10 Ergobaby Organic Carriers and Natural Curve Nursing Pillows!

by Jessica Martin-Weber
Ergobaby is all about helping families keep their babies close and fostering the connection and bonds between parents and their children. Which is why it was only natural for them to expand to include breastfeeding support with their new Natural Curve Nursing Pillow. After two years of development, I’m happy to support Ergobaby’s Nursing Pillow launch by sharing it and their well-known high quality carriers with all of you. Breastfeeding or otherwise feeding, both the Ergobaby nursing pillow and and the Ergobaby carriers offer well designed support to help families reach their parenting goals connected with their babies.

I had the opportunity to use the nursing pillow myself and spend time with a group of wonderful women feeding their babies while utilizing this pillow and I am confident in sharing this new product with you. There’s no such thing as the perfect pillow that will work for every family but I do believe the new Ergobaby Nursing Pillow comes close. That’s why we’re giving away so many, we want to hear it from you. See more about the pillow and my take on it in the video below.
Happy breastfeeding and happy babywearing and good luck!

Cocoa Ergo


Ergobaby is giving away a dark cocoa brown organic baby carrier with their new natural curve nursing pillow to 10 lucky Leakies.


Made with 100% Organic Cotton, the Dark Cocoa Organic Collection baby carrier offers the comfort and ergonomics that made Ergobaby’s name. (Retail value $140) The Ergobaby Natural Curve™ Nursing Pillow gives you the enduring support you need to relax, nurse comfortably and bond with baby. These 2 products  make bonding time with your baby memorable. (Retail value $70)

Total Retail Value: $210

Visit www.ergobaby.com for more information


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to enter. A big thanks to Ergobaby for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to take a moment to thank Ergobaby on their Facebook page  for their show of support! You can also follow Ergobaby on Twitter and Instagram: username @Ergobaby

This giveaway is open to participants in the USA and Canada.

 Winner should expect 4-6 weeks for delivery of prize.
If prize is out of stock, Ergobaby reserves the right to substitute prize with equal value.

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  1. Katherine W says

    I keep baby close by wearing and nursing my babies.

  2. Amy Perkins says

    Would love to win for my little nursling!!!!

  3. i love babywearing on walks. Nothing better than snuggling while baby gets an adult’s-eye view of the world.

  4. I love baby wearing, it’s such a great way to bind 🙂

  5. I keep my little one close to my heart by breastfeeding & cuddling with my baby.

  6. Sherry Blamer says

    I always cuddle and hold my baby. Shell always be close to my heart.

  7. Jessica Stevens says

    Skin to skin, hugs, holding, and our fav, babywearing!

  8. Love your newsletters!

  9. We do a lot of cuddling. While I’m nursing the newborn, we have family story time at bed time so my older child also gets cuddles at bedtime.

  10. I keep my little one close to my heart by holding him as much as possible. I would rather spend a day just holding him than do anything else. Unfortunately, as much as I would love to do that everyday, it usually is not possible. There is always something else that must be done. A baby carrier like this would be so helpful to keep me doing the things I must do and still be able to hold my baby as much as I want!

  11. Wow what a great giveaway!

  12. Harmonie Friday-Scofield says

    Oh my gosh! How perfect is this pillow! My back used to hurt so bad nursing my now 2 year old because I couldn’t get the angle right. I was able to bring my baby girl closer to me by nursing for 25 months and still going strong. We also volunteer together at my son’s school, which is always a blast with her. <3 She's my little monkey.

  13. Bonnie Cantrell says

    I EBF and baby spends a lot of time sitting on her nursing pillow with me when I’m at the computer. We also co-sleep and do a lot of cuddling but a baby carrier would be a wonderful thing to have since I don’t have one!

  14. My husband and I just found out we are expecting. I am so excited to baby wear and breast feed. It’s unreal. Hurry up 34 weeks!

  15. Love Ergo – fingers crossed!

  16. I keep them close with mommy kisses!!

  17. Sam mcatee says

    We baby wear. But our carrier is OLD we are the 3rd owners.

  18. I love to carry my son in our carrier – he just snuggles in there so sweetly!!

  19. Jennifer says

    What a great giveaway!!

  20. Would love to win these for my little chubby 🙂

  21. Snuggling is so relaxing

  22. Skin to skin from birth on has by far been the best bonding experience I could’ve asked for with both of my kids

  23. By breastfeeding!

  24. I keep my baby close right now by keeping him in my womb, but I am hoping to simulate the same closeness once he is earthside!

  25. Love Ergo and am so excited they now make a nursing pillow!!

  26. What a great giveaway! I love the Leaky Boob!

  27. I bring him closer to my heart by being silly, horseplay and snuggles!

  28. When I heard Ergo was making a pillow I was skeptical, but it looks good.

  29. Leeanna H. says

    Lots of hugs and snuggles!

  30. ashley w says

    Many of my friends have an ergo baby carrier and love it. Is really love to try one with my LO. And the nursin pillow looks awesome! Seems more supportive than other popular nursing pillows.

  31. Araceli hirtle says

    When I nurse my twins I cradle them close, rock them to bed, or when I nurse them in bed, this is how I get them closest to my heart.

  32. Anna Groeger says

    Hugs, kisses, nursing, playing, napping, pretty much everything I do is bringing my son closer to my heart! Every second, every day 🙂

  33. Ashley N says

    I love holding baby, in my arms or carrier, especially as he sleeps.

  34. I bring my little one closer to my heart by remembering to set aside the distractions throughout the day and cherish those one-on-one moments when I can get them. With a 6-year-old, 3-year-old, and a 2-month-old, it can be easy to be so busy that engaging one-on-one can be tough to do. Slowing the pace, giving them full attention, and really engaging takes intentional effort, but is so worth it.

  35. My family practices attachment patenting, CO sleeping and baby led weaning. Soon to be tandem nursing my 2yr old daughter and her new baby brother! I want an ergo carrier so bad!

  36. There are so many ways I bring my babies closer to my heart… one is by reading with them. Another is by wearing them! My older is not a fan anymore… wishing now that I had done more of it when she was little… but my youngest loves being in the carrier! Having more carrier options would be great, though; I love what I have, but it’s not always right for the situation!

  37. Chelsea B says

    We love to snuggle

  38. Love reading your advice and tips for a growing family! Thanks for all your hard work.

  39. I loved wearing my babies. Never got the hang of nursing in a carrier, though.

  40. I wear my little guy to him close.

  41. I Like VED nursing in my carriers with my first l/o. We ma Mlu used a sling and a wrap, and the experience was so amazing. First, no carring around a bulky infant car seat (such a hassle and a strain). Instead, everywhere we went, Littleman rode in the sling or wrap as soon as we got out of the car. It was amazing to have him right there, where I could feel hum breathing, and the secomd he got even the slightest bit fussy, he could nurse.

    First nursing in the sling memory: He was probably about 3 weeks old, and we were walking in Lowes, doing some shopping for the nursery with my entire family before my brother was deployed. It was the first chance I had really had to o get out and use the sling. When we were looking at paint colors and wall stickers, Littleman started to get hungry. I didn’t want to interrupt our shopping trip to go find somewhere to sit and nurse. It took me all of a minite to realize that, in the sling, he was in the perfect position to latch and get his fill while I continued to enjoy the day. At different time over the next 10 mi utes or so, my mom and hubby both asked if they could carry him for a while and were both amazed when I just smiled and said “sorry, he is eating”. One of the nicest parts about nursing inthe slimg or wrap: no extra covers needed, the carriers kept our nursing discreet and comfortable for all. L/O #3 is fue any time now, and I am looking forward to trying out some new carriers with her and enjoying the fun nursing experience any/everywhere as we continue to acclimate to our new home, go on walks through the lical state park, etc.

  42. I wear/hold my babies and cosleep.

  43. Maureen G. says

    I love babywearing and Ergo!! I have used my Ergo everyday for the last 39 months. I finally got my hubby to try it out and now he wants his own Ergo. I love nursing in the Ergo bc it’s hands free and no one even knows my little tiny 12 month old is nursing. It’s especially convenient after her feeding therapy to console her while I’m talking to her speech therapist and making her next appointment. I would love this pillow it would make our tandem nursing sessions more comfortable for all of us!

  44. Deanna F says

    I use another popular nursing pillow that helps get my baby in a good position. I also like to sit slightly reclined.

  45. I wear my baby (even though she’s 14 months and a toddler) as much as possible. We also bedshare, so she’s close to my heart physically all night!

  46. I wear my little guy all the time. It’s his safe place and will calm him down when nothing else will (even boob!)
    He/we have a favorite wrap. He loves to just curl up with it.

  47. Gabrielle says

    I keep my baby close by babywearing, breastfeeding, and constant snuggles. She’s my little buddy!

  48. Holly doble says

    I bring my little ones close to heart by sunggling with them each night

  49. We are so excited about the new Ergo pillow! Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  50. I keep my baby close by babywearing, breastfeeding, and lots of snuggles!

  51. REGINA WRIGHT says

    I bring my little ones closer by doing things they love to do, together. We watch movies or play games.

  52. Michelle V says

    I love being able to carry my baby around on my chest, she enjoys it too I ma sure.

  53. Looking forward to keeping my baby close with an Ergo carrier and so intrigued by this new pillow!

  54. Lots and lots of cuddles these days, only when she isn’t too busy running around.

  55. My favorite thing is cosleeping and night nursing. It recharges us both 🙂

  56. Malerie D. says

    We wear any chance we get!

  57. Katelynn says

    I think baby wearing and nursing and especially night feedings although they are the hardest.

  58. Amy Hegwood says

    By wearing him and nursing him, that’s why this is a perfect prize!!

  59. Dara Albright says

    i loved the bond and the ease of my ergo carrier!

  60. I love how easy the Ergo is to use and how content my baby is when she is in it.

  61. Mandie C says

    This is so awesome!!

  62. I love wearing my baby close for snuggles and easy nursing. Would LOVE to win this bundle.

  63. Merideth says

    My youngest and I stay close through babywearing. She loves a good uppy, whether a front or a back carry, but I think she really prefers the front carry, even at 3. 🙂

  64. Elizabeth Pannell says

    I keep baby close by wearing him every chance I get, making sure to hold him and read to him, nursing him, and just being with him!

  65. Stephanie H says

    With lots of baby wearing and lots of nursing. Especially when snuggled up in bed together

  66. Mckenzie berger says

    I love feeling my sons heart next to mine when I carry him! The way he curls up against me like its the most natural thing in the world! I love being able to nurture him with my body, I feel so empowered as he looks up at me and I know that I created him!

  67. I keep my baby close by nursing and wearing him whenever possible!

  68. Rachel Frost says

    I brought my little one closer by always breastfeeding until I had to go back to work. The bond is incredible.

  69. I love how babywearing lets me snuggle my sweet girl all day long and still lets me be somewhat productive. She’s only going to want me to hold her for so long and I want to soak it all up while I can!

  70. We get out the uke and sing songs together before family bedtime. Once the lights are out, I sing a special lullabye to the smallest one as she nurses to sleep.

  71. Leanne McWilliams says

    Great giveaway! Wear all the babies!

  72. Lorna Newman says

    I have lots of cuddles, I sing to her when she nurses and I love looking deep into her eyes tracing every part of her face into memory xxx

  73. I love carrying my girl around in my Ergo. Especially on crazy shopping trip/errand days. We are a super cuddly family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  74. I just love to snuggle up as much as possible. Seriously the best feeling ever!

  75. Elizabeth Gee says

    Baby wearing, co sleeping and nursing. Our Ergo got tons of uses with our first, tons.

  76. I love baby wearing – makes it easy to travel and I love the closeness!

  77. I would love to win this carrier and pillow!

  78. Ftw due in November, I can’t wait to keep my baby close with tons of hugs and kisses.

  79. Cassandra Lockshaw says

    I love being close to my baby by babywearing because I love all the cuddles! It also makes it possible to get cuddles and get some stuff done around the house. Since this is my last baby I’m getting as many snuggles and cuddles in while breastfeeding and babywearing that I can. This time goes by way too quickly!

  80. Kristine Barrett says

    I bedshare, breastfeed and baby wear to keep my baby close to my heart! <3

  81. Kayla Price says

    We do lots and lots of snuggles!

  82. By breastfeeding, babywearing and cosleeping. We are always together!

  83. I would love to win this bundle because my Boppy is second-hand and worn out and the only carrier I have is a Boba and my son hates it 🙁

  84. Katherine S. says

    I have a little one due in August, and I can’t wait to nurse him and wear him to keep him as close to me as he is now!

  85. I keep my baby close to my heart by baby wearing, nursing, and playing with her.

  86. Felicia Pasko-Smith says

    Nursing and cuddling are tops for bonding!

  87. By using a good skin to skin carrier!

  88. Karen Gonzalez says

    My little girl is due August 18 and It would be great to win because I have everything except a carrier and nursing pillow for her. I know how important it is keeping them close and the ergo baby products have amazing reviews!

  89. My baby loves being worn, and I would love to be able to use a carrier like this one. We’ve never had one so nice. He’s a snuggler – and a happy baby in general – but he lights up in carriers and during playtime (which is most of the time around here, lol) I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Either way, thanks for the chance. 🙂

  90. Breastfeeding and baby wearing!

  91. Skin to skin, nursing and baby wearing

  92. Jordain Reed says

    I wear my Ergo when baby is ready to be snuggled or when I need to get some housework done! Our fav place to use the Ergo is at the zoo, easy to wear and Daddy likes using it too.

  93. Sarah Elyce says

    I feel especially close to our daughter when I babywear and breastfeed.

  94. Rachael D'Angelo says

    Both my babies were born with laryngomalacia, which causes difficulty breathing, sleeping, and nursing because of immature throat tissues. I carried my first baby with me almost the entire year, and learning how to nurse in my ergo made me so much more free to get out of the house and be less frustrated with the side effects of his condition (like colic). He was happy too, being upright and nursing often and having skin to skin with mommy in our ergo; it gave us much needed colic-free snuggle time where we could just love up on each other. Now my second baby, a newborn girl, also has the same condition, with much more severe colic, and I would love to have the same healing experience with her.

  95. I keep my baby close right now by wearing him.

  96. Kari Barone says

    I keep my son close by baby wearing daily and extended nursing.

  97. Danielle starr says

    I treasure our time spent breastfeeding, it’s when I feel closest to my daughter. Especially when she falls asleep

  98. I love to wear my baby whenever I can, I usually have to fight her dad for it!

  99. Megan Sanchez says

    I bed share to keep my little nursing close. I sleep better knowing I can check on her all night and this ensures no crying to wake up big brother.

  100. I keep my little one close by wearing her as much as possible! Unfortunately she is outgrowing our mei tai!

  101. My little sleeps in my arms every night. She’s never spent a full night in her crib and while it makes for some lack of sleep on my part she’s slept like a dream since day one ^_^

  102. I keep my LO close by baby wearing, snuggles, and nursing!

  103. Danielle Wahlgren says

    I was introduced to babywearing when my OB prescribed it to help with my post pardum depression. I was having a hard time forming that bond with my son, and babywearing brought him closer to my heart in more ways than one. He’s a year and a half now, and we still rock it.

  104. I love keeping my little one close while she is napping… She always sits on a pillow and cuddles up with me on the couch! Can’t get anymore loving than that!!

  105. nursing, co sleeping, baby wearing, staying home.

  106. What a great opportunity!


    I love baby wearing and cosleeping.

  108. I can’t wait to be close to my baby and wear him all the time! Only 3 months left!

  109. Andrea Hilton says

    I keep my babies close to my heart by nursing and Babywearing. Both have made the bond I have between my littles extra special!

  110. Heather Dalton says

    I wear them and nurse them on demand! Our newest little is just over a week old and she’s stuck to me with mama glue. 😉

  111. Brooke Shafer says

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I love everything about keeping baby close the baby snuggles, the smell of baby, the soft skin and bonding time together!

  112. Ashley B. says

    I love snuggling, bathing, nursing and doing skin to skin with my sweet babe!

  113. Dani Claydon says

    I keep my baby close with skin to skin chest cuddles and lots of time in the sling

  114. I keep my baby close by keeping him in my belly! But once he is born I would love to baby wear, co sleep & Breastfeed. I had a lot of trouble with my first latching on & as soon as I saw your pillow I new that’s exactly what I needed to get us in the optimal position! It looks fantastic very exciting!

  115. Rachel Abram says

    Son is still breastfeeding at 8 months old! Didn’t think id go this long but love the connection!

  116. I keep my baby close by nursing, baby wearing, skin-to-skin, and holding him often.

  117. I love wearing my baby because I can easily give her a kiss while we are moving about!

  118. My 7 week old twins LOVE laying on my chest for extra mommy cuddle time and I love having them as close as possible!

  119. Jessica W says

    Thank you so much for your wonderful giveaways.

    • Jessica W says

      My DD and I are lucky to have been BW from day one but, she is getting big for a RS. I love her being so close.

  120. Beth Z. Patt says

    Cuddles and carrying.

  121. Steven Epstein says

    i constantly sing to him while i feed him. His face is priceless

  122. I wear my baby with a home made carrier and I nurse him. We co-sleep as well.

  123. Elizabeth C says

    Skin to skin, and place his ear over my heart. ❤️

  124. I love my ergo! It has served me well the past two years.

  125. Melinda Mitchell says

    Nothing brings mommy and baby closer than breast feeding. The closeness and bonding is so beyond beautiful. I cherished it with my first two and I cannot wait to share the same love and bonding time with baby #3.

  126. Nursing and baby wearing

  127. I have another 6 months before my second is born. I had back trouble with my first and I am hoping to do more baby wearing this time around.

  128. Ashley Tingley says

    I keep baby close by wearing him in my ring sling during his naps and on outings, and snuggling as much as possible 🙂

  129. Skin to skin! Nothing like it 🙂

  130. i keep my baby close to my heart by wearing her, nursing her, and co- sleeping.

  131. I keep my baby close by holding him when he’s sleeping for a few minutes. Love feeling is heartbeat!

  132. Karen Hinshaw says

    Breastfeeding keeps my baby and I close 🙂

  133. I keep my little one close by always wearing her whenever I can.

  134. Theresa Hover says

    I hope to keep my first little one close to my heart by breastfeeding and baby wearing 🙂 I had registered for a Boppy, but after seeing the new Ergobaby pillow, I’m going to switch to that one, I like how much firmer it is.

  135. I keep my son close to my heart by babywearing whenever we are out of the house (and also when we are home and I need to do chores). I also co-sleep so that he is always near me to breastfeed through the night.

  136. MyChau Brikshavana says

    I keep my little ones close my breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and cuddling while reading books every night!

  137. Baby wearing and extended breastfeeding really keeps the bond between my lo and I. A little cloud watching, and tickle fights just add to the fun

  138. Joey Wright says

    By taking naps together.

  139. I love baby wearing and breastfeeding my littlest love!!! He is such a happy, smiling, vibrant little love bug!! I wish I learned earlier on with my older son how great baby wearing can be!!!

  140. Besides babywearing (which we’ve done a lot more of with baby #2 for convenience reasons!), my babies are almost always with me when I’m sitting down. My current youngest is 2.5 and as soon as I sit down on the couch, she’s next to me holding my hair (her “lovey”). 🙂 I see no reason to stick them in a seat of some sort when we could be having cuddles. 🙂

  141. I breastfeed, baby wear, bed-share, cuddle as much as possible.

  142. fairycat says

    With breast feeding and baby wearing.

  143. Ashley Brimicombe says

    Breastfeeding, babywearing and co sleeping!

  144. Danielle says

    all the squishes! and silly songs. 🙂

  145. When I was a child, I believed that the reason that hugs felt so good was because it was the closest that two peoples’ hearts could get to each other. Now hugging, cuddling, babywearing, and child led one on one time are all ways that I keep my babies close to my heart <3

  146. I keep my sweet girl close with breastfeeding and carrying her everywhere. A carrier would sure make things easier!

  147. Ashley Buracchio says

    We wrap everyday but want to find the ssc love!

  148. extended nursing

  149. Kristen M. says

    My girl is not terribly cuddly, but I love to nurse her as she lays by my side and falls asleep.

  150. Babywearing, nursing, cosleeping… I still wear my two boys, 3.5yrs & 22mos, but mostly only back-carries these days. Now that I’m pregnant with #3 (shh! It’s still a secret! 😉 ), I look forward to snuggling in a front-carry again.

  151. Junglewife says

    I keep my twins close to my heart by wearing them and also by getting on the floor and letting them crawl all over me 🙂 I also snuggle with them at night when they wake to nurse.

  152. We just stopped nursing. I love baby wearing even more now, as I miss that bonding time!

  153. jen st pierre says

    Love to snuggle and sing

  154. Sarah Parker says

    Lots of baby wearing! She loves being carried and I love having her close!

  155. Yvonne Martinez says

    I babywear, breastfeed, and snuggle with him as often as I can.

  156. We keep our little ones close by cuddles and co sleeping (:

  157. I keep my babies close to my heart by loving them and giving them my attention as they grow. I nursed my two youngest (twins) for 2 1/2 years which helped develop a strong bond. My littlest is still cooking, but I will keep her close in the same way I kept her brothers close. With her I anticipate babywearing to be very important in keeping her and her brothers close to my heart at all times.

  158. I kept my daughter close to my heart by wearing her and nursing her when she was a newborn/infant. Now I keep her close to my heart by snuggling and reading books together, and lots of kisses too. 🙂

  159. Breastfeeding and snuggling together to read are some of my favorite ways to keep my little guy close to my heart.

  160. I wear my babies, I cuddle my babies, I hold my babies, I snuggle my babies. <3

  161. By never sharing him, lol! babywearing, co sleeping, the works.

  162. Danielle Hacker says

    Skin to skin time

  163. I keep him close to my heart by nursing him! We also both love baby wearing 🙂

  164. Nicole U says

    Skin to Skin 🙂

  165. Baby wearing let’s me get things done while still keeping my little girl close.

  166. Alyssa E says

    LOVE baby cuddles!!!

  167. Anna Pry says

    by babywearing whenever i can 🙂 we both enjoy it

  168. Shannon F says

    Snuggles, babywearing, and nursing are ways I keep my babies close to my heart!

  169. Kathy Laird says

    By baby wearing, of course!

  170. I carry her while we are out in the community and snuggle her at home (when she’s not too wiggly).

  171. by cuddling with her and just looking into her eyes while feeding her makes my heart melt.

  172. We snuggle whenever we can. 🙂

  173. anne stewart says

    Babywearing, nursing, and lots of cuddles :))

  174. Love my ergo!!!!

  175. Carla Morgan says

    By baby wearing and exclusively breast feeding him.

  176. Ashleigh says

    I baby wear, bed share and nurse my babies!

  177. Kate Taylor-Young says

    What a fantastic prize!!

  178. Allison O. says

    I keep my babies close by nursing and making eye contact every chance I get.

  179. I keep my littlest little close to me by wearing her in her (very stretched out) wrap, and by snuggling super close when I am nursing her! She has some of the best cuddles, and I just melt when she clutches onto my shirt, and doesn’t let go. <3 <3 <3

  180. Brandi A says

    I am expecting my first in August! I plan on doing lots of baby wearing. This would be so helpful.

  181. Elizabeth says

    Cosleeping baby wearing and nursing is how I keep my little ones close to my heart!

  182. Josephine Heitzenrater says

    I keep my baby close to my heart by breastfeeding, by holding them whenever possible, by using wraps and baby carriers when I have access to them, and by hugging them frequently.

  183. Babywearing and nursing!

  184. Meredith Lavender says

    I hope to keep my baby close by nursing and finally taking advantage of baby-wearing products. As a busy homeschooling Mom, this baby is going to be joining us on so many adventures!

  185. The top way I bring my son close to my heart is through breastfeeding. He loves having milk and it gives me cause to pause and breathe him in. I love kissing that sweet head.

  186. Thalia H says

    I bring baby close to my heart by sharing lots of cuddles, love and by nursing him and share lots of loving with his sister as well.

  187. I kept each of my 3 close by breastfeeding each of then 6+ months right from birth. My youngest is 18mths, I still keep him close with baby wearing.

  188. I am currently walking my 17 month old to sleep in my Ergo as he rests his head on my heart. I love smelling his head.

  189. Michelle says

    Nice giveaway! Thank you!

  190. Jessica Mason says

    I love to wear my little skin to skin when we need a moment of reconnecting.

  191. By cuddling my LO for nap everyday since she was born 9 months ago ☺️.

  192. I still can’t stand to put my 2-week-old down for even a few minutes, and these would make my back feel so much better about that! 😉

  193. I’d love to wear my newborn more often and I’ve been eyeing an Ergo for awhile now. That awesome pillow might help us get our latch down too!

  194. Amber Perry says

    By fighting through all the craziness and stress to continue breastfeeding, babywearing and co-sleeping 🙂

  195. Hana Kim says

    Breastfeeding, babywearing, snuggling reading together

  196. Thank you for this opportunity. Good luck Leekies!

  197. Kelsi Warren says

    I keep baby close by breastfeeding and baby wearing! I love my Tula.

  198. I nurse on demand and baby wear especially in winter to keep them safe from germs.

  199. Danielle says

    Currently? I keep him close to my heart because he’s still gestating. lol But once he arrives I plan on snuggling him 24/7 with the help of my Ergo Ventus. Can’t get enough of that newborn lovin’. <3

  200. I keep my little one close by breastfeeding and baby wearing, so this prize would be perfect!

  201. Amanda Carney says

    I’m really hoping to get to use these for our new baby due in October!

  202. Kristin White says

    I love how calming baby wearing is for both of us. I love that she can rest her head on my chest and listen to my heart beat. Still trying to think of a way to bring a piece of her with me when I return to work in a week… Besides the photos I intend on littering my desk with! I have a carrier (that was given to us as a gift before I learned of Ergo as a new mom), but I can tighten it any further to bring her closer to my body and it has he positioned so that she’s literally leaning. The carrier does not feel safe and makes me nervous to use it… So I unfortunately no longer do!

  203. Mechelle Lehman says

    I love baby wearing! Keeps my little one close to me. I also love singing to my kids and telling them stories. I tell them all about the family members they are missing because we live so far away and I tell them all about the ones who have sadly passed on.

    I love Ergo baby! One of the best carriers I’ve ever used. That pillow looks amazing!

  204. By wearing, holding, cuddling and hugging our daughter and soon to be son, I feel like we can nurture the connection and bond between us both physically but also spiritually. We are 100% for babywearing and cosleeping, as well as baby-led everything, really. Huge nature nuts and we also dabble in holistic and natural tinctures and recipes and our family enjoys health and joy! 🙂

  205. Breena Strock says

    Nursing, Babywearing, cosleeping, baby massage. I just love keeping my babies close.

  206. I love everything about being close to baby! EBF is so much easier when you can baby wear! Snuggling, cuddling, skin to skin, it’s all precious bonding time between mom and baby and also daddy and baby. Would love to have an ergo! Have heard nothing but fantastic things about them! Love the Leaky Boob!

  207. Desiree S. says

    I keep my little girl close to my heart by singing to her and dancing with her! It’s our special time together!

  208. Jessica Taylor says

    With another little one on the way, these would be amazing as I plan to continue baby wearing & breastfeeding!

  209. Abra Cook says

    I would love these for my new baby!!

  210. tawny duncan says

    I keep my little squish. Lose by babywearing, breastfeeding and cosleeping 🙂

  211. Joanna Herres says

    I love my ergo wrap and would love to try other ergo products!

  212. Skin to skin time once my #2 arrives and lots of love and cuddles with my toddler (he loves to cuddle and kiss his baby too)!

  213. Jessica Gaynor says

    I keep my babies close to my heart by wearing, cosleeping, nursing, cobathing, loving them all at once. I never knew how much love my heart held until I had kids ❤️

  214. I bring my 3.5 year old closer to my heart by holding him, having long conversations with him about anything he wants to talk about, and taking him out to do fun things as much as possible just me and him before I deliver our second child in August. With our new edition I’m going to breastfeed, and baby wear as much as possible.

  215. Mandi Silva says

    I keep my little (and soon to be little) close to my heart by baby wearing (now toddler wearing), nursing, and co sleeping. They are only little for a little while, I want to keep them as close to my heart as I can!

  216. Brigette yerke says

    I nurse and babywear

  217. Lindsey Martins says

    Awesome! I would love this! Baby #2 is due in Sept!

  218. I love carrying my baby in my ergo 360. She loves facing out. I also enjoy bed sharing and breastfeeding. Since I am bacj at work this close time is more important to me.

  219. Jenn schmitt says

    I keep my son close to my heart by cosleeping, nursing and baby wearing! We love our ergo, can’t wait to try the pillow!

  220. By breastfeeding!

  221. By snuggling, hugging, looking them in their eyes, talking to them, wearing them, holding them!

  222. Rachel Stemwell says

    I wear my son whenever I can. Laundry, picking up the mail, walks, or even just around the house.

  223. I’m a FTM due in September with a baby girl. I plan on keeping her close to my heart by baby wearing and doing lots of skin to skin snuggling.

  224. I never seem to put her down! :p I also nurse, bedshare, baby wear occasionally, and snuggle whenever she’ll let me. 🙂

  225. Ohhh…looks like a nice combo!

  226. By cosleeping, baby wearing, and EBFing!

  227. Lauren Mc says

    I keep my baby close to my heart by wearing, nursing and snuggling him. We are pretty much attached right now. No other way Id have it. This will be my last baby. I’ll take every moment.

  228. Lots of snuggle time is important for bonding. 🙂

  229. Margarette Sellars says

    By nursing my sweet little boy for over 2 years and now nursing my little girl and also by wearing them both!

  230. My babies have been slung, wrapped, and strapped to me through infancy and toddlerhood…always close to my heart.

  231. charla g. says

    Babywearing and breastfeeding 🙂

  232. I keep them close by lots of snuggles 🙂

  233. Love ergo baby so much we don’t even own a stroller!

  234. I love being close to my baby at all times so I wear her plus our car is too small for 2 kids and a stroller!

  235. I love holding baby, even when baby is sleeping. I think it’s an important part of bonding especially for dads.

  236. Danielle Madden says

    We snuggle and baby wear! Baby wearing for the win!!!

  237. Nursing my baby as often as possible when I’m not at work!

  238. Jessy Singh says

    would love to win!

  239. Rachel B says

    We snuggle at bedtime.

  240. Monica Flores says

    By attachment parenting! I can’t wait to wear, and co-sleep with my sweet babyboy! I am just a couple weeks from my due date!

  241. I bring my little one closer to my heart by cuddling whenever she gives me thd chance 🙂 and I carry her everywhere, which is why a carrier would be nice. Also by responding to what she wants.

  242. I saw these at Gearapalooza and have been crossing my fingers I could come by one!!!! We’re being induced with baby number 4 on Thursday, all 3 have been nursed so far and I cant wait to cuddle and nurse this little one!!!!

  243. Heather DeWitt says

    Our little one isn’t due until October, but I can’t wait to hold him close during breastfeeding, skin-to-skin time, and babywearing! 🙂

  244. Heather DeWitt says

    Our little man isn’t due until October, but I can’t wait to keep him close during breastfeeding, babywearing, and skin-to-skin time!

  245. I keep her close with babywearing carriers, love them!

  246. Michelle M says

    This would be such a blessing and make chasing my 2 toddlers around SO much easier once baby #3 arrives in the next few weeks. I nursed my son to 10 months and my daughter to 18 months but I don’t care for the way the Boppy “fits” this nursing pillow looks AMAZING though!

  247. I tried to make my own wrap with tshirts and it helps me some to get things done but has no next support so I still am one handed. My lil guys does like to be close to mommy though.

  248. Mommabird2345 says

    By baby wearing & snuggling.

  249. Babywearing and breastfeeding!

  250. Samantha A. says

    Nursing is really how I keep my little girl close to my heart. I am so glad that I decided to breastfeed. I seriously underestimated the bond that it would give my daughter and I!

  251. I have a baby wrap that I take everywhere! Baby loves it!

  252. Danielle says

    I’m looking forward to baby wearing much more with this 2nd baby due July 17!

  253. lots of cuddle time.

  254. Nicole rosenberger says

    I love my ergo baby carrier and I would love to try the nursing pillow!!

  255. I keep her close with breast feeding, babywearing and bed sharing/cosleeping.

  256. Brittany says

    I keep my newborn close to my heart during some super sweaty naps on my chest. Wouldn’t mind an Ergo to help keep him there on the go!

  257. Rachel G says

    Skin to skin, lots of snuggles, and babywearing.

  258. We breastfeed, babywear and bed share. There hardly is a time that my babies are not close.

  259. I keep baby close to heart by snuggling as much as possible. Co-napping, talking with each other while on mama’s chest, and doing little victory dances in the kitchen when we both reach milestones–his baby growth milestones & mama’s first-time mama figured-it-out moments 😉

  260. Kalah Cronan says

    I baby wear, breastfeed, and cosleep. I can’t get enough of my baby!

  261. By snuggling! (when he’ll let me)

  262. Kayla Bergstrom says

    I keep them close by wearing them and cuddling them every chance i get!

  263. rebecca N. says

    I hold them, listen to their babbling as they are trying to tell me something, follow them and ditch my “chores” to do what they want to do (within reason). I nurse my youngest still and wear her occassionally though she usually is very independent and running around so fast now. Oh and cookies! Love to bake them goodies.

  264. Nicole M. says

    nursing. snuggling. baby wearing if she’ll do it.

  265. The secret code word isn’t working for this one 🙁

  266. Christina Williams says

    I babywear, cosleep, and breastfeed. I also try and make them feel special and give them times of just “mommy and me”

  267. Miriam Matheny says

    We weren’t able to breastfeed due to a series of issues stemming from a staph infection. It was really important for me to keep that closeness with my son so we babywear whenever we are out of the house. We also still maintain skin to skin contact daily even at 10 months. He is such a snuggle bug and I can never get enough. I am desperately hoping nothing stands in the way of the breastfeeding journey I’ll have with our newest addition in February

  268. I wear her whenever I get my hands on a carrier! and we snuggle a lot:)

  269. Jenn Faszholz says

    I hope to keep them close by baby wearing and feeding 🙂

  270. I love keeping my babies close thanks to babywearing! 🙂

  271. Hold my babe close and connect with her by listening and looking.

  272. by rocking her to sleep

  273. Isabella Valderrama says

    I keep my babies close to my heart by making sure to spend one on one time with them every day. Even though my little one is only 7 months, he loves the special attention. And my 3 year old uses the time to tell me all her thoughts and feelings, I love it! I also wear them and give them big hugs when they’re feeling sad or tired.

  274. My ergo was destroyed due to some unexpected circumstances, and I just had baby #6 4 weeks ago. Expecting to wear him in my ergo, I am devastated. We could really use a new one, especially since he’s a fussy guy who loves to be held constantly! Thank you for the opportunity!

  275. Well he’s sill in my belly so he’s always close to my heart.

  276. Amanda Lea says

    Skin to skin contact, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and babywearing is how I get my little one closer to my heart 🙂

  277. I nurse, wear and cuddle with her.

  278. I took the stroller out of our car, because it never gets used! It’s so much easier and comforting to both of us to babywear. Add the nursing, the kisses, the cuddles, and that’s a recipe for awesomeness right there.

  279. Amanda Lea says

    Not sure where to enter bonus code… LOVEFEEDSON 🙂

  280. Nicole s says

    My little guy is already 3, he’s so silly makes me laugh everyday. We’re expecting another little peanut in oct this would be perfect … thanks for the chance

  281. Lindsey S says

    I keep baby close by cosleeping and nursing!

  282. I have tried a couple of other baby wearing carriers, but none worked very well… wondering if I will have the good luck to win one to try 🙂

  283. By nursing, cosleeping and holding them close

  284. I keep my babies close by breastfeeding and co-sleeping and lots of cuddling 🙂

  285. LMarie Weeks says

    We cosleep we babywear we paly we camp and we garden!!

  286. We love baby wearing!

  287. Ryan Origon says

    I babywear!!! 🙂

  288. Karmella says

    I keep my little close to my heart by sitting her in my lap every day and reading to her. I also cuddle her all the time. Love me some baby cuddles!

  289. Babywearing, breastfeeding, story time with cuddles!

  290. Lots of snuggles and of course baby wearing

  291. I wear my baby girl, let her nap on my chest,
    Play with her on the floor, and turn off distractions while breastfeeding her.

  292. I wear my babies when I can, and we co-sleep.

  293. Breastfeeding while babywearing.

  294. Breast-feeding and baby-wearing keeps my LO close ❤️

  295. Shannon B says

    I keep my babies close but baby/toddler wearing as much as possible! We are still nursing at 24 months, so we cherish those heart to heart moments!

  296. Laura Kellerman says

    Great giveaway ! I’m expecting in October and would love to win a carrier!!

  297. Thank you for this great opportunity to win such great needed items!

  298. Meghan S. says

    I keep my babies close by wearing them in our Beco, the 2yo & 5mo both fit perfectly!

  299. Babywearing and nursing

  300. Babywear, sing and cuddle!

  301. courtney south says

    I keep my baby close by breastfeeding and nursing skin to skin. By snuggling with him after burping him from breastfeeding.. I don’t have a carrier yet but very intrested in one as I’ve read all the benefits with baby and mom with babywearing!

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