Ergobaby Postpartum and Newborn care chat and giveaway

Ergobaby knows the importance of those first few days, weeks, and months with a new baby and that taking good care of mom is part of taking good care of baby. Β That’s why they are sponsoring a live chat on The Leaky Boob Facebook page with postpartum doula and IBCLC Marcy Sauter. Β That’s also why they are giving away some carriers and their new Ergobaby swaddlers (designed to allow freedom of movement while still providing a safe, snuggly swaddle), because supporting families from day one is what they’re all about.

Ergo mom cuddle

To check out our chat and the wealth of information and support shared there, check out these links:


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  1. My favorite postpartum recovery tip is relax! Don’t worry about spending too much time in bed with your baby, it isn’t possible! Rest and bond and leave the housework for later.

  2. My favorite part of having a newborn is their fuzzy little heads snuggling against my chin as they sleep on my chest.

    • Melinda yegiyants says

      My favorite things about having a newborn are all of the warm snuggles, his sweet smell, an his tiny feet. My favorite postpartum recovery tip is spend as much time with your little one as possible and Do not stress over the little things.

  3. Favorite thing about a newborn is all the little wrinkles! Postpartum recovery tip is lay down, sitting up hurts too much! =P

  4. LuCinda Miller says

    I’m due March 28, 2014. So excited to have a new baby boy, and want to wear him so badly! It would be such a blessing to win one of these! πŸ™‚

  5. The cuddles and sweet baby smell πŸ™‚

  6. My favorite post partum recovery tip is to eat lots of fibery foods and stay in bed!

  7. The best part of a newborn? The super cute clothes. I absolutely love newborn clothes and how tiny they are.

  8. Maineh Berry says

    Perfect baby carriers

  9. love my Ergo! already have one for my 17mo old, need another got my smidgie 2 month old!

  10. Verity Quarmby says

    My postpartum tip is be kind to yourself: plenty of cuddles and rest with your new one.

  11. Skin to skin every chance you get. It was the best advice I followed!

  12. Padcicles

  13. Kori Penkert says

    I saw someone with a Ergo and I have been wanting one ever since. I love to wear my babies. I hope I win.

  14. I love the snuggly, sleepy, babyfog of having a newborn. Like the world outside has stopped and you can just while away your time snuggling and nursing and smelling baby’s head.

    The best post-partum recovery tip is to shower and put on clean pajamas every day! Stay in bed otherwise, and ask your partner or a family member to make your bed, change chux pads, whatever else, while you’re in the shower so you can get back in to bed feeling fresh and clean – it did wonders for my emotional state postpartum.

  15. rebecca marno says

    Fave part of having a newborn is the snuggles, nothing else like it!

  16. Snuggling, that newborn smell.

  17. Michelle Johnson says

    I’m the mom of 4 boys and have never had a good carrier. I would love to have an ergo for this one, I’m sure it would be a life saver as I end up carrying my babies all the time.

  18. My favorite recovery advice is don’t rush. Let your body heal as it will and don’t push it. You will have plenty of time to run later. Now is time to rest.

  19. My favorite part of having a newborn is holding and bonding

  20. Be gentle on yourself!

  21. Jessica Hughes says

    I reccomend EMAB booby tubes to every new mama! So nice when you need help with engorgement, or letdown.

  22. Sandra Hart says

    Wow I’d love to win an Ergo! Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Danielle Lamb says

    My best PP advice is stay in bed as much as possible. Rest and snuggles make everything better:)

  24. My favorite part of a newborn is all the sweet snuggles. πŸ™‚ Getting ready for our 3rd, I’ve never had an ergo and would love one!

  25. Newborns are so little and snuggly. Love skin to skin time.

  26. My Favorite PP recovery tip is: plan to not do anything for 2 weeks. Rest and bond with baby!

  27. I love the newborn smell and snuggles!

  28. Thank you for am awesome giveaway!

  29. EEEEE!!!! My 6 month old son would LOVE an Ergo and my husband would be willing to wear him with the gorgeous chocolate color! (He doesn’t like my zebra print wrap.)

  30. Michelle Johnson says

    My best pp recovery tip would be rest as much as you can and cuddle, cuddle, cuddle.

  31. I love the snuggles I get to have with my newborn squish πŸ™‚

  32. Emily Stewart says

    Skin to skin is wonderful for postpartum recovery for both mom and baby! Also, nap with baby whenever possible.

  33. sarah lamkin says

    Love being able to nurse all 7 of our kiddos πŸ™‚

  34. Andrea mcmonagle says

    All the newborn snuggles …they are just so wonderfully squishy & sleepy πŸ™‚

  35. sarah lamkin says

    Love nursing

  36. Cassia Bourne says

    I would love an ergo for hiking!

  37. Can’t tell you my face part of having a newborn until April! πŸ™‚

  38. Aleah Buck says

    Rest, rest, REST.

  39. My favorite part of having a newborn, Is the way they smell and that unbreakable connection baby and mommy have…

  40. Favorite post partum recovery trick: relax, take advantage of help from others, take care of your b@@bs!!

  41. Rest as much as possible. Ibuprophen helps with swelling and also the bleeding.

  42. Rest! Stay in bed with the baby and do NOTHING. Recovery is much easier and faster.

  43. having a squishy little baby who makes little grunting sounds and sleeps when she’s tired without too much effort!

  44. I love wearing my baby and have a months, but it is so hard to nurse in. I am a full time student and wear him to class, an ergo would be perfect!

  45. As far as post partum recovery is sleep whenever possible and realize you can’t do it all by yourself.

  46. Kayla white says

    Postpartum recovery tip: ask for and accept help! The first few days with baby are challenging when learning how to breastfeed. Having help cooking meals and cleaning house is important so you can get used to breastfeeding and so you can feed more often to help milk “come in” quicker.

  47. Brandy Haid says

    My fav part of having a newborn is that unconditional love you have for this lil one!

  48. Tip: Plenty of rest! When possible….

  49. I love the bonding time I have with my newborn!

  50. My favorite postpartum you is, to drink lots of water and eat healthy!

  51. Adrienne Vining says

    These giveaways are amazing!!

  52. Lots if rest and drink lots of water!

  53. 5madthings says

    Fabulous giveaway, I love tlb and all its tips, love ergos I had one but gave it to a new mum more in need. Would love one for my toddler…and any future babies, tho five may be enough for us!

  54. Awesome

  55. Jamie Andrews says

    I love newborn snuggles!

  56. Love my ergo!

  57. Brandy Haid says

    My fav postpartum recovery tip is to sleep when your baby sleeps and let others help you!

  58. Favorite thing about having a newborn? In some ways they’re easier to figure out than my 3 year old, they can’t say “no” and when in doubt about why they’re fussy, breastfeeding makes everything better πŸ™‚

  59. Carrie O''Neill says

    I love my ergobaby carrier. My daughter is much happier snuggled up against me while I shop or walk around. I prefer a happy snuggle baby than one who is upset at bring stuck in a stroller. We were lucky enough to be given one that my sister used for my nephew and then we bought another one to fit my husband.

  60. Jamie Andrews says

    The best postpartum tip is to rest! Rest when you can!

  61. Best part of having a newborn is the hope for the future and the yummy baby smell.

  62. Brianna Mattingly says

    Baby wearing with a wrap saved my life. Looking for something I bit easier to get in to now that my LO is abut bigger.

  63. The new baby smell, holding and snuggling them

  64. Amanda Barrett says

    One of my many favorites of having a newborn is getting to watch my two daughters as sisters so loving.

  65. I love all the attention my little newborn gets and I love not working!

  66. Best postpartum advice…rest, relax and enjoy as much as possible.

  67. Andrea mcmonagle says

    My tip is HYDRATION! REST! ! HYDRATION! Also I do think the placenta encapsulation helped a great deal.

  68. The snuggles!

  69. Would love one of these! Looks so cozy and comfortable.

  70. Rest. Never say no to help.

  71. My favorite part of having a newborn is the constant snuggle time!

  72. For postpartum, take it easy. Let others help take care of you no matter how hard it may be… you just made a new person, you need some rest.

  73. New baby smell. It’s the best!

  74. What an amazing giveaway!

  75. their sweet smell and snuggles

  76. Abby Ramsey says

    everything. I adore the newborn stage! when mommy is the only one who can feed, hold, comfort exactly right. I could have newborns forever!

  77. Aftyn Skinner says

    a great tip would be to sleep when baby is sleeping, drink lots of water and heat a healthy diet!

  78. My favorite part about having a newborn is the cuddles. I love the baby cuddles!

  79. My favorite postpartum recovery tool is EMAB New Mama Bottom Spray. It worked better than the stuff that hospital gave me.

  80. Jennifer Ince says

    I want one! I use my ergo for cooking cleaning walking you name it!

  81. Kayce Treat-Bagsby says

    I love babywearing. Having a bad back makes it hard to wear my baby but having a good carrier would make such a difference.

  82. helen jones says

    I love ergo baby carrier, i got to use my sisters for a little while, but sadly cabbot afford one for myself!! I hope i can win one

  83. I haven’t had the baby yet, so I don’t have a recovery tip.

  84. Nap when baby naps! πŸ™‚ Wish I listened to that postpartum advice sooner.

  85. Abby Ramsey says

    get out and go! the longer you sit at home, the slower your recover will be. strap that baby in a carrier and go take a walk!

  86. Jennifer Ince says

    I love snuggle breast feeding my newborn!

  87. Bethany nelson says

    Love these ergo products!

  88. Everything. All of the snuggles. How you are forced to slow down due to the fact that they eat and sleep and nurse and sleep which means you need to be there for them. On the couch or in bed.

  89. Adrianna Hernandez says

    My favorite was the peri bottle! Always cooling and refreshing!!

  90. Thai wild be my first experience with Ergo baby carriers! Hoping to win

  91. I wish everyone could understand the importance of baby wearing! Thankfully my babies love it and so does my husband. Makes life so much easier!

  92. Babywearing and breastfeeding were the best things I could do for myself and my little guy in his first few weeks of life.

  93. for the first few days, a lending hand was the biggest help. also, water! and plenty of books for resources: like the womanly art if breastfeeding. honestly, nothing got me through a middle of the night waking like a bite of ice cream those first few weeks, and sometimes now πŸ™‚

  94. postpartum recovery tip: REST! and lots of it. Take the time to let your body heal and bond with your baby.

    favourite part of a newborn: snuggles.

  95. My favorite postpartum tip is to let dad help. Also, take it easy, the house work can wait. You only have a little time to bond with that sweet fresh new baby.

  96. Shannan Knudsen says

    Snuggle with baby and drink lots of water. Also, don’t overdo it, just slow down.

  97. I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old…my favorite part purge day is when the little baby it’s nursing and my big baby snuggles with us both. It doesn’t get any better.

  98. My favorite part of having a newborn is watching him grow and develop on a daily basis. Oh and lots and lots of snuggle time πŸ™‚

  99. Darcy Yazzolino says

    My favorite part of having a newborn is the love that blossoms stronger as a family unit. I’ll never forget those first few weeks with my husband. Seeing him hold her, love her, take care of me. Swoon!

  100. Mariah Arnett says

    Get plenty of rest.

  101. Don’t worry about when other people think you & baby should receive visitors or “get up”. Take your time & enjoy it as long as possible!

  102. Erin Ritter says

    My favorite thing about a newborn is how sweet and tiny they are and getting to see that first smile πŸ™‚

  103. Darcy Yazzolino says

    My favorite postpartum tip is rest! Enjoy those days with your new baby. Skip the dishes, eat takeout or prepare food before. Don’t feel bad saying no to guests

  104. I love how cuddly my newborn is and I don’t have any advice on postparm except you will get through it. Hild on.

  105. Christina Morrow says

    We’re having our first baby together in March. My other children are all older (11, 13 and 15) and I never had a chance to baby wear them. It wasn’t as popular or as encouraged back then. I’m really looking forward to trying it this time.

  106. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says

    Let your spouse, or anyone that wants to help, help. You don’t have to do it all.

  107. The cuddles are the best! Try to sleep as much as possible when the baby sleeps!

  108. Sara Polden says

    I love how my son has already made me so much of a better person. I’ve started taking college classes because I want to give him a beautiful future, I’ve been eating better because I breast feed and I want him to be as healthy as possible, and I’ve been happier and less stressed since he was born because I look at a lot of things differently now.

  109. Erika Summers says

    Our first baby is due November 10th, but I’m pretty sure she’ll go past that date. She seems pretty comfortable in my tummy! I haven’t experienced what it’s like to have a newborn, but I’m really excited for baby wearing. It seems to intimate and fun. I just imagine my little girl and I traveling everywhere together!

  110. courtney k says

    prepare frozen meals beforehand!

  111. For postpartum, I liked having my mama cloth pads (by tallulah bean). They were much more comfortable than wearing disposable pads.

  112. My favorite part of the newborn stage is the snuggling. My favorite post partum tip is shower at least every other day- it’ll make you feel more human.

  113. Make a list of what needs to be done so when people come over to help you can just point them to the list and they can choose what they prefer to do.

  114. Mariah Arnett says

    My favorite is newborn snuggles!!!

  115. abigail Miguel says

    swaddlers look cute!

  116. I currently have a toddler so my favorite part about having a newborn is that when you put them down they stay where you put them!!!!

  117. Sara Polden says

    Drink plenty of water! It helps your body recover and staying hydrated helps your milk supply.

  118. Erika Summers says

    For postpartum tips.. I have heard many (first baby due Nov. 10th) but I haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet. That will be soon I suppose! 1 tip my doula gave me was to pour liquid witch hazel on to pads and then individually freeze them in aluminum foil. She said to do it BEFORE the baby comes or else I may not have the energy or time postpartum. I took her advice and froze some. Hope it helps!

  119. My favorite part about newborns is when they fall asleep while nursing and you can soak in all those cuddles!

  120. Corinna Erdman says

    I am expecting a surprise 3rd child in 3 weeks! πŸ™‚ I gave away most of my baby gear. I am an AP mama who loved her ergo carrier!

  121. I would love one of these, my 2 week old baby boy rarely lets me put him down! This looks so much safer than a sling!

  122. Kacie Lynch says

    Peri care ladies!!! Be sure to take that squirt bottle home with you & better yet, ask for a second one while at the hospital! I have more than one bathroom in my house and it’s a two story home sooo when I was in the bathroom “high and dry” with only toilet paper, I wasn’t a happy camper… LUCKILY my husband was home for a week after our little one arrived so I was able to have him run and get it for me but it still would have been very convenient to already have one in each bathroom ready to go!

  123. Rachel Blanke says

    Don’t try to conquer the world too fast. Take plenty of hot baths and don’t stop using that squirt bottle for a few weeks. I learned that the hard (painful) way.

  124. I’m so glad there’s such a strong community of breast feeders for a healthier generation!!!

  125. Mia Walshe says

    Just relax and enjoy the time with your baby. Eat everything you haven’t been able to πŸ™‚

  126. favorite part of having a newborn? that sense of endless wonder when i look at him.

  127. My favorite part of having a newborn is the snuggling. And my best recovery tip is walking and lots of nipple cream, pads, and gel pads products for comfort and pain relief.

  128. #1. Everything is amazing about a newborn!!! Nothing bad or even just ok, all amazing!!
    #2. Postpartum recovery tip=relax! Enjoy your baby & being with them!

  129. Tracey Beck says

    Fave part of having a newborn: knowing someone is absolutely completely and totally depenant on you
    Fave postpartum tip: coconut oil and beeswax (10%) as a nipple balm. It’s wayyyyy better than lanolin!

  130. Breast pads! Don’t leave house without them. πŸ™‚

  131. Favorite part of having a newborn? Snuggles! Postpartum recovery tip? Rest! The two go well together. πŸ™‚

  132. I don’t know that I have a very favorite part of having a newborn–I love pretty much everything! (ok, except the exhaustion…) I love love love snuggling my new, sweet-smelling, funny little noise making, tiny person!

  133. Nicole Watkins says

    I love our Ergo… It is a must for a new parent.

  134. I love the smell and tiny cuteness that is newborn!

  135. Afton Kapala says

    I would be thrilled to win one of these for my first baby due in 4 weeks! I reaaalllly want one, although money is tight!

  136. Cuddling with a sleeping newborn and their SMELL πŸ™‚

  137. I love Ergo Baby!

  138. What an awesome giveaway! I used a baby wrap a lot early on with my daughter, but I desperately wanted an Ergo in the rotation, especially as she grew and it became hot during the summer. Now that I’m expecting again, I’m hoping to get my hands on one this time!

  139. Nicole Watkins says

    My best postpartum recovery advice is to rest and enjoy snuggle time with your new bundle. Let others take care of you.

  140. I hear nothing but the best about Ergobaby and can’t wait to own one of my own when my baby arrives!

  141. Nadine Henschel says

    Nursing ; )

    get as much rest after birth as possible and lots of skin to skin time!

  142. Melissa Adargo says

    Witch hazel pads to soothe swollen and sore areas

  143. Favorite Postpartum recovery tip: among the most common like sleep when baby sleeps and excepting help when offered….but I like to remember that even though things might or might not seem tough in the beginning and it feels like you will never be able to get a good nights sleep ever again, you must keep one thing in mind, that is that this beautiful moment will not last forever and they are only this small for a short time, and then they grow up and you miss it. So Enjoy the time.

    Favorite part of having a newborn: I love and enjoy everything about having a newborn, everything she does just melts my heart, I even enjoy her baby breath.

  144. I love the smell of my baby

  145. Jennifer S says

    I love newborn snuggles! During postpartum recovery, ask for help often. Resting will assist healing.

  146. Melissa Adargo says

    My favorite part of having a newborn is being able to snuggle with them all of the time.

  147. My favorite tip is to SLEEP.

  148. Angie Owens says

    My favorite thing about having a newborn (which I currently have — a 2 week old baby girl!) is all of the sweet snuggles and the newborn smell! Nothing beats this fleeting time, so I’m trying to savor it as much as possible! Willing an ergo baby carrier would be such a blessing and help me accomplish that goal of savoring this baby-time… And help me keep my sanity since I have a 2 year old and almost 4 year old that I need to have both hands free to keep out of trouble!

  149. Seeing the new big siblings — they look so huge and can be so gentle!

  150. Favourite part of having newborn is getting to know this new person, the smiles and cuddles.

    Best recovery tip. Plenty of fluids and big vegetable and cheese omelettes for breakfast

  151. Jenn Jordan says

    Stay up on your pain medication for the first few days. If you get behind its hard to catch up and you’ll be in pain

  152. Have an extra set of sheets for nightly bed changes, due to night sweats, baby spitup, etc.

  153. Megan Ruyle says

    OH my gosh, so cool.

  154. Cornelia Geary says

    Lots of cuddle time!

  155. My best postpartum recovery tip would be to hire a post pardum doula to help you if you can. You should be resting and baby mooning with your new little love instead of cooking and cleaning. If you don’t have family nearby then a post pardum doula is a great investment πŸ˜‰

  156. Postpartum tip: rest as much as you can for the first weeks.
    Best thing about a newborn: that sweet little face!

  157. I love newborn snuggles, and postpartum I would just say rest and bond with baby!

  158. Always accept the help that is offered to you!!

  159. Newborn smell! My favorite!

  160. My favourite post partum recovery tip is stay in bed as much as possible, nurse side lying and also take time for a bath or shower once a day. Makes you feel somewhat refreshed when you are sleep deprived.

  161. My favorite part of having a newborn is the sweet new baby in my life as well as getting to cuddle with baby.
    MY best postpartum recovery tips are Sleep as much as you can which is very hard to do. Drink lots of water and don’t forget to eat. Find some family or friends who are willing to help out with stuff like making dinner or helping with laundry.

  162. Jessica Cox says

    Tip postpartum: let others do the work for you! Rest, snuggle and enjoy the first few weeks with the new baby. Dishes, laundry and any other housework can be done by someone else or can wait. Spend time bonding with your new baby and enjoying their first few weeks of life. They are only this little once and the time in which they need you for everything is short and fleeting, enjoy it!

  163. Sarah Beckley says

    Nursing and the newborn smell!!!!

  164. Favorite thing about having a newborn is the snuggles. All dat and all night πŸ™‚
    Postpartum recovery tip: coconut oil as nipple balm.

  165. My favorite part about newborns are the snuggles and the smell. That newborn stage is so fleeting! Spend every moment you can with them and forget everything else!

  166. Love the smell of fresh and clean baby clothes! Also love cuddling πŸ™‚

  167. Kate Morris says

    Their soft skin and beautiful smell πŸ™‚

  168. Try and sleep when your baby is sleeping πŸ™‚

  169. Postpartum tip is to ask for help when needed and try to have a little time for yourself!

  170. Tiffany H. says

    My favorite part of having a newborn is growing our bond, loving on them, and getting to know them. I cannot begin to explain how much I love the newborn stage; it’s the best!

  171. Kate Morris says

    My tip after labour – lots of rest, nice warm baths, something soft to sit on! πŸ™‚

  172. Robyn Windibank says

    LOVE the Ergo

  173. My favorite thing about a newborn would be the amazing feeling of knowing you helped create and grow the miracle in your arms. There’s no other feeling like it. Tip? Sleep when baby sleeps and take a nice, warm bath as soon as possible and remember you’re only human. It’s not a time for perfection πŸ˜‰

  174. My favorite part of having a new born is the bonding time you get. The skin-to-skin contact in those first few minutes after birth are life changing πŸ™‚

  175. Try to enjoy every precious second and capture memories with photos/videos. They grow up oh so fast.

  176. Amanda Ethier says

    Snuggling with their little moldable body, their oh so sweet smell and that fuzzy hair!!

  177. My post partuma tip is to get lots of sleep, co-sleep if you can you will get more sleep this way.

  178. I love the snuggles!!

  179. My favourite part of having a newborn is finally seeing their face after all of the waiting. It is amazing how long you can just stare at them when they are new.

  180. favorite postpartum tip: be very specific about what you want/need help with to avoid awkward interaction w/ friends/family. makes it easier on everyone!

  181. Rest when you can and leave the housework go. It will be there the next day and the moments you spend cleaning you miss out on something special with your child πŸ™‚ Every moment is precious because they grow so fast!

  182. Just give yourself time to recover. Your body will probably not ever be the same again, and that is OK. And normal. In the meantime, immediately postpartum, buy a big package of hemorrhoid pads – they have witch hazel in them which will reduce the swelling in your lady parts. Change ’em early and often to keep the effect going!

  183. Michelle V says

    Drink lots of water, eat when you want, don’t be afraid to leave the room and go take a nap when you have people there.

  184. I love the baby smell. tiny fingers and toes… I love watching tiny ones grow!

  185. jessica norvell says

    My favorite tip is to move. After my c section it was so important to me to get up snd move i it helped me reciverecover faster!

  186. My favorite part of having a newborn is them sleeping on my chest, snuggling them and hearing their little breaths. Ahhh <3

  187. rest if you can. but with a second thats not always easy to do. let breastfeeding be your forced break. take all the nice showers and baths you can to soothe any aches and pains… and hopefully i can take my own advice with our new little one due this winter!

  188. Ask for help!

  189. Casey Burum says

    Best postpartum tip is take any help that is offered. No matter how little it seems at the time any help is help. Also sleep every chance you get, and don’t feel bad about doing it.

  190. Remeber to breathe and enjoy your little bundle of joy.

  191. Plan for at least three days of enjoying your new addition before having guests.

  192. My favorite thing about newborns is their low mobility πŸ˜› they are so precious but my toddler is a lil wild man and a challenge to keep up with.

  193. Casey Burum says

    Favorite thing about having a newborn is getting to know your baby. You finally get to meet this person you have been dreaming about for so long, and they are so sweet and already love you so much. There is not much to not love about having a newborn.

  194. Let others take care of you!

  195. Recovery tip- REST A LOT with your family and new baby!!!

  196. My favorite part of having a newborn was that feeling of awe whenever I looked at her- my pride in having birthed her, and seeing her perfect tiny body that was still so new to me.

  197. My favorite thing about having a newborn is the cuddles. πŸ™‚

    My postpartum tip is ask for help and accept it when it is offered. πŸ™‚

  198. Fav part of having a newborn….holding them in my arms <3

  199. Courtney L says

    I love all the advice and tips ya’ll have to offer for not only new moms but also moms that have older children as well!

  200. Postpartum recovery tip- rest and recruit help so you can relax, nap, and not have to worry about anything else.

  201. Best tip – Rest, let others do the cooking, forget the cleaning (let someone else do that too!), and take LOTS of pictures!! The time goes so fast, and they change so much.

  202. Amber Whitman says

    If you are bringing home baby #2 +, get someone to help you with the kids during the first couple of weeks so you can focus on the new baby and form a strong bond with them.

  203. My fav part of having a newborn is the snuggles!!

  204. During postpartum recovery, don’t worry that the pizza place now knows your voice on the phone or you’ve eaten peanut butter and jelly for lunch 10 days in a row! Spend lots of time snuggling with your baby and forget about everything else!

  205. For postpartum care, don’t feel pressure to go anywhere or see anyone unless you want to. Priority is taking care of you and new baby.

  206. Relax… the messes will ALWAYS be there!

  207. For me, the most important thing I had to remind myself of post-partum was to be gentle on myself, and to keep in pace with my baby. Which meant slowing down, and not expecting too much of myself. To just be present and not be overwhelmed, which was much easier to do if I took each moment as it came!

  208. Best thing about a newborn? That newborn smell. I’m pretty sure I was half-drunk on that and love those first few weeks.

  209. Pro Tip: Plan. I did not pack enough freezer meals, so we ate far too much junk those first couple weeks.

  210. My favorite tip is to accept help! If people offer to do the dishes, bring meals, watch older kids, always say yes!

  211. Chealle Loba says

    Give yourself a break on everything but taking care of the new bundles of joy.

  212. Katiemae Olderstein says

    The best part of having a new born is finally being able to snuggle and kiss them! My postpartum tip is to ask for help when you need it and plenty of comfortable clothes.

  213. Erin savage says

    Favorite part of having a newborn is snuggling with them.

  214. Relax and enjoy those newborn snuggles! Favorite advice and favorite part all in one. πŸ™‚

  215. My favorite post pardum tip is shower, shower, shower, it makes you feel good about being clean.

  216. toni colpitts says

    I love how newborns snuggle and sleep so soundly.
    My tip after labor and take it slow and relax enjoy your bundle of joy and snuggle that baby.

  217. Awesome carriers!

  218. Would Love an ergo!!

  219. Amy cheeks says

    Don’t be to proud to accept help, if it means you get to relax with you newborn while you aunt does your dishes do it. Newborns are easy it’s when your baby is 12 weeks old and cries every time you put them down that you get forgotten. Soak up all the free help when you can.

  220. The snuggles – once my son hit 4 months, he wouldn’t sit still long enough to snuggle!

  221. My favorite part about having a newborn is holding their tiny hands. My recovery tip is to take any help offered; no you don’t want your MIL to think you are weak, letting her do the dishes when she offers will not make her think less of you.

  222. Favorite part about having a newborn: knowing that something so perfect came from you and your partner!
    Postpartum tip: don’t overdo it!

  223. Natalie rodley-haines says

    My tip for pp recovery is lots of water, fruit juice, snacks and settle down in front of a few DVDs and relax and get to know your LO!

  224. Newborn tip: If you don’t know why baby is crying, all you need to do is breastfeed. It will solve the problem almost always even if that wasn’t the reason baby was crying. Plus you get an excuse to sit in a comfy place and enjoy some tv or your fave magazine or book

    • I love how my little girl smiles at me. Every new discovery and little milestone is so huge in development. My favorite thing is the nurse my baby girl. She just loves being held and nursed. My tip is to really notice and enjoy the little things. They don’t last long.

  225. Christina Napshin says


  226. My favorite part of having a newborn is the snuggles!

    My best recovery tip is to rest and don’t over do it!

  227. Christina Napshin says


  228. I love nuzzling soft newborn cheeks and breathing in that newborn smell. My tip is, lounge around cuddling with your baby for a few days, the other stuff can wait.

  229. rebecca collier says

    my favorite part of having a newborn is their smell… my tip is so clichΓ© but when they nap you nap

  230. Rest with baby as much as possible!!

  231. Jennifer Swanson says

    My favorite part of having a newborn is the sweet sounds they make. πŸ™‚

  232. My favorite part of having a newborn is all the snuggles. My postpartum recovery advice is to get other people to help out around the house, and to get outside in the sun for at least 15 minutes a day to ward off ppd.

  233. Be free of expectations, and be open to constant change.

  234. I like how cuddly newborns are…my little one grew out of that stage fast!

  235. i love squishable newborn snuggles! nothing like a baby wrapped tight to their mama.

  236. don’t be afraid to ask for help! trying to do too much too fast is a bad idea. rest as much as you can and snuggle your baby.

  237. My postpartum tip is to get lots of rest and have people to help.

  238. Baths are great for sore moms!

  239. Marie McCumber says

    My favorite part about having a newborn is all the snuggling!

  240. Ashleigh W. says

    My favorite part of having a newborn, hands down, is the smell. I love that sweet smell!

  241. Melanie Murdock says

    After pain herbal tincture. It’s a must have for 2nd time and subsequent births!

  242. Ashleigh W. says

    My best postpartum recovery tip is to REST. Don’t try to be superwoman, rest rest rest!

  243. Melanie Murdock says

    My fave part of having a newborn is studying their every move and attribute. They are all so different and amazing!

  244. My tip is to restrict visitors so that you have an abundance of time to meet your newborn and snuggle skin to skin.

  245. Love Ergo!

  246. Krista Cisneros says

    I love cuddling with my newborn! I’ve learned to take my time and enjoy him. Time goes by so fast, everything else can wait! I tried my bff’s ergo, and now I want one so bad! My little guy loves being snuggled everywhere we go, and I love have him so close to me!

  247. Rest, because there will be time to show off your beautiful baby soon enough! And that you are rocking at being a mom

  248. Kristin S. says

    Set boundaries with visitors. If they aren’t helping by cleaning cooking or changing diapers, they shouldn’t stay more than ten minutes.

  249. Can’t wait for my newborn to arrive in December!!!

  250. My favorite part of having a newborn is all the snuggling & the wonder of it all.
    My tip is to not worry about anything expect taking care of your baby & yourself.

  251. Psychsarah says

    I love their soft sweet smelling heads and snuggliness πŸ™‚

  252. Heather Smith says

    My favorite part of having a newborn is just the sweet quiet snuggles and nursing.

  253. Psychsarah says

    Ask for help! So hard to get used to, but so worth it!

  254. hanna russo says

    herbal baths for mom and baby!!also poring water over pads freezing them and using them amazing!

  255. I love the first newborn smiles:)

  256. I love the first newborn smiles:) post partum….use the stool softeners

  257. Let others help you if they offer. Your job is to recover& nurse!

  258. My best tip is to rest and enjoy those overwhelming early days as best you can. There will be time for everything else later. Just soak in the newness and give yourself a chance to recover first.

  259. Even if you can’t fall asleep just lay down and relax with your eyes shut. I found that if I tried forcing sleep I felt fanatical about it. Once I relaxed and told myself “hey just lay down and rest” I actually fell asleep.

  260. Not sucumbing to guilt

  261. Caitlin cotton says

    Love your site! 2 more months before my bundle arrives!

  262. My favorite postpartum recovery tip was using the witch hazel pads. I used them probably longer than I needed for the peace of mind.

  263. My favorite part of having a newborn is the brand new baby feel and smell of their skin, before their first bath.

    My best postpartum tip – encapsulate your placenta! Such a mood booster!

  264. Monica Marinelli says

    The new baby snuggles and getting to know the new little one on the outside.

  265. Kali Cloutier says

    The smell and how much they love snuggling with mommy. This goes hand in hand with having a little nursling. πŸ˜›

  266. Kali Cloutier says

    The worst thing I did after having my second (because I was able to with my first) was to attempt to go to Wal-Mart the day I got out of the hospital. I had a c-section and didn’t want to use the pain meds. About halfway through the parking lot I was limping and exhausted and in enough pain that I almost turned around and went home. My advice is to take your super-mom expectations and lay them aside for the first few days. Rest and let someone else help you and take care of you and your new little one. I always feel inadequate if the house is messy and dishes need to be done or if we have to eat out because I’m just too tired to cook. Recovery requires rest, and that means you have to let some things go for a bit.

  267. My fave postpartum recovery was relaxing on the couch with water, food, baby and family nearby

  268. Rachel Boccio says

    My favorite part of having a newborn is cuddling and nursing my new precious baby. Best postpartum recovery tip is sleep as much as possible and remember to drink lots of water and eat.

  269. Fav. postpartum tip: don’t over do it and drink lots of water! Let people help you and you rest!

  270. Recovery tip: Ask for and accept help!

  271. Shannon Emery says

    Snuggle with baby & older siblings as well. Everything else can wait

  272. erin whitehouse says

    My favorite postpartum tip (Which I’m just coming out of now, with a 15 day old!) is to just rest and enjoy it. Have help! I would be so stressed out, sore, tired, and frustrated if I didn’t have my husband off of work to help me.

  273. I love finally meeting the baby I’ve grown to love, and also snuggles, and smelling that new baby smell, and the way they know me right away.

  274. My favorite part of having a newborn is the wonderful moments where they fall asleep so peacefully when safe in your arms or against your chest.

  275. My personal post partum tip- I make lots of freezer meals pre baby and write the instructions on them in sharpie. And I do buy some disposable plates, cups, and silverware (don’t judge lol!). Then hubby has an easy time making meals and there’s no clean up! More time for relaxing, healing, and bonding.

  276. Danielle Alonso says

    My best advice is to accept help, focus in the baby and journal, or blog just find a healthy way to get out all the emotions you’re feeling. Remember that you’re never alone.

  277. Tiffany Mahaffie says

    My favorite part about having a newborn is all the cuddles πŸ™‚

  278. The best postpartum recovery advice is just to love your baby!! Holding, kissing, and cuddling your newborn makes everything better quicker!!

    Other than that, get lots of rest and make sure you have plenty of support from family and friends.

  279. My tip is to get outside for a short walk with little one when when you are able.

  280. Meggan Lloyd Prys says

    Cuddles πŸ™‚

  281. My favorite part of having a newborn is wrapping their tiny hands around one of your fingers

  282. Favorite post partum tip? Be easy on yourself! You just had a baby. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re getting overwhelmed with work.

  283. Rest up and snuggle like crazy with your new munchkin.

  284. sherry blamer says

    My favorite part about a newborn is how small they are. I love being able to hold them so easily. all the little faces they are so adorable.

  285. sherry blamer says

    My tip for postpartum recovery is get enough sleep and let your husband or family or whoever do everything else. don’t strain yourself doing household chores.

  286. The best part of having a newborn is all of the cuddling. They natually want to be held and cuddled by you constantly. As they get older they get busy and want to see, then explore the world around them. It’s exciting, but you don’t get as much cuddle time.

  287. anastasia b says

    favorite tip for postpartum recovery is “get help!”, moms, friends, aunts, anyone to do the cooking, dishwashing, and maybe even laundry. Just so you can sleep, sleep, sleep, and nurse.

  288. anastasia b says

    Favorite part of having newborn is knowing this little life came out of you! And the sweet smell! πŸ™‚

  289. Side-lying nursing is the best!!! It forces you to relax and even sleep.

  290. Jennifer Duckworth says

    I love the way my newborn snuggles on my chest after nursing and just falls asleep. The best recovery tip I have is lots of water and rest as much as possible

  291. Jennifer C says

    My absolute favorite part of having a newborn is the cuddles! When the children grow older, they get too busy to cuddle as often, even the cuddlebugs. Newborns cuddle all the time! You get to comfort them, warm them, nuzzle them, smell them, just enjoy being with the new baby! It is the MOST AMAZING thing ever! That’s why I keep having more. we’re on number 4 now πŸ™‚ Love them!

  292. I love all the snuggles.

  293. My favorite part of having a newborn is the constant nursing snuggles!

  294. Hayley Elliott says

    My favorite part of having a newborn is the constant cuddles and watching them sleep. There is always so many times when I should be napping too, but I’m just watching him sleep instead.

  295. My favorite postpartum recovery tip is to stop worryin about the dishes, your house, etc. just take care of your baby and drink lots of water!

  296. Elizabeth P. says

    Wear a belly bandit – it works!

  297. Hayley Elliott says

    My pp advice would be to rest, relax, and allow yourself to heal. Overdoing it too early is just going to make healing harder and that’s no fun. Bond with your baby and take care of yourself and baby, you’ll get back to cleaning amd cooking and taking care of everyone else’s needs soon enough.

  298. Jenny Travis says

    I love the newborn smell and their cuddliness!

  299. Jenny Travis says

    Two things saved me postpartum, a squeeze bottle filled with warm water and those netted underpants you get from the hospital. I was able to wear those giant postpartum pads comfortably.

  300. My best post partum tip would be to be gentle with yourself. You just had a baby and have a million hormones and emotions. It’s okay to cry and it’s okay if you don’t feel an instant connection to your babe. My love grew slowly over a few weeks and I felt guilty that I wasn’t instantly in love as the other mother’s seemed to be but everyone’s journey is different. And ask for the help you need.

  301. The quiet times of one on one. The establishment of family as opposed to being a couple πŸ™‚

  302. My favorite part about having a newborn is smelling them constantly. There is nothing sweeter in this world to me than your own new baby’s smell! My post birth recovery tip is to surrender yourself and rest when you can. It is very hard for me to rest because I always have a tremendous amount of energy after giving birth but you are very sore and really do need to rest to heal properly.

  303. My favorite thing about newborns is when they fall asleep milk drunk after a good nursing session πŸ™‚

  304. My favorite part of having a newborn is the cute little noises and peeps they make. And the facial expressions! Oh, those expressions.

    Postpartum recovery tip: DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

  305. A balanced diet with nutrient dense foods and lots of water really helps recovery.

  306. My postpartum tip is to just be in the moment with your little one. Don’t worry about not producing enough milk, don’t worry about returning to work, don’t worry about house work. Just be there with your baby and know you are their whole world. Just trust yourself the way they trust you.

  307. Kristi Gooddine says

    The new baby snell. And lots of little cuddles!

  308. My favourite part of having a newborn was squishy faced sleepy snuggles.

  309. My recovery tip is to stay in bed as much as possible, everything else can wait.

  310. My tip is take everyone up on all the offers they give. Let them help with the big kid(s), wash dishes, do laundry, vacuum, let you nap with your new littles, cook meals. Take all the help they are willing to give!! Those first few months go by so quick. No one will think less of you for accepting help and enjoying time with your new babe. Spend as much time in bed nursing and cuddling that new sweet baby.

  311. You gotta love that newborn smell and soft delicious skin. I so loved skin to skin with both of my sweet guys. Ahhhh….

  312. Sarah Stroh Thornton says

    Favorite part of a newborn– Finally seeing what was growning inside of me. Best gift ever.
    Best Postpartum tip– Buy yourself new PJ’s something comfy but sexy. Wear them for the first 2 weeks. This reminds you and everyone around you, that mamma is still recovering from giving birth. Really helped me.

  313. Allison Hanley says

    Stay in bed with your baby! Let everyone else worry about motherbaby’s needs.

  314. My favorite part of having a newborn is that newborn baby smell! It’s like a drug, I can’t get enough of it!

  315. Enlist friends & family to cook & clean!

  316. My favorite part of having a newborn is that new baby smell!

  317. My postpartum recovery tip is relax and trying to sleep whenever you can!

  318. sara swanson says

    Meeting your baby

  319. My pp recovery tip is to keep water, snacks, salve etc. by your bed or chair because it’s so easy to forget and you don’t want to get up once you’re there…

  320. Relax and rest. The thing I love the most about a newborn is seeing him/her for the first time.

  321. My favorite part of having a newborn is all of the sweet baby snuggles you get!

  322. My favorite postpartum recovery tip would be to allow yourself time to heal! You just gave birth and your body has been through a lot so give it time to recover and heal.

  323. The sweet baby snuggles is my favorite part!

  324. My post partum recovery tip is to pour some witch hazel on a pad and stick in the freezer, then can use for cooling relief down below if you have an episiotomy or are just tender after birth down below.

  325. My favourite postpartum recovery tip is to beg, borrow or steal help for the first few weeks, even if it’s just for a couple of hours a day. Promise them baby cuddles and you can shower!

  326. My “tip” is to actually follow the common sense advice about resting that other people give you! We all want to feel “normal”, but we get there much sooner if we sleep when the baby sleeps (you won’t have this option the 2nd time), climb the stairs sparingly, let other people help, drink lots of water, and eat healthy.

  327. My favorite part of having a newborn is watching her learn new things. Human development is fascinating!

    Also, my favorite postpartum recovery tip is skin-to-skin with baby. Helps you both relax and feel better mentally.

  328. My postpartum recovery tip is to have freezer meals ready to go in case you don’t have a lot of help or someone to cook.

    My favorite part about a newborn is the fact that he/she is your only priority at the time. Love that bonding time!

  329. Nikki ordway says

    My favorite Postpartum recovery tip is to use ice

  330. Hannah Roberts says

    My favorite part of having a newborn is watching every stage that my daughter goes through. My first child was Stillborn and I never got the chance to hear him cry or watch him hit milestones and grow up.

  331. kailee bowman says

    Won’t know my favorite part until january, when I have my son. But right now, I love feeling him kick,

  332. kailee bowman says

    Haven’t had my child yet, but I heard that its to relax, and spend time with your baby.

  333. nicole griffin says

    savour those first few weeks. so magical!

  334. My favorite post-partum recovery tip depends on the type of delivery. The best tip I got after my cesarean was to massage vitamin E oil into the scar (after about 2 weeks, when the incision is healed) for a few minutes every day. It helps break up internal adhesions and the vitamin E makes the scar so soft. I have had NO problems with mine since it healed. For a vaginal delivery, do NOT lose the squirt bottle the hospital gives you! It’s a lifesaver when you have a tear. That and chilled witch hazel pads…

  335. Best postpartum recovery tip- sleep when the baby sleeps and let the chores wait! Best thing about having a newborn are the snuggles and their new smell πŸ™‚

  336. Ella Shapira says

    Sleep sleep sleep

  337. Ella Shapira says

    To cuddle them. I love their smell

  338. My favorite part of having a newborn is getting to know them and their personalities. Smelling their newborn smell is great too.

  339. Mary Happymommy says

    I have c-sections so my favorite tip is to have someone else do the laundry and cleaning those first few weeks!

  340. Mary Happymommy says

    My favorite part of having a newborn is just holding them.

  341. Have patience and soak up every minute!

  342. amberly hash says

    My favorite part of the newborn stage is the cuddles, nursing and bonding time, tiny little person stares. Its all so incredible. Just love it and can’t wait for my new baby to come!

  343. amberly hash says

    My best post pardum advice is to rest as much as possible. It helps healing do much!!!

  344. Remind yourself that it’s just a phase, just a phase…it will soon pass!

  345. Best post partum recovery tip is to not neglect taking care of yourself. Remember to eat well, eat enough, sleep whenever you can, shower, and bond with baby as much as you can. The better you feel, and the better your health is will benefit not only your recovery but also your baby ;including breast feeding)… I am due again with baby number 3 this week and I cannot wait to hold her!! Happy pregnancies and recoveries to all the other mommas!!

  346. Monika Muzyka says

    My favorite part about having a newborn is having something that is both my husband and I…and his baby smell πŸ™‚ Gotta love it!

  347. give yourself a break and rest when you can!!!

  348. Tabitha Johnson says

    Best post party’s advice is listen to your body, if you can move around great within a day or two move around but if you can’t move around well take your time and rest up. And also don’t give up on breast feeding no matter how difficult it can be.

  349. Tabitha Johnson says

    Sorry! Silly auto correct

  350. Sonya Morris says

    My favorite part of having a newborn is getting to know them and absorb every sweet moment.

  351. Sonya Morris says

    Get some rest…somehow!

  352. Samantha F. says

    Sneak away for a warm bath by candlelight when you can! So relaxing to get away and zone out for a while.

  353. Carriers are great!

  354. Jennifer Kincaid says

    My favorite post partum tip was to wear a support girdle. It really helped me in recovering from a c-section. Favorite part about having a newborn, cuddling!

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