Arm’s Reach Concepts Cocoon giveaway!

Arm’s Reach Concepts is a committed TLB sponsor and has actively supported breastfeeding families since 1997.  Getting to know the ARC family has been a real pleasure, their values and character are ones I’m happy to connect with our community of Leakies.  Stephanie manages ARC’s social media and has become a good friend, someone I trust and enjoy working with and I love how she cares about families.  This week I’m excited to introduce you Leakies to this member of the ARC family and share a giveaway for a product that’s on my baby gear list, the cocoon.



I got to hang out with Stephanie and Sharon from the Arm’s Reach Concepts team at MommyCon LA this past fall.

TLB:  Hi Stephanie, it has been a pleasure getting to meet and work with you and I’m so happy to have the Leakies get to know you and the support you offer.   Tell us a little about yourself, your role at ARC, and your family.

Stephanie:  Hello Leakies! it’s been my pleasure as well, I love the community you have built Jessica and am glad that we are able to be apart of it.  I’m a creative & social person by nature, at ARC I started with general Customer Service as I love to help and inform people this came naturally to me.  My past work was in an internet/technical background and I’m also a photographer so picking up the Social Media roles at ARC also fell in naturally.  I’m a Mama to 3 children, William is 13, Tyler is 12 and Jillian just turned 11 last week.

TLB:  Arms Reach obviously is committed to helping families get off to the best start possible and providing quality products to do so, tell us about how that commitment translates to the ARC family in how they take care of each other.

Stephanie:  At ARC we truly are a family.  We have a close knit staff who cares about each other and their families. We are all Moms, and with that often comes those “emergency” calls.  We pitch in and help each other out, no questions asked.

TLB:  I just love that ARC uses breastfeeding in promotional materials, such exposure helps normalize breastfeeding and gets more people comfortable with this biologically normal way to feed our young.  Why does ARC have such a commitment to supporting breastfeeding?

breastfeeding and cosleeping

Stephanie:  We believe that Breastfeeding creates the best start in life for babies and mothers and want to help each mother (espeically first time Moms) obtain the goals they have.  We believe that our product does just that.

TLB:  Stephanie, one of your roles at ARC is to manage the social media, how do you see moms connecting and using social media and why do you think that is?

Stephanie:  We now live in a very digital worl.  When I was pregnant I didn’t have the resources that are now available at my fingertips.  This can also be a catch 22, there is SO much info out there for Moms and Dads that it can become overwhelming.  We believe it to be our responsibility to share with our Co-Sleeper community safe sleep practices and offer support to those who need it.  When I see a response to one of our posts that says “Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed to hear today” or “I thought I was the only one who had this concern” it brings a smile to my face, helping Mothers and Fathers, it’s what we do. 🙂

TLB:  As a mom yourself, what is your favorite ARC product and why?

Stephanie:  I would say the Cocoon! (Too bad we don’t have them for us Mamas!) We’ve seen babies be able to soothe themselves with the gentle movements so quickly, I really wish I had one when mine were infants.

TLB:  Heading into the holiday season, share your favorite holiday  parenting survival tip for our readers.

Stephanie:  Don’t overthink it.  Remember the true meaning, we have long standing Holiday traditions in our family going back to my Father’s childhood, those are the things I remember from our Holidays.  Being around family and friends.  There are actually very few Christmas that I can remember specific gifts.  Cherish your family and the time you have with them.


Stephanie is giving away 1 prizes to 1 lucky Leaky.  The prize is:

The Arm’s Reach Cocoon in Toffee.  Retail Value: $139.99

Currently Leakies can find this and other cosleeping items on the The Arm’s Reach website.



Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from [month day, 20–] through [month day, 20–].  A big thanks to [your first name] and [business name] for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on twitter  (@theleakyboob on Twitter) and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.


This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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  1. Especially in this season, I try to embrace the magic of a child’s perspective and really appreciate those special moments like lighting the tree and watching crazy snowfalls!

  2. Dayna McNattin says

    I love their cosleepers!

  3. I cherish the little moments by slowing down and observing my daughter. She’s a marvel.

  4. Love the cocoon. I hadn’t heard of it before but what an awesome product.

  5. Co-sleeping. Even with the holiday craziness, it’s a wonderful time to reconnect as a family!

  6. During the holiday season, each night before bed we sit down and watch a Christmas movie and then read a Christmas book. All as a family.

  7. Jennifer K. C. says

    I stop what I am doing and focus directly on my kids… no distractions

  8. Just found out were having number two this would be such a life saver for us

  9. Katie Wood says

    I plan to order a cosleeper for #2! I can’t wait 🙂

  10. Jennifer Otting says

    I aim to always make time with my son. He is just turning one. I will with him and my future kids, always make time to play and read to them, everyday. Every night we spend time playing and laughing as a family. I cherish every moment. Pictures often help to to remember moments. I also cherish our breastfeeding time that bonding and our special time.

  11. Nicole dobbs says

    I’m going through an awful divorce, move, being broke and alone and I’m still tying to just make sure I put a smile on my son’s face as much as I can.

  12. Megan Wipper says

    I really want to try this, but I cannot afford it on my own. I am working really hard to breastfeed my second baby since I had such a hard time breastfeeding with my first! I would love to win

  13. Rachel Blanke says

    This being my daughter’s first Christmas I’m trying to find the best ways to just live in the moment. If the means playing with the flour instead of making cookies, then that’s great!

  14. Michaella glover says

    Would love this! My little man refuses to sleep in his bed for more then 1 hour at night 🙁

  15. Expecting baby #3 at the beginning of May! With 3- and 1.5-year-old boys, I need all the help I can get!

  16. Danielle K. says

    This looks so cool! I would love to try it and cosleeping with my baby.

  17. I am definitely getting a co-sleeper for baby #2!

  18. Such a great product!

  19. I’d like the adult size as well!

  20. We just go with the flow and focus on what’s important most, our family.

  21. I will always take the time that my baby needs to nurse, even when I have a million things to do.

  22. Geri Anderson says

    The things you make are the coolest things ever and they give parents a reassurance for their babies. Love it!

  23. Christina lutz says

    I love the idea of this product!

  24. Bethany Brunson says

    I wish I had the cocoon when my like guy was a newborn! What a great product and company to promote!

  25. Cheryl McNeil says

    Wow – this looks amazing! Would love to have it for my 2nd… 🙂

  26. I love my co-sleeper! It was the only thing I asked for specifically by brand and style for my shower. My mother nursed me and my four sisters and it never occurred to me to do anything else. When I saw the co-sleeper in a catalogue I knew it was the perfect way to make breastfeeding a bit easier. My son was sleeping through the night around 2 months as a result. Love this company and their products!

  27. Have coslept with both of my children, and plan on it with this little one! It makes breastfeeding so much easier!

  28. FantasticL says

    After formula feeding 3 kids and SWEARING that I’d never have a child sleep in my room, I recently had my fourth and decided to breastfeed. We co-sleep and bed share (He has a small bassinet. I would love to have this so I don’t even have to sit up to grab him!

  29. I just had our second daughter and I cherish the moments by staying in bed and snuggling both girls in the morning and baking cookies with my two year old while babywearing my newborn.

  30. We just got a cosleeper for baby #2. I’m excited to see how much it will help with night time nursings. 🙂

  31. I love slowing down with my 3 month old and trying to see what life would be like through his eyes. I’m sure that will be very helpful as he heads into toddlerhood and I know it will only improve our bond and maybe bring a little sense and humor into the chaos.

  32. Heather Davies says

    I cherish the moments by breastfeeding. No matter how crazy things get I love that I’m able to sit down and bond with my little girl.

  33. Jennifer Irizarry says

    Would love to try this (:

  34. Katiemae Olderstein says

    By taking a moment to sing or read to our little bean.

  35. Laying next to baby number3 in his ARC sleeper right now! Same spot his “big” brother also slept.

  36. I would love this for new baby!!! Baby number 1 slept in a co-sleeping bassinet that we borrowed from someone and unfortunately we had to give it back!

  37. Genna-Jo Parker says

    That is a very interesting item and I would like to learn more about.

  38. I take a little time everyday to snuggle with my 3yo. Nothing is so important that I can’t spare 5 minutes to cuddle him (which is really wishful thinking – he’ll really only sit still for about 2 minutes!).

  39. I would love to try more of these products. I think any co-sleeper product would help me be able to keep up with breastfeeding my baby this time.

  40. Vanessa Mulheren says

    Must have!

  41. Read to them.

  42. Amber Green says

    I have four children ranging from 1-12 years old (and another baby due in May). I try to cherish these precious moments by taking out time to just be with my family and play or cuddle or talk. Every night, I always think back on the day and choose something special that my kids did. Each and every child does or says something cute or memorable everyday – no matter how hectic the day or how stressed I am. I try to put those memories in my head and let the stressful memories go. Children grow up so fast and I really try to cherish this time and make memories together.

  43. I’m due in march and after being told I’d never have kids I can’t wait to spend every moment with my little boy.

  44. Expecting my first little one in April, would love this<3

  45. I take a deep breath, put away electronics and sit down and hug, read, ect with my little.

  46. Watching holiday moves helps us relax and reconnect with some cuddles!

  47. Nancy Edwards says

    I love the idea and concept. We are a co-sleeping family with our second baby on the way! I love co sleeping and loving all the little moments we get to share with our son who is now 27 months; we can’t wait to share more little moments when our baby girl comes home.

  48. I hope to be able to take a breath when things get hectic, look at my son, and acknowledge what a blessing he is! I know motherhood won’t be easy, but it is a wonderful journey!

  49. Lisa Ellison says

    I love this!

  50. I want one for my soon-to-be-born baby! I’m due this January 24th or maybe earlier as they say.

  51. Me and my son have co-slept from day one and have also nursed with no plans to stop any time soon! I try my best to capture every moment with my son, he is my world and wakes me up each morning. I sleep with my son every night knowing that he will only need me for a little while, this is the time in his life where I can be his everything and protect him from all the wrong in this world. Why would I deny myself that great joy by placing him in a crib? Seeing the joy in his eyes every time I nursing him to sleep with my milk brings a tear to my eyes and a warm fuzzy happy feeling to my heart. I know I can’t be there for everything in his life but at least for this little while I can shelter him and nurture him with all the love I have to give. I plan to be very close to my son and to be there with more then a pay check for him, I plan to be a MOTHER! 🙂 <3

  52. Love this !! I’m sure Lynnlee would too : )

  53. Charity Johnson says

    I plan to take advantage of the quiet moments and actually try to have more quiet moments. Kids grow so fast! We are due w/ LO #4 in march and excited to add to family memories.

  54. I want the to try this so badly for my next 🙂

  55. Kendra Montijo says

    love this!

  56. That cocoon looks just SO cozy! 😀

  57. Babywearing really helps me enjoy snuggles with my youngest and oldest. It keeps me hands free even when she’s being typical moody toddler.

  58. Ashley Nickerson says

    This looks amazing! I’d love to have it for my little Luna!

  59. Brenda Davis says

    I cherish all the moments with my boys because they are growing up way too fast. I love to just sit and snuggle with them. <3

  60. We are expecting baby #5 in a couple months and we are trying to decide what to get since my bassinet is in mi at my partners place and we are not stationed in va.

  61. Cassandra Eastman says

    I try to take a step back, when things are hectic and realize how lucky I am to have 2 healthy little ones and spend time with them reading or playing games together!

  62. Cora lambert says

    I want one so bad!!

  63. I would love to try the cocoon for future babies.

  64. I try to enjoy the little moments – life is crazy but so much fun!

  65. Im due in April with baby #2 and my daughter currently co sleeps with us. we are limited on space and this would be great !

  66. Kendall Chmielewski says

    I would love to have a cocoon with my next baby!

  67. I’m expecting my first in April so for me it’s really just about appreciating the little things in the midst of how chaotic the transition to motherhood can be.

  68. Each day I come home and snuggle with my little guy just to make sure we make that connection before carrying on with my evening. This time of year is especially tough because of how busy it is, but I make sure to sit quietly with him at least once a day.

  69. I try to spend time with my baby as much as my working life permits, and then we co-sleep to regain that mommy-baby connection. She will be 2 soon!

  70. alicia taylor says

    I am a teacher amd give so much during the daty to my students that sometimes when I get home I just wany to veg on the couch lol. But I always have time to play and snuggle mu sweet baby because I know she will only be little once!!!

  71. I have great nativity calendar with pockets just big enough for tiny little notes. I will write a fun festive activity on each card (make christmas cookies, go to a christmas movie, go ice skating, write cards, etc).

  72. I need one of these for my next baby!

  73. Lindsay Clark says

    I have one and love it! Ive used if with both kids. Great for nighttime breastfeeding.

  74. Great concept! Would love to try it out!

  75. I have always wanted to try something like this. A safe way to keep my baby close ans a great spot for bim when I return to work and he is home with daddy.

  76. love the cosleeper!

  77. slow down and just cuddle them.

  78. Jessica Murphy says

    I am due with baby 3 in 5 days and plan on staying home and just being with my family. Toddlers. Newborn. Husband. And whoever else shows up. Everyone can pitch in to make Xmas dinner while we all let dirty dishes be dirty and children be children.

  79. Would love to have this for my son!

  80. Katy Bowler says

    Oh I think my baby boy would just LOVE that! I often rock him to sleep snuggled up in my arms 🙂

  81. Trying to cherish the time with my 1 month old and almost 3 yr old as best I can. Not easy when you’re a newly-single mom! I’d love to win this. Thanks!

  82. Laura Miller says

    We are always coming up with new activities that we do together as a family at the same time, every night…no excuses! I love the bonding and the smiles and the stories!!!…I love everything about my family!

  83. I always take time out each day & make sure he knows that I am here for him & love him unconditionally. We always make sure to hug good morning as well as good night. One thing I have learned becoming a mom is to make time……they grow up so quickly.

  84. We try to always make time for reading together–I have a book we’re serializing, Daddy has a book, and then there are all the incidental picture books throughout the day…

  85. Amanda Goodavish says

    I babywear so I spend time with my baby even when it’s hectic!

  86. Co-sleeping allows me to relax with my baby and maybe get a little shut eye at the same time!

  87. Cristen Baker says

    What a really cool idea. I love it

  88. I aim to focus on crafting and baking with my kids. Its so fun and soothing and keeps us focused on the importance of togetherness during the hoildays. Thank you for sharing this opportunity and for support families ARC!

  89. Amanda Wilson says

    Your child is only little once, I try to remember that each day and treat each day like the incredible gift it is!

  90. My son always pulls me back from whatever it is I’m caught up in. He does something either cute or something he’s proud of and shoots me this big grin. Anything else that seemed oh so important melts out of my mind when I see that smile.

  91. I am trying to realize that she will only be this age right now and we will never get it back.

  92. I just stop and take a moment to take it all in. Like a photograph with my mind.

  93. I’m trying to look at the world thru my son’s eyes. Now that I’m expecting a third (surprise baby), I’m making a point to slow down because I felt the stress bearing down. Nursing my 16month old helps as well, forces me to sit, so then I engage my 6 yr old at the same time.

  94. * sons’ eyes

  95. I will take a deep breath and enjoy each and every moment I have with my little one. Because i know they grow so fast and everyone little moments equals a lifetime of memories.

  96. We actually try to spend every evening either watching a family movie or playing a game. Just to help wind down from the day and reconnect

  97. The cocoon looks like an interesting way to cosleep
    I keep my playard bassinet close to the bed, but it keeps me and baby too seperated for either one of us to be comfortable. I’d love to try the cocoon.

  98. Although life can be hectic, I try to cherish every moment with my two boys. I wear my 5 month old almost all day. I love the relationship that we have formed through breastfeeding and babywearing. With my two-year-old, I have wrapped 25 books. He is allowed to open one book every night that we read as a family until Christmas is over. You never know which moment will be your last with your children, cherish every moment.

  99. Riley Romatz says

    I’m pregnant with my second, and as soon as the test came up positive my first was attached at the hip like she knew! I have to breath, give hugs and kisses,and remember that we’re not going to get one on one time with each other for a little while after the new baby is born. I make the most out of every day with her so that she doesn’t feel replaced like I did after my mom had my sisters!

  100. I love our Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper. We have been a bed sharing/co-sleeping family for 18 years through 5 children.

  101. Kashia Clopper says

    When things start to get a little crazy I stop and just sit with my son and just laugh and play with him.

  102. Cecilia Mork-Guyon says

    I love this company so much for supporting co-sleeping and breastfeeding. Beautiful simple ideas make it easy for everyone to do both! Keep it up!

  103. I have a two year old son and a little girl on the way. My son goes to sleep in his room but will come to our room any time during the night. He still breastfeeds. Even though with three of us in the bed and my belly growing and things can get kind of uncomfortable, I would not want to wake up any other way. Being stuck in between my two favorite guys.

  104. Love this. I lovr co sleeping!! ♥♡♥

  105. This looks really cool! My sister would love this for her new baby.

  106. This would be great for my daughter who is expecting in February!

  107. Kelsey Patsky says

    Whenever Im feeling overwhelmed, I take a moment to take a nice deep smell of my daughters beautiful smell 🙂 It brings me right back down to earth. 🙂

  108. Emily Kelly says

    I cherish the moments with my young babies by babywearing and cosleeping! We are all happiest when we are close!

  109. My husband and I never thought we would be co-sleepers, but with breastfeeding and working full time turns out it works for us. We are all happier, more rested and it has led to some good bonding between my husband and our little one too!

  110. As a new mom, I cherish the bonding moments I can keep my baby close to me. Even though holidays are hectic and nights are long with a newborn, it’s nice to be able to slow down and appreciate the miracle that we’ve been blessed with.

  111. LThey are only little once. Taking the time to slow down and enjoy tge litttle moments

  112. What a sweet giveaway!!!

  113. My daughter just had baby number two. This would be so helpful to her!

  114. When it gets hectic, I remind myself that my daughter will only be this age once, and before I know it she’ll be off on her own. Makes me immediately stop whatever I’m doing to focus on her.

  115. Michele R. says

    I try to spend a little time each day with each of my boys on their own- it usually occurs at bedtime and just consists of a 15 min story/lets talk about your day once again moment- but that’s how I cherish this time that is going by way too fast.

  116. Samantha Linke says

    Before we go to sleep, I nurse her and just stare into her eyes. I savor every moment, and think about how amazing she is, and how blessed I am to be a mother. It’s our time where we wind down, and just cuddle.

  117. sherry blamer says

    I just make sure that we slow down and enjoy spending time together rather its playing or reading stories.

  118. Breastfeeding forces me to take time to stop and focus on my baby.

  119. jenn McClearn says

    When I am busy cleaning I try to stop for a minute and kiss and or hug my boys as they are playing 🙂

  120. Cass Martinez says

    Would love this for my little guy.

  121. Kristen H. W. says

    I cherish the little moments of nursing my tiny baby, knowing she won’t be tiny for long.

  122. The Co-Sleeper is on my registry for my little girl due in March 2014. Even though I have not yet used it I am always telling everyone about it, and would love to add the cocoon to provide safe sleeping options for my first little.

  123. We co sleep which allows for lots of evening and morning cuddles. And just slowing down and realizing they’ll never be this age again, so enjoy the little moments.

  124. Christine W says

    Even traveling to 3 different places (all in a different state) I am hoping to keep my cool and focus on our little girl by wearing her as much as possible during this season. It gets hectic, and everyone wants to hold the baby–but Momma needs some snuggles too!

  125. I plan to record everything! I want my children to know the ups and downs of parenthood and the parent/child relationship. Knowing that I am going to share everything with them keeps me for focused on what matters and to not stress over the hectic times. Hectic times happen!

  126. This is my LO’s first holiday season. I am not sure what we will be doing to cherish the moments, but i will certainly be looking towards like minded experienced mommas for good advice. 🙂

  127. We are so excited for this holiday season and spending time developing traditions as a family (and participating in old traditions with extended family). Our two year old daughter is really understanding and enjoying everything. Plus, we have a three day old newborn to enjoy as well. We would love to try this product with him. We cosleep and love it too.

  128. Jamie klaman says

    Thankfully I don’t mind when things get messy and have a husband who’s willing to help with the housework! It makes stopping the dishes to play pirates much less frustrating. The book Playful Parenting helped me learn how to really get down on my son’s level and connect while playing with him. The time we spend nursing gives us a surefire way to calm down and reconnect when life gets too busy as well.

  129. Jessica Hoover says

    Cosleeping and breastfeeding my busy 2 yr old helps us slow down and cherish the little moments of cuddling:)

  130. I love the Cocoon idea. It’d be awesome to try it out with our baby to be!

  131. Exactly what I would love to have for future baby! :)) Were trying :))

  132. As a single mom this would come in handy! I love it!

  133. stacy hancock says

    i’ve found one of the best ways to handle those hectic times, is to just stop. stop everything. the laundry can wait, the dishes can wait, the mess can wait. we play a game, do a puzzle, read a book. or all 3! and when my kids tell me to come look, i go look. when they ask me if i want to play with them, i go play with them. it took me a while to learn that, i definitely didn’t get it with my first two when they were small(er).

  134. Lori Jewkes says

    Love this!!! I could sleep like my husband….. almost.

  135. I give my daughter my full attention

  136. Would love a co-sleeper for my babe due in Mar. I didn’t have one with my first but it would have been helpful!!

  137. Jennifer M. says

    Would love this!!

  138. Remember to slow down, you’ll only have this day ONCE!

  139. Stephanie D says

    We end up cosleeping with my toddler lots before baby #2 comes.

  140. this is something I am working on right now. I get home so late and there is so much to do ( cook, eat, clean) and before you know it it’s bed time. We snuggle and talk at night but I always feel like I have so many things to do. I need to get better at playing and focusing on my DS.

  141. This co-sleeper looks awesome!

  142. I always take time to cuddle whenever she needs it. I know it’s not going to last forever so I’ll take them when I can get them!

  143. Very cool! Would be helpful!!

  144. Sonya Morris says

    When things get hectic, I immediately stop and do something fun! Even if it is for a few minutes the mood changes for everyone!

  145. Catherine Spruance says

    I try to keep my kids involved even when their ‘help’ makes things take twice as long!

  146. Breastfeeding and cosleeping help us reconnect when things get crazy. Babywearing and Time ins are aplus too.

  147. I follow my son’s directions, following his lead and seeing things through his eyes, really allows me to cherish everything cause he’s growing up so fast.

  148. We have a newborn and a toddler. Wow, my toddler can be overwhelming. I’m trying to recognize that this is a huge transition for her and make the addition of a new sibling a special memory for her. She’s so loving. Those sweet moments between them are so precious. Taking as many photos as I can 🙂

  149. i will cherish the moments by just cuddling them and enjoying the small things.

  150. I try to make sure I really look at my daughter and see how much she means to me. She never fails to smile or even give me a tender look, that melts my heart and makes me love her more.

  151. I make sure I take time everyday to just enjoy my kiddos together and each of them alone

  152. Tamara McBride says

    Even when it gets hectic I just remind myself it could always be worse. You have to enjoy every moment with your child(ren) because they grow up so fast. Just playing with my kids or spending time with them and seeing there sweet smile makes my day better even when it is the worst day ever.

  153. I’m expecting my first child in 2 months. I can’t wait to try cosleeping!

  154. Cuddles whenever we have the chance!

  155. I would love one of these for my baby on the way!

    • I try to stop what I’m doing and read every book my son brings to me to cherish time with him as he’s growing and learning!

  156. When its hectic I remind myself that one day they will be grown and not be right under my feet so I need to cherish it (which I know is hard sometimes:-))

  157. I love snuggling with my toddler and nursing him down for naps.

  158. Cosleeping and side nursing…

  159. I would love to win this! My husband, daughter, and I co-sleep and our queen sized bed is getting a little crowded:)

  160. Heather Carter says

    With each of my children, I knew they could be the last and I truly believed it. My son is 7 months old and we just learned we are expecting so soon, again. More than ever I aim to keep my babies close, let them know I love them and let them feel that security. With my first I remember how every once had kinds of advice so babies wouldn’t be clingy, now, I say- let them cling and I’ll cling right back. These moments are so few and precious and time will always continue moving and before you know it they are scaling trees and building forts. Even in the chaos, I remember, these moments are fleeting and I cling tight to my littles as long as I can.

  161. Sarah Hayes says

    i will live in the moment and know that these times, good and bad will pass

  162. Jenny Travis says

    I always try to reconnect with my son in the evening. We do a lot of cuddling just in case we weren’t able to get to snuggling during the day <3

  163. Jenny Travis says
  164. I work full time so EVERY second at home I have with them in precious to me!

  165. Wow I’ve never heard of this but the cocoon looks like an amazing product!

  166. Macy Hornung says

    I am expecting in April and am still unsure about cosleeping (I move a lot in my sleep), so something that would keep baby close, but not directly in the bed with me would be amazing!

  167. I cherish the little moments by really focusing on my kids when they need it, and enjoying the little things together.

  168. I try to take time and do crafts/artwork with my son. I also try to read books or just snuggle and nurse. It is tough because the holidays are very hectic.

  169. We learn to say no to lots of things and just go with the flow. Sometimes I get caught up in trying to squeeze in so many things/ events in a day, I have learned to take a step back and breathe, and just go at the pace of my kids. This way we enjoy what we do rather than just feeling rushed and irritated.

  170. sian vranken says

    I adore co sleepers! Perfect solution for cosleeping without losing bed space lol x

  171. I just try and be present and really listen.

  172. Vanessa Z-Gonzalez says

    Expecting my first in January and can’t wait to Breastfeed and co-sleep with my arm’s reach bassinet. The cocoon would be great for naps in the living room or with grandma.

  173. I cherish the moments during hectic Times by stopping to really appreciate how beautiful and innocent my little baby is

  174. anastasia b says

    we always co-sleep and I love having that special time of rest with them even when things are hectic

  175. I try to make time to cherish the moments with my kids because they grow up so fast you you can’t get these precious moments back.

  176. Breastfeeding has been one of the best ways to recharge when things get crazy. It is such a relaxing, raw, emotional event that helps both me and babe bond and cuddle and just slow down. I will miss these moments but am so blessed for such an enjoyable experience!

  177. Kim Simpson says

    I try to cherish the moments by continually asking myself, “is this really important, do we really need to be doing this right now?” If not, I won’t push so hard to get out the door or get the laundry done or whatever it is. It helps me to slow down and remember what’s important. I also super love the cuddles I get by co-sleeping. 🙂 It’s my own secret heaven.

  178. I cherish the moments by not just going through the motions with our traditions. I don’ want to just check them off a list. I want to slow down and really enjoy them.

  179. I try to stop and take moments in – those moments when I’m thinking, “Is this really my life?” and when I’m feeling particularly blessed. It’s hard to pause and do that, but it’s worth it!

  180. I love being close to my son and with the twins on the way I try to keep him with me so we keep our special bond

  181. These co – sleepers are amazing. This product looks awesome.

  182. Having just had my second child, who remains in the NICU after being born at 27 weeks, I’m struggling to be able to split my time between him and my 3 year old daughter. I planned to buy a co sleeper so we could all share a bed once we get to take him home. We’re making the best of the NICU/Ronald McDonald house life and just enjoying our kids.

  183. Leah Bowen says

    Taking time to enjoy the small things with your kids can be a great diversion when things are getting hectic and help me stay calm!

  184. Danielle Cordeau says

    Just hug then and hold them. Or read to them. I co sleep and nurse during the night.

  185. Hannah Black says

    Quiet time (ideally) every afternoon. A moment to talk, cuddle, and play quietly together without distractions.

  186. Allison Sparrow says

    Expecting my 3rd in the Spring. My youngest just turned 6. There are so many neat things available now!

    Would love to have one of these!

  187. I plan to work outside the home as little as possible!

  188. I always take time for a cuddle, a hug and an “I love you!” I’ve found that even on days when Mommy is not all there my 2yo son has taken to doing the same. 🙂

  189. Love this!!! I always wanted one!!

  190. Thanks to our ARC we are still Co-sleeping three and a half years later.

  191. I aim to cherish those moments with my kids by stopping…breathing—embracing them with my arms and heart. Let the rest go. They are more important!

  192. We enjoy preparing and eating our meals as a family. It’s our favorite way to connect.

  193. It’s so hard to pause sometimes, but I’ve been trying really hard lately. I hate craft time, but took the time today to put one together for my little girl. She loves it and it’s a moment she will enjoy.

  194. With a 14 month old son and my second son due in February our lives are getting pretty hectic! Especially since my husband just joined the navy! He is away at basic training and will miss the birth of Josiah our second boy. I am defiantly cherishing these last weeks with my son chase as an only child. A big move and a new baby will be very hectic for him not to mention the stress of not having his daddy around. We cherish every moment and make sure to include daddy by showing him pictures and reading a book every night with his voice recorded.

  195. Rachael bender says

    This Christmas I’m going to try and write down our special memories with my son, especially since it’s his last holiday as an only child. Baby sister will be here in a few weeks.

  196. It took me over six LONG years, a lifetime of tears, and plenty of heartbreaks to finally be able to bring my daughter home, so for me, I already cherish each day I have with her. This holiday season, I will cherish the memories that my extended family will have with her by trying to keep perspective even when my family drives me crazy!

  197. I cherish the moments of breast feeding for as long as my baby/body are willing. Fifteen months for my first boy (who self weaned) and fourteen months for my second boy 🙂

  198. Chani-Claire says

    I would love one of these for my second child! I still co-sleep with my oldest and want a nice safe place for when my little girl gets here!

  199. Thank you for all you do on this site!

  200. I look for a Kairos moment whenever things get crazy

  201. Even when I’m frazzled, I make a point to spend 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon with my 3-year-old twins COMPLETELY uninterrupted. It may not sound like much, but it is the best time of my day, where I don’t think about my work (I work from home) or the household chores. We have our special time while the 2-month-old twins are napping, so I don’t have to think about them either 😉

  202. CoraLee Campbell says

    I absolutely love co-sleeping. In the beginning it was hard breastfeeding after a c-section, but the bond my son and I have from co-sleeping is amazing ! He is one and we are still going strong ! Hoping to have the same results with baby 2 🙂 Or as my husband says…. 3,4,5,6, and maybe 7 !

  203. I think to cherish the time with my children I am going to set aside every night to put them to bed and have a bedtime ritual.

  204. This would be great for our second little one.

  205. I aim to cherish every moment of my children by ending the night with warm cuddles and goodnight kisses.

  206. I try to remember that the moments will never happen again.

  207. Every day I tell my kids I love them and give them a hug and kiss.

  208. nicole griffin says

    I remind myself there will be plenty of time for other things, right now- I have a toddler and I am soaking up the privlegde to be her mommy!

  209. I cherish the moments by letting the little things go. Forget about the dishes for a day & just enjoy the moments while I can.

  210. Brittany killen says

    That is awesome! Would be so great for baby#2!!

  211. I love taking the time to play with my LO and cherish him

  212. We try to take a few moments to just be with each other. Even if it is only a few moments <3

  213. I drop down everything and anything to spend time with my babe. Even if it means skipping a meal! 🙂

  214. I drop down everything and anything to spend time with my babe. Even if it means skipping a meal!

  215. no matter how crazy the day or how horrible the bedtime struggle the nighttime hugs and kisses are always the best

  216. Every smile reminds me I’m doing the best I can. I’m reminded to cherish each and every moment from a variety of different sources… My nieces- how big they are now and how it felt like yesterday they were as tiny as my daughter. Milestones… Not being able to swaddle my girl and moving to a sleep sack – she reaches out to touch me while we sleep. Soon she will be too mobile to safely sleep with me, so I cherish every cuddle and night we have together. Reminding myself she is only going to truly need me for a small portion of her life, helps me stay calm and stress free while I tend to her every need. Ll blink and she will be off to university!! She’s not even 5 months old and that makes me sad! So going to enjoy every little pudgy grasp and sweet drooly smile I get 🙂

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