Can’t we all be friends? Beco Soleil giveaway

Beco Soliel baby carrier

After getting to try the Soleil for the first time on Saturday, I just knew I had to share the new carrier with the Leakies.  I was visiting in Austin just as the Beco Team and Jamie, TheBabyGuyNYC were there and we got to meet up and try the Soliel for the first time.  It was too perfect, we had to work together to share these new carriers.  Thankfully, carriers package up small so fitting 5 boxes wasn’t too much trouble to bring them home with me.  The Beco Team seemed excited to share the carriers with Jamie and I, and we discussed a joint giveaway for our readers.  A win-win!  It was a great conversation over BBQ and we planned the whole thing, it was going to be fun, half the boxes for him, half for me.  All for you.

So we shared pictures on Instagram (find me here and Jamie there), twitter, and Facebook and told our followers to stay tuned for the giveaway details.  It was fun, exciting, and everyone had lots of questions about the Soliel.

But somehow there was a miscommunication and Jamie and I found ourselves in the middle of this:

Soliel carriers release


Now, no worries.  We’re all good people involved here that want to encourage and support families.  I have no doubt that with our common goals we’ll work things out just fine.  I have loved working with Beco and they are TLB sponsors that prioritize supporting breastfeeding families by partnering with us.  They are a great company and this was just a misunderstanding that I’m certain will be resolved in a way that works for everyone.  Probably you too, dear reader.

So now, instead of giving away the carriers I thought we’d be giving away, Jamie and I are offering up the Soleils Beco sent us each to try.  He and I are both sharing those with you while we smooth things over with the good folks at Beco.

Some quick details on the Soleil:

  • It’s not available until next month, the winners of these giveaways will be the first to get their hands on this new carrier.
  • 3 carry positions: front, hip, and back.
  • Built-in waist belt pocket, key and toy ring
  • Carries 7-45lbs
  • Carrier weight 1.1lbs
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Seat: 16″ and 17″ tall
  • Shoulder straps extending from 18″ to 45″
  • Waist belt extending from 27″ to 59″
  • Recommended fit for adults 5′ to 6′ 5″
  • Compatible accessories: hood, drool pads, infant insert, carry-all

Use the widget below to enter the giveaway, one a day for the next 5 days for one Soliel carrier and you can enter here AND over at The Baby Guy.  Help us out though, visit the Beco Facebook page and tag them in tweets showing them love and asking them to let us keep the carriers to giveaway using hashtags #soleil and #beco.  Please no bashing or attacking them, show your faith in this company that values families so much and let them know how excited you would be to win one of these carriers.

Please Beco, let us share these carriers!  Let’s keep being friends.

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  1. Alison S. says

    I like to go to the beach with my little 🙂

    • I’m using a borrowed butterfly 2 for hiking and getting housework done, I’d love to have a Beco of my own!

  2. Kari Harris says

    We love to play outside in the sun!!

  3. We love digging in our garden!

  4. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Having a new baby in July 🙂 my little man will be 20 months so baby wearing will be a life saver for me!

  5. Christy G says

    We love to swim! My oldest son should of been a fish.

  6. Alex Fisher says


  7. Amanda Bucher says

    We love to go swimming and for walks out in the sun!

  8. I love going for walks with my little one! She has adorable sun hats to wear 🙂

  9. Play at the park and the pool

  10. We love the beach! And are very lucky to live at the beach!!! Hope everything works out 🙂

  11. Brittany Pier says

    We love to ride our bikes outside , go for walks, and play in the garden. Hopefully new baby wins the new beco carrier…so he can enjoy walks with us too 🙂

  12. Trisha Schuetz says

    We love to play in the water, fishing and boating, when the weather is nice and the sun is out!

  13. Love my Butterfly, can’t wait to see the Soleil!

  14. We love painting the sidewalk with water when it is sunny outside!

  15. Nichole Georg says

    Le Soleil est si beau! J’aime allez au parc ou il y a une grande piscine pour bebes!
    I love going to the park where they have a great baby pool!

  16. Would LOVE to win this! I’m a bf-ing mama of a 21 month old, and #2 is due any day now

  17. Sun? What is this sun thing you speak of? 😀 When it IS sunny, we love to go to the park or the lake. Or dig in dirt!

  18. I would love to just spend some time walking in the sun! It’s been a long winter…

  19. Lisa Haines says

    Would love to try this!! And we love going to the zoo when it is nice and sunny outside!

  20. Have a picnic and watch the duckies 🙂

  21. Hike!

  22. Looks so adorable and comfy!!!

  23. I would love to take LO to the zoo in the sun!

  24. Tashina Kirk says

    I love playing in the garden with the littles.

  25. Would love to try this out!

  26. Suzanne L says

    WOuld love to go to the beach in the SUN

  27. Brandy Luangrath says

    We love fun in the sun. We often go to the park, BBQ and take a few fun beach trips with our little ones. I would love to win and try out the new beco carrier with my babies. Thank you all for the giveaway. I hope everything works out with beco!

  28. We are taking a family vacation this summer and I would LOVE to tote my little one in a rad new carrier!

  29. Love wearing my little one while I watch my older 3 play in the yard.

  30. I’ve been wanting a Beco for this new baby, and have been thinking about getting the Gemini. I am interested in trying this one as well.

  31. We live minutes from the beach and would love this carrier to get my little one to and from the car with all our towels buckets and other beach things!

  32. My kiddo loves the park! As for me, I’m looking forward to a lot of swimming this summer! 🙂

  33. We love to swing at the park in the sun!! Love the new carrier!!!

  34. Anna Glenn says

    We love playing at the park!

  35. Play in the sprinkler or the sand box.

  36. Love wearing baby in the summer! Taking the two year old to the splash pad this summer will be easy and fun with baby in the Soleil!

  37. We love to go hiking when it’s sunny!

  38. Elizabeth says

    Would love to try!

  39. Elizabeth says

    We like going to the park when the sun is out!

  40. I’ve had three little ones and number four will be here soon, and our favorite thing to do is set up a baby pool in the shade and spend the late afternoon/early evening splashing away.

  41. In the sun? My toddler loves to swim, so I can’t wait to get out there (when the sun finally shows up here in MA). My 9 month old LOVES the water with a passion so I’m sure she will freak out when I get to take her in a pool!

  42. Jamie Hambleton says

    We have 5 month old twins and we love to take them to the park. A beco would make that so much easier so we could each carry a baby!

  43. Elizabeth says

    These are gorgeous! I hope you and Beco come to an understanding!! I’d love to win one of these 😀

  44. Wow! This sounds great! I have a Beco that I love, but really wouldn’t mind an upgrade!! 🙂 🙂

  45. Our FAVORITE thing to do in the sun, once the weather warms up, is pack everyone up and head to the battleground monument to spend a quiet day walking around and picnicking! 🙂

  46. My son and I love to be outside and garden 🙂 I do most and he watches right now, but we both have fun.

  47. we’re outdoor-types who love digging in the dirt. this year we’ll be doing a toddler garden where the boys will be able to plant (or destroy) whatever they want.

  48. My son was born at the end of July and we didn’t venture out much the first 3 months since he was colicky. By the time that was done, there wasn’t much sun here in the Poconos! So I enjoy taking walks in the stroller for now, and I can’t wait until this summer when he’ll be walking and we can play on the playground and go swimming at the pool!

  49. Work in the garden!

  50. Morgan Westerman says

    Would be so awesome to win one of these! I desperately need a good quality carrier

  51. Cassandra Eastman says

    We love to swim, (mostly splash) and play at the park!

  52. We love to visit the zoo! And with three kids under 4 having a good carrier is essential since a triple stroller just isn’t do able!

  53. Soleil or Soliel? Either way, I wanna get my hands on one!

  54. We love yo do just about anything in the sun! My daughter loves being outside, we are looking forward to some beach time this summer!

  55. yay! As always thanks for all of the wonderful giveaways you provide us! Come on Beco!! We love you so us some love back!!

  56. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I’ve been looking for a good carrier!

  57. Elizabeth says

    He loves rising his tricycle and going to the park 😀

  58. Christine says

    An activity I like to do in the sun is Garden! I love to be able to grow the food I eat 🙂

  59. Mandy Clymans says

    I love having picnics and going to the playground on sunny days w my son!

  60. I would love to try this out!!! Bub is getting too big for our moby!

  61. Meagan mohr says

    I desperately want one of these. Love Beco!

  62. Bailey Moreland says

    Have to have one!!! Ahhhh! My little man (8 mo) is teething and we baby wear all day to combat the fussiness and to continue to bond…but my current carrier (which shall remain nameless) is killing my back and not supporting my little man sufficiently :(…please please let me try the Soleil!!! 🙂

  63. We hang out at the lake!

  64. I would LOVE this!! I never win anything but I had to try!

  65. Rebecca Carter says

    I love going to the beach with my son and soaking up the Florida sun!

  66. Enjoy our garden and go for long walks

  67. Shellie Givens says

    I love to go for walks with my three lovies 🙂

  68. I’m a carrier-aholic …. Can’t wait to try the Soliel!

  69. We love to go to the beach or go hiking!

  70. Chanda Atkinson says

    We like going to the park and going to the beach in the summertime!

  71. I’m sure this will all be worked out. Misunderstandings happen! Excited to see one of these!

  72. Michelle C says

    Baby and I love to walk at the zoo.

  73. Play outside on the trampoline, swim or go for a walk.

  74. We love to go for walks in the sun – with proper protection of course!

  75. Amanda Gardner says

    Love Beco and love bein able to carry my DD easily and securely wherever I go!

  76. ericka brandes says

    gardening made easy with a baby on your back !!!! Walks, beach !!!

  77. New baby in June! New breastfeeding friendly carrier would be wonderful!

  78. Shandi Turknett says

    With a newborn and a toddler, one of these carriers would be amazing!

  79. we love going for a walk to our local sports park and catching some sun while feeding the ducks!

  80. We love Beco!

  81. I love taking the kids to the beach! And I love Checking into your blog/Facebook page. Most breastfeeding support I’ve ever seen. Wish I knew about you with my first baby!

  82. We love to just be outdoors in the sun!

  83. I am eager to take my babe out on walks!

  84. Jessica Johnson says

    I love blowing bubbles while my LO’s run around giggling and try to pop them!

  85. This would be so great for gardening with my LO this spring/summer! 🙂

  86. I would love this carrier for packing my little around Yellowstone this summer!

  87. Hiking, playgrounds, farmer’s markets, and trips when you don’t realize little legs will get tired.

  88. Love going to the beach, park, hike- anywhere and anything in the sun with my little girl!

  89. I’d use my Soleil on all of the amazing hikes here in thew Northwest, rain or shine!

  90. Would love to wear my 1 or 2 year old in this while hiking!!

  91. Ahhh! Hit enter and it posted before I was done!! Oops! My punk in is too little for the sun yet, but come may when she’s six months we have big plans to soak up the Texas sun with daily nature hikes and her first trip to the zoo!!

  92. we love going to the zoo!!! with lots of sunscreen (c:

  93. Lisa Long says

    My little girls love running around chasing each other with a ball. We often hang out on the porch and play in the sandbox because it can get pretty hot here in Florida.

  94. Valeria B says

    I love taking him on walks and to the park.

  95. This would definitely help me out!!

  96. Helen Sitter says

    I loved to be able to carry my DD around the zoo and beach if we ever get to go this summer!!

  97. Daniela W. says

    We love to play in the sun at the park…hopefully we will be doing that soon as the weather hopefully gets better 🙂

  98. Heather L says

    Go for a walk at the city flower gardens. My lo loves being outside!

  99. Can’t wait for some spring weather here in NY so I can go to the park with my three kiddies 10, 6 and 3 months. Love to put the baby in a carrier and soak up some vitamin D!

  100. We love to take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood.

  101. Rachel Adams says

    I love walking my son to and from school with the babe on my back:-)

  102. This will be our first summer with a little one, but we’re excited to use our pool with her!

  103. We love to go to the park and for long walks when the weather is nice.

  104. Sarah Trede says

    I plan to do lots of hiking and such with my 6 month old this spring and summer. This would be great!

  105. I love to take my kids for walks, to the park and out in our backyard garden. They’re great little helpers!

  106. I like taking my kids to the park on a nice spring day.

  107. I love to play with chalk in the sun with my daughter!

  108. We walk along the creek near our home and look for sunning turtles.

  109. I’m in australia, so we’re heading into winter here, but in summer I love taking an evening stroll and watching the kids splash

  110. Sarah Thortnon says

    We love walking on the beach with our dog. My son, Beach, spends half the time walking/playing in the sand and the other half being carried.

  111. Explore Italy, which we will have the chance to do very very soon.

  112. we love walking to the river and exploring the woods!

  113. Tara Maki says

    This would be great for our family outings on the weekends 🙂

  114. delia Ruffner says

    Baby #3 coming in July…she will spend a lot of time in a ssc! how perfect?!?!

  115. I eager to try this item. I like wearing my sweet pea when I walk the dog.

  116. DS and I like to go out walking in the sun. He’s too little to do much else yet.

  117. Grace White says

    Walks on a warm sunny day

  118. Just playing outside!

  119. Elizabeth says

    I would love to use this for being outdoors this summer (if winter would ever end here in the Midwest)

  120. Oh how much I would love love love this!! Fingers crossed

  121. Alexis Bertch says

    I’d love to go to the beach and have a picnic!

  122. We love going for walks and to the park!

  123. Being out in the fresh air, going for a walk. In the warmer months swimming.

  124. We love walking the beach with our baby girls and dog!

  125. We love to go on family hikes!

  126. I like to take a stroll around the neighborhood and then to the park.

  127. Roselyn A says

    As a teacher, I cannot wait until the sun comes back to Pennsylvania and summer rolls around so I can get outside with my little bean!

  128. Living in an tropical island (PR), we always have sunny days. Love to carry my baby around to enjoy the beauties that surround us.

  129. He is almost 9 months so I can’t wait to go for walks and play at the park!

  130. Would love to have one to help out with our newborn while caring for our 3 year old.

  131. We love baby-wearing every weekend at the farmers market!

  132. Tiffany Ellis says

    I love going to the park for a long walk and to feed the ducks on a warm sunny day!!!

  133. Becca Ellison says

    Yall are great to give away yalls carriers!

  134. I love playing in the backyard with my kids. I can’t wait for warmer weather.

  135. I love going for daily walks with my 3 year old and My newborn is going to experience walking in the nice warm sun this summer!!

  136. My little one isn’t born yet, but I’m certain we’ll love going for walks together!

  137. Lessie LeBlanc says

    Here in Louisiana there’s an outdoor festival almost every weekend, so we like to hit those up! The park is always a safe bet too! 🙂

  138. Anna-Marie says

    We’re planning a big vacation for my parents’ 40th anniversary. This would be so handy to have!

  139. Play in our new sandbox!

  140. Amber Higginbotham says

    My little loves her stroller walks.

  141. Go for walks!

  142. Hit the beach!!! 😀

  143. Hit the beach!!! 😀

  144. We love going to the zoo and love being able to carry our smallest hands free!

  145. When the sun is out my LO loves to swing!

  146. Mary Anne Whelan says

    Walk to the park, run, bike rides.

  147. We love to go to the beach! Can’t wait for the sun to come out soon- been so gloomy in NY!

  148. Mehera o. says

    We love to go for walks around the yard and swim/play with water!

  149. Cassie Bailey-Harig says

    We love to play at the park when it’s sunny!

  150. I love to take walks with my daughter!

  151. Katelyn Comer says

    We love going to the splash pad at the zoo in the “soliel”!

  152. courtney s says

    Love playing at the park and going swimming with my little ones.

  153. I cannot wait to head to the beach and do some shell fishing with the kiddos!

  154. This will be our first summer as a family – lots of water play!

  155. Trips to the zoo

  156. I love taking walks to the park with my little one!

  157. Me and my kids love to go swimming and play outside in the sun.

  158. Having boy twin toddlers, we are very active outside. Somedays we are in the garden, other days we are playing soccer or going on walks. Involving their baby sister works when babywearing!

  159. I love to take my littles to the zoo, the park, forest preserve…anywhere they can run!

  160. Toni Lardizabal Keltner says

    We love trips to the zoo! Thanks for the giveaway and your generosity!

  161. My son was born in August, in Oklahoma… He LOVES the sun and warm weather, we like to go for walks, and wearing him works perfectly when we go fishing!! Baby #2 is due in Oct, still plenty of time to enjoy the sun before winter hits!!

  162. Stephanie ambriz says

    Omg love the carrier hope im one of the winners my son would enjoy this.

  163. Dahlena Kullman says

    We live in Colorado, so I would use it for hiking!!

  164. Yay we love doing the zoo!

  165. jeannine s says

    swimming in our pool

  166. We like to sit on the front step and feel the sun. We are looking forward to enjoying spring weather. Where are you spring?

  167. WANT!!!!!!!

  168. Hanging out at the lake our kiddie pool.

  169. Marie Bermea says

    Go for a nice walk/hike.

  170. Stephanie ambriz says

    Go to the beach or trail

  171. Lauren Horton says

    I want to take my Soliel to the beach! Who wants to lug a toddler that won’t walk on the hot sand AND all of our toys, snacks, chairs, umbrella, etc?!?

  172. Love going on walks!

  173. Lindsay Corbin says

    The weather here in Nova Scotia, Canada will be warming up soon & I can’t wait to get out for some nice Spring walks with my sweet baby boy!

  174. The fam and I spend a lot of time at Six Flags Over Texas; we get passes every year!

  175. Lacey Gushue says

    Id love this for walks to the park with my older kiddos!

  176. I would love to win one! The straps of my ergo are uncomfortable for me and it looks like the beco’s are just different enough to work.

  177. nicole lewis says

    hike in the woods behind our house, strawberry picking, apple picking the list goes on and on

  178. Amanda Tillman says

    We like to go swimming when the sun is out 🙂

  179. Lacey Gushue says

    I’d love this Beco for walks to the park!

  180. Angie W Ayling says

    We like to make masterpieces with sidewalk chalk.

  181. Seeks Corey says

    My LO looooves any time outside, sun or not. So, walks are frequent and long. 🙂

  182. I love going to the beach, splashing in the water and digging our toes in the sand.

  183. Looking forward to the beach this summer with my 6 kiddos.

  184. This is gorgeous! We love babywearing.

  185. Holly Middleton says

    We SWIM!!!

  186. Definitely beach time this summer, walks with my older son and our new puppy too! I was thinking “I really need a beco if we ever have another baby” but I would love to use it now with my 22month old!

  187. TaiLeah Madill says

    Babywearing meetings! My kids and I are active in our community and enjoy helping others learn about babywearing. Plus its just a lot of fun to play outside with friends. 🙂

  188. Carrying him while I tend to the animals on the farm.

  189. Holly Middleton says

    We SWIM!!!!!

  190. Lots of walks outside!

  191. We can’t wait for warm weather so we can spend time outside with big brother, and start our garden!

  192. Expecting my second child any day now. It would be fabulous to have some hands free ability!

  193. I like just being outside with my kids in the sun! I wish it were summer already!!

  194. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says

    I love going for walks around the neighborhood

  195. I speak French as a second language, and I think Soleil is one of the most beautiful words! I love it as a name for a baby girl 🙂

  196. I like to take the kids to the park or play in our yard

  197. SO many fun things to do outside! Play in the dirt, go to the beach, plant flowers, go to the park, fly a kite…!

  198. Michelle Cobb says

    I sooo need this! Okay, and I want it too 😉

  199. I love babywearing!

  200. Would love one of these beauties!

  201. Go for a walk!

  202. My little man LOVES being carried around the park!

  203. Jennifer kavanagh says

    Go for a walk.

  204. Can’t wait to see some sun…Wisconsin winter just won’t end here 🙁

  205. Long hikes on our rocky beach!

  206. Pool or zoo.

  207. We just love to be outside in the sun!!!

  208. laci christ says

    Walking on the beach would be amazing with this!

  209. Vanessa L says

    Play at the outdoor science and nature center

  210. We love playing at the park and blowing bubbles. 🙂

  211. We love to go to parks and hikes.

  212. I love babywearing!!!! Would love to add the Beco to my baby carrier collection….

  213. Michelle Cobb says

    Sunny Spring and Summer days mean many trips to the zoo for us!

  214. We love to play at the park!

  215. Danielle T says

    We love going on city walks!

  216. We like to ten to our chickens and vegetable patch in the back garden, walk to the local shop, walk to/around the local park, and occasionally go for a little hike.

  217. Love how high up the kiddos back it goes!

  218. *tend

  219. I love to go out on my parents boat in the sun and walk 🙂

  220. jessica w. says

    We love to pick veggies from the garden, and okay with the hose! Covered in sunscreen, we’re both so pale we’re nearly transparent!

  221. pick veggies in the garden

  222. Ehlane OConnor says

    We love to visit the local splash pads when the sun is shining!

  223. i’m looking forward to rowing around the harbor with both kids and my husband 🙂

  224. I like to go on walks with my little man in my different baby carriers :).

  225. My little one loves bath time, so I can’t wait to take her to the pool this summer!

  226. Melissa P says

    Swim, walk, garden… Anything to enjoy the outdoors.

  227. Jen Kalvoda says

    My not-so-little guy would love one if these for summer and beyond. Being born in Nov. and us living in very-cold Fargo, ND; we haven’t gotten out too much. We’re looking forward to setting up the pool and taking nightly walks when Daddy gets home from work.

  228. I love playing in the sprinkler with my daughter in summer

  229. Go downtown!

  230. I would love one of these to carry my 10 month old and occasionally my 2 year old! Love Beco’s and have wanted to buy one but my current budget has not allowed it 🙁

  231. Love reading with my lil ones!!!

  232. We love love love our Beco carriers! We love to go for a walk around our local Botanical Garden. But most days, it’s a no-so-glamorous walk from the van into Target to shop for our dose of sunshine.

  233. LOVE the weight limits! Starts low, and will hold up to 45!? Awesome!!! 🙂

  234. Josie Meyer says

    We love to spend a few days at our friends cabin on a quiet river!

  235. This will be our first summer out in the sun, but we plan to spend lots of time in the water!

  236. Jeannie Song says


  237. Looks like a great carrier!

  238. This is the first summer with the little guy, so Im looking forward to all kinds of fun sunny activities 🙂

  239. It looks beautiful. Would love to have.

  240. I can’t wait for this summer! Gracelyn and I are going to have so much fun swimming, taking walks, and playing! I’d love to have this carrier!

  241. We love to swim!

  242. We love riding our bikes! Well, hubby and I ride our bikes and DS (16 months) rides in his Bobike attached to my handlebars. He loves the wind in his face!

  243. Christine R says

    I love to play and go for walks with the kids!

  244. we love to go to the park on sunny days 🙂

  245. Jennifer B says

    I love babywearing and so does my baby!

  246. Sunshine. We love to just sit in it all wrapped up in towels after swimming

  247. liz mckeever says

    Dance! Play in the dirt

  248. Love our Beco! I really like that this one has a side carry, and would love the opportunity to try this one out.

  249. I’d love to win this! So awesome 🙂

  250. I would love to win the Beco. My 18 month and I love to go hiking and on long walks and she loves to be carried!

  251. We love to swing and go down slides and go for walks!

  252. Julie Siewert says

    We love to “work” in the garden.

  253. Thanks for the opportunity to enter! We would LOVE to win one of these amazing carriers!!

  254. I love to go for walks to the park with my boys. Cannot wait for warm weather so we can really enjoy ourselves outdoors!

  255. Katie Fisher says

    I would LOVE a carrier!! Thanks for the chance! Would be great for my giant little guy!

  256. We love to go to the park!

  257. The beach in the sun!

  258. We love to go to the park and play in the sand!

  259. I have 2 kids one that’s 5 and a 3 month old so with all the chores and running around I do I know this carrier would help with my daily routines! 🙂

  260. I would love one of these!!!! I need a new carrier for my toddler big time!

  261. Love taking walks with my 3 little ones!

  262. We love playing in water at splash pads around town. We’re ready for some sun after all this snow!

  263. we love to play in the park!

  264. Ashley Andres says

    Bummer about the mix up! But, LOVE, LOVE all the features the Beco offers!! It’d be SO handy to have while doing just about anything! Love babywearing and breastfeeding on the go!!

  265. Shayna Dimmick says

    We love blowing bubbles and chasing them down… And sliding down the hill on a homemade slip-n-slide!

  266. Katherine says

    I would love to win one of the new Soliel carriers! My daughter is almost eighteen months old, but we may or may not have another one in the future, and this would be a lifesaver!

  267. My little guy was born last July and we have wicked winters in the Midwest so we’re mostly just looking forward to being outside in GENERAL. Also can’t wait to go to the pool!

  268. Sherry Poirier says

    We like to visit the animals on our farm 🙂

  269. Angela W. says

    Being in the Pacific Northwest, we are just happy for any sun we get! We love to be outside just soaking up the sun…it doesn’t really matter what the activity is 🙂

  270. I am hoping to get a Beco carrier for this baby due in June, but the budget is super tight right now, so winning a giveaway would be amazing.

  271. Dare Ellis says

    I was just introduced to a carrier other than my ring sling. Please let me add the Soleil to my collection!

  272. Anna Raikes says

    We love to sit under a tree and nap!

  273. My LO is only 5m but I look forward to going to the park with him!

  274. I hope we win.

  275. We love to go hiking, this carrier would be amazing!

  276. We love the pool.

  277. Maryn Noechel says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!

  278. I have a Gemini and a Butterfly II, I love my Becos! I would love to try this one out too!

  279. I love eating watermelon with my sticky drippy 2 yr old then hanging out in his little pool with him!

  280. I would love to win the Beco Soliel and take my babes hiking on mohonk mountain.

  281. My 17 month old looooves to go “iiiide!” We spend lots of time basking in the Florida sunshine these days 🙂

  282. Love to swim in our pool!

  283. Two under two… Enough said.

  284. I would love a new carrier! I love babywearing and the more options, the better!!

  285. Not to mention my ~25 pound almost three year old would love to share something that is for her new sibling, instead of the new baby just sharing her thing.

  286. Morgan Martinez says

    This is perfect! Would love to have it for my little squishy!

  287. OMG, I would love to be able to win, my lil man loves to be carried everywhere!

  288. Jeanine Harrell says

    I love just sitting outside in the grass with my little one! =)

  289. I love babywearing and Becco is fantastic, so excited!

  290. Erin gibson says

    Oooohhhhh….. My sling is kinda tricky to use, this looks awesome!!!! I could walk the dog and bf!!!!

  291. Garden, make mud pies, swing.

  292. Go for a nice walk as we watch big brother run!

  293. The baby is due in the fall, so I can’t wait to take long, sunny, fall walks!

  294. We love to go to one of our local parks. My Daughter loves to slide and run around and my little guy loves the swings!

  295. Looks awesome!

  296. Take a long walk.

  297. I’m addicted to carriers, much in the way I was addicted to shoes before I had kids!! LOL 🙂

  298. We love to wash the car in our bathing suits (only because DD is afraid of the blow up pool).

  299. I really enjoy being outside with my little one especially going to the forest or park. I think children really need to be exposed to nature

  300. We love to garden and lay in the hammock reading books, telling stories, singing, looking at clouds, and playing in the sprinklers.

  301. Max and I would love to add this carrier to our collection!

  302. We love the beach!

  303. Kelsey Majewski-Jensen says

    I’m so excited to try one! Crossing my fingers I can win one!

  304. We love being outside. Anything from riding horses, gardening, yard work, playing, swinging…ready for some summer 🙂

  305. I love to take my babes swimming in the sun…ahh, can’t wait for it to be warm again!

  306. Jessica M. says

    I love going to the park with my kids 🙂

  307. Talitha Keller says

    Love to take long summer walks!

  308. We like blowing bubbles at the park, going to the beach, and seeing all the animals at the letting zoo.

    Ricki Reviews at gmail dot com

  309. Play at the park

  310. A hike in the mountains!

  311. swim!

  312. I’m in desperate need of a breast feeding friendly carrier 🙂

  313. We go to Schlitterbahn!

  314. Danielle Lamb says

    Farmer’s Markets! Shark tooth hunting!

  315. Taking my daughter for a walk is the best, walking in the sun is even better!

  316. Michelle V says

    My little girl loves going for walks at the park behind our house and plucking as many daisy petals as she can get and anything involving water.

  317. Katherine says

    We like to go to the park!

  318. We love to go to the zoo when it’s sunny and beautiful outside!

  319. We like going for walks and looking at nature.

  320. Jennifer Morgan says


  321. We love to go on walks in ours. Can’t wait for the pocket!

  322. What a beautiful name! I love going for walks with my little guy in the beautiful weather! Can’t wait!

  323. we love to walk to the park.

  324. Arlene S. says

    We live in Florida so it’s sunshine fun time, all the time! The kids have a playground behind the house and when we need more little people we do a play date at a local park/splash pad. Good luck to all!

  325. kimberly pugliese says

    since we live in south florida, we are constantly in the sun! The beach, boating, and lounging at our pool are some of our favorites!

  326. Would be great for wearing my newbie while chasing my 4 year old around!

  327. We love to go hiking in our national parks!

  328. We like to go for walks. This summer plan to go to the beach, park,bike path and swimming.

  329. Miranda Welle says

    I would love to take my little boy for a walk in the sun on our local trail!!!

  330. Emily Hawkins says

    We would love to go to the pool once the sun comes out a bit more! My boys love the water!

  331. Marianne Adler says

    This would be great for hiking this summer with my LO!

  332. We love to dig in the dirt! We have a lot of fun gardening.

  333. I love to just be in the sun, lol…it’s been a lonnnnnggg winter. Really though, we enjoy hiking, fishing, and play grounding it up 😉

  334. Brittany O'Quinn says

    We love going to the park and my husband is about to deploy. I need a carrier since I’ll be alone with my 9, 6, 3 yr and 3 month old 🙂

  335. We love to play in the sprinkler

  336. samantha g says

    Zoo and swimming!

  337. Baby girl and I love taking walks on sunny days. To and from big sister and brothers school! We are very excited for the summer days to go to the beach!

  338. We love the picnic blanket in the park in a half sun/half shade spot!

  339. When we do finally get some sun here in western PA, I am looking forward to lots of time spent in the garden with my little one! She loves being outside and feeling the wind on her face. WE’ll probably introduce her to the beach this year too!

  340. Diana Poulin says

    We sure would love to keep up with little ones big sister while we are at the park!!! Lord knows normal strollers don’t work too great “off roading!”

  341. I love taking my kiddos to the zoo on nice days

  342. We love to go to the zoo…she gets so excited with all the animals!

  343. i like play and read in the sun with my little ones

  344. Stephanie M says

    We like to go on walks around the neighborhood when the sun is out 🙂

  345. nicole.milne.walker says

    We love long walks, working & playing in the garden & watching the breeze in the trees. Would LOVE one of these carriers as baby is now 25lbs & my arms sure are getting tired. Thanks for the opportunity!

  346. We love to be outdoors watch the clouds, birds, & the ducks

  347. Swim of course!

  348. We love to go for walks….I’m looking forward to spring so we can get out and explore!! 🙂

  349. Brigid Cravalho says

    We love to go to the park and swing!

  350. We love to go for hikes in the woods while baby wearing of course!

  351. We love going for walks in the neighborhood

  352. Beach Days!!! Sand castles are a must.

  353. Stephanie H says

    We like to go swimming and go to the zoo!

  354. I love to garden & play with the kiddos in the sun 🙂

  355. We love to take the dog for walks!

  356. This looks amazing and super stylin’ for hiking!

  357. melia whyte says

    i am huge fan of babywearing!

  358. We like to take walks!!

  359. Amanda Boucher says

    I love to go for walks in the sun with my little one in her carrier.

  360. Walks to the park to swing on the swings!

  361. Leanna Summers says

    this carrier looks comfy and not restricting like my current one, hope to win

  362. Bernadette N says

    We love hitting the pool or the beach!

  363. Love to take nature walks, visit the beach and play outside whenever there is a sunny day 🙂

  364. Thank you for the opportunity to have one of these awesome carriers! <3 it!

  365. jen_alluisi says

    We’re walkers! My baby girl is the youngest member of my walking group (and our unofficial mascot)!

  366. We love hitting up the nature trails 😉

  367. We love to hike and go to the beach!

  368. We love doing everything outside. When you move from somewhere where it’s sunny all the time to somewhere where it rains nearly all the time it’s a hard switch. So when it’s sunny we play outside. At the park, the beach, just in the yard. It doesn’t matter. Gotta love sunshine!

  369. Go to the beach or park!

  370. Amy Tuttle says

    We love to hike and any day at the park with the kids is great fun!

  371. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  372. gardening! my little one loves it

  373. We like to walk around the park and look at the animals!

  374. Amanda M. says

    We love to put on our sunglasses and go for a walk!

  375. Rochelle Luaders says

    We love going for walks and hikes. thanks for the chance!

  376. Booboo and I lay in the grass under a tree it was my favorite part of summer last year, he would just lay and feel the grass. Since its winter the only sun we see is when we nurse by the window.

  377. Kristi Hooke says

    I can’t wait to go swimming with my little one!

  378. Well today we went for a walk in the snow, but we’d *like* to go for a walk on the beach soon, haha!

  379. veronica Mcgowan says

    We love to swim!

  380. I like to go on walks with my little one down our road with family including my older daughters minature horse! We are a site to see me wearing our precious bundle and my daughter walking her horse : ) I use a wrap I made, I love it, but I really want to try an actual carrier.

  381. Krista Schizas says

    We like to do EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING we can in the sun. Park, swimming, gardening, bike riding!!

  382. I love to take walks with all three of my little ones, and catch bugs and explore nature – we live on the edge of Saguaro National Forest so always loads to soak in around here. 🙂

  383. I love taking my daughter out and about so she can see new things and learn all about them. We hope to visit grandma soon and roam Orlando in some nice sunny weather!

  384. Going to the playground!

  385. Alexis Thurston says

    We like to go for walks in our neighborhood with our pups! 🙂

  386. We love gardening, hiking, and beach going! ;0)

  387. I want to have a picnic so bad with my baby girl!

  388. Endless walks 🙂

  389. I love to go to the zoo, for walks, or the spray park with the little ones!

  390. Jessie Murray says

    We love taking walks and going to the park. The beach is our favorite sunny activity though!

  391. We love going to the cottage!

  392. Amanda Steele says

    Walks around the lake!

  393. Jessica – it was so great meeting you while you were in Austin over the weekend! I’m so excited about the new Beco. It would be perfect for walks on the greenbelt during our hot Texas summers!

  394. Desiree Rios says

    You can never have enough carriers! Mama needs her own SSC 😉

  395. We love to splash in the water table!

  396. Britni Bradford says
  397. Britni Bradford says

    We love to play in the sun – in the backyard, at the zoo, feeding the ducks at the park! This is Texas after all 😉

  398. We love to go on little hikes!

  399. Need it!

  400. We love playing in the water! My daughter’s favorite is playing with the water hose!

  401. Jessica K says

    We love going on walks, hikes, and out to the park.

  402. Sarah reed says

    We love to go to the backyard to the kiddie pool or sand box. And Soleil is my baby’s middle name, born mid Dec in MA at the time when we need Mose Soleil in our lives!

  403. Melissa Russell says

    Play at the park!

  404. We love to take walks! My 4 year old would happily spend all day walking with a bucket to put “treasures” in…pine cones, flowers, and rocks (that end up scattered on the living room floor, hehe!).

  405. I don’t have a Beco and would love to have one. We love walking anywhere and everywhere.

  406. Catherine s says

    My little hasn’t had a ton of sun time yet, it’s been too cold still! However, my big LOVES to just run crazy and the park!

  407. Just getting fresh air and a change of scenery is so nice.

  408. Hoping to win, so I can give it to my BFF.

  409. Take the dog to the park!

  410. tosha burger says

    Beach time!

  411. Jessica Stratton says

    We live in Minnesota. We still have a few feet of snow on the ground!! I would love to have warm sunny weather again. When it is sunny and warm, we like to play outside with the five children or ride bikes. I would love to win a carrier for our youngest. He is four months old.

  412. little dude loves going on walks but mommy hates the stroller, perfect reason to get.a carrier 😉

  413. My girl LOVES the beach! This would be great for getting on and off the beach as well as when she gets tired on walks!

  414. Walk around in the sunshine? Baby needs to make his vitamin D 🙂

  415. We love to play at the park and swim on those hot Las Vegas summer days.

  416. We like to play in the grass and watch the clouds!

  417. Playing outside and soaking up the vitamin D

  418. sarah jane says

    we like to play on the swings!

  419. Katie Johnson says

    I live in AZ, so there is lots of sun. We love swimming since the weather is perfect for it half of the year!

  420. Lyndsay Chae Deurmier says

    The pool! We love the wadding pool.

  421. This would be great for walks along the beach as spring & summer will be here before we know it!

  422. We love to go to the beach and explore!

  423. We like to go on walks. She’s still a baby and this will be our first summer!

  424. Christie T says

    We love going for walks and hiking trails!!

  425. My 3 month old loves to be near me all the time. This carrier would allow me to give him the closeness he wants while giving me free hands to play with my 2 and 6 year old boys!

  426. I love to go on walks!

  427. the misunderstanding sucks but thank you for sharing!!

  428. Anna Parks says

    We love to walk to the grocery store, and the city park.

  429. I’ve got water babies… We swim in the sun!

  430. It doesn’t matter as long as we are doing it together! We have lots of fun no matter the weather, but sunny is our favorite one!

  431. Thank you for your awesome blot! My friend told me about your fb page while I was pregs & I’m a fan for life! I also live in Vegas & was glad to read your post during MommyCon. Now about the Beco Soleil – I would take my boy everywhere! We have great weather right now so I’d love to use the Soleil on walks w/ the dogs, to the farmers market & to the park for mommy & me yoga…

  432. heather kenn says

    fingers crossed !!!

  433. Veronica Gomez Whitney says

    Is this how you enter? It says contest is over?
    Well, I’d love to win, I hope to be entering this way.

  434. “If I was one of the first people under the sun to have a Soleil I would enjoy it at the beach. We are heading on vacation and our LO is 12 months but not walking yet. This carrier would be super handy…

  435. Jennifer Blake says

    We would love to go hiking and get out of this house! I would love to enjoy spring in the new Soleil!

  436. Michelle S says

    I would get out of the house!

  437. I tried yesterday and today to enter this giveaway but both times it said that the contest is over. Is it? I got an email telling me about it yesterday and again today. Which is right? The email or the blog?