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Jennifer and Melissa, the creative ladies of The Vintage Honey Shop, love to share beautiful things with the world, as you clearly notice when you visit their Shop.  So when they recently did a photoshoot of nursing moms outdoors on furniture you would expect to see in someone’s home, they were so pleased with the results that they wanted to share them too!  Jenifer and Melissa answered a few questions for us below, and we all hope that the following images and giveaway help brighten your day.

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TLB:  The Vintage Honey Shop has such a charming, classic feel, as the name suggests.  What do you use for inspiration with your necklaces and other products?

Jennifer & Melissa:  We love vintage & modern designs!  We named our shop, The Vintage Honey Shop, because of our love of vintage designs, but also because we love the color yellow…that deep vintage honey yellow….thus our name was born!  We wanted to reflect our love of vintage & modern in our shop.  We didn’t even start out making nursing/teething necklaces.  They sort of found us!  We began making fabric beaded necklaces because frankly, they are really pretty!  After we started making them we found that they made great teething & nursing necklaces!  Unfortunately, our little ones were past the teething & nursing stage when we made these…but boy do we wish we would have made them when we were breastfeeding!!  Would have helped out SO much!!  Our shop has evolved into something awesome & great!  It is something that we are proud of & believe in!  But if you would have told us three years ago when we opened the shop that we would be rockin’ the teething & nursing world…we wouldn’t have believed you! 🙂  We have a love of fabric…we choose fabrics based on how it makes us ‘feel’!  If we see it & it makes us smile or jump up & down (yes, fabric sometimes makes Jennifer do that!)…then we buy it!  The same goes for our paper products…pretty paper just makes us happy!  When we are happy…then we hope that comes across in our products & designs

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TLB:  I’ve heard that you recently had a fun photoshoot; did it really involve couches, fields and babies?  That sounds very unique. What was your favorite part of the photoshoot?

Jen & Mel:  Oh my goodness, that photoshoot was so much fun!  We had been planning this shoot for over six months.  We wanted to do a photoshoot that showcased our necklaces being used by real moms & their babies!  So we asked a few of our mom friends to see if they would be in our photoshoot, called our photographer to set up a date & time, and began planning the shoot!  We love that our necklaces are natural…we just natural, unfinished bead & rings in our necklaces…and we wanted to reflect that by having our photoshoot outdoors in a field.  Being a mom & breasfeeding your baby is very natural, so we wanted to take what we do naturally in our homes to the outdoors!  So we set up a bed, couch, rocking chair & vintage quilt outside in a beautiful field!

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TLB:  Were there any particular challenges involved?

Jen & Mel:  A week before our photoshoot, the bed we had planned to use fell through.  We panicked!  The bed shot was super important to us so we searched all over craigslist & asked around to see if we could find the kind of bed we were looking for.  About 4 days before the shoot, Melissa found an old, nasty bed frame sitting outside of craft & furniture store.  It was in super bad shape…it was falling apart & it had bird poop all over it!  Gross, we know!  But it was the style we wanted & it was only $10!  So Melissa picked it up & we cleaned, added a wood decal to it & painted it a beautiful yellow color.  It look completely different…you would have no idea it was the same beaten up frame!  Then the day of the shoot, everything that could go wrong did!  It began to rain, we had babysitting issues & Melissa’s electricity went out so she could not do her hair for the shoot!  Everything ended up working out…the rain stopped & Melissa was able to get her hairdesser to fit her in to do her hair!  Once we arrived at our shoot location, everything came together beautifully!  Everything we had envisioned for our shoot had turned out even better than we planned!  The babies were hams, the moms looked stunning & all the babies took to the necklaces right away!  It was amazing!

TLB:  Could you tell us a bit about your photographer?

Jen & Mel:  We have the best photographer!  Christina Campbell of Eternal Treasures Photography in Murfreesboro, TN  was the photographer of this photoshoot & another one we had last year.  She was so patient with our moms & babes.  When we contacted her & told her what we wanted to do, she didn’t even bat an eye about us taking photographs of moms nursing their lil ones on a living room couch in the middle of a field!  She is such a sweetheart…we joke around that we need to keep having photoshoots just so that we can hang out with her!

TLB:  Is there anything else that you would like The Leaky Boob community to know about?

Jen & Mel:  We are both moms & wives first, then we are the owners & designers with The Vintage Honey Shop.  Jennifer has three boys ages 10, 5 & 3.  She has been married to her highschool sweetheart for almost 16 years! Jennifer does the sewing, ordering fabric, manages the majority of our social media & makes the necklaces and bracelets.  Melissa is mom to her daughter, 9, and son, 6.  She too married her highschool sweetheart over 17 years ago!  On the weekends she is a critical care nurse that specializes in cardiac care.  Melissa is our paper girl!  She makes all of our cupcake toppers & paper rosette balls.  While Melissa rocks the paper part of our shop, she also helps in handmaking our necklaces too!  Melissa is the one responsible for shipping & hand wrapping all of our orders!

We really love what we do.  We love it that we make products that help moms feel beautiful & that help with their teething & nursing babies.  We are proud of our shop & we strive for excellence in all that we do!  We hope that this is reflected in our products & shop!


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Jennifer & Melissa are giving away one teething ring necklace to 3  lucky Leakies (winner’s choice).
Retail Value: $25.00


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Currently Leakies can find these and other nursing/teething necklaces in The Vintage Honey Shop website.
Additionally, Jennifer and Melissa are offering you a 15% discount for their store from now through July 25!  Use coupon code tlb15


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from July 12, 2013 through July 18, 2013.  A big thanks to Melissa and Jennifer and The Vintage Honey Shop for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.  You can also find them on Instagram and Pinterest!

This giveaway is open to international entries.

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  1. Baby smiles!

  2. Baby giggles never fail to brighten my day!

  3. When my husband calls me beautiful it brightens my day.

  4. Nursing! No matter what’s going on, breastfeeding my daughter makes me slow down and live in that moment.

  5. Viv Sluys says

    My children’s laughter, my hubby coming home, chocolate….Three things that brighten my day

  6. A smile or an I love you from my daughter.

  7. My daughter’s smile

  8. When the children are playing nicely together, and when the baby wakes up with the biggest grin ever. 🙂

  9. My two year old son always brightens my day. He says wonderful things like, “I will tiss you, Mommy.” I’m expecting another little boy in the end of August, and I’m so excited to meet him. I can’t wait to see my two sons play together.

  10. I love when my son giggles.

  11. My children’s smiles! Plus nice weather : )

  12. snuggling my 7 month old twins and my 3.5 year old at the same time!

  13. Elizabeth says

    what brightens my day – a phonecall from my mom or a friend, a smile from my children, looking at photographs of my children, a compliment.

  14. Talia B. says

    My toddler learning to ride the scooter her Papa brought her home 🙂

  15. my toddler running up to our newborn and giving her kisses always brightens my day!

  16. My daughter’s beautiful smiles every morning always brighten my day, no matter how early she wakes up! I love the teething necklaces – so pretty!

  17. Jessica Lincoln says

    Seeing my daughters happy

  18. The smile on my son’s face brightens any day.

  19. Beth Balala says

    What lovely necklaces and what a beautiful photoshoot!

  20. Andrea R says

    Hearing my daughter squeal and laugh makes my day so much better.

  21. when my daughter hugs me or gives me kisses and most recently (shes 23 monsth old) she asks are you ok? if something is wrong. hehe i also love it when she gives me tickles and raspberries. hehe

  22. Christine Bailey says

    One thing that brightens my especially in the morning, but really all day is when my daughter Evangeline first wakes up! She is all smiles and snugly! I love it!

  23. Beautiful sunshine on a quiet, clear morning and a good cup of tea 🙂

  24. Hugs and kisses from my little one always brighten my day.

  25. Jessica O says

    No matter how bad of a day I have had, just seeing my daughter’s smile brightens my day!

  26. My kiddos’ laughs help to brighten my day 🙂

  27. When my son randomly gives me hugs and kisses in the store while he’s in the cart, He says, “mama” and holds out his hands wide. 🙂 and won’t let go leaving me to push the cart while he’s hugging me.

  28. Jenni L. says

    My baby’s smile brightens my day everyday!

  29. Jennifer says

    watching my son play in the yard in the morning while i drink my tea is the best part of my day. he loves exploring and i love the moment to relax!

  30. Rayla Voigtlander says

    What brightens my day? My 13 week old son’s big smile!

  31. It always brightens my day to wake up to my baby sleeping right beside me!

  32. Putting my cloth diapers in rainbow order always puts a smile on my face. It really is the little things that make you happy.

  33. Ashley C. says

    Morning snuggles with my children and their laughter always makes me smile.

  34. It always brightens my day when my daughter does something completely silly or when she sings songs and doesn’t care that she has no clue of what the words are. She just picks up the melody and goes.

  35. One thing that brightens my day is getting up in the morning to the smiling face of my four month old daughter. I am not a morning person, but that really perks me up

  36. Andrea Traves says

    Of course my 9 month old daughter and husband make me happy, but right now a big thing lately has been taking some time for myself. I love pampering myself with a pedicure! Every time I look down and see my cute toenail designs I feel happy 🙂

  37. My children!

  38. Rebecca w says

    I love waking up next to my daughter and seeing her toothless grins!!

  39. I love the absolute joy of the moments when my husband gets home and scoops up our daughter and they both light up!

  40. Seeing my daughter smile always brightens my day!

  41. Maggie M. says

    One thing that helps brighten my day are when my boys are in a snuggly mood and just want to sit and cuddle up instead of getting into everything. haha

  42. It might sound cliche but seeing my baby smile truly brightens my day.

  43. Getting outside with my older girls!

  44. When my kids wake up excited to see me, it always brightens my day… even if it is 6am on a weekend!

  45. One thing that definitely brightens my day would be waking up to the smiles on my little girls faces…

  46. Those teething rings come in handy when breastfeeding!

  47. Sarah Sale says

    Such beautiful products, I love that they are all natural!

  48. Heather Mihalovits says

    waking up to the smiles of both my children always brightens my day!

  49. Anne Perry says

    A beautiful sunset and baby kisses.

  50. When my boys wake up happy!

  51. Jessica Hughes says

    My 3-year-old always brings me my vitamins in the morning so I’ll “be big and strong.” =)

  52. Seeing my children brighten my day. They always wake with a big smile on their face. I love it!

  53. Elizabeth says

    unsolicited kisses from LO

  54. Many things brighten my day! My husband, my dogs, and the hope that we will soon be expecting our first child.

  55. Marcella says

    I would love to have some teething necklaces – maybe that will help me look/feel a little more pulled together when baby #3 makes his appearance next month!

  56. My 2 year old comes to grab me in a big hug and tell me, “You’re best hugger, Mommy!”

  57. My son smiling at me brightens my day. Every single time! It ever fails!

  58. Heather Rodriguez says

    What brightens my day is seeing the beautiful smiling faces of my children and husband. 🙂

  59. Michele R. says

    My four year old out of nowhere will just say “Mama, I love you soooo much!” This will brighten even the darkest of days I’ve had.

  60. Kid laughs definitely make my day!

  61. What brightens my day is seeing the happy interactions between my babe and my dog. Those two adore each other!

  62. Baby snuggles and giggles brighten my day!

  63. hugs always help

  64. My babies help brighten my day, especially the coo’s and giggles of my 8 month old, and snuggles from my 2 year old.

  65. christy i says

    Seeing my kids smile brighthens my day <3

  66. Bethanie says

    Seeing my baby girl smile or hearing her giggle always makes my day a little brighter. 🙂

  67. Ginger G. says

    We have an “I love you” message board, and getting a sweet note from my husband makes my day brighter : )

  68. These are beautiful pieces!

    One thing that brightens my day is the smiles I get waking up next to my beautiful baby girls!

  69. hope olda says

    These are beautiful. Such a great idea!

  70. TaiLeah Madill says

    I would LOVE one of these. I have been eyeing necklaces like these trying to decide what to get. My little girl’s smiles when she wakes are such a joy.

  71. My day is brightened by taking a walk with my little one and getting a cup of coffee while visiting with neighbours.

  72. Beautiful pictures, babies, and necklaces!

  73. Jolie N. says

    The smile on my children’s faces brighten my day!

  74. Cute necklaces!

  75. Love! the necklaces that these lovely ladies make.

  76. The photo shoot pictures turned out beautiful!

  77. My girl’s giggles are the best!

  78. Right now the thing that brightens my day right now is watching my 8 month old daughter learning to take steps which looks like her diving towards the things & people she wants.

  79. I ordered my first teething necklace today. I am very excited for it to arrive. Unfortunately I missed the 15% off code that was offered in this post. Oh well maybe next time!! I love this site!

  80. It brightens my day when my toddler and my baby have a rare moment of playing together happily and exchanging hugs and kisses. 🙂

  81. My kitties always make me smile!

  82. Just found your blog and I love how supportive you guys are with moms who breastfeed! Very encouraging and I find sites like yours!

  83. Thank you so much for this blog! It’s been fun getting advice and hearing from other mommies. It’s nice to know I”m not alone in this mommy thing!

  84. Brittany says

    Love the Vintage Honey Shop and The Leaky B@@b!

  85. Alyssa Richard says

    I cannot wait to get one of these teething necklaces for myself and my 7 month old. I with I would have seen these before when I had my son 3 years ago. They are beautiful. When I purchase one of these it will be one of the first jewelry I have gotten since we got broken into a year ago and all my jewelry were taken except a few things. Keep up the beautiful work.

  86. Spending time outside with my kiddos always brightens my day:)

  87. Andrea Merrill says

    My day is brightened when my 4 month old smiles at me. He has pnuemonia, so his smiles today are extra precious.

  88. Megan Grant says

    My two sons beautiful smiles brighten my day and make it all worth it!

  89. Caitlin Botkin says

    Just found your blog on Facebook, loving it so far! I’m a FTM to a wonderful 11 day old breast fed son. Missing my sleep but loving the snuggles 🙂

  90. My daughters smile!!!

  91. My son running to me as soon as I get home from work. Melts my heart every time!

  92. Patricia says

    beautiful photo shoot, inspires me to nurse my little one outdoors! love the necklaces too!

  93. my daughter ALWAYS brightens my day!

  94. Baby giggles; they’re the best!

  95. Getting big drooly breast milk filled kisses from my 4month old. And those small punches to the face while nursing

  96. Lisa Marden says

    Baby snuggles. Never fails.

  97. Hayley Elliott says

    Waking up my little cooing and “talking”. It’s the sweetest thing and instantly puts me in a good mood. And nursing him. I love watching him nurse and him giving me little nursing smiles. 🙂

  98. Ashley schroeder says

    Kissing my nurslings sweet little fingers.

  99. How snuggly my son is in the morning!! The way he looks at me and smiles warms my heart!

  100. Waking up to my smiling happy baby!

  101. Jennifer says

    My two daughters smiles 🙂

  102. Jessica L. says

    Family giggles!

  103. Watching my baby girl explore the world makes me smile (and completely exhausts me).

  104. Smiles and love from my babies

  105. mommasbacon says

    Seeing my daughter!

  106. Hugs, kisses, and cuddles from my two boys!

  107. Patricia Marotzke says

    I love these!

  108. Jessica Abbott says

    When I get my little one to laugh for me 🙂

  109. My relatively short visits to the nicu to see my 7 week premature baby, and spending time with my two older boys.

  110. My baby girl smiling while she nurses.

  111. Rachel B. says

    My daughter’s gummy smiles never fail to brighten my day!

  112. Being surround by my 4 kids

  113. hugs… and an uninterrupted shower!

  114. Love The Vintage Honey Shop! They donated a necklace to be raffled at my art exhibit.

  115. I love watching my kids laugh together. 🙂

  116. Waking up next to my daughter every morning.

  117. awesome photography

  118. One thing that helps brighten my day without doubt is the smile of my little ones.

  119. Stephanie says

    My happy babies, a 6yr old and 3 week old !!

  120. My 3 year old and 1 year old brighten my day when they give me hugs and kissses.

  121. I just found out I’m expecting my third child and this would be perfect once he/she is here!

  122. Linda Giangregorio says

    My kid’s hugs in the morning!!!

  123. My employer allowed me to work part-time and from home (with some exceptions) after my three-month maternity leave. Today is my first day back on the job and my LO is the best office mate you could wish for 🙂

  124. Haley Zentner says

    Knowing that I created two beautiful little humans brightens my whole world. Watching them grow & learn together is the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed.

  125. Brittani says

    My daughters smile and the way her eyes light up when she sees me.

  126. My daughter is hilarious and that doesn’t stop when it’s time to nurse, she often gets into silly positions, headstands, one leg in the air, ridiculous stuff. Yesterday she topped them all, halfway through a snuggle nurse session she stopped to give me a fat kiss on the lips. She nonchalantly went back to nursing but it was a moment I will always remember.

  127. My sons laugh, the sound of my family breathing softly as they sleep.

  128. Amanda L Horner says

    Anytime I am having a bad day or not so good day my childrens’ smiles or laughter brightens it everytime 🙂

  129. elizabeth says

    My nursling is 2 months on Thursday and loves to hold my shirt while he nurses, I’d love to have a gorgeous necklace for him to hold!

  130. Hugs and kisses from my son and kicks from my son in my belly 🙂

  131. Meggan Lloyd Prys says

    Love these!

  132. Seeing my daughter smile at me when she first sees me in the morning 🙂

  133. Babies belly laughs

  134. Baby giggles!

  135. I love seeing cute baby photography pictures!

  136. When my 9 mo says momma, it just melts my heart and makes me smile

  137. the words “I love you mummy” and that first morning smile <3

  138. I love the photos! I’m sleep nursing my 4-mo-old while reading. That’s what I call his sleeping while attached to his human pacifier.

  139. Britney Harper says

    Waking up to my baby boy’s smiling face!

  140. Baby’s tiny chuckles and slobbery open mouth kisses totally brighten my day. How I Iove my little munchkin!

  141. When me and my children have a good day and everyone is happy and content it really brightens my day!! Seeing them smile is the best thing in the world.

  142. Heather M. says

    when my son kisses me and hugs me so tight!

  143. carmen wedman says

    Going to mom’s group with my little one.

  144. Sarah Cedeno says

    My toddler, following a round of nursing gymnastics, either spontaneously kiss the breast or reaching up and giving me a bear hug! 🙂

  145. Beautiful! I’d love to find someone locally to take nursing photos

  146. Napping with my son!

  147. As a first time pregnant mommy, feeling my baby move!!

  148. Hey my hubby says “hey girl”

  149. Picking up my kids from school never fails to make me smile!

  150. While he was crying, I just smiled, and he just smiled back. So we made each others day!

  151. It brightens my day when I hear my children say “I love you!” They can be saying it to me, their daddy, or to each other 🙂

  152. lindsay watt says

    My 6mo old baby kisses. More like face sucking but sooo adorable!!

  153. Nursing my 5 month old and she will look up and just smile at me

  154. My son smiling when he sees me

  155. The giggles. She lights up and giggles and everyone else does too.

  156. Seeing my baby girl’s face light up when I smile at her! 😀 Playing with her and making her happy is the highlight of my life!! <3 so much love.

  157. Laura Miller says

    Well, of course the sun always brightens my day (haha) but playing with my son is one of my favorite activities! My little guy loves the attention! I also love when my husband gets up in the morning or comes home from work – the smiles that our little guy gives him melt my heart!

  158. Beautiful pictures

  159. Hearing my little one’s laugh!

  160. Seeing my son happy and healthy 🙂

  161. My daughter’s stinker-face smiles!

  162. Hearing my son’s laughter never fails to brighten my day!

  163. The first time my 8 week old son “talked” to my 2 yr old daughter.

  164. Kate Millott says

    My daughter’s smile when she first wakes up and sees me!

  165. Her look after I feed her 🙂

  166. anastasia b says

    my toddler saying really cute words in his language 🙂

  167. After 11 weeks of triple feeding, with very little actual breastfeeding, my son is finally able to breastfeed like a champ. Every time I see him smile while breastfeeding it makes my day and melts my heart!

  168. Nursing my babe in front of the fan on this HOT day.

  169. Best thing in the world is seeing my daughters face light up when I get home from work!! <3

  170. My little mans happy smiling face!

  171. Melissa Leusch says

    When my son smiles at me. He’s 5 1/2 weeks and just started this about a week ago. Watching him develop is such an exciting thing!

  172. Tara Sturges says

    The best part of my day is when my 6 month old wakes up and walk to her bed and she looks up and sees me and smiles the biggest smile and immediately stops crying. I love knowing someone is that happy to see me everyday:)

  173. When my 18 month old gives me a hug and buries her head in my neck. 🙂

  174. I love gummy, baby grins!!!

  175. Christina says

    My husband and kids!

  176. My almost 3-year-old says, “You’re so sweet mommy!”

  177. My daughter’s smile 🙂

  178. Courtney Schreiner says

    Hugs from my kids!

  179. Gina Lindauer says

    Listening to my little one ‘s giggle !!

  180. The lazy googly eyes my 2 month old gives after a good feed. Cracks me up every day

  181. Janice Miller says

    The smile on my sons faces 🙂

  182. kristan berg owings says

    makes my day when my lo stops nursing so smile at me.

  183. My 4-month-old’s CHUBBY legs!

  184. LOVE the photos! absolutely gorgeous!! and i love them necklaces!!

  185. Emmeline says

    My day is brighter when my little boy reaches for me!

  186. my babies! 🙂

  187. I have loved nursing all four of our daughters so much. It brings me so much joy to be connected to them. 🙂

  188. Cat Kershaw says

    Toothless smiles, an baby trying to eat my face

  189. My two beautiful daughters!

  190. What fantastic colors!

  191. Napping with my 3 month old!

  192. my kids unconditional love

  193. Samantha says

    When my little guy smiles at me after nursing!

  194. A huge toothless grin from my baby girl!

  195. seeing my daycare kiddos helping each other out (whether sharing a toy, reminding them (nicely) of a rule, handing them something they can’t reach, helping to search for the ever missing shoe)

  196. Something that brightens my day are generous giveaways like this! Seriously, i am a first time mom to a five month old nursing, teething little guy, and this chance to win a beautiful handmade neclace made with love is great! Love both of your instagram feeds!

  197. Alyssa Richard says

    Coming home to my family after a day at work brightens my day, when I get to pick up my children and see their happy faces..

  198. When my 4 month old baby girl giggles with her daddy.

  199. Leslie G says

    My babies brighten my day.

  200. My son! He is a funny little one! Full of life!

  201. Rachel Taylor says

    Love this site!! Ftm and my lil one is ebf, weve done a little bit of food but not much I love nursing my baby girl!!

  202. Ruthie S says

    Snuggling with my almost 1 year old baby girl!

  203. brittani says

    it brightens my day to snuggle with my 5 day old

  204. Amber Evans says

    Giveaways! Those always brighten my day 😉

  205. My son’s smiles and his snuggles!!

  206. Christine S says

    When I pick up my son after work. His great big gummy smile brightens my day everyday.

  207. Meaghan Ellis says

    My three daughters playing together always makes my day brighter.

  208. Britenee says

    When my kids are happily playing with each other 🙂

  209. Tiffany H. says

    Seeing my four beautiful boys’ smiling faces!!!

  210. being able to enjoy nursing another baby…my 4th boy. such a beautiful thing!

  211. Watching my oldest play peekaboo with my little and hearing her huge belly laugh.

  212. Brittany W. says

    These are adorable! My nine month old has to always be playing with something while nursing and I’m always afraid to let him play with my jewelry because it is so delicate or has such small pieces that could hurt him. These necklaces would be perfect to occupy him and I could still feel put together.

  213. A simple smile from any of my kids.

  214. My 3 month son smiling at me with his big toothless smile. You can’t be mad or even sad when you see those kinds of smiles!

  215. Michelle says

    Coming home from work and seeing my LO in my husbands arms see me and smile so wide his entire body wiggles.

  216. Kristine says

    Visits from a friend

  217. Nursing my sweet boy to sleep 🙂

  218. How my boys get so excited when Daddy comes home. Their faces just light up!

  219. Peaceful sleeping toddler face

  220. Hugs from my 13 month old daughter!

  221. The look on my son’s face when I walk in the door to pick him up from daycare. I melt!

  222. Isabel du Plessis says

    Love the way my 3 month old daughter nudges me in the side while nursing. And her gorgeous smile!

  223. Getting my baby out of her crib and into my bed every morning for cuddles and nursing!

  224. Oh gosh, this would be great to give my son something to chew on that isn’t my tank top!

  225. My babies’ smiles always brighten my day 🙂 and my hubby’s kisses 🙂

  226. Baby giggles brighten my day!

  227. Jo Meijer says

    My little princess sleeping.

  228. One thing that brightens my day is when hubby comes home and we’re all together as a family, and my 2 year old is in his element and just starts talking and babbling all about his day out of giddiness of just being together. It’s awesome how simple things like having your mommy, daddy and baby sister together can make your life complete <3

  229. Gorgeous photos and stunning necklaces. My little one has started grabbing my glasses while feeding so sounds like I need one of these necklaces 🙂

  230. In love with these teething necklaces! I can’t wait to buy a few!

  231. I know it’s cheesy and cliche, but seeing my daughter’s smile. She’s 4 months old and it literally brightens my day.

  232. When nursing my son and he reaches to sweetly hold my hand or gently touch my face as if he is saying, “I love you, Momma!”

  233. Seeing my son’s face every morning!

  234. Baby giggles!

  235. My daughter is 8 weeks old and has just started cooing and smiling at me when I talk to her. It is the best feeling in the world and definitely brightens my day.

  236. I love the fantastic photos. What beautiful Mothers and their babies!

  237. Amanda E says

    Coming home from work and snuggling with my baby boy!

  238. MaryAnn Hartle says

    Being able to exclusively breastfeed my son, 5 1/2 months, brightens my day. If we are on the couch, he props his foot up on my boob, if we are in bed he will prop his foot up on my stomach. As he nurses, he reaches for my tank and bra strap and plays w them.
    I just recently learned about nursing necklaces and am shopping for one for his busy hands.

  239. My son’s smile! 🙂

  240. Elizabeth says

    When I get home from work and my LO gets excited to see me, then gives me a tight squeeze – he’s only 7 months but he knows how to hug!

  241. Coming home from work to an excited and smiling little baby boy! 🙂

  242. Jessica Waldman says

    I love how my two older boys (ages 10 and 7) just adore and love their baby sister (age 7 months), and she adores them, too!

  243. Smiles from my 5 month old first thing in the morning!

  244. When my baby smiles and tucks his head to his shoulder and squeaks!

  245. Hearing my son laugh! Brightens my day in a second!

  246. The way my daughter smiles ridiculously big whenever she sees me 🙂

  247. Kimberly Stanfield says

    I’m 34 weeks along with my daughter and feeling her kick always brightens my day 🙂

  248. Emily Caltagirone says

    my baby boy’s first smile in the morning

  249. Elizabeth says

    My son is one thing that never fails to brighten my day 🙂

  250. Mallory Jorgensen says

    Just being with my husband and two daughters brighten my day.

  251. Heather Robinson says

    My baby’s smile!

  252. Alexis P. says

    Listening to my kids playing together

  253. My run once my husband gets home from work!

  254. Love these!

  255. Alicia Taylor says

    The little sleepy smiles my baby gives me while she’s nursing 🙂 and decaf coffe from my keruig my hubby bought me for all those late night feedings lol

  256. Bree Egger says

    I love these necklaces! My 4 month old just realized they are the best thing to chew and to hold while breast feeding!

  257. Lyndsay Chae Deurmier says

    My son is two months old and the only thing that brightens my day as my mother is fighting a rare form of cancer currently. He loves to let my breast slip out of his mouth and he grins and when I slip it back in he pushes it out and makes a cute giggle squeak. But, then there is my lovely four year old who loves to cut shapes, and tell me his letters and we’re learning phonics. I guess, my children brighten my days currently.

  258. Babywearing!

  259. Bree Egger says

    Baby eyes!

  260. Something that literally brightens my day is sunshine! And of course a good cup of coffee. 🙂

  261. Snuggling with my boys!

  262. Liz Gomez says

    Love the colors!

    I had my fourth baby in February… I wish I had known about nursing necklaces with my other babies! <3

  263. My little girl’s smile while she nurses always makes my day! I also love bath time with her.

  264. Whenmy SPD kid is willing to let me hug her

  265. Stephanie says

    The photography is gorgeous!

  266. Toddler run!

  267. My 3 month old is teething horribly, anything she can chew on is a plus!

  268. Kristen Andrew says

    My little one still nursing past 1 year 🙂

  269. Baby snuggles.

  270. I got to ride my very neglected horse today for the first time in months. It definitely brightened my day!

  271. Alison F. says

    My baby’s giggles!

  272. gummy smiles

  273. Emily W. says

    Watching my three little ones play together. They are so sweet to each other and it is so cute to see my baby giirl laughing at her brothers.

  274. Stevie Harshman says

    Baby smiles brighten my day!

  275. Stephanie says

    My little girl’s giggle! Makes everything better!

  276. Feeling my baby move in my belly and spending time with my 3 year old!

  277. Oh man I love when the kids snuggle up and nap with me! Totally makes my day! I’m gonna miss naptime more than them !!

  278. Jenn Brown says

    Baby smiles… Especially baby smiles while nursing!!

  279. Ashley spearing says

    My children and working out!

  280. pretty things brighten my day, and someone else doing the dishes is pretty fine too.

  281. Nursing my daughter!

  282. Sarah C. says

    Tickle fights with the kids 🙂

  283. I love it when my babies play together!

  284. Teresa Johnson says

    Smiling with my husband over something cute the kids did.

  285. Rachael Abedraboh says

    Nursing & eating, generally at the same time 😉

  286. I have one of your pieces in a gold and green pattern; would love another to diversify the collection!

  287. Mandie O says

    The first smile first thing in the morning 🙂

  288. My baby smiling at me when he wakes up makes my whole day. I feel so special and loved.

  289. Having my four year old and two year old feel baby #3 kick brightens my day. I love the look of wonder and amazement they have.

  290. Ashley R says

    Random hugs and kisses my from kiddos. 🙂

  291. Baby giggles and sleepy smiles during middle of the night feedings.

  292. Wendy Weng says

    Laughter from 2 children brightens my day!

  293. Snuggles from the little one

  294. Amanda Lockner says

    My son’s smile, especially in the morning, brightens my day!

  295. Lisa Judy says

    Cuddles and kisses from my DD! <3

  296. Watching my son learn new things brightens my day!

  297. Beth Gillem says

    Love love love all of them!!

  298. Hearing my son giggle brightens my day!

  299. Jen gobble says

    Babies laughing!

  300. Jenni Runyan says

    Cuddling with my 2 week old daughter!

  301. giggles!!!

  302. Amanda Pallada says

    Hearing my baby giggle!

  303. Kendra Overbey says

    My son’s belly laugh!

  304. karla Peterson says

    Signing up for Brittany Springer and her sweet baby Kase!

  305. Spending time with my daughter every day. She is the light of my life!

  306. My babies coos and lovly touches makes my day

  307. Sarah Hayes says

    playing with my daughter brightens my day

  308. My daughters always brighten my day.

  309. my kids’ smiles

  310. Kaleena L. says

    …Knowing that maybe this month is the month. 🙂

  311. My kids and my husband-♡

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