Valentine’s Day Giveaway from Rumina

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Rumina, TLB sponsor from way back, would like to make this day a little more fun by giving you a chance to win one of their muli-function tops: the Rumina Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Tank.  In a brief interview below, the sisters behind Rumina, Amanda and Dawn, one expecting her first baby, the other 3 months post-partum, share with our readers some thoughts on how babies change your life, and in honor of the Holiday, they describe both their ideal night out and their favorite cheap date.  Enter for your chance to enter the giveaway below.  

Three women of Rumina

TLB:  Amanda, with expecting your first little one, what aspects of becoming a mother make you nervous?

Amanda:   It would probably be the planning for the unexpected, and how can you really plan for that? I’ve been a planner with set time frames and goals for a lot of big aspects of my life, school, my previous career, finances but the one thing my fiancé and I were not planning at the time was a baby. Now I find myself switching gears and trying to create a plan for our baby and I know that the ideas and expectations I have will probably go out the window as soon as the little guy arrives. I hear they have an amazing ability to completely change your life. As a planner, not knowing what that change will look like makes me a little nervous but I’m also really excited. I know I’ll have a lot of help and support around me to take care of the little guy, and I’m so excited to be a mom. So if there’s time to learn to embrace living in the moment, it’ll be when he arrives.

TLB:  Dawn, three months into adding a little one to your family, how does big brother show affection to his new little sister?

Dawn:  This has been a big change for Bryce.  He has had 5 years of undivided attention from my husband and I.  At first, he would just look at her and ask each day, “is she big yet” as he wants to play!  Now, 3 months in, Bryce has to hug and kiss her before he goes to bed each night and is upset if this is missed.  We have also caught him lightly tickling her and say, “who’s the cutest baby” in a baby voice.  My son has a very good heart.  I know that as the days pass, the bond with them will continue to deepen.

TLB:  Dawn and Amanda, describe your ideal romantic date.

Amanda:  Right now, being 6 months and still childless, I think I would have to stretch the ideal romantic date into an ideal romantic weekend. My fiancé and I live in the Pacific Northwest right on the border of Washington and Idaho, we have beautiful  resorts overlooking the mountains and lakes. I think it would be great to have a nice dinner and splurge on a overnight stay in a room with a view. Then before we jumped in the car for the drive home he would “surprise” me with a pregnancy massage in the resorts spa. Now that sounds ideal.

Dawn:  LOL, date?  what is a date?  I used to fantasize about places like Fiji and my husband and I used to travel all over and dance Argentine Tango… man those were the days.  Now I just fantasize about drinking coffee on a Sunday morning without anyone saying my name for 2 hours.  🙂  Ok, if I was to really think hard, my ideal date would be to go wine tasting either at our local wineries or up in Napa like we used to.

TLB:  Dawn and Amanda, describe your favorite cheap date night in.

Amanda:   Our cheap date night, which doesn’t happen very often even for a cheap date, is usually an outing at the dollar movie theatre. In our area we have a dollar theatre that shows movies usually already available for rental but still cheaper than renting. We usually pick up a few candies and sneak them into the theatre too, we’re those kind of people. It’s nice feeling like its still a date without spending $30.00 just to watch a movie.

Dawn –  Our cheap date night was really a date afternoon.  This was before Beth was born and we just had our son.  When our son was at school, we would steal away to the movies for an afternoon show.  Matinees are much cheaper and less crowded!  (of course, I had to play hooky from my day job)!


 Dawn and Amanda are giving away one Rumina Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Tank to 3 lucky Leakies! 
Winners choose the style, size and color of their choice!

Here’s what you’re getting in the Rumina Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Tank: 

One Tank. Three Essential Functions. The perfect layer for a busy mom’s lifestyle, Rumina Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Tanks have a built-in bra that allows for effortless pumping and nursing without sacrificing shape and support. No longer do moms have to remember an extra garment to change into to pump, Rumina’s tanks offer all day support under your favorite blouses or shirts. With extra length for fashion and layering, Rumina’s tanks provide complete coverage and the soft knit blend of 90% Cotton and 10% Lycra, stretches and recovers to adjust to a new mom’s changing body. Rumina’s Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Tanks take the extra steps and time out of pumping!  Retail Value: $48.00

Styles Full Coverage and Classic Coverage Tanks

Currently Leakies can find Rumina’s Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Tanks, in both Classic Coverage and Full Coverage styles at www.ruminaformoms.com.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from Feb. 14th 2013 through Feb. 20 2013.  A big thanks to Dawn and Amanda and Rumina Nursingwear for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  (@RuminaAmanda on Twitter) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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