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KoalaKin is committed to helping moms reach their breastfeeding goals. Whether it’s because of a poor latch, arm, back or shoulder pain, other kids to look after, or overall lack of support, too many moms are giving up breastfeeding before they are ready.  Vivian, creator of KoalaKin, was one of those moms and it is her sincere hope that the KoalaKin would be a helpful tool that assists nursing mothers everywhere as they strive to give their babies the absolute best.

 Vivian LR

TLB:  Hello Vivian.  It’s been a little while since we’ve had a KoalaKin giveaway – what would you like TLB readers to know about KoalaKin?

Vivian: I created the KoalaKin because of the difficulties I had when nursing both of my sons. I had everything, ranging from arm pain, poor latch, sore back and with my second son, another child to look after during the day. I tried nursing in slings and carriers, but I couldn’t get them to work for me, so I decided to create my own “sling”. I was so relieved and happy that I finally had something that allowed me to breastfeed without pain, that I showed it to lactation consultants at two local hospitals. They loved it! In fact, they made excellent suggestions for improvements and encouraged me to make more because they saw moms on a daily basis that were going through the same challenges I was, and therefore could benefit from my invention. And thus, the KoalaKin was born!

Koalakin Hands Free Nursing Pouch (1)

TLB:  What is the inspiration behind your brand name?

Vivian:  Babies love to be carried and moms love to carry their babies. It’s instinctual, which made me think of the animals that also carry their young. I realized that my nursing pouch mimics the way a marsupial carries their young. I then consulted with an Australian friend of mine on what would be a good name for my product. We realized several baby products have kangaroos in their names already. A wombat didn’t feel super warm and fuzzy. Plus, who would buy a product called “wombat kin”? And then we thought of koalas and I immediately knew that was the right name. Koalas are so sweet and they look adorable, I just knew it was the perfect name for my product.

TLB:  I understand that you have some exciting news to share!  Something about safety testing and a new product line?

Vivian:  Yes! We are very proud to have passed the ASTM standard for slings. This is a very stringent test that is conducted on the product to ensure moms and babies are safe when using it correctly. The KoalaKin has been tested for up to 35lbs, so we are confident even those moms with bigger babies can safely and comfortably nurse in the KoalaKin.

Over the last couple of years, we also heard from our plus sized mamas asking us to create a vest that would fit them too, and I am very excited to announce that since October, we have come out with a plus sized vest that fits moms sizes 16 and up.

TLB:  Where can our Leakies go to purchase this new Plus Size vest (and your other products too!)?

Vivian: The best place to purchase is on my website at www.koalakin.com. Alternatively, customers can also find the KoalaKin at www.babiesrus.com

TLB:  Christmas is right around the corner, and many of us are anticipating spending more time with family, which can either be wonderful or extremely difficult.  What kind of advice would you give a new mom who is having to face breastfeeding with their extended family for the first time?

Vivian: I know exactly how that feels, as I was breastfeeding a two month old incessantly during Christmas the year he was born.

I have 3 main advices for new moms during this festive, but potentially challenging time:

1) don’t hesitate asking for help. Many moms just try to do everything themselves, but it’s ok to relax and let someone else take the reins once in a while. And the important thing here is to let go of expectations, because other people will never do things the way we would, so don’t try to control the outcome of any situation. Just appreciate that you’re being given time to focus and bond with your little one.

2) don’t take too much on. This is not the time to have 20 people over for a formal sit down dinner. This is a recipe for failure and frustration. Let the grandparents host Christmas, or if you’re like me and don’t have any family in town, chose a simpler menu, something you know how to cook (this is not the time to experiment!) and you know the family will approve. I made a cheese fondue, salad and bought some smoked salmon and it was a huge hit. In fact, we’ve had it almost every Christmas ever since. You can keep it simple and still have a festive meal that everyone will love.

3) don’t be too hard on yourself. OK, so dinner got served 30min later than expected, or the mashed potatoes are now cold, or your baby is fussing and extended family is giving you all sorts of well-intentioned, but unwanted advice. I have this exercise that I do when I find myself in a potentially stressful situation called “What Am I Aware Of Now?”. I ask myself this question over an over and the answers go something like this: I’m aware of my heart pounding, I’m aware of a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen, I’m aware of my baby’s soft skin, I’m aware I’m irritated with Uncle Pat’s boring office party story, etc… This exercise helps me come back to myself when I feel like I’m being pulled in 10 different directions, and it really calms me down.



 Vivian is giving away a KoalaKin, Hands Free Nursing Pouch of your choice.  Retail Value: $89.99


 Koalakin Hands Free Nursing Pouch

Currently Leakies can find all KoalaKin items on the KoalaKin website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from December 10, 2013 through December 16, 2013.  A big thanks to Vivian and KoalaKin for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit their Facebook page  or follow them on Twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.  You can also find KoalaKin on Pinterest!  Happy Holidays!

This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.

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  1. brussel sprouts, wild rice, mashed sweet potatoes, beets, kale salad and so on.

  2. Mallory Moore says

    This product looks great!

    My favorite holiday treat is German Chocolate Carmel Squares!

  3. Pecan pie is my favorite seasonal treat.

  4. I’m still in pumpkin mode, so bread or pie, I think

  5. Jennifer Beus says

    This product looks awesome! I have a newborn that would love to be worn in this! My favorite holiday treat us pumpkin custard pie! 🙂

  6. Crystal O'Morrow says

    I’ve had the darnedest time nursing in a sling or any carrier, so I’d love to find one that worked for us!

  7. I first found out about the koalakins through this site and followed their fb desperately waiting for an opportunity to buy then when my lo hit 30 inches and 25# I thought I might as well give up. I’m so thrilled that there is a plus size & the weight limits are up to 35#!!!

  8. Jessica Long says

    We eat chinese take away and watch dvds!, after my oldest goes to grandma’s Last year we went to the Movie theater but this year w a 3 m old we will be staying in!

  9. Monica Marinelli says

    We’re having tri-tip for our holiday dinner. My favorite treat is Christmas sugar cookies.

  10. Jenny Travis says

    My Mom makes an omelet souffle that is out of this world on Christmas morning <3 Definitely my favorite treat on Christmas!

  11. My favorite seasonal treat is peppermint bark, or peppermint fudge! Really… anything involving chocolate and peppermint!

  12. Caramelized chicken and rise

  13. I want one of these sooo bad! I’m on my third and it would come in handy for sure!

  14. We’ll have a roast chicken — and I call dibs on the liver!

  15. Mint chocolate bells

  16. My favorite holiday treat are grasshoppers!

  17. What a neat idea! This is also awesome for when baby is cluster feeding and your arms just can’t hardly take it.

  18. Lots of turkey 🙂

  19. Love this concept. My favorite holiday treat is Kringla.

  20. Stephanie D says

    We usually do a seafood feast and veggies

  21. Marie McCumber says

    Such a neat design! I would love to try one of these. I never had any luck nursing in any sort of carrier either and am really going to need to figure out a solution come February!

  22. I love baking our giant gingerbread man with the kids!

  23. Jena Brennan says

    My favorite seasonal ‘treat’ is lefse…its a Norwegian flatbread type thing that we get together as a family and make during the holidays!

  24. My favorite seasonal treat are all the amazing cookies!:-)

  25. I love sour cream cut out cookies!!!!!!

  26. Our holiday meals consist of an array of vegetarian dishes

  27. I don’t know what’s on our menu yet. My husband isn’t eating meat and I have two picky kids. I may just end up making something like pizza, but I’d rather figure out a more festive meal.

  28. Jessica Epps says

    Pie, Mac & cheese, and broccoli casserole are all favorites!!

  29. Heather Smith says

    This year I will have a one month old so I’ll be going for something easy to make and eat one handed. There are a lot of recipes for make ahead breakfast items that I’ve seen the last couple years so maybe we’ll just brunch all day long.

  30. My favorite seasonal treat is the peppermint shakes at chic-Fil-a! Love them! And of course hot chocolate!!!!

  31. Always the desserts 🙂

  32. I don’t host Christmas, but my favorite holiday food is pumpkin pie and sugar cookies with frosting. 🙂

  33. We’re having turkey and ham on Christmas Eve and a seafood feast on Christmas Day, YUM!

  34. What a great product! I’ve been struggling with shoulder, neck, and back pain while nursing my son, so this would be a great solution for us. For the holidays, my favorite treat is our family recipe for fudge!

  35. Jennifer Ahlhorn says

    What a great idea! I’m currently nursing my 5 month old and I have three other children. Koalakin sounds like a great solution for this very busy momma! Plus back pain relief would be great too.

  36. I’m really interested in trying one of these!

  37. Seriously, this looks like the greatest invention ever. If I don’t win, I will 100% purchase one for breastfeeding whenever we have baby #2. Amazing idea!!

  38. Amber Whitman says

    My favorite holiday treat is my famous frosted sugar cookies – family recipe passed down to me. They are so delicious and everyone compliments them.

    Also, the KoalaKin would be a lifesaver for me! I work from home and have a little girl who loves her mommy and being held. This would be awesome to win because I don’t think my hubby would approve of the $90 price tag.

  39. Macy Hornung says

    I am learning so much about all of the nifty items available for breastfeeding mothers from The Leaky Boob! I never knew there were so many items to assist in breast feeding. It definitely helps my confidence about breastfeeding my little one once he gets here knowing these products are out there.

  40. Every year, my mom makes my Grandma’s coffee cake for Christmas breakfast. It’s not specifically a holiday treat, but it’s such a pain to make that we usually only make it once a year. It’s a family favorite!

  41. I don’t care what we eat as long as there is homemade stuffing/dressing. My father-in-law attempted it for Thanksgiving but I’ll be bringing it for Christmas. 😉

  42. I love the traditional cut-out cookies. So pretty and yummy

  43. This is great!!

  44. I love pickled eggs & potato salad.

  45. I love making cookies with hershey kisses in the middle!

  46. We will be having Prime Rib for Christmas dinner, m husbands favorite!

  47. I can’t wait for this holiday season now that my LO is starting solids! Doing the BLW should be pretty interesting! Love the traditional pork and sauerkraut for New Year’s!!!

  48. We are having a Christmas ham!

  49. Marcella Hammond says

    I would love to make a beef rib roast, but since we’re broke, we might just be having something cheap like lentil soup.

  50. Our feast will be coming from Sprouts this year! New baby in the house means cutting a few corners for this momma;)

  51. Rebecca Peters says

    Ham! Duck! AND Turkey! A few recipes off pinterest. I want to glam it up this year! So less of my southern foods and more nurtitious, healthier foods as we have someone in the family whose been going to dialysis 3xs a week for the past 3 months!

  52. I love the variety of cookies and snacking items around.

  53. This would be so awesome! I work from home a few days a week and this would work out perfect!

  54. My favorite Christmas treat are those little snowball cookies covered in powdered sugar.

  55. Looks like a great product for those who may not be able to figure out how to nurse in a sling, wrap, or other carrier.

  56. Ham and potatoes!

  57. pumpkin pie is my favorite treat

  58. Elizabeth Dawn Mowry says

    Maybe pheasant.

  59. My favorite holiday treat is the Bubble Bread we have on Christmas morning every year. We only eat it once a year so its a special treat. My family has made this every Christmas morning for as long as I can remember and now my husband and I are continuing the tradition with our own little family.

  60. I am having my second in March and this sling looks amazing!!

  61. We spend Christmas Day at home. My 4 year old is excited to help bake Jesus’ birthday cake!

  62. tofurky and all the trimmings!!

  63. I Love Green Bean CasserolE!

  64. I love all the Christmas goodies friends and family bring by. I love making peanut butter balls. I make batches to give away, and then almost a whole batch for just us! 🙂

  65. We always make a blueberry french toast bake for breakfast on Christmas morning with my parents. We look forward to it every year.

  66. What an awesome product!!!! Genius idea 🙂

  67. Kara-Marie Walker says

    This would be super helpful

  68. Snow cream!

  69. Kirsten Leitner-Markert says

    We have baked stuffed shrimp on xmas

  70. Definitely ham and probably mashed potatoes and baked Mac n’ cheese

  71. Turkey! 🙂

  72. Cassandra Littlefield says

    We are having HoneyBaked Ham for the Holidays because I haven’t had it in over 2 years. Plus my mom will make all the fixins to go with it. Our family favorite is Squash Casserole.

  73. We will be doing it light this year as it’s only our family of five and the in laws so we are making homemade chicken noodle soup, vegetable soup and finger sandwiches. Can’t wait.

  74. Cooking my first Christmas dinner so probably roast chicken, roast and mash potatoes,roast carrots and parsnips, stove top stuffing for the husband and Yorkshire puddings 🙂
    The baby will have some mummy milk, probably at the same time as I am trying to cook!!!
    A koala kin sling would definitely help then!

  75. Amanda Cain says

    i dont know what were having yet but i love thumbprint cookies around christmas time!

  76. robin johnson says

    This would be amazing to have

  77. I’m very excited to be in charge of dessert this year. I’m making individual molten lava chocolate cakes for my family of 20 this Christmas.

  78. Kylie Davidson says

    I would love this it defiantly would come in handy since I have a 22 month old and a 4 month old would be able to do so much while breast feeding.

  79. Melissa Kelly says

    I love Turkey dinner with the trimmings!! Well and who doesn’t love all the special foods!

  80. Typical menu probably – roast, plenty of veggie dishes, potatoes, and rolls and such for those who aren’t allergic to wheat (lucky ducks!)

  81. Pumpkin cheesecake! Trying a paleo version this year. 🙂

  82. Oh gosh I love fudge. If only I knew my mamas recipe!

  83. Jennifer Duckworth says

    No menu planned. Not sure we will have anything big this year but I’m very thankful we have the necessities. I love all the Christmas treats.

  84. Debbie Cherene says

    Every year, I make cokolate mint brownines. Thy are delicious! and can I just say what a godsend this would be. I’m a single mom with two kiddo’s and a fulltime student. BEST INVENTION EVER

  85. This is great! I nurse a 20 pounder and struggle with back and neck problems due to scoliosis. I would love to have one!
    My favorite seasonal treat are tamales. They can easily be enjoyed the rest of the year but they hit home in the winter.

  86. Since I’m eight months pregnant, I’d say EVERYTHING! I’m going to eat until I feel like I’m going to burst. Lol.

  87. Garlic mashed potatoes!!!

  88. Carrie Auwarter says

    I am all about the sweet potatoes, and form, but especially baked with butter, brown sugar & marsmallows!

  89. Turkey, wild rice, stuffing, Alaskan salmon (Kenai king caught this summer) and probably some homemade pie.

  90. I just became a beachbody coach to try to get motivated to lose those post baby pounds and keep off the holiday weight…so my favorite treat is my chocolate shakeology 🙂

  91. This product looks interesting. I could have used this in the early days when I was adjusting to taking care of 2 kids, I think I’ll try it out if we have any more.

    For Thanksgiving I kept it simpler his year. Turkey, sweet potato casserole, steamed green beans, cranberry sauce, and ginger pumpkin pie. For Christmas it’s so close to Thanksgiving we don’t like doing another big dinner so I usually make Spicy Romano Chicken but I think we’ll do a special breakfast and have pizza for dinner this year lol.

  92. I love me some treats! But I also love have ham on Christmas.

  93. I want one of these so bad!!

  94. I definitely need something like this. When this one is born DD#1 will be 23 months old. Almost all of my day is spent keeping daughter from injury ing herself as she thinks she is Evil Knievel.

  95. So excited for the plus size option!

  96. I love my husband’s aunt’s bacon wrapped dates for the holidays.

  97. Tiffany R-W says

    This would be awesome!!!!

  98. Cookies!

  99. I love Apple pie, fudge and potato candy.

  100. I’m on dessert duty this year and I’m making chocolate cream pie, coconut cream pie, white chocolate brownie trees and sugar cookies 🙂 mmmm

  101. I am making dozens and dozens of spritz cookies to eat and give away! 🙂 Plus me and my kids are working on reindeer candy canes for their schools.

  102. Amanda Echegoyen says

    Favorite holiday treats are Oreo truffles, peanut brittle, and hot chocolate!

  103. This looks amazing!!! I usually end up nursing while fixing dinner, loading the dish washer, and going through my Kindergarteners school bag!! I have horrible back and neck pains! The KoalaKin would be such a relief to my back!! Thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  104. Christen myers says

    Lactation cookies!

  105. Allison Oren says

    We don’t do the typical Christmas dinner, we do breakfast! I love my dad’s French toast, and my mom always makes some sort of quiche. So yummy and a great memory 🙂

  106. Love all desserts! Too bad I can’t eat most of them this year due to mspi baby. 🙁

  107. Megan Speakes says

    Seafood gumbo! Its a family tradition.

  108. Bridget Ahmed says

    My favorite holiday treat is ginger snap cookies! 1111

  109. Amanda Spaulding says

    We will be partaking in all of the traditional holiday foods, but my father-in-law makes a DELICIOUS stuffing that includes sausage and mushrooms. I dream about that stuff all year long!!

  110. My favorite treat is a spiced pumpkin roll!

  111. Chicken ala king- very festively colored 🙂

  112. Cookies, cookies, and more cookies!

  113. My Nana’s spaetzle! Yum!

  114. Juanita Browninv says

    Green jello “salad” There are no veggies, and the green comes from food dye. It’s disgusting, but incredible and delicious!!!

  115. My favorite holiday treat is white chocolate peppermint fudge. Yum!

  116. Catherine Melgar says

    I love prime rib but it won’t be the same since I’m pregnant and can’t eat rare meat! : ) This sling would really help with my second baby coming in January!

  117. Ashley Lemke says

    That Looks So Helpful!

  118. We (I’m pregnant with my second) love chocolate chip cookies and peppermint ice cream <3

  119. Samantha Fletcher says

    We’re a vegan family! We’re having Tofurky roast with lots of veggies for sides, and prolly a pie or two 🙂

  120. Lizz Jackson says

    This would be awesome for doing school work!

  121. Jenine rose says

    I think this is amazing! I could never get my sling to work for breastfeeding…. if I’m not a winner, (that would be amazing) I will buy this product if it fits a size 14!!! Thank you!

  122. My favorite seasonal treat is a Starbucks gingerbread latte – YUM 🙂

  123. My favorite treat is sweet potato pie!

  124. Patrycja Parkhurst says

    I’m pregnant with my second (due in April). I love this sling! It will make breast feeding while keeping a 3 year old entertained so much easier!

  125. Tami Caudill says

    My favorite treat is lutefisk, ost kaka and pumpkin pie! (I’m a good swede if you can’t tell)

  126. mi mama’s warm milk cake topped with caramel pecan sauce…

  127. sweets Holiday Sweets. Doesn’t Really Matter What It Is As Long As IT Has Sugar.

  128. Lindsey Reyes says

    This is genius! I had no clue these existed, and I must say I am a huge fan already! I have a toddler who, when he was a newborn, I would nurse in slings/carriers but it was always pretty awkward. I stay at home with him, but as my husband is still in school I babysit to help with the bills. I’m looking forward to another one next spring, and I think this would be a LIFESAVER 🙂 Here’s hoping…. and if not, I’ll just ask for it as a baby gift 🙂 We’ve already got all the big stuff we could need, this would be a good gift from the grandparents…..

  129. Britney Lombard says

    Anything pumpkin-y, apple cider, and minty chocolate!

  130. This would be a lifesaver with 2 other preschoolers to chase after, plus my newborn! ❤️ It!

  131. Michaelle Melnuk says

    Due in 8 weeks! Would love this as I plan on working from home.

    My holiday fav are my Nona’s Italian cookies!

  132. We make monkey bread Christmas morning – so yummy!

  133. My favorite holiday treat is making oatmeal cranberry cookies from scratch!

  134. Pecan pie! yummy!

  135. My fave Christmas treat is ham!! Yumm!

  136. Spiral ham, and potatoes and gravy

  137. What I look forward to most is seven layer salad!! That stuff is delicious!!! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  138. julia hoffman says

    Christmas cookies!! yumm

  139. Cookies! Nothing but cookies!

  140. Gotta have crinkle cookies every year! Yum!

  141. I want to bake cookies with my three year old and my three month old. I can’t get the hang of the ring sling with the size of my boobs! Even after two kids!

  142. We have a glazed ham, stuffing, potatoes & rolls with to many goodies to snack on before & after dinner 🙂

  143. Favorite treat is mom’s homemade fudge.

  144. Probably Chinese! We hosted thanksgiving, but Christmas will be just me, the husband our new little one.

  145. My kids will be about 19 months apart. This would be the answer to my prayers!

  146. I’ll be trying my hand at a peppermint bark cheesecake!

  147. We are visiting family over the holidays but I always bring homemade cookies to give out as gifts!

  148. Kaila Lauridsen-Moore says

    my cream cheese dip for crackers is pretty good!

  149. I was skeptical, but the design looks really comfortable.

  150. Sara Lambert says

    Anything chocolate! Or just sweets in general 🙂

  151. Nothing on the menu yet! This is the first year we aren’t traveling to see family so I will actually have to do the cooking! Probably nothing glamorous with a newborn and 19 month old in the picture!

  152. We will be going to many different houses for Christmas. I always enjoy broccoli and cheese casserole 🙂 my favorite desert is blueberry pie. Yummy!

  153. I love pumpkin! So anything with pumpkin should do it!

  154. Pomegranates!

  155. I’m a pumpkin fanatic so there will definitely be an assortment of pumpkin desserts; from pumpkin bars, to cookies and pie, the pumpkin options will be extensive! Plus, I have a metabolic disorder, so some of the options will include low protein versions. Can’t wait!

  156. We haven’t even started thinking about Christmas dinner with our newborn this year (6 weeks). Usually we have a ham and sides though.

  157. My favorite Christmas treats are povitica, homemade chex mix and fudge! This year we are making little Santa fruit kabobs with grapes, bananas and strawberries!

  158. Riley Romatz says

    Chocolate crinkles!

  159. Tea cookies my grandmothers recipe I make them every holiday season.

  160. Alicia wray says

    I always look forward to a honey baked ham and anything sweet for after!!!

  161. this would be awesome! thanks for the chance

  162. This looks fantastic!! Pumpkin pie is my fave :)))

  163. We’re doing appetizers Christmas Eve.

  164. honey baked ham & sparkling cider!

  165. Crystal Teal says

    I would love to try this! I can’t get this angle safely in my ergo.

  166. caitlyn collins says

    we’re having turkey, ham and other cold dishes for Christmas!

  167. I love to bake. So I’m really looking forward to having my sister around this week, so we can make tons of cookies. For our holiday meal we’ll probably brave the snow and smoke some ribs. Yum!!

  168. Very cool! I had no idea such a product existed!

  169. Lindsay Chhaya says

    Such a great idea! I need one!

  170. rebecca spors says

    This would be perfect for us! I have a 16 month old son, and a daughter-to-be due in March!!!

  171. I love my chocolate mousse cake! 🙂

  172. Love Christmas Cookies with a glass of cold milk, and the chocolate out of the Advent Calendar 🙂

  173. Snowball cookies 🙂

  174. I look forward to a cookie my Mom makes, Cocoa Pecan Delights. I had no idea this nursing product we existed – would love to win and use with our next wee one, due around Christmas;

  175. Kristin Wolke says

    My favorite are the cookies my family makes along with a little bit of cherry brandy while watching White Christmas!

  176. Jessica Grimes says

    love corn casserole and sweet potatoes

  177. Rebecca Luhm says

    We always have spiral ham with pineapple for Christmas dinner. And a delicious overnight apple French toast casserole for breakfast. My favorite seasonal treat is a Starbucks gingerbread latte.

  178. Pumpkin cheesecake is my FAVORITE seasonal treat!

  179. Bekah Kuczenski says

    My favorite Christmas treat is Christmas cookies 🙂 I especially love cut outs and peanut butter blossoms!!

  180. Just found out we are expecting our second baby and this product looks like a dream come true!

  181. My favorite holiday treat is deviled eggs!

  182. My sister in laws cookies, she is awesome.

  183. First time mommy and nursing full time, definitely needing hands free to get other tasks done this is the first time I come across this and would love one:) My Family tradition is a bonfire playing the White Elephant Game and eating Chocolate Peppermint Smores and I want to keep this tradition with my new Little Family. Happy Holidays

  184. Our family recipe cheese cake. Even my husband became a fan after we got married!

  185. Amber Mabry says

    Typical Christmas food. Ham, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese and pies.

  186. the puerto rican rice my uncle makes is my favorite holiday food

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