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Jennifer and Melissa, the creative ladies of The Vintage Honey Shop, love to share beautiful things with the world, as you clearly notice when you visit their Shop.  So when they recently did a photoshoot of nursing moms outdoors on furniture you would expect to see in someone’s home, they were so pleased with the results that they wanted to share them too!  Jenifer and Melissa answered a few questions for us below, and we all hope that the following images and giveaway help brighten your day.

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TLB:  The Vintage Honey Shop has such a charming, classic feel, as the name suggests.  What do you use for inspiration with your necklaces and other products?

Jennifer & Melissa:  We love vintage & modern designs!  We named our shop, The Vintage Honey Shop, because of our love of vintage designs, but also because we love the color yellow…that deep vintage honey yellow….thus our name was born!  We wanted to reflect our love of vintage & modern in our shop.  We didn’t even start out making nursing/teething necklaces.  They sort of found us!  We began making fabric beaded necklaces because frankly, they are really pretty!  After we started making them we found that they made great teething & nursing necklaces!  Unfortunately, our little ones were past the teething & nursing stage when we made these…but boy do we wish we would have made them when we were breastfeeding!!  Would have helped out SO much!!  Our shop has evolved into something awesome & great!  It is something that we are proud of & believe in!  But if you would have told us three years ago when we opened the shop that we would be rockin’ the teething & nursing world…we wouldn’t have believed you! 🙂  We have a love of fabric…we choose fabrics based on how it makes us ‘feel’!  If we see it & it makes us smile or jump up & down (yes, fabric sometimes makes Jennifer do that!)…then we buy it!  The same goes for our paper products…pretty paper just makes us happy!  When we are happy…then we hope that comes across in our products & designs

View More: http://christinacampbell.pass.us/vintaghoney

TLB:  I’ve heard that you recently had a fun photoshoot; did it really involve couches, fields and babies?  That sounds very unique. What was your favorite part of the photoshoot?

Jen & Mel:  Oh my goodness, that photoshoot was so much fun!  We had been planning this shoot for over six months.  We wanted to do a photoshoot that showcased our necklaces being used by real moms & their babies!  So we asked a few of our mom friends to see if they would be in our photoshoot, called our photographer to set up a date & time, and began planning the shoot!  We love that our necklaces are natural…we just natural, unfinished bead & rings in our necklaces…and we wanted to reflect that by having our photoshoot outdoors in a field.  Being a mom & breasfeeding your baby is very natural, so we wanted to take what we do naturally in our homes to the outdoors!  So we set up a bed, couch, rocking chair & vintage quilt outside in a beautiful field!

View More: http://christinacampbell.pass.us/vintaghoneyView More: http://christinacampbell.pass.us/vintaghoney
View More: http://christinacampbell.pass.us/vintaghoneyView More: http://christinacampbell.pass.us/vintaghoney

TLB:  Were there any particular challenges involved?

Jen & Mel:  A week before our photoshoot, the bed we had planned to use fell through.  We panicked!  The bed shot was super important to us so we searched all over craigslist & asked around to see if we could find the kind of bed we were looking for.  About 4 days before the shoot, Melissa found an old, nasty bed frame sitting outside of craft & furniture store.  It was in super bad shape…it was falling apart & it had bird poop all over it!  Gross, we know!  But it was the style we wanted & it was only $10!  So Melissa picked it up & we cleaned, added a wood decal to it & painted it a beautiful yellow color.  It look completely different…you would have no idea it was the same beaten up frame!  Then the day of the shoot, everything that could go wrong did!  It began to rain, we had babysitting issues & Melissa’s electricity went out so she could not do her hair for the shoot!  Everything ended up working out…the rain stopped & Melissa was able to get her hairdesser to fit her in to do her hair!  Once we arrived at our shoot location, everything came together beautifully!  Everything we had envisioned for our shoot had turned out even better than we planned!  The babies were hams, the moms looked stunning & all the babies took to the necklaces right away!  It was amazing!

TLB:  Could you tell us a bit about your photographer?

Jen & Mel:  We have the best photographer!  Christina Campbell of Eternal Treasures Photography in Murfreesboro, TN  was the photographer of this photoshoot & another one we had last year.  She was so patient with our moms & babes.  When we contacted her & told her what we wanted to do, she didn’t even bat an eye about us taking photographs of moms nursing their lil ones on a living room couch in the middle of a field!  She is such a sweetheart…we joke around that we need to keep having photoshoots just so that we can hang out with her!

TLB:  Is there anything else that you would like The Leaky Boob community to know about?

Jen & Mel:  We are both moms & wives first, then we are the owners & designers with The Vintage Honey Shop.  Jennifer has three boys ages 10, 5 & 3.  She has been married to her highschool sweetheart for almost 16 years! Jennifer does the sewing, ordering fabric, manages the majority of our social media & makes the necklaces and bracelets.  Melissa is mom to her daughter, 9, and son, 6.  She too married her highschool sweetheart over 17 years ago!  On the weekends she is a critical care nurse that specializes in cardiac care.  Melissa is our paper girl!  She makes all of our cupcake toppers & paper rosette balls.  While Melissa rocks the paper part of our shop, she also helps in handmaking our necklaces too!  Melissa is the one responsible for shipping & hand wrapping all of our orders!

We really love what we do.  We love it that we make products that help moms feel beautiful & that help with their teething & nursing babies.  We are proud of our shop & we strive for excellence in all that we do!  We hope that this is reflected in our products & shop!


View More: http://christinacampbell.pass.us/vintaghoneyView More: http://christinacampbell.pass.us/vintaghoney


Jennifer & Melissa are giving away one teething ring necklace to 3  lucky Leakies (winner’s choice).
Retail Value: $25.00


View More: http://christinacampbell.pass.us/vintaghoney

Currently Leakies can find these and other nursing/teething necklaces in The Vintage Honey Shop website.
Additionally, Jennifer and Melissa are offering you a 15% discount for their store from now through July 25!  Use coupon code tlb15


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from July 12, 2013 through July 18, 2013.  A big thanks to Melissa and Jennifer and The Vintage Honey Shop for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.  You can also find them on Instagram and Pinterest!

This giveaway is open to international entries.

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