really want to get into wrapping more!

  501. My favorite carrier is my home made ring sling! Super versatile for any age.

  502. I love both our mai tai and our Boba…we babywear for many hours every day and these have been lifesavers for us! Our RS got a lot of use when our little guy was first born, too.

  503. My favourite carrier is dependent on my mood! My baby seems to favour the Ergo though.

  504. I LOVE my girasol wrap because it is so comfy and the colors are amazing!!!

  505. I would love to win this! Our current fav is a mei tai my friend helped me make, but its starting to get a little worn from getting so much use! Loved the moby when she was little!

  506. I think ring slings are the best because they are so quick compared to wraps.

  507. Hmm, I’m loving my Hop-Tye right now!

  508. Jessica Young says

    I love my Babyhawk mei tai, but I really want a Boba or that Marley Wrap!

  509. I love ring slings, they are comfortable, adjustable, versatile. Just love them. What can beat being hands free?

  510. My Ergo is my everyday but I also own a breeze baby that I love. Living in Australia the summers get really hot and because it s mesh it breathes really well keeping baby cool. Plus I’ve used it at the beach, in the pool and showering my baby. He loves being able to always join in.

  511. I haven’t had the chance to try out baby wearing. I have a mobey that I’m dying to try when this little one is born. But I would love to give a ring sling a try.

  512. This wrap is one of my favorites I wish I could have it.

  513. Jessica Pritt says

    I use a Snugli now but it really is hurting my back. I’m really want to try a ring sling!

  514. I have a beautiful new silk woven wrap that is my favourite right now. It looks and feels great.

  515. I love my Moby wrap, its like wearing a t-shirt that holds my baby.

  516. Marie Cline says

    I’d love to try a ring sling! Need something easier for at home!

  517. I don’t know what I would have done without our carriers.

  518. Out of the ones I’ve tried, the Ergo is my fave. Want to try the ring sling too.

  519. Amber Smith says

    I love the Moby currenly. it is the only carrier I have used so far.

  520. I have never tried a ring sling, but would love the chance to!

  521. Kristi Ferrell says

    We have a Moby and an Infantino and I loved both… at their respective times. My son is getting bigger now and I’m having a hard time carrying him since I’m pregnant again and he’s getting in the way of my growing belly. I’d really like a carrier that would allow me to carry him on the hip and/or that I’d feel safe carrying him on my back. I’ve seen lots of good things about ring slings but haven’t every tried one.

  522. i love my Chimparoo wrap because it is so versatile.

  523. RIght now I’m using the Ergo every day to get me and the little one home on the bus from daycare.

  524. I love my Beco Butterfly II. It is just so user friendly and my ds loves hanging out in it!

  525. Holly Profitt says

    I would love to try one of these!

  526. Britni Bradford says

    I’d love to try a ring sling! They look so pretty and I hear great things about the Rings UTB carry.

  527. I have used mainly SSC, my current favorite is my Boba 3G, though my Beco Butterfly comes in a close second. Though someday I would love to have a Kokadi stars or a Marley wrap. But a Marley RS would be amazing too 😀

  528. My favorite carrier would be my Ergo, my middle son lived in it for his first nine months, uses it occasionally now at 2 years, and is being used by my five month old daughter!

  529. I love my boba, but the ring sling comes in second.

  530. love my Boba!! but a ring sling and then a woven wrap (already own a Moby) are next on my list of babywearing investments 🙂

  531. Maggie Martin says

    I don’t have a favorite. I’ve never really used one. When my son was over a year we got a baby Bjorn I think it’s called my husband liked it ok but I want to try a more baby friendly carrier since we are expecting in a few weeks. I think I’m most interested in a wrap or ring sling but I really have no idea. Lol

  532. I’m not sure what my favorite carrier is, as I’ve ever only used a pouch sling, but I would really love to try out a ring sling.

  533. Lexie Van de Ligt says

    I love my Boba when I need to get my little ones up quick.


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