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Fairhaven Health has been a TLB sponsor for quite some time now.  We have come to know them as a company that supports breastfeeding women by providing helpful information regarding the health and diet of expecting and nursing moms, and we’ve enjoyed a few giveaways on TLB of helpful products for breastfeeding moms.  But that’s not all there is to Fairhaven Health.  In the following interview, Suzanne answers questions related to the other side of the company: fertility.  And following the interview is your chance to enter a fertility related giveaway.

Munson Family

Suzanne of Fairhaven Health, and her family

TLB:  Tell us a bit about the fertility side of Fairhaven Health.

Suzanne:  Fairhaven Health has been in the “fertility” business for more than a decade, and has helped thousands of couples achieve pregnancy naturally by providing scientifically-validated dietary supplements for enhancing female and male fertility, along with ovulation prediction tools to help couples identify the fertile days in a woman’s menstrual cycle. If you are trying to become pregnant naturally (or avoid pregnancy, for that matter), accurate ovulation prediction is vital. It is important for couples to understand that there are actually only a few days during each menstrual cycle that intercourse will result in conception – the so-called fertile window. If couples are not having intercourse during the fertile window, in the few days before and on the day of ovulation, they will not get pregnant.

Many women chart their basal body temperatures as a way to track ovulation. This giveaway features Fairhaven Health’s  ibasal – a computerized digital basal thermometer.

TLB:  How do you predict ovulation by tracking your basal body temperature (BBT)?

Suzanne:  Basal body temperature (known as BBT in the acronym-laden TTC world) is the temperature at which your body rests. Charting BBT is one of the tried and true methods for determining when during your cycle ovulation occurs. By taking your BBT accurately and consistently first thing every morning throughout your menstrual cycle, you will be able to detect the natural, yet very subtle, rise in your basal body temperature that occurs just after ovulation. This thermal shift is caused by the hormone progesterone, sometimes referred to as the “warming hormone”.  Immediately following ovulation, the corpus luteum (the remnants of the ovarian follicle that released the egg) begins to produce progesterone. The increased amount of progesterone is necessary to help ensure a fertilized egg can implant successfully into the wall of the uterus, and it also causes the body to warm up, which is reflected in an increase in the BBT.

But, like with other fertility charting methods, there is some variability in the way that women experience the thermal shift. In general, many women will notice a “biphasic” pattern to their chart, with relatively low temperatures before ovulation and slightly higher temperatures after ovulation. It is important to note that this BBT shift is actually quite subtle, with temperatures typically rising by only .4 degrees F (.2 degrees C) after ovulation, and sometimes even less. Some women will see a rapid rise in their BBT, and others will see an incremental rise. Due to this variability, it is important for you to chart for several cycles to understand the specific way in which you experience this BBT shift. But, once you have a good understanding of your own BBT chart, you will be able to accurately predict your fertile days and time intercourse accordingly.

TLB:  How is the ibasal different than other BBT thermometers out there?

Suzanne:  Unlike other digital (or glass) BBT thermometers, the ibasal is an “intelligent” thermometer. In addition to accurately recording and storing your BBT data, the ibasal contains a proprietary algorithm that allows it to analyze and interpret BBT data in order to make a fertility prediction. The ibasal also allows you to record additional information about her menstrual cycle, including bleeding, cramping, and cervical mucus consistency. After a couple cycles of consistent use, the ibasal will use all of the data it receives (BBT and any other fertility data) to determine your daily fertility status.

TLB:  What are some of the features of the ibasal that make charting BBT convenient?

Suzanne:  For BBT charting to be a reliable and accurate ovulation prediction tool, it is essential that you take your BBT at the same time every morning. For this reason, the ibasal requires that you set the internal alarm clock, and once set, it will only allow you to take a temperature reading at that set time. Like any other annoying alarm clock, the ibasal alarm will sound continuously (for 10 minutes!) until you take her temperature – a guarantee that you will be collecting accurate BBT data.

TLB:  Tell us about OvaGraph.com.

Suzanne:  A couple of years ago, Fairhaven Health launched OvaGraph.com, a FREE online fertility charting community. At OvaGraph.com, you can store and view (in graphs and calendars) your BBT data, as well as data from electronic fertility monitors (such as the OvaCue) and other menstrual cycle data (including results from urine test sticks and cervical mucus changes). And, your FREE membership at OvaGraph.com provides you with the opportunity to interact with a supportive and knowledgeable community of women on all topics related to fertility and pregnancy.


Fairhaven Health is giving away 1 ibasal computerized digital basal thermometer to 2 lucky Leakies.

The ibasal is a computerized digital basal thermometer and fertility monitor that helps you maximize your chances of conceiving by accurately measuring your BBT and interpreting this data to produce a fertility prediction in advance of ovulation.

Retail Value: $59.95

ibasalbox-lowrez Currently Leakies can find the ibasal and other helpful “trying-to-conceive” products at FairhavenHealth.com.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from May 22, 2013 through May 28, 2013.  A big thanks to Fairhaven Health for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.

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  1. This is awesome! 🙂

  2. Christina P says

    It’s currently 75degrees outside, it’s a beautiful day!

  3. Fighting infertility for 6 years & counting…numerous IUI’s, five IVF’s (two with donor eggs) and still no baby! Would love to win this and go back to trying the “old fashioned way”!

  4. Sina Adams says

    Hi TLB, It’s 67 here and cloudy. It was too cold for too long so I am very happy with this weather. Would be happier if I win an ibasal!! 🙂

  5. awesome. I could really use this right about now. especially with the ‘alarm’ setting

  6. It’s currently 68 degrees out but it was 86 earlier then a storm system came thru & cooled it down. I love 68 degrees, it’s comfortable.

  7. anne perry says

    62… crisp and cool. loving it.

  8. Kristin F says

    It’s going to be 91 degrees today and I’m not ready for this heat!

  9. katherine d says

    Temp is 80 degrees – and its gonna be 104 today. My feelings? I’m loving it!

  10. Monique L. S. says

    I can’t see the rules, so hopefully this is open to Canadians as well.
    It is about 18 currently. The sun is out. Looks like it will be a nice day, though we expect rain later.
    I much prefer the warmer weather – it sure beats the snow!

  11. Currently around 70 degrees, but will probably get up to about 90 today. The temp is nice right now, but HUMID.

  12. Talia B. says

    64 degrees and BEAUTIFUL right now.

  13. sherry moore says

    Its 72 degrees outside and I’m loving it

  14. Jennifer says

    It’s about 70 and misty here–but later it’s supposed to be sunny!

  15. Sonya Morris says

    It is 65 degrees.

  16. I’d love to win!! The temp is 47*, and cloudy, I’m not very impressed!!! I’m ready for sunshine again!! 🙂

  17. Angela Yeremenko says

    The weather is in the 60’s this morning. It’s nice and breezy, love it!

  18. Christine Bailey says

    48 degrees and cloudy….missing the sun and warm air!!

  19. Brandy Babine says

    Its about 75 and sl cloudy… I have the day off from work with my husband… very happy right now…
    my husband and I have been ttc for over 7 years, together for almost 10. I am very apprenhensive of turning to science at this point… but I am afraid my biological clock is ticking, and we will have no other options.

  20. it’s about 65 degrees and i’m loving it!

  21. It is currently 75, but extremely humid and supposed to get up into the lower 80’s today. I am missing having our windows open!

  22. It is 62 F outside. I am loving it. I heard thunder and it is raining outside. It is a great day.

  23. Sarah L. says

    I would love to win the ibasal! Right now it’s 61 degrees F and mostly cloudy. Not a bad day to be stuck at work I suppose, although I love being outside when the weather is like this cause it’s not too hot!

  24. Kristie Dawn says

    the weather is gorgeous here its plus 10 blue sky i live in canada where it was snow in may so anytime a beautiful day comes its wonderful.

  25. its 61 and cloudy… i could use some sun. or at least a good down pour. that beats muggy! my diapers wont dry!

  26. Kate George says

    It’s a pretty 70 outside today, and I’m loving it! However it looks like our zoo trip Saturday might end up a little damp.. :/ On the bright side we really need the rain!

  27. Sherry s. says

    its 84* which is not bad. the humidity is killing me though, trying to clean and pack in this humidity is hard….

  28. Lindsay H says

    It’s just about 70 degrees and sunny here and I’m super excited about it because it means we can go for a walk outside with the new baby.

  29. Michelle Hall says

    It’s 16C here today, and although it’s not super warm, at least its sunny. I’m enjoying it 🙂

  30. It’s around 86 here, and partly cloudy. Really beautiful early summer day, really. The only bad part is watching out for sunburn now.

  31. This is such a great tool! Pick me 🙂

  32. The temperature is currently 57 degrees. It’s sunny and a bit windy. Just perfect for a walk 🙂

  33. Cheryl Rerick says

    It’s a rainy & cool 15 C today. I’m ok with it, catching up on inside chores

  34. It’s about 5 degrees (Celsius) right now. Hoping it doesn’t freeze, because our strawberries are in blossom.

  35. Katie Pitcher says

    It is 61 degrees right now. Since I won’t be going outside anymore tonight, I am happy!

  36. It is 43 degrees in Western NY…..brrrr 🙂 After the past few hot & humid days, this is a nice break 😉

  37. Our 1st was a surprise (15 months old now) – for me, PCOS makes charting (BBT & CM signs) very difficult both for postponing & achieving pregnancy!

  38. It’s 66 out. It would be perfect if it wasn’t raining!

    Related: my basal temp was 96.7 this morning, marking a .55 degree shift, meaning I probably ovulated.

  39. alexandra d. says

    Until recently I have used the billings method so I didn’t use a basal thermometer, but after reading Toni Weschler’s book Taking Charge of Your Fertility I realized that I was missing out not taking my temperature. I wasn’t aware of all the information a charted temperature provides! I would love to acquire a basal thermometer so I can start charting my temperature!

  40. Enjoying spring-y temps here in NorCal! Lovely respite from the impending baking summer temps.

  41. 55 F and Sunny. Feels warmer and the sun is lovely.

  42. In Fl — it’s about 80 degrees and lovely outside!

  43. Amelia B says

    63 right now. Not too bad 🙂

  44. Finally starting to feel like summer – hitting close to 80 today, I think. Feels great!

  45. It’s going to be in the upper 80’s today, and a nice breeze–so hot, but in a good way for now!

  46. Ayrielle says

    78 and it is beautiful!!

  47. I used a bbt thermometer to conceive baby number one would love this to TTC baby number 2 🙂

  48. Mid 60’s here.

  49. 78 degrees outside and I am loving it! SO glad that summer has arrived!

  50. It’s in the 50s-60s right now and it feels lovely because I’m preggo and nauseous. I would love to win this thermometer for preventing after baby arrives 🙂

  51. Right now in MI it is 59 and raining!! Not the best spring weather, by far, but not the worst!!!

  52. Suzi Quick says

    It’s 75 today!! Such a relief from the extreme cold and 16.5 inches of snow we got two days ago!!!

  53. It’s currently 77 degrees outside. It’s a beautiful day even though its gong to be 90 today. I am not ready for summer.

  54. Currently 52 degrees. Where did my 90+ weather go??

  55. 77 degrees and sunny here. Its a very beautiful day!

  56. Christine says

    It’s 81 and sunny in Raleigh, NC and I loooove it!!

  57. It is almost 80 degrees and sunny here in Toledo, OH. Yesterday it rained allllllll day so it is pretty muggy out. I’m actually dreading the trip to the park that I promised my son we would take after nap. Humidity & bugs.. Joy!

  58. Lindsay Gardner says

    I would love to win this!!

  59. Right now it’s 20 degrees C here in Holland. I’m loving it, since its only the second warm-ish day we’ve had so far this year! Sadly it’ll be over tomorrow, with temps dropping again. Sigh. I have been charting I prevent pregnancy for over a year, and am now charting to TTC! I’d love a gorgeous thermometer like this to help me along my journey!

  60. It’s 66 and cloudy here… would love some sunshine today! 🙂

  61. Brittany says

    It’s going to be upper 80’s, humid and HOT!

  62. I need a better bbt!!

  63. Mtn Harmony says

    This looks amazing if it works like advertized

  64. Hoping to start TTC in September. 🙂

  65. Wow. Neat device. This would be great as we are currently trying to conceive.

  66. Currently about 14C above and lightly misting 🙂

  67. Lisa Haines says

    70’s and raining. YUCK!!!

  68. 79 and sunny! Gorgeous day!

  69. Jennifer says

    Currently it is 68 degrees outside overcast with a light breeze bringing in fresh air I love it! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win this gift for myself and others it is the difference between conceiving or not!

  70. Jennifer Morgan says

    YAY! I need this!

  71. 73 degrees in ny and cloudy. This is a genius product!

  72. It’s 79 degrees in the upstate of South Carolina… clear, breezy and beautiful!

  73. Kristen Kosovich says

    It is cool and humid. I could do without the humidity.

  74. It is 72 degrees and mostly cloudy today. I wish the sun would come out more so I could have a brighter day. 🙂

  75. Christina says

    60 Degrees, and I wish it were warmer! Cant wait for this rainy weather to pass and full on summer to come!

  76. 51 and rainy, getting ready to go workout to lose a little weight before trying for number two.

  77. Karly Eichenberger says

    I used a Thermometer and fertility friend app to help with TTC

  78. It’s in the 80s here in South Florida. I could do with a few degrees cooler!

  79. Christina W. says

    ITs currently 71 outside but its getting cloudy and Im worried by the time i get home it will be raining and I wont get the chance to plant some more of my vegetable seedlings.

  80. Its 62 here, and we’re just waiting for the rain to start. It would be perfect if it was a little less breezy.

  81. It’s 56 and rainy. I WISH it was 75 and sunny so we could get outside 🙂

  82. Brittany says

    86 and sunny in Katy, TX! Feels awesome!

  83. Brittany Povey says

    It is 80 degrees outside. I think it is the perfect temperature not cold but not so hot you can’t breath.

  84. Samantha&Nicholas! says

    It is in the 80’s here but the sun is so hot! It feels like the 90’s or 100! And where did the breeze go?!

  85. Already in the 80s and it’s only noon today. Yikes! Gonna be another hot summer here…

  86. Amanda Bucher says

    It’s 63 degrees and rainy, and I’m glad, because I’m sore from ripping plants out of the garden yesterday and need the rest.

  87. It’s 84 degrees here in Houston! Loving it and enjoying it to the fullest before it gets too hot! This thermometer is just what I have been looking for!

  88. Courtney says

    70 degrees and gorgeous…getting up to 90 this week! Will spend the end of the week trying to keep a 13 month old comfortable!

  89. It’s a chilly rainy 14 degrees Celsius in Victoria bc canada

  90. Laura Frazier says

    It’s 80 and I’m loving it!!!

  91. Like this idea better than other thermometer charting devices.

  92. Amanda Gipson says

    82 and WINDY! I wouldn’t mind the temp but I wish it weren’t so windy!

  93. 66 and rain showers in this part of Maryland.

  94. Jessica Poulsen says

    71 and loving it!

  95. It’s 81 here and I’d love to track my own temp since we are ready to try again.

  96. It’s 12C outside right now, cold, rainy, and foggy! 🙁 Thanks for a great giveaway!

  97. Lindsay K says

    This would be so awesome to win!

  98. Courtney says

    It’s in the 70’s, and I love it! 🙂

  99. Jennifer says

    80 with a chance of storms! hooray, we need the rain!

  100. It is currently 54 and rainy. I am not a happy camper right now. I don’t really own clothes appropriate for this in between weather. I have either summer clothes or winter clothes and that’s it. I’m also unable to take my little out to play due to the weather. I’m having an impossible time finding a reasonably priced rain coat and rain boots for him.

  101. Cherie Strange says

    It is currently 81 degrees, but feels like 83. I have to admit, I feel ripped off. I didn’t get a spring here with all the crazy weather lately, and now we’ve jumped into summer. I am NOT enjoying the temps!

  102. It’s 68 outside and sunny. I biked to work today, so I’m feeling pretty awesome about the weather!

  103. Alexis Martinez says

    It’s Is rainy and 58 degrees here In nj and I’m not happy about it. Rainy days make for sleepy days

  104. Kristen Owings says

    It is currently 51 degrees outside and I am happy that it is no longer raining. That way maybe we can go for a walk!

  105. 65 and partly cloudy. A beautiful day, as nearly always here.

  106. it’s way too could and rainy out today 🙁

  107. What an inventive product! Just what I was looking for!

  108. Hoping to get pregnant with baby#2 naturally.

  109. Facing infertility for a year now — this would be a godsend!

  110. carmen wedman says

    14 degrees Celsius a perfect day for a walk with my little one.

  111. Amelia Pierce says

    Right now it is 72 and beautiful! I am loving the warmer temps and can’t wait for some pool days! 🙂

  112. It’s 82 degrees out but the feels like temp is 86. It’s raining, and it’s Florida, so it’s pretty muggy out. It’s going to be one hot summer!

  113. LuCinda Miller says

    We are going to start trying for another baby in a few months, I’ve been using NFP for some years now, just abstaining while I have egg white mucous. I just had a baby Feb 27, 2013, she passed away when she was 5 days old. I know that something like this might help us get pregnant quickly. I would love to have one!

  114. What a great giveaway! I could really use one of those.

    The weather where I am is warm and pleasant, though I will be heading home to cooler temperatures tomorrow.

  115. 83 and humid.

  116. Tannis W says

    It’s 17 degrees Celsius, cloudy and a chance of thunderstorms. I’m not a fan of cloudy days, and would love some sun!

    Thanks for the great giveaway. This thermometer looks really neat and I would love the opportunity to try it!

  117. I use CCL method for charting and love it. 🙂 two babes so far…hopefully more to come!

  118. TTC for 6 months now, hoping the tides will turn.

  119. Oh how I’d love to win this…. I’ve never seen anything like it!! Would help so much with charting!! X x

  120. Forgot the temperature!! It is 11 degrees outside…. I’d like it to be a lot warmer… but then I am in the UK :s

  121. For it being the 28th of May, here in Wisconsin it is only 55 degrees F. Its freezing! Where is the warmth and sunshine?!

  122. This sounds amazing!

  123. It’s 81 and I LOVE it!

  124. 77 @ 9:30pm. I wish it was cooler so I could sleep with the windows open 🙁

  125. Alexandria says

    The Temperature is 50 degrees out and I want it to be warmer but i do live on the beach.

  126. It’s beautiful out!

  127. 81 and kinda muggy

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