The Dairy Fairy Arden and Rose Nursing/Pumping Bras for Curvy Moms!

 We’re so pleased to share with you the exciting news that The Dairy Fairy has now added a full figured nursing and handsfree pumping Rose and Arden bras! You can see The Leaky Boob reviews of The Dairy Fairy and you can enter to win one of your own. Designed to support the ever-changing lactating breast and securely accommodate handsfree pumping, The Dairy Fairy bras and tanks are well made, comfortable, and stylish. Using high quality materials, their bras provide surprisingly comfortable support and adjustability to meet each woman’s unique needs with a customizable fit. We love The Dairy Fairy and we’re confident you will too!



The Dairy Fairy is giving away two hands-free pumping bras for curvy moms to 2 lucky Leakies (one bra per winner).

Now full figured mamas can pump in style too. Thanks to these two styles, sexy support that helps pump efficiently is available up to size 44J. And since there is no under-wire, the support is similar to that of a sports bra.

Arden is a beautiful all-in-one bra that lets you nurse, double hands-free pump, or simultaneously nurse and pump. (Retail Value $68)

Rose is a beautiful and feminine bra so you can quickly and efficiently pump, and maybe even have a second to check emails. (Retail Value $34)

Total Retail Value: $102

Visit for more information


Good luck to everyone!  Please use the widget below to be entered.  The giveaway is open from June 25, 2015 through July 1, 2015.  A big thanks to The Dairy Fairy for their support of TLB and all breastfeeding women; please be sure to take a moment to thank Emily on their Facebook page for their show of support! You can also follow The Dairy Fairy on Twitter and Instagram: username @the_dairyfairy

This giveaway is open to participants in the USA and Canada.

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  1. Amy Perkins says

    These look amazing!!!!! I haven’t been able to afford a pumping bra and only have one nursing bra, so Arden is right down my plus sized path!

  2. Carla Morgan says

    I work while I pump at the office and occasionally I will eat lunch while I pump.

  3. Crystal Coughlin says

    I’m an RN so I chart on my patients while I’m pumping.

  4. Veronica Bohan says

    Plat on m’y phone

  5. Amanda Bucher says

    I haven’t pumped in a while as my first child is now four, but kiddo 2.0 is coming along nicely! I’ll probably peruse Facebook or read a magazine like I did while pumping for my daughter. That is, if I’m not busy keeping her out of trouble!

  6. I need a bra I can pump in so badly!! I’m nervous about going back to work.

  7. I usually look through my phone at pictures of my baby

  8. Megan Grant says

    Not pumping quite yet, baby is due any day now 🙂

  9. RLinnett says

    surf the net on my phone and snack!

  10. when i’m pumping I usually catch up on some tv, I can’t pump in front of my little one because he’s too interested so it gives me a few moments by myself!

  11. Heidi McDonough says

    I usually catch up on FB while I’m pumping at work!

  12. Katherine Wilson says

    Read a book or play on my phone

  13. Crystal Z says

    I work while I’m pumping–but being hands free would make it SO much easier!!

  14. Kate Root says

    I would love one of these. Headed back to work soon and am in the market for a hands free pumping bra!

  15. Amy Hall says

    Sit at the computer…sometimes leisure, sometimes working.

  16. looks comfy! I love the hands free part, I would actually be able to pump during the day and get stuff accomplished!

  17. Abigail Seaman says

    Whip out my trusty kindle!

  18. Watch Tv, Play with the toddler.

  19. Lindsey Penn says

    I read the bible to my first child. Hoping to do the same with this second baby.

  20. manda edwards says

    I do just about everything while pumping. I’ve made dinner, washed dishes, folded laundry, fed the baby solids, played a board or card game with my bigs. Being a mom of soon to be 4 is a busy life. No time to sit and hold a pump in place.

  21. christina barber says

    these are awesome! I look at Pinterest ☺️

  22. Kim Simpson says

    I listen to the bizarre sounds of my pump and actually think it sounds like words coming out of it sometimes. Or donkey sounds. 😉 I like to read when pumping too. Yea for kindles!

  23. Cassandra says

    I usually watch a show or read while pumping!

  24. Do something while pumping? Hold pump! I can’t even inagine hands-free pumping!

  25. I usually browse the babywearing swap while pumping!

  26. Destiny Micklin says

    I usually talk to my baby while I pump….or watch in fascination as milk leaves my boob and goes through the different parts of the pump lol.

  27. watching movies or the news

  28. Carly D. says

    I am not pumping yet but I would probably be on my computer doing some work.

  29. rachel cartucci says

    Haven’t started yet…my baby is not born and I didn’t breast feed the first because he was preemie but I am very happy to have the chance to breast feed this new little fella.

  30. Lee Dixon says

    I like to eat while I pumo or watch a tv show on netflix.

  31. browse internet and read about more milk production.

  32. Dagmar M says

    I usually like to read!!

  33. Sarah Dickinson says

    Eat usually. Facebook sometimes

  34. I like to watch netflix while pumping.

  35. Sarah Parker says

    I haven’t started pumping yet but I guess I would hang out with my baby or read

  36. Meghan S. says

    When I pump I’m usually watching my toddler play. He likes to come over and touch the bottles and say “Milk. Ona’s Milk.” (He calls our daughter Fiona “Ona”)

  37. I am usually working while pumping! Either on my phone or laptop – love hands free!

  38. Aimee Barbeau says

    I work while I pump, usually answering crisis calls from homeless families. I gave a few Arden bras and I love then except that they don’t fit my full figured self as well as they could. So glad they came out with these!!!

  39. This is the greatest! You know I would put this to good use while reading and doing whatever the heck else I can think of! Super awesome!

  40. Amanda Lea says

    Read the newspaper or a book, watch baby play 🙂

  41. catching up with all the TV shows that I have been wanting to watch.

  42. Heather Edwards says

    I eat lunch while pumping.

  43. I use a handheld pump, so my hands are busy. But I usually sing and talk to my little one who is often lying beside me!

  44. Patrick S says

    This would be great for my wife.

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