The Naked Tank Plus Size Giveaway

Jen and Carrie, two moms from Canada, came together to form a partnership for their business, The Naked Nursing Tank, in order to address the issue so many moms face…the dreaded exposure of the post-partum belly when lifting up their shirt to nurse their baby. These two moms wanted to offer breastfeeding mothers a choice in nursing wear that allowed for more flexibility in wardrobe, more confidence when nursing in public, and an affordable option that fits EVERY body type.  

14. Jen & Carrie profession photo for NT

TLB:  Last time we talked, you two and Naked Nursing Tank were featured on the Marilyn Denis show.  It was really exciting to see you guys on TV!  What kinds of changes have come about thanks to that experience?  Be honest, did it go to your head at all?  🙂

Jen and Carrie: Hahaha!  It definitely didn’t go to our heads, almost the opposite actually!  We are so grateful for the exposure that the Marilyn Denis show has given the tank nation-wide that we feel extremely humbled and honoured to have attended it!  We have been able to outsource all of our packing and shipping and are currently working with a rep for our Canadian retailers.  We also have a new product in the prototype phase and are looking forward to having that on the market come the beginning of the new year!

TLB:  Your nursing tanks are specifically designed to keep moms from exposing their sides or tummies while nursing their babies.  I hear that you have just launched a line of tanks specifically for Plus Size moms.  What inspired you to develop this particular product? 

Jen and Carrie:  We are super excited about our new PLUS SIZE line.  We’re offering sizes 3X – 5X in our Luxury Black Bamboo edition and we’re truly inspired by this line. We’ve met so many moms that we’ve had the opportunity to speak with who were sharing their stories about the lack of selection in nursing wear that fit appropriately, and their options being so limited.  Hearing these moms and their emotional frustrations with such limited choice shed new light on the barriers they are presented with, and inspired us to address the issue of selection and choice for all mothers of every size.

TLB:  The models on your website have all tended to be rather on the slim side.  Has this new product launch changed that?

Jen and Carrie:  It is so liberating to be able to promote nursing for every shape and size now!  We had followed the Dove commercials a few years back and found them so inspiring.  We are proud to be able to cast all shapes and sizes and feel confident that our tanks will definitely fit every one of them.

TLB:  Is there anything else that you would like TLB readers to know about Naked Nursing Tank?

Jen and Carrie:  You have so many options with The Naked Nursing Tank!  We are working every day to break down those barriers that come with nursing today.  Find what works for you and feel confident while doing the most natural thing in the world!!

All smiles, Jen and Carrie




The Girlz at The Naked Tank are giving away 3 Plus Size Tanks to our lucky Leakies.  That’s 3 winners each receiving one of their Canadian made, super soft, Luxury Black Bamboob Naked Nursing Tanks.

Retail Value: $45.99 each




Currently Leakies can find these tanks in all sizes on the Naked Nursing Tank website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from November 7, 2013 through November 13, 2013.  A big thanks to Jen and Carrie and The Naked Nursing Tank for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.  You can also find them on Pinterest!

This giveaway open to international entries.

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  1. I would love it if I didn’t have to also wear a bra – an all in one?

  2. I would love to have another nursing tank.

  3. I agree that an all in one tank top would be great, something with great support for us larger busted gals, but that wouldn’t be super visible under other shirts.

  4. Nursing scarves

  5. Whatever it is, if clothing it should automatically be offered in plus sizes from the start and not as an afterthought.

  6. This reminds me of spanx (although probably way more comfortable!). Maybe something that also has a top piece over it? I like to nurse from the top and I don’t pull my short up. But I know it’s hard sometimes to show all the top boob….

  7. They should look into making a comfortable, supportive nursing bra for women with larger chests. These are so hard to find. And most of the few you can find are highly uncomfortable and look like sports bras. Not very attractive…

  8. I love this idea!

  9. Nursing bras!

  10. Handy for keeping your belly nice and snug if you happen to breastfeed outside (at the park, on a nature walk!) Great creation! Thanks!

  11. Full nursing tank with molded cups. Its so hard to find good nursing bras/ tanks!

  12. You know, I’ve always wondered–would it work to make a “peekaboo” nursing tank? A cut-out in the appropriate place, so you’re still covered on top (like a normal cami) and on the bottom (like a nursing cami). Just bare across the chest! No adjustments needed for nursing!

  13. I love that they are offering plus sizes as I am not a small woman. I don’t know what else they should offer, I’m in love with what’s already there.

  14. Jennifer Duckworth says

    Would love a complete nursing tank, plus size of course. Or a plus size nighttime bra.

  15. I agree with previous comments that a plus size all in one nursing tank (built in bra) would be heavenly.

  16. Wanted to try one of these out for awhile now

  17. I would like something like the naked tank that also helps with hands free pumping.

  18. Jenny Travis says

    Maybe look into comfy cute nursing tops. Tops that make it easy to pull out a boob without having to lift the shirt.

  19. Stain resistant tanks would be great!

  20. This is a great product that I plan to get with my next baby. Thanks for thinking of us plus size ladies 🙂 This will save on having to buy separate nursing tops which equals saving money. I love that this is Canadian!

  21. maternity undies

  22. Michele R. says

    pumping and nursing bras!

  23. tanna sutherland says

    I would love a good nursing bra with a detachable undershirt. I dont always need a tank top but I always need a good bra

  24. Nursing bras in realistic sizes (e.g., small band, large cup)!

  25. A better nursing bra. Still haven’t found one I like for my EE’s

  26. A nursing bra designed to go with the nursing tank.

  27. I would love to see an all in one tank as well

  28. Sarah Stroh Thornton says

    I would love to find dresses that I could nurse in and wear to a busines meeting that accommedated both the boobs and the broad shoulders. Immediatly following birth, I wore a 16-18 but to get a dress to work I needed to go up to a 20 and then the rest just hung wrong.

  29. A great next product would be a slimming tank

  30. I was thinking an all in one too. Maybe one with a built in bra that you could sleep with & still get support.

  31. plus size belly bands

  32. The next product should be nursing shirts that don’t scream “I’m a nursing top”!

  33. Macy Hornung says

    These would be awesome! I have been worried about how I’m going to be able to maintain wearing just about any top I own and still be able to BF without being totally exposed.

  34. I love this because you can wear it with any shirt! I think an all in one would be great as well – I know sometimes I really didn’t want to wear my nursing bras so an all in one would be great for those times! Other than that I think more colours would be great!

  35. Erin Landis says

    What a great idea!

  36. Nursing bras!

  37. I think they should make an in between regular and plus size for those of us who just don’t know what size we are!

  38. Nursing bras

  39. I think that a nursing bra/tank combination for plus size gals would be awesome.

  40. i always wear tanks to nurse and never can wear a bra comfortably underneath so i dont. my boobs always look all loosey goosey..this would work great!

  41. They should try a nice nursing bra!

  42. Definitely a nursing tank with built in bra!

  43. an all in one tank (no bra required).

  44. Bethany Adams says

    A plus size nursing bra! I actually had to convert a Cacique bra with plastic bathing suit clips just to have a decent nursing bra. I’m super excited about this tank. Thank you for adding plus sizes!

  45. Christen Girt says

    They should make a leisure nursing bra for when your just relaxing at home!

  46. Hayley Hodgkins says

    I think they should look into making maternity/nursing bras!
    And with the success of the plus size Naked Nursing Tank, they should definitely include a wider range of sizes in the bras too 🙂

  47. I think that adding some cute edging around the bottom hem would be fun. Lace in either matching or contrasting colors, ruffles, eyelets? I always have tucked in my nursing tank and worn my shirt over it, but if it were cute I might not tuck.

    Another idea might be to have more color options. The basics (black, gray, white) are basic because they’re classic and go with everything. I also have some nursing tanks in other colors that I wear just as much: fuschia, light blue, chocolate brown, and purple.

  48. Stephanie Drost says

    I would love an all in one tank

  49. Next on the hit list? Cupped plus sizes nursing tank tops

  50. Betsy Bradley says

    I think lacy bottomed plus size tank tops would be fabulous!

  51. Love this idea! I’d love to win one 🙂

  52. Melissa Wiles says

    would love to see comfortable, affordable nursing bras for larger chested women (size G myself)

  53. I would LOVE if there was a nursing tank that actually supported larger breasted women, with the top of the tank included! I love the idea of the naked tank, but I’m also not finding much luck in a large enough, and comfortable nursing bra that I could pair with it.

  54. An all In one or a cool nursing shirt

  55. Jessica Mayfield says

    I love the idea of this……I have been buying the nursing camis that offer very little support for my breast size, but still keep my belly covered up! This idea you all have developed can allow me to have both, the largest breast size support with the tummy keeping covered. Maybe you can be like the fashion statement and have some with lace at the bottom so people still are totally clueless about what is truly going on!! Thank you, ladies, for thinking outside of the box.

  56. Nice now a tank for nursing no mater your size. Love this.


  57. Rebecca Meredith says

    I love these!

  58. Thanks for this opportunity! I would second a cute nursing shirt. Old Navy made a shirt that is my favorite shirt ever for nursing, but they don’t make them anymore! And none of the other shirts that I’ve seen made for nursing are as comfy. So I would definitely say a cute, plus size nursing blouse. 🙂

  59. Natalya Murillo says

    A bra for an average size woman with above average sized breast would be great

  60. Great idea! Wearble even if you aren’t nursing.

  61. I would love to see a full nursing tank but I love this product as is, it will solve a big problem for me!

  62. I think a longer one would be better that incorporated a nursing bra too would be fantastic.

  63. Joyce Taylor says

    I hadn’t thought about something like this but now I think I need one 🙂

  64. Awesome idea

  65. Carly Parker says

    I’d have to say a nursing bra specifically built for plus sized women, wide chested and large breasted. It’s so hard to find a good bra for us plus sized girls so it’d be awesome if they could develop something that’s specifically set for us ladies!

  66. Heather lee says

    I would love a tank

  67. these are amazing and I would love to win, as I am due in January 🙂 I would love to have a nursing tank

  68. Heather lee says

    Would love

  69. I would love more options in a nursing bra that is reasonably priced!

  70. It would be so awesome to have a good quality nursing tank. As proud as I am from the “stripes” I earned carrying my baby, This Momma isn’t too keen on showing them to everyone!!

  71. Brittanie Solomon says

    A all in one tank top with bra.

  72. kristan berg owings says

    love love! so easy

  73. comfy nighttime bra/cami for larger busted Mamas!

  74. I would love to see super comfy nursing pj’s in different styles.

  75. Melody Harmon says

    I had no idea about this product. So glad to hear!

  76. I am really excited to learn about this tank. Thanks for sharing.

  77. Nancy Edwards says

    I’m not sure about products but I love this idea! So much better than wearing two shirts & fumbling around trying to nurse!

  78. Lesley Berry says

    Amazing idea. I definitely need a few with winter approaching! My nursing tops are all short sleeves lol fingers crossed

  79. I’m 7 weeks with my first and this is one of the concerns I had with showing my belly while breastfeeding. Thank you!

  80. Thank you so much for making plus size nursing tanks. There aren’t a whole lot of options in nursing wear for larger moms. Having this option is awesome!

  81. This is awesome. Its hard finding pulse size items

  82. I’d love to have one of these!

  83. My nursling is 18 months old and I’d still love one!

  84. This is awesome finally pluse sizes 🙂

  85. Gena Weishar says

    Plus sized maternity or nursing clothes in general. I swear selection has gotten worse! When I was pregnant 3 years ago more companies had plus sized maternity. And now there are far less options! I just don’t feel very stylish anymore! I would love the tanks with the lace on the bottom as well. Layering is so my thing!

  86. Yay for plus size!

  87. Michelle Flaherty says

    An all in one would be great, as well as a nighttime/comfy sleeping nursing tank!

  88. Attractive plus-size nursing pajamas would be a great addition to your line

  89. (((((HUGS))))) sandi says

    I LOVE the idea of something that helps BIG MAMA nurse a little more discreetly! I also love the idea of some nursing bras in bigger sizes~namely larger cups. Like up to a J.

  90. Lisa Haines says

    Realistic bra sizes(large band, small cup). I am a 46B

  91. Stephanie Wilson says

    Plus size nursing tanks, shirts, bras…. Anything plus size! Being plus size and a second time soon to be nursing mama I would appreciate anything that will make me feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable!

  92. I think it would be wonderful if there was a version of this with long sleeves so I could do a layered look with tshirts over top when it’s a little colder out. That way I wouldn’t have to wear so many layers.

  93. Nursing Pads or bras for night time feedings!

  94. Rachel Perez says

    A supportive tank with a built in bra

  95. Mari-Kristin Gilbert says

    I’m always a fan of the built in bras that actually support a large cup size!

  96. These look awesome!

  97. Patty Smith says

    I think this give a way is awesome, and I support anything that supports real moms with breastfeeding

  98. would love to win this so I could try it! would like to see prettier nursing bras that are still comfortable!

  99. It’s nice to see these made for plus size Momma’s too!

  100. Allana Hanmore says

    Yes please! What a great idea!

  101. Scarves!

  102. They should develop a supportive nursing tank, not just one with a shelf bra.

  103. What an awesome idea! I would love to have one!

  104. All in 1 tank for us bigger girls would be awesome!!!

  105. This is great i wear tanks under my shirt for this purpose.. Id be great if u could create a plus size nursing sling

  106. This looks awesome!!!

  107. Pumping tanks!

  108. A cute supportive plus size nursing bra.

  109. I would love a nursing tank with supportive cups so I could wear it as my bra… Current tanks don’t support my 40 dd girls.

  110. Thanks for the entry!

  111. Just shared a pic today of me nursing my 16-month-old. I still have a gut and wear a nursing tank over a nursing bra for support. This looks like it would be much more comfy!

  112. Keep up the good work, ladies! I love the idea behind this tank! How about designing a two-layer shirt so one comes up while the other stays down? That would eliminate the need to always wear two shirts.

  113. Amanda Reid says

    Nursing camis!

  114. More plus-sized nursing-wear!

  115. Shelly Spiegal says

    A BRA! There is only one I can wear with these bad boys!

  116. No-wire nursing bras for plus sizes that are comfortable and supportive!

  117. Nursing bras that open from the side and lift up.

  118. Christina Hayden says

    Aaaahhh love it! Today I had a biznitch of a time bring my 14 day old baby in public because 8 was messing with too many layers. I would wear this every day!

  119. These tanks sound amazing! A great supportive nursing bra to go along with the tanks would be great

  120. I would love to find decent priced supportive bras for larger chested women. Im nursing my son now, and have only been able to find 1 sports bra I can afford, but its not supportive.

  121. I love these!!! How about adding an upgraded line of nursing tanks, like some with lacy trim at the bottom, or fancy prints? 🙂

  122. I would love to see a nursing cami with a built in bra

  123. I’d love it if this was a little more affordable. $45 seems a bit steep for an open chested tank top.

  124. Not sure if these tanks can double as compression tank to help us get back to normal. Even us plus size mommas like to get back to our pre pregnancy shape.I miss my hourglass figure.

  125. Being a plus sized mama it’s hard to find all the nursing necessities that fit so this is fantastic news! I’d love to win one of these new nursing tops!!!

  126. As a large-chested momma who HATES tanks with built-in bras (because they never fit) and wears an underwire nursing bra for support, these tanks are perfect for what I need!

  127. These look awesome!

  128. Would love to try one of these!

  129. I agree with some of the others….an all in one would be nice. Love your product and I’m so glad I found you!!

  130. More colors! Nursing bras and sleeping bras in plus sizes.

  131. Now I dont have to stretch out my tank tops anymore!!!!!

  132. Ruthie Sloan says

    I had the priviledge of meeting these crafty ladies at the Babytime show this past weekend, and purchased one of their largest tanks to try out on my nursing endeavours. It has only been a few days, but I must say I am really impressed.
    Now that the ladies at The Naked Tank have gone Plus Size, what is the next product they should look at developing?
    My suggestions are 2 fold. First I think that if they were seeking to improve the design of their original model- I would suggest they create a ‘fancy’ line that involves lace trimming or gold lining etc. For the mom on the go. Although I like this design it does not exactly fit with my more dressy wardrobe. I know many moms (like me) who are being forced back to work early and are attempting to breast feed in between/or have a function (i.e. a wedding/graduation/baptism etc.) where they have to dress up and still might need to nurse. Having a fancy tee under would be nice. (you might already have one-and I didn’t see it at babytime show?)
    The second set of advice would be nursing pads. I had to search really hard at the babytime show to find this product/one that worked. I am also currently a nursing bra/product tester for Bravado and have tried their (Medela’s) new nursing pads. Unfortunately they leak alot. Creating nursing pads that are soft/absorbant for night/day could be a potential other niche to persue.

  133. Jessie Crosby says

    I am 7 weeks postpartum with my third child and while I have become very comfortable breastfeeding in public it is always my stomach that I want to hide rather than my chest. I love this idea and would love to have some!

  134. Holly Profitt says

    This is awesome!

  135. This looks like an amazing product! I’m currently breast feeding my 4th nursling, and I’d love to try this!

  136. Jessica ReevesBurrola says

    an all in one with support for larger busts would be amazing i have such a hard time and have to save to get a nursing bra in my size

  137. I like the idea of a ‘peakaboo’ top where just the chest is out. Provides coverage on top and belly.

  138. Definitely an all in one nursing tank for us ladies with larger busts!

  139. I think their next product should be nursing bras. I have had so much trouble finding higher plus sized nursing bras, it’s desperately needed.

  140. Dorothy Young says

    I’d love this!

  141. I hadn’t heard of these tanks before today, but I am so excited about them. They will allow you to wear a regular looking bra and be able to hide your stomach at the same time. I am breastfeeding twins right now and could really use a tank like these!

  142. I love these!!

  143. Dorothy Young says

    I’d love a nursing bra tank too!

  144. Definitely a full nursing tank!

  145. Great idea ladies! Would love to have one!

  146. Teething/nursing necklaces.

  147. Pjs that also didn’t bare my belly during those middle of the night feeds!!! Chilly tummy in New England winter nights… No fun!!

  148. Awesome tops. I’ve tried tanks that just aren’t long enough and this is wonderful. I’d like to see a better nursing sleepwear ine!

  149. I would love more options/ larger sizes in cute nursing bras. These are great.

  150. I LOVE that you have extra plus sizes! I am looking into my finances as I really want a black one, but other larger ladies may want other colors. Maybe you could post a poll asking about other choices people would want to develop? I don’t know how much longer I will be nursing my daughter, but we are looking at having a second one (hopefully early next year!) and I would LOVE to have this in my wardrobe!

  151. This would be nice now that I have to fight with my daughter to stay covered while nursing.

  152. Oh these are great!!! Need.

  153. What a fantastic product! Any one of us would be lucky to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  154. I would love a thicker strap. I find sometimes that the spaghetti straps dig in uncomfortably! Maybe a “sporty” one?

  155. Rheagan Kindle says

    I was just talking to my husband about this!!! How I have to plan my outfit with a tank when we go out so I can be comfortable nursing!!!!! I now need one every color:)))

  156. Jodi Roseboro says

    I NEED one of these so bad! Fingers crossed!

  157. Heather Whitcomb says

    A real bra/tank all in one!

  158. A tank with a molded cup.

  159. I would love this! I’m due in 8 weeks and can never find my size 🙂

  160. A tank with straps that will stay on shoulders better. Racerback perhaps?

  161. Lindsay Juarez says

    So happy to see some extended sizes for us plus sized, breastfeeding moms!

  162. What a great idea! This is much better than me yanking my cami’s down everytime!

  163. I use regular tanks but having to push down notonly my bra but tank also is annoying. Having this tank would be so muvh better

  164. Kindra Jazwick says

    I am so excited to see nursing tanks in bigger sizes. I am a size 18/20 or 2x and it is really hard to find attractive nursin wear in my size. This way I can wear my normal cuter clothes with the tank under. Thanks!

  165. I would definitely buy an all-in-one nursing bra/tank if it were for plus size!

  166. i would love one of these fab shirts.

  167. Nursing bras for large cup sizes, I can never seem to find ones that fit correctly.

  168. I would love to see an all in one! I’m so happy these are in plus sizes, I feel like I could feed my daughter in public now w/o hiding.

  169. Nursing scarves or covers that are more versatile than current maker key available

  170. I’d love to win these! I’m currently pregnant with my first baby!

  171. Karen Jenkins says

    A nursing top that doesn’t look like a nursing top! I go to feed my little one during my work day and need a top that is smart for work but that I can nurse in without it being obvious that it’s a nursing top.

  172. Janita Fullerton says

    This would make public nursing SOOOOO much easier!

  173. How about adding some textured ribbons, not too long, to give nursing child something to “fiddle” with.

  174. Comfortable Maternity undies would be a really nice:-)

  175. More colours, and more stylish nursing tops.

  176. TI would love one of these! I’m expecting baby #2 May first

  177. Thank you for making it easier for us big girls to have coverage 🙂

  178. So glad to see plus sizes!

  179. As a plus size mama to be, this is a fantastic product! Would love to see an all in one product, or a better, supportive nursing bra.

  180. I didn’t know these existed ~ what a perfect idea!! And now especially since they are in plus size ~ AWESOME!!!! I would love to see a nursing tank with molded cups, no under-wire though (ouch!).

  181. A plus size nursing tank that one can wear without a bra-very supportive for the busty girls please!

  182. Finally! Plus sized maternity and post delivery items are so hard to find.

  183. My sister is plus and expecting her second. Entering for her (my youngest is 10 months and still nursing)

  184. Would love a nursing/ pumping bra 🙂

  185. Kristina Siner says

    I absolutely love your product. I hate my stomach showing when I’m nursing in public & all nursing tanks I’ve found are for skinny women or they roll up. Thank you for a chance towin one of these!

  186. Not quite a new product, but I would love to see the plus size option in a few more colors!

  187. I would love to try this with the new babe – due in 7 weeks! I’m so excited to see the company offering larger sizes.

  188. Holly Granger says

    all in one nursing shirts for all seasons would be an awesome new add!

  189. I would love to see some shirts that can be worn to nurse during the winter. I’m mostly out of my maternity clothing but my biggest problem right now is I can’t wear anything that is warm because it just isn’t comfortable for feeding. I looked at Target the other day to see what I can find and the only options they had were the same options they had when I was pregnant in the summer, tank tops or short sleeves. Everything else is designed to be fitted to show off that bump. I don’t want to show off anymore. I just want to feed comfortably.

  190. Would love to see an all in one, with a bra and cami built in one!

  191. Caroline Murokh says

    I love the fact that you accommodate larger sizes, and that I can use my own bra. I’m a J-K cup while nursing, and that is a hard thing to fit into a regular nursing tank

  192. Mrs. Parliament says

    I wear my naked tank to bed. Keeps my tummy warm and I don’t have to worry about removing anything to nurse my daughter. But it gets chilly. I’d love one wit sleeves…

  193. Theresa Cledomin says

    I would love a full coverage plus sized nursing bra that is plain and simple… so many that I found that could be in my size were so over decorated – I just want plain clean lines but cups that actually cover my milk filled boobs and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg would be great!!

    a good supportive all in one for large chested ladies would be great also!

    thanks for the giveaway – I hope I can win one – I have stretched out so many of my tanks trying to pull down the neckline so that I stay covered (while pulling up my top layer)

  194. LOVE Naked Nursing Tanks! They should come out with a nursing bra or regular nursing tank that does not have a racer back so it can be worn with traditional tank tops and match their strap pattern.

  195. Andrea LaTrasse says

    llove it!

  196. A long sleeved version would be genius!!

  197. About time someone got the plus sizes ladies backs! I am an 18 to 20 size and its hard to find stuff for me. It would be impossible for the larger ladies.

  198. Go for swim suits. I struggle to find a swim suit that supports new mommy boobs and tummy. Plus, nursing is just crazy, the kiddo will invariably pull down the other strap.

  199. I needed to thank you for this excellent read!!
    I certainly loved every little bit of it. I’ve got you book marked to check out new stuff you post…

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