#LeakyLooks: Self-Care is Sexy

by Kileah McIlvain

I want to talk to you Leakies for a minute. It’s about self-care. Taking care of ourselves, even if it’s little things, can go a long way in filling our mama selves up so that we can function from a healthy place…not an empty place. We’re told so often in our culture that if we take care of ourselves, we are selfish. I’m here to say NOPE. A whole lot of NOPE.

When we take care of ourselves. Take a time out. Hit the refresh button. It changes us for the better. Maybe not a lot. But it WILL make a difference. I can tell you this: taking care of myself makes me feel amazing. Sexy, even!

Whether that is painting our nails some crazy color, soaking our feet in the bathtub, rubbing some lotion on our hands and practicing deep breathing, yoga, screaming in a pillow, locking ourselves in the bedroom closet with our fairtrade chocolate….WHATEVER it is…do it. Running on fumes isn’t fair for anybody, especially you. It’s amazing what we can accomplish for ourselves and each other when we practice filling ourselves up. So go. have a bit of fun. Recharge and remember what you love. Life is too short and too amazing to run it on empty.

So now? Check out these #LeakyLooks. Some fun and easy inspiration to get out there and practice some fun self-care. For me? We have a pretty epic gamefest family night planned for our brood this Friday (okok and Mommy is going to the Rose City Comicon on Saturday!)-and after the long week we’ve had we’re all looking forward to connecting with each other and having FUN.

Remember: You are always enough.

Park Playdate 


I put this look together to highlight some great pieces that are a)GREAT mix of neutrals  b) are layered to help you function throughout the changing weather of fall  c)accommodate the milk demand with ease!  Sunscreen? Absolutely. Clouds don’t keep UVA/UVB rays. I trust California Baby’s natural sunscreen to do the job and Catbirdbaby to keep my little ones happy and provide the breaks they need to keep going!

1. Figure8Maternity  2.Target.com   3.American Eagle Outfitters   4.TOMS shoes   5.Cake Maternity   6.H&M   7.CatBirdBaby Love Bus  8.California Baby

Family Game Night!


So one of our littles is down with a cold. Which usually means a good family night in is in order to help banish the grumpy clouds. It also means I’ll probably be getting the cold, too! So, I put in some of my comfy favorites and some fun additions for a family game night at home! My favorite additions are the Crane cool mist humidifier and the California Baby Super Booster bath drops that can be used in their cool plug-in diffuser! Safe alternative for banishing crankies and promoting happy vibes that are safe for little ones.

1.Belabumbum (on Zulily right now!)   2.MelindaG   3./4.California Baby   5.Target.com   6.Crane Humidifier   7.Amazon.com  9.Piggy Paint (nontoxic!)

Post Baby Date Night


I don’t know about you but about 2 days after birth (I waited a couple of weeks before going out. Partner told me I had to stay in bed and nurse a baby. Sheesh. It’s like he knows I needed to recover or something.) I was clawing the walls wanting to get out. Probably walk 10 steps and sit down (movie theater with newborns are PERFECT. All they do is sleep, nurse/take a bottle and you get to snack the entire time. YES.). Anyhow, I put this awesome look together to keep things simple, comfortable, nursing-friendly and baby-friendly while feeling date-ready!

1.Figure8Maternity   2.Modcloth   3.Target.com   4.Modcloth   5.Lily Jade   6.Sakura Bloom

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