Rumina’s Holiday Giveaway

Our last giveaway with TLB sponsor Rumina, Amanda told us about the process they go through in order to create their products up to the point of production.  Today, she tells the rest of the tale: what happens after the initial production run?  She and her sister, Dawn, are committed to making their products work for real moms.  Because of this, they value and invite moms’ questions, comments, concerns and ideas regarding their line of products so that they can design the best nursing products to help as many moms as possible.  Amanda is offering a giveaway prize that will give 2 winners a taste of their entire product line!  Happy Holidays!


Amanda with son Ryland age 4 months

TLB:  Your last giveaway with TLB, we discussed what all went in the production of a new product, from design to production.  This time, let’s talk a bit about what happens after that!  Once you’re through producing an item, what happens then? 

Amanda:  The production process is a beast, but after you get through all the steps and consistent double checking and you actually have the product, it’s then that we have the chance to really verify the product is what we anticipate it being. Before we put in our production order, we always have samples made to give to our test moms to try but it’s not the same as releasing the product to the market and having 100’s of moms with different shapes and sizes using the product. As soon as we release the product we keep a close watch on customer feedback and returns. We reach out to moms to get feedback on their experience with the garment and what they think should be adjusted.  We also rely on the feedback from partners/retail buyers for not only current production feedback but also future designs.

TLB:  How much product adjustment happens after the initial run?  How many production runs do you expect to have with changes? 

Amanda:  In the beginning as we were learning the engineering behind our Pump&Nurse tanks (yes, engineering, we almost needed a degree in engineering to design our product!), we went through four test runs and three full production releases. The first full production run was sized too small and was a little too short through the torso, so we adjusted the size and we added the length in the torso to better accommodate our moms. The second and third versions’ fabric composition wasn’t exactly what we wanted, it’s a very delicate  balance between the comfort and flexibility for all day wear and the need to hold the pumps in place hands-free. The Pump&Nurse Tank you purchase now, is our fourth version of the tank and we are absolutely thrilled with it. Now it’s a matter of working with our factories and suppliers to maintain consistency throughout the production process!

It was at moms’ requests that our products be available in a bra for hot weather, different layering and their last trimester. So the Pump&Nurse Bra was born. The Crossover Bra recently released won’t necessarily go through that same evolution that the tank did since we know what works and doesn’t for our garments but we did make some changes to the first version of the bra. We’re excited to release the Relaxed Bra which was designed to be a great light to moderate support, ideal for sleepwear, maternity, and the newly postpartum mom. This Bump to Baby bra is perfect for the transitions due to its soft jersey knit fabric that stretches nicely for engorgement. Since we are pumping and nursing moms as well, we wanted to also have a more moderate to firm support. Our soft jersey knit wouldn’t give that level of firmness for moms who like more support and/or long past engorgement. We will soon have our Classic Bra made with the same material as our Tanks. The Classic will provide wonderful all day support for busy moms and if all goes well in production, we will be releasing the Classic Bra in early 2014.

TLB:  What are the best ways to get a hold of Rumina with questions and concerns about your products? 

Amanda:  Along with my marketing and sales roles, I lead our customer support! So if customers call Rumina’s phone number 425.466.4408, email at or message Rumina on our Facebook Page, it will usually be me who helps them with their questions. I try to answer calls or respond to emails right away but in a small company where we wear so many hats sometimes there’s a slight delay. We really do take customer feedback and interaction seriously and we strive to go above and beyond to make our customers’ experience exceptional. One of the main things that will make Rumina a success is the support and word of mouth recommendation from moms and that all happens with the customers experience.

TLB:  I hear we’re in for a colorful new year with Rumina! Could you tell us a bit about that?

Amanda:  Yes we are! We’re so excited to be able to start offering colors coming up in 2014! Both our tanks and bras will have new colors added to their line. Nude, Chocolate and Heather Grey will be additions to the Pump&Nurse Tanks but the Pump&Nurse Relaxed Crossover Bra will be the bra of color! We just released the Relaxed Bra in Holiday Red, on sale now and will be adding a new fun color every 3 months!  That means that each color will be available for a limited amount of time and in a limited quantity. The best part is moms will help us decide which colors to release this year! In early January we’re going to ask moms via Facebook what colors they want to see in the Relaxed Bra. We hope to create a fun lineup for this year as well as get moms involved in helping us decide what to produce first for this year.

TLB:  What kinds of colorful experiences do you look forward to with your family this Holiday season?

Amanda:  Since it’s my first holiday season with my lil guy, I’m excited to create new holiday traditions. My son Ryland is only 6 ½ months so he’s not at the point of understanding what the holidays are all about but it’s still fun to start new traditions with my family. Check out the different holiday festivals, attempt to make yummy treats I find on Pinterest, strive to capture that perfect holiday picture, all of it I love! I just wish I lived closer to my sister and her family so we could take a quick step away from Rumina and enjoy the holidays together.



Amanda is giving away two prizes to two lucky Leakies.

Each winner will receive the New Holiday Red Relaxed Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Bra, their color of choice of the Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Relaxed Crossover Bra and their style and color of choice of one of the Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Tanks.
A total retail value of $116.00.



Rumina’s Holiday Red

Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Relaxed Crossover Bra

Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Relaxed Crossover Bra

Classic Coverage and Full Coverage Pump&Nurse Tanks shown

Classic Coverage and Full Coverage Pump&Nurse Tanks shown


Currently Leakies can find the Pump&Nurse Collection items on Rumina’s website.


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from December 23, 2013 through December 30, 2013.  A big thanks to Amanda and Rumina Nursingwear for their ongoing support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to visit Rumina’s Facebook Page or follow them on twitter and thank them for their support of TLB and this giveaway opportunity.  You can also find Rumina on Pinterest!

Open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.

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  1. Every year, since anyone in our family can remember (generations worth), we unwrap PJs before going to bed on xmas eve.

    One thing that is newer in our family, but I am loving, is observing the twelve days of Christmas from Xmas to Ephiphany, as a time to focus on Christ… it’s a great way to “end” the season, and start the new year year.

    • Every year, since anyone in our family can remember (generations worth), we unwrap PJs before going to bed on xmas eve.

      One thing that is newer in our family, but I am loving, is observing the twelve days of Christmas from Xmas to Ephiphany, as a time to focus on Christ… it’s a great way to “end” the season, and start the new year year.

  2. Homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning! Yum!

  3. We did normal gifts with our family members and then did a secret santa with steals game.

  4. Christmas baking – a tradition that will last forever!

  5. Amy Corbet-Elsbree says

    We put our Christmas tree on my birthday (12/22) it stays up until Epiphany

  6. Liz Shotwell says

    New pjs for a gift to open on Christmas Eve!

  7. Exchanging gifts with family on Christmas eve

  8. This may sound silly but before we open gifts on Christmas morning we place baby Jesus in the manger and sing happy birthday 🙂

  9. I would love to win!

  10. Finally! A tank that lets women nurse AND pump hands free. Hallelujah!

  11. We love the “white elephant” exchange for the grown ups.

  12. Our holiday tradition is socks. Yep. Every year my whole family gets socks on their stocking – I love it!

  13. Lacy Flores says

    A family tradition that we do every year is open a book (’twas the night before Christmas) and open pajamas. Next year we are going to do 25 books of Christmas. One every night. We didn’t do it this year because our third child was only 2 months so I think he will really enjoy it next year!!!

  14. Fun gift exchange game with my mom’s side of the family.

  15. We always make sugar cookies and pomander balls

  16. We have a star that gets put up last in our tree. At my parents house, it has been passed back and forth year after year between my sister and I, then my nephew, and now my children. It has to be at least 34 years old.

  17. Rachel Allen says

    We did Christmas cutout cookies.

  18. Growing up we did the Santa thing. My parents made it so magical and created so many fun traditions. I loved walking down the hallway and seeing my big Santa gift beautifully put together and displayed. We always left milk and cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. It really allowed me to use my imagination! I can’t wait to share these traditions with my LO!

  19. Amy Kat Cooper says

    Every year since I was born, my mother has made cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning (mostly Pilsbury from a can, but I still LOVE them). This year we were able to introduce my 13 month old to this tradition and he was super excited to have such a treat!

  20. Cutting our Christmas tree down is my life long tradition. This year we started making ornaments for family members with our children. Looking forward to next year!

  21. Throwing reindeer food on the front lawn.

  22. One of our favorite traditions is Yuletiding, or picking a stranger at random for a gift of some kind. I can’t wait to teach our daughter to do the same!

  23. Angela Young says

    We always have homemade fish chowder on Christmas Eve, and I look forward to it every year!!

  24. We traditionally give one small gift on Christmas Eve. I’ve done it every year since I was a kid and am happy to continue the tradition with my boys.

  25. Mallory Moore says

    We have a talent/game night each Christmas Eve. It is always a hoot!

  26. Jena Brennan says

    My favorite holiday tradition is taking hot chocolate in the car to look at Christmas lights and singing Christmas carols! So fun!

  27. I have taken over making peanut butter pinwheels, a delicious Christmas candy. Wouldn’t be the same without it!

  28. My friends and I do an “ugh” gift exchange. The rules are it has to be less than 15 dollars, and when we pay for it, the cashier has to make an “ugh” face. The tackiest, “ugh”liest gift wins.

  29. Jessica Murphy says

    I make sweets every year and discovered a homemade marshmallow recipe that blew my mind and had no corn syrup in it. Definitely adding that to our list of traditions!

  30. Nicole Webb says

    It was my squish’s first Christmas, so I am trying to start traditions that he remembers, Christmas jammies, reading Christmas stories, and seeing local Christmas attractions

  31. Doing an advent calendar to count down to Christmas!

  32. Heather Whitcomb says

    Made it through the first 3 weeks! Not easy but we are working on it. Your products look great for nursing moms!

  33. We always give pjs on Christmas Eve. Can’t wait to share with my baby boy due in march.

  34. On Christmas Eve everyone in my family opens up a new pair of pjs that we wear to bed that night. After the obligatory family photo of course!

  35. Anne Clemmer says

    Inspired by YouTube, we started this year taking video of our daughter coming down the stairs on Christmas morning (she isn’t walking yet, so this year she was carried 🙂

  36. Normally we stay at my parents to wake up with them Christmas morning. This year we stayed home and let our daughter wake up at our home. A new tradition for us, bittersweet!

  37. Catherine Jarmon says

    We always put cookies out for Santa but ever since I was a small child we have put water out for the elves and dog biscuits out for the reindeer. This year I forgot to do it because things were so crazy having with having a four month old baby. 🙁

  38. I would love to win these! As a first time mom, I am still a bit unsure what I think I would like the most and need all the help I can get.

  39. It was my 4 1/2month olds first Christmas, we read him the night before Christmas book that was purchased 33 years ago for my sister and has been passed down through the family

  40. sherry blamer says

    One tradition I have stuck too is sending out christmas cards and decorating the house.

  41. This year I boycotted dragging the kids from relatives house to relatives house on Christmas day. I remember doing it as a kid and hated it. Instead we stood home in our PJs all day, made a huge breakfast, watched movies and played games. It was the best Christmas ever!! We all really enjoyed a stress free holiday for once and all in our first home 🙂

  42. jenn mcclearn says

    my mom’s family does a “yankee swap instead of a gift exchange every year. it is so much fun because you never know what you will get. the adults in my family have been doing this for as long as i can remember,

  43. We have several annual Christmas traditions, but one that might be more unusual is a trip to a small local motel where we rent out the pool for an hour and our cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents all swim before going home for a big meal and gifts. We live rurally and in Maine, so this is not a typical thing to do on Christmas 🙂

  44. We’ve started a tradition of opening one gift Christmas Eve which will be a book.

  45. All dressing up in the same color pajamas n taking pics in front of the Christmas tree!

  46. We had never had a tree before. We were excited to go pick out a tree, ornaments, and decorations and set up the tree together .

  47. Bekah Kuczenski says

    One of our favorite traditions is going to cut down our Christmas Tree 🙂

  48. My favorite holiday tradition from childhood that we now carry on with our kids is driving around to see the lights. The people in our city go ALL OUT (a few have even had TV documentaries made about them, they are so elaborate). The combination of the chill in the air, the magic of the amazing light displays, and the wonder and joy on my childrens’ faces really make it feel like Christmas!

  49. lisa gonzalez says

    Wearing red underwear!! Lol i think it’s silly, but it couldnt hurt for a little extra good luck.

  50. We make cinnamon rolls to eat for Christmas morning.

  51. Our holiday tradition that has lasted the test of time is having pasta on Christmas Eve.

  52. I love the tradition my husband and I started our first year of marriage of finding a way to give back. Whether it was serving food at the local mission, taking a meal to someone who is sick or exhausted. We find a way to give back especially this time of year.

  53. Lauren Simms says

    Love going to the family farm Christmas Eve night and opening gifts together with that side of the family

  54. I LOVE Rumina products!!

  55. Decorating sugar cookies. Every year, no matter how many or few of us are able to get together from across the US, we always make homemade sugar cookies, cut them, bake them, and then let the kids go crazy frosting and decorating them!

  56. We like to have homemade breakfast on Christmas morning…pancakes if I have my way;)

  57. Attending the Nativity service at church,then staying over with our Godfather and enjoying a big breakfast before driving home for lighting the last of the advent candles, reading about Christ’s birth and opening gifts.

  58. my kids are still young, but we’ve been bringing them to nyc to see the tree and other decorations for the past four years and they love it! (ages 1, 3, and 4 as of this year)

  59. We pick a sibling’s name out of a hat at Thanksgiving – if you get yours or your partner, you put it back and pick again. Then you have until Christmas Eve to buy and deliver the gift. I’m one of 6, and 5 of us are married. Only buying for one is really great, and lets you be a little more extravagant.

  60. we celebrate Advent and Christmas with a Jesse Tree and nightly story time.

  61. Baking Christmas cookies.

  62. Alainna Bell says

    Every year for Christmas Eve my mothers side of the family has rigatoni and meatballs in homemade sauce… I love keeping up with that tradition as much as possible

  63. My birthday falls a few weeks before Christmas and we have always put the tree up for my birthday

  64. My husband’s parents give each of the grandkids a Christmas ornament with their presents.

  65. I would love to start the tradition of going to the mountains and finding, and cutting down the perfect Christmas tree! We use to do that when I was growing up!

  66. My husband reads the family ’twas the night before Christmas to the family on Christmas Eve. It’s. Eddy cute.

  67. New matching pjs, book and a movie

  68. this year will be the first time I let my kids stay up to see the ball drop at midnight. I’m also planning some fun activities for us to do until midnight! Hoping to find a few that we can do every year. I love starting new traditions 🙂

  69. Let’s see- opening up one present on Christmas Eve, making sugar cookies for Santa, decorating the tree together. It is nice to have traditions.

  70. Mandy Boyles Miller says

    A big breakfast with all the cousins at our house. Watching the babies open their presents!

  71. christine k says

    love our tradition of watching ELF together 🙂

  72. We always get new pajamas for Christmas Eve. And, this year, with a little one, we started using an adorable countdown to Christmas!

  73. Every Christmas Eve we bake cookies together as a family.

  74. Looking at Christmas lights.

  75. This was my first Christmas as a mom. We actually found out we were expecting last year on Christmas Day. (Best gift ever!) So on Christmas morning this year, we snuggled up as a new family and talked about all the great experiences the year brought while enjoying all the lights around the house. I hope to be able to do this every year (with more children!).

  76. for christmas my mom and i always kept it very simple we did just a few fun and meaningful gifts but opened them slowly one by one playing with each… sometimes it took a couple days just because we were enjoying them so much. no tearing frenzy. slow and enjoyable. we did it that way this year with my son and he really loved it. he still has presents unopened!

  77. Michele Rodocker says

    We always have baked a ton of cookies during the holidays, and I’ve continued this with my own family. And I love that we open one gift on Christmas Eve after going out to look at Christmas lights around town.

  78. Melissa Cleaveland says

    My favorite it being the Christmas decorations and the tree out! Even with very helpful toddlers! 🙂

  79. My step mom started an annual contest for a “Very Snowflake Christmas”… each year is a little different, and though we grumble about the silliness, it’s always fun!

  80. Sonya Morris says

    Baking with my kids.

  81. We always have Grandma’s coffee cake for Christmas breakfast!

    I would like to start a tradition of getting new (hopefully homemade?) jammies on Christmas Eve.

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