It’s TLB’s 5th Birthday! Time to Party Like a Leaky Part 2!

 The Leaky Boob is turning 5 years old and we’re celebrating ALL MONTH LONG! To celebrate we’re collecting and sharing your stories along with collecting some of our favorite maternity, breastfeeding, and baby products to give as gifts to YOU Leakies. Each week our celebration includes a different birthday bash bundle of prizes from our favorite brands, presents for Leakies. AND we’re growing! Some of us aren’t breastfeeding or bottle-feeding any more (and you thought it was going to last forever) but you’re still a part of our community and you’re still nourishing and loving your family so we’ve grown to expand two more communities where we can talk about our highs and lows of that journey in a safe, judgment-free environment. Over on we talk a lot about, well, everything, specially about parenting and relationships. invites everyone to find a seat at the table embracing that sometimes there’s a little wobble in one of our legs, making room for allergies, and creatively nourishing our whole selves with recipes and a lot of honest conversation. Our family is growing and we’re happy to share it with you!

Let’s party like a Leaky this month and #TLBsupportForward!

Bundle #2

Here is what’s included in TLB’s Birthday Bash Bundle #2:

Tula Baby Carriers: Ring Sling – Retail Value: $135
Tula Carriers, Ring Slings, and Wraps, known for comfort, quality, and style, are the top choice in handmade ergonomic baby carriers to be used from birth through toddlerhood and beyond.

GladRagsCloth Pad Sampler Kit – Retail Value: $95
An excellent start to any cloth pad user’s collection available in a variety of fun and colorful styles. The Pad Sampler Kit contains 3 GladRags Day Pads, 3 GladRags Pantyliners, 1 GladRags Night Pad, 1 GladRags Carry Bag, 1 Mesh Laundry Bag. New to cloth pads? The Cloth Pad Sampler Kit is a great place to start! For most women, this kit contains enough pads to cover you for part of your cycle. You’ll get to try our Day Pads, Pantyliners, and Night Pads and discover which ones are the best fit for your body and your flow. Tote them on the go in your Carry Bag, and make sure nothing gets lost in the wash with the Mesh Laundry Bag!

Bamboobiesa Multi-pack Bamboobies Nursing Pads (3 Pairs Regular + 1 Pair Overnight), Boob♥ease 100% Organic Nipple Balm and our Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl – Retail Value: $68

Snugabell Mom & Baby GearPumpEase – Retail Value: $38
PumpEase is the only hands-free pumping bra that’s as stylish as it is functional. Free up both hands while you pump!

Baby K’tan, LLC: ACTIVE Baby Carrier – Retail Value: $60
The Baby K’tan ACTIVE Baby Carrier is an innovative “ready to wear” wrap. Made of hi-tech performance fabric, it provides a unique temperature control, wicks away moisture, and blocks over 90% of UVA and UVB rays. The carrier’s unique double-loop design functions as an all-in-one sling, wrap and baby carrier, yet does not require any wrapping or buckling. Simply slip it on like a t-shirt! The Baby K’tan is sized like clothing for the perfect fit (XS, S, M, L, XL) and offers multiple positions from 8-35 lb. Chemical free, azo dye free. No hardware, plastic or metal.

Naked Nursing Tank: Nursing Tank – Retail Value: $40
100% Canadian made Luxury Bamboo Naked Nursing Tank – A midsection cover-up for breastfeeding moms worn underneath regular wardrobe. Allows moms to lift their shirt to nurse their babies while their midriff stays covered at the same time. The Naked Tank is the only nursing tank on the market that can be worn with any bra, and fits every body type (sizes XS – 5X), turning every shirt into a nursing shirt -saving Mom’s money!!

Momzelle Breastfeeding Apparel: Momzelle Gift Card – Retail Value: $50 USD
Shop our online store for the nursing top of your choice. We have a full line of stylish and practical clothes all designed with easy to use nursing openings. From nursing tanks and tees to beautiful nursing dresses, breastfeed your baby anywhere and everywhere with comfort and ease.

A Mother’s BoutiqueVirtual Bra Fitting(R) – Retail Value: $25
Most Moms don’t know what size bra they should be wearing. Our service helps them to figure it out and make recommendations for bras that will meet their needs. It also includes a $25 discount toward one bra of their choice.

Ameda: Store’N Pour Breastmilk Storage Bags – Retail Value :$13
The Store‘N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags feature everything a mother could want including easy-close zip seal so bags won’t leak, unique tear-and-pour spout helps prevent spills during milk transfer and a gusseted bottom allows filled bag to stand on its own. 50 bags plus 2 adapters.

Bonus from Ameda: Eat@Mom’s T-Shirt! – Retail Value: $15
All proceeds from the sale of the shirt go to Mother & Child Health Coalition in St Louis.

Total Value of this bundle: $539


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from April 7, 2015 through April 15, 2015.  A big thanks to all of the sponsors of this birthday giveaway bundle for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to take a moment to thank them on their Facebook pages for their show of support!

This giveaway bundle is for U.S. and Canada Residents only. That’s right, Canadian Leakies: This giveaway is for you too! 🙂

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  1. Four years ago I found The Leaky Boob… I am so glad I did I am now on my third child second d nursed g and I owe it all to online support of other leakies

  2. Sarah Schiro says

    First haircut with big reveal at the family party and a cake bash is a great way to celebrate first birthdays.

  3. I’m not sure how we will celebrate baby’s first birthday,but there will definitely be a cake for him to mash.

  4. I am currently expecting my first baby, but we plan on celebrating their first birthday with a smash cake and small family party!

  5. I made a healthy (sugar-free) birthday cake, topped with coconut yogurt (some sugar in that!) and fruit. We didn’t have a party, just the three of us.

  6. Jennifer C says

    I like to celebrate at home with close family around.

  7. What an awesome giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

  8. I like to celebrate baby’s first birthday with lots of family and cake!

  9. Michelle Curtis says

    Thank you for this opportunity! We like to celebrate the big “1” with family and friends at home and of course smashing cake!!!!!

  10. What a great giveaway! I’d LOVE to win!

  11. We’ll probably just gave a small party with a few friends when baby turns 1.

  12. We still don’t know what baby #4 is but being this will our last baby, i know we’re gonna go all out for their first birthday. I see a bouncey house in our future. They’ll be the only baby to have their first birthday in our first home. I’m so excited!

  13. Amy Hegwood says

    For 1st birthdays I like to have a small party with family and the LO always gets their own cake to make a mess with (made by mom so I know what’s in it).

  14. Anna Groeger says

    I’m actually just getting ready to start planning my sons first birthday party, and I have no clue what to do 🙂 All I know is that I want to see him with cake all over his face, but hopefully a somewhat healthy cake 🙂

  15. A party and fun outing to celebrate!

  16. A party with family and cupcakes- which is how we handle most kid birthdays.

  17. Sherry Blamer says

    I like to celebrate it with friends and family with a small smash cake for the little one.

  18. We celebrated with friends and family and lots of food! 🙂

  19. Stacy Renee says

    We’ll be celebrating our LO’s first birthday later this year but I like the idea of a smash cake and a little birthday photoshoot.

  20. Lynsey k says

    We had a despicable me party and invited a several of our friends!

  21. I’m looking forward to a party with our close family and friends that have been involved in my LO’s life to to celebrate her 1st year!

  22. Mary Schuh says

    We love to have cake and open presents. 🙂

  23. With family and a smash cake 😀

  24. Beth Z. Patt says

    With all the extended family.

  25. We like a subdued party at home with just family.

  26. We celebrate with a big first birthday party with lots of friends and family. But the party is more for me then my baby.. But on the actual birthday we just keep it to just the two of us and our kids..

  27. I like to celebrate baby’s first birthday with a cute cake a close family. And lots of pictures. 🙂

  28. Mallory wright says

    This year for do 2 have our (big) family over for tacos and cake.

  29. Allyssa schellhaas says

    I love celebrating birthdays and for my kids first birthdays we always have a huge party with all family and friends and just have a great time!

  30. Theresa Hover says

    We would probably celebrate with a low-key b-day with friends and family. In our family, Baby always get’s their own B-day cake to eat/destroy, so that’s always fun 🙂

  31. Jessica B says

    I like to do a party with family and friends for the first birthday! The second…not so much 🙂

  32. I would celebrate my LO first birthday simply, at home with friends & family

  33. Elizabeth says

    At home, with just our small family. For my first two, I made an apple-yogurt cake with homemade buttercream…I’m sure I’ll be making it again in February when baby #3 turns one 🙂

  34. Lauren Simms says

    Family party with messy cake

  35. Small family party, a few presents, and cake smash

  36. we celebrate with family and friends

  37. Jessica O says

    We just have a few family and friends over and I love to look at all the pictures I took during the last year and how much my baby has grown! My son will be 1 in 2 months and I am so sad as he is my last “baby!”

  38. Ayla Crosley says

    I’d love to have a cute cloth diaper on the bum with a smash cake and some photos to remember the day.

  39. Honestly, I would be very tempted to through the house out the window, lol. Then again, the baby wouldn’t even remember anything, so maybe just a nice intimate celebration with family members would be the ideal thing to do. However lots of photos to remember the 1st birthday of course! I like the messy cake idea, however I am OCD, so I don’t know how much I would hold the thought of that idea, lol.

  40. Family, friends, and a big potluck dinner and a gorgeous cake.

  41. Michele Rodocker says

    We do a small party at home with family and a few close friends for the first birthday. I make the cake myself and do a small smash cake for the little one.

  42. We don’t do a lot for first birthdays. Family party, maybe a few friends, wih some treats. Poor DD was sick for her first, so our splash pad get-together had to be canceled :(.

  43. For baby’s first birthday we like to have a small celebration with family and a cute cake!

  44. Sarah Hayes says

    I like to have lots of friends and family over for a party

  45. We celebrated our girls’ first birthdays with family parties. I made them all special cakes, and fun was had by all!

  46. not sure how we celebrate yet but there will be family and a smash cake.

  47. Lisa Fox says

    We celebrated with family. My oldest has two cousins with birthday’s around the same time, so we celebrated their birthdays, too. And had a small cake for her to “smash”…which she didn’t. She used a fork and spoon, while her cousin, who is only one month younger, completely covered his face with cake and icing. For kiddo #2, probably just family again.

  48. A party at home with family and a few close friends

  49. Regina Campbell says

    How wonderful. This is a great way to celebrate!

  50. aimee place says

    we do the usual with a birthday cake, ice cream and presents. I also have a theme and get a coordinating signature matte for the guests to wish baby a happy first birthday and them I frame it with a picture of the little one eating their first birthday cake

  51. We celebrate with friends, family and a smash cake.

  52. Amanda Mason says

    We celebrated my daughter’s 1st birthday with family and a pool party!

  53. Le O'Brien says

    We’ll celebrate with a party joined by friends and family

  54. Charissa says

    We went out for fancy cupcakes and took a beautiful sunny walk by some train tracks. It was peaceful and I loved not having a party.

  55. Lizbeth Palomino says

    With my lovely family

  56. All my babies have just had a small family gathering, cake and presents. Nothing too big, but always special.

  57. A small breakfast with our immediate family and a trip to Disneyland (if we have passes).

  58. We will celebrate with family and close friends!

  59. We celebrate with family and friends

  60. Sarah Elyce says

    This is our first baby so who knows yet but I better start pondering it. I can’t believe we have 6 more months until her first birthday- time is flying by. I am a baker so I am sure I will be making her a cake.

  61. Stephanie Sangatanan says

    With a special birthday shirt!

  62. CHelsea Arbri says

    We celebrated our first’s with a quiet day at home with mommy & daddy, all focused around him. We still had a party, but that was a separate day completely. Our second will turn one in JUly and we plan t do it the same way. :]

  63. Ginelle NT says

    We celebrate with a small gathering of family.

  64. Caroline G says

    I’m not sure how to celebrate my baby’s first birthday–we’re still waiting on our twins (babies #1 and #2) to make their original debut! I guess we’ll solve the first birthday question in 2016 🙂

  65. We celebrated with a cake smash photo shoot and a big birthday party with family 🙂

  66. Kristin Hankins says

    Small, with family and a fun cake!

  67. eileen marie says

    Simply. Family & close friends over for cake & ice cream.

  68. Just a small celebration with family and friends and some cake.

  69. Elizabeth Hill says

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to win this 🙂

  70. Katie LP says

    For babies first birthday (coming in October) I plan on making a cake for him to destroy. It’s going to be geek themed; Dr. Who, fluffy DND dice, Sherlock, Star wars and the like. Lots of games, many littles, tons of family and friends!!

  71. Alissa G. says

    For baby’s first birthday, I like to make a super cute cake and have a small party with immediate family members.

  72. Carly D. says

    We haven’t celebrated yet but there will be lots of cake thats for sure!

  73. Kristina D says

    It’s hard to plan ahead that far… we’re working on baby’s actual BIRTH day right now, which is coming up in about 4 weeks 🙂 When he turns 1 I think the important things will be that there is family around to celebrate with, and that baby gets to do lots of smiling 🙂

  74. We like to celebrate first birthdays with lots of family!

  75. Friends, family, first haircut and fun! She will have her first piece of cake that day 🙂

  76. We had parties for both of our little ones’ first birthdays, with immediate family and our close friends. Of course there was cake to smash (neither of them really got into that, they just ate the frosting, of course)! For my oldest daughter’s actual birthday, we were in Tennessee visiting (and meeting, for her) my grandma, so my cousin and uncle made her cupcakes. The next day she got to go meet my great-grandma and we took a 5 generation picture!

  77. We had parties at our home for both of my babies…friends and family and mini smash cakes. Worked out great!

  78. Jessica Williams says

    Such helpful and wonderful give away! Thankyou so much to the wonderful sponsors. And thankyou Jessica and congratulations on 5 years!

  79. Jennifer Lott says

    as a family out exploring!

  80. Michelle Leong says

    We had a party with close friends. And of course a family party.

  81. A cake and a family party. Only we have moved across the country from all the rest of the family.

  82. Melissa C. says

    with family and cake!

  83. Family party at home – next month!

  84. A good old messy smash cake!

  85. Went to the planetarium to see an elmo show. No party, no junk food fest. Simple but special. My toddler has yet to even taste cake and I plan to keep it that way as long as possible.

  86. Cameron Rosa says

    We celebrate with family and friends. I made my son a dairy free carrot cake since carrots were his favorite at that time. I tried to have all of his favorite stuff since it was all about him!

  87. kristen Smarzewski says

    My baby is not born yet.

  88. We have a party with friends and family

  89. Although I have yet to have a baby with a first birthday, I think a simple party with family and cake is the best!

  90. Liz Ticona says

    My 1st son’s 1st birthday was at “Gymboree” and it was lots of fun for him…with my baby boy coming this July, I’d probably do it a little different, and wait to throw him a big party like that until he’s 2…and at his 1st party I’d love to do a family gathering and have him take a go at his cake 🙂

  91. Kari Barone says

    I like to make a gluten, dairy free cake with not too much sweet for 1 st birthday. An adorable outfit on little one for plenty of pictures alone and with family.

  92. We had a small party with close friends and family.

  93. Kara Gibbs says

    Planning to celebrate with family and close friends. Lots of fun with cousins and of course a cake bash.

  94. I just made my little one cupcake and we celebrated at home after he got back from daycare in the evening.

  95. Staci Nouri says

    I know they aren’t going to remember it but I like to gather all our friends and basically have a giant playdate. 1 yr olds are too little for activities so mostly just bring a bunch of toys somewhere and play. The one thing I did for my first kiddo is we drew a tree on some posterboard and had each baby guest sign their handprint with their name underneath aka our baby family tree.

  96. stephanie says

    Love! I love the leaky boob

  97. quietly at home with close family. little ones dont need a big hullabaloo!

  98. We celebrate with a big family and friends party and a little cake smash photo shoot. We go all out for 1!

  99. I think first birthdays are more for the family and those who supported us during the first year. With my first son, we were able to go home and visit my family and some of our best friends came by the celebrate. It was low key, a few balloons, a few gifts, pulled pork and homemade cupcakes. My son got his own cupcake and loved it!

  100. Tanya Leavitt says

    friends and family over with a birthday cake in some fun. thanks for such an awesome giveaway.

  101. Quietly, with family.

  102. Elizabeth says

    The first was a big party. Idk what we are going to do for the second child, I have a year to figure it out!

  103. Elizabeth Gee says

    We do the traditional big party plus first dessert.

  104. Kristin D says

    Our first little one is due in July. Not sure what we’ll do for the first birthday, but I’m sure there will be a small smash cake for baby and hopefully LOTS of family!

  105. Birthday party with close friends and family! Cake and ice cream too, of course 🙂

  106. Karen Jackson says

    Thank You great giveaway, thanks for including Canadians! I’m nursing my 2nd now on our 8th month, first was 23 months. We do family gatherings for Bday’s with cake and decorations!

  107. Katie LP says

    I forgot in my earlier comment the biggest theme in his party will be “Back to the Future” because his first birthday is 10-21-2015, the date they go back to in number 2 🙂

  108. Veronica Bohan says

    Very small party

  109. jazmine quinones says

    Celebrated with family and friends at Gymboree

  110. Candice K says

    Surrounded by family and friends!

  111. We dont do anything special to celebrate baby’s first. They wont remember anyway. My inlaws have dinner every sunday. That is when we do birthday celebrations and its usually just cake and ice cream. My children get gifts from family but we do not buy them anything until they are 2.

  112. Party with family and a few friends. Lots of fun and games!

  113. Maggie Smith says

    with family and homemade cake

  114. We always throw a big bash at a park so that all of our family/friends can come.

  115. Nikki Cook says

    It’s definitely not a 1st birthday without family and a chocolate smash cake

  116. Lots of cake! And maybe something healthy too… 🙂

  117. We’ll probably do a simple celebration: Cake, a few gifts, and perhaps grandparents will join us.

  118. Megan White says

    We had a BBQ with lots of family and friends. Lucky for us the weather stayed nice and sunshiny.

  119. Cake and family

  120. Christine M says

    We did a small family celebration, no fuss.

  121. Shantal Aleana Sigouin says

    We celebrated with some close family friends and a special dinner.

  122. Not sure yet but I’m leaning towards a cupcake to smash and my DH is thinking a whole cake.

  123. Baby is due tomorrow, so haven’t had a first birthday yet! But I imagine it will involve family, friends, a darling dress and some yummy treats for all!

  124. Rahel Moore says

    I like to celebrate small! 🙂 But def with a messy cupcake or cake!!!

  125. I like to celebrate baby’s 1st birthday with family and close friends. I like to bake the first “smash” cake for baby myself too.

  126. Chandra Stettner says

    With all of our family present! We drive 15 hours one way to do it too!

  127. We like to celebrate with our closest family and friends. And of course a little cake smash!

  128. I like to celebrate with friends and family!

  129. i would like to celebrate with family and friends

  130. Something low key but fun for the birthday boy!

  131. Smash cake, 1st year photos; and a family party.

  132. Bethann Nelson says

    We had just moved back to Phoenix, so we invited all our friends to meet our son.

  133. Carrie McBride says

    Getting together with family and friends to celebrate.

  134. Andrea Magat-Molteni says

    .. As a family 🙂

  135. I like something simple with close friends and family for baby’s first birthday.

  136. Sara Haugen says

    Birthdays are a great time to get together with family! (and eat some cake too!)

  137. Jacqueline says

    We did have a 1st birthday party for each of my kids, although the younger one had to share a party with his brother. We invite mama friends that I made with similar aged kids for the party, then have dinner with family.

  138. Tracy Gordon says

    We have a small family get together.

  139. Shannon chambers says

    No babies yet, our wedding is in September

  140. Laura Tripet says

    Baby’s 1st birthday is just a small, family event. Have a lil party at home with finger foods and of course cake! Presents of course too!

  141. We keep it small and just have family over. I didn’t know about smash cakes when I had my first. For my second kid, we did have a smash cake.

  142. DorothyK says

    The night before our son’s first birthday, we looked through all the photos we had taken the year before and watched his eyes light up as he laughed at how small he used to be. The morning of his birthday, we read him Dr. Seuss’ Happy Birthday To You book & spent some time as a family before the party.

  143. We celebrated my son’s first birthday with just the three of us; I made a sugar free banana bread “cake” topped with yogurt. He loved it! We will do something similar for following babies, I am sure. 🙂

  144. We have a family party. I have learned smaller is better after our first daughter’s party that was huge and too much work.

  145. small party with family

  146. We celebrate by inviting the whole family over (baby’s great grandparents included!) We have lots of food, homemade cake (baby safe of course), gift opening and fun family time! Of course, lots and lots of pictures!

  147. Gretchen B says

    Birthdays are always a family affair. I have started browsing pinterest for ideas for my little guy’s first. Only 5 months left to plan 😉

  148. Tara Kosing says

    We celebrate with immediate family only. But cute decorations and a cake to smash are still necessary 🙂

  149. Nicole U says

    Small gathering with family 🙂

  150. We do a get-together with family and friends and then usually a night out for daddy and me. We have to celebrate getting through that first year too!

  151. Not there yet (my son is 9 months) but hope to celebrate outdoors with family, friends and some good food!

  152. Hopefully with friends and family 🙂

  153. With a party of course!

  154. Awesome Giveaway! My baby is only 3 months but i can’t wait to celebrate with family and friends!

  155. We celebrate with family with a BBQ, the first birthday is more for the parents and family than the baby because lets be honest they won’t remember their first party 😉

  156. Christina says

    simple family gathering and baby’s first cake. Baby doesn’t know the difference so we keep things easy for ourselves!

  157. Just a family event with cake!

  158. Adele Miranda says

    I made a birthday cake and had all of our family over to celebrate my son’s first birthday 🙂

  159. We like to have a special day with family. I find with little ones staying laid back and just enjoying the day together works best for us.

  160. We get together with friends and family and have a big celebration for the big one year old! Its so much fun!!

  161. Celebrating with lots of family and friends and came. Since he’s a winter baby maybe we will have a pool party!!

  162. Laura Cornett Wang says

    With a party and cake 🙂

  163. Have a ways to go before his first birthday, but there will definitely be cake and lots of friends!

  164. This baby will have cake for his first birthday, 8 months from now! Love seeing their faces and hands covered in frosting! 🙂

  165. we celebrated with a nice family dinner.

  166. Alexis Underwood says

    I like to have a small party with family and friends!

  167. MyChau Brikshavana says

    Our first daughter was born in the summer and for her first birthday last year, we had a big blowout in the back yard with lots of food and 5 kiddie pools for the little ones. Of course, the baby got her first taste of cake! My second was born this past February and will be one in 2016. It will be too cold for a party outdoors, so we will have to think of different venues. But of course, there will be cake!

  168. Kris Heep says

    1st birthday? Keep it simple – invite family and friends to your home, have snacks, cake, and ice cream!

  169. We like to keep first birthdays simple with family, an easy meal, and cake and ice cream.

  170. We’ll be celebrating at the end of August with a family pool party!!

  171. Kimberly M says

    A cake, it’s the first sweet the baby gets, family and presents. My babies are both born on February do all indoor fun.

  172. We aren’t big on first birthdays, we make a cake to eat and sing and mostly it’s an emotional day of memories for me…the birth is so fresh and I can’t believe it’s been a year already…And that my baby is turning into a walking and talking baby. <3

  173. I’m planning on celebrating my daughter’s first birthday with a casual family get-together – and cake, of course!

  174. Jenny Robinson says

    We will be surrounded by family!

  175. Elizabeth McAllister says

    We like to celebrate with family and friends, home made decorations and of course messy cake!

  176. Crystal S. says

    We’ve had one so far, and we had a family party with the messy cake-eating 🙂

  177. We plan on having a small party at home with close family!

  178. Sarah Romero says

    I would love great food and a lovely cake!

  179. We celebrate the first birthday at home with family and close friends with cake and a special one for the 1 year old.

  180. Organic cupcakes and frisbee by a lake. Did this for my first, now looking for a similar spot for my second.

  181. Gwendolyn says

    We like to have a quiet first birthday party for our kids with just immediate family. We always make sure to get picture of the first bite of cake…frosting everywhere!!

  182. With balloons and a smash cake!

  183. Christina says

    I always have a party for my babies when they turn 1. I will admit that I tend to go a tad overboard. This June 5th will be my son Rocket’s first birthday and I am deep into planning his rocket themed party.

  184. Samantha Archer says

    We are going to have a big cook out with all of our family members to celebrate baby’s first birthday this summer! It’s going to be so much fun…but I don’t want it to get here too fast!

  185. We celebrate with a small party and cake, and getting professional pictures taken 🙂

  186. I would like to celebrate my little love’s first birthday with a small get together of family and her own personal cake. I want her to cover herself in cake and take adorable pictures. 🙂

  187. I like to keep it small–family and very close friends

  188. I like to celebrate baby’s first with family and friends food and cake! Of course a little cake for baby to just go crazy in:)

  189. Nicole Deardorf says

    I like to go to my Great, Great Grammas house, make a cake and take tons of pics with everyone.

  190. We like to celelbrate first birthdays by going to the park and having some kind of first sweet treat (other than fruit) and I like to make a crown for the child. I find it’s also a very special time to celebrate mamas first year, the most challenging, is over and completed! 🙂

  191. Stephanie says

    We have family and a few close friends over, have a few activities / games that both kids and adults can participate in and let baby dig into their first cake.

  192. We would celebrate with a few close family and friends.

  193. Amanda Temple says

    We were visiting family and unfortunately all caught a bug! We had a small party at a relative’s house, but hubby and I were miserable. Little guy wouldn’t eat much food, but still devoured his cake!

  194. Stephanie says

    We like to have a little party with close friends and family!

  195. I celebrate with close friends and family.

  196. Becky Regnier says

    A small family party and definitely a smash cake!

  197. I’d like a few close friends at home for my baby’s first birthday.

  198. Elizabeth C says

    We just celebrated our youngest son’s 1st birthday with a small cake smash and gifts.

  199. We usually just spend the day as a family and then everything as normal. And a birthday cake for baby 🙂

  200. I like to have a celebration with family and friends. For my second, we had a party themed around “balls!” because that was his favorite word and his favorite toy. I asked for no gifts, but if they simply must bring something, they could bring a ball. I put up a ball pit in an inflatable pool and let them dive in. super easy, super fun.

  201. sydney friend says

    we invite family and close friends to our home. the kids play while adults chat. very laid back and not traditional except for the cake!

  202. We celebrated with a nice quiet day at home with lots of boob time. 🙂

  203. with the whole family and friends. We have a big party , food, cake, games, the works

  204. We celebrated my older son’s first birthday at our home with family and a few friends. We were really lucky with the weather and were able to celebrate outside (it was October in WI lol). We have 10 more months before I have to think about that for my younger son, but I’m sure it will be something similar.

  205. We invite the grandparents and godparents (and their kiddos) for cake – nothing big!

  206. We celebrate baby’s 1st birthday with family and friends at our home. We’ll have to celebrate our youngest little one’s the weekend before due to the 4th of July being the weekend after.

  207. such an amazing giveaway!

  208. mary gray says

    Great prizes!! I’d love to win 🙂

  209. first birthday will be celebrated surrounded by family and friends

  210. Jessica fox says

    We would celebrate with a smash cake!

  211. Lorna Newman says

    Because my daughter was born on her daddy’s birthday, we celebrated with some close family members, nothing big or fancy, just nice among people who love each other, with a huge cake from my MIL xxx

  212. We like to celebrate with a quiet family dinner and time together, maybe an outing to a favorite park (all summer babies). No big gifts, cakes, etc. because baby won’t remember anyway and ours all have food allergies so “smash” cakes don’t really work for us.

  213. We did the huge party thing with ODD. This year I want to do sobering smaller, less extravagant. More focused on her not the decorations. Probably going to go to the apple orchards since she is s fall baby then have family for dinner.

  214. We have a small party with family and friends and have a little smash cake for the baby

  215. Katie Maroney says

    My son is only 9 weeks old but I would like to do a cake smash and party for his 1st birthday!

  216. Family, friends and CAKE!!!

  217. We celebrated my little ones first birthday with a big party for family and friends – but also had an intimate birthday dinner with just us and our parents on her actual birthday. We also got some family photos taken.

  218. party with family and close friends! Excited for my sons first birthday as we are doing an outdoor party with a camping/fishing theme

  219. Deneal Trevino says

    Happy 5th Birthday TLB!!!! We love to celebrate baby’s 1st birthday with lots of family and friends around! Although at just 1yr old they don’t remember anything I feel that the first year is so jam packed with milestones that it deserves a celebration

  220. With food family toys and laughter

  221. courtney south says

    Id like to celebrate baby’s first, with all of my loved ones I hold dear!! An a smash cake!! Sure he can get messy on his big day!!

  222. Christine Naykki says

    We like to celebrate baby’s first birthday with family, friends, and of course a cake smash!

  223. We would have a party with our favorite people. Baby always gets their own cake to smash into. There would be lots of adorable decor. They only turn 1 once.

  224. lindsay Reynolds says

    We like to keep 1st biryhdays low key, cupcakes and family!

  225. Megan Lunt says

    awesome giveaway!! Small party with a healthy cake!!

  226. anne stewart says

    With a big party!

  227. Brianne Drumm says

    We celebrated with a cake smash and a small birthday party! It was a Winter “One”derland theme 🙂

  228. Marykate fortunato says

    Small family party at home and fun outing.

  229. A party surrounded by family and friends!

  230. with grandparents and a delicious cake to treat ourselves!

  231. I’d prefer to keep it small and simple with family and close friends!

  232. We haven’t had our first baby yet (due in a few weeks), but I imagine some themed party and a spectacle of cake.

  233. A small family party with lots of fun and little fuss.

  234. cake smash photo session with a homemade cake

  235. We always do something modest with immediate family

  236. We didn’t do a big party for my son’s first birthday. Just a small gathering of family for dinner!

  237. With a big birthday party with family!

  238. With family, friends, and cake. 🙂

  239. We celebrate with a little party withy family at home.

  240. Something simple and fun for baby. I hate big showy parties where I am too busy entertaining to actually celebrate the day with my child.

  241. We had a party for our first (low key thing), just had a cake for the second, and no idea for the baby!

  242. Taylor Wingo says

    We like to celebrate with a family barbecue! It’s a nice way to say, “We survived!”

  243. Cookies for breakfast!

  244. my LO isn’t one yet, but I’d like to celebrate with a trip just the three of us.

  245. We’ll probably celebrate with a family party and a smash cake!

  246. I like to throw big parties even if they can’t remember. There are always pictures!

  247. We invite the whole family over for food, fun, and treats.

  248. Amanda Lea says

    I like to celebrate the first birthday with lots of family and baby gets there own cake/cupcake for cake smash pictures 🙂

  249. Family and cupcakes!

  250. Celebrate with friends & family.

  251. A bbq and a cake smash in the back yard for my august baby!

  252. Ally Welch says

    I bake a cake and have family over

  253. Cake smash and small family party at home. 🙂

  254. Meghan S. says

    For our son we had a big backyard BBQ (July baby) with a homemade sandcastle cake. Our daughter was just born this past January and I’m not sure how we will be able to fit everyone into our house for a party in the winter…

  255. We had a big party with family and friends that was beach themed since it was in the summer. I really appreciate that on your giveaway picture that there is a man baby wearing a baby. As a father we are rarely represented, and it is nice to see that you recognize that we also have role in our children’s lives. Baby wearing is great way for a father to connect with there children. And it gives the mother a break.

  256. We had a small birthday party with just family to celebrate my son’s first birthday.

  257. Megan Anne Watkins says

    Breast milk smash cake!!

  258. The 1st birthday celebration is as much for the parents as it is for the baby – everyone survived an entire year!

  259. Whitney Oaks says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! And thanks for the encouragement for breastfeeding moms everywhere!

  260. A small party with family and friends and a smash cake for baby! 🙂

  261. I like to celebrate with a small party with close friends and relatives, a fun game such as a scavenger hunt and healthy food.

  262. Lainey Clark says

    For my first son, I let him have a whole dark blue batman sheet cake to destroy. This time around, we went much more modest and natural and just had a nice dinner out complete with baby led weaning and fruit and whipped cream as desert.

  263. At home with parents, grandparents and siblings. Something small and full of love.

  264. Jessica J says

    we celebrate with the three F’s: family, friends, and food!

  265. My first child is due next month so it’s still a little ways off. I will probably do a small party with friends and family.

  266. I baked a cake on my little guys birthday and we just had a small bbq with family and friends!

  267. We do a cake with our immediate family. We save parties that we invite people to for when children are older.

  268. I am currently due with twin girls this Summer! For their first birthday we will celebrate at a local park with family, friends, and lots of food!

  269. Angelina M says

    We like to cuddle and just focus on baby and how much we love them. We also like a small smash cake if they want it.

  270. Michelle T says

    I surrounded my baby with family for his first cake, ice cream, and balloons! Simple and stress free is how I like it!

  271. twifenmom says

    Just had baby #2 12 days ago! This prize would be a Godsend!

  272. Amy Perkins says

    We will just do a small party here at home and invite some family over. One tradition that will always hold true though, is me making my sons’ birthday cakes! My mom made all of mine growing up and I cherished them all and the work that went into them, so I want to do that for my boys. 🙂

  273. We normally celebrate the first birthdays with close friends and family and CAKE!!

  274. We are having a small but fun picnic/camping themed party. Hotdogs and s’mores for the people with teeth 🙂

  275. Victoria Vinson says

    For my first son, we had a little bday party and gave him a little cake to try and mash and eat. For my second we’ll probably do the same!

  276. Noelle Lamb says

    With friends and family, plus lots of cake!!

  277. We had a nice medium-sized 1st birthday party for my daughter – cake, snacks, beer, hanging out. 🙂

  278. Danielle Ross says

    We had a bbq and he ate so much he wasn’t interested in his cake at all!

  279. First birthday’s are the best!!! 4 months til our youngest 1st bday!! Already planning for a big bash and taking her to the beach!!

  280. Trisha Schuetz says

    We are having a party with family and friends.

  281. We did a simple, but big, 1st birthday bash for our now 9 year old. With our newest little bundle it will most likely just be my husband, myself, and our 9 year old as we will be living in Japan when she turns 1. I’ll definitely have a smash cake!

  282. Elizabeth L. Miller says

    We have a huge party! Cake, balloons, family. And of course a smash cake!

  283. We usually just spend the day home as a family with birthday cake.

  284. Low-key with family and friends. One year olds have a very limited tolerance for big events.

  285. I’d have liked to have a party for our son’s first birthday but we had just moved and didn’t know anyone. My hubby was on the road at the time too so the dude and I just went to the park and I let him smash a cake I baked him.

  286. we do low key, with just close family over for cake

  287. Julie Bartlett says

    We celebrate with our family!

  288. We celebrate the first year with all our closest friends and family. I do a big themed party and there is always lies of food and relaxing enjoying the birthday babe.

  289. we celebrate with family. I usually make a cake and just keep it low key 🙂

  290. Kristine Laird says

    We have a party with all the family (and a few friends!) and lots of cake! This is my last baby (due ANY time), so I only have one more to look forward to. :/

  291. We had a bbq at the park and cake. However all baby wanted to eat was a carrot lol.

  292. Catlin Bickerstaff says

    We like to have small family celebrations. I make a special cake for baby, and cheer her on while she makes a huge mess!!!

  293. Angela Coleman says

    We had a big party with a smash cake! So much fun!

  294. Kaylee Ahearn says

    We hope to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday with a smash cake and a family party.

  295. I have been following TLB since the beginning! I had a 3 month old baby – my first child – so I found TLB to be an awesome resource!

  296. LOVE TLB!! I saw you at mommycon Memphis 🙂 we celebrated my daughters birthday with family and friends.

  297. Great family and friends with lots of good food!

  298. We like to celebrate with a small family party!

  299. Heather Mackles says

    We usually do first birthday parties by having a big family get-together. We don’t live by family anymore, so we may go on a cruise? We usually do experiences instead of birthday parties after the first one.

  300. Jessi Jetter says

    We have a big ole party for our babies 1st birthdays!

  301. Hi! For my son’s first birthday, we will be having it at the house with family and friends! The baby will have his own small cake to smash and make a mess of! We will have lots of food, laughter, and love!

  302. Delenna Kouns says

    I have their first birthday at home. Family and a few close friends.

  303. We have a birthday celebration with both sides of the family together. Bringing both of our immediate families together means there are more than 50 people there and it’s growing all the time. This is the only time we have a big birthday party.

  304. With CAKE! That’s about it.

  305. A small party with just family 🙂

  306. Nicole Hardin says

    With family and friends at home.

  307. Small party with close friends and family. And a smash cake.

  308. This giveaway would be unreal to win!! As a new mother of 4 (newest is 3 weeks), these prizes would be truly a blessing.

  309. lindsay MacDonald says

    We celebrate first birthdays with family and friends coming over for snacks and socializing; and a cake smash for the birthday boy/girl (I have 2 boys/1 girl).

  310. I still have 5 months to figure that out, but I imagine for a first bday we will do a smaller family get together at home or maybe the park down the street.

  311. We have a themed party (for my son it was Woodland Animals). Our family is large on both sides, so we invite family and a few close friends.

  312. We usually do a cake smash and casual party, nothing fancy!

  313. Sheena Banker says

    Happy birthday and thanks for the wonderful information you provide!

  314. Kaylan Clester says

    A quiet day with a few gifts between naps, a home-made cupcake, and lots of snuggles.

  315. As a first time mom on a tight budget, I’m committed to breastfeeding and cloth diapering. I can’t afford anything else. Daycare is so expensive!

  316. smash cake, family and lots of balloons!

  317. We keep it simple with a little cake with family.

  318. Jenny Travis says

    We surprised him with streamers and balloons. I made a hippie carrot cake <3
    I'm pregnant with #2 and hope to give baby boy #2 a similar awesome party 🙂

  319. We celebrated my son’s 1st birthday with a Sesame Street themed party at my house with family. My husband has A LOT of family so even though it was family only thing, it was still pretty big and lots of fun. My son didn’t enjoy his smash cake during his one year pics so he just feasted on a cupcake the day of his actual birthday.

  320. We have a big family party!

  321. hopefully by announcing our next pregnancy if we time it right!

  322. Love being part of this community and getting to hear about your families journeys. Thank you for being so awesome and sharing with us.

  323. And 1st birthday… Something small at the pool

  324. First birthday party’s with the closest of family. Cake included.

  325. We plan on some cake smashing! And a family tradition to “predict” baby’s future.

  326. We loved doing a cake smash for our first boy’s birthday! Now to figure out what to do with our baby’s birthday in July!

  327. last time we took all the kids to the Pittsburgh children’s museum and just let them play all day then had cake when we got home that evening

  328. Krystina Langston says

    celebrate with our closest family and friends as they all helped get us through the first year.

  329. STEFANIE baker says

    First birthdays are always big. I make a fresh flower tiara (we have 3 girls:), make yummy treats to try for the first time, & cut a lock of hair for the baby book.

  330. Jessica Miracle (Kinsman) says

    I like celebrating babys first birthday with close friends and family, an all natural homemade dairy-free smash cake, and hanging out and having fun!

  331. We throw a small party with family and friends…nothing too over the top for the first birthday.

  332. homemade cake at home with family

  333. We will be celebrating our little one’s first birthday with a party at home with family and close friends.

  334. We celebrate with a smash cake, lots of milk to wash it down, and for the rest of the family, something easy and yummy that we all enjoy.

  335. Chrystal S says

    We have celebrated each of our 4 children’s birthday with immediate family only. We are a mixed religion family. In-law’s do not celebrate holiday’s of any kind, so it’s just us. Birthday cake for breakfast always for the bigger kids and for our last child we did a family dinner with a cake smash and trip to Build A Bear.

  336. kathryn heck says

    My baby turns one next month and I still don’t know what we are going to do. Eeek. Maybe a smash cake and invite friends and family over for a cookout.

  337. We’re keeping it low-key – just a smash cupcake at home, and snazzy professional pics this weekend. Oh, and the hubby and I are having a date afternoon… because really, it’s about having survived the first year, so we’re going to celebrate together.

  338. We had a BBQ with all our friends for Dude’s 1st bday!

  339. Ashley Byer says

    Baby’s 1st birthday will be celebrated with big bro and big sis. All 3 kiddos have birthdays within 17 days of each other. 1 big party for all the kids.

  340. Macy Hornung says

    We celebrated my son’s 1st birthday with his favorite foods, a few family/friends, and messy cupcakes! It was a wonderful, happy day!

  341. Hayden Pruitt says

    With family and close friends!

  342. Mandy Marshall says

    Since we are a military family it is important to me for the first birthday to make memories. We weren’t able to have a come to the hospital and celebrate with the family the birth. So for us we have to have the family there even if that means traveling home to them. It doesn’t have to be a big thing at all either. Just a homemade cake, family time & cousins running around playing.

  343. We usually have a small family get together. I make a cake however they want it. My oldest requested a strawberry Nerds candy cake and my second oldest wanted a blueberry cake because he loves purple:-)

    • Lol I’m tired. First birthdays were not that lol.

      For first birthday I made custom mini cakes based off the nursery theme I chose for them. Kept it small and just family.

  344. With cake and family of course! And lots of outside playtime!

  345. We celebrated my son’s first birthday with a small party with close friends and video chatted with our family.

  346. We celebrate with family and friends. Cake, ice cream, presents……nothing fancy. I always make the cake which I look forward too whether it’s cute or not. First baby I did Spongebob because he liked the music, Second baby I made a cupcake cake (unimpressed by those silicone molds, third baby I didn’t a beach/ocean theme and matching cupcakes.

  347. Andrea Courtney says

    My LO is only 4 months so we haven’t celebrated yet- we are excited to do so this December though!

  348. Not sure how I’ll celebrate my babies 1st birthday yet (she’s only 4 weeks old and my first) but I have a goal of running a 5k on her birthday to remind myself of how strong I was to bring her into this world!!!

  349. We had a small family party with our son and will be doing the same with our daughter

  350. michelle murray says

    We celebrated baby’s first year with lots of friends a family, balloons, BBQ, and cake!

  351. Bethany R. says

    We plan on celebrating Ryan’s first birthday with a small party with family and friends with a smash cake and all!

  352. Amanda Shears says

    I made a very special Turbo smash cake and we had a fun little party with family and friends!

  353. We usually celebrate baby’s first birthday with a big family party.

  354. My first daughter’s first birthday was just friends at the base where we were stationed. My husband was gone for training so he missed it. For our second baby, we’ll have family and close friends with us! It will be nice to celebrate a milestone as a family this time!

  355. We celebrate with friends, family and a chocolate smash cake.

  356. Melissa Pate says

    The special way we celebrate first birthdays is a smash cake 🙂

  357. we celebrate a first birthday with cake and a nap!

  358. We have a small gathering with family and close friends. We did a spring flowers theme for our DD’s April birthday. I’d love to win; baby #2 is 4 days old!

  359. I don’t know yet! Luckily my baby is only 2 months old, but I’m thinking either Mickey or cowboy themed 🙂

  360. Amanda Stepro says

    My son is 7 months old but on his first birthday I hope we get to spend it with family and celebrate with a cake smash 🙂

  361. I love celebrating first birthdays at home with friends and family, reflecting on the past year!

  362. Andi Havens says

    Having friends and family with us to celebrate made my daughter’s first birthday a lot of fun!

  363. I think the idea of professional photos with a smash cake are a fun idea. Since my little is not one yet, I haven’t really thought about it, but I think a small party with family and the friends that are like family is a great way to celebrate.

  364. I found the leaky boob when I was pregnant, it has gotten me through bfing going on 9 months and has helped me get to a point that I’ll bf anywhere when my babygirl is hungry. It’s comforting to have a no judgement place to go to for reassurance and support!

  365. I like to have a big party for first birthdays! My daughter’s is coming up in a week and a half (how did my baby get so big?!), and we’ve invited plenty of friends and family to celebrate with us.

  366. We haven’t celebrated yet. My son Is only 4 months old. Since his birthday is so far away, we haven’t really talked about it yet, but it will definitely be held somewhere indoor for friends and family with a smash cake for my little one.

  367. This is an amazing giveaway. It would be such a blessing to win. Thank you for the opportunity to win 🙂

  368. kayla kay says

    I prefer to keep it simple. We will probably bbq with close friends and family and watch baby smash her cake!

  369. We had a party. It’s a celebration for all of us.

  370. My little one’s birthday was the week of Easter so we did an Easter egg hunt! She also got her first taste of chocolate cake!

  371. It’s a celebration for us parents too so we had a party!

  372. Felicia Pasko-Smith says

    A simple BBQ in the backyard with family and neighbors. It is definitely more an adult celebration!

  373. Amy Shields says

    Family and smash cake

  374. Mustache bash for our first bday! Sprinkler, bubbles and fun!

  375. Catherine Spruance says

    We like to keep it low key with family and a few close friends.

  376. Molly Bergman says

    we had a small family party. It was all about the cake 🙂

  377. Connie Kemner says

    We like to celebrate with family.

  378. sarah lynn haskin says

    for my sons birthday this fall we will be having a joint party for him and my daughter. They’re Irish twins, so my daughter didn’t get to have a 1st birthday last year because little bro was 6 days old. So we will have a big party for them both this year 🙂

  379. Small party with family and close friends only.

  380. Heather Ward-Gregory says

    I hope to celebrate my son’s 1st birthday with all of the family and friends at the house, or some other intimate location. Keep it mellow.

  381. quiet and sweet with family and a tiny cake!

  382. Small gathering with family, cake and photos of bubs first year

  383. Diana Gadzinski says

    LOs 1st bday is coming up in 2 weeks so…. I’m not sure! Maybe a trip to the zoo or a picnic with family

  384. Sara norris says

    Celebrating with family!

  385. Ashlee Merrett says

    We celebrated our little mans first birthday by having a birthday party and cake smash with family. On his acctual birthday we spent the day at the park swinging and playing and looking at the animals.

  386. with family, friends and a cake smash!

  387. I like to celebrate baby’s 1st birthday by having a huge BBQ with family.

  388. awesome. been wanting to try some reusable pads! figure, if i’m on the cloth diaper wagon.. it’s the next (or first, actually) logical step!

    • Ha! Missed the part about celebrating a first. Hope to celebrate with the family — keeping it small while we can!

  389. probably just friends at home.

  390. Family and a cupcake at the pool

  391. Justina Reyes says

    My baby just celebrated his 1st birthday last Friday. We celebrate with a big family party and of course a smash cake!!!

  392. Though my son is only a month old, we plan on celebrating his first birthday with family and friends. I love the idea of having pictures of him throughout his first year hanging for everyone to see. Oh, and you can’t forget a good cake!!!

  393. Danielle Ritsema says

    We’re planning to do some fun family photos for our girl’s birthday!

  394. We celebrate with family, make a first birthday carrot cake, and get balloons!

  395. Love the idea of a smash cake, but not too sure what else we’ll do… We’ve got 8 months to figure that out!

  396. Laura aguilar gonzales says

    With family and of course a smash cake

  397. Bree Erickson says

    What an awesome giveaway!

  398. We will have a small party with family and close friends. Maybe a cookout since her birthday is very close to Labor Day.

  399. jodi Armstrong says

    We just did a small family party and took her to ride go karts and bowling and some circus shows.

  400. I love to have a party. It’s more like a celebration for me for keeping them alive for a whole year. Haha!

  401. A simple celebration with close friends and family.

  402. Cheryl Reltub says

    Huge backyard bbq with all our family and friends.

  403. Melissa harris says

    We like to celebrate with lots of snuggles! We are a family on our own, so we usually spend birthdays together in our little unit 🙂

  404. Goretti Torres says

    Family celebration with a personal cake for baby to get messy with and lots of pictures.

  405. Vanessa Allen says

    I have been planning the big first birthday since the baby shower was over lol. I threw all ideas out and plan to make water sensory tables and a ball pit for all her buddies to enjoy. We can’t wait for August!!

  406. CAKE 🙂 Family, lots of hugs and kisses. I like to keep it simple.

  407. Baby clothes, shower themes, laughter and sweets!

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