Friends in low, I mean GREAT places!

The Leaky Boob has brought me friends I would not otherwise have had the chance to know.  So many incredible people have become a part of my ever growing community, people I can count on, share with, commiserate with, and learn from.  From fellow parents on this journey to experts in lactation and maternal health, from fellow bloggers sharing their lives, experiences, and knowledge to inspiring parenting supporters.  People like you.

MommyCon brings many of these people together and I’ve had the chance to meet many of my online friends in real life.  And I’m all like:

“They’re real!”

“They aren’t imaginary!”

“I’m a real boy!”

Fine, not the last part.  But it’s still pretty exciting to meet so many, I consider dancing and singing.

Instead, I hold the camera.

Which turned out quite nicely for me this last weekend in Philly for MommyCon with Jamie from The Baby Guy NYC and January from Birth Without Fear following our different VIP meet and greet playdate events.  I got to capture this…

I love it!  Aren’t they great?  I’ve got friends in GREAT places!  As much fun and as talented as they are at karaoke after a long day of meeting people, they are even better at what they really do: supporting moms and families.  Ask Jamie about any baby gear and he can give you facts and information plus the pros and cons compared to other products.  January offers support with information and encouragement surrounding pregnancy and birth.  Genuine and real, they are all about fostering engagement.  And MommyCon takes that to a whole different level where fun, community, and genuine support combine to create a space that nurtures the nurturer and develops friendships.  Thanks to Motherlove Herbal Company, I’m so looking forward to speaking at the rest of the upcoming MommyCons this year in Portland, Oregon and Kansas City, Kansas as well as participating as a speaker for the first ever BabyWearing World Record event in Los Angeles, California thanks to Moby Wrap.

Continuing and sharing the fun, we’re doing a giveaway to celebrate!  Though I can’t promise karaoke at future MommyCons I know for certain we’re going to have a great time.  I’d love to meet you there and now you have a shot at going for FREE!  MommyCon, Motherlove, and Moby are teaming up with me for this announcement to giveaway 3 prizes:

Friends in great places Portland prize pack: two tickets including the VIP Leak and Great to MommyCon Portland, a trio of Motherlove salves (diaper rash and thrush, nipple salve, and green salve), one Moby wrap, and one Beco Soleil.

Friends in great places Kansas City prize pack: two tickets including the VIP Leak and Great to MommyCon Kansas City, a trio of Motherlove salves (diaper rash and thrush, nipple salve, and green salve), one Moby wrap, and one Beco Soleil.

Friends in great places Los Angeles prize pack: two tickets to the Babywearing World Record event, a trio of Motherlove salves (diaper rash and thrush, nipple salve, and green salve), one Moby wrap, and one Beco Soleil.

Use the widget below to enter.  Please note, this giveaway is available only to those in the USA and Canada.

MommyCon Motherlove Moby Beco giveaway

My only requests of the winners?  That I get to meet you in person and take a picture together, ok?
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  1. dear. lord. above. THAT is what happens when you have beers and loud speakers and you cannot hear yourself. #KaraokeHotMess

  2. 🙂 yay for fun friday!

  3. That is some awesome karaoke!!! Love the prize pack too!!

  4. Heidi McDonough says

    I’d love to win Portland tickets so I could visit my brother, too! I haven’t seen him since my sister’s wedding last year in July. I’d love to see you & all the other great MommyCon speakers again, too. Philly was fantastic! I’m going out with girlfriends tonight for Thai & some much needed Girls’ Night Out. That’s what we usually do- just get together, eat, drink (if not pregnant!), and chat. We close the restaurant down most of the time!

  5. lyndsay chae Deurmier says

    Pheonix! It’s closer to NM than Austin, TX!

  6. Too funny! I love to hang out and go to dinner or shopping with my friends. Or girl’s night in! I would love to win the LA prize pack! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Sheena Anderson says

    I can’t wait for MommyCon Portland!!

  8. I love this! I would love to win the LA pack!

  9. So awesome! I’d love to hangout with you and all you friends!

  10. Ahhhhhmazing! LA MommyCon! My girlfriends and I prefer wine to beer…the karaoke party gets started a lot earlier!

  11. Elizabeth Webber says

    If I win I promise NOT to karaoke!!

  12. Amanda Watts says

    Love this!

  13. Jennifer Kincaid says

    I love the leaky boob! You guys have the best giveaways!

  14. Amy Rosenfield says

    Hilarious!! Wish a Mommy Com would come to Seattle, but might just have to make the trip to Portland! (How about this deal: if I win, I’ll go!) 😉

  15. Valli Brauer says

    Love the Leaky Boob, so helpful!

  16. I love this giveaway and all the helpful, hilarious posts!

  17. This is awesome 🙂 I would love to win for Portland! I’ve been wanting to go to a Mommy Con event and this would work out great!

  18. Any of the 3 cities would be new for me so I’m game for all! Oh and I love to Karaoke!

  19. I’d love to win Portland tickets. I hear it’s beautiful, and what a wonderful excuse to visit a new place!

  20. Michelle V says

    I’d like Kansas City. Maybe it’s the pregnancy talking but I could go for some good bbq!

  21. Amanda McGrath says

    Kansas City! My friends and I love to get together and have crafting nights!

  22. Holy moly this would be so much fun!

  23. I love seeing people having fun! Before leaky boob aft birth without fear, i had never heard of mommy cons, now i totally want to check one out!

  24. Any of them would be fun, but my husband requests Kansas City so he can tag along and try some of the barbeque places!

  25. Kayla Moreno says

    I want to go so badly to KC….I graduated with Alyssa and I am hopefully going to be needing her as a doula next year!!!

  26. Cassandra Clark says

    I would love to win a beco or anything for a growing toddler.

  27. Mommycon Philly was one of the greatest days ever. ….. your talk was amazeballs ; ) lol

  28. I’d like to go to Portland…. a d fun these days involves sweatpants a d fooooooood!

  29. I would love to go to the LA mommycon and enjoy checking out all of the fun, new baby gear!

  30. Kansas City is closest to me in Ohio, so I guess I want to win that one 🙂 I usually love to go out dancing with my friends, but since I’m currently pregnant, my favorite thing to do with friends is to go out to eat & get pedicures 🙂 Can’t wait for Sunday morning breakfast and pedis this weekend!

  31. Michele R. says

    Mommycon Portland tix please!!! I’m having my second in September and would love to bring him and meet you! When we get together, my bestie and I love to go grab a bite (kid less) and just enjoy carrying on a conversation that’s not interrupted every other minute! We also like to shop. And then with the families- hit the parks or any local event that comes up- farmers market, festivals, etc….

  32. Christine Bailey says

    I would take any of the tickets because I will have to fly anyway! But probably Kansas City is the closest, but would love to visit LA or Portland!!(huge fan of Portlandia)

  33. Would love to go to any of them. I live on the East coast and have never been to the West Coast at all, so any one of them would be exciting! If I had to pick I’d probably pick Portland, OR because I hear that their weather is very similar to the weather in Maine where I live. And when I’m with the girls, we love to hang out and chat and eat good food!

  34. Kerri Flesch says

    My 2 year old was nursing when I started watching. He unlatched and latched a few times, then said, “all done” and sat up to watch. He clapped when it was over and said “yay”

  35. I’d love to win Portland! More often than not, I enjoy the little things when hanging out with my friends. Hanging out at the bookstore while our little ones play with train sets, sitting down at a coffee shop with some tea, window shopping, and long walks!

  36. Kerri Flesch says

    Not entering contest; no events anywhere near me.

  37. I’m only 3 hrs from Portland, so that’s where I want to party! My favorite thing to do with friends is sit around, eating good food, and laughing our heads off. Is there anything better?

  38. Stephanie Gomez says

    What a great giveaway. Thank you for accepting my subscription request 🙂

  39. I want kansas city prize pack!

  40. I love this! I would love to win the Portland pack and visit my cousin!

  41. I live in Kansas City and would loooove to go!
    My friends an I like to be silly, drink wine, talk about our babes

  42. Portland here I come! Although the other cities are cool, too. I love just hanging out with my friends and chatting (and laughing) and the occasional game of charades….

  43. I would love to win tickets to Portland! We live in Medford, but with school starting I just don’t have money for the ticket 🙁 My friends and I love to get out of the house and either go hiking or just out to coffee with the little one. They’re good for a change of scenery!!

  44. I would LOVE to win Portland tickets! I could take my new baby and a couple mommy friends and we will have a blast eating from the food carts and visiting Portland 🙂

  45. My family is in Kansas City, friends are in LA, and I absolutely love Portland. It’s such a hard choice, but I’d have to choose K.C. And like most other people, my friends and I like to share a cocktail or two. It makes the conversation even weirder than when we’re sober. What can I say, I like ’em strange.

  46. katherine d says

    LA prize would be great – and my friends and I live far apart, but our get-togethers are legendary

  47. I’d LOVE to win any of the prizes, but especially the LA tickets since it’s so close to San Diego where all my mommy friends are! We did a cross-country move to Key West and I’m truly missing all my gal pals!

  48. Lydia Jackson says


  49. Krissy Shively says

    I’d love to win LA!! My girl friends and I love to crochet! If I win, I’ll bring you an adorable bonnet for the baby 😉

  50. Would love to wind LA. It is only about 2 hours from where we are currently stationed. My friends and I like to have a good laugh over dinner, usually Mexican

  51. I would love to go to the Kansas City MommyCon! As for having fun with friends we do all kinds of stuff! Wine tasting, dancing, movies, home parties (jewelry, purse, etc). We are pretty random. 😉

  52. I would love to attend the Portland event! My friends and I love to go to music concerts to have a great time!

  53. Jackie Gee says

    LA so I can visit my family 🙂 My girls and I like to grab dinner to catch up with each other and then onto a dessert place. Always room for dessert 🙂

  54. Danielle T says

    I’d love to win la so I could bring my friends! We usually just hang out with he kiddos or go out for drinks 🙂 wed love to meet you!

  55. Kansas City…don’t have to travel far. And I love meeting up with my book club ladies!

  56. Fn, fun, fun a chance to get out of town for Mom! Portland would be awesome, but I would go to any!

  57. Love to go to Portland or LA. Love to hang out with my friend doing fun stuff with our kiddies. If we are kid free, it’s fun to go out for a dinner or lunch together. So nice to talk uninterrupted, lol.

  58. Los Angeles!

  59. Portland, Oregon!!

  60. Anne Perry says

    Los Angeles. … fun times with girl friends. Laughing, shopping supporting eachother.

  61. Carrie Martinet says

    I’d love to attend either the Portland or the LA conference. I love to go to a good chick flick and then hang out.

  62. I would love to win the LA prize pack. My friends love going to the beach, park museums really anywhere

  63. Thanks for the great giveaway. Would love to win the LA pack.

  64. I’d love the Portland pack. My husband is originally from the Pacific northwest and we have a lot of friends up there. We’d probably hit some wineries while there.

  65. I would love to win the Portland prize!

  66. Bethanie H says

    I’d love to win Los Angeles! It’s close enough for me to attend, since I can’t afford travel to most of the other MommyCon locations. My friends and I have most of our fun while chasing our toddlers around (and watching Pitch Perfect for the millionth time).

  67. La!!!!! 🙂

  68. I’d love to win the LA ticket Ü

  69. I’d live tickets for the Babywearing World Record in LA!!!! I love Babywearing 🙂

  70. Lauren Heimann says

    I would love to win the Portland pack! And, as I am still in survival mode, my current most favorite way to hang out with friends is for one of them to come over and sit at my kitchen table and eat cookies and drink tea while we chat and I catch up on dishes!

  71. i would LOVE to go to Portland! I hear such great things about that place. I probably wouldn’t even come home…I’d just send for my kids and live there forever!

    I love to get together with my friends for simple things like playdates, coffee or a glass of wine. As long as we can chat, I’m good. Luckily, most of them have kids now so I’m not alone in that anymore and there’s a little more camaraderie now!

  72. Kansas City – it’s only 4 hours from us in St Louis! And the BBQ is supposed to be really good!

  73. I’d love to win any of them but would probably only have a chance of getting to Portland. I’d love to meet you! 🙂

  74. I’d love to win the LA prize pack!

  75. Portland! Went to Vegas mommy con and hope to make it toPortland too!

  76. Mommycon Portland! So excited you guys are coming to our fair city. Can hardly wait!

  77. L.A. Prize Pack! Fun for me is traveling and hiking with my family.

  78. I just learned about MommyCon recently and I am SO excited!! I would love LOVE to win the Portland pack and meet up with some other awesome mommas!

  79. Emily Farrow says

    I would love to go to the Portland event. I like to go for walks and take pictures with my friends 🙂

  80. I would love to go to the Portland event! How fun would it be to meet so many similar-minded mamas:)

  81. Natasha E. says

    I would love to win the Portland prize!

  82. Kansas City. And these days, fun with friends consists of coffee dates or going for walks.

  83. So excited I found this site 🙂 really really hoping to win the Portland prize

  84. I would love to win the portland prize pack! I’m a 3rd time momma and a first time leaky! I love following your blog and facebook. Any questions I have are generally answered on your wall. Would love to come to the city for the weekend:)

  85. MommyCon??? Now this is completely new to me! Kansas City would be my choice. The only way I stay in touch with my friends right now is over the phone and through facebook…and it’s not the baby’s fault, haha, just that I currently live far away from all of my closest friends.

  86. I’ve always loved conferences! How fun!

  87. Honestly I would be happy to go to any of those cities…I’ve never been to any of them! If I had to pick one though I would say LA. Maybe I could see someone famous! 🙂

  88. I would love to visit any of them, but Kansas City would be my first choice. I honestly just love going for walks and being able to have some adult conversations lol

  89. I would love to win the Kansas City tickets! My outings with my friends are a little tamer now, but I love a good glass of wine with friends over happy hour!

  90. I live in KC and would LOVE the prize pack as I’m loving the Beco I’m currently borrowing for both my baby girls! The MommyCon sounds awesome too! )

  91. I would love to win the pack for Kansas City.

  92. Katherine E says

    Portland! I have family that just moved to Oregon 🙂

  93. I would love to win the Portland prize pack! I like to get together with my friends and Lo, and cookout, or be outside, in general!

  94. Carrie Bryant says

    KC! Could stay w my family!!

  95. Portland prize pack would be sweeeeet!

  96. Nicole O'Hare says

    I would love to win any of them! What a great prize packs?

  97. Portland!! And my friends and I like to walk, run and zumba together.

  98. Randi Wiggins says

    I would love to win the Portland prize pack!

  99. Katherine Dixon says

    I’d love to win the Kansas City prize! My friends and I like to go out for dinner and drinks and talk about all things baby related and not! 🙂

  100. I know so many breastfeeding, babywearing, totally awesome mommas that can’t wait to meet up at MommyConLA! It would be so awesome to win!

  101. LA – our niece lives out there & was recently married. We also have the friends & family there that we have not seen in way too long. We would love to help break the baby wearing record, as well as show our kids how important it is to keep family & friends close despite the miles!

  102. Laura Langham says

    We are SO excited over here in Kansas City to go to Mommycon! I’m getting a group of mommies together and we’re gonna have a blast. The KC pack would be amazing!

  103. I’d love to win tickets to Kansas City MommyCon! My mom and I are planning on going together and making a girls day out of it! I’m a first time mom as of a week ago, so of course I’d be bringing along the little one 🙂 can’t wait to hear the speakers and do a little shopping!

  104. Would LOVE to win!!!!

  105. I’d love tickets to any of the shows! For fun my little guy and I go for walks with his ergo carrier. He’s 3 months!

  106. Erin Tierney says

    I would love to win the Kansas City prize pack! As for fun, my friends and I love to hang out at home (impromptu playdates or dinner dates with the family), parks, and the children’s museum (and of course an occasional girl’s night out at a favorite restaurant).

  107. I am dying to win the tickets to Portland!! I was so upset when I found out we weren’t going to be able to get tickets this year because we needed the funds else wear. Ever since I heard about MommyCon its always on my mind. I guess you can say I’m kookoo for MommyCon!!!

  108. Jessica Sorondo says

    Can’t wait to meet you all in Kansas City, Kansas! My Doula and son will be with me 🙂

  109. Crystal-lynn says

    Thanks for a great support system & an awesome giveaway!!

  110. I am so excited for the one in Portland! 🙂

  111. KC!!! My friends and I like to have playdates at the park 🙂

  112. Jess Willis says

    How about a ticket to future MommyCon at Savannah or Jacksonville FL?

  113. I would love to go to the LA event!!!!

  114. KC Prize pack? Yeah baby!!

  115. Would love to win Portland pack! This mommy definitely needs a vacation!

  116. Would love to go to LA and get some fun swag 🙂

  117. Brandi George says


  118. L.A!! 🙂

  119. I’m in the bay area which is right in between Portland and LA. Hmmm, hard choice… I think I’d say Portland as I just love it there and it might be a fun excuse to get back up there. 🙂


  120. I wOuld love the Kansas city pack. My friends and I have fun shopping while our kids entertain each other.

  121. Jennifer K. C. says

    I would LOVE Portland OR!!! …I like to have fun with my girlfriends drinking wine and making fools of our selves lol!

  122. Los Angeles! A fun day starts with coffee, then a trip to the pool or park with mamas and kiddos followed by grilling with the husbands too!

  123. Jessica, you’re Ah-MAZE-balls. . . Err, BOOBS.
    SERIOUSLY. I love you. Super big girl crush.
    I loved hearing you speak at MommyCon Vegas and love your blog and Instagrams.

  124. Oh right. I’d love LA prize pac!!

  125. KC Tickets! It sure would be fun to go and win some cool stuff! 🙂

  126. LA please!!!

  127. This is great!

  128. Los Angeles! I like to get froyo and mani-pedis

  129. can’t wait to see you guys in KC!

  130. Jenny Von Cagle says

    would love to win the prize for mommycon LA!

  131. i’d love to win portland!

  132. I’d love to go to Los Angeles!!

  133. Up in Manitoba Canada and trying to convince my partner to make it to Kansas City for this years event!

  134. LA since it is closest to me!

  135. Kansas City! So I can party with my friend who had to move away last summer.

  136. Wow, what a great prize pack! Sounds like a fun weekend.I’d like the Portland one.

  137. Elizabeth Ramirez says

    La pack please!

  138. I would love to win KC!!!

  139. I would love to win the Portland prize pack! I will be embarking on my third breastfeeding journey less than a month after the conference so the breastfeeding help sounds amazing, but really I want to meet YOU! No joke, you are amazing and I would love to personally get to gush over your awesomeness. I won’t be weird I promise, I may ask for a picture or 10 🙂 but that’s not weird is it?

  140. Rosa Philley says

    Mommy con LA please oh please

  141. Portland OR

  142. I would love to win the Kansas city tickets! It would be amazing to go!

  143. I would choose Kansas City. I want to go to mommycon SO bad. I tried to plan a trip to Kansas city for this year but I don’t have the money right now. This prize pack would make my dreams come true!

  144. I would love to win the Portland, OR Prize Pack!!! When having fun with friends we love to just meet up and get a coffee so we can chat and get caught up with each others lives without trying to talk over screaming toddlers.

  145. Hayley Elliott says

    I think I would like the Portland pack. I’ve never visited the west coast and this is one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit. I’ve only seen photos of it’s beauty.

  146. Kate Watters says

    You guys are so funny! LA please!

  147. I need to immediately sing karaoke, drinks in hand, with friends…imaginary or not. I need some freaking nights out!!

  148. This would be a fun event to attend, so much support for mamas!

  149. Hayley Elliott says

    Also, what my friends and I do for fun is listen to awesome live music and have a drink. I have lots of friends that musically talented and in some really good bands.

  150. Portlandia please! 🙂

  151. I’m a first time mom and I live just outside of Portland. I hope I can win the Portland tickets!

  152. Sarah Reiser says

    Would love to win the LA pack, going to meet up with some fellow June mommies!

  153. I’d love to go to the KC MommyCon!

  154. Kirsten Leitner-Markert says

    I guess I would like to win the LA prize pack.

  155. Montanna Sutherland says

    I would love to go to LA! I don’t have many friends but would love to meet other moms!

  156. I’d love, love, love to win the KC prize! FTM here and so excited but overwhelmed! What a great chance this would be to learn more to be prepared for my child in Dec! For fun with my friends? How about a stroll around the park and great conversation! 🙂

  157. My comment got erased 🙁
    I’d love the Portland pack! Need a vacation with all my little baby girl is going through would be a much needed break for me!

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